Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, August 01, 1888, Image 1

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VOL. !
NO. 135.
nvt rSiriltnl Nntlrtnnl
Law. u .; dSSf bi. n.
2W UOIWC-"" .juv.-, -w, w.
wmirer. All work warranted.
It, orders at T. McF. 1'attons dook
I State street, Salem, Or.
2e, States
Suvery. Wm. Rennle bavins bought
I liShniinpaa of Walter Lowe. Is
"fnnSd to deliver trunks, valises, pack
P1!?" anv thing else that he can get In
nJwMon to any part of the city, quicker,
..fatter, and neater, than It can be
ne byany body else. 'Leave orders at
junto's stable.
Fire and Marine.
J0S AmERT, Agent, - - Salem, Oregon.
amtlst, anthropologist, physician and
iSSon will open an office in the New
ESkBfock,on W 1st, for the treatment
Kll diseases of women, and all other
Jhronle cases, on strictly hygienic and nnt
Principles. Medical baths, oxygen and
magnetism used. Charges strictly
Sderate. Address box 176, Salem, Oregon.
Importers and Dealers in
For Sale.
Aeood Iron frame Horse Power. Good
te all uses, from oneto full capacity.
jS for tho low price of S30. Call at the Pn
$c Cider, Vinegar & Fruit Preserving
Company's office. Salem, Oregon.
is & Chamberlain
Fw or 230 Aires, on tho 0. 4C.ILIL,
Imlle from depet: ICO ncres in cultivation;
kouse, bamwnd fine young orchard.
For sale at SIS an acre.
fall soon and secure a Bargain!
li-Offlco in Opera House.
July 17, 18S8, lm.
Latest Styles!
Leading Lines!
Lowest Prices!
First National Bank
Thirty Thousand Dollars Lost Long
Ago Traced (o an Express Agent.
WM.N. LADUE, President.
DR. J. REYNOLDS, - Vlco President.
JOHNMOIR, - .' Cashier.
Exchango on Portland, San Francisco,
New York, London and Hong Kong
bought and sold. State, County and City
warrants bought. Farmers are cordially
invited to deposit und transact business
with us. Liberal advances made on
wheat, wool, hops and other property at
rcasonabio rates. Insurance on such se
curity can be obtained at tho bank in
most reliable companies.
The Capital National Bank
General Agents for Oregon of
B. Forsyte's Infallible Corn Cure.
243 Commercial Street,
(Geo. E. Good's old stand.
SALEM, : : : : : OREGON.
No. 803 Commercial Street,
1(8 acres, near Prospect hill, 7 miles, by
sjood road, from Salem, 143 acres in cultl
ntlon.balancoln timber. Well watered,
pod $1000 house of 8 rooms, moderate barn,
veil at tho door; all fenced and a thrifty
joung orchard. Thirteen acres seeded to
issture grass, and 07 ncres ingrain. Pur
etarcan hao liberal terms to harvest
oops '
Come right to tho farm and savo agent's
Enquire of Charley Robertbou, at
u range oiore.
Plumbing, Gas and Steam Filling.
Tinware and Artistic Metal Work
a Specialty.
04-.Agent for the lUCHAltDSON &
150YNTON COMPANY'S Furnaces. Es
tablished in 1S19.
Capital Paid up,
Surplus, -
- - $75,000
- 10,000
R. S. WALLACE, - President.
W. W. MARTIN, - Vice-President.
J. II. ALBERT, .... Cashier.
W. T. Gray, "W. W. Martin,
J. M. Martin, R. S. Wallace,
Dr. W. A.Cusick, J. H. Albert.
T. McF. Patton.
To farmers on wheat and other mnrkct-
o produce, consigned or in st'
either in private cranarlesor
ablo produce, consigned or in store.
ipubtlo warehouses.
Stale and County Warrants Bought at Par.
