Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, September 01, 1888, Image 2

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My Tiir
Capital Journal Publishing Company.
(Wire, Ooratr Court and Liberty SlrrtH,
Onoymr, by mull.... .. in W)
HI niDnltic, liyjimll-.. . .... . tta
riirff month by lnf.ll . .... 1 in
Vvt week delivered by currier 15
Our- ytwr SI "i
Hlx months "t
One ycnr. If tHilit for In Advance, 1 W
Six months, " " M
m, '
r-rosl musters lira iiutliorlrcd to re
ceive subscriptions.
ciunlntnirw of the mini's remark ( 18o72 pounclH braid, 18,572 pounds
amused inc. I bliouM have corn bawl, 700 bu-heis potatoes', K'O
mipIoc(l tlmt the Midden trail-.!-' 000 rousting earn, 8,'JOO pounds bcann,
thin from hllnrloiw enjoyment to 203 bushels toinatocH, 360 htibhuls
ilarknew, confiiion, clino-, did alter turnip, M.OOO heads cobbngo, 350
the wiwwHiie Utile. I pondered on uumicIh beet, J0 bushels onion,
tic mying until I became Infatuated 3,000 pounds rice, 8,185 pounds
with It; and I thought If 1 could , chec-e, 100,000 egg, 12,500 guilds
only Iihvu im optxirtunity nflbrdcd apple wuice, 3,000 pounds crackers,
! me to air It on my own account I ' 100,000 aborted ctiKe-i, 20 barrels
would !e willing to pay any price i pickles, and 3,12-j pounds butter,
for the enjoyment. Jl1 addiMon to the foregoing there
mmi: riTi vitii. un,"t Im! l,rov,l,wl t,,e f(,l!owIiig nee-
4 A.... ..... ami . ulllicitf Mllltlt ! fllO 1 ' '
iu nuu,pn,-..lu.mv , or restaurant in which the men will
noii-eominiw'ionen omeers oi ui, x
airlCiitonil im m-coihI-cIms tnntlcr ut tlio
Hnli'in.Oreicou, I'ostolllcu, Jiiiiu '.'1, 1HH.
Republican National Ticket.
Kor President,
Of Indlanii.
For Vice President:
Of Kew York.
lit. Ear and Derormltlf.
Dr. J. W. I'ulbortBon, Principal
Physician and Surgeon of the Cen
tral Hurg'fcul Inlirnniry, of Indian
apolis, Indiana, will visit profes
sionally, Salem, at the Chemekete
Hotel Saturday to Monday, Sent. 8,
l) and 10. Portland Esmond Hou'-e
Sept. 1st to 0th. All afllicted with
any disease of the Eye or Ear, Ca
tarrh, Cross Eyes, Club foot. Spinal
Curvature, Piles, Kupture or Chronic
Diseases, etc , can consult him free
of charge. Artificial eyes inserted.
Itcineniber the dates. 101-lGo.
ltbcit;McIiCiiii, of Klmimtli County.
Win. Knpiis.nf Miiltiioinali County.
(. W. I'ulloii.nf CliitMip County.
1 " i
were invited to regimental heitd-qtiartL-rM
to Join in some festivity,
but Sergeant Treadwell and myself
lireferred to stay at home to enjoy a
(inlet game of chess. We sat up till
late awaiting our friends' return,
and towards midnight they slipped
slyly past the guard and came piling
in on top of us. They had been
drinking and were Just pi lined for
fun. Sergeant lingers threw the
orderly's cap on the chess board,
which the two players held on their
knees, while Sergeant Faik raised
his foot tlii his toe nearly touched
the board, and cautioned the com
pany with mock solemnity not to
molest it. While they were tor
mentlng us .leinmle Van Itciithuy
sen, asleep in an upper bunk, was
awakened by the noise and peered
over the Hide to see what was going
on. Ills movement attracted the
orderly (Sergeant Mather) and he
made a sudden pounce for the tllt
turbed shunhcrcr to pull him out of
bed. In ids struggle to get a grip
on the youth lie stumbled against
the stove and knocked it over. Jle
Ing full of live coals they strewed
thclloorand Treadwell, leceivinga
dine; 11.3S0 feel table, 11,380 feet of
cloth, 50,000 tumblers, 50,000 dinni r
plates, 50,000 knives and forks, 2,500
water pitchers, 2,500 sugar bowls,
2,500 meat dishes, 12,508 other
dishes, 4,20!) table sioons, 234 2-gal-lon
collee jiots making a total
weight of 40 tens: 11 ve 25 horse power
steam boilers, 500 steam cooking
ranges, 500 feet steam tables, 100,
000 tea sjiooiis and 2,000 waiters,
cooks, etc.
llrillxli Itelitlliitltm.
