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    . over the capital city.
! Complete Recital of the Day's Deeds
and Doings.
The Railroad River Intelligence
Error Fun Baptists
Much News,
Lots of Fan and no Sctnery.
Tho presentation nt the Reed last
nitrht of "Daddy Nolan" by Dan
Sully, wns met with a satisfactory
aud appreciative audience. Mr.
Sully is very popular. His peculiar
comedy is altogether agreeable as
much because it is inimitably his
own as because of its inherent mirth
provoking qualities that keep one
continually amused. He makes
Daddy Nolan an interesting Irish
character, ono who has como up
from the ranks of laborers but who
is as much at ease amid wealth as
when seated on his cart. Daddy is
a natural gentleman, an honest,
straightforward, generous old hero,
who, although capable of uproarous
merriment, is nevertheless of a
thoughtful temperament some
thing of a philosopher, and on the
whole an admirable fellow who, not
entirely given up to frivolity, com
mands respect by his manly quali
ties There is broad comedy In the
piece, and Daddy Nolan, the mis
chievous boy Jimmy, Eichler, the
German friend, aud the others of
the family and friends of "Daddy
Nolan" keep tho fun going at a rate
that may be tersely and appropri
ately described as fast and furious,
Tho scenic specialties and attractions
failed to materialize.
From Salem to the Sea.
The secretary of the board of trade
is in receipt of a communication
from the Astoria railway olllcials
and chamber of commerce. They
look at Salem's proposition in a
favorable light and thing they will
probably bo able to mako such over
tures as will meet with the approval
of the Salem board. While the
secretary would not dlvulgo tho
contents of the communication, yet
he said that it looked very much as
if Salem would be able to gain the
desired railway connection. No
proposition of recent years has met
with such hearty approval and er
operation from the people of this
section as has this projected ran way,
Salem, to a man, is ready and will
ing to contribute his mite.
Annual Meeting of Baptists.
The Baptists of Oregon are hold
iug their annual meeting in Eugene
this week. Thero will bo three
sessions daily throughout the week
The forenoons will bo occupied with
business. The afternoons and eve
nings will bo devoted to addresses
and sermons. Last evening there
were three addresses on "The
Bible." This evening tho annual
sermon, address of welcome and
response. Friday, short addresses
on Home Missions. Saturday eve
nlng tlio Woman's Foreign Society
will carry out an interesting pro
gram. Elder Medbury of Salem is
in attendance.
Released on Pardon.
Tho naners havinc arrived in the
matter of tho presidential pardon of
ilobert Mayuer, he was reieasea.
He was overioved on being apprised
of his good fortuno and leaves the
prison a wiso and it is hoped a better
man. His conduct during the years
of incarceration was exemplar', no
chanres over havinc been preferred
against him. Tho papers granting
him unconditional nardon are
characteristic of Cleveland, showing
interlineations and connections.
The, Tramp Nuisance.
Tho tramp problem is a serious one,
and Is one that will bob up repeatedly
but not serenely iu tho coming
years. It is generally believed that
this element could bo kept away
from Albany by emphatic action;
but it is another thine to do it. A
big opportunity is certainly offered
for some ono to cover himself with
glory. Suggestions on tho best mode
of liberating tho city from tho tramp
nuisance are In order. Albany
A Veteran baptist VUlster.
Eld. A. It. Medbury of theSalom
Baptist church is atEugeno attend
ing tho association of Baptists, and.
will bo absent over Sunday. His
pulpit will bo filled on Sunday
morning and evening by Elder A.
La Roy of Astoria, who is spoken of
as a very able divine. Ho was a
soldier in tho Crimean war and
wears several scare received when
carrying the musket.
The proposed change of school
books In Oregon now it Is estimated
would cost the people over f 100,000.
More Abont the Klier Trafflr.
The recent and present rains
promise soon to cause such a rise in
the river as will open up navigation.
The Portland Telegram says there
is a great desire among steamboat
men and farmers up tho Willamette
for a good, heavy rainfall. There Is
an enormous quantity of wheat
stored along tho riverawalting ship
ment. The freight of tho fall run will be
taken to Portland by tho steamers
Champion, Bonanza, Occident and
Orient. The latter boat is now at
tho mouth of the Yamhill river.
