Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, December 12, 1888, Image 4

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Complete Recital oftlip )ii!y Doings Cop
piled From Various Source.
Happenings Over the Clfy and Ncvn1
from me toiinjry jtoiiwiiiuuui.
They are Coming M.
Every day several fiunillos arrive
in Salem from Knjiaiw, Nebraska,
Minnesota or some western btuto.
Tliey come to stay und do well In
making so wise a chojee.
The growth of Jfcjir.isku in the
paBt four years 1b more than tl'io en
tire population f Oregon, and yet
we have better will, better climate,
better marketH, and a hundred fold
more varied Industrie than that
utate. The surplus population of
the cast has scpl ueioss tjie Mis
souri and haH about filjed up the
moHt available portions of tho coun
try east of the rockies. It will now
sweep onward to us. "With a little
effort on our part a fair portion of
the Increasing Mde of Immigration
can bo Induced tp stop with iw, but
if lioeH'ort Is used we must wait un
til the tide is drifted by. The most
sensible way and the cheapest way
to advertise is to wrap up your local
papers and send them to friends In
ihe cast.
Tiot btranjerr Herr.
The Caton who is connected with
the assault upon the editor of the
Spokane Falls Chronicle, was form
erly a lawyer in this state and coun
sel for Uealo and linker, 'who mur
dered old man Delancy of Marion
county over twenty yearn ago, for
which crime they were hanged. It
was thought that they paid to this
N. T. Caton all the money they ob
tained by the murder, and Catou
became unpopular and removed to
Idaho and Washington Territories,
where he has since resided, ,11c is
well known to all Orcgonians.
Win. Vtntklmlti Tumble.
At Lebanon Monday William
Walkiuds fell oil' a sidewalk and
struck his side against a bundle of
tools he was carrying, and broke
two of tho upper lllw on tho light
side. Mr. Wutkinds boarded tho
train all right, and when he got as
far as Qregon Clly ids side pained
him so that he had the fracture re
duced. It Is his intention to sue
either tho city or the ndlroad com
pany for damages.
A Uruther'b Uniilurer.
Joseph Hayes, who was killed In
Han Francisco on Monday night by
Ijangford, as supposed, is tho man
who murdered Dick Daker, a brother
of tho state printer, in Astoria, about
live i teal's ago. linker interfered to
pievont Hayes beating a man, and
.Hayes plunged a knife Into his abdo
men. i)nu Moran, now serving
tlftoou years iu tho penitentiary for
tie murder of a sailor, gave Hayes
the knife.
A Sever Vaccination.
Miss Minnie Caldwell Is qulto 111
at the residence of A. T . Gilbert.
Her Illness Is tho result of an ag
gravated vaccination, bho procured
vaccine virus and administered the
smallpox preventive by her own
hands, which lesultedliian Inocu
lation so complete that she is con
lined toher bed.
The Sirred Hem I.
The Sisters of tho .Sacred Heart
have In preparation a grand musical
and literary entertainment which
will be given on the evening of Fri
day, Dee. L'lht. Tills promises to bo
a rare tivat for those who may have
the honor of being present.
mu'kmu. eoir.r.
Hugh (1. Kirkpatriok was admit
ted upon certificate from the su
preme court of Colorado to practice
In all tho courts of the state.
James F. Howloy et al, rusps. vs.
T. . Graves npp.: appeal from
Vamhlll county. Argued and sub-1
Sai.iui, Dee. VJ, SS.
(iitrvalk has a number of weddings
on Uio tapis for tho holidays.
'nll Wall. Union . A iiielunoholy
rcU una to ltd twit about the city lur
1st; tlte 't two iU)a. lie I till and
Inotd huultltrcd, entiled nf hnu, uilnk
W In f, ilrtHMd camil,and iunclirou.
Hi Mate ivf UtMikiieo. At onu tune litis
pb)ial ami moral wreck Mra a Major iu
IW regular aimy, awl Mat mipetiUir gen
ciftloiottcot tliu dpaitnint. lie l
KMultMte of Vvt i'twit, tenwl thniuuhiHit
Ibe tcMnqu Willi crcdil, Mug wounded
ialMtutVMlamt wj frequently liroetod
or tuulcuou nulla hi ry u llio tvattle
fetM. Aftor the war ) Itvcamu a liiwk.
vltWky bw4 auit wai tisally cathitred.
