Weekly Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1900-1924, October 14, 1904, Page 4, Image 4

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-.. rma voters or stats as v .
Except In Case Already Exported
V Gives Employment of , Those Who
. Eefiztered On the Juno Election, Al
Their Nativity. '7 7
'IT a ,1 T 1 i : n t
. Hoff completed the looting of his
tabulation of the rejristered voters,
which hail Vd partly reported, giving
somber engaged in the . principal (Oc
cupations throughout the state. , ' .
The figures are a follows.
Abstractors - 45; accountant)! 103;
agents 285; architects 38: assay era 24;
v attorney 813;" bankers 155'; barbers
646; bartenders 534; blaeksmitbs 1,019;
bookkeeper 631; bottlers 20; brewers
64; bridgemakers 34; bricklayers 181 ;
brokers 1 12; bakers 163; butchers 594;
carpenters 3,591 ; city official 366;
elerks 3,013; cook 289; coopers 53;
county officials 248; commercial travel
ers.; contractor 492; cashier 104; I
capitalist zoo; cigar makers 99; cruis
ers 94; collectors 86; cabinet makers
80; candy makers 72; captains 58; can
nery men 37; cigar dealers 38; dentists
223; Joetors 679; druggists 390; , dairy
men' 292; draymen 137; dyers 10; ed
itors 69; electricians 207: engineers 1.-
075,;. civil engineers 133; mining engin
eers 32; expressmen 135; farmer 36.
115: ferrvrnea 13; fonndrymen 143;
firemen 229; freighters 93; faetorymen
-J3: rrn:t dealers 151; fishermen 539;
florists 43 foremen 185; filers 50;
gardeners 337; hotel keepers 394;
harnessmakers 239; hop dealers 108;
horsemen 41; house movers 450; hostlers
26;-gunsmiths 17; insurance men 300;
ice men 15; jewelers 217; janitors 192;
judges 13; journalists 44 ; , laborers 13,-
199; landlord, 22; launirymen 150;
linemen 132; liquor dealers 122; livery
men 322; loggers 615; lumbermen -621 ;
machinists 4!); managers 220; manu
facturers 344; masons 135; marble cut
ters 23 j merchants 4,049; mechanics
207; music teachers 24; musicians 156;
millmen 803; mill wrights 109 millers
264; miners 2,914;f : ministers 662; no
occupation 643; nurses 21; nurserymen
62; newspaper men 66; opticians 22;
operators 58; painters 838; photograph
ers 109; prnters 448; publishers 59;
plasterers 128; plumbers 326; precinct
offieals 43; paper hangers 30; poultry
dealers 22; priest 23; pilots 40; orters
111; . peddlers 28; piano tuners 12;
packers 71; prosector 22; real estate
523; restaurant 139; railroad official)
and employra 1,438; reporters 49; re
tired 1,153; ranchers- 1,254; repairers
23; saddler 62; sailors 51; salesmen
689; saloon keepers 580; sawyers 103;
sheep her.lers 19; shoemakers 232;
stag drivers 43; stock dealers 40; stock
men 1,382; students 330; stenographers
72;stone cutters 67; surveyors 135;
stable men 149; solicitors 75; speculat
or 46; steamboatmen 149; supertntend
vnts 125; rtate officials and. employes
, 607;.tearosts 1,371; tlmWrmen 63;
tinners 137; trappers 14; U. 8. officials
and'. employes 648; undertakers 39; up
holsterer 48; veterinarians 26; wagon
makvrs 47; warehousemen 107; watch
men 127; woodmen 7-8; wood dealers 21;
waiters 212; well , digger 20; watch
makers 27; wheel Wrights 11; wool cut
ters 43; wood sawyers 30.
Nativity of Voters.
ire also completed footings showing
nativity of tb voter. Borne of the
clerks have been very careless in ask-
i n llii. inaaltAn C!n,l!nnr vsitltltT mnra
in the law than the simple- statement
that voter was 'American or foreign
lorri. The next registration will prob
ably gi thi data more complete.
