Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, January 14, 1889, Image 1

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VOL,. 1.
Real Estate Bargains.
1,G00. 1G0 1 acres, 0' miles from O A c de
pot. Good house, barn and
tlva. FCDCCd' an(1K'ncSf.
52,000 SO acres', 4 miles from Salem
Good road to town. Improvo!
menu fair. Fin. rJr.u f "'5rovv
5,90 & acres 2V miles from Salem.
No bulldfugs. Splendid land
all fenced. Make a desirable
3200 00 acres miles from Salem, fm.
provements cood. Fine youne
W,180 190 acres, 7 miles from Salem.
Hi 1 land, finely watered. Sell
in lota of -JOacre tracts at $25 rjer
acre. v
510,800 675 acres, 8 miles from Salem.
Excellent grass and fruit land,
?$Blnl,n5 .Willamette rlrcr.
." "' sdl in tracu.
51,375 51 acres, 4 miles of Salem. House.
barn and orchard. 1jirfraenri
at the door. Good soil, and
Oregon kin
plenty of timber.
.iaj acres,
5 miles of Salem? mnrt
well impreved: stream
Is a corporation duly organized and operated under the laws of tho State
ot uregon. It begau business in March, 18SS, will a capital
stock of $20,000.
- . i ..' i
runmntr inmnerii t hn nintn
560,00 .400 acres (4 miles west sld'e 0 &
G R It) good house, barn and
orchard, la) in cultivation, bal-
.. ance oak grub pasture land.
5S00 10 acres, 1 mile from Salem, ad
Joining fair ground. Good land;
no improvements.
.51,200 40 acres, 0 miles Salem; all In
cultivation; no buildings; near
school house. .Excellent fruit
54,000 370 acres, 6 miles from O & C II H;
all fenced; well watered. Houe,
barn, and small orchard; 150
acres In cultivation.
52,750 3 lots, with gooa uutieand barn,
East Salem. Beslrablo location.
Wo have besides this a large list of city
jind farm property. Buyers would do well
to call and examine our holdings before
making tneir purchases.
Opera House, Court St.,
0-26tf Salem, Or.
I am prepared to sell you good
farms at
Where you will havo all the advantages
and RAILROAD facilities without being
overburdened with hlsh taxes simply tor
the privilege of living near a town of a few
thousand inhabitants. A residence of 83
years on a farm in this vicinity gives me a
thorough knowledge of this country.
Two or More
Desiring to locato near each other will find
it to their advantage to call on me.
Correspondence solicited and descriptive
list of farms for sale sent on application.
Real Estate Agent, Aumsvllle, Marlon
county, Oregon.
We are selling
If you want any thing In that lino
Wo will bi glad to see you.
At our office.
97 State St., - - Salem.
Will list property at a fair price.
Fire Insurance a specialty.
Money to loani
We have several sums of money
Loan on good Heal Instate.
Security for a series
Of years To-
ONE PURSE OF $1200 1
TWO PURSES OF $800 Each!
Apply soon to
Willis & Chamberlin,
13-1; dw lm. Opera House, Court '
fttOGK 01 wow lm"'"'
and I prepared to uo
Trimming iad Dressmaking
In Uu latest it ylsCallndse ber new
winter g vOds and ityle.
I8 ComsurcU I tt. 8,,m
Who Were Cured in a Few Treat'
ments by the Drs. Darrin at the
Chemeketo Hotel, Salem, Or.
Tho First Sale Made By This Company Was in April Last
During tho nine months which have since elapsed it has niado 107 sales
to 104 different persons. Of the purchasers So have nought farmlnglands.
It has also, during this time sold 01 residence lots In Salem. Of those
purchasing but 25 were residents of Marion county prior to purchasing.
The remainder were from tho following localities, viz: Jackson Co. 1
Polk Co. 3 Multnomah Co. 4 Clackamas Co. 1 Yamhill Co. 1 Mon
tana 4 Minnesota 4 Kansas 10 England 2 Colorado 2 Washington
Territory 7 Iowa 5 Dakota 3 Indiana 2 California 8 Nebraska 7
Ohio 3 Wisconsin 1 Missouri 1 Illinois 1 Pennsylvania 2 Unknown 7.
