Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, September 03, 1888, Image 3

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N. Liuluo went to Portland
J. H. Albert has gone for a brief
trip to Tacomn.
Mrs. Dr. Gicsy and child have
returned to Portland.
Ashly White, of Polk county, was
iu town on Saturday.
E. M. "Wnltc, wife and Mrs. Sny
der, went to Yaquina on Saturday.
Rev. C. A. Willey, of the Free
Methodibts, has come to live in East
Mi'-s Carrie Kalues, of Echo, Uma
tilla county, is visiting Mrs. O. Hlg
gcnbotlmin. Walter Fell, from Heppncr, Mor
row county, came in on Friday to
attend the University.
Charley Cosper is to be seen again
at the stirring business stand of Far
rar & Co. His health is better.
Miss Lizzie Wallace has returned
to Portland, after visiting here with
the family of her brother, It. S.
Prof. McElroy is kept very busy.
Home but a few days ago, lie has
left again for the teachers' institute
in Wallowa county.
Harvey S. Jordan, bookeeper of
the State Insurance company, left
yesterday on a two weeks' trip to
the Sound and Victoria.
ltev. J. N. Denuison, of Port
Townsend, former pastor here,
preached an able discourse in the M.
E. church, yesterday morning.
Mrs. James G. Rennie and daugh
ter, Mbs Lottie, of South Salem, re
turned yesterday from a visit among
relntives at Grande Hondo.
Mrs. M. E. Smith and daughter,
Miss Maude, will go to Portland to
morrow morning. They will re
main several days visiting friends.
Mr. J. P. Frlzzell, of Perrydale,
Polk county, has brought his wife,
her younger brother, and two
daughters to stay during the school
year, that the three young people
may attend school here. They have
taken the Patty cottage.
Mr..Wilkius, of Corvallis, passed
through Salem yesterday, on his
way to the national encampment of
the G. A. R. atColumbus, Ohio, and
took some line specimens of Marlon
county fruit and grain to show his
friends and with which to astonish
the natives.
E. Bailey, of Bethel, called to
day, to pay his subscription, and
gave the editorial start of the Joun
Nu,an Invitation to go Halting on
his carp and catfish pond. He esti
mates his hatch of the latter fish at
20,000. They are getting away with
the carp, but, as the latter are the in
ferior kind he Is satisfied.
At the close of the discourse of
Rv. A. B. Brown, at the Congre
gational church, last night, Mrs.
Hatch announced that u reception
would be given him on Wednesday
night, at the residence of Mr. Andy
Gilbert All members and ft lands
or the church are invited.
G. A. l:.
The veterans of the G. A. It. from
California on their way to the grand
tueampment iu Ohio, will reach
Salem on a sneclal train at an early
hour to-morrow. The members of
Sedgwick post in this city will meet
the r comrades at the depot, Rive
them a, fraternal greeting and pro-
tent them with specimens or uregon
Recorder J. B. Starr tied his horse
ouWde his store this afternoon, but
the animal getting its foot over the
check line, probably being bothered
by flies, became scared, broke loone
and ran as though mad till It sud
denly wheeled Into the Bldowalkby
Br. Jessup's. Fortunately the horte
was not Injured though the empty
buggy was considerably demoralized.
Ulir.nU UctlOptU.
Lompoc, California, lately Incor
porated and one of the first actions
oflts council was to forbid all liquor
felling within IU borders after Oct.
1st, So "the saloons must go." Why
n not the next legislature of Oro-
Kn give the people such a law If
in constitution is not In tueway?
Vor that prohibitionists and tem
Ivranee republicans uud democrats
"uld unite. If the leaders of the
'wo parties, or even of the dominant
party, would move earnestly In the
"natter It could be done. But are
Ute leading iwllttciatw going to
bainnktn the people's Interests?
"n.itthe moot earnest and honest
-tforu of the legislators will be In
Compllratntsry anil Argumentative.
Both General Harrison and the
chairman of thedemocratlelnatlonal
committee, at the opening of the
campaign urged that It should be
conducted decently, making it an
"educational" contest.
