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2, J " l-rV W 2 '
, PORTLAND, "Dec 19. Following is
toe weather forecast for the twenty
four hours ending midnight, Tuesday,
December 20 r Western Oregon and
Western Washington; probably occa
sional rain. Eastern Oregon and East
ern Washington, generally- fair.
(From Saturday's1 Daily.)
Masonic Oflcers
The following were elected to serve
'the -next year as officers of Pacific
Lodge, No. 50, A. F. and A. last
sight: A. A. Cunningham, W. M.; M.
L. Myers 8 W.; Fred SteusloflVJ- W.;
Wm. H. SteuslofT, treasurer; Lot L.
Pearee, secretary.
- " .. '-
Returned Home - ;
Dr. ' Alfred " Kinney, of Astoria; , Dr.
Woods Hutchinson, of Portland ; Dr.
Andrew C. Sfith, of Portland; Dr. C.
J. Smith, of Pendleton, and Dr. Pickel,
of Medf ord, who hare been attending
the state medical board, left for their
respective nomas yesterday evening.
- , (From Sunday's Daily.)
Appointed Guardian--
Anna B. Conn has been appointed
guardian of the person and estate of
Arvilla Conn, a minor ehild aged eight
years. ' The minor's estate consist of
personal property valued at 11000. .
la the awards made at the bench
, show a mistake was made ia the name
of the owner of "Foxy," first and win
ner in the novice class for Toy Fox Ter
rier dogs, "the owner being Dr. II. H.
Olinger instead of F. A. Thomas, as
Silverton to Have National Bank
The new bank proposition that has
been agitated for some time past, is
said to be an assured fact. . People are
taking - stock readily, and the bank,
which is to be a national bank, will be
organized ia January, 1903, says the
Silvertonlan Appeal.
i "
Hip Broken! ,
Mrs. GeorgetHven, of - the Waldo
Hills, suffered .a fall last week, break
ing her Tight hip. Mrs. Given is quite
wen along in years, berng 72, and such
an aceident is " very serious: Bhe is
getting along a nicely, 'nowever, as
truld be expected.-
Exicntor Discharged
L..K. Adams' final account as execu
tor of the last will and testament of
Sarah, A. Adams, deceased, was heard
in the Marion county probate eoart
yesterday. The account Was approved
by Judge Scott and Mr. Adams was
discharged from hie) trust.
Returned to San Francisco
J ', Geo. ,'Hibbard, who ha been in Sil
verton with his brother, T. R. Hibbard,
for seevral months, went to San Frsn
cisco Wednesday, where he will remain
the remainder of the winter; Mr. Hib
bard expects to return to Silverton in
the spring and make another trip f to
the mountains.
Lost Child
Some excitement was caused yester
day by tine discovery f a small five-year-old
boy who had lost track of the
location of his home, lie w&s like the
Indian," Injun no lost, wigwam lost.'
He was taken in charge by somu por
sons who discovered whoc boy he was
and returned to me - Dosom oi ms
Narrow Escape
Floyd Graham, driver-for the California-Bakery,
narrowly escaped losing his
life ... this morning at the crossing of
Mission etreet and the railroad. . He
carelessly drove onto the track when
the. train was 'polling away from the
depot and the engine eaught the rear
wheels of his wagon, overturning it
ami dishing the wheels.
Wants to Close the Day After Xmas
'Mr. Barnes, of the Backet store, in
conversation with a Statesman man
yesterday, expressed a deire to kevp
the stores of Salem closed on Monday
after .Christmas, so as" to give the
clerks a little of lha Christmas good
cheer and holiday. The idea certainly
is a worthy ;one, and there is little
doab( will meet with popular approval
Runaway '.
Yesterday v. afternoon Frank I Hrk
was sitting in his buggy in front of
tne Willamrtte hotel when som-j ne
backed another rig into his aid scared
his horse. Mr. Clark horse stand
up the street, 'running and kicking, end
run to Court street, between cmirn?r
rial and Liberty, before Mr. Clark was
able to stop him. In the meantime he
horse had kicked the dashboard nil o
pieces and liad broken the harness in
a number of places.