This shows that sales are not confined to former residents of tills local
ity, but that people are swarming in from the East to mako their homes
ampngus. The business of this company is constantly Increasing. More
than half of Its sales have been niado within tho past three months, al
though this is a season of tho year when sales are usually dull. Tho
company hasfioin 15 to 20 men constant lv employed. It has representatives
on Puget Sound. Ithas three men In Portland,-twoof whom glvo it their
entire time. Rev. F. J. Strayer, who last year introduced so many immi
grants into this State, is now In the East lecturing and distributing
advertising literature exclusively for tills company. Ho will start to this
State with his first excursion on tho 4th of April next.
This company Is now spending more money to advertise Salem and tho
surrounding locality than
The Salem Board of Trade and All Oilier Agencies Combined !
Within the past twelve days It has paid for and contracted
for advertising to tho amount of
(far Fifteen Hundred mill Twenty-Five Dollars,
The second edition of the company's pamphlet descriptive of Salem and
the Willamette Valley is now in press. This Is an edition of
Salem, Or., Jan. 8th. 18S9.
Emtou Journal. It affords mo
pleasure to state that Drs. Darrlu
cured my little girl, elovenVears old,
of a very bad case or cross of the
right eye. The oyo was Btralghten
ed as good as ever In two operations.
Tho eyo had been In a crossed con
dition for over soven years. This is
not intended as an advertisement,
but as au expression of gratitude
duo to Drs. Darrin for their careful
and proficient work.
J. 11. TlCUKKOlt.
, Mr. Editor Dear Sir: I have
boon troubled with deafness for over
fifteen years. I applied to Drs.
Darrin In Snlcm, and after a few
treatments, by their wonderful electro-magnetic
method, my hearing
was almost entirely restored and
now I can hear my watch tick for
tho first time, in many years.- I can
bo referred to nnd seen In regard to
my case, at any tlmo, at Howell
prairie, or address mo at Macleay,
Oregon. Henry Si.oucm.
10 a. m. dally. Ofllco hours from 10
to 4 dally; evenings, 7 to S; Sun
days, 10 to 12. All curablo
chronlo diseases, loss of manhood,
blood taints, syphilis, gleet, gonor
rhoea, stricture, snermatorrluva,
seminal weakness, or loss of desire
of sexual power in man or woman,
catarrh or deafness, arc confiden
tially and successfully treated.
Cures of private diseases guaranteed
and never published In tho papers.
Circulars sent free. Most cases can
recclvo home treatment after a visit
to tho Doctor's office.
N. 11. Tho doctors' stay in this
city Is limited.
Aud Notes of a fleueral
terest to the Westerner.
Emtou Journal. Dear Sir: I
wish to relate my case to tho public
that others may bo benefited as I
have been. Ever slnco I was 10
years old, I havo been deaf, and of
lato years I havo been very deaf. It
was caused by tho whooping cough.
I am now 65 years old I had also
a ringing In my head and ears, so
bad. that at times I could not rest
nights. In this condition I caiuo to
Drs. Darrin, now stopplngatSalem,
Or., nnd consulted them. Thoy
said that they could euro mo. I
havo taken flvo days' treatment,
and tho ringing In my ears was vir
tually cured by tho first treatment;
and my hearing Is now restored. I
can bo seen and referred to at my
homo in lluona Vista, Oregon.
D. C. Baldwin.
Of a beautifully Illustrated fifty page pamphlet. We cannot advertise
so extensively in our home papers as wo wish, for tho reason that parties
Xm 9 desire to re,ch are residents of the Eastern States, where
rheTrs do not circulate. We do not advertise every ta!o we make
lulhe local press, but we have advertised in more than
.wml unon Eastern buyers for the groat bulk of our
. . ...- .... r,,M- nmnihs our advertisements
patronage, uurmg iu m . -- - ..
will bo read by nil! uon.o. , ""-.' '
i. ...111 ihna lie nlaced In uireci wiiiimuiiiu.h ... ,
who will thus ue pmtuu ... inkiod for tin
In the East, as we
nearly all of those who come
to this cast will come tlokcted for the office of
. rtles desiring to sell will find It to their lnUrwt to
F0:lShXTanrteS:8ofthlscomrny. If,- wUh to
place tneir property leave It where
)., rid. bw ,,, lnd ,,,, waut , toy.
you are welcome
lo rid. "lib """"J"'0 ""W " ML
En. JouknaI Dear Sir: I havo
been very deaf fcr over ten years so
that I could not hear u watch tick.
I called on Drs. Darrin at tho Che
meketo hotel, Salem, Oregon, and
havo taken a few electro-magnetic
treatment-, and I am now so restor
ed that I hear a watch tick, and
gonoral conversation. Can be refer
red to at Salem, Oregon.