. vThoee reported show the following
as being voters in Oregon:
Alaska 1; Alabama 76; Arkansas 272;
Arizona 7; California 1,892; Colorado
122; Connecticut 207; Delaware 28;
Florida 9; Georgia! 94; Idaho 81; Illi
nois 3,461; In liana 1,959; Iowa 2.918;
: jtansa 947; Kentucky 658; Louisiana
79; Massachusetts 510; Maryland 199;
Maine 531; Michigan 1,336; Minnesota
771; Mssissippi .78; Missouri1 12, - 775
Montana 43; Nebraska 503;' Nevada 96;
New JIa;whir 133; New Jersey 226;
New york 2,535; North Carolina 226;
North' Dakota Z6; Ohio 2,744; Oregon
10,190; Pennsylvania 1,698; Khode Inl
and SO; South Carolina'45; South Dako
ta 63; Tennessee 663; Texas 248; Utah
73 Vermont 269; Virginia 436; West
.Virginia 359; Washington, 452; Wiscon
sin 1,703; Wyoming 19; District Colum
bia 25; U. a- Ai 42,580.
.- Austria 520; Australia 473; Belgium
109; 'Canada 2.082; Denmark 718;
, England 2,122; France 23.5; Foreign
"251; Oermany 4,449; Holland 126; Ire
land 1363; Italy 249; N'ova Hcotia 130;
Norway 917; New Brunswick 56; New
Zealand 25; Poland 52; Portugal 32;
Itossia 425; Scotlaal 764; Hweden 1,
503; HwitEertand 832.
Only rew of Them.
The following nationalities are re
presented in less than six counties of
Oregon: , ... - . . - ; ,
The A tores Lake 1; Union 1; total
5." . ' - : - -
Argentine Baker 1; Jackson Mult
aomsh 1;, total 3.
Africa Jackson 1: total 1.
Alsace I r sine Marion 5; Multno
mah 2; Umatilla 1; total 8:
Havana Lincoln 1; total 1.
Itermuda Multnomah 1; total 1. '
fl the exquisite thria ef motherhood with indescribable dread and
mFT wcsa.a !wtt14 that the danger, pain and horror
af c-Jd-birth can be entualj avoided by the ate of Utothar Friend,
n c .satire liniment for external ae ealy, which too-bena and rendeta
ri!s.a'tlt ftrti, and - -' -
a skill uinuarici I
wi at cx.oo per i
j.jtrr uta. Oar book of pricefew
2iea ,sst free- Address
BriUh Columbia Clatsop :1; Maltnoi
mahlO; total 11. - '
British West Indies Baker 1. total 1.
Ceylon Umatilla 1; total 1. i
Chili Benton 1; Jackson 1; Multno
mah 1; total 3.
Columbia Una 1; total 1. '' ,
Brazil Multnomah, 1; total 1.
East Indies Baker 1; Multnamah -;
Washington 1; total 3.
,. West Indies Josephine 1; Marion 1;
Moltnoman l; total 3.. -
Greece Clatsop 32; Multnomah 6;
Tillamook J; total 39. , .
Netherlands Yamhill 1 ; total 1.
Hawaiian Islands Grant 1; Jackson If
Multnoman ; total 9.
Isle of Jersey Beaton 1; Lane 1;
Multnomah 2: tot a!4 .
- Ih of Man Polk 1; total 1. K
India Jackson I : Lincoln 1 ; Mult
nomah 7; Washington 1; total 10.
Japan Co 1; total 1. - :
Mexico Baker 1; Harney 2; Mult
nomah 2; Umatilla 1; total 6.
Materia Islands Multnomah 1; to
tal l,
Moravia Douglas 2; total 2.
Newfoundland Clatsop 1; Coos ' 1;
Multnomah 2; total 4. .
, New Mexieo Coo 1; Malheur 1; toi
tal 2. . . -
Ron mania Clackamas 2; Multnomah
22; total 24.
ftpain Clackamas 1; Malheur 1;
Multnomah 2; Union 1; total 5. -
South Wales Harney 1; Lincoln!;
Sherman 1; total 3.
Huth Africa Jackson 1; total 1.
. Syria Josephine 2; total 2.
8amoan Islands Josephine 1; total
1. 'i ; ; - ' : '
Hervia Multnomah 1; total 1.
High Seaa Clackamas 1; Douglas 1;
Multnomah 2; total 4.
Tasmania Maitnomah 1 ; total 1.
Turkey Clatsop 3; Clackamas 2;
Multnomah 2; Union 1; total 8. ,
Indian Territory Multnomah 1; to
tal 1. ' '
No nativity given Maron 43; Mult
nomah 8; total 51. ' .