II- ow wilti about tlio ciHiuiiy with,
oat Mury, home or fraud. ultiliU
yuu chant) v 1 1 ijr A licman
I be unfo((Li e mm alluded to
And Salem is AJrtaze in a Gay Holiday
Attire A (llanec Around.
A representative of tl.o Capital
.Iouun'al on his rounds of the town,
makliiir Jiuiuiry among Salem mer
chants, finds that all of them have
done a splendid business this fall,
the general answer to Inquiries be
ing that sales have been better than
foi' some time. It is noticeable, aso
t)iat all the stores are well stocked
up and prices are low. Our mer
chants are outdoing all previous ef
forts In giving sitlcudcd bargains,
which is ono of the reasons of the
lively trade. They are enterprising
and far-seeing and have succeeded
in drawing to the capital city the
hulk of the trade for miles around.
Our country friends have come to a
full realization that for bargains in
everything included within their
wants they must come to flalem. It
Is evident that an era of prosperity
is upon us, and that from this time
on our city will grow rapidly and
HoUduy goods arc ujreudy being
displayed, fully In tho iimiiy slibV
windows of the city. Beginning tit
the post ofllce corner anej strolling
down tho street much is to be seen.
Among tho noteworthy attractions
we will llrst notice
Weller Bros., John G. Wright,
Squire Farrar, John Hughes, Keller
& Sous, TheGrango Store, Gilbert &
Patterson, I. S. rjtciuer, J. M. Mar
tin & Co., Doniphan & Nolf, Roth
& Hupp, und L. S. Winters all have
lino and tasty displays.
Tne Capitol Adventure Co., Lunn
A Brown, Fostner, Tiffany A Co., J.
M. Itosenburg A Co., E. C. Small, E.
L. Johnson, J. J. Dalrymple, J. D.
McCully, G. W. Johnson, D. F.
Wagner A Co., all, If wo may judge
from appearances, have- moro com
plete displays than ever before.
Win. Beck & Co., Geo. F. Smith,
J. B. Starr, and T. M. l'atton have
more gorgeous lines than it has
been our pleasure to witness for
many days.
Gibson A Singleton, Dan'l. J. Fry,
II. W. Cox and D. W. Matthews A
Co. have much to charm tho eye
and win the heart.
,i i:vniiKKS.
Sherman Thompson, J. G. Barr,
W. W. Martin and J. II. Haas, are
prepared to captivate thojo who are
seeking purchases in their line.
Bridges A Bozorth, Mrs. M. E.
Wilson, Chas. Calvert and Mrs. A.
11. Farrar are outdoing themselves
in seasonable exhibits.
Wm. Brown A Co., Stalger Bros.,
and Krausso A Klein hao some
thing neat In slippers, lino shoes,
etc., suitable for presents.
can iu is, i:tc.
Everybody has candy, but C. V.
Hellenbrand and Amos Strong
lead the van. Speight A Souder
have a neat stock.
A. E. Strang, J. W. Crawford,
Stelncr A Bloser, Brown A Fuller
ton and It. M. Wado A Co., show
up niauy wares that are beautiful.
G. C. Hogan, l?hllllps A Co., E.
Sehoettlo and Ij. M. Haines have
unusually lino lines and make dis
plays accordingly.
Tho Oregon Land Co., Moores A
Manning, Hughes, Bellinger A Co.,
and Jones A Watson havu their
windows tilled with choice speci
mens of the products of the soil,
suggesting that a farm lu gentle
Oregon would make an acceptable
The following letters remain un
called for In the postofllee In Salem,
Dee. V2, 18SS.