Wif Innllii for THtrorrS
Mrs. Marie Hansen alleges that her
husband, IV (V Hansen, has not treated
her as a kind and affectionate husband
, shout.! and therefore she aks Judge
Glloway for a decree forever dissolv
ing the bonds of matrimony existing
- between tbem. 'Aceormng to ner row
plaint she was carried to the defendant
in this city pn January 5, 1898, ; and
the issue f their onion is one child,
aoreTl im, voara nf whirk the mother
asks the care and custody. Attorneys
W, H. and debater Jloimes
the case for Mrs. Hansen. i ;
In Needy Circumstances " -
Two women arrived here recently ac
companied by five children, and they
tell a etery of having lt part of their
effects on the way, and they are la
-very 'destitute eircums'tsuees. Tliey
lave no bed clothes, and are poor!
clad, and one of the women Is qnite
ick. Dr. F. Ev Smith was called to
wait oa one of them yesterday, and se
reports their condition , as very trying,
although some good men of this elty
did something to relieve their want
yesterday. Should any one desire to
help them they are in ae of the houses
back of Hughes stored on Ferry, street,
or he 'may eommunicate, with Captain
Ilvttingsworthr, of the Salvation "Army,
who will be glad to reeeire and dthter
anything any one may 'offer. .-,'; . ; !
Mverton's Sunday Law Vatoed ;
Mavor Cusiter, of Silverton, t if b
aid, has vetoed the ordinance which
was paeJ at the recent meeting of t'ne
common council relating; to-saloon gov
ernment ia that city, and the ordinance
has not been posted as required to make
it a law. It will be remembered that
Councilman Bock introduced a bill for
aa ordinance to regulate the sale of
Uquori and improve saloon government
in Silverton. The ordinance was passed
by almost a unanimous ote . of the
council after having been amended in
such a manner as to provide for the
clewing of saloons on Sunday and from
12 o'clock pt.m. to 5 a. m. The amend
ment 'did not meet with the indorse
ment of all members of that body and
it' required .the deciding vote of the
mayor to amend the ordinance as above
stated. It seems that the bill had been
prepared without much consideration
and was railroaded through the same
evening. After the matter had been
carefully considered the ordinance was
not satisfactory to the mayor nor to
the members of the council, end it
seemed necessary in this particular
ease to sign the ordinance, which he
did. r
l " (From Tuesday's Daily,)
Executors Discharged
An order' was made by Judge Scott
yesterday discharging Kate IL Simp
son, Allen Simpson and timothy Hicks
as executors of the last will and testa
ment of William Simpson, deceased, the
estate having been fully settled.
At the HosipUl
Mrs. Geo. 8. Miller, of Burns, was a
Salem visitor yesterday. She is the
wife-of a prominent Harney 'county
stockman and brought her little daugh
ter to Portland to have her arm treat
ed at the North Paeifie Sanitorium, it
having been badly crushed-by a wagon
from which, the little one had fallen.
Goes to Eastern Oregon-
Hoa. J. H. Aekerman, State Superin
tendent of Public Instruction, will go
to Portland today, where he will attend
a meeting of a committee of the Lewis
and Clark Fair, . to consider the ques
tion of an educational conference to be
held at the Exposition next year. From
there he will eo to Hemmer. tn attend
th county teachers' instituteorMor-!
row county, where be winWfthereitl
of the week.
Perry Will Filed
The last will and testament of the
late William Perry was yesterday filed
fos probate in the Marion county court.
Mrs. Adaline Perry, widow of deceased,
is named" in the .will as executrix and
the. entire estate, consisting of real and
personal property valued at about S3000
is bequeathed to her. ' The children,
Miss -Maggie, Arthur and Will Perry,
are each given one dollar. ' Mrs. Perry
is to serve as executrix without bonds.
John W. Reynolds baa been engaged as
attorney for the estate.
' -!
Cannody Bound Over
- In the ease of State of Oregon vs.
Henry Carmody. who is aecused by
John MeNaty of having sold intoxicat
ing liauor to the amount of ten eents
to a minor, one Clyde Hoe die, f Gates,
where, the defendant conducts a saloon,
on the 15 day of October, was given a
preliminary hearing before Judge Tur
ner at 10 .e 'clock, yesterday morning.