When tho river is at its highest
pitch, boats run easily as far as
Harrisburg, but at the present they
cannot go up so far.
All the Willamette boats are in ex
cellent condition, having been
thoroughly overhauled recently for
tho winter. This season's traffic in
valley wheat will more than equal
that of any other year in the history
of the state, by at least thirty per
cent, and it may be necessary for
the company to put on an extra
boat besides the ones mentioned.
A Boat Starts for Salem.
It is learned that the first boat to
make the trial of tho Upper Wil
lamette run is tho O. R. & N.'s
Champion, which left Portland,
Wednesday. Tho Corvallls has
cleared tho channel as far as Wheat
land, and tho Champion hopes to be
able to get up as far as Salem, where
sho will take on a partial cargo,
completing at Wheatland. Not
withstanding the recent rains tho
river's rise, though now marked
aud increasing, is slow; the extreme
dryness of tho ground causes tho
rain to be soaked up as rapidly as it
W. F. Haluer, respondent, vs.
Thomas Hall, appellant, appeal
from Uulon county, argued and
submitted. Rob't Eakln attorney
for respondent, Geo. G. Bingham,
attorney for appellant.
Monday, Oct. 29th, Board of R. It.
Commissioners vs. The O. R & N.
Co., contiued from Oct. 22.
Tuesday. Oct. 30th, Stalovs. Chee
Gong, et al.
Wednesday, Oct. 31st, J. A.
Parker, vs. Maty A. Nesmlth, ctal.
Thursday, Nov. 1st, Geo. W. Belt,
Dic't Att'y vs. W. W. Spauldiug,
ct al.
Had the Wrong Man Married.
The Jouhnaij last night published
quite a little story of romance from
the Albany Democrr.t concerning
tho marriage of Dr. Aug. Kinney
and Miss Narcissa White of
Nebraska. As the Dr. is married
and living at Astoria tho story Is
surprising. It transpires that the
Democrat had fallen into a plausible
error, as tho marriage was between
Marshal J. Kinney, a brother of
Dr. Kinney, and Miss White. Tho
married man Is apromiuent can-
neryman of Astoria and is to bo
Articles of Incorporation.
To-day tho following articles of
incorporation were filed with tho
Secretary of State :
Tho Bartlett Bay Packing Com
pany of Portland, with A. B. Ford,
D. W. Crowley and M. G. Mundy
Incorporators. The capital stock is
$40,000 and tho business of tho In
corporation purposes to be tho pack
ing and canning offish, etc.
Inspired by Malice.
Lee Ho, George Sun and George
Hong, the three Chinamen arrested
on charge of gambllug which had
been preferred by Houg Sing, at the
examination conducted before Re
corder Strickler yesterday afternoon
were discharged. The costs of $ 16.75
were placed against tho prosecuting
witness who had caused the arrest
of tho men through malice.
Senator Dolph to Speak Hero.
The announcement Is made that
Senator J. N. Dolph will speak at
tho opera houso in this city on
Wednesday evening next. His
visit hero is looked to with much
interest, ns ho Is fresh from tho halls
of concress and will havo much
sound doctrine to expound. Ho is
expected to arrive In Portland t
More Political Speaking.
To-morrow night at tho opera
hnii. the Issues of tho nresentcam-
palgn will bo dlscued by Hon. Q.
M. Irwin, of Eastern Oregon. He
will treat thorn from tho standpoint
of a republican, and it Li expected
n.l l..l n wtul ornu'll will be Ollt
to hoar him. He ban able speaker.
.New Xotarle ComalssloieJ.
Tim fnllowlnt? named persons wore
to-day commissioned notaries public
by Gov. Penneyer:
Jewe Jewell, Cove, Union opunty;
F. It. Osborne, Portland; . I.
Fantou. MoMlunville; K. Millard,
Junction City.
Tho asylum now has 514 patients,
tho largest number in its history.
Yesterday snow fell to a consid
erable depth in the Cascado mount
ains. Wm. Staiger Is at Albany, taking
in tho sights of that flourishing
Hon. L. B. Cox will address the
citizens of Salem on tho evening of
Saturday, Nov. 3rd.
Tho will of tho lato George O.
Ashby was admitted to probate to
day, with his wife as heir and guar
dian of tho minor children.