KhMlan 1 Islands Multnomah 1; ' to
tal 1.
Oaklahoma Malheur 1; total 1.
Panama Multnomah 1; total 1.
gives fine pictures of
Gen. MacArthnr and other army
officer describe the recent mili
tary maneuvers in California
each article being profusely illus
trated with half-tones and colored
drawings by Kdwarl Cuetiel. In
tary maneuvers in California,
and . Oregon, How Olive .Oil is
Made, Bow Almonds Are Grown,
.and fine descriptions of Plumas
and Sutter, two great California
counties. 224 page of articles,
fWextern stories, sketches and
, verses. 10 cents a copy.
- General Passenger Agent.
Abstract of Warrants Shows Expend
iture of 15,239 During Month of
According to the abstract of war
rants in the county clerk's office, the
expenses of Marlon county during the
month of September amounted to $5,-
239.07. Of this amount $2,011.66 was
expended upon the roads an.t highways,
the next largest amount charged - to a
single account being $504.7.6, disbursed
for the benefit of the county s pqjr.
The amounts of the total expendi
ture during the month charged to the
various accounts were as follows:
Roads and highways
. 504.76
. 170.85
. ; 3333
. 3333
. 100.00
. 350.00
Care of poor. .
Cireuiti court . .
Justice's court
Sheriff's office
Clerk 's office. . . . ..... .
Sheriff's office ..
Treasurer's office.. .. ., ..
School Supt's. office .
Assessor s office .. .. .. ....
Assessment and collection -of
taxt s. . . . . . . '.
1 69.45
. 154.64
. 400 J 2
. 113.41
. 176.90
. 200.00
Tax rebate . .
Current expenses
Court house expense
Jail account .... .... . .
Insafie account .. .. .
Election expense .. .. .. .. ..
C:uuty court and com
Reform school
Htnte Fair exhibit .. .... ..
Bares Two from Death.
"Our little daughter had an almost
fatal attack of whooping cough an
bronchitis," writes Mrs. W. K. Havi
land, of Armonk, N. Y., "but when all
other remedies failed, we saved her
life with Dr. Kng's New Discovery.
Our niece, who had consumption in an
advance 1 stage, also used this wonder
ful medicine and today ahe is perfect
ly well. r? Desperate throat and lung
disease yiell to Dr. (King' New Dis
covery as to no other medicine on
earth. Infallible for eoncbi and colds.
50e and $1,00 hot t lea guarantee! by
V, J. Fry, Sale J. Trial bottles free.
(LONDON, Oct. 12. Israel Zangwill,
eritie and author, sailed toda for New
York. It 1 his purpose to seek to en
list the sympathy of the wealth? New
York Jews in establishing a Jewish
colonv in West Africa.
j ( -
Xa tb) Joy f th ncseno!!, for w!thoct
It no bappiaoso can b complete. How
tweet the plctor of mother and babt
nsA smile tt aad commead the
thoDghla and lupiratioae of the mother
bending ever the craaUe. The ordeal through ,
which the expectant mother mnttpau, how
erer, U ao foil of danger and osSering that
aha) lanka fsmnt (U .vw
t : t t I I I I ar v
li !)!;
Eight Establlsmenta for the manufac
ture of Wool Into Tarn and Cloth
in Oregon Two Scouring Plants
Wages and Number' of Employes; .
The value of all the woolen mills and
scouring mills in Oregon i given as
$773,000 by Labor Commissioner Iloff,
there being ten of such plants' in Jhe
state. ' One is at Albany, one at En-
gene, one Sa)m, one North Bend, one
at Union, one at Pendleton, one at .Or
egon City, and one at Brownsville,, mak
ing eight woolen mills, and the two
scouring mills are at The' Dalles and
Pendleton. W V -i )--
. The total wage roll of these' mills
amounts to $375,854.25 per annum, paid
to 79 employes, of which 553 are males
nd 245 are ftmali. '. -These
mills have run on the average
255 day, and the daily average wage
was $1,403.34, or about $1.76 per cap
ita per diem.. t . ) . t'. "
There were enployed in these nijiis
fifteen managers, receiving an average
of $3.95 per Jay; tea bookkeepers
(males), average wages $2.93 per day:
three female bookkeeper $2. per day;
forty-six foremen, , wage averaging
$3.54 fer day; mate wool sorters and
pullers, sixty-eight, , average , wage
$2.45; females four, average wage $1;
dye house men thirty-two, paid $1.61
average wage; picker house. men twen
ty-nine, wage $1.35; carders forty-two,
wage $1.38; spinners (male) $1.0)1;
(males) 104,. wage $1.59; females, 124,
spinners (females) 6, average wage
$1."54; spooler nnd dresser "(males)
twelve, average wage $1.52 per da; fe
males forty-six wage $1.08; weavers
(males) 104,. wage $1.59; females 124,
wage $1.47; wet finishing deartment
thirty-one, average wage $1.58; dry
finishing department; (males) '.thirty
two,' $1.43; females twenty-six, $1.02;
engineers and firemen fourteen, wage
$2.23; watchmen nine, wage $1.06; help
ers (male) sixty-seven, wage $1.88; fe
male thirty-six, average wage 98 cents.