After hearing the testimony . Henry
Carmody was bound over to appear at
the January term of the circuit court,
Bait was fixed at $250, which he fur
nished. ,
A quiet little wedding took place in
the parlors , of the Imperial ' Hotel
Wednesday evening when Miss Bertha
uraee; Clark became the wife of Mr,
James A. Barr, Dr. Edgar P. Hill of
fieiatihg. Only the immediate relatives
and friends of the family were pres
ent. .Miss Clark resided near Salem
until the- past year, when she has made
her home in Portland. Mr. Barr is a
well known and highly respected young
man of Clatskanie Oregon, where the
young couple will return to a beautiful
new borne, after a two months' " trip
through California and Mexico. .
To Remove the Executor
The petition of Amanda King' one
of the heirs to the estate of John Bap
ping field, deceased, for thv removal of
the exeentor.- Charles Sapptngfleld, was
up for hearing: in the Marion county
probate court yesterday. This petition
er asks-for the executor's removal
on the grounds that he has not Property
atteuaexi to Di trust, ana niuj wic
neses were called to give testimony in
th matter yesterday afternoon. The
taking of testimony was not concluded
and the case was continued until to
morrow. H. MrMabon appears in
the contest as attorney for the pett
tioncr and Turner k Inman for the ex
eeutor. V
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in medicine and bo had many years of
experience in the practice Consulta
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Dr. 8tue can be found at bis drug
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. ' 7
Decides That Certain Diseases Should
Be Quarantined Also Proposes 8an
Jtarium for Treatanent of Tnoercnlo-
sis Antl-toxln and Diphtheria.
J..L, (From Satniday's Daily.) U
The State Board of Health met yes
terday in the ofiiee of Dr. E. A. Pierce
in' this city, with the following mem
bers present: Hon. Andrew , &
Smith, M. D., Portland, president; E. A.
Pierce, M. D Salem,, vice president;
Hon. C J. Smith, M. D., Pendleton; Al
fred Kinney, M. D Astoria; E. B.
Pickel, M. D Medf ord f Woods Hutch
inson, M. D-, Portland, secretary of the
State Health Office.
! It was decided to hold the next meet
ing at Pendleton in March, and the
election of officers was defered until
that time. 1
' A resolution was introduced and adop
tedindorsing a proposed bill to be in
troduced in the Legislature for the es
tablishment of a state sanitorium for
tuberculosis patients.
The board also decided that typhoid
fever should be considered a quarantine
able disease, and that all cases of this
disease should be quarantined and all
excretion from typhoid patients should
be sterilized.
Another impoVtanjbitep was issuing
a recommendationthat an immunizing
dose" of utiroxm should be adminis
tered in ajl eases where exposure, to
dipbtheriarhas occurred. r
r. Among' the '.important aets of 'the
board Was the issuing of an invitation
to thj American Public Health Asso
ciation to meejp in Oregon next year.
This association is meeting this year in
Havana, Cuba, f They feel that Oregon
would prove the proper place for the
meeting of this-important organization
Some of the Reliable Men and Concerns of
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line of slectricsl supplies carried in
Private Telephone Lines are being in
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on account of the importance' this state
will derive next year from the Lewis
and Clark air. :
The board adjourned yesterday after
noon and the members all returned
home on the afternoon train except Dr.
Pickel, wbo left on the night train for
Medford. ! '
A Statesman representative met him
and the vi-e president of the board in
Dr. Pierce's office last evening and
they expressed themselves as well sat
isfied with the action of the State
Health Board, especially in reference
to the typhoid fever quarantine regu
lation and the use of anti-toxin as an
immunizer in diphtheria.