Discounted at reasonable rates. Drafts
drawn direct on New York, Chicago, San
Francisco, Portland, London, Paris, llci lln,
Hong Kong and Calcutta.
H. DIAMOND, Proprietor,
Com St., bet. Ferry an'd State.
O Shampooing neatly done.
The Mexican Land and Development Co.
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000.
Full Paid and Non-Assessable.
A Harrisbunr special says : About
two and a half years ago n package
containing $30,009 belonging to tho
Mineral Iron and Coal Company
disappeared, and until recently its
loss was a mystery. Tho company
had been in tho habit of forwarding
Its money for tho payment of its
employes In the vicinity of Shamo
kln In a prlvato safe, and it was sup
posed the $30,000 indicated had been
sent to its destination In this way,
but when the safe was opened on
reaching Sluunokin It contained
nothing. The man entrusted with
the placing of tho money in tho safe
at Philadelphia, was suspected of
having stolen it, but evidence could
not bo obtained of his guilt. Tho
extravagant expenditure of money
In tho past few months by Philip
Huber, employed by tho Adams
Express Company at Sunbury,
aroused a suspicion that ho might
have appropriated tho lost packago
and detectives were put on his track.
It was learned that ho has lived
away beyond his means und yes
terday ho was requested to go to
Philadelphia and accept a promo
tion from the Adams Express Com
pany. While on his way to that
city, Detective Linden and others
searched his houso and in n stove
hole above tho mantel in tho parlor
$22,000 of tho lost money wits found.
After tho discovery Huber was ar
rested. It Is thought that tho pack
ago alleged to have boon appropria
ted by Huber was placed In u safo
containing three other packages for
Jho payment of persons in dillcrcnt
sections of the coal regions. These
packages fell right into Ilubcr's
bauds, and one of thg packages con
taining $30,000 is supposed to have
been taken by tho express agent
Huber, who has for many years re
sided in this city. Chicairo Trib
une. I
Alvin J. Hackett. formerly of
Cove, Union county, Oregon, but
now engaged to teach as principal of
tho Bchool nt "Union, has been spend
ing a few days at Clymer, visiting
his aunt Mrs. Mnry Clymer.
Honry Clymer who has been
visiting his mother and sister dur
ing his short vacation, has started
on his return trip to Wagner, Grant
county, Oregon, where ho will re
sumo his duties as teacher of tho
school at that place, next Monday.
E. B. Patton, Henry Jones and T.
A. Jones have each bought new self
binders, and this week reapers may
bo seen cutting grain In almost every
Held in tho neighborhood. Next
week tho threshing machine will
begin active operations.
Hon. Henry Warren, ex-county
commissioner, lias sent his son
Charles to Portland, to superintend
tho purchaso of a steam "iigino and
threshing machine, which they ex
pect to have ready for service in
timo for this season's threshing.
Some petty thief or thieves ran
sacked tho premises of Hon. John
A. Hunt, last Sunday night, and
carried oft'a part of his wool, which
ho had ready for market. This
neighborhood lias unfortunately
been n favorite place for some
persons who liavo a propensity for
appropriating the property, rightly
belonging to others, to do petit
stealing, and some measure ought
to bo taken to rid tho community of
such pests. It Is no common tiling
for grain, bacon, chickens, sheep,
wool, farm Implements, and In
fact all kinds of farm produce, to
mysteriously change ownership,
during tho witching hours of night,
and such a state of affairs is becom
ing too common to bo entirely
ngreeablo to all parties concerned.
A good detective might do some
effective work here which would
prove a great pleasure to tills and
tho surrounding country.
An InMno Husbnnil Chokes Hi W'ifa
Ami Then Hangs Himself.
with a
H. K. DrBois.
Dubois brothers
Chcmekete Hole
ple Rooms for Commercial Travelers.
From Si to S3 per day.
Graduates Student in
teal, Literary, Scientific,
Normal, Business, Law,
woututton or learning in the North-
tSjfe0!'; first Monday In SapUmber.
p. Preaidtmt.
