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Complete Recital or (he Day's
and Doings.
A Big Fire The Frnnchisc flrnnted
Dcalli of a Prominent Citizen.
Sonr Grapes Anrwty.
The Albany Democrat thinks nil
this fussing and yelling and bonfire
building over the election of u enti
dldato 1b a great waste. Think of
the thousands of dollars spent in
"smoke" just for a glorification,
whllo thero nro ragged knees und
empty stomaches on every comer,
and jxwrly paid ministers and bad
sidewalks and empty treasuries, and
so forth. On the other hand if the
present cfliclent president had been
re-elected and they had a big jubi
lation, they should have argued like
this: It buys cord wood of the pour
man, kerosene of the merchant,
gives employment to the laborer,
keeps the lucre on tho go, It didn't
cost anything anyway, was all won
In bets, and If they didn't spend it
In yelling they wouldn't give it
away anyway, etc., etc. lleally, it
is just human nature for the rooster
to crow when he has whipped
another one.
The City Council Holds nn Important
High rrlrcd Eggi.
A farmer near Silver Creek Falls
has lately been losing quite a num
ber of sheep. Ho thought wolves
were doing tho mischief and pre
pared for a wholesale poisoning.
He procured a number of eggs in
'which ho placed a quantity of
strychnine and scattered them
about where tho wolves might find
them. Imagine his surprise noxt
morning on going down to his
spring, to find carcasses of seven
teen wolves. Their scalps are worth
$5 apiece, and his friends congratu
late him on his night's work.
To the l'eultcnliao.
SherlirW. II. Samson of Clacka
mas county came up yesterday eve
ning with two prisoners for the
penitentiary. Thoy were "Win.
Jlently, ono year for larceny of a
coat, and M A. llodgdon, for the
same length of time for horse-stealing,
llodgdon Is a brother of the
man killed at Sandy, Clackamas
county, about a month ago, whllo
trying to escape with stolen horses,
and the young man brought up last
night was convicted of complicity
In the crime.
Tho city council held a meeting
Inst nltrht for tho transaction of
regular business which might come
before them. Aside from allowing
the usual accounts, the bids for cov
ering the chords of tho bridge were
opened and found to be as follows :
A. E. Strang f030, J. "W. Crawford
$900, Itoyul & Kudler !07. They
were referred to the committee with
Instructions to report at next meet
ing. The Salem Street Railway Co.
presented a petition asking for per
mission to construct and operate a
'street railway on Commercial, State
and such other streets of Salem
as are necessary for the successful
operation of such street railway.
The privilege was granted In so
much us it applies to Commercial,
State and Twelfth streets. The
work of construction will be under
the supervision of the streot commissioner.
Tho following voting places were
agreed upon for city election : First
ward, tho Mansion house ; second
ward, tho old court house; third
ward, the opera house ; fourth ward
Robt. Ford's livery stable.
Tho following were unpointed
judges nnd clerks of election :
First ward L. 12. Pratt, W. L.
Wade, 1 H. D'Arcy ; Pratt and
D'Aroy clerks.
Second ward Geo. H. Burnett,
O. P. Litchfield, Dr. T. L. Golden ;
Litchfield and Golden clerks.
Third ward Ed. N. Edes, Will
Gray, Geo. Anderson ; Edes and
Gray, clerks.
Fourth ward J. H. Bridges, Isaac
Miller, T. 15. Wait; Miller and
Wait, clerks.
The following resolution was offer
ed by Hirsch : Resolved. That
tho committee on ordinances, with
the assistance of the mayor, be au
thorized to submit to this council an
amendment to tho city charter,
which will shall be submitted to the
next legislature. On motion, the
resolution was ndoped.
The Residenco of J. L. 1'arrish Boms
to the Gronmd.
lialanrt all ami I'ronunadt.
Tho Klamath Star thus describes
a grand ball at Kene: "Tho dance
ot Keno hall on Thursday night
gave unbounded satisfaction all
around. Whllo It had no jarring
element, It was supported with two
inspired tiddlers who tore great
chunks of harmony out of tho cat
gut. Pelted by these glorious
chunks, tho dancers hurried around
the floor and wished for wings
with which to 'get thero, Ell.'
