Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, November 16, 1888, Image 1

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    1 1.?
VOL. 1.
NO. 218
Is Simple of Construction,
Awarded flrst premium at the Oregon
State Fair 1883-'84-85-'8n.'87 nnd at the Call,
fornla Stato Fair, 1887, and Snn Joaquin
County Fair, 1SW7.
Manufactured In slxlslzes. For circular
and price list address
H. S. JOItY & SON, '
1. O. Box 28(3. Salem, Oregon
j)3- Dryer Furnaces furnished Ave Jslzes
IngtonTer. or California real estate. For
lulormalloii nddrej-i us at either of the fol
lowing elllces: Palestine, III.; Kansas City,
Md.; Kalem.Or.; Portland, Or. Salem office
at Bellinger's machinery depot, near the
clly hall, Liberty street; Portland office in
the rooms of tho State Immigration Hoard,
comer of Front nnd Ash streets. 173tf
L. S. SKIFF & CO.,
Office nc.ir thlc
Opeia House. 123
"""Teeth extracted
oy the painless pro
D. C, Howard, Proprietor.
flWAll kinds' 6r fresh and cured meats
nl ways on hand, full weight and a square
deal all itrlUhd.
For Sale.
A good loin framo Horse Power. Good
for all usea, from one to full cap'icltj.
All for tho low price of SW. Call at the Pa
ciflo Cider, Vinegar & Fruit Preserving
Company's office. Kalem, Oregon.
For the treatment of all diseases of men
and women
Medicated vapor baths, oxygen inhala
tions, electro magnetism, medicated
sprays, etc. Office and sanitarium in the
itink hlnelr. Consultation free. HWdw
J !
f r-T I -rf.T7 h.t i v
. kJAt i r
iensoofsmellT Is your breath foulT JJo,
symptoms, others only a part. ,
VU UJT XI, Y . Mrt - ' '
Phoenix and .
troubled with
mended your i
tMimllva nmrw,!
disease "Inelosed
who ore sufferers.'
rBCOMMBNDB"' fermwlr Petal Snt of the
Cullfornla CAT-K-U""-, ".- ,t,ree Jar. I QiZlrL, .aaie friends.
riio.- but I muv.-"T.rsiiitomlai;Ai-"--""
rind $5 for wniou u
106 STATE ST.. SALEM, Ji-c
SNELL, HEITSHU & W00DARD, Wholesale Deoot.
Proposals for Stationery.
Halt., Or., Sept. 27th, law. f
Bailed proposals will bo received at tills
offlro until noon November 27th, 1SS3, to
furnish the following nrtlcleslfor the state
of Oregen:
60 reams legal cap. 14 lb, No. 8 ruling,
white laid, drew, Charter Oak or Scotch
30 reams letter paper, 12 3b, No. 8 ruling,
white laid, Carew, Charter Oak or Scotch
30 reams first-class Congress nole, 7 lb
fomiitita, o. a ruung, mine laiu.
15 M No. 0 white euYClopes, CO lb. No. 1
rag XXX.
12 grass railroad steel pens No 140,
15 gross Olliott's steel pons, .So. 401.
3 gross Easterurook "J" pens.
5 gross Fuber'S pn holders, No. 1S70.
4doicuTower Muiiunieluiliu: Co's. bar
ometer and brass b.icked Inkstands.
12 dozen Ivory folders, 9 Inch, Standard.
3 dozen Ivory folders, 10 inch. Congress.
10 dozen mucilage cups, No. 8, Morgan's
1 docn mucilage stands, teservolr. No.
6, Morgan's patent.
3 reams Parker's treasury blotting paper,
140 lb, assorted colors.
2 gross No. 2 Eagle Recorder load pencils,
stylo (kW.
4 dozen Arnold's writing fluid, quarts.
2 dozen David A Sons writing fluid,
quarts, black.
2 dozen Sanford's premium fluid, quarts,
15 dozen duplex cup board letter clips.
12 dozen Faber's rubbor rulers, 11 Inch,
12 dozen steel erasers, Rogers', No. 1S149, II.
3 dozen steel erasers, Rogers', No. 18140, B.
20 boxes Faber's No. 300 rubber bands, as
sorted sizes.