SHlejii, Oregon.
bonus of FIVE ACRES of land to each share are
offered to immediate subscribers at par of five dollars
per share, for the benefit of the Treasury.
This Company have ncqulred nn occlusive grant of xevcral million ncros of land
from thn Government of Mexico in tho Mate, of TamaullnaH. bordered bv tho xtatoof
Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. It comprises rich agricultural, grazing and mineral
landsimmenso forests of valuable- timber, nnd opportunities forvnst pnblleenterprlsos
In tho development nnd settlement of a territory almost as largo nb tho stuto of ronn
svlvania, with a good population, iv healthy, moderato climate, nnd ample rain fall.
I'ho land offered with tho stock nnd for which negotiable certificates will bo Issued, will
prove n choice investment of Itself whllociich share participates in tho whole enter
prise. Bused on tho lowest prleo of Government lnucl In tho United f-itatos the shares
will havo n value many times greater than tho price at w hlch thio forty thousand a.e
offered to carry out tho objeots of tho Company. Subscription will bo accepted lis fol fel fol
eows: 125 per cent, cash, balance in equnl-payments nt Thirty, Sixty nnd Ninety days.
Remit by Draft, Check, Express or Registered letter, director through any liaukcror
broker. Prospectus and full Information on application.
F, K. M0RELAND, Financial Agent,
No. 57 Broadway, New York.
,0JE IV irrri i i ll
L7 IP Q l
wk u n t T m lt3
. un
TlrriCNri V
n .A ,... .! 1
AVE YOU A COLD IN THE HEAD which doe not get better? Have you an ex-
ri native seorolion OI mucus mailer in nic uiwai iwwshkwi j lrejmiiniupiniiJf
awkln? snlttlne. weak and Inflamed eyes, frequent borenees of tli throat, ringing or
narinir In tho ears, more or less impairment of the hearing, !on of smell, memory ii
IS. v "." xMUmt UTrUl(kc h-
..rnih.am mora or less lmnnirmenior ine nennnir. kmm or smii. memorv nn-
nalred dullness or dlmlne of the head, drynesaor heat ofthe not? Have you (t all
hensoofunill? Is your breath foul? Irso, you have the Catarrh. 8omelmYenlltli
symptoms, others only a part.
California Cat-R-Cure
Restores the sense of taste and smell, removes tad tiwte and unpltwwint breath, result
ing from Catarrh. Knsy and pleasant to use. Follow directions and a our t guaran
teed by D. W. MATniEWS & Co.
CAPTAIN CHARLES L. DIMON, of N ew 'York C4ty, tormmy speetel
I'hmiiir nnd Home InHiranoe Company at San Pranct, Oal.. shi' "I
tromtad with Clirontooitarrb tor IwinV Jw- A fttond lMomtand,(
s2SyrCllSrnteCAT-H-CURB. IproewdrtaXr. Imvlnc butjraJt
but I must mar, anar imne uire
nd M for whkJi mm! m CSllfoot
modedyourCuiwrnaL;Ai-ii-u. jji"Mj-7ni, imn, '!
mmtfw nroiwllV but I tnuit imt, ftr i wing UirM JuK, I aw eurwl Of tlMt
TiuZZuC inin&Hl rind M tor wulefe shJ m UMHOrHbt U.V
who are MitTitrera,"
nt of the
v iHtea
hlii It
T-R-CURK lor torn ItUiult,
106 State St., Salem, Or
SNELL, HEITSHU & W00DARD, Wholesale Deoot
Insisting Cattle Taxes.
tV recent dispatch from Vinitn.