. r "There is .no reason for us to have
either of these two diseases except in
sporadic rases in this state if we will
only act on the weO recognized prin
ciples in their treatment and the care
of the infectious matter," said Dr.
r-ickel. VNow typhoid fever is pre
ventable, and should b cheeked with
the sppearance of the first ease. There
is no use of s second stsrting from one
that is recognized or suspected. The
thing necessary ' ia quarantine, a de
struction or sterilizing of all excreta
from the. patient, attention to bygeinie
rsles snd tbst is alL It can be. eradi
cated ss readily and as surely , as yel
low fever or any other kindred dis
ease. "'!":. h. '
"The bt authorities agree that this
is all that is accessary in order to
staamp out this fearful 'disease. It
seems that it Is almost impossible to
prevent its appearance' under the pres
ent conditions, forwith present habits
of dampisg sewage into running
streams and then drinking ths wster
below, this wster msy .be pare one dsy
and the next reeking with the germs
of tvphoid fever." ,
. "Now ss to the use of antl-texia,!'
ssid Dr. Fierce; "ths physician who
will attempt to treat a ease of diph
theria without the ese of anti-toxin at
this day and age would be counted as
very old fashioned and very foolish in
deed. It is slso sow well recognized
that with sati-toxia administered prop
erly it serves to make oa immune from
the, disease although one may have been
exposed , , thereto. This discovery, has
already saved thousands and will con
tinue to do the name In the future. It
is like vaccination, harmless, yet very
effective. It is only a question of time
when every man . practicing ' medicine
ia the world will use anti-toxin in eases
of diphtheria add also' as an Immuniz
ing agent to prevent its spread."
Will Wnoop TJp Exhibit for the Lewis
and Clark Fair; It Is
Said. .
"The Silvertonian Appeal says:
' What is Silverton going to do in the
great World s . Fair mat will open in
June at our door in Portland?
-We have been advertising' to 4he
whole world that Silverton, nestled in
the Willamette valley at the junction
of theCaacades - beautiful : foothills,
only 47 miles .from , Portland and '14
miles from - the State Capital, . is the
most, beautifully located and prosper
ous city in Oregon. ..
We have eaid the ladies are the fair
est, the. children the brightest and the
men are, progressive and prosperous,
and the trade of the town about half a
million dollar per. year.- T- ; '
Now,1 with all this, and we think t
is the fact, don 't every man,- woman
and child think it is time we had be
gun to get ready . for the Lewis and
Clark Exposition I - We do not mean get
ready to nee the great show and look
at the magnificent exhibit of other
towns, counties, states and the world,
but we mean go with Silverton exhibit,
one we can be-proud of;, one that will
help Marion county make the best ex
hibit of the state, and help the honored
state of Oregon make the best exhibit
in the worlds-
It is our duty and honored privilege
io do thist and where , is the person in
Silverton, or Marion county who would
not be proud of the chance to lend a
helping hand to do honor to our town,
county and state! ..
World's fairs cannot be expected to
come to any, state, or county oftener
than once in a lifetime. This, then, is
likely to be the only time in our lives
that we . can expect to be honored in
this way. Think, then, of what a great j
opportunity has come to us to show
D. cnaniDers or cnicooo
Has opened in port
laad, Orefon. Best in
the Xerth west. Call
and see hint.
ISO S vast It
Protpt attention given to outside or
ders on choice cut flowers and floral
designs. We also carry a large as
sortment of rose bushes, Thomas C.
Bodley, 124 6th St, Portland, Or.
The Imperial Hotel Co, Phil Metschaa,
president; C -W. Knowlea, manager;
Seventh and Waahington streets, Port
land, Oregon. European plan only; SI,
IL60, 2. First class resuurahtuln
Dr. Wing Lee, Chinese physician. Hs
makes specialty of treating those
who have chronic diseases which oth
er doctors fan to cars. Ti skill is
indisputable. 280 Bornside street,
Portland, Oregon. " "
Portland Cancer Institute 18iy2
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treated without knife; 15 years' ex
perience.. Also catarrh, asthma, con
sumption and all chronic and spinal
diseases permanently cured. Consul
tation free. Mail orders hare imme
diate attention.
the world what we are, what we have
got and how we appreciate the honor
and magnificence of this fair.
Let us first collect the thought wo
each will do something, and contribote
to the Silverton exhibit.- Let us ea?h
one begin at once to hunt tip something
and add to it jtnt as much as we can
ss an individual offering to go into
the 8ilverton exliibit. Hunt up some
thing, if it is only a pot of house
plants, your needle work, some f y.ni r
big red appie. canned fruit, large vege
table, big grain, , long -grasse, choice
hops, excellent wool, fine mohsir, osirr
products, ;e isrwas of wool, rtone,
mineral, gems, landscape views, pic
tures of our waierfjlls, homs, bre'nes
houses, some of our' greatest urnl best
looking people, or anything that acnld
be appropriate snd help to -lake a
number one exhibit from our town.