When Baby wa aick,
Vie earo her Caatoria.
When ahe waa a Child,
She cried for Caatoria,
Wha ahe became Miss,
She clung to Caatoria,
WVn aba had Children,
She guy them Caatoria.
ni:w To-n.vv.
Itrcrnits Stttlln Down to Itnincss-
llow flic IIojh In lllun Amused
(Tlio followliiK ("i I met from tin. un
published notes of the editor In kI fit iin
pleasant lllit rfudltik", but lui trusts that
liny iippciiriuininfeKotlsiii "III he excused,
tlm writer Ih'Ihk thu hero of liUcnwt atury.J
I laving fallen tiMiit t liese evil days
of fratricidal strife, it Is not always
necessary to lie dolorous and sat
urnine. It is said that when France
was occupied by the allies, and their
advancing unities were couccntrat
liigarouud Paris, the gay Parisleiines
thronged the boulevards, dnscd in
their gayest appaiol and with their
vivacious airs vanquished (lie
nation's eoiiijuerors. Jly the saute
token we jutt riot soldiers can liave
merry intervals, although eiieom
passed with grlui-vlsaged war. In
the early part of the winter, when
wo were yet living in tents, one
stormy Sunday afternoon, the
monotony of our situation was re
Uoved by the verformauc of two
num who had been liulilblng ratlter
freely. To guard again-t the
driving rain, wo had tied and pin
ned and In other ways fastened, our
tent Haps. Tlio chief amusement of
this pair of revelers was to go
through a tent, as they termed It.
We lay listening to their riotous
doings for upwards of an hour, fully
expecting our tent would Ui tuvxt
visited. Wo had a notghtxir In the
adjoining (ptartetx, a llnleal sort of
gentleman, Private Henry Wllwni,
who could not War to have his
hlaiikotH touched, his tent entered,
or anything that was his desecrated.
He hud provided himself with a
stoVe, uud hud Ihhu synipjitiilrlng
with us (Ironically) as we lay lu our
wet, cold tout. Suddenly we heard
a great nul(K, a crash, loud voktvt
hiImsI, ami then all was still. They
had leen and gone and done It, Our
nolghlsr's domicile had Ikvu vio
lently eutunsl, his stove itfHt, his
IkhI profutusl, and he thrown a
nilsovllnncous, heap Into a eornur.
shower of llieni, Jumped out of the
way, knocking the table over and
extlniruisliliiir the candle. All was
darkness, smoke and confusion in an
instant. I threw myself back on
my bed and screaming with delight,
vociferated, "It don't make any
diUercnce." I ought to have died
then; such moments of supreme de
light are rarely vouchsafed to man.
It Is related that in early CSreek days
an aged Athenian hapjienlng to pass
a sleeping lad, saw his assenting figs
from a basket. He stood aid
watched the animal tinlsh his repast
and then, waking the Uiy, he bade
him letch the ass some water. The
old man was so tickled with his own
dry humor that lie laughed till he
died of convulsions. 1 can now envy
(lie old mail his death. Our hovel
was Instantly tilled with a dense
volume of smoke which drove us all
out to get breath. Several wished
to enter and sweep out the burning
embers, lest our house and contents
should be destroyed. Itut I held
fast to the closed door, and almost
hysterical with delight, admired
them that it didn't make any dif
ference. Hy some means tlioy got
me round to the cook house and our
teiitmate, A lux Swlntoii, (who was
on guard) threw the stove out of
doors, extinguished die coals and
carried them out and put the house
In order again.
Tin; Spokane Herald relates it as
an astonishing fact that none but
old men am seen coming out of the
SMikaiie pustotllce. They enter the
building in the vigor of life, but by
the time they reach the stamp win
dow their hair has turned white
with' age. The attention of the
postmaster general will I hi called to
this fact.