D. W. Emmktt.
Ouiiulno Curo Mr. Wesley Gnv
et), a resident of Salem for many
yours, returned from Portland a
nhort tlmo ago, and wunu skipping
Into this ofllco the other day proud
ly asmirlng tho reporter that he
could )orwiiully HluHtrate one gun
ulue oxainple of tho doctors' curative
ability. He staled that he went to
Portland and gave Dm. Darrlu MO
fura month' treatment for his rheu
matism. In seven days I he treatment
was almudouod and ho chiiio home
without a visible trait ofthodlsociM).
He currlw orutohes hut these are on
licootint of hU short leg. For two
yours ho had not a quiet night's rent,
aud now ho steeps like a log. For
three years ho had been taking
luorpbine At the rate of nine grains
a day, aud now lie has neither use
nor dealru for It. These are the
statements of Mr. Groves, huurlded
by him freely, and lie says he Is bet
ter pleoKeil with hU condition than
eould lm expressed In money. He
thinks Dm. Durrln wonderful.
Drs. Darrin can be eomwlte! trvn
t the Cheumkete Hotol, Bulwn, Or.,
for a short time only.
They will under no elrouiiwtau
ties take it ease they eannot eure or
benefit. Charges Are reasonable,
and tlw poor treated free from 0 to
Albany's three small-pox patients
in tho family of Mr. East have
nearly recovered.
Tho Cascades aro covered with
snow for tho first tlmo this winter.
This would indicate that tho eastern
storm traveled westward.
According to tho secretary of the
Oregon state board of Immigration
8R0S now comers visited his ofllco In
1SS8, representing 10,370 people.
Forest Grove has a prohibitory li
quor law, and yet is not uncommon
to see intoxicated men on tho streets
and at times there are many of them.
At Eugene a few days ago a boy
was playing with a pet deer, when
tho animal thrust both horns
through his hands lnlllctlug a pain
ful wound.
Tho talk of a railroad from Forest
Grove to Astoria has again revived
aud It Is to bo hoped that era long
something may grow out of these
The Portland News -v'bllshed
this notice at tho head of dio edltor
lil columns Saturday: "With this
Issue tho Portland Dally and Week
ly News suspends publication."
Lebanon, to uso tho words of tho
Immortal board, Is a "most fowl"
placo, as 15,720 pounds of turkeys,
ges.se, aud chickens were shipped
from thero during December.
Cattle aro dying on the range In
linker county on account of tho
scarcity of feed. Owners are loth to
feed when hay Is worth $10 per ton
and theprico of cattle on tho decline.
The Astoria Pioneer man boasts
of having rlw blackberries picked
fresh from tho garden a few days
ago. Wlillo not qtilto as largo as
those rliouiiig earlier In tho season
they are perfect In every respect, and
speak highly for the splendid ell
mato of Oregon. Quite a number of
vines aro In bloom aud will boar In
a low weeks.
Dally transfers furnished tho
Jouunai, ofllco by the Union Title
Abstract Co., office In State IiiHiir
sunce building :
W. L. Wade lo 11. W. Cottle, lot
7 block l'J, North Hulein ; considera
tion M00. W. D.
Wm. Young to Lemuel Walker, 2
iiuies near Woodburn ; consideration
800. W. I).
Geo. '. Ilovendeii to Kinma Jones,
l-l.'i of Oil acres, near Hubbard;
consideration f 1000. W. I).
fi. L. Morris to It. T.'jtay, 70 acres
3 miles north of Marlon ; confedera
tion 11800. W.I).
Louise and E. M. Walto to 11. H.
Thomas, lots -I, li, 0, 7 block 3, Heed's
add.; connldeiatlon lhO0. (11 for D.)
Klmlna Horlan to T. N. McCau
ley, lot 4, block 08 city of Baloin ;
consideration 1700. W. I).
K. K. Tyrrvl to Frank Leord, lot
2, block 4 mid part lot), block 4,
Woodburn ; consideration MOO.
W. I).
J. A. Maftitlre to K. M. Molwtlre,
4 sores ; consideration J000. W. I).
Jtobert V. Cooley to W. H. Tout, 0
acres, town ft s r 2 W.; oomdderatlon
$UO0. W. I).
John Mfwer to W. 11. Drake, laud
In Sllverton ; counlderutlou ftiOO.