News Items From One of ths Eastern
i Precincts -of Marios
. -J-., County.' ;.
ELK HORN, Dee. 19. The mountain
topsSare covered with snow. ;
The Elkborn oil wells 'west fluey."
T. l. l'ope is at the capital oa bus
iness.. K .
Charley Raines is down from Oregon,
City on business.
. C. D. Shoemaker has bees working
the past week for Jno, Lomker.
Robert Morehouse 'has just returned
from Oregon City, where he has been
visiting friends. .
Messrs. Art Rods sad Alfred More
house hsve contracted to maks 400,000
rails for Art Raskin.
Mr. H. H. Haydea of Eola, has been
visiting with, his daughter, Mrs. H. M.
Reece for a couple of , days, but depar
ted os the 2:30 traia for his home yes
Jcfhn Lomker shot snd killed at cos-.
nr lilt TnHili, that hmAnrmA mwn
feet, and four inches. The cougar had
1 -- m - - - - -- i
eaught snd killed a goat and had eaten
a part of it wh'ea Mr. Lomker sppear
ed. He secured the sid -f a neighbor
snd his dog and run the "varmint"
up a tree and Mr. Lomker shot it.
- -
Legal Blanks, Statesman Job Ofiiee.
Will.ProTS Breedlsz Place for Uos
qnitos and Fonnt of Malaria Drain
age is Bemedy and this Qnestlon
May Bs Taken Up By ConaciL v
: The question of how to maintain fair
roads in a passable condition was one
of the most important discussed in the
meeting of th Oregon Good Bonds
Association here last week, and every
person who talked on that subject in
sisted that the prime requisite in this
matter was good drainage. Water on
the roads makes mud and mad is what
makes the- roads bed, ; was the con
stant refrain..
It would seem that in a city with so
good natural drainage as Salem, the
gathering of water in ponds and stag
nant -pools would be prevented, con
sidering that it is such a simple job.
Tt Salem streets turn into , wster
ponds in many places after a day of
rain. One piece of street especially,
on Cottage, between. Center and Cae
meketa, in front of the Academy of
the Sacred Heart, at times is like an
inland sea, covering all the street.
There used to be aa outlet for all
thia water, but it seem to be aus ges-
picl. or words to that effect. The ditch
is clogged and the water does not run,
The west end of Wilson's Avenue
was a good sized pond the other day al
so. In fact the water was deep enouga
to have floated a boat for several dayu.
The underdrain that was proposed for
the park would have voided the water,
and would nave saved the vegetation
there. This will probably be put in
yet, however, and will 'correct that
eviL These pools are sure to breed
Oregon's Metropolis.
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Amateur Photographer. Writs for
complete catalogue.
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trial tad realizs how nice we will
treat you. D. M. Watson. Prop.
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ity to get the best 50 cent French
dinner, with wine, in the city. Or
try our Merchants. Lunch served
from 11 to 2 p. m. 25 cents. The Ox
ford Restaurant on 6th St. Cor. Pine.
P. O. SUmp Works, 249 Alder St,
Portland. Oregon, 'Phone. Main 710,
Rubber Stamps, Seals, Stencils, Brass
Signs, and Box Printing Plates. Send
for catalogue.
Legal Blanks, Statesman Job Ofiiee.
mosquito and o develop malarial va
I Drainage is avery simple problem in
Salem if taken up systematically, and
should cost but very little money. It
would protect the streets materially
and would prevent tne monst of tbem
from getting impassable, or even very
bad, at any time.
The thing that is necessary is a com
petent director or street worn, one
whose education has been Such as to
make him know the value of certain
kinds of work, and he should especially
have a scientific knowledge of drain
age and its relatioa to health and com
fort. The value of scientific training
in this class of work is becoming more
and more recognized every day.
Salem has had its streets piled with
ante-cedaneous mud from the bars of
the river for many years, and has
wrestled with the mud de facto in
every way tb rough ths winter. It sow
would seem, however, that certain of
the streets are to be paved with some
thing better thsa dirt snd round stones
mixed, and called for eoortesy, gravel.