New .Noturlti ComulMlonrd.
Tho following named persons were
to-day commissioned notaries public
by Gov. Ponneyor:
II. W. Wesco and T. IL Ward,
Portland; M. D. L. Rhodes, Me
Mlnnville; J. U. Condon, Tho
Dallos; Edward H. Miller, Warnlc,
Wasco county; Walter W. Phelps
and E. V. Carter, Ashland.
Jott'orson Owenborg, Enterprise;
J. I). Carter and N. A. Foster, New.
burg ; "W. G. SUol, Portland.
TieSalMH tkalB Uaag.
Prehaps Salem will not havo so
many drunks and vags slneo our
ofUoers have Instituted tho plan of
working tho prisoners on tho strvots.
Wturday the ocupnutsof tho city
hostile wore turned over to tho street
commissioner and ho guvo them a
job cleaning tho gutters along
Commercial streot.
Hart at lie Fire.
Will Driver received quite a little
bruise at tho tiro this morning.
With three others they wore carry
ing tho hoso to another part of the
yard whoa tho water was turned on
and the nolo Jerked from tholr
hands. It struck him on tne fore
head and cut unite a gash.
Wlliupea TOt.rrw.
Itroukrust will bo served at the
Chunitikotu to-morrow morning.
This will be the first meal under
the new management. Everything
has boon placed in naullnuiw and
thehouoe will begin oiwratlous audor
auspices the most favorable.
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iUTSzi 7:.1: ?.? " ' ""c imm m
"Y - uj
rw" ww mw mix
zzrrs.zx& ? t u
ktdtty ur urtuan urnns.
We Are Seen.
Mr. Wlnstanley of this city re
cently entertained an old friend of
his, Mr. W. Porter, of Warrington,
England. Upon his return home
Mr. Porter was interviewed by the
Cheshire Examiner nnd in answer
to a question as to Mr. Wlnstanley,
who left Warrington recently with
his family for America, and who now
lives at Salem, Oregon, Mr. Porter
said: "Salem is between 300 and
400 miles from Vancouver, and Is
tho capital of tho state of Oregon,
though by no means tho largest
town In that state. It Is situated
on tho Willamette river. I mado a
journey to see Mr. WInstanloy, and
spent three or four days with him.
When I got on to the platform at
Salem who should I see but Mr.
Wlnstanley himself, although he
was not expecting me, but T can
tell you ho was right glad to see me.
If 1 were to describe Salem I should
say It was like Knowsley Park, with
white houses studded about it, and
a main street running right through
it. Rut Knowsley Park is not near
so grand, for there you havo not got
gigantic mountains, peaked with
snow away In tho background us
thoy havo In Salem, nor have you
the beautiful green foliage, leading
right up the mountains, almost till
your eye strikes the snow-cap. As
soon as Mr. Wlnstanley got to Sa
lem lie got work at SJ dollars a day,
and ho bought a piece of land of
altoat forty acres which is, I should
say, worth nearly twice what ho
paid for It. Whllo I was staying at
Salem, Mr. and Mrs. Wlnstanley
and 1 called at the house of a fellow
workman of Mr. Wlnstanley a
large house standing In Its own
grounds, und led up to by an
uvouue, bordered on both sides In
line peach trees, and whilst there
we liuil placed bofore us plates of
peaohosofa most remarkable size,
and so rich that they seemed to
molt In your mouth. The climate
Is delightful, and tho Wlllamotto
Valley Is ono f the tlnest growing
districts I know of."
At half past five this morning the
rapid ringing of tho city fire bell
summoned Salem citizens from their
early morning nap and called the
fire companies to the residence of J.
L. Parrlsh, near the East Salem
high school building. A fire had
broken out in the kitchen, near the
chimney, and its origin is supposed
to have been from the defective flue.