The Statesman is diligently fol
lowing tills course with a view to
converting hosts of democrats to
vote for Harrison and Morton.
Never having been of the Jellerson.
ian party, nor voted its ticket, we
do not know how much compliment
and argument it takes to lead a
member of that fold into the oppo
site rank, but the last efibrt of our
cotemporary ought to do it speedily
and effectually. It is found in its
Sunday (!) morning issue. It has the
advantage, of clearness and point.
There is no mistaking it. It consists
in editorially quoting sonio paper
that says that hell is "unanimously
democratic." If that does not con
vert democrats it must be because
they are obstinately lost to all sound
reasoning and kindly compliments.
Ifweweredemocraticwe would has
ten to subscribe for that paper.
A .New Pastor.
Tlio Journal was pleased to re
ceive a call from Rev. Anselm P.
Brown, the new pastor of the Con
gregational church. He has the air
of an able, stirring nihu, well posted
on general matters as well as the
ology. Mr. Brown, since his former
visit to Salem, lu& taken a trip to
the Sound. He also supplied the
first Presbyterian pulpit In Portland.
Previous to tills, the reverend gen
tleman has been engaged largely iu
education having lx-eu at the
head of a classical school in Cincin
natti, although also filling the pul
pit of the Congregational church at
Riverside. Mr. Brown is a graduate
of Yale College and of the Yale
Theological Seminary, and has
traveled exteslvely in Europe. On
Wednesday lie will be tender
ed n reception as announced
elsewhere in our columns. For the
present, he is staying at the Chc
mekete hotel.
Prefers Uregon.
Ernest A. Greenwood, formerly of
Denver, who has been working In a
railroad office at Los Angeles, Cal.,
arrived in the city yesterday. Ho
was met at Jefferson by his wife, who
accompanied him back to Salem,
where they are now visiting at the
residence of R. J. Hendricks on
Liberty street, Mrs. Greenwood and
and Mrs. Hendricks being sisters.
Mr. Greenwood has resigned his
California position, and is now look
ing out for a location. Mrs. Green
wood is a daughter of Mrs. John
Giesy, of Aurora.
KnU Ituraor.
Tho word was passed around town
to-day that passengers on tho 8 a. m.
train had been the well known
John F. Miller house, about three
miles south of Salem In fiames. A
Jouknal reporter at once went out
to ascertain the truth about tho
matter, and happily found thol
house in tuct. Tlioro had been
no fire on tho premises or in the
California Polltlrs.
The democrats opened tho cam
paign in California a week ago with
great enthusiasm. Yesterday the
republican canvass began with great
eclat. The prohibitionists have been
advocating their cause all summer.
The American party, which has
some following in California, is pro
paring to open up.
SinlUra Again Ilfird From.
On Saturday, in the county clerk's
ofilce.Henry Bayley and K. C. Payne
filed notices that they had taken up
two ruuning claims In the Santlam
district. One of them is to be
known as the "Jumbo Lode," and
the other the "Jumbo Lode Exten
sion." Dr. L. A. Port Is raising some fine
"Flsk aud Brooks" strawberries.
Tho Christian church looked very
well yesterday when it was re-open-for
service, after being ro-oarpctei',
painted and paired throughout.
Jas. Bradley, serving a term In the
ponltentiory for arson at Lexington,
Morrow county, was taken on Sat
urday to Heppncr as a witness In
the case.
The former natronsof Miss Knox,
fuul the nubile generally, will le
(glad to know that she will resume
her excellent private sonooi huxi
Monday. Read nerauverumjumui
Collodions on Saturday, the first
of the month, are reported as good,
and business livening up. As farm
ers are holding their wheat for SO
cents, money Is not as free as it will
be soon.
A Girl in a Trance Narrowly Escapes
llcing Hiirie.l Alive.
aged IS years, twin daughter of
Jacob Traehsel, who resides on
Crooked Ruu, was taken suddenly
ill and soon became unconscious.
