Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, September 01, 1888, Image 3

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Claud Gatch and family are home
3IUs May Mlsner is honie from
Mrs. Judge J. li. Waldo has gone
eat on a visit.
Matt Browu and L.H. McMnluui,
of Sllverton are in town.
Prof. William Hodson, of the
Gokkndule public schools, is in
Jay Frauds, general agent of the
Vorthwest Mutual Life Ins. Co., is
in town.
Miss Lizzie Webb will spend Sun
day witli her sister, Mrs. A. Gicsy,
at Aurora.
M. G. "Wilkins will be on the
special police force again, during
the fair week.
Prof. MeElroy is back from his
official visit to various points in
Eastern Oregon.
Virgil Pcrlnger, of Helix, Uma
tilla county is In town ready to
attend the University again.
The license for the marriage of
Richard II. Riley and Rcrtha E.
Kcizcr, was issued yesterday.
M. B. Rankin, of Portland was
registered at the Monroe house yes
terday and returned home to-day.
Gay Cooke is back from Newport.
Mrs. Belle W. Cooke and the rest
of the family will return next week.
President Vau Scoy and wife, re
turned from Eugene where they
have been attending the Methodist
Miss Mattio McNary leaves to-day
for Independence, where on Mon
day she begins teaching in the
public schools.
Rev. W. Rollins was accompanied
hjnic from Eugene by Rev. J. N.
Diiinlson who will probably preach
for him to-morrow.
Mr?. E. L. Lamport, mother and
little sou leave to-morrow for a visit
in San Francisco and somo coast
points lu California.
Mrs. Dan. Clark and family have
moved into town for the sake of
school advantages. They will re
sile on Center nnd Summer streets.
D. H,. Lafollett and, wife, leave on
Monday for a two week's trip to
Baker City, to viult relatives. Mr.
Brown will run tiie much in their
Mrs. Cronkhite, of Nebraska, a
former school mate of Mrs. H. V.
Matthews, arrived this morning, on
the train from California, on a visit
to tliu latter lady.
Salem loes and Portland gains
anothcrbuslucssclerk. Miss Halplu
exchanges u position with J. M.
Rosenberg & Co., for one in the
More of Lipman & Co., In the me
tropolis. Mrs. DePrans, after teaching two
large classes in Christian Science, or
miud cure, in the parlors of Mrs.
Asa McCully and Mrs. I. R. Moores,
leaves for Portland tomorrow.
Many iiillueutial people of Salem,
have attended.
Father Adelhelm, Prior of the
Mount Angel Catholic College, was
ii yesterday. The prospects for a
largely Increased attendance at that
intitution of learning, ho says are
good. They expect fully on:-thlrd
more than last year.
Mayor G. W. Barter, arrived
from California this morning. Ho
served through the war and has
been on the coast for the last twenty
years. He is nil old newspaper
nun, having experience from Port'
and to San Diego. The Jouhnal,
acknowledges a call.
Arthur, who is forbidden to speak
at the table, had his revenge the
other day. As dinner begin, he was
uneasy, and finally said "Ma, canJt
speak just one, word?" "Yon
know the rule, Arthur." "Not oue
word?" "No, Arthur, not until
Jour father finishes the paper-".
Arthur subsided until the paper
was finished, when he was asked
wtiat he wUhed to nay. "Oh, notb-
"JBi only Nora put the custard out
We the window to cool, and the cat
has been eating them up."
HirrlMa t4 HerUi.
The republicans are about to iloat'td
be breeze in the streets of Salem a
"ge United States flag bearing tine
"kenees of the standard bearers of
Ibe party, Harrison and Morton,,
"kU, Chairman, $. H, Burnett
having painted in San Francisco.
'ream soda, ice cream soda, milk
Mkw, lemonades at Strong 4 Uos
Students Constantly Arriving
Brilliant I'rospctt Ibis
Chapol oxorcises will take place
as usual at noon. t
Washington Territory ,wtll send a
good number of students.
The Instructor in the law depart
ment will be Geo. C. Bingham,
Esq., deputy district attorney.
All students are requested to be .it
the president's ofllce, at 8 o'clock
sharp, Monday morning, to register
and be classflied.
A new teacher of elocution from
the school of oratory of the North
western University of III., will be
here soon after the first term opens.
Since type writing and Miort hand
are now in such general use in busi
ness houses, the faculty contemplate
tjachlng both during tills college
Bishop Niude will address the
students, faculty and friends of the
institution at 3 p. m., on Tuesday.
The public are cordially invited to
attend. The chapel should be filled
on the occaston.