4 gross Faber's lead pencils, Nos. 2 and 3,
hexagon, gilt.
,10 gross Faber's lead pencils, round, gilt,
No. 2.
0 dozen Faber's pitcnt Ink nnd pencil
rubber erasers, small.
IOOOMcGIU's patent paper fasteners, No. 2.
1000 McGlll's patent paper fasteners, No. 4.
IS dnzcit gummed stub tiles, No. 21, 11x15
In., 250 pages.
12 dozen tablo pads for paper, 19x21.
lo dozen wusto paper baskets, cross bar,
No. 4.
20 lbs hcirip twine, No. 12.
At the S'imo time separate bids will bo
received for 12 dozen Wostenholm congress
knives to be described by trado Nos. Sam
ples to be exhibited.
lllds should be marked "Proposals for
Stationery." Nouo but best quality of
goods received.
The right to reject any or all bids is re
served. All goods to be delivered before January
1st, lS-J'J. Payment to bo made by warrant
on state treasury.
D-2S-td Secretary of State.
Real Estate Bargains.
SI.OM 160 acres, 0 miles from 0 A C de
pot. Good house, barn and
orchard. Fonced, nnd In cul
tivation. 2,000. SO acres, 4 miles from Salem.
r.nnd roui to town. Improve
ments ralr. Fine fruit land.
$5,190 Si lines 2i mllos from Salem.
No buildings. Splendid land,
nil fenced. Moko n dcslrablo
$2,500. i acres 4 miles from Salem, Im
provements good. Fine young
orchard, and garden Jand.
$4,1S0 I'M acres, 7 miles from Salem.
Hill land, finely watered. Sell
In lots of 40-aero tracts at $25 per
$10,600 mo acres, 8 miles from Salem.
Excellent grass and fruit land,
adjoining Willamette rlrcr.
Will sell In tracts.
$1375 51 acres, 4 miles of Salem. House,
" barn nnd orchard. Lnrgosprlng
... titn Httnr. Good soil, and
plenty of timber.
$2400 KOacrcs, 5 mllos of Salenijgood
' road; well Improved- stream
running through tho place.
0000 400 acres (1 miles west sldoO A
w u KOO(l 10USCi imrn nnd
orchard. 120 In cultivation, bal
nnce oak grub pasture land.
SSOO .10 acres, 1 mile from Salem, nd-
Joining fair ground. Good land;
no! ipruvemcnts.
si "00. 10 acres, 5 miles Salem; all In
$1,JXL ,;,,. no build ngs; near
school house Excellent fruit
I ooo 170 ncres, 0 miles from O AC II R;
81.0W. u weU terc(1 il0UH
barn, nnd small orchard; UO
acres In cultivation.
v -j 1 lots, with good housonnd barn,
$2,(J0. l'gAJem. Dcslrablo location.
Wo havo betides this a largo list of city
r,irr,ir)ronerty. Buyers would do well
U ? call anPd emlno our holdings before
making telr I'urchases.
WILLIS yi.A.vi. v."-.
Opera House, Court St..
Salem, Or.
I. .UV rnn
nHih rt not get better? Il Lye you nn ex-
r-tT? CHT(B
Cipnt breath. raaulU
. oure Is truarun-
Some Startling Statement sf an.
era! Interest.
Th. Oliver Wondoll Holmos, on
being asjtod when the training of a
child should begin, replied, "A hun
dred years before it is born."
Are we to infer from this that this
generation is responsible for the con
dition of the race a hundred years
from now ?
Is this wondorf ul generation tho nat
ural rcsfilt of the proper diet and med
icines of a hundred' years aao?
It is conceded in other lands that
most of the wonderful discoveries
of tho world in this century havo
come from this country. Our ances
tors wero reared in log cabins, and
Buffered hardships and trials.
But thoy lived and enjoyed health
to a ripo old age. Tho women' of
those days would endure hardships
'without apparent fatiguo that would
Btartle those of tho present age.
Why was it?