W. I).
W, H. Drake to Jas G. Smith,
land in HUvertou; ooiulderatlon
f00. W. I).
Walter L. Tooze to Salome Daws,
6 aeree in 1 4 s r 1 w.; eoutlderatlou
1176. W. I).
Important Events of the Whole World
Tor TWMiy-ionr "ours.
THKY lmOl'l'KU 1KA1.
Two rrnmliiPiit AUmny ClUn lit
Very Smlileiiljr.
Amiany, Jan. 14. C. T. Ingrom,
nn old and highly respected citizen
and pioneer, died at his homo this
morning at tho ago of 7.1. Ho was
born in Devonshire, England, enmo
to tho United States, when a youth,
and to Oregon In 1847, accumulating
a property valued at about J)0,000.
Ho leaves four children, his wire
preceding him about three weeks.
Yesterday afternoon John Wil
liams proprietor of tho llovero House
saloon, dropped suddenly dead of
heart disease, on tho street of tho
city, while going homo from a short
walk In tho country. Ho was 58
years of age, nnd came to Albany In
188T) from Junction. Saturday he
went to that city and paid Ms dues
a year ahead in thol. O. O; F. lodge,
of which ho was a member.
MituWir WurkitMii I'liniltrly.
HiNtiiiAMUTOV, N. Y., Jan. 1!1.
General Master Workman T. V.
Powderly. of tho K. of li., address
ed a meeting of District Order No.
152 iu this city last evening. Ho
niado a long address on national
topics pertaining to tho K. of L.
Among other things ho stated that
one of tho four alleged founders of
tho Knights of Labor, who aro try
ing to establish a new order In Phil
adelphia, recently oll'ered to sell out
the new order to him for $100, and ho
had satisfactory proof that tho hiune
person had previously oll'ered to sell
out the now order to John Wana
maker. Nmv .Mi'jii'ii Kimi'kUii;.
Santa Fj. N. M., Jan. in. A
statehood convention was held hero
yesterday, at which there wore pros J
out delegates from all parts of tho
territory. A long resolution was
adopted, tho preamble of whloh,
after reviewing tho treaty of Guad
alupe Hidalgo, by which tho terri
tory lieuamu a portion of tho United
States, states that tho population of
New Mexico at tho present time Is
170,000, exclusive of Indians who
have not tho right of franchise. Tito
territory of Nuw Mexico Is possessed
of HUlllclent resources, Intelligence
and habitations to authorize aud
require lUt admission Into the Union.
The lUlxitril'a llfutlly llurreal.
Fahuo, Dak., Jan. 13. Interests
In the Walsh county sullerers was
revived by tho receipt of a letter
frjm Hev. J. G. Ouiland, which
leaves no ground for doubt that des
titution ofthomost appalling naturu
ixlsts In western Walsh county.
Itev. Ouiland states that the need
west of Park river Is so great that
there Is danger of starvation among
tho most recently arrived Scandina
vians. Absolutely nothing Is left
uikhi which to sutwlst oxcojit frosted
Tim Oiiuiily.Niiut Wur.
Toi'KKA, Kan., Jan. 13. Gov.
Martin received a dispatch yester
day from the mayor of Clmmaroii,
Gray county, stating that a force of
men from Iugalls, In the same coun
ty, had attempted to remove by
force the records of the county from
Cimuiaron, tho temporary county
seat, and that a tight occurred In
which bovoral men were killed. Gov.
Martin Immediately ordorud tho
Second regiment of Kansas mllltla
at Wichita to proceed at once to the
A Hark Cloud Moving Wl.
Ciiahmmton, S, C, Jan. 13. The
planters of Union ami Kershaw
counties are alarmed at the prospects
of u negro exodus. Yesterday even
ing cur loads of nogroos left Union,
for Arkansas, their passage iwild by
railroad contractors. Two hundred
left Kershaw for Louisiana lo work
on sugar plantation. It is expected
that many will follow. Agents are
at work lu other countries, aud It Is
expected that many more will soon
leavejor the Mississippi valley,
0nllfHn rmiuentlr eorapUIn of tblr
lrbr ibavlnc taxa too !, nd ibo
Ua unit dm kfMklH( eat Into unull
iSwf4. irtMiUrd'sHiinaUalla to
(b Cms iMtmwllstfty "ilw bvln, no
HUkXUH ttow rluMi tbn bv, all tottatm
will b urVMilwl,
Hvia by lt.i ilslbvwfck Co,