The investigation going on Into
the imiKirtatioii of paupers, lunatic
and convicts from Europe, has dt
veloped the fact thatduriiigtlieyear
tlie Jiritlhh government had sent
7500 of these kinds. It is liritish
retaliation. Every year there go
from the United States several
thousands of the sons mid (laughters
of the very rich tlie sons to splurge
and tlie daughters to sell themselves
to coveted titles with roues
and rogues attached, They, go in
first-class style by the finest ocean
steamships, and put up at the most
costly hotels in the highest fashion
able (piarters of Loudon. They
squander a yearly aggregate of a
million or more. John Hull's lire -
cess of retaliation Is to send as many
or more of his paupers, lunatics and
convicts to America, crowded in the
steerage of the cheapest passenger
steamers. It is agreeable to Urltish
Free trade principles John Hull
only prollts by it. News.
Minister "So you go to school,
do you, Hobby V" Hobby " Yes, sir."
Minister "Let me hear you scll
'bread.' " Hobby "H-r-e-d." Minis
ter "Webster spells It with an 'a,'
Hobby." Hobby "Yes, sir. Hut
you didn't ask me how Webster
sjiells it. You asked me how I
spelled It."
Karrar t ('.
Are shipping out fruit by the car
load, but their own stoa is always
attractive with the liest varieties.
In fruit, vegetables, groceries and
provisions they are always in the
S-aoul Notlrr.
The public schools in school dis
trict No. 21, wllloeii next Monday,
Sept. 3d. Parents should see that
their children have ccrtilicaieH,
which may be obtained of the ckrrk
at his olllee with Willis fe Chunilier
lin, Opera House block.
David Si.mi"m.,
15fit-d. Clerk.
Piano and Voice.
SE 1
Boots and Shoes,
Clothing and Hats.
Mlss Laura G0LTRA and Miss Margaret MACRUM
Will open a School In
Piano, Organ, Vocal Culture,
Harmony and Theory
On Mcmdiiy, Sept. M. Rooms directly
orr Flrttt 2uttonnl Hank. Can be seen at
the nxmiH on and aHcr Saturday, Sept. 1,
from U o'clock iu in. !. ,'S0
Willuiuptto University.
I .Most MicecMtful school of luuxio on the
nort Invent coast. About
Courses In
I'liino, OrRnn, SirKlrK, Violin,
Murmony. find Counter
point. Diplomas on completion ot couic.
Tcncbern: Z. SI. I'arvln, Knoiklo I.
Jouok, KviiCov. Ai-MKtiint, l.uln .M. Smith.
Klrt term begins Slonday, Septemoer
:1I, IsaS. Send for catalogue. Korlurtlier
particulars address
Stuslcal lllreetor, Suleni, Or.
General Merchandise !
Capitol Adventure Co.,
Opera House Corner, Salem.
Writing In MnrUrt.
Alexander Whlttmn, who. arrived
hero from KtU'inriiurtryi-HtorUiiy with
two carload of cattle, Nald of a re
porter hint evening: "AVkuiw lmvu
164) head of cattle coming over the
iiiountaliiHby wayofthoSiitxjtittlinlo
ItuHH. Duriut; tue kihh! weatluT wo
Mill drive at an expense ofl jkt
head, while It ttwU uh f&W) by mil,
lirTrrlr Marc Valaibt This (!lt
An&NTAAlUK, the California
dlKeovcry for Coiimimptiou and DIb
vsim of tlio Throat,CheHt and Lunpt,
and CAL1 KOUN I A CAT-n-CUHi;,
the only iroamntvotl cure for Catarrh,
Cold in thu Head and kindred com-
plidutM. They are nold at $1 jkt
Jmokiine, or three for fi.V), and nro
-ivonnneiidiHl and UmmI by the lead
,nj jdiytilclaiiH of the Pacific Coast.
Xot Keivt compound, (luaraiiteeil
by 1). W. MattheWH it Co., KH1 State
Ntrtvt, Nileui.
Fancy and Staple Groceries,
Pixnlslon, Flour and Feed.
Vegetables and Fruit Fresh Every Day.
Sly Mock Is entirely new, anil'earefully
aelected. Trices marked down to a ciisli
No. 110 Slaie SL-Xcvt lo llcil Front
M km H
Pine Location!
lest Soi
Trtko Nul. tor Tills.
TTlOll 3,.10(l VK WllA, SKI.I.liO acres
X' well Improved carden land, wltbln S
miles of Salem, flood road to town tlie
year around. Hiilldlm;s Reed. FINE YOUNG
ORCHARD nud vxcellont KnvKS land. This
is a uirKiitn.uiul ulllbelield only it short
time at tlie ftuim. Call, and wo will
ahow you the property.
Opera MoiiKe, Salem, Or.