One of the proprietors of tho pop
ular remedy known as Warner's sfo
cure, has been faithfully investigating
the cause, and has called to his aid
scientists as well as medical men, im
pressing lipon them tho fact that
there cannot be an effect without a
cause. This investigation disclobetl
thb fact that in tho olden tinuis
simplo remedies wore adtuinistoiol
compounded of herbs and roots, which
wero gathered and stored in tho lofts
of the log cabins, and when sickm'
came on, theso remedies from naturoV
laboratory we?e usod with the bu-1
effects. ,
"What woro these remedies? "What
wero they used for? After untiring
and diligent search they havo o
tained tho fonnunB so generally used
iur yunuuB uiBuiuuro.
Now tho question is, how will tho
olden time preparations affect the
people of this age, who havo ,bt",it
treated, under modern mcdii-til
schools and codes, with poisonuus
and injurious drugs. This test hn
been carefully pursued, until llu-y
are convinced that the preparations
they now call Warner's Log Culnu
remedies aro what our much alms d
systems required.
Among them is what is known ac
Warner's Log Cabin Barsnpnrilhi, nnd
they frankly announco that thoy do
not consider tho Barsaparillu of so
much v'aluo in itself as it is ill tin
combination of the various inuredi
ents which togethor workmarvulously
upon tho system. They also hue
preparations for other diseases, such
as ''Warner's Log Cabin cough and
consumption remedy," "Log Cabin
hops and buchu remedy," "Wnrner's
Log Cabin hair tonic." Thoy have
great confldonco that thoy have n
euro for tho common disoaseof catarrh .
which thoy give tho name of "I-og
Cabin rose cream." Also a "Lug
Cabin plaster," which thoy aro con
Ddent will supplant all others, and a
liver pill, to bo used separately or in
connection with tho other rotnedies.
We hopo that tho public will not
be disappointed in theso remedies,
but will reap a benofit from tho in
vestigations, and that tho proprietors
will not bo cmbarrnsed in their in
troduction by dealers trying to sub
stitute remedies that havo been so
familiar to tho shelves of our drug
gists. This lino of remedies will be
used instead of others. Insist upon
your druggist getting them for you if
ho hasn't them yet in stock, and wo
feel confident that those now reme
dies will rcceivo approbation at our
reader's hands, as the founders have
used every care in their preparation.
" HAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 1st, 1H.
Messrs. WKLI.KR 1IROS.,
SHlem, Oregon,
Gentlemen! -Wo had the pleasure re
cently of making shipment to you of our
new "White Crowi" Kxtraots, uud Miid
you by mall to-diiy a very neat show oard
which we would like you to place promi
nently In your store, and which will will
thentteutlnn of your trade to the goods. ,
it I... iuu.li r.nr Intention for Mime time
past to place uhiii the market thejlnet
ii .. i..i A.I.I.. .ti!tifu'itinn'iifctfliun'd III
country, nnd HnW'iiMnths'of sjiuly
and exrrlm'U!Ht with tU prmulneiil,
t.Jh'.L'hiftr bJfbru ilia nuMIe w ImVe l
hut .Heersled In placing before you u jil.il
itv whteli beyond doubt h'Us no suiwlor.
We can not too strongly Impress uioii
. u.! wa j!.A A..nkLlt!. I ftVlMl'llft t1
8ttif otlrtitlon, uiid c nredlet that when V
-J. . :- . . ... .. w.tulllv .f Hi. I
yiHiriroue iipobi"i"i iiy w.o.,..,, , .-,
m Aayur hale for " While iSuii " ojtlrut-U ) !
will be Urge. ,
Hy eottiplylrttr with oof ivummt you will
confer a favor upon y'odf irvf,
A. fefilltimiNtl A CO.
Utusd Much and Sept.,
each yaur- It ' an ency
clopedia of useful In for
matlon, tor all who pur
chat the laxurlei or tho
i....ifl r,f Ufa. VJb
".se'ff. "rfi2L2S
appUanwa to rMa. walV, dabe. leP. ,
eat, nan. Bum, wi, a r-.'
or .tay at tootno. and "LT ,lfr
trtot and auaaUtlM. Juat dsur out
"Krt TxiintU dtfall tnea. thin.
C0KF0BTABIT, 0?r"S1Svw
ettimate of too yaltt of tho BUYP
OUIBB. wWaJi wU b nt upvit
ruiajpt of 1Q eottU w ay P04'8'
111.111 JtUohlaa Atobuo, Chixo, Ul.
you thst'you M Uhhfifllhtlriiyy reeom
mif tliem Id'ycnir out4?mer uJ tfle fliy-st
i.VIi 4iJA,f.l (u.'tAMinVWurud. The
A nmn who hns prnctlcetl meili-
clno for 40 years, ought to know
salt from sugar; rvatl what he
Toi.kuo, O., Jan. 10, 1S87.
