Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, December 19, 1888, Image 4

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""-' " ".- -
Complete Hccital of the Daily Doings Com
piled From Various Souim
Happenings Over the City and News
From the Country Roundabout.
Look Out For Tbem.
Quite a number of swindlers seem
to bo traveling over the country
now. Tliey represent nearly ovcry
kind of business and aro usually
slick talkers. It is not a good idea
to buy from strangers when you
can deal with persons you know,
and no farmer should- sign any
paper however harmless it may
look. Ordinary looking receipts
and contracts have been known to
turn up In a short time as nn iron
clad note in the hands of tin "in
nocent nurchascr." The papers re
port swindling fruit tree agents
abroad. Look out for them, us they
arellablo to appear at any time.
Their game is to sell very ordinary
trees at a high price by representing
that thoy are of a superior quality.
There may bo honest strangers
abroad but it is better to buy of
parties with whom you aro ac
quainted. Salem Illustrated.
An artist of the West Shore Maga
zlno hns spent several days in Sa
lem making a number of sketches
for the January number of that
magazine. This number will be
chiefly devoted to engravings of the
capital city, and will be accompanied
by a large supplement showing the
Btate capltol In the center, surround
ed by portraits of members of the
legislature. The whole will bo ex
ecuted in tho urtistic manner which
lias given tho West Shore its great
The 0 rrlauil Ti.ivel.
- Tho Southern l'ncillo ofllelals say
there Is a marked increaso in travel
between San Francisco and Port
land. It Is their opinion that by
next spring the company will have
to put on two dally trains to run
through eacli way. At present
there is only one dally through train
each way, with a local train from
this city to Bedding, and from
.Portland 121 miles nouth to Eugene
City. Tho lino from Eugene City
to Portland Is doing u good business.
A WooclUuni Failure,
llemlow fc I lull, dealers in gen
eral merchandise at Woodburn,
luivo failed. Monday they were
attached by a San Francisco house
for n claim of $180. This debt was
paidotr, and then chattel mortgages
wcro given to D. M. Osborne & Co.
for $825, and Mrs. Hemlow, wife of
one of tho llrm, for $1000. This
more than covers tho amount of
assests, and the other creditors will
Such an Institution Can bo Iliad if We
Want It.
Liberality Extraordinary.
If you chance to recelvo a copy of
to-night's Capital Journal and
aro not a subscriber don't bo alarmed.
AVoaregoing to give it to a few of
our friends for One Week FREE.
After tho week Is up you will be
solicited to subscribe for the dally
edition. Wo need a few more sub
scribers and wish you to give us at
least a trial.
I'luuis lu lllowoni.
Those who doubt tho mildness of
mi Oregon winter, as well as those
who aro now wading through
mountains of snow, should see the
plum blossoms which were brought
to us to-day by I). D. Prettyman,
who has boon visiting over about
Sublimity. Thoy worn found on an
unprotected tree on tho farm of L.
N. English.
ThU U The Mgki.
The ladles of tho Congrogntlonal
church to-night give their bazaar
at tho church. A splendid program
has boon prepared and immediately
following the rend ltion refreshments
will l)o served In tho parlors. Ad
mission 25 cents which, Includes refreshments.
Geo. A. Hartmau, reap. vs. John
N, "Voung, np.; nppeal from Uma
tilla county ; judgment of tho court
below atllrmcd ; opinion by Lord J.
Btato of Oregon, ex rol P. A. Davis
et nl, rosp., vs. Adolph Wolf et al,
upp.; motion for rehearing denied ;
opinion by Strahau J.
W. F. Haines, reap. vs. Thomas
llallapp.; uppoal from Marlon coun
ty ; judgment of tho court below
affirmed ; opinion by Thayer C. J.,
Btrahun J, dissenting.
B. W. Huston, et ul, npp, vs. W1U
luuu Hyboe, rvsp,; appeal from Jack
sou county ; judgment of tho court
below Affirmed. ; oplnlou by Thayer
a J.
An enthusiastic meeting ot a
number of the business men of Sa
lem was held last night at tho Capi
tal bank for tho purpose of consider
ing the proposition of tho establish
ment of a woolen mill In Salem.
J. H. Albert was chosen president
and C. B. Moores secretary and a
general informal discussion of the
proposition was indulged In.
Thomas Kay, a well known wool
en mill man of forty years experience
and until a few weeks ago a heavy
stock owner in the celebrated
Brownsville woolen mills, was
present and addressed the meeting.