The distance from tho center of the
city being so great, it was a consld.
erablo while before tho alarm could
be given, henco before a stream of
water was turned on, the flames had
made great headway. Upon
arrival, the Capital engine took her
stand on the bridge over Mill creek
and at once gave a good head of
water. As there was no plug near
the house, the supply of water had
to bo taken from tho creek. This
required an extra amount of hose,
and placed tho department under
great disadvantages, but neverthe
less their two steady streams soon
reduced the heat and conquered the
fire to such an extent that men could
return to their work of emptying
the houso of its contents. By rapid
uud systematic work they were able
to save much of tho household furni
ture, although everything in the
kitchen nnd dining room was lost.
When the fire was first discovered
it might have been possible to have
saved tho house by turning on the
stream from a house hose, but none
was ot hand, and tho efforts of Mr.
Parrlsh and his wife to smother the
flames were unavailing. They gave
tho alarm and tho neighbors were
quick to respond and assist them in
emptying tho house.
Mr. Purrish says his loss will be
not less than $5,000. above the in
surance of $2,000 which he carried
on the house, hi tho State. This loss
will fall qulto heavily upon him, as
the home had just been fitted up
after the spring fire and is now a
total loss, as only tho charred walls
of two rooms remain standing. The
foundation, however, is not injured.
And Notes of a General
tcrcst to tho Westerner.
from a
in the
Bert Potter has returned
week's hunting expedition
Silver Falls country. He
no luck.
Dr. Porter continues to interest
large congregations nightly at the
Christian schuch. The revival
meetings will be held all week.
A perfect specimen of the horn
owl Is on exhibition on Commercial
Rtreet. It was captured in Polk
county by Will John-on and is de
clared by those who have secu it to
be owl right.
L. M. Ferry, late of Dakota, is a
new comer among us. He is highly
pleased with our valley nnd will
remain. Ho says his old neighbors
ana menus are an anxious to come
when he writes them of our great
Francis Jenkens, an Insane
pntleut, died at the asylum yester
day of degenerative disease of the
brain. Ho was about twenty-five
years of age, and had been an inmate
of tho asylum about ix weeks. The
remains were taken to B.iker City,
his former home, for burial
A number of men who havo
taken up land on the line of the
Oregon Pacific will build houses
upon the same at once.
A case of smallpox Is reported at
Glendale, Douglas county. A Mr.
Slngletary lately from San Fran
cisco is down with tho disease.
Many eastern people are buying
small tracts which they will Im
mediately improve and convert in
to thrifty farms by planting orchards
and clearing off tho timber.
Twenty-two counties of the state
have filed copies of their assessment
rolls In tho office of tho secretary of
state Tho computation and appor
tionment of the state levy of taxes
for 1889 will not probably bo made
before December 15th.
When the territories of Washing
ton, Montana and Dakota are ad
mitted as states, the Importance of
the Pacific slope in national affairs
will be largely enhanced and will
more than ever attract the attention
of political managers.
Another transcontinental lino is
coming this way. It begins with
the Illinois Central, going to Sioux
City, thenco to Ogden and San
Francisco; also branching off for
Oregon with a view to connecting
with the Oregon Pacific.
The state printer has commenced
work on the biennial report of the
railroad commission to the legisla
tive assembly. The report of tho
secretary of state is already well
under way, but tho statistical part
of it cannot be completed before the
first of the year.
Bill "Watkinds owns a quarter in
terest in some coal mines in Linn
county. They are located on the
north fork of the Sautiam, ten
miles from Lebanon. They are
within seven miles of tho O. & C.
railroad and the same distance from
the narrow-gauge system. The
mine is twenty-five feet thick, and
J. H. Fisk, the analytic chemist,
says the coal is fifteen percent better
than the coal which is shipped in
such large quantities from Seattle.
The mines are located about 90 miles
south of Portland, and in a good
country where there Is a good mar
ket for coal from railroads, etc. It
is probable that the O. & C. railroad
would alone take the entire output
of the mines. So says Watkinds.
California, the Land of Discoveries.