Easy fens !
For Sale.
A good Iron frame Itnrso Tower, flood
for all ums, from one to full caimclty.
All for the low price or $10. Call at the la
clflo Ctiter, Vlnetrar A Krull Treservlng
Company's oiltw. Sutem, Onuon.
and the cattle Iomc- iio Ilenh by beliii;
III n twlnkllUK ho wax viHtlferatlui; driven than they do HinnilliiR lu the
uftur the retrontltiK InebrlntiHitlnxitH
of the din ( vciikwukv, S.viuk, one
of the otuuidens a follow of lin
Hir(urlw(ho etHitniv, In (ho blandewt
toiiM iiMiuivd Id victim that It
made no illflVrvtico, This occurred,
let mo romurk cniwmmthtpM, durhiK
thu day (if our military liiolploucy.
orowded cam without AkhI or water,
Most of the Ht(H'k fnim Kaateru
WtuhliiRtoii for the Sound umrketM
will be driven over the mountains
the rvnirtlntlor of the mtioii or until
the Httow llle. Tito two cnrloattn
which cntno in to-day would imve
Uhiii driven hud It not boon that
Battle a Antra Halrt.
The Uft imIvd In the world r..
uli, brulhs iwrea, ulcens aalt rheiin
.evr Korea, tetter, chnpHsl baud-,
rhllblalnu, corns, and ill iklu cruc
' nl loltYly cure plltw, in
no wy rvsmlrtd. It la guannitetnl
to k! e irfeotaaUrfacUou, or inotitMi
refundetl. Price 25 cent per Ux.
For ioIo - Dr. H. V. Cox.
No Mich dli;raciful riot would Im thov wero ixiiulnHl wHiner than w
Mllawvd wlioro proper 11m41Iii U ". HK1 ,,u,!,m"v " f(K,"-
ITHIHV -. !. Ml-,.
On Yew Yonr'n evo 1 Ikhhuiim
ihIxihI up with come noisy hlhuloun
priHllnj,M (KVtirrliiK lu the ordor
ly'a quarters. Toward the clo of
thooiiturtaliiiuoiit tiMirt of Knerl
onIte ensued wliluh retiultetl In the
utove U'Iiik upMt and tlw Hxht ux
UiirrnUhod, Tho InevltaUlo titn
wa atUu pnwut, and hi phllo
Miphlwd txHiimeutary waHiuuviuoro
etiuneJutod "It don't mako any
tHflWMtii." "A limit imth joy In
the answer of his mouth," aatsa
SohwuoM, "and a word poVu In
tlue fcewHH, )iw ckhI It u r" The
(miiiiIIiIhx "(.
Kor the uppntachlng eueniupinont
at Columbus the preparations for
feMliiK the vetenmo are pn-Kwdlnj;
iiou a M-nleeoouorniou that It U
nstoundluK to consider. For tvx
anipio, one miup I Iwlnjr tltteil out
for .Vt,O0O moil and the firm having
(ho contract for supplying tlio matin
ha made the following calculation
of tlie quantity of food rvqulrvd for
mo utral: lH,47t pouiuU of twuxm,
i,ll poumUoflmm, &7.S71 jhiuiuU
of ftxwli Kvf, 1H.5TS jHHiitd. mutton,
Ai AVmUU Car.
OlNTMKNTtaonly put up In Urge
twoHHinco Ihi boxea. and Is
State Fair!
Tlio 38th Annual Sli.tr Fair will be
held on the Fulr drouuds, near tvilem,
commenclnc on the
-And oontlnulnic one week.
HllS illbt mircllased (IS7 nere. sitlinted fVnm tlinw In fnnp nml nnn.hnlf mlloa mcr
of Balcin, which they will Immediately plat and biirvev and 11 In
Ten Acre Lots.
This land has been carefully selected with especial reference to Its adaptability to
fruit raising and desirability for residence purposes, und
Each Lot will Front on a Good Road and Have a Good Front Fence.
Amount of $15,000
Will beawmrded for Agricultural, Mechan
ical and block exhibits, works or art and
fttney wurk, and for trials of sptvtL
The premiums oflVrvd have bn In.
crvrd lu many ensm, and ntw claws
The time for the residents of ftalem to buy ten acres of choice, land near the city
yry cheap will soon be past. The OHEGON LAJfD COSH'ANY alone Rold UUrlnjf
AiiKiist tw entylx ten acre fruit lots, and some of tho same lots have already
There nre many persons In Salem who could buy one of these lots and pay for It
w itliout Inconvenience. In fact uuy person receiving even a small salary can buy one
or these lots by maklnic a small cash payment, und paying tho remainder In semi
annual Installments, und by practicing a little economy! for a abort time be the owner
of u property which can be nuide (when Bet to fruit) to produco
As Large an Income as is Obtained from 100 Acres of Grain Land.