It Is his desire to establish a woolen
mill at this place and will do so if
he can gain sufficient encourage
ment from the people. His Inten
tion would be to establish such a
a mill as would from the very be
ginning be of greater capacity than
the one at Brownsville and which,
after a year or two he had no doubt
would give employment to nearly
400 hands. The Brownsville mill
has been successful, but ho has de
cided to locate a mill where tho sur
roundings aro such as will permit of
the business increasing. He comes
to Salem first, believing this city to
be better adapted to the permanent
location of a four-set woolen mill. Al
bany, Eugene and Pendleton aro
each offering him a splendid bonus
for tho establishment of such an en
terprise In their respective cities.
Salem can gain the coveted prize by
performing some good hard work.
Mr. Kay and his associates pro
pose investing at least $55,000 in
the projected enterprise, and as soon
as tho plan is well matured stock
books would be opened for as much
or more.
A committee consisting of Messrs.
Boothby, Moores and Albert was
appointed to confer with tho owners
of the different water powers rela
tive to their purchase. When it is
learned for what sum an adequate
power (150 horse) can bo purchased,
Mr. Kay is prepared to stato what
subsidy ho will require of Salem.
The bonus, he thinks, must bo about
$20,000. The above committee will
at once investigate and as soon as
they can prepare a report another
meeting of those interested will bo
held and a conclusion arrived at, as
Mr. Kay wishes to go to Europe to
purchase machinery of tho latest
improved plans.
Moody Is Coming And Will Arrive
About January First.
Itov. Brown, of tho Moody execu
tive committee, last night received
a letter from tho great evangelist's
secretary stating that Mr. Moody
would leave Portland on tho lln-t
prox. Tho letter is as follews:
Dear Sir: Mr. Moody has request
ed me to advise you that Messrs.
Studd and Burke will (I). V.) come
up from Astoria on Wednesday's
boat and will therefore bo able to
start work at Salem on Thursday, I.
o.. 27th Inst. Mr. Moody himself
will leave hero an Jan. 1st. May
God's tidiest blessings rest on Sa
lem. Yours very faithfully,
O. S. Winblow.
By this it would seem that the
revival is to commence on Dee. 27th,
led by Messrs. Studd and Burke,
who prccedo Mr. Moody, arousing
tho Interest to the highest. Thoy
will conduct tho meetings until
January 3rd, when Mr. Moody will
arrive from Astoria, where ho goes
for two days from Portland.
Tho evangelist prefers to spend
his holidays quietly and for that
reason tho revival hero will not oc
cur tut soon as had boon expected.
In tho meantime tho M. E. church
is being put in readiness for a rich
season of evangelistic work. Ad
ditional chairs aro being provided
and will bo arranged for tho com
plete accommodation of tho multi
tudes tlmt aro expected to bo In
dally attendance durlug tho course
of meetings.
A Self tat Treaiary.
ShorltV Crolsan yesterday begun
hi labors of tax collections, and
Marlon county's treasury Is again
solvent. Yesterday's collections
amounted to $592.
A BtuJtBt'a lew.
A. L. McLaliia of Sllvorton, Or.,
who attends school In San Fran
cisco, had 5100 on deposit with tho
California National bank, vrlilcn
suspended yesterday.
Highland. Clack nuiaa. Co. Ory Msr.JJX
I have uflvretl with dlwww or tho kid
ney Mr or T year and for the laat two
my bck. A friend aent my aauiple of
ttoneweokl can do a iod day a work.
1 have derived more benefit from It than
all the medletnea I MwMLU
Bold by D. V. Mthw AOJ.
To-morrow Cook's Hotel will
open to tho public.
Painless dental operations at
Dr. T. C. Smith, 02 State street, tf.
If you arc looking for Hats call
on tho Capitol Adventure Co., opera
I house corner. tf
Studd and Burko will be hero
on the 27th and commence the great
Wheat continues at 75 cents in
Salem with little hopes of an early
You will always find No. 1 gro
ceries at L. S. Winters, the popular
Court street Grocer. 1 m d w
To-night occurs tho bazaar
g'ven bp tho ladles of tho Congre
gational church.
Sheriff Crolsan is now engaged
In tUo collection of taxes. The
amount to be raised is 590,677.72.
Tho placo to' buy your Holiday
Goods is at the Capitol Adventure
Company, opera house corner, -tf. .
B. S. Cook is at Dayton, where
he is attending the golden eddlng
anniversary of his mother-in-law.
Before purchasing clothing it
will pay you to call on tho Capitol
Adventure Co., opera house corner.
-- tf.
Just received at Bridges &
Bozorth's a new lot of stamping
patterns nnd new line of dressing
L. W. Roland Mt. Gllead, Ohio,
is in the city, visiting with his
friend It. Donovan of the candy
It Is not unlikely that a new
shoe store as well as a new harness
shop will bo established in Salem in
a few days.