Tho democrats can't enthuso worth
a cent. Even the presence of Presi
dential Elector E. R. Sklpworth In
the city doesn't arouso them.
Yesterday in tho circuit court at
Albany James W. Cross, who was
indicted for larceny, plead guilty,
and was sentenced to the pcnltqn
tiary for one year.
There will be a social for the mem
bers of St. Paul's church this even
ing at tho rectory. Rev. F. H. Post
is rector, aud a large attendance of
tho congregation Is anticipated.
Tho last Boston excursion party
of tho scasou will pass through Sa
lem this evening, en route for San
Francisco. Their route covers sixty
days, and takes in an cxtonslyo ter
ritory. The Salem board of trado Is hold
ing a special called meeting this
afternoon. Thoy are making pre
parations to receive our now rail
road, and to sco that there aro no
Hies on it.
These rains inspire everyono with
confidence. They realize that in a
very few days, if tho precipitation
continue, tho river willriso sulHcent
for navigation, when markets will
be firmer and town livelier.
Superintendent Downing was
forced to shut down tho waterpower
at the penitentiary, as tho head
gates of tho water ditch wero about
to give away. They will bo repaired.
The machinery in the meantime is
being run by steam.
Considerable excitement was
created this morning by tho nii
nouncmcut that the wife of a well
known Salem business man had
eloped with her husband's clerk,
but Investigations revealed tho fact
she had only gone hurridly to Squire
Fnrrnr & Go's to catch some of
tho-so splendid bargains in groceries,
Iteturned Again to Salem,
W. S. Irwin, who was for a long
time thestewardof the insane asylum
here, and who resigned, has been
recalled to his post here. It was
found that the democrats who
successively filled tho place after he
left had no conception of the duties
they wero expected to perforin, and
Governor Pennoyer gavo ills sanction
to the reappointment of Air. Irwin
by Dr. Lane. Mr. Irwin and wife,
who havo been living iu East Port
land will move to Salem to-day.
Their household clleets were taken
to tho train yesterday. Tho gontlc,1
mau has been In charge several
weeks while residing here, and
is authority for the statement that
thero aro now 512 patients at tho
asylum. Thero have been raised
on the asylum farm this year
12,000 bushels of potatoes. Of tneso
It will require 6,000 for tho use of tho
Institution. Tho balance will bo
disposed of. It was a high
compliment to Mr. Irwju to be te
placed as steward after having been
"let out," but, as Dr. Lane says,
"Ho Is tho best man ever In the
olllce," It had to bo dono that way.
Mrs. Irwin returned from luistcrn
Oregon yesterday, where sho has
been for tho past three weeks.
Portland News.
A Texas Midget.
Yean ago Mti, Tom Thumb made ttie
assertion that he would give the hand
some diamond ring which adomed ber fin
ger to any child who could wear it. She
did not know that there was to be bom in
San Antonio a midget for whom the ring
would almost make a bracelet, itf Ma
guireis a railroad brakeman, who live In
a humble cottage on Larop atreet. He
is a well proportioned, hearty man of 1 60
pound burden, and hao a dapper little
wife, whose avoirdupoii probably reaches
IlO. Recently there came to their home
a midget boy.baby, perfectly formed and
apparently healthy, whose weight will not
exceed aixteen ounoes. The body can be
covered with a pint cup.
A Vonig Ulrl'i Insanity.
Sheriff B. C. Ageo of Douglas
county, brought to tho asylum this
evening Edna M. Applegate of
Roseburg, who Is Insane. Sho l
but eighteen years of age and Is the
subject of an insanity that seeks to
destroy. She carrier) on continually
a ceaseiowi conversation, bihj raw
been Insane for six months. Infin
ity Li herdltary In the family.
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News And .Notes of a General In
crest to the Westerner.
Some of the richest laud In Ore
gon may be found along tho Sail'
tiam on the line of tho Oregon Pa
At tho time when Jack Frost
should hold full sway and snow
flukes appear, an Albany man comes
with a box of strawberries just from
the vines; the stalks adorned with
blossoms, ami the berry in nil stages
from those just formed to lino largo
luscious rod fe'.hws that will rival
tho productions of tho height of
tho strawberry season.