These mills employe.! eighteen males
and four females under 16 years of age.
Only three mills report having in
creased wage rates during the year;
from 10 to 25 per cent.
The output of these mills is not re
ported. , , i
Opportunities to Take Examination for
. Employment in Fostomce
An examination of applicants: for po
sitions in the post office department will
take place at the postofliee her at 9
o'clock the morning of October 29.
The following circular will give par
ticulars to those who may desire to take
the examination. Miss Zaidee Palmer
is the secretary of the local postal
boards to whom applications- nrest - be
made.- i-u it-,:i
The United States Civil Service Com
mission announees that on the date and
at the place nameo above an examina
tion will be held for the position' or
clerk and carrier in the postofliee ser
vice. 1 1 ,is - ;
This, examination offers an opportun
ity to bright,: energetic young persons
to enter an interesting field of govern
ment employment where the salaries
eomnare favorably with those paid in
private employment.
Tne salary or letter earners in all
cities which ; contain a population of
75,000 or mora is arranged in three
classes: First cjlass, $1000 per annum;
second class, $800 per annum, and third
class, $600 per annnm. In cities con
taining less , than 75,000 population
there are, two classes: Second class,
$850 per annnm, and third class, $600
per annnm. Appointments of letter car
riers are made to, the class having the
minimum rat of pay and promotions
from the lower grades are made to the
next higher gTade at the expiration of
one year's service, on certificate of the
postmaster to the efliciency and faith
fulness of the employe during the pre
ceding year. A substitute letter earrieT
receives a compensation of $1 per an
num and the pro rata compensation of
the carrier whose route he may be re
quired to serve. A vacanev in the reg
ular toree of carriers must be filled by
the promotion 01 the senior substitute.
A substitute clerk is paid a rate of com
pensation not exceeding the compensa
tion of the absent clerk or employe
whose place be takes. Th salaries of
clerks at the postofliee Vary according
to tne Class or work to be performed
and the size of the office, but range
from $400 to $1000 in the smaller offices
to as hi eh as $1700 per annum in the
larger offices. AH original oppointments
of clerks are made at the minimum sal
aries.- 1 - . , : '
The examination will consist of the
subject mentioned below,: weighted a
indicsteu: !.:
Subjects. ) ! ; Weight.
1. opening (twenty words of av- 1
erage difficulty in common use).
2. Arithmetic (simple tests in ad-
union, ..Kiihiraciion, mnmpiica
tion, and division of whole num
Wrs, and in common' and decimal
fractions and United State mon-
' ey ',..
3.; Letter writing (a letter of jot
less than 12o words on some sub .
ject of general interest. Com
petitors will be permitted to se
lect one of two sunjects given) 20
4.' Penmanship ; (the handwriting
of the competitor in the subject -of
copying from plain copy will -
be considered with special refer-
v ence to the elementrof legibility, V
rapidity, neatness, - general p
pearanee ,etc) .. ..!. . ....... 20
5. Copying from -lain eopy (a sim
ple test in. copving accurately a
- few printed line in the eompeti-
;tor'a handwriting) .'. .. ...... 10
f United States geography (rela- ,
tive to the boundaries of states, . t
and to capitals, largest cities, r
rivers and other bodies of water,
i and ' the location ' by ' states of Z-"
prominent cities, etc) .,'10
7. Reading addresses (test in read- -ing
the names and addresses on - -25
card in different hand writ- ' '
lags) 10
f, Total v;; 100
Age limit, all positions, 18 to 45
years.' I - ' ' -:.... r '
All applicants, male and female, must
have the medical certificate in the ap-
ligation blank execute.!. . Hale Sf-j-li-
Scott's Emulsion is cod
livery oil ' ' made almost as
palatable as. milk.: It is easy
and soothing to the ; weak
stomach; it checks the ten
dencies of ' children toward
thinness. Kz - 'J -
y ScottVV Emulsion i f gives
strength . to weak' mothers be-
cause it creates.. Jieal thy flesh
and new blood. . , ?1
Nursing motherswill find
a - special value in Scott's
Emulsion because it insures
a flow of rich, ' nourishing
milk for the baby. More and
better than . a medicine ;
Scott's Emulsion is a food.