The Vnllie Of tlieSO loLK fa UntdPtMniiiint linnn nnv nmcntlvo htn Km rtnrumrla
upon what .thejr will actually produce now, and what that product will now bring n
i no marKfei
If You are Thinking of Securing a Home
If you have money to invest do not fail to look at thes
If You Want to Save a Part of Your. Earnings
Anil at the same time make a flrst-cloas Investment buy one of theae lota on the
inautllnirnt plan.
Land Shown Free of Charge.
Uo not fa.l to see these lots,
lota before Investing;.
aixollite euro for old aorra. burns I have been aildnl. No nlo- fee clunvnl
uomu!. hn,.l ...L. . 7 '. ladlUlou.J.K.I.andU.. "
!!'' v nun nil
-kin eniptlont. Will poaJtir.!v
euro all kind, of pjlea. Ak for the
MKNT. Bold by D.W. Matthew.
.: L, ltW6tttt, I5alea, at 25
eeuu per box by ma g) at
A n.uii.
Having told my otlKvand imtotiw
to Dr. J. T. .Mmm I wnlially re
tHMiimend him to my ptrou and
the Dublin In KDinrl. I nhall mioslii
at thaortuv wnth the Dr. for a few
uiaculfli'vnt Itfld of hnrsva anlnmt
and there will be spl'ndld conteata of run
Uag and trottluc each day.
Ttiedirrrrnl tranrrtatlon eompanlea
vrtll make liberal reductions in Birr and
HpcWal attentkxi la called to the prenil
uiiuortferxM ftr county exhibit of gralna,
gmaaraand trult.
Kulrlrawlll be recelveiltn tbeaeereUrya
otTlcc In Salem, txvtnnlng atx days before
the fair, and on (be fair (rounds, from Fri
day tvAre the Atli. IVtsotu deslrhiir ts
ttXblbtt lnillttakma J, K. 0. 1'andQ rr
milKTtrvt lo niak their etilrtai oh KVi.
ibiT and Hnlarday tAirttHialrirtwnMble.
All eotriMi etioe on Mouday. Svpiraiber
rilll'B OF ADyttSelluNi
Ceupuu tickrt Rirmeoili.layi- -It SO
OwiKm tlckrt forMAWHfn tlx dy... 1 10
lay tleket ae men ."
Ikav ttekrl tor women
Tieketa lo the srand atand at ruee
irmeK ar maiea over M yrara, X
MiW AllVEUTIhE.Hlu.Vr8.
ery Htablc, corner of htte and Front
lrts-oron slateat corner btate and Coin
mcrcuu streets. lYompt attention and
iiv 4uomuicvu.
H. DIAMOND. PmerUtor,
Cone Bt4 bet. erry and &tate.
O Hbaiupoolns neatly done.
530 ACR1?S
VJl waturvd and plenty el timber. Two
uaraa. itooa orehM.nL
Ladlea to the craatl Hand iree.
apply Uitba xwrrtary.
MNiaea ami fwtt
aieaaow and a
!" Jr. Und. Ftrty
, bwdoeatU.wlththepWLceffwaBtM.aBd
CklKreiCtjFitcler'iCajltri) J
TtHM dealrtaa- to NirekiM boat Im will i BaraataouhioniBk. WMhlnnun
. ... . . . . - - a .... I - .. ..4. .. .1 ' . ----"
w " iwuab iu iv. , Bargain tor
urtfeadlo tbe areeetanr aiKalembra
B2nr. j Iwwt tt OfTica af CaoitaJ Jounul
1(BK acres, near Proapect hilt, 7 mile, by
acood road, from BeJem,laaerein ealti
vatlon, baUnee in timber. Well watered.
cood lXMbouaeof8 room, moderate barn,
well at the door; all fenced and a thrifty
younj orchard. Ttilrteea.aere aceded to
pasture enm, and Tl act In train. lur
baser can have llbet&l ternva to tkarvesl
CkMae right to the Carta and save aol'
Emjulro of Charley Iloberteon, at
the Graage Btorv.