Mmyor Waters is feelirg especially
nopernl rrom the number of signatures
already attached to he petitions for
improvement or t ;om tnereiaf? state and
Court streets, and he hopes to get
enough signatures to the, papers ere
long to be able to present tbe matter
to the council, once that fmproveroeat
is made it wtu be possible to . cross
Commercial or State or Court street
(by looking out for the ears, etc) with
out, going sround snd crossing oa tbe
"stepping stones" which ths uncover
ed parts of the cross walks resemble,
t .
Fight Will Be Sitter, '
Those who will persist la. dosing their
esrs againsr m continual recommenda
tion of Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, will hsvs a lon snd bit-
irHohi with thi M.ki. tt
- J L-.,;.- i . -, . t v
rn vnriicr t'T iimi ifimiaiiios, . liran
what T. B. Beall, of BealL Miss, has to
ssy! 'Last fall my wife bad every symp
tom of eosstimption. She took Dr.
King's New Discovery after everything
else bsd failed. Improvement cams at
one- and four bottles entirely cared her.
Guaranteed "by D. J. Fry, druggist.
Price 50e. sad 1.00. ; Trial bottles free.
Wm. Today
bop roots for sale. Bv V, Vaughn, Sil
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Eigm, also ducks, spring chickens, and
ens. I will pay the highest cash
- pries for same. Qttong Hing, 54 Lib-
eny street, Baiem. uregon.
Do a eeneral transfer business.
Deal in lath, wood, Dosts, sand, grav
el, eement, fire brick, fire clay, wood
fiber plater and , cn tractors supplies.
pal em, Lwvgon.
horses, weight about 1200 or 1250
v pounds. Would like to trade in a
nice well matched driving team as
part payment. Call on or address
Sublimity Creamery, Sublimity, Or.
port ears' a are printed to fit the
sefaotl register. The prices are:
Twelve cards for 1 eents; twenty
fivs for 20 eents; ons hundred for 75
enta Statesman Publishing . Co Sa
lem, Oregon. .
on the Estes farm, three miles south
east of Salem, of 50 brood sowt, .re
proved Yorkshire boar, 250 iMti;
also complete farming outfit purchas
ed new last year, including horses,
cow, etc D. M. Rateliffe.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned a executor of the last will
and testament of Harrison W. Prescott,
deceased, has filed his final account in
the county court for Marion county,
8tate of Oregon, and that Saturday,
January 21, 1905, at 9 o'clock a. m. of
said day has been dui sppointetl by
said court ss the time for hearing ob
jections to said final account nd for
final settlement of said estate.
Salem, Oregon, Dec. 9, 1904. .
. Executor,
Notice is here
given that thw un-
deraigned, has, by , an order of Vae
County Court of Marion county, Ore
gon, been duly appointed administrator
of the estate . Sands Brownell, de
ceased, .and has duly qualified as such,
and all persons having claims against
said estate are hereby notified to pre
sent the' same, duly verified to me
at my residence on Salem, Oregon, ru
ral mail route No. 4, or to my attorneys,
Bonbam & Martin, 2V0 Commercial
Street, Salem, Oregon, within six
months from the date of t'ais notice.
Dated Dec 16, 1904". '
Administrator of the vstate of Sands
Brownell, deceased.
To Whom It May Concern: r I have
been appointed by the Honorable Coun
ty Court of Marion county, Oregon, ex
ecutrix of the.estate of William Miller,
lata of Marion county, Oregon. . All
persons having claims sgainst said .es
tate are requested to present them to
me at Hopewell, Yamhill county, Ore
gon, or to my attorneys, W. .U. Ilolmes
snd Webster Holmes, st Salem, Marion
county, Oregon, within six months from
the date of the first publishing of this
notice. A 11. claim must be duly veri
fied as by. law required.
. Executrix of the estate of Wm. Mil
ler, deceased.
Dated 21st day of Nov. 1904.
la tbe County Court of the State. of
Oregon for Marion county. In the mat
ter of the estate of Henry Nicholas
rnieisen, deceased.