"Why will you lay awake all night
COUgning, wneu unit must eiiucuvu
agreeable remedy, Santa Abie, will
give you immediate relief? SANTA
ABIE is the only guaranteed cure
for consumption, asthma and all
bronchlcal complaints. Sold only
In large bottles at 51.00. Three for
$2.60. D. W. Mathews & Co, 100
State St., Salem, Or., will be pleased
to supply you, and guarantee relief
when used as directed. CALIFOR
NIA CAT-R-CURE never fails to
relieve catarrh or cold in the head.
Six months treatment $1.00. By
mail $1.10.
Their I! us In ess Dooming,
Probably no one thing has caused
such a general revival of trade at
Dr. II. W. Cox's Drug Store as
their civinc away to their custom
ers of so muny free trial bottles of
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption. Their trade is simply
enormous in this very valuable ar
ticle from tho fact that it always
cures and never disappoints. Coughs
colds, asthma, bronchitis, croup and
all other throat and lung diseases
quickly cured. You can test it be
fore buying by getting a trial bot
tle free. large size $1. Every bottle
An Absoliu Care
OINTMENT is only put up in large
two-ounce I in boxes, and Is au
absolute cure for old sores, burns,
wounds, chapped hands, and all
skin eruptions. "Will positively
cure all kinds of piles. Ask for the
MENT. Sold byD.W. Matthews
& Co., 106 State street, Balem, at 25
cents per box by mMl SO cents.
mi ft i i"a AtTam4
1 he Capital NationalBaij
tdjjiuu i am up, . . . j-r
onrplas, ......
a ... m . .
V. W. MARTIN, . Vlce-Pn1
TMr.V W-W. Martin
J.M.Martin. R.S. Wallace
Dr.W.A.CuMck. J. II. AlberT"
T. McF. Patton.
To farmers nn whooi , -.
ablo produce. eonsiM tn."tei
ipubllc warehouses
Slate and County Warrants Bought it M
uimmbnuAl. PAPER
Discounted at reasonable rate.
Francisco, Portland, LrodSSsSfiS
Hong Kong and Calcutta. ' Wt!i
C. II. Moxhoe. J. R. N. Bell.
Late of the Monroe House.
Monroe & Bell,
First National Bail
Wfll. IS. 1.AUUK Pro,!.,.
Exchange on Pnrtljnrt Hnn vn..
New York, London and Hon svS
Cliemekete Hote
Sample Rooms for Commercial Travelers.
bought nnd sold, btate. Count v SnH n?.
warrants bought. Farmers are cordialli
lnvltp1 in f1onsatt ..nH Hnn.. i t
with us. Liberal advances made oi
wheat, wool, hops and other nnnvn.
reasonable rates. Insumnr nn niiJ
curity can be obtained at the bank li
iiiuL icjmuiu companies.,
Across tqe Continent.
From the Atlantic seaboard dallv Jour
ney thousands of Immigrants, hosts of en
terprising tourists for pleasure, occasional
htiropcon seekers for material for books
on America, multitudes ol hardy urtlzans.
nil eager and expectant but nil unncustom-
ea to tne new climate ol tho frontier, and
nil unlit unless protected with a medical
safeguard to encounter mnllnrla, the
chief foe to health In regions newly cleared
and opened up for settlement. Theso western-bound
travelers will And In Hostetcr"s
Stomach Bitters tho safety from malarial
Infection thev mlelit vnlnlv kppIc iVnm
other sources. Tried In nil parts of the
n orlil, under exigencies the best fitted to
hhow its value. It hns failed nowhere under
tho most oxaetlnir conditions. In nn imn
lands Is It in request that the demand for
it may well be termed universal. Not only
malaria, but constipation, dyspepsia, bill,
lousness, rheumatism, debility nervous
ness and Inaction of the kidneys arothot
oaghly relieved by It.