By reference to tin various cata
logues it will be seen that Willam
ette enrolled nearly twice us many
students last year as any other
school of high grade in the standard.
The attendance this year promises
to be larger than ever before.
All Salem and, indeed, the coun
try at large, are greatly benefited
socially and pecuniarily by the Wil
lamette University being in our
midst. Prof. Van Scoy came home
from conference to-day,and is as busy
as a bee getting everything in shin
shape for the opening on Monday
morning. The day will be occupied
in the registration of students who
arc coming in at such a rate as to
indicate a regular college boom.
Miss Mattle L. Haiisec, the new
Dean of the Woman's College, ar-
rived by the 11 o'clock train this a.
m., and is now at the college. Her
mother and Miss Susie Harrington
came witli her. The former comes
to spend some tlmu visiting with
Miss Hansee, and traveling upon
this coast ; th6 latter returns from a
somewhat protracted visit, to rela
tives and friends, in Illinois, and will
probably enter school again Monday.
They all came by way of the Cana
dian Pacific, nnd a brief stop at
Seattle, W. T.
ThetM. E. t'onfeifuif.
Private advices from Eugene re
port the attendance as being quite
large. BishopN.X. Ninde,of Topeka,
Kansas, presiding. Beside all the
ministers of the conference proper,
and many Oregon visitors, there arc
a number from olher conferences.
Among them may bo mentioned,
Rev. J. N. Dennison, of Port Town
send, Presiding Elder Brown, of
Olympia district, Rev. A. Eades.
As Dr. Harrington takes the edi
torship of the Christian Advocate,
much interest Is manifested as to
his successor. It is thought to He
between Dr. H. K. Hiues, M. C.
Wire aud Dr. I. D. Driver, with the
chnuces of appointment in the order
There appears to be no question
that Mr. Rollins will be re-appolnt-ed
to the pastorate here, and Presi
dent Van Scoy and Prof. Starr to
their respective positions in the uni
versity. Thero will be several tram-
fere of able preachers from the Iowa
A ri(kU Swtl')TlB)C. ;
Those who passed up Court street,
last evening, could see afar oil a
blaze of light and n profusion of
bunting adorned wl(h the stars and
stripes and Qhiriefe lanterns sus
pended from the trees. A nearer
view revealed a bevy of ladles filt
tiUg over the lawn among tables set
with dishes and spoons and orna
mented with large,, liandnome bou
quets. Groups of ladlea and gentle
men were seen seated or standing
and enjoying the balmy evening.
Soon the ice cream and cake was
served by Mrs. E. B. MeElroy and
other ladles, for it was the lawn
.party thatthas been ,fur some time
anticipated at that lady's resilience.
It was not only very' enjoyable but
well attended, and it netted a nice
sum for the ladies' aid socloty of the
Christian church.
Ail persons desirous of studying
muajc in the conservatory, under
any or tne teaoners, win pwwo
rvirister ut the nresulenus onice,
university, and make arraugementsi
fhr time of Imwods. Afao any WHO
are-olng to take lessons in the near
future would do well to hand In
their names oq Monday.
M. Dick, pastor. Preaching on Sun
day at 10:30 a. M. and 7:80 1 si. Sun
day school at .12 M. All are cordi
ally invited.
CitmsTiAX CiirHcii. Elder P.
R. Burnett, pastor. Preaching at
10:S0 a. m. and 7:30 p. in. Sunday
hiihool at V2 in. P.raver meeting
Thursday at 7:30 p. m.
Rev. Anselm B. Brown, the new
iMistor. will preach. Morning service
commences at 10:30, evening service
at ( :;. Miiuiav school at V2 o'cloeK
The public is cordially Invited to at
Catholic Purlieu. Chenicketa
and Cottage streets. Low miu-s at
7:30 a. m. High mass and sermon
at 10:30 a. m. Sunday school at 3
p. m. Vespers, sermon and loiu
ulctlon at 7:30 p. in. everv Sunday.
J. S. White, actor.
M. E. Citfitcii. Services will be
held in the M. E. church to-morrow
as follews: Morning, at 10:30;
Evening at 7:30, Sunday
school at 11! M. Prayer meeting
Thursday evening at 0:30. All are
Invited. Scats free. Rev. W.
Rollins, pastor.
Baptist Carncii. Corner of
Liberty and Marion streets. Rev.
A. R. Medbury, pator. Services
at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 l'. m. Sunday
School at noon. Young Peoples'
meeting at 0:40 v. m. Weekly
prayer Meeting Thursday evening.