Baker J W
Bowling A L
Chrk Robert
Dotunoiid J S
Droit Frvd
Brown Chas S
Clark Frank
Crowdur Mrs S J
Dlokerson C J
Edwards Eftle
Huntington Tom
Jones Miss Mary
Km met t James
Jackson (Iroiw
Jones Mrs Daniel King G C
Little J Z Lyons LS
Morrison Ed MoKonxeo Alux
Osborne Mrs S Osborne MrsNov
Berry Molllo ada
Hlggu Sarah ltober Agatha
Swan Tilmau A. Sherlock John
StornierJelV Ulwlry (8 1'
Ward Tluw Walker Mw Ella
Webb W W Wellor Rev
Young Mrs Retta
A IfOtHl lltnltkU wulu oii)iitv MHll H
fnHFpixim'U mix W the urxt atsn nt
KMltli. lfonur Uiw ildll, trnhtbla,
IiIIIUhiii, or HHve kh lrfttfuUtr nplu,
ihru weillvyHi lii all atmitk iu Ukit
lr llfttle) fteiuMtou TxMtlc It will
iiiuko ititi'W muiiofxoo.
.-v.Ut l 1 Xliilirwua l.
Salem is Still Awaiting a Long Ex
pected Proposition.
It has been such a very long time
since anything has been said about
the Astoria, South Coast A Salem
Railway that it would seem the offi
cials of the road are sleeping. Sa
lem's Board of Trade has done all
in her power to urge the formation
of the company. The cause of this
delay In formulating plans is due to
the negligence of Secretary Iloldeu,
of the Astoria road.
The last communication Secretary
Manning of the Salem Board of
Trade received from tho Astonans
regarding the projected line was
thatr fhev would at once arrange a
day for conference of the officials of
the road with the committee ap
pointed by -Salem. As yet no date
has been arranged for this impor
tant meeting. At tho request of
Astoria we have rested upou our
arms for a sufficient length of time
yea, too long.
It is not necessary to add that Sa
lem is ready' willing and only too
anxious to do nil in her power to
induce this line 'to build to our city
from Tillamook. To-day Secretary
Manning addressed another com
munication to Secretary Hxdden, ap
prising him of the fact that his Im
mediate reply would relieve an anx
ious and expectant people who aro
desirous of co-operating with her
neighbors in the upbuilding of this
noble laud and tho more complete
development of her resources by the
construction of this railroad from
the vallej? on down to tho sea.
Salem wants and must have a
direct outlet to the sea. This the
proposed line would give. "We are
ready to go to work at once.
If no negotiation can bo made
with the Astoria company direct,
and at once, the thing for us to do is
to proceed with tho organization of
a comnanv for tho immediate con
struction of a Hue from Salem, via
Mehama, to Tillamook, thence to
connect with the Astoria A South
Coast line. The time is ripe for
something to be done. Let tho op
portunity not pass unheeded. Now
is the time to act, and witli another
Hue of railway Salem's future is
bright indeed. Let us work !
Tliey Transact tho Usual Routine of
The city council met in regular
session last night, Mayor Murphy,
Councllmcu Hlrsch, Williams, Col
lins, Mliito, Laforc and Huttou,
Marshal Ross and Street Commis
sioner Thompson being present.
Much of the evening's business
was that of auditing accounts and
arranging minor details. Among
other bills warrants were ordered
drawn for the sum of ?44 election
expenses in the several wards, $47 to
John Heidecker for concreto cross
ing on State street, $K5o regular al
lowance of Tiger Engine Co. for
eight months past, and $175 iu pay
ment of tho Tigers' now hoso cart.
Electric lights were ordered elect
ed at inteisectlon of High and Che
ineketo streets and alto near the pas
senger depot on Mill and Twelfth
A. E. Strang was unanimously
chosen to till tho vacancy caused by
tho removal of Councilman Monroe
from the third ward.
The matter of receiving bids for
work of covering the cords of tho
bridge was defened until the May
J.J. Murphy was empowered to
act as counsel for the city in arrang
ing the city laws for publication.
Tho Viiltio of Apiturum-o.
Paper eafe$ are the latuat invention fur
jounlHianu'fi men wli.are martini; in tho
linancml world without much capital.
The paper safe as now constructed cannot
he distinguished by the eye from the gon
uine article. It can be bought iu anyidze,
and a a receptacle for lunch, baskets and
odds and ends of the office it is unsurpass
ed. Whilo hetiig cheap in price it pre
sent! an imposing appearance, and a chance
customer seeing the inmhty ssfu iu the of
lico is at onoe impressed with the dignity
and linauuial security of the concern he is
dealing with.