Tho W. C. T. U. restaurant is
preparing to remove to tho building
recently occupied by the Rock Bot
tom grocery.
Follow the crowd and you will
turn up at Squire Farrar's, where
groceries aro pure and cheap. Join
tho procession. tf.
S.Wilson of Portland yesterday
afternoon purchased two lots in the
Oregon Land Co.'s Riverside ad
dltlou to Salem.
For holiday caudles, nuts, cigars,
notions, etc, goand sec what Speight
& Souder, Court street, offer you.
Prices low. ' ' 1 m d w
Wm. Martin, county judgo of
Umatilla county, is in Salem visit
ing friends. He is an old timer,
having crossed tho plains in 1843.
The home of Jacob Stephens
was tho scene of a happy surprise
party on Monday night. About
fifty were present and a gay time
was had.
G. W. Ruddick of Waverly,
Iowa, is visiting Salem. He is dis
trict judge in the Iowa circuit in
which ho resides and has been on
the bench for many years.
The firm of W. Beck &Son lead
in dolls, toys, novelties, scrap-books,
albums, Christmas cards, Christmas
tree ornaments and 1700 other
things to numerous to mention.
!M State Street Salem Oregon. tf
Every boy will bo presented
with a top and every girl with a
story book. This applies to all
who make purchases at George
F. Smith's great Auction House
during the Holidays. Bo sure and
remcmlior this. tf.
St. John asks thenuestlon, "Aro
you for the saloon or the home?"
Tho answer given Is, "you bet your
life." But when you nro asked
where you can get tho best goods
and price on tea. coffee, jrroeeries,
etc., the answer is, at Squlro Far-
The ladles aro getting up a
Christmas tree for tho orphaus at
tho Orphans Home. All who care
to contribute toward this good
cause, will plcaso leave their gifts at
Mr. Yeaton'a furniture store. Tho
Christmas treo will bo held at tho
Orphaus' Home Christmas ove.
Catch tho shadow ere tho sub
stance fades, is good advice, and
especially Is tho truth of this demon
strated when you speak of tho
frequency with which one dear
friend or another is hurried away.
You'll regret too late that you did not
have your friend or relative visit
Sperry the Artist and have a per
fect likeness taken. Heed tho
moral go now before it is forever
too late. tf.
Watch tho footpriuts on thesldo
walk. Where do they go? Up nnd
down Commercial street until they
come to the new bank block.
Then they go up stairs. They go to
Chorrlngton's Tho artist. If you
aro looking for something nice for
the holidays, go and see hinu His
work Is tho finest. Time is fleeting
sud Christmas Is near. Be sure
and give him time to finish your
work up nicely. tf.
At Tho Capitol.
One of the noblest and most dis
tinguished ladies in Washington
writes me thus :
"Just how far Mrs. Bitten
bender, your superintendent
of legal Department, will re
port her work I do not know
She Is wise, quiet, and cautious, nnd
doubtless she will do this right ; but
my judgment is, your hearts will
grow warm as you discover how
slowly but surely your cause has
advanced when most of yju thought
it sleeping. Mrs. Bittenbender takes
in the real Idea, the reasonable argu
ment, and, so far, she has shown
great nullity in winging lorccs iu
strengthen her case. I feel happy
niwr hor wnrk. Tt vrns ureatl V lieed-
o1 Afro Hunt mill Mr. HtttCIl
bender have exalted the W. C. T. U.
In the minds of the thinking legis
lators of this country. It seems to
me this truth has scarcely been ap
preciated by the "White Ribbon"
women. One of these ladies ap
pears in Washington for the uplift
ing of the masses through the
schools, tho other for a constitu
tional amendment; these are no
trivial affairs. Your representatives
make no complaint; they speak no
inL-lnil wnrfl alirmlv. rrentlv. WOm-
anly they demand though with
great gentleness, in tue name oi wiu
W. C. T. U., that these great things
be done."
The same may be said of the
steady and successful work of Mrs.
A. F. Newman, whose "Home for
Mormon Women" has already re
ceived the favorable vote of the
United States Senate. F. W.
Until the people of this country
understand that druukeuuess is the
result of narcotic poison, operating
upon the physical, mental and
moral nature, they will full to suc
cessfully grapple with it. Dr. B.
W. Richardson.
Tho world will never be the better
for us, If we trim our sails to the
breeze of public opinion. John Is.
During the fifteen years following
the adoption of total abstinence by
tho Society of Friends, tho average
length of life increased seven and
one-half per cent.