Cherokee Niitton, saj's: Tho troulilu
that has been ponding iu the Chicka
saw Nation for tho last month over
tho cattlo tax seems to havo reached
a climax near Ardinore. A few
days ago tho Indian police seized
about 2,000 head of cattlo In the
vicinity of that place for iion-pay-nientof
taxes. Yesterday about (iO
cowboys, armed with rifles, canio
down on tho police and forced them
to release tho cattle. Gov. Guy was
informed by telegraph of tho trouble
and, organizing a force of 200 men,
started for Ardinore. Ho says ho
will kill tho cowboys If they oiler
any resistance, and proposes to
capture cattlo if they aro in tho
Territory. Tho cowboys started for
Texas after securing tho cattle. Tho
law imposes a tax of $1 pur head on
all cattlo owned by non-residents,
and tills has been rusisted all along.
A Wedding I'rarus.
Omaha, July .11. A fatal row oc
curred this morning at 1 o'clock
thirty miles southeast of Nullgh. A
young man named Schmidt, his ali
tor, nnd two brothers named Van
dorchuk, were returning from a
wedding at Ewlng, with several
others. Thoy got Into u quarrel
which ended in a terrible free fight.
Schmidt wns fatally cut across tho
abdomen, ills hlstor was wounded
inthearm, onoof tho Vandershuoks
had a shoulder broken and wuh twice
stabbed In the back, and tho other
was cut with a knife and also struck
witli a club on tho bond.
J'liirldu Republican Convention,
Ocala, Fla., July 31. Tho repub
lican stuto convention to-day nomi
nated V. S. Blilpniun of Lawtry for
governor. Tho platform asks that a
high duty ho placed on orange,
phiMippleg, sugar and rico; favors
no foiice und Iooal option laws ; In
don fanuuni' alliance and trade
inilons, und denounce the state
rttilroHd comtuiiwlon.
Claiming Hwton Gianni.
I'OUTTowNfHNlJuly!. To-day
oloe tho logal Boauon for canning
on the Columbia river. It in too
erly to get at the (beta of the rtek.
It U wft to my that it Is not m targe
m iMtt year. Borne anlimaten give
tin- diileronea at A0,(XX)
Allen W. Tliunnan, son of tho
old lJoman, arrived in San Francisco
yesterday. He is about to visit
Arizona, where ho has mining In
terests. Tho east and west bound freight
trains collided at Antelope station
(near Sacramento) yesterday morn
ing. Ten cars aro badly wrecked
and three engines disabled. No one
was injured.
A lady In San Francisco lost
?0,000of diamonds. Slio had left
them in charge of her daughter who
forsafc keeping buried them in ashes
in tho coal hod. Tho hired girl
emptied thorn into the ash barrel
and a ragpicker found them. Tho
police recovered tho treasure.
Sond n Wfkki.y Journal to your
frloud In the east; it costs no more
than a postage stamp.
Mliat Florida Trujile Live (in.
"What do you Florida people livo
oniiithosumnierV" "Fish." "What
InthewlnterV" "Yankees." A'asl
how many northerners draw their
last breath in Florida, slain by that
fell destroyer, consumption, who
would havo lived, had tliey used at
first that marvelous specific for con
sumption, wheil not too far advanc
ed, Dr. IMerco'H Golden .Medical Dis
coverybetter than hypophosphitoH
and cod liver oil, because more nu
tritive and tonic ; also an Invaluable
liver corrective and blood purifier,
cleansing away all scrofulous hu
mors (which cause consumption),
and all other Impurities of tho blood,
curing glandular swellings, goitre or
thick neck, old soios, and ulcers.
Of druggists.
Don't hawk, and blow, and spit,
but use Dr. Sago's Caturrh ilomody.