The sheriff of Lane county
secured the man Plorco, for whom
Gov. Pennoyer issued n requisition
on tho governor of California, and
brought him to Eugene. Ho was
wanted for obtaining money under
false pretense, it is alleged that ho
had S200 advanced to pick his hops
and then skipped out. Ho was
given a preliminary examination
and bound over to await the notion
of the grand jury.
Any ono vUltiug Newberg will
notico tho number of new buildings
that have been built during the past
summer, and tho work upon many
more Is being pushed vigorously.
Some families are living in tents
waiting for new buildings to be com
pleted so they can move into them.
Over forty buildings havo been put
up during the past season, many of
them of neat design aud substantial
workmanship with all tho modern
cattago conveniences.
A party of gentlemen represent
ing San Francisco and eastern cap
ital were In the Roguo valley vlow
Ing a route for a railroad up tho riv
er to connect with tho O. & C R. R.
at Medford. No definite route has
been decided upon, nor have tho
plans been perfected for building
the road. It is thought tho road Is
projected by tho Union Paclllo as
that line is thought to bo Kecking a
coast outlet at Ellensburg or some
other practicable point. Tho road
may materialize sooner than is ex
pected as many capitalists havo had
their attention called to tho rich sec-
tluii of country and tho valuable
timber lands which It would open
Aunlhllatlui; a Multiform Illsriisc.
MluHinutlc. or inularlnl. iIIm-iimi hue many
form. l'liyMcIiuiH liue, for tliu sake of
convenicnco una mr mo pnriM-e. in nun
ratlin; Us most ntmtifrjy inu.'ked ioi-iiin,
aulidlvldcd It Into Intermittent ami lilllou 1
remittent rover, dumb acne amlaunu cuke,
Hut It precoma an tntlnlto vn icty nfHyiiip
totns In illlleroiu Inillvldui'lx. Ho tluwo
symptoms what they Mill, nlwnyit rcme.u
licr that Hostcttcr'K Htoiimch Hilton will
annihilate thorn al tliooutxct. and , event
their recurrence. A review of tho p.-oofa
would convince any ono of thofuc. TIi'h,
however, l8lhiOMublchccnuhuihcy aru too
miincrniix. anil nniiocowary bcuiiko tho
etlectN of tlilH Knout antl-mala.'l 1 Kpeclllc
aro a matter of common knowledge. No
Iohh familiar to tho public aro Km lumcdlal
and preventive clIectH In bilious niUicl.N,
constipation, dynopHln, Incipient riieu ,ia
tlsm, debility ami kidney irouhlcH. It In,
moreover, an excellent appetizer iud onlo
Don t Eierlnimt,
You cannot nflurd to wasto thno
iu experimenting when your lungs
aro in danger. Consumption always
seems at first only a cold. Do not
permit any dealer to impose upon
you with some cheap Imitation of
Dr. King's Now Discovery for Con
sumption, Coughs and Colds, but bo
suro you get tho genuine. Because
he can mako ilioro profit ho may tell
you ho has something Just as good,
or Just the same. Don't bo deceived
out insist upon getting ur. tungs
New Discovery, which Is iruumiitved
to give relief iu all Throat, Lung
ami Chest affections. Trial bottles
free at Dr. II. W. Cox's drug store.
Large bottles $1.
Curlou Facto,
The custom of going bareheaded one
day in the week (on the "inabbal"orSal.
urday) is obaerted by the Mongolians,
The largest railway station In Kurope,
and probably In the world, is the new
central railway station at r'rankfutt-on-the-Main.
It it Mtimated that one-half of all the
drugs Imported into the United States aru
consumed In the manufacture of patent
The "cash" used as coin all over Chlua
are made Irora an alloy of copper and itnc,
nearly the same aa the well-known Munii
mental. It takes about 1000 of them lo
make change for a dollar.
One of the litest advances in cicatrical
illumination is the lightning oi the Lon
don omnibusea with tleotrieity, the bal.
tery to be under the Mat of the driver.
The editor of Do ISevolkerum (Geirnau)
estimates the population of the werld to
be 1,434,000,000. M, Lvratteur Vttxh)
put it at 1,483,000,000. a difference of
Among recent achievement in phito
gaipfay i portrait avpy taken by the
light of a Cuban tire beetle in thirty see
osmU and photograph of the aurora
borealis. To obtaiu tit latter had bote
declared aa utter itpoiUlIiiy.
oaks !