' i Well tend yam a ompk fra apes rsqacst.
SCOTT A BOWN F, 409 Pearl Btrect, New York,
cants must be at least five feet four
inches in height in bare feet, and weigh
not less than 125 pounds., j
The ost office Department has stated
that no person who is defective in any
of the following named particulars will
be appoitedn in the nostal service: Deaf
mute, hunchbacks, persons ' having de
fective . bearing, sight or-speech, per
sons totally blind" or blind in one eye.
one-armed, one-handed or' one-legged
persons, or those having crippled arms
or legs; and those suffering from asth
ma, consumption, hernia, or any other
physical defect or disease which .would
prevent a proper discharge of the du
ties of the position. j
All persons who have been 'examined
for the position of - elerks or earrier
within the past year and failed to pass
may be re-examined upon filing new ap
plications in .due;' time. '
This examination j open to all citi
zens of the United States 'who comply
with the requirement.- yi.
Prom the eligible resulting from this
examination it is expected that-certification
will be made to existing and fu
ture vacancies. ,
For application blank. fnU Instruc
tions, specimen examination questions,
and information relative to the duties
and salaries of the different ; positions,
and the location of, the examination
room, application should be, made to the
secretary of the board of 'ey a miners at
the posfoffice. ' ' ''f
Applications will lie accepted for this
examination by the secretary of the
local board np to the' hour-of examin
ation. .
1 - i
Only Sixty-six Kames-Have Been Add
ed Since Books Were Opened.
Registration continues slow in the
Marion county clerk Vt'office only sixty-six
voter having -registered since
the books were opened on September
20. Of this numfer j forty-eigLt are
hi bi t ion islstfif c
Democrats; five Pro-
roe non-nartisansi and
one a racialist. ; j
The number so far 'registered in the
different recfricts are? hs follows:
Brooks.. ... . . .1. . ..;.2
Chemawa,. .'. ,
Howell.. . ...
Macleay. . , . . . .
Mehama... ...
Salem No. 1...
Salem No. 2.1.
Salem NoJ 3.'.
Salem No. 4...
Salem No. 5. . .
Salem N'oi 6. v
Sulem No. . 7 .
Wood bum. . . . .
Total. ... ...
, A Zioto IiOfeter.
W.iuld not. interest you if . you were
looking'for a guarantee! Salve for
Sores, Burns, or Piles. Otto Dodd, of
Ponder, Missouri, writes, "I have suf
fered with an ugly sOre for a year, but
a box. of Bueklen ' Arnica Salve cure!
me." . It's the best salve j on earth.
25c, at D. J." Fry 'a Drug Store.
Uncle Sam Advertises for Bids for the
Salem-Macleay Eonto for; Carrying
: MaUs.-. . I
The postoffieo department' i adver
tising for bUla for contractors on the
star' route between; Salem, ami Macleay
which the Jepertment' aad arranged
to do away with some time since.
The bidsmust be in, the band ofthe
Seeond Assistant Postmaster General
not later than November 1st, and each
Ibid must be accompanied by, a certified
check or txmu tor Ktxi. m ecue.iuie
of the route is to km as follows: ' -
' Leave Salem daily, except Hnnlay,
6:45 a. m.; arrive Macleay by 0.30 a.
Leave Macleay daily, except Sunday,
at 10:3(1 a m.; arrive a tSalem by 1:13.
p. m. ' ' ' ' , -
j. ' "T r"" "' ',; ' - '
One small boUlo of the Texaa Won
der, Haifa Great Discovery, enres all
kidney, and blaoder troobles, removes
gravel," cure diabetes, seminal emis
sions, weak and lam backs, rheuma
tism nnd nil irregularities of the kid
ney and bladder in both mea and wo
men, regulates bladder trouble in chil
dren. If not sold by yoor druggist,
wiU bo tent by mad on receipt of $L.