All are cordially invited.
Remember the gospel temperance
services in the W. C. T. U. rooms
every Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Twfirth AiinlTi:rsrj-. ,
The German Reform church in
this city will celebrate Its twelfth
anniversary to-morrow. Preacli
at 11 o'clock by Rev. J. Lange; in
the nftemoon at 8 o'clock the
annual childrcns festival will take
A Lute rrlal.
Dr. W. M. Wemp, of Detroit,
Michigan, made a trip to Oregon
about a mouth ago. Among other
places, he visited Salem, and was so
favorably Impressed that he has now
returned with his family as perma
nent residents. The doctor is an af
fable gentleman in the social circle.
He is a graduate of the Detroit col
lege of medicine, and past graduate
of the New York polyclinic.
Ho makes a specialty in treating
the eye, ear and throat, besides being
a general practitioner. He has en
tered into partnership with Dr. Gil
bert in the establishment of a sani
tarium in tills city, known as the
Oregon Medical and Surgical Insti
tute. Having double force they are
Increasing their medical baths and
appliances for treatment. Their
patients conic from various parts of
the state.
The doctor nnd family will be nn
addition to Salem society. They
arc members of the Mothodist
Hon- About Oregon?
President Culver announces that
at the Alabama Stata Fair this year,
whisky shall not be sold on the
grounds, neither whall public gam
bling be allowed. Ex.
Has the board of directors author
ized any such announcement about
liquor selling at tho forthcoming
state fair of Oregon? We opine
npt or Secretary Gregg would have
notified the papers.
And yet Alabama is under demo
cratic which somo say issyuony
iiioub with whisky rule, while Ore
gon Is by 7,000 majority of that party
tlfat declares Its first concern is for
temperance and morality." Then
why is this thus?
All Quirt at the M'tiea.
Clk-Elum, W. T., Aug. 31.
Everything is quiet at Roslyn. No
accident has occurred. Mr. Buck
ley's telegram is posted ut the com
pany's office and store. The miners
will have a meeting to-morrow to
consider its propositions. There Is
considerable difference of opinion
ainoiiL' the miners in reirard to it.
Tliu miners have iuvitcd the colored
men to nuve u grunu juum-u wiui
them to-night to raise money to
send the colored miners where they
came from. The guards are still at
mine No 3, The sheriffs deputies
an protecting railroad projorty.
- f
At Ue; ETirMr,
About forty glrl besides male
help, are being employed at the fruit
drier. As soon as they commence
on apples the force will bojnoreased,
Tl.n vturfnr f nrmloa' will ltA ilntlp
byl machinery, propelled by water
power. The company lias hose all
through the building, and has now
added a hydrant in front of the
ptxaulses n case of fire. Prevention
is better than cure.
city of I'awsadena, Cal.,
saloon, not a policeman,
its jaij lias no occupants.
Tfcpeka, Kansas, has more ehurolies
tlwjvany other city of its sire; and
Collection day.
Good Templars lodge to-night.
The city schools commence on
Call on Winters & Thomas for the
best groceries, in town 1
Painless dental operations at Dr.
T. C. Smith's, 9-2 State street.
Cream soda, ice cream soda, milk
shakes, lemonades, at Strongifc Co.'s
Students and families are coming
in and getting ready for the uni
versity and schools.
The new platform at the depot is
ucmg rapidly him uutl goon every
thing will Ih. In apple pie order.
Any one wishing to refer to the
National republican platform, can
find It in our columns, on another
The M. E. hospital of Portland
has liouuepathic as well as alio
pathetic physicians on Its medical
statl't his year.
Tho band concert last night was
very good. The evening was balmy
and many cnji.yed the promenade
and the muiK
There will be services to-morrow
In the Christian, Congregational,
Baptist, Evangelical, Methodist and
German Reformed churches.
For good candies, ice cold lemon
ade and unit, call at Frank O' Don
ald's, late J. H. McConnlek's, next
door to the armory, on Court St.
The United States postal Inspector
was at the Salem postottleo yester
day. As nobody received the g. b.,
It Is taken for granted all was O. K.
Rev. II. A. Newell desires us to
say that the Presbyterian church
will not be ready for use till next
week. To-morrow the society of
Christian Endeavor will mectln the
This is to be an "educational cam
paign." No doubt that Is the rea
son why P. H. D'Arcy, secretary of
the Democratic State Commit t tec,
yesterday sent out several sacks of
According to the Pilot, Junction
City is going to have a band. Tho
council appropriated $200 out of tho
city's exchequer and $100 was
raised by contribution to purchase
The governor yesterday commis
sioned the following netaries: Geo.