Slessrs. F. J. Cheney & Co. Gen
tlemen: I have been in tho gonenil
practico of niedlclno for most 40
5'ears. nnd would s:ty that in nil my
practice and uxtwrience, lmvo never
seen a prcneration that I could pro
scribe with ns muoh contldcuco of
success ns I can Hall's Catarrh Cure,
inaiiufncturcil by you. Havo prcr
scritel it a great many times tuiu its
etl'ect is wonderful, and would say
in conclusion that I h'nvo yet. to llnd
a case of catarrh that It would not
cure, if they would take Itnccortling
to directions.
Yours Trulv,
L. L. GOuSUCH, M. D.
Onico, 215 Summit St.
"We will glvoflbO for any case of
catarrh that cannot be cured with
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Taken luter
nnlly. , .. ,.... .
F. J. CHEN'fY & CO. Toledo, O.
JBfcirSold by druggists, 7oc.
Acrosj t I'otlq'ent.
From the Atiantlo seabonrd dnliy, Jour
ney thousands of Immigrants, lnl.sof un-
lorprisuig tourists ror pleasure, inxusionni
F.uropeon. Heelterafor innterlal for (Ki.iks
on America, multitudes ot hardy artlzaiis,
ill eager and expectant but all iinncusiom.
eil totlienewclhiiiitool tho fronllcr, and
all mult unless protected with a medical
safeguard lo encounter luallarla. the
chief foe to lienlth In rcglonsnewly clcnrml
nnd oiH'ncd up for settlement. Theso went-cin-bouml
trnvelors will llnd In Ilostoicr'a
Stomach Hitlers tho safety from, malarial
Infection they might vainly wck from
other souri'es. Tiled In all imrts of the
woild, under exigencies tho liet titled to
show Its value, it has lulled nowhere under
the most exacting conditions. In so many
lumls Is It In request that the demand for
It may well he termed universal. No. only
malaila, lint constipation, dyspepsia, bill
loudness, rheumatism, debility nervous
ncvandlnacllouof the kidneys urothoi
oughly relieved by It.
Their lluslnrss lloomiug,
Probably no ouo tiling hns caused
such a general revival of Initio at
Dr. II. W. Cox's Drug Storo ns
their giving nwny to tlielr custom
Utcir giving away 10 ineir custom
era of so many frco trial lotlles of
Dr. King's Now Discovery for Con
sumption. Their trade Is simply
sumption. Their trade Is simply
enormous in tins very vniuuuiu nr
tlclclVoin the I'nct that It always
cures and never disappoint'. (Muglis
colds, astlunti, bronchitis, croup and
all other thioat and luug ill seises
milckly cured. You cm ti-st It hc
loro buying by getting n trial bot
tle fri-c. largo size $1. Kvory Imttlo
warranted. '
A lady who was allllcted with t-MIt
Rheum on tho faco and other paru of tho
body for many yours nnd ho wim tioulcd
by tho best physicians on t' i l'acltlc issist
without any but tenionii-y ii'ltel on
Dutnid'H Spicule has entirely cured me of
my troublesome complaint and nliougli 1
have not tu-ed the inedii'iiu1 foi many
months, I havo hud no reiilin of the ills
ease. 1 shall nluaysfellgialoliil iiij.hi.
Sold by 1). W. Mnttliuws A Co.
Breakfast Delicacies
DCRKEFS lilcTiSi'li, which cooks
up into a very drlicalo ili.s!i.
FLO UK. gtu.ruiifceil (o ho
Fresh mid i'urr
Will 8
201 Commercial St.
HfiH j 'iiinLfiriaH!
Important Evrtls of Itio Wholo World
for TwcD'v-four Hours.
NYilnesscs livnchrd A Hcmovnl Poli
tical Humors ficiieirnl News.
A Collector Itenioved.
1'oitT Townsknd, AY. T., Oct. 15.
