Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, May 29, 1888, Image 3

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hand Account of Doings in City and
if May Vet Frnvo Exiicnsive to
1 the City.
The engineers began laying out
the ground for the new depot this
morning, and setting the stakes for
the change in the siding.
The new building will be erected
about fifty feet south of where the
old one stood, and will be a two
4tory, handsome building. A plat
form five hundred feet in length
anil eighteen feet wide will extend
along the track from the depot the
building being at the center of the
There 1ms, iu the years gone by,
ken a great deal of kicking by peo
ple who have had occasion to come
into and go out of the city on the
Turner load which crossed the
track, by courtesy of the railroad
company, just south of the depot, at
delay occasioned by trains standing
on the crossing, and, a day or two
since, some plucky granger drove
upon the switcli crossing directly
in front of the yard locomotive,
which was approaching, threaten
in" to stay there until that train
standing n the main track, and
blocking the crossing, should "get
out of the way" and let him pass.
He thought better of it, however, as
the yard engine continued to move
towards him, and he drove oil' the
track, and, simply following in the
footsteps of the lamented "Wllkins
Jlicauber, proceeded to "wait for
something to turn up," or for the
train to get out of his way.
These travelers o'er the road, and
very likely a great many citizens of
Salem, will bo surprised to learn
that this crossing has only been al
lowed to exist through the courtesy
of the railroad company, and that
theie is no public street or highway
between State and Leslie street (the
latter not opened), and between 12th
and 14th streets.
Ordinance No. 74, approved
August 9th, 1870, reads as follows :
"Be it ordained by the Common
Couucil of the city of Salem, That
the streets and alleys included in the
following description, to-wit: All of
the alleys in blocks Nos. 43, 44, 45,
48 and 40; Thirteenth street between
blocks 43, 4-1, 45,40, 49 and 50; Oak
"treat betw eon blocks 40 and 49, and
4-5 and 50; Bellevue street between
blocks Nos. 44 and 45, and 43 and 40,
all in the University addition of the
utj of siaieni, be and are hereby va
cated, the same to be and form a
part of the depot grounds of the
Oregon and California Railroad
Company; provided, that the prin
cipal depot for the city of Salem
tliall lie located on said grounds by
said company."
The new platform at the depotwill
lompletely shut oil' this crossing,
and will compel the seeking of
.mother route into the city, probably
via 14th street to State and in that
ay. Having the welfare of the
tity of Salem ever uppermost in his
thoughts and work, and desiring
that the tax payers of the city
should know all that was worth
knowing concerning the matter, the
writer made an eye survey of what
will probably be the nowhigliway
into the city from the southeast,
tills morning.
Fourteenth street is the eastern
most street running north andsouth,
now open iu the city. The part
that will come into proniinence.now,
is that portion lying between SUito
and Oak streets tho Turner road
whig the extension of Oak street.
Hiding over, this piece of roadway
tills morning, the writer found that,
although it shows signs of being
traveled slightly, it was in very bail
audition, and in no way suited, in
its present state, for heavy trnille.
tjoing south from Stato street, the
Hdew al k cross! ng is about twel vo or
mtecn inches higher than tho road
Kfaue; the road bed is fairly good,
although rough to Ferry street,
where it crosses the oil mill race,
"lis bridge is old, out of repair, and
"w-siiot appear safe at all. Two
V;lir "''erts, or small bridges,
Jartlu r out on the street are also in
'u repair, and, unless some means
uy be devised for turning all the
J"tcr that usually pours over this
"at in waiter, into one of the num
4r;us channels of Mill creek, much
"'the road way from Oak to Mill
't will prove "dangerous navi
jMtii.n" In winter. A good doal of
"ru-h, a stump or two and other
"Mrtntlons iu the road will have to
taken out, and, in fuot, a good
"1 of work will havo to bo done
nt money expended to put Fonr
'itu street in a sulllciontly
l state of repair to
"II accommodate the travel ub
" to the Turner road.
. Another improvement that should
made, and a long suffering public
is anxious that "if it were done, it
were clone quickly," and that the
city couucil will "get In," and push
.ui.i , w-Nii; construct a tle
eont sidewalk to and from State
street to a point opposite the depot
on 12th street, where the railroad
company agree to loin with n walk
to the depot. This has been de
sired by the traveling public for lo,
these many years. Now that the
iuiuuuu company agrees to erect a
JUll? UUW IIIMHII. lllIllfllllfT ,11111 tn -..
it "right exactly where tho dear
in.-uinu m oiiieiu want ii," it eems
they might come up and construct a
decent sidewalk to at least let our
visitors walk down town on.