II. Burnett, Salem; H. E. Kick,
ers, Alba, Umatilla county; Robt.
Kelly, Klngsley, Wasco ; Anthony
Helms, "Waldron, Crook county.
If you wish to see a good crayon
portrait, in life-like style, call in at
Sperry's, successor to W. I'. John
son, at the photograph gallery, Com
mercial street. They have a special
artist engaged for that kind of work,
and take orders.
An Idea of tho amount of moiuy
that people spend on amusement
may bo gathered from tho following
clipping: Pell's circus played to
immense audiences in Portland.
The receipts the first afternoon were
$0,000, in the evening $11,000. Tho
second day tho receipts of both pre
formauces were over $112,000.
WrU KatwlDg.
Mr. W
II. Morgan,
.Lake city.
Fla.. was taken with
severe cold, attended with a dis
tressing cough nnd running into
consumption in Its first stages. He
tried many so-called popular cough
remedies aud steadily grew worse.
Was reduced in ilesh, had difficulty
In breathing aud was unable to
sleep. Finally tried Dr. King's
New Discovery for consumption and
found immediate relief, aud after
using about a half dozen bottles
found himself well and has had no
return of tho disease. No other
remedy can show so grand n record
of cures, as Dr. King's New Dis
covery for consumption guaranteed
to do Just what Is claimed for It.'
Trial bottle free, at H. W. Cox's
drug store.
Putin' Ci'iu.
The regular meeting of the Salem
Pastors' Union will be held at the
Duptlst parsonage, Monday, Septem
ber 3d, at 0:30 a. m. All
Evangelical ministers in the city are
cordially invited to attend.
A. It Mkdhuky,
The Kansas telegraph-polo from
which ex-Governor St. John was
hung In effigy in 1884, Is being con
verted into canes, which arc sold at
(3.00 each. The proceeds are used
for the third party campaign.
KAOUNAtnUr"!diw In U I loll l'n
Irk. (3ikwja eoHniy, cm HumUy ru
B4on. AttjftMl 9Hli, IKHS, Jmpl '
Kcn. Ml7S yrars. Tbe dlrwt sum
wMMuntljrUoittia tun.
inn niiLtnui'i
Hris just
Cambridge Bibles,
Plain and Fancy Stationery,
Embossed Scrap Pictures,
Birthday Cards,
Day School Rewards,
Natural Law in the Spiritual World 25c,
Leather Card Cases,
Leather Pocket Books,
Leather Purses,
London Incandescent Steel Pens, Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 k 6,
Acme Writing TaUch.
R. M. WADK &.. G0.'S
282 to 286 Commercial Street, SALEM. ,"
7ffiPWT7"li . i TmirA
Also a Complete Stock of Hardware and
Specialties in Fruits
Evaporated Applet,
EvaDorated PeactfeC
Evaporated Nectarines.
Evaporated Apricoli,
Evaooraled Peart.
Dried Peeled Peaehei,
Dried Peaches.
Dried Apricots,
Dried Currants,
Dried Apples,
Dried Grapes1
Oregon Pelit Prunes.
Imported German Prunes,
Smyrna Figs,
Persian Dates
Weller Brothers'
(fiinmrelal Htrt-rt
Largfit Htwk In tbe State, Bfit Discount
KBd for caUkue, Cfcll for prtct for Job
IrlnUst lewMtln Orrfuu,
t. M. WAITC, Silt), Or.
Garland Stoves,
Charter Oak Stoves,
Hrigliton Rang
Farm Machinery, Wagons anil Camags
u Live and Let Live Paint Shop.
.1 '
House, Sign
General Painters.
Kalsominers. Paoor Hangers ant!
Allorilem will rrrrlvo prompt ultrntbu
Kntlintttn on all kind
eluvrfillly clven, HAlli&tctlbu iruunuitamat
worK III fjjir lla
rilion In Old Umrt JIoumi on CourtrCm
Hulein. Or.
KOTAN A, yVWrtilir.
102 Court Street, Siltm, Ortgon.
MnvluK IxjUKlit out the remainder Uim
httlr ttwlnrri nUiok, w iir.iriaid ta
ton t hslra lower tli&ii uuy Iidum lu Orra
And dvuhtr lujiljl klod uIMum Iitri
liniliU. OflUwtSUCjininrcUllrMt. 'Im
trumcnU told on tu lDUlmui iWu.
Bubecrlbo for
the Capital Jouia-