She had every nppcamnco of a dead
person, and the family concluded
that life had become extinct. She
remained in thiseondition Saturday
night and until Sunday afternoon.
The family had given up all hopes
and commenced making the
necessary preparations for tho burial
of their child. A shroud had been
made and was ready to be placed on
tho girl. At 4 o'clock Sunday after
noon those who were in the room
where thesupposcd corpse was lying,
were startled by what they thought
were .signs of returning life. Tn a
few minutes the grief-stricken
parents and friends were overjoyed
to see tho young lady open her eyes,
and Immediately she began to con
verse with those about her.
When the girl was nblo to talk
more freely she said that she had
been perfectly conscious of every
thing that had taken place. She
had heard people say that she was
dead, and knew that preparations
were being made for her burial, but
was unable to open her eyes or
mouth or move a hand or foot. She
heard tho family gather about her
when the supposed last breath had
been taken, and felt the burning
tears drop on her face and the loving
imprint of the kiss on her lip, but
was unable to make the least sign
indicating life. Sho had a twin
sister who was cspeciallynUcctionntc,
and tills sister was loath to leave
her, and when she was prepared for
burial made frequent visits to tho
side of Emma and klbsed her over
and over again. During Saturday
night, when tho watchers would
visit her every half hour to dampen
the cloth on her face, her feelings
were horrible in the extreme. To
ward morning she seemed to be
come more reconciled toher horriblo
state, and realized the fact that she
was to bo buried alive. All day
Sunday streams of visitors and
sympathetic friends crowded the
house, and she recognized every
voice and the many kisses from her
old schoolmates. When the collin
arrived and four of the neighbors
lifted her tenderly and placed her iu
it she thought sho would certainly
break the awful spell, but could not.
Sho heard distinctly tho work of
the undertaker in screwing down the
lid of tiie coffin, aud the minutes
seemed to her liko years. Sho could
distinctly hear tho clock and knew
the' hours as they passed by. An
awful moment was when a member
of the family raised her head to clip
a lock of hair to keep as a last re
membraucc of poor Emma.
Sho lias now almost fully recovered
her health. Tho only explanation
that is ofi'ered for this singular oc
currence is that the young lady was
In u trance, and that it was only a
dispensation of Providence that
saved her from being buried alive.
Chicago Tribune.
Eleetrlr Hitler-.
This remedy is Incoming so well
known and so popular us to need no
special mention. All who have used
Electric Bitters sing the sumo song
of praise. A purer medicine does
not exist and It is guaranteed to do
all thut is claimed for it. Electric
Bitters will cure all discuses of tho
Liver and Kidneys, will remove
Pimples, Boils, Salt Rheum and
other uflcctioiis cir scd by impure
blood. Will drive Maluria from tho
system and preveut as well as cure
all Malarial fevers For cure of
Headache, Consumption and In
digestion try Electric Bitters. En
tire satisfaction guaranteed, or
money refunded. Price W) ots. and
$1.00 per bottle at Dr. II. W. Cox's
drug store.
Hear Uln.
It, is ul ways a treat and profitable
to hear a scholar and a good speaker.
Bishop Nlnde Is both. He will ad
drues the students and others In the
college elmpel of the University,
Tuesday Sept. 4th. at 3 o'clock.
The public are very cordially In
vited to be present. Lot a full at
tendance prove the Interest that
Salem people take In this Institution
of learning.
let Seartr.
What was supposed to be a good
supply of lee was stored by our res-
tauntnt keejwrs last winter, and
still It U a scarce article In town this
warm weather. Portland U witter
ing In the same way, and one k
coiniMtny alone is going to lmreaw)
tin tturxgc ntjwcity to 10,000 tons.
It is going to rain but it is risky
to say just when.
Call on Winters & Thomas for the
best groceries in town 1
Bishop Nlnde speaks to-morrow
at the University at 8 p. m.
Painless dental operations at Dr.