From Jl to S3 per day.
hr voD rtlt miUhu i kuto- ftuw
rJiim" ,u miw
ihknu oi ittHt tcrtW
lti xwriuc tlwtu IH
The AtUowlnt; lotturs renmiu uu
ollwl for In the Salem ihwIoIIUv,
November 14th:
.o VttLT From Smallpox.
Now that everybody Is scared
about the smallpox it might bo well
to publish a"jiure cure." Here Is one.
Edward Hinds, of tho Liverpool
Mercery, Is willing to risk his rep
utation as a public man if tho worst
enso of smallpox cannot bo cured In
three days simply by tho wso of
cremn of tartar dissolved In ono pint
of hot water, drank at intervals
whon cold. It is a certain never
falling remedy. It has cured thou
sands, never leaves a mark, never
causes blindness, aud avoids tedious
AukIIii. John
lietts, J as A
Rrown, Mrs M
ChIIhImui, HR
Fuller RriM
GixhIiio-L Q W
Halm, Nick
KHi Virginia
Ivorfoh, Tho
Marnty, A
Rronxon, CIihs
Homlrix, Mrs K
LomMX. H R
Mvftiditau, Alex
lStrfcarAVIUtam Wumn, mH J SBfti
Wrtx, C V
Wood, Mm A K
W. H. 0kll, V. M.
Soinds UVt Olaea Tlmts.
Some people have said there were
boars In tho vicinity of Chemawa,
and now we know It is tho truth.
On Sunday an old ono and three
cubs wore soon near thore, Sam'l
Parrlsh succeeded In kllliug one of
the cubs, but was unable to secure
any of tho others. There will bo
fun In that nolKhborhood until the
remaining members of tho family
are captured. They play havoo with
a Hook of sheep iu a short time aud
thoy inut yo.
jw Afd wlih dUuof the kWtua-i:
H&Lfc? wy rwai wtthwt o
8w JW Pim ralM. About
Utf mouth. H(u wv kutiMMl t to
ft NMtau uT the UKUOON KHVnSY TflS
II T. .- - T .
iiae aiM. We ea
Oar Smallpox Patient.
The young Miss Schwab of North
Salem, who has the smallpox, is get
ting along nicely. She has a most
severe attack, her face, arms and
limbs being one mass of pustules,
although as yet her body is not
broken out. The other members of
the family were vaccinated imme
diately upon the development of tho
disease upon her, aud It is thought
they will not take It. The nelghbor-
liooct is under the most strict quar
antine, and will so continue.
An Examination of the Tariff Question with Es
pecial Regard to the Interests
of Labor.
CLOTH. $1.50. PAPEH, 85 CENTS.
This Is the clearest, fairest, most Interest
ing and most complete examination of tho
tariff question yet made, nnd will prove
Invaluablo to all who wish to understand
tho subject.
Tho most thorough Investigation of the
subject that has yet been put In type New
York News.
The appearance of this book marks a
new epoch in the world-wide strucrele for
free trndo. Henry George has a power
putting economic truths in such a clearand
umpia language that nny child can unde.
The great collection of tho mot thrillta
personal adventures on Doth Maes durts;
the great civil war. Intensely intcrestlti
nccounts of exploits of scouts nud sp!
forlorn hopes, heroic braver', lmpnsoi
ments and hair-breadth escapes, roinaotk
iiii'iiiMiiiu nnnn.in.niinfi cm. rii Aa him.
........ .w, iu.iih-iu-u.UU OIIUIU. UUU1U
ous and tragic events, perilous Joumejv
bold dashes, brilliant succsses and msf
nanlmous actions on each plde the line
60 chapters. Profusely Illustrated to to
lite. No other book at all like It. Agenti
wanted. Outsells everything.
Time forpayments allowed agents shor.
iu luiiu'i unu ireigni prcpaia.
ll-eiyv. ST.Locis,JIa
ao to
102 Court Street, Salem, Oregon
Having bought out the remainder ol to
chair factory's stock, we aro prepared lo
sen cuairs lower man any uouse inuregw
. tw HHCF Uklug
MCtt M u e Miui u u-tii .1.. .n i ll
etaluied ftw.u. v. l wilTTR.