The leading chemists tell us that
alcohol causes diseases of the vital
organs, debilitates the vigor of the
physical system, while it weakens
the mind and promotes in both pre
mature decay. Sir Astley Cooper
says : "Wo have all been in error
in recommending wine as a tonic.
Ardent spirits and poison are con
vertible terms." The stimulus given
is not strength ; it is always exceed
ed by the subsequent depression.
Tho following bit of "sound rea
son" is from an old gentleman
friend : "When Uoii created neaven
and earth, Ho did a certain amouut
of work each day, and at the close
of the dav. he pronounced His work
good. Each day's work was of a
higher order than of tho preceding
day. On tho sixth and last day that
He worked He made man. From
this fact I Infer that He meant man
to be tho best and noblest of all His
works. Now! If you will notice
every living creature closely, you
must admit that not one or tliose
which God created previous to tho
creation of man, has a desire for in
toxicating Houors, nor is it neces
sary to their health and happiness.
"Why, then, is It necessary for man
when God made him on a higher
order and Intended him to be better
in every way than the lower ani
mals?" Ox Duty.
Tho finest line of Holiday Goods
ever brought to Salem, consisting of
Library Lamps, China Tea Sets,
Vases, Cups and Saucers, Box-wag
ons, Dolls by the hundreds, Doll-
wngous, etc., can bo found at Jonn
G. Wright's. Prices are at bed rock
and goods first-class. tf.
Delicate women who complain of a tired
fecllne, pains iu the back and lotna, desire
to sleep, dlxxiness, puimui or nipurroKu
menstruation, will And In Oregon klduey
Ten a faithful friend. It can be relied upon
in every inaiani 10 give iiuuinuan '"
onda of women sntTerinjc every day from
some disorder of the kidneys or liver, who
Oregon Kidney Tea.
8rtd by D. W. Muthewa A Co.
Yen Caniat do Better
Than call at tho Grange Store, 128
Stato street, If you want a good tea
or anythlug else In tho grocery
Hue. Don't fall to look at tho White
Bros. Extracts, the best in the mar
ket. t-f.
Diekteat Armlea Sarra.
The best salvo in the world fo
cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, saltrheum,
fever sores, tetter, chapped hand",
chilblains, corns, and all skin erup
ttons, and positively cures piles, or
nn pay required. It la guaranteed
to give perfect satisfaction, or money
refunded. Price as cents per box.
For sale - lr. H. W. Cox.
Santa Claus
Finest Stock in the City!
Furs, Handkerchiefs, Silk Hose,
Silk Mitts, Cloaks, Dry Goods,
Ladies Hand Purses Etc,
239 Cor. State and Commercial si
It will bo to the people's interest to examine their stock
Shoes and boots before buying. They have just received an
Excellent stock from the best factories, and every pair
Is warranted to give satisfaction.
Whcu looking for-
-Call at
Fry's Druig Store!
Toilet Goods and Cases at Reduoed Hrloes.
B-Handsomest picture cards ever given away in Salem. Free
Lady Callers.
n Business
January 1st, - - 1889,
"We will make
A Change in Business
Until that time we shall oiler our
Entire Stock for CASH at
Prices that
That is Saving
A Goou Deal in
So Short a Space.
Call Early,
And get the benefit,
Forsto, Tiffany & Co.
297 Commercial St Salem, Or.
Merchant Tailor!
And supplied with only
Kirst Class Goods
Satisfaction guaranteed.
6. C. H06AN.
Stafe Insurance Co's. block, Salem
KSTAimsnED nr hationai- adthoij
(i ht M
Cauifal Paid no. - - - - $
j- j i
Surplus. -.--
U. a WALI-ACK, - Prcsioes
v w. MAnTTN. . Vlco-PrcsWe
J. H. ALBERT, e Cuiia
W.T.Gray, "W. "W. Martin,
J.M.Martin, R. 8. Wallace.
Dr. W". A.Culck. J. H. Albert,
T. McF. ratton.
To farmers on wneat and other gjj"
aDie proauce, coniBucu ----either
In private Eraanes or
State and County Warrants Bougtt
rnuuturui I'Artn
. ... ..l. rati. ISM
Discounted ai reasoiu"'" .'zrrLm
drawn direct on New York,CblcM
FranelBco, Portland, London, Ytu.iw
First National Ba
S&MBS&i V "-SI
JOIiN AlUlll,
Exeha&ca on Portland, Ban ' JJJ
New York. London nd "gfeM
Invited to depo.lt nd "??rial
with ua. Lteena dT.K-Prop5l
wheat. wool, hopa mdrtW J&fl
... rataa. Insurance "ftjfl
ritVn be obtained "-
moat rcUabU eompnu
. . -fc
.i. .