Chicacwv July 81. A Iiorrfblo
double tragedy was brought to light
shortly after midnight, this morning
by tho police-, when the dead bodies
of Henry Hasch, a retired saloon
keeir, and his wife vero found in
thelrnpartmonts, 150 South Sanga
mon street. Both were well past,
middle agw and weru loofted upon
by thelj neighbor as n happy couple,
Thoy were last scni Saturday even
ing sitting on tho stoop. Sonday
morning-tho newsboy left tho paper
and tho milk, man the day's mtpply
of milk. Lying isyr,loeted at. tho
back door of tho HuJI these objects
first attracted tho attention of tho
Late last ight onwof tlio neigh
bors notified the polleeriiU(l two oftl
cers were sont to Investigate. Thoy
broke open tho front bed room door
and a sickening sight met their
viow. In tlw alcove ot) tho bed
room, lying f.a a pool ot" blood', was
the dead body of Airs, llusch clad
In her night dress. Proceeding to
tho next room, the olllccrs percolved
a ropo tied over tho top of tho door
frame. A vigorous push at tho door
and it burst open, and tho oftloer
was nearly knocked oil his feet by
tho body, whUth was hanging so
that tho feet almost touched tho
lloor. Near byr a sheet of news
paper, daubed with blood, and a
butcher's knife suggested tho story
of tho tragedy.
llusch had upgurontly tlrst killed
his wife and thou wiped the. knife,
cut oil a piece of tope exactly long
enough to reach from tho door knob
on tho Inside ovec tho door frame
and to allowsufllclcut space foi' him
self to hang, lie had tied the rope,
shut tho door and proceeded to self
murder. No reason can bo assigned
for tho tragedy. F.vcrything around
tho room bespoke comfort, and
then was no Indication of any
stuigglo prior to the fearful crime.
Subsequent examinations of tho
bodies show that Mrs. llusch was
not stubbed, as first supposed, but
tho fact is plain Unit. she was choked
until death ensued. Tho knifo was
simply used by lfusHih to cut tho
rope into a suitable length, so ho
could hang himself. The theory of
tho police Is that Husoh in u tit of
insanity choked his wife to duath,
and then strangled himself.
Wlmn Raby u dale,
Wo sto bur Castorla.
Ti'btm the wm a Child,
She cried for Cantorla.
Whwi lio beeamo )IlM,
ftlw) oltiBt U tVutorbv.
WUwi Uib bod CWWrwi,
Uhe gara Utwu Cutteiia.
I'uIiiIom dental opemtloiiH at Dr.
T. O. Smith'H, n State street.
Cliilta Cry iwPit cber 'sCas lor ia
TIki Loan riHliiirinan.
"Wahiunoton, July 31. Tlio
)resident, )ostinastor-geueiat and
Col. Liiiuniit anived In Wusdiington
this morning. Tliero va.i u small
crowd of travelers In tho station,
but tho president passed through al
most unrccognfed. Ho and Col,
Ijtimout worn driven direct to tliu
white house. Thoy aro both much
sunburned. Col, Lameutsald: "Tho
president went on board tho Sus
quehanna Thursday night and did
not leave Iwr except to fish until
last night at ll o'clock. The Btorlen
about his visits to various plucos on
tho route aro untrue. He did not
take a moil oil' tho yacht and there
was no oho in tho party at any timo
except tlioso who weru with us when
wo loft New York."
Port all I'rlmxi V'lrtM.
Ban'maoo Dk Cuiia, July HO. ,
The steamship Villa Vordu brings
full partleulnrH of tho grout Incendi
ary ires ut l'ort-uu-I'rlnco, Haytl.
Tho fire broke out in tiio CliamlHir
of DuputloH on tho aftornoou of July
5th. The ImlcouloH and outsldo pas
sage wore set on lire. Prom that
point It burned down to Hue d'Ar
sonal, sweeping away three iMuutreH
of buildings. The lire destroyed
many private rosldeucos und many
Importing buildings. Tho first iiout
ruculvod reports tho l(wn by tho first
tiro ut $8,000,000. It Is known that
the tlrus destroyed about 8S0 build
ings. The low itiuuuutH to tl,Q(V)t
The Pacific I'lne Lumber Coin
imny, of San Vruneboo, htw rodueed
It prieee fur lumber to an uveruge or
9stJ$0 iter Uiutuwud feet, oouimeuo
fng to-tlay.