Fruit ice cream, at Stronir & Co .'.
Strawberry ice cream at A. Strong
11. F. Dowell, Esq., is in the city
from Portland.
Mrs. Minnie Wrett went to Port
land this morning.
T. J. Overman, of Albany, came
down this morning.
Call on "Wintcys & Thomas for the
best groceries in town.
Painless dental operations at Dr.
T. C. Smith's, 92 State street.
A. Grant has moved into his new
cottage on North Front street.
Fans, parasols, ladies' summer
underwear at E. L.L. Johnson's
"Win. Garrett, a prominent can
nery man of Albany.is in the city.
Cream soda, ice cream soda, milk
skakes, lemonades, atStrongA Co.'s.
Clinton Hall, one of the solid re
publicans of Abiqua, is in town to
day. Cheapest. The cheapest place in
Salem for dry goods is E. L. L.
The finest line of infants' robes,
dresses and skirts in the city, at
Bridges & Ilozorths, bank block.
J. 11. Starr, W. F. Dugan and D.
Simpson went to Hubbard this morn
ing to join the other candidates.
S. B. Pnrrish, chief of police of
Portland, is in the city visiting
friends, having come down from
Halsey this afternoon.
D. "W. Sheahan, of Enterprise,
Eufus I. Eaton, of Portland and E.
J. Hearn of Jefferson have been ap
pointed notaries public.
Eli Perkins' lecture was well at
tended last night and frequently ap
planded, which is sufficient evidence
that it was appreciated.
A grand republican rally and pic
nic will take place at Oak Shade,tho
handsome country home of Hon.
Edwin T. Hatch, near McCoy, Polk
eonnty, on Thursday.
"binning Joiiiiny" uiary was
iincd 10 and costs, amounting to $01
for assaulting Mrs. Joyce, yesterday,
by Justice Odonald, and in default
of payment went up for thirty days.
A Mehnma correspondent writes
us as follews: "The Grand Army
Hag floats at half mast to perpetuate
and keep green the memory of those
loyal comrades who yielded up their
lives that our country might live.
Rev. P. S. Knight, of Salem, deliv
ered an appropriate and acceptable
memorial address. Twelve veterans
of the war beside many citizens were
The entertainment to be given by
Miss Nettie Brown, the efficient and
talented teacher of elocution at the
Willamette university, assisted by
her pupils, promises to be a very
pleasant affair. Among tho read
ings will bo selections from Ben
Hur, and other popular works,
while Mis Brown will give selec
tions from Shakspcre and Byion.
It will be nt the university chapel
on Friday evening.
The Landretli Trial.
Tho trial of "Win. Landreth for the
murder of his step daughter Sym
mie, was held at Dallas on Tuesday.
Tho testimony at the trial was
quite similar to the reports of tho
case horetoforo published, and at 9
o'clock last night, after deliberating
five minutes, the jury returned a
verdict of murder in tho tlrst degree.
Ho was to havo been soiitonccd to
day. -
DiwoierleOIore Valuable TbaiCOold.
Am Cuifii Aliln tlin Pnllffirniii dis
covery for consumption and diseosos
or tho tliroat, oiiom aim juiujm, aim
California Cat-Ii-Cure, the only
guaranteed euro for catarrh, cold in
tho head and kindred complaints.
They are sold at $1 per package, or
three for $2.50, and are recommondod
and used by the loading physicians
of the Paciflo coast. Not secrot
compounds. Guaranteed by I). W.
JiaiUlOWH Oi V.U., w uuno """""I
rtrrtttUa up FWw.
Havo you noticed it at S. Farrar
fc Cn'stf It is iuet what has long
been needed and no one should be
without It. Cheap, convenient,
labor-eavimr. cleanly. Can bead-
justed in a moment to any five gal
lon oil oan
PRUflRAM FOR TiMtnininw
The Lino of March, anil Order of For
mat ion Exercises.
The following Is the program of
exercises for to-morrow. The pro-J
cession will form at 1:80 o'clock on
Commercial street, tho right resting
on state.uiHler the direction of Col.
T. C. Smith, grand marshal. Tho
line of inarch will be out Commer
cial street to the Odd Fellows' Cem
etery. The proee..ion willbe headed
by the Second Begiment band, and
three companies of the Second Beg
iment O. N. G., follow
ed by Sedgwick Post No. 10,
G. A. B., and other organizations.
Arriving at the cemetery, the fol
lowing exercises will be held.