Notice is hereby givea that the Coun
iy Court of the State of Oregon for
Marion county, on this day, duly ap
pointed Henry B. Thielscn ss executor
of the above entitled estate and he has
duly qualified as such executor, and all
persons having or claiming to have any
accounts, claims, or demands against
tbe above entitled estate are bervbv
required to present the same to tbw md
executor at his office in the McCornaek
block, on Court street, in tbe city of
Salem, in Marion county, Oregon, with
in six (6) months from this date.
Oated . at Salem, Oregon, this 17th
day of December, 1904.
Attornevs for the Executor.
Notice as hereby given that the un
dersigned has this day filed in the
County Court of the county of Marion,
State of Oregon Ms final account as
administrator of the estate of Henry
OUschlager, deceased, bite of said coun
ty, and that Saturday the 14tb day of
January, 1905, at 10 o'colck a. m, has
been fixed by said court for searing the
same. .
All persons desiring to make objec
tions to ssid final areoont ars hereby
required to appear in said court at said
day sad hour a above mentioned, is
ths county court room in ssid county
ana state, snd sraow cause, if snv, there
be, why said final account tfaould not
be allowed and a settlement made there
Administrator of th; Estate of Hcnrr
Oilseblager, deceased.' ."
Dee. 9, 1904.
Attorney for Administrator.
Money to Loan
On improved farm and city eroperts
at lowest rates.
' Over Ladd sh Bush's Rank.
wm ssS for mares ts eostisg sHoaat eor
Br of Ferrv aa4 Liberty streets, tim rnM
and sarttcnlarseaUes . .
TstSitBSil Sim aim
rhese 271 White. , , i
Legal Blanks, Euttrmsn Job OSes.
The follow in g real estate trat .'
aggregating the eonsideratiun of '';
772, have been filed or record iu tbo
Marion county recorder's ico:
Louis Bsumanu to Claries 8.
HoskiiM, 100.08 acrea in t 4s,
r 1 w" w d .. .. ,.- - c-0,)
Louis Baumann to Bay F. Wool-
wonb, 77.70 avres ia t 4s, r
1 'W, w d . . ... .-"
Louis Baoman to Charles T.
Tooze, 73A3 seres in t 4 s, r
1 w, w d . . . . . . ......
M. and E. Schneider to Fred
Gcier, 140 acres in t 8 s, r
1 w, w d .. .. .. .. ,. ..
O. A. snd A. Funnermark to
Thomas Tweed, 54 4-10 seres
in t 7 s, r 2w, w d .. .. ..
Louis Baumsn to B. S. Quinn,
33.44 scree in t 4 s, r 1 w, w
d .. .. .. .- ..
C. M. snd E. M. Walker to Wil
liam dtoplitr, 40 seres in t 7 s,
T 'a Wj (1 . "
L. 8. and C Norgard to C. W.
Mikkelson, 23 acres in tea,
r 1 e, w d . . . . . . ...... .
F. and E. Hurst to B. T. Ran
dall, s 33 1-2 ect of lot 4,
blk 1, addition "B" to Wood
born, w d .. .. . .
P. J. Stark to P. Chsppelle, 3-4
of an acre in Woodburn, w d
8. C and S. A. Bass to E. and
N. Burres, 1 acre in Annex No.
1, Geo. Hollister's addition to
Stayton, w d ......... ..
State of Otegoa to A. E. Wat-
son, n l-J or seo is, t u , r
4 e, d .. .. .; ...
T. snd M. A. Baxter to
O. E.
Baxter, lot 34 in S. S.:
No. 5, w d .. .. .. ..
J. M. Poorruan, trustee, to W. P.
Pennybaker et al, land in blk
2, addition "B" to Woodburn,
W d . - . . .... ......
Julius Nelson to Charles W.
Eramett, land in blk 4, Univer
sity addition to Salem, w d .
M. A. and A. I. Rice to Nicholas
Dick, e 1-2 of lots 18 and 25,
in Silverton. w d .......
O. C. arid 8. J. Roberts to A. L.
Clearwater lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 9
, 10, 11 and 12. blk 3, in Eddy's
addition to Salem, w d . . . .
State of Oregon to II. E. Wat
son. 240 acres in t 9 a. r 4 e.
d .. .i ..