Direct from tho East, every garment having locn made to order for us,
Dross Goods anil Trimmings, Flannels, Blankets ; New Slock of Carpels,
Hugs, Porlicrs, Shades anil Lace Curtains.
Tho public nro cordially Invited to Ihspcctour nuimmoih stoek.
"White Corner.
II. K. DUlloix.
Dubois bros.,
Sample Rooms for Commercial Travelers.
From 1 to 53 pordny.'
For Sale.
A good Iron fnimo Home l'ower. Good
for all usee, from ono to mil capacity.
All for thu low price, or $.10. Call at tho Pa
clllo Cider, Vinegar it Fruit Preserving
Coinpuny'H olllce. rdilom, Oregon.
Forth treatment of nil dleaHcn of men
unit women
Medicated vapor Oaths, oxygen lunula
IIoiih. electro mniiuctlxm. medicated
KiiruyH, etc. Ollleoaud xitnltarlum In thu
lf.it.l- I.I. w.l. f-jittuidf nil..., fV.,,1 ltltili
No. Dftl Commercial Htrcot,
-DKAI.KIt lit-
Plumbing, Gas and Steam Filling.
Tinware and Artistic Metal Work
a Specialty,
W Annul for tho IMOUAIIDHON
tuhlUhcd In IB It)
102 Court Street, Salem, Oregon
Jiavlnit bought out tho remainder 01 triu
chair fuctory'H mock, wo nro jirrpared to
aell chain lower thnn any houmi InOrotfon
Filing Saws a Specialty,
Hhopon tho alley, opposite Mlnto'a 1.1 rj
cry H table, Hulcm, Or.
aHsuiiAi, oirrKirrKita
Goods on tho installment
oaks !
Miss Knox
Will continue Her School for the en
suing year at the LITTLE CENTRAL
SCHOOL BUILDING, Cor. Church and
Marion Sts beginning
Hoys and Girls.
Tho xchool will open on tho 21th
of Seplemlier. TliomiiKli IiihIi no
tion In the primary and
English Branches.
-In itmitifl,-
TKIt.MS and further Information may bo
had on application to
Cor. ChcnieUula ami HtntoSU.
WllliimoUo Uiilvuralty.
MohI Huccewiful Nchool of uuimIu on tho
liorlliweot count. About
CourHOH In
l'-Miino, OrKiin iSlrmlntf, Violin,
1-hirmuny, unci Counter
point, Diploma on completion ot couriiu.
Teiicherx: '. SI, l'arvlu, Kriuildo I'.
Jiiiich, KvaCox, ABHiHtiint. r.ulii M, Hmllh.
I'lrnt term IickIiih Monday, Heptomtwr
3d, ISN8. Hond for cutiilnKtiu, Kor lurthur
particular! iiihlruw
Mimical Director, Hulcm, Or.
(IruiUmtcH Htudcnta In
Classical, Literary, Scientific,
Normal, HiisincsH, Law,
It In the oldent, laritoit and leant oxpru
iilve Inntltutlon of U-iirnliiK In tho N'lirtb-
Hchool oixina Unit .Monday In rkpteiiiiMsr
Hond for clucKU to
17: Hulcm, Ornjon.
Now In mnmmhiioi) ol a new (llwvivi)ryn
medial lie, whleli lupiirclyu loml iiiirenthrt.
Ul und aula alrnoal lnlnntancoulv iinlliu
iiirrouncfliiir IImum of tho teeth. It U In
no wuy injurloiiK or iiiiplMuuinl to this
tt. 'riioiiuniUHteltireraof tl olalii,tluit
IU erputl luu never beu known before, ami
by applying It to the ernnltlve or mre
teeth, they run bu eleHUetl unit tllleil
without wln. Ho all tho that want nil
kind of dental work done without pain,
would better mil 011 Dr. II. Hmltli. Troth
ex trusted for CO eentu,
11 und Sac
Salem's Popular Job Printer,
HUte Inaurunra IIuIIUIiik, C-ir. Uim
maretttl and Cbriuekete etreett, 'OHf
1 "lA