Opening address bv Z. M. Parvin,
P. C. '
Prayer, by J. W. Crawford, chap
lain. Remarks and depositing of llowcrs,
D. W. Mathews, officer of the day.
Music, quartette.
Bemarks by post commander.
Depositing flowers by the comrades
of the post.
Decorating graves with llowcrs,
after which the procession will ic
forni and return to the city.
The exercises at tiie opera house,
commencing at 8 o'clock i jr., will
be as follews:
Music ; prayer by the chaplain j
Music ; memorial address by Capt.
Chas. A. AVoodiulf, U. S. A.
The following orders have been
issued, and are published for the in
formation and guidance of all con
cerned :
Headquarters 2nd Bi:ot.,
O. N. G., SALKsr, May 28, 'SS.
Special Orders, No. 15 :
T. Battalion will be formed for
parade on decoration day, in front
of Co. B's armory, at one o'clock
By order of Col. T. C. Smith.
M.W. Hunt, Aduj taut.
Armory II Co., 2nd Bi:gt. O.N.G. 1
Salkm, Oregon, May, 20, 18S8. J
Bin compliance with Special Ordeis
No. 15, Begt'l Hdqrs., the officers
and members of B Company are
ordered to meet at the
armory at 12.45 for parade.
Saml. L. Lovell,
Capt. Conulg. tho Co.
attention, snnowicK posrl
Tho members of Sedgwick Post
are requested to meet promptly at
their hall at 1 o'clock. Alsoall hon
orably discharged soldiers and sail
ors ot the late war are requested to
meet with them and participate In
Memoi ial exercises.
By order of tho Post Commander.
Women in Huslm-i-s
Iii this ago of extremo activity
and wonderful development, it is a
noteworthy fact that many women
have made their own way In mer
cantile life, and successfully com
pete with men In many lines of
business. Women, whether they
labor iu the household or in tho
store, are all liable to suffer from
functional derangements and tho
cares ot maternity. For all troubles
known under the catgory of "fe
male weaknesses," Dr. Pierce's Fa
vorite Prescription is a tonic and
tried specific. It lelieves t lie great
est sufferers, and restores tho patient
to vigorous health and strength. It
is tho only medicine for women, sold
by druggists, under a positive guar
antee, from tho manufacturers, that
it will give satisfaction in every
case, or money will be refunded.
This guarantee has been printed on
the bottle-wrapper and faithfully
carried out for many years.
Dr. Pierce's Pellets cure constipa
tion, biliousness, sick headache, bil
ious headache, and all derangements
of the stomach, liver and bowels.
A Woman's Discover.
"Another wonderful discovery hus
been made and that too by a lady in
tills county. Disease fastened its
clutches upon her ami for seven
years she withstood its severest tests,
but lior vital organs were under
mined and death seemed imminent.
For three months she coughed inces
santly and could not sleep. Mio
bought of us a bottle of Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption and
was so much relieved on taking
first dose that slie slept all night and
with one bottle has been miraculous
ly cured. Her namo is Mrs. Luther
Lutz." Tims writes AV. C. Hamrick
& Co., of Sliolby, N. C. Got a free
trial bottle at II. W. Cox's drug
DM In Indiana.
News was received to-day of the
death of Mrs. Mary Smltlr, wife of
James Smith,at her home at Smith-
field, nuur Richmond, Indiana, a
few days since. Deceoaed was a
relative of the Hunt and Down
ing of, this city and county, and
visited Oregon witli Iter Ipwband,
and daughter and ton-ln-law lt
uh rr WmI.
Highest' cash price dd r MJ
In the Opera House bio k.
F. Lkvv.
Tho young man fell dead I
A friend had pointed a revolver at
"Bo didn't know it was loaded I"
We often hear it stated that a man
is not responsible for what ho doe3
not know. Tho law presupposes
knowledge and therefore convicts tho
marJ who uxcuses crime bv ignoranco I
If 1 had only known" has often
been an unfortunate man's apology
for some ovil unknowingly wrought,
but in a matter of general interest
nsfor instaiico that laudanum is a
poison, that naphtha is a deadly ox
plosivo, that blood heavily charged
with a winter's accumulations of tho
wnsto of tho system, it is one's duty
to know tho fact and tho conse
quences thereof. Our gotd old grand
mothers knew for illQ mm flint l,r
opening of spring was the most
penlous period of tho year.