A yuuiiK Minn in Manaua, Fla., dreamed
that he made a iwdluon ascension, and do
sceinlcd by meaus of a parachute. On
awakening he was divgustedlo find that he
w-ai standing up lu 11 holdiug an open
umbrella wnh a anp that made h bands
UlnhWtiHl, llttrkanttu, Co. Or Mar. '.
I Imvw autttwetl w It h , dlwiwe lit the kid-
nyii lUr 6 or T yMtr ami fur th last two
, uuv w 4 van u ihki uj nw.
lldVd lilt 1-4 Vt Ilium lb li. Hi tlkklll t tlulll
nil theiititlUhu". I lut mr Utkvil.
vl.l' I'W Mil,. i
my uaeic. A rrifiui xni im- u sample or
taeOretrou KU1ih'. ivu, ami haviuir ul
Ittw mot'v www win tit. ttlljl l ltn
W. Johnson of Oregon City, Is
a new notary public.
Harmless dental operations at
Dr. L. C. Smith, 02 State street, tf.
You will always find No. 1 gro
ceries at L. S. "Winters, the popular
Court street Grocer. 1 m d w
House for sale on the Install
ment plau. Payments only 10c
each. At the opera house corner.
Call and see. tf.
For holiday candles, nuts, cigars,
notions, etc, go and seewhntSpdght
& Souder, Court street, offer you.
Prices low. 1 m d w
D. AV. Joseph, having petitioned
the court, has adopted Mary H.
Beattle, changing her name to that
of Joseph.
Follow the crowd and y6u will
turn up at Squire Farrar's, where
groceries are pure and cheap. Jolu
the procession. tf.
Geo. D. Goodhue was to-day
awarded tho contract for furnishing
550 cords of fir wood for tho insane
asylum. The price is $2.60 per cord.
Dr. A. M. Black of West Vlr
glulals in the city, awaiting the ar
rival from Colorado of his daughter,
Mrs. It. S. Wallace, with -whom he
will pass tho winter.
Mrs. Mary Yocum of Yamhill
county Is being tried for insanity be
fore Judge Shaw this? afternoon.
Marion county invariably has two
insane patients tho same day.
Tho firm of W. Beck A Son lead
in dolls, toys, novelties, scrap-books,
albums, Christmas cards, Christmas
treo ornaments and 1700 other
things to numerous to mention.
94 State Street Salem Oregon. tf
Marshal Boss, Lafe Conn, "Wes
Hodson, Hugh McNary, George Col
lins, N. Burley and others returned
yesterday afternoon from their out
ing at Yaquina. They report quite
flattering success in bringing down
the birds. Big game is non est.
St. John asks the question, "Are
you for the s:loon or the home?"
The answer given is, "you bet your
life." But when you aro asked
where you can get the best goods
and price on tea, coffee, groceries,
etc., the answer is, at Squire Far
rar's. tf.
At the concert Friday evening
Mies Parrlsh will sing the "Inila.
matus" with full chorus. Also
other flue musical partswill be given
in tho program. A large house is in
prospect so secure tickets early, as
the box sheet is now open at Pat
ton's. Catch tho shadow ere the sub
stance fades, is good advice, and
especially is the truth of this demon
strated when you speak of the
frequency with which one dear
friend or another is hurried away.
You'll regret too late thatyou did not
have your friend or relative visit
Sperry the Artist and have a per
fect likeness taken. Heed the
moral go now before It is forever
too late. tf.
Watch tho footprints on the side
walk. Where do they go? Up and
down Commercial street until tliey
come to the new bank block.
Then they go up stairs. They go to
Cuerrlngton's The artist. If you
aro looking for something nico for
tho holidays, go and see him. His
work Is tho llnest. Time is fleeting
sud Christmas is near. Be sure
and give him timo to llnlshyour
work up nicely. tf.
Remember that there is no charge
for stamping at Brdges A Bozorth's
when tho material is purchased of
I haven't the courage to die sir,
Hardly the courage to live;
Can't drink enough to forget, sir,
Ain't Christian enough to forgive.