-Qiilney A. Drooka, collector of cus
toms for tlio district of l'ugct Sou ml (
was dlsmiHHl this afternoon, In
coniplinnce with a ajwcial telegram
from "Washington nlgncd by Q rover
Clevclnnd. O. A. Tlmrman, who
was recently appointed special dep
uty collector, vice Win. M. Ilnmcd,
dismissed, Is designated by tho presi
dent to ussume full charge of tho
oMleo and act as collector of customs
until further orde. Air. Brooks
wiis dumbfounded on tho receipt of
his dismissal direct from Clevelund,
and tho old man fairly wept.
Flvo WHiiemit'ii I.ynplifid.
St. Lnuis, Nov. 15. A speclnl
from Cheyenno county, the homo of
tho famous Bald Knobber King
Davo Walker, to tho cllect that live
of tho witnesses who tcstllled
against him in his trial for murder
luivobeen lynched. Itlssald that
tho friends of Walker waited until
tho supreme court had passed upon
tho case of Walker, and when It
was announced that tho ex-chlef of
tho Bald Kuobhcrs must hang they
wreaked vengeance on ;tho leading
witnesses, who brought him within
the shadow of death.
They Kllleil u Wlmle.
Kan KitANCisco, Nov. 15. This
morning one of tho California coast
wludes which aro often seen oil' tho
heads, got stranded In Oakland
creek, and when the tide receded It
was killed. Tho men who dispatch
ed It expect to sell It to the oil
works company, hut If they aro not
successful they will have it towed
to this city and placed on exhibi
tion. It Is about forty feet In length,
ami might possibly yield forty bar
rels of oil. It was killed by being
hit on the head with an axe.
Onu Mimi Hull" Mage.
San Louis Om.si'o, Nov. 1(1, The
south-lnund stage was held up lust
evening, about two miles out of
Teinpleton, by a solitary masked
robber with a Henry rlllu. Ho com
pelled the pasiengers to alight, and
ordered tho mall-bag ami express
box thrown out, which lie rilled.
Then ho mounted hi horse ami
rotlo oil'. Therer were boveii pnison
gers, all uiiarmcil. Tho robber got
a few dollars only from them. The
loss of tho express company Is un
known. A l'llllll' llvHtll,
Ai.iiakv, Or- Nov. 1(1. Yester
day morning us William It. Cannon
passed from ouo part of his rosl
tlehce, towards tho lounge, ho Mid
(luiily fell on tfte lloor ami almost
liMtuutly expired. He had been an
luvalitl for several yiars ; but had
h 'on in iiimrly thu fame condition
as usiiiil Just previous to his death,
In fact was on tho streets In tho
morning. Ho was a participant In
tho Yakima Indian war.
Not )lu'ly I" Csnulii.
Ottawa, Nov. 15. Mormon tlelu
jfultw from tho Northwest tire dls
wiilsiletl with the resultof their visit
lo Ottawa. The government will
not grant their rupiest to Utallowed
to lirlug In machinery and Implo
,..,.i'u rr,.ir .Int v. or to ho normit-
I ted to bring In moru women to
whom they lmvo been previously
i married ucconllntf to tho Mormou
Tim rrtwWriit'a 3IU:.
, Wabiiinown', Nov. 15. TIuj
president's next annual ihessago is
hki-ly to Ihj brief but very jointed.
Holuwnot yet IsjgUn work on It,
b it will have to take It up soon. It
Is understood that he will rejioat,
with emphasis, the recommendation
of his laid hiiiiuh! mewjwge. He will
not change hU attlttnle on the tarlir
nor Ignore or avoid the lue on ae
cotint of the rwnt eleetlon.
.t. ....... uIIUIam labal tail Urlot
l"5llJ.yjlr5r. 11-WdoIjiTVfiJll U
Ih ,r..nh mI brxwi. II HJ4M W
iiHJliy,alrultiw IllHtolw aad .
mm tu. t irjH i t?i
.h.miiu .if wurk wMWl tumowlac
Lilt tO "X-
. M.7i4oyl. W MaM.wAtX.
C0M)K8K1) DlSl'ATCH.
Gov. Melletto of Dakota, has gone
east to confer with Gen. Harrison
about the admission of Dakota.
Duke Maxmlllan of Bavaria, who
was stricken with apoplexy four
days ago, Is death Ho was SO years
of age.