Ono smair bottle ia two month's treat
ment. Dr. Ernest W. Hall, solo manu
facturer, P, O. box, 629, 8t- Loiis, Mo.
Send for testimonials. Sold by all drug
gists asjpr. C Stone 'a Drnf Store.
:i ' ''' X1EADTIIIS. : - r."V
; To Whom It May Concerns '
Thin is to certify that-1 was down
for nine months with. kidney and blad
der trouble, andtried, all known reme
dies to no .avail nntil a neighbor indne
el m to get a. bottle of Texas Won
der, one half of which cured me sound
and well; this I would cheerfully swear
to. and for the benefit of those who are
afflicted and wishing .to. bo permanent
ly enred, they can obtain a bottle at
my house Jocated en West 11th street.
Yoors truly,
.:. .'-.. .f. ; . Xlifard, C?.
There Will Bo a Piano, Buggy, Sew
IpV Machine, Bicyd Fifty DoUars
in Cash, and Perhaps Some Other
Things for the Workers. C
The 'Statesman's 1904 ubeription
Contest. This is the name under which
it will be known, and a good deal will
bo heard about It up to its close, Sat
urday, December 24 at 6 o'clock. It
opexed January Ctb. There wil - be
about $700 worth of Christmas presents
to be given away by NEW subscribers.
The list may posibly w extenoea later,
but the following ten will stand;
Style If, Smith tc Barnes piano, priee
$435. Furnish l by the Allen Sc Gilbert
Ka maker Co. " :
2. Mltehell Bee Lino, buggy, priee
3. . White rotary sewing machine,
drop head, automatic lift, price. $75.
. 4. Tribune bicycle, road model, 1904
for man or woman, price $40. t t '
5. Cash, $25. V
6. Cash, $10.
7. Cash, $5.
' 8. Cash, $5.
8. Cash, $2J0. 1
10. Cash $2.50.
Regular solicitors sent, out .direct
from this offieee, either on salary; or
commission, will be excluded from par
ticipation in this contest, and votes
secured through the help of regular em
ployes will not be counted.
; The Conditions
- There will be a vote for every cent
paid in advance on NEW suDseriptionS
for the Daily or Twiee-a-Week States
man, or for the other papers issued
from the Statesman building, or clubs
of these papers. New subscriptions will
mean new subscriptions, rirbscribers,
on the lists January 6, or hereafter up
to December 24, discontinuing their
papers and again subscribing, will not
be eonstraed as new sulscribers. They
wi'i in this contest be held to be re
newals. The names entitled to vote
must be new ones. Old subscribers
will be entitled to vote only by securing
new subscribers. The reason for this
will be evident to those who were in
terested in former contests. This rule
will give the : real worker a chance,
and it will do what the contest is in
tended to do add new names to the
subscription 'lists, and the whole e com
munity wirrVeceive benefit from" the
further building np here of newspapers
with large circulations. ' ,
No votes can be bought. They are
issued only in return for NEW advance
subscriptions.'1 But yon can pay for as
many subscriptions as yon wish.
There will be a coupon printed eve v
day in the Daily, 'and in every lssua t
the Twice-a-Week Statesman, . ? and
there will be coupons in the hands of
the solicitors and collectors and the
bookkeepers at the " business office.
These coupons will all be dated, xou
can. vote them at any time within ten
days. Tbey are void after ten days.
New subscribers can vote as many cou
pons they wish by p'aying in advance
for, the Daily Statesman, the Twiee-a-Week
Statesman, or the other papers
riublished from the Statesman build
ng. which are the Pacific Homestead,
the Northwest Poultry Journal and the
Oregon Teachera Monthly. They get
a vote for every cent paid In advance.
Vote for whomever you please, man,
woman or child.
It yon subscribe for the Daily States
man, delivered, payinp a month in ad
vance, yon can have 65 votes. If yon
subscribe and pay for the Daily a year
ia advance by mail you can have 500
votes. If you aubscribe and pay a year
in advance for the Twice-a-Week
Statesman, you can have 100 votes.
The voting will cease at 6 o'clock on
Saturday, December 24. This is in or
der that the result may be announced
on Christmas morning.
In order that you mar get in the ec -test
early, and secure a Christmas pres
ent the