Tills was the wall of a man who had
endured tho tortures of " liver
complaint" ami dyspepsia for years;
unit ho niiglit navo eimureti mem
for life, had he not heard that Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Dlscovorv
would make him a well man. He
gave It a trial and was cured. Once
he was hollow eyed, emaciated, and
slowly tottering toward tho tomb;
but now ho Is vicorous. robust and
healthy. There is nothing that can j
compare with tho Discovery" as a ,
curative agent for sour stomach,
constipation, Impure blood and bill
inusucss. The worst cases of nasal catarrh
positively and permanently cured
by Dr. Sage's Catarrh remedy.
Prof. Childers, of tho Gervals
publlo schools, expects to give au
entertainment for tho benefit of tho
school, sometime during tho holi
days. Gazette.
narktea a Aritca Salt.
The bust salve in the world f'
tits, bruises, sores, ulcers, saltrluuii
IVver horue, tetter, chapped ha i
chilblains, corns, and all skin vr
tlons, and positively cures pile-, i
no pay roqulrod. It U guaranty.
t xl ve perfect satisfaction, or uuu v
n-funded. Price 25 cents per U
Kor sale v- Dr. H. W. Cox.
The Grand Work It Is Doing In Bring
ing Desirable Immigration.
nOME to the land of the Bio Red Apple,
(jl'ears, Prunes ete., where the cltiruito Is
so mild cw remain Krecu during all tho
year. The V. H. cenaurf report hhows Ore
eon to be the healthiest state in the Union,
filch lands cheap. Send btuinp for un il
lustrated pamphlet to Uoaiui of Tiiade,
The above is a copy af an adver
tisement prepared by the Salem
Board of Trade, which is now hav
ing the run of fully 1,000 agricultu
ral and family papers scattered
throughout the cast and northwest.
Already the results of this adver
tising are seen on every hand In
the home-seeker appearing among
us and in the seres ot letters of In
quiry which come pouring in dally.
Secretary Mailing tells a Jouiinai
reporter that the number of letters
received by the Board of Trade daily
will average forty-live. They are
all tilled with inquiries concerning
this land and come in most part
from Kausas, Iowa, Wisconsin,
Minnesota, Dakota, and Nebraska.
A number aro from the states of the
East and south and not a few from
the blizzard-blown praies of Mani
toba and tho fever-stricken swamps
of Florida.
A majority of those who write
for information are looking up lo
cations where they may engage in
the business of fruit crowing, farm
ing and gardening. They are gen
erally people of some means wno
wish to cast their lot in a less rigor
ous clime. The results of this ad
vertisimr are most gratifying to the
board, and show conclusively that
Oregon's vast resources are gaining
The new board of trade was or
ganized less than a year airo and
since that time have spent over
$3000 iu advertising this region.
The first edition of 5000 pamphlets
descrintivo of the country has been
distributed, as well as nearly 1000 of
the second edition. That this
board has done and is doing a good
work is apparent. Within the past
year Salem has improved more
than any live previous years. Of
this great improvement fully three
fourths has been made within
the past six months aud of that
over ono half has been done
duriug November and Decem
ber. They are doing much toward
settling up our uncultivated lands
and bringing this section into that
prominence which it has so long
Of the immigrants who are now
arriving nearly all are farmers, and
careful estimate: places the Increased
valuation to the comunity by their
enterprise and laborat 1500 per year
foremen man who purchases land
and Improves It.
Fully $10000 should be placed in
the hands of the board for adver
tising purposes for 1889. The re
sults will be greal, and in their
sight the outlay will appear
small as it would be.
mwiii ii .mi rjiiffrmnnnnm'nrTfm"-1 iTnt
In tho County Court of tiioStntooi Oro
ron.lbr tho County of Marlon.
In the mutter of the evmto oil ,.,,.,
JOHN HUUIIES, Deceased j-1-nation.