Because then tho blood stream is
sluggish and chilled by tho cold
weather, and if not thinned a good
ileal and niado to flow quickly and
healthfully throuph the arteries and
veins, it is impossible to haro good
vigor tho rest of tho yoar. Hence,
without exception,, uhat is now
known as Warner's Log Cabin Sarsa
parilla, was plentifully mado and
religiously given to every membor of
tho family regularly through March,
April, May and Juno. It is a matter
of record that this prudontinl, pre
ventive and restorativo custom saved
many a fit of sickness, prolonged life
and happiness to a vigorous old nge,
and did away with heavy medical
Mrs. Maggie Kerehwal, Lexington.
Ky., used AVarnor's Log Cabin Sarsa
parilla "for nervous sick headacho of
which I had beon asufTerer for years.
It has beon a groat benefit -to mo."
Capt. Hugh llarkins, 1114 S. 15th
St., Philadelphia, Pa., eavs "it
puiified my blood and removed tho
blotches from mv skin." Mrs. Aarea
Smith, Topton, llerksCo., Pa., savs
slio "was entirely cured of a skin dis
ease of tho worst kind." by Log Cabin
Sarsaparilia. Bad skin indicates a
very bad condition of tho blood.
It you would livo and bo woll, go to
your druggist to-day and got AVarner's
Log Cabm Sarsaparilla and tako no
other, there's nothing liko it or as
good, and completely ronovato
your impaired system with this
simple, old-fashioned preparation of
roots and horbs.
Warner, who makes tho famous
Safe Cure, puts it up, and that is a
guarantco of oxcelienco all over tho
known world. Tako it yourself and
give it to tho other membors of tho
family, including the children. You
will bo astonished at its health-giving
and lifo-prolonging powers. We
say this editorially with perfect confi
dence, because wo havo heard good
things of it every whoro, and its namo
is a guarantee that it is first class in
every particular.
Democratic State Ticket.
Kor 1'ionltleiitliil Electors,
w. r. i:i'TiNniut,
' n. niLviiu,
For CnngrogKinnn,
For Supremo Judge,
joiin nuiiKiirr.
For l'lo-cctitlni; Attoruny ad District,
ci. : iirr.
, I.eglnlHloiK,
W. jr. IlOWNINO,
W. I. HAY.
a. a. vax WAOXF.it.
r. x
School Suporlnlondcnt,
And others In need of
ream or Carriage II
It will be Ui our Interest to mil uiioniiiie
before purchliig ebtewhere, aa I liHe the
lurKeMt and liuwt complete utock In the city.
l'ruM reduced to milt the tliniw. Juslr
cehedit line line of
Cauiago Ilarnoss from A, P, Kisslcr & Co.
Fur whleli I am Mle Hgent. TheM Iimhhnm
re Mil imule from
First Class Pittsburg Leather,
Warranted, TIm Oneat line of Duttera,
Buflty K(H,iina Whlpa In tliecUy. All
Uhm HOOd I am Mlllnjc hi -very eJoM fig
ure. YlwnkloK tlie imbllo finr twHr liberal
IMtrniHUte In tin iwt, I vlutll eiulmvor by
trlet Htientlon to btulntw to merit eon
UiiUHiice of tlieb Jhvora In the future.
it. a. LAMPORT.
New I-Iicle Store
Having rml the Ure room formerly
oeoui4iiir by Poottner 4c Tllftny, on h
nortlt MtolWule tUMt, I m nrarMrett U
py ma )Ucltei market priw, fn eaata.lbr
tiuvinc tltein fer aale, ak u mil ami
m, aa I will give good iirtew and a Mr
One Cent Each !
You Use a New One Every Two Days.
ic Todd Diamond
T. McF. PATTON, Sole Agent
Sunday School and Day School Howard Cards
Embossed Pictures for Scrap Albums!
Attention to what wl Icihii!
Know All, liy IIiomi ium'.simiIm Tlmtllto Capitol Adventure Co. neither
Bluinliofs nor Hloejls, but aro iiwnku and up to tho times, and know m,tbK
tluit owin( to the depiesslon of business in tho East tliero will bo inawy
failures. Now wo want to bo leady to capture any bariralns that naty
bo otlbrcd on tiecount of wueli failures, and to do this it will bo neeoHsnvjr
for us to lie on hand in Now York and Chlcatro, in person, and bo arnirtl
with plenty of tho commodity commonly called Cash, with which w
can boast tho people of this country are well supplied, and in order forms
to get it, wo will from now until tho llrst of August oiler mioh bargain!
as will induce tlioe having money to divide witli uh.