T. C. Smith's, 02 State street.
The grunge had an interesting
meeting on Saturday. It will meet
next on the llrt Saturday In Octo
ber. Owing to the increase of travel on
tho O. aud C. railroad tho Portlnnil
ticket ouiee on F street is to lie
The streets looked natural to-day
as the children with books mid
lunch baskets and buckets mad
their way to school.
All Evangelical pastors will
please take notice that the adjourned
meeting will be held to-morrow iu
the Baptist parsonage, Liberty
street, at 9:30 r. m. A full attendance
Miss Elsie Goodhue treated the
office to a supply of her wedding
cake to-day. But she did not give
the remotest hint of when the wed
ding is to come oil' nor who is likely
to be the lucky man.
The Oregonian says that tho uni
forms of the Thurnmu Legion of
Young Men's Resolute Democratic
Club, have arrived, and that they
will probably be worn at a grand
rally soon to take place in Salem.
Addle Scribcr and Lcuim Willis
leave to-morrow for the New Eng
land conservatory of Music, Boston.
Miss S.riber w ho i now a favorite
elocutionist will take further lessons
from able tcuchcis in the art of pub
lic speaking.
Cutting down prices will tell. G.
W. Johnson, who Is going to retire
from the clothing business, put down
the price of his goods, and they went
oil like hot cakes on Saturday. Ho
seems to have quite a stock on hand
Reports everywhere throughout
tho state and Washington territory
speak of Immense amounts of grain
piling up and awaiting shipment.
Mucli that ued to go to Portland
will find its way to deep salt water
ou the Sound.
On the train irom California were
several gentlemen of means who
had sold property there at high
figures and were looking in Oregon
for investments. They were more
than pleased, they were astonished
at what they saw, and said they
believed that when the boom strikes
this state it will strike it hard.
Mr, Friedman of the Capital Ad
venture company In tho Opera House
block will pleaso pardon the over
sight iu not measuring or weighing
the basket of pears to which he
treated the Jouknai. olllcoliist Sat
urday, but tho fact is they were so
mellow that they .melted In tho
mouths of the employes tot) fast for
any delay about details of Indies or
u Live and Let Live Faint Shop,
House, Sign
General Painters.
Kalsominers- Paoer Hangers and
AH order will receive prompt attention
KkUmatn on nil kind, of work In our line
cliciTfiilly given. Hatlnluctloii guaranteed
Hhop In Old Court Hoiim on Court itreet
Halem. Or.
ao to
102 Cwrt Strut, Sjlem, OregM.
I In vine bought out the remainder of ttie
atwtr faetorjr'n utoelc, we are prepared to
wtl abatr loww ILbii any houno In Oretfoa
Teacher of Music
A Bd dealer Instil kind of Miwtml Intni
menu. Oflten. 301 Ommneretal etrert. In
Iruflwlt kW on lb itulmul plan.
Head for eatakwue. JI for price for
rrlnllnf- UwitOn rfm.
E- M. WAITE, St, Or.
T. McF.
PIa.s just
Cambridge Bibles,
Plain and Fancy Stationery,
Embossed Scrap Pictures,
Birthday Cards,
-' Day School Rewards,
Natural Law in theSpiritual World 25c,
Leather Card Cases,
Leather Pocket Books,
Leather Purses,
London Incandescent Slccl Fens, Nos, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6,
Acme Writing Tablets.
Clothing, Gents'
I now oflur my untlro ntool at uotiml lint cowl, mul until I llml Mich
11 buyer I will coiitliiuu to will at rubill at Hioutly reduced prlceH.
I have tho lucent mid an well itolcctod ntock iw you will find in
My object lu cloning out 1h that I may duvutu my whole attention to
my IhihIiichh Iu ficlo.
Call early and see tlie
bargains I nave to offer
R. M. WA.DB & CO'S
282 to 286 Commercial Street, SALEM.
Ab a ftieplrte S(k of Hardware anJ
OF -
Garland Stoves,
Charter Oak Stoves,
Brighton Rang
Farm Micliintry, Wagess and Carriage