W. snd A. M. Bents to T. P. and
E. J. 8ouh-s, lot 7, blk 1,
Cowlea Central addition to
Woodburn, w d ....... . .
H. Hirscn et al to A. Daue, lots
4 and 5, blk 2, Owen's addition
to Salem, w d .. .. .. .. .
E. Butterfieid to John Christie,
lots 1 and 12, Cowles Central
addition to Woodburn, w d .
A. D. Wilkowske to Geo. W.
Eyre, lot 3, blk 12, Capital
Park addition to Salem, w d .
A. IL and A. Mortin to , Zack
Riddle, 2.65 acres in Marion
county, w d . .rV. ..
A. Bueh et al t? A. G. McMillan,
land in Marion county, w d ..
E. E. Cherrington et al to Jacob
Wesger, lot 4 and s 1-2 of lot
3, blk 1, Mill addition to Sal
em, W d .. .. . .. . . ..
A. and E. R Timberlake to H.
J. Thomas, lots 13 to 22, blk
Scotts Mills, w d . . .-.
O. ind C. R. R. to G. Faber,
40 acres in t 9 s, r 3 e, d . .
W. W. and J. 8. Giesy to Henry
Noren,7740 square, feet . in
Frickey's addition to Salem, w
d .. .. ... .. .. ... .. ....
G. EL and E. T. Darling to J. M.
HollrfcgS worth, a -w 1-4 of see
3, t 10 s, r 6 e, q e d . . .. ..
A. F- McClaine to A. G. Mc
Millan, .55 of an acre in Mar
nio county, w d.. .. ;' ...
A; Bush to Fred Hnprst, land in
blk 3, St. Elmo a.Idition'to Sal-
O. D. and M. Henderson to W.
P. Pennebaker, land In blk 2,
additios "B" to Woodburn, q
, e d .. ;.. ; ..-
II. JU Hebnackburg et al to
Thomas Mather et al, 170 acres
in t 9 s, r r q ,e d .. .. ..
Pearl Schnackburg to Thomas
Mathes, 70 seres in t 9 s, r
1 e, q e d .. .. ... .. .. ..
M. H. snd M. L. Murphy to W.
B. McKay, 4.43 seres in t 4 s,
r 2 w, q e d -.
Winnie McCarty to F T' Me
Carty, lot 2, blk 21, crspital
Park addition to Salem, w d ..
C. B. Durbia et ux to Curtiss
Lumber Co., land in t 10 a, r 5
e, qd,. .... .. . . . . ....
A young lady recently came to this
city after having tried Portland, Eu
gene and a number of other plaeee, for
the." purpose of studying the Hpanisii
language. She was from Ka-trru
Oregon and wanted to find Some one
who could tesch her the correct pro
nunciation of the language and would
be willing to give her lessons in the
day time.
In Portland she found a teacher Who
would give her lessons st eight but
f odd not give her lemons during the
oay. .
The onestioa of tescbio modern
languages ia the public cool has
been takes tip often but never Inn
resulted in snytsing being scfomr!iU-
m swi a
eo.- ine senoois nave in some m nr
taught Germen, snd once in a While
IVeneh has been introduced into the
schools, but usually each has boca
tsagbt as is done jn most eoM'-en, K
t'nsU when the pupil leaves lh s b'oI
snd bumps into people who uae tL '.,
languages be has to yalcara what lw
has gathered la the sbod. To r-ad
snd write s language is not learning
ths language st all, and is really ot
precious little value to any oce. ChAy
a sj-eskiag knowedgs is f any service
when one gets tit into tne world.
The close relatioa of tbe Ucitcl
States to so many countries where ths
Spanish is the ruling language shot.! 1
make that language a necessary ad
junct t the currictilum of every Li b
public school is tbe United Ctat i, t vi
it should be- taught by a. person c ; .
ble of spaaking the laugua- t .at
the pupils might get a s-eakir-knowledge
of tbe toflmie.
' -The young lady mentioned trforo if
thinking of coin? to i!s . -
and Wanted to know how to sueik 7i
language or that Country. Netf.iv5 t(,
say, aha became a resident of SaW-,
sooji ss aha found that hese she ec 1
find the teacher she was looking -for"