You all know that our Manager has neon in business here fortlielanfc
twenty years and always does as ho advei tises. About August 1st ho Mill
start Eiwt to buy a large fall stock, and In order to do this wo will oiftr
our whole stock of goods consisting of Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats, Caps,
Tiunks, Valise's, Tobacco. Cigam, Paper, Envelopes, Notions, etc., at it.
great sacrillce, and iu order that tho general Public may know that mw
mean business, wo mention tho price of some of our goods till August lU
A jkkmI Hummed llnncllci'irlili'r lur 1 ot.
A Kllvrr, Kold oi-Htwl tlilmblo, 1 el. ouch.
A hkh)I of elm k'H, Coat' or ICcrr'n Throml,
'I c. uiicli.
A fool kooiI Him liif; Hllli, bent linunl and
iikhoi ted icilorH, for !! r.
2 HlKMtlK Hllk Jllllltill HoluTwUtriirilP.
1 kUuIiih HiiddlcrH' Hllk lor il c.
1 dhiiit Kild, Mhcror iiliiln Caul Itomd,
1 c. Morth 10 e.
1,000,000 do. Horn mid Cloth lovi'ii'd
III (mh lluttoim worths lofllc, a do.,
lorQc. a do.
100,000 do. Kino .let unci Mrtul lluttoax,
1,000yds. Ijuewnrlli Tie. u vd., for lo. ajd.
Ijiee worth 10c. per jd. will bo wild for.'l
mill f c. a yd. Other KitgliiKH mill
Kmliiolderv In oronortlon.
oiui ij ('. io i ii no, inr hi i'H utif,
A goon nrueiu oi uem nnmmer uniioivniriMiinu nntwerc iiiraic. ien.
Tho iibovo ru only u few of tho kiiiiiiIiih ItAltOAINH thut wo wlll'oinir. Ilwfa&w
tho) our wholontoelc will lie olhued at prleox lower than mij uliern ele In I III) tUg,
without any oxeeptlou.
WoiironotgolnKoutof IiuhIihihm hut aio liurotoHtny mid only do thin to nmha tmmi
for our largo flillHioek. Cull mid hocoiiNlnced. liny and lie happy.
Kimiiinilior tlnwo Imu'KhIiih cjiii only ho Hecurtd at tho Clpeni Hoiimi Cornor, fr tkw
Oipltol A(ivonuni) U).
All kinds of Farm
Scl Dickens, 15 Volumes, lialf Ilussia, Usual Price $32.50, Our rrieelaOO.
Set Ljllon, 20 " Cloth, Gill (op, " " II2.50, " 23.50.
Set Thackeray, II " Hair iloroceo, " " 22.50, " 15.00.
Set Waverly, 12 " Half blue Calf, " ' 32.50, " 17.5a
Set H T. Hoe, 15 " Clilii, " " 22.50, H ISLOQL
Stt Ca.f. M. Heid, 10 Vols. Clatii, M " 15.00, " 10.00.
Fine Line of Papeterie in Latest Styles,
118 State Street Salem, Oregon
15UY A
Pointed Gold Pen
1000 tlno Osulcli rliimcH rr 00 a
IUVO NlOI'k Of llOHl'lH, 1U'' iiooIiIpuC
Ijidliw CIipiiiIku IS oiit'li, umtlinla '
IjkIIw' NIkIiKIow liH.fAlc.i'neli woitlifMK
And nit our Hlock of IjhIIcm' '1iIIhOo(
In pioiHiitlon.
r0,UX) IjkIIi Hut riiinu'H ID c. onuli, WVtih
fill c. to SI uiicli.
VI VM IliHikN anil 1 Mnofor.'lu.
(lood HciiilililiiK 1 1 r u h 1 1 1 K 5 t. I'licli.
Clood Whllo WiihIi llumlius HI n. iticli.
litMt 1'ali'iit ClothiM IMiim Ti c. )r .V1,
woitli 12V.
Clood I'ly llookH, '.'c. eiii'li.
no Iti'iiiMK l.ellci l'lipiT, !2n, w- qulra.
10 Id ItttT I'n per, lie. per qulie.
KKIilo.. Mcnioiiindii llookn, 1 it. (well.
GOOIioxi-m lihln Toilet Sotip, Do. iwrbx
worm vi e.
FRIEDMAN, Manager.
Produce Bought.
IN -