King, the aeronaut, will attempt
to cross tho Atlantic, next spring In
a balloon, If ho raises tho necessary
For the flrst time In .nearly, Hireo
months a train load of passengers
left Jacksonville, Fin., yestentny
morning for' cities north.
Tho latest bit of gossip In political
circles Is that John A. Kasson, ex
minister to Austria, will bo appoint
ed secretary of stato under Harri
son's administration.
An InUmato ncrsonal friend of
1lnlr(. Garrett Is authority for tho
statement that ho has greatly Im-
i.rovi'.l recently, and strong hopes-
are entertained of his ultlmato re
covery. ,7olm Hrlclit l Vry 111.
BtUMiNoii.ua, Nov. 15. Bright
Ins had a serious relapse. Ills sous
have arrlveit front London. A bul
letin Issued tills evening says:
"Brlght's condition has slightly Im
proved. A doctor summoned from
Liverpool takes a hopomi view oi
his case.1'
llniiM'hiilit Uinta.
A stimll pieeu ol iulihur placed In tho
clipboard or drawer will dnvo away antn.
In inaUiiiK a inuitaul plnslcr for a patient
with a dclicnle .Kin uie tho while of ecu
insteiulof watrr.
Hntd atiap lal much lotiftor if dtiod
lor Btiveial weeks tiofore uilug It. It U
nl.o lean hurtful to the Mn.
Tho tiltencr llour is ifleil for Bponge
oikti tho liuhtur tlio o.ike will bo.
Vanh iniitom la wna iiuU, then dust
with whitinit from n tnunllug ln "d
polish with ohnniiiia kin.
In ImlliiiK utont for inupt me uolil water
lo extrnul the juicti. but if tho ment U
wanted for itself nlone put Into boiling
wiite .
I'll prevent Iho muull Ot cubbaj;o (torn
purineatiiii tlinuu I the houie while boll
nii, pUcu on llir atove n tllaii containing
.. It. I f.. . Iniu ,.l,nlltt.H In
lirooiini niii!u " " "-
boillnir BinU onuii week will last much
longer than tlicjtotlitirwho would.
I( a oucumhenis eut inlo airipa land tho
piece put inlo nlacowheio'BntateJfound
It will surely titivu them nway.
Tho HtHh of freih Im.Ii nhotihl lie firm, tho
gilli light to ml the icalei silvery.
To ruinovo paint from illk goods atui.
ate! the goods with etjual part of lutpon.
tlno and nmnuinij. then wash in ioap suda
ami let dry between blotting paper un
der a heavy wilight.
tub you lamp uhimucy alter waatung
with dry salt, ami you will bo lurprued
at Ihe new btilttnnou of your light.
(Irorge II. Vanderbilt h puicliaicl
1.000 aotoa of mounlaln ianda near Ah
vllle. N. C. wlmre ho will build n largo
Industrial irsailliitc for tho oduoation of
jioor white ohililren, who will bo taught
how to work in.woixl and motali, amltlmi
Ixjcpmo skilled meohames, Tho Institute
will bo literally- andowed, a Mr. Vane
derbil luluuils lo makojit a inouument to
Ida family.
Sunn months oo, at Kansas Clt,,
Lewis Nay'or. a dry-goods dealer, toad,
nod one ol hit tewlng-girli, Jennio
Qalclc, aged 7, wldi a cheoVt In payment
for lior service. Mitt Quick demanded
cash, a quarrel followed, and while liclng
jeotod from the store her arm was broken.
She tued for 810,000 damage, atid.
Thursday secured a verdiet for?Z,0CK
Wheat -70o.
OuIb Kiao.
Beuf UJ gross Mc not.
Alutlon-fiJia.W per howl.
Hogs 5o. not,OdresHel.
Bran f It inir ton.
Hhorts 1 16 per ton.
Hops 18'.Wo
Flour $.2fi jor bid.
Potatoes 85o.
Kkim U6o.
l4inl-lft, IftftlSu
W(l-IMT7o. '
Hums loo. etistern.
Jlaeon nfelfio., eastern.
AppUjH green, 40o imr 1U.
a i
SiUerlb fortheCAi'rr.vi.Joim:Ufc