To nil heirs known mid uuknow n of the
within -Mined decedent, meetings:
In theniimoofthostiiteof Oregon, you
nro hereby cited mid lequlred to appear In
the County Court of the Suite of Oregon,
for the county of Marlon, it t tho court
room thheof, nt Salem, In tho County of
Marlon, on Monday, the 7th dnyol Jan
ii try, lf!, at U oYloclc In tho forenoon of
Hint duy, then and there to show causolf
tiny there he, why the Admlulstrntor ot
the estate of John Hushc-i, deceased
should not sell tho mil property belonging
to snld etutc. Said real property Is
described as follows, to wit: llegln
nlnir nt a stiil.c 41.74 chains
. u"i ile. .01 mtn. V. from the 8. K.
corner ot the Donation Ivtud Claim of
JohnXIniccrundNaiH'V It. linker his wife,
No. 4.' imd In the .South boundary Hue of
said claim; and running theneo Nintli'JI
dog. :(0nilu East . j.ll chains to M stuko lu
the center of the County nun loading from
r-xilein to Howell l'ralrle: tlieneu N. Ml cleg.
3U mln. W. Jilong the wnter.il said road
10.21 chains to it stake: tlienco S ill deg. "-0
mtn. W, UV) rluilno tonstake In tlio South
boundary Hue of the Donation Ijuiil
Claim iiterctwld: theme S.ll" dog. .01 min.
K. .11.70 chains along snld South boundary
line to tho olaceof beslnnlnir. cont.tlnlnir
.UVI acres of tho land more or Lss and situ
at''d In Suction St In T. ? f It. W. nt t ho
Willamette Merdl.m n Marion L.uinty,
Oregon, and being p.ut of tho Donation
umu vinim itioresain.
Witvkss, Tito Hon Tf. Shaw, Judge;
of tho County Courtol the Stale of Oiwii I
for the I 'mum- oi Marlon, v 1th the sem of
said Onurt lUlIxert, till Kill day or IVceni-'
bor, ISsS, A. P.,
TTEsT. V J. nVIU'OlK, Oerk, I
Hi D.l.Slir.HMW IVputy. I
Friday Evening, Dec. 1
Grand Concef
Will do given undor the .J
pices of tho rnn.Jr'i l
of Music, ann
Miss Hall. a Pflpiuli t: . I
Inn no nrirl nl..l .. "1
"""i "" " "lurui society oft
Admission iV) Vonta n. .
Fnttdn's book store after fS!
without extra charge. Uectmbf
Saturday Dec,
Mr. and Mrs. Join jJ
Annie Firminl
The distinguished actress audi
' !
Jnck Child Vocalist.
Ballads, Selections from Sheridil
" School for Scandal," Sheakpal
Sir John Falstaff. Note-MuJ
Is tho recognized Falstaff of J
Nvorld; concluding with the i
splitting farce
FUN on a
Come and enjoy the mostpleaJ
evening of a life time. 1
op, -
- ?75
R. 8. WALLACE, - - President I
V. W. MAKTIN, - Vice-President I
J. H. ALBERT, - - - Cashier.
V. T. G ray, W. W, Martin,
J. M. Martin, It. S. Wallace,
Dr. W. A.CuBlek, J. II. Albert,
T. MeF. l'atton.
Wn rnsninM nn mhnflt nnd ("itflPf
AU JUWUC1D "A imvmi iuu -
ablo produce, consigned or in ston, e
e liner in pnviuo gramiwv
tnnhlin warehouses.
Slate and County Warrants Bought till
TMnn,.nln1 n vrioannnhlA TltPS. 10
. - v-v rlifMi(mr?
arnwn airec on now V bm
Hong Kong and Calcutta.
M-wtn ni onn I'npi ninii iiiiiiitii.x ( m '
11 a
wm tm i.atittv . . . Pre!
1)H. J. RKVNOLDS, - VlcerW
JUiiw MUii:,
Exchange on Portland, Ban i F
New, York,. London and HOW (,,
wurrants bought. Karmera are &
Invited to deposit.wd trnnsacl
with us. Liberal nQvn"?,,:srrM
wheat, wool, hops and other pwpj
renRonaOte rates. lun,ee,h.nhSlJ
curlty can do odiicu .
moat rename compuui".
i Merchant Tailor
And supplied with only-
Kirst Class Good
i.i-vnsi nnODS.
.SaUsfactlou guaranteed.
G. C. hogaM
SUtto Insurance Co's. hlock,
I for butter. ejX" ' n SiSi
17 t a feed More. M Coromen wTi
TlieCapital NatiooalB
First Nat