HOWAUD.-At his home in Salem, at
oneo'clock. a. m., November Hth, 1SSS.
Hewitt Clinton Howard.
The news of the sudden death of
Mr. Howard was a sad message to
his many friends In Salem. Yester
day evening he was in his usual
health and on arrival at home iu
tho evening speut the time in con
versation, until he was siozed at
about 11:30 o'clock with
severe fit of coughing.
This annoyed him for somo min
utes aud iu a heavy fit of coughing
he expired before it was kuown
that auythlng serious was the mat
ter. His death was pronounced to
have been the result of tho bursting
of a blood vessel of the brain.
The deceased would have been
fifty-one years of age on the 18th
of January next. He leaves a wife,
a son, a mother, a slstor and
three brothors to mourn his
untimely death. He was ono
of Salem's most honored
cJtlsens and hU demise will be
keenly felt.
Thefunoral will occur from the
family residence to-morrow after
uoou, the remalua being Interred in
tho Odd Fellow's Cemetery.
can enjoy the aecuracv of his Ktnipmnnto
and the suggestlveness of his thoughts.
Thomas U. Shearman In New York Star.
uoever wr.ms to see tne strongest ar
gumentnot only against protection, but
agnlnst all ta rill's will find it here.
Christian Union.
Tho slngulnrsuccess of Mr. Geonrels that
he has mado political economy Interesting.
Unitarian llevlew.
A book which every worklngman In the
land can read with Interest and ought to
read. Now Yprk Herald.
Henry George's Other Works.
Proirres arid Pnvprtv. rinth si. mn.-
35cerits. " ' --'
Social Problems, cloth, $1; paper, 35 cents.
Tho Land Question, paper, 10 cents.
Property In Landpaper, 15 cents.
12 Union Square, New York.
ij ueiivcry. vm. .leunieuavinKuws"
the express business of Walter Lowe,ii
prepared to deliver trunks, valises, pa
ages, and any thing else thai he can getu
his wagon to any part of the city, quicker,
safer, better, and neater, than ft can w
done by any body else. Leave orders '
Mlnto's stable.
Country Gentleman!
2s 312 and 3H Commercial St, Salem.
Take Note of This.
TTIOK 82,300 WE WILL SELL OO acres
JD well Improved garden land, within 3
milea of Salem. Good road to town the
Sear irouna. iiuuaings good. FINE YOUNG
RCHARD and exeallent gnM ImV Th
Is a bargain, and will be held only a short
time at thea figures. Call, and we will
how you the property.
Fire and Marine.
JOS. ALBERT. Agent. - - Salem, Oregon.
a- ;BiBcunas Cofibs Pxxz. AMi
V peryear. IniUpeadant. TbeAWEAi,
M etreutated la Jlartoo, Llan and CUek
amaseaaatlMf has hoa dubk.ki
H. O. OtOW. SUrertoo. Or. - j ALBANY. N. Y.
Farm Crops and Processes,
Horticulture and Fruit-Growing
Live-Stock and Dairying !
While It nlso includes all minor dwwj
menu of rural interest, such as the I
Yard. Entnmnlner. lWKeeDlne. Gree"-
house and Grapery, Veterinary IWjS:
Farm Questions and Answers,
Reading, Domestic Economy, and JJ
mary of the News of the Week. IU Mg
Kei iiepons are unusually ouuiic,r.Tj
iuuui attci.uuu s tJu.u us ,u . w - .
the Crops, as throwing light uponow-
the most lmportantof allquestlons- ?
to buy and when to sell, it is liberally ;
lustrutcd. and by RECENT ENLABr
ment, contains more reading nistterig"
ever before. The Subscription iTiefJSJSSv
per year, but we offer a SPECIAL aw
iiu.i in our
2 Subscriptions,
C Subscriptions,
12 Subscriptions,
-To all New Babsertbew rl; j
paper weekly, frew oar reeeJj "SS5 1
mfttanee, to Jaauary 1st, 1. "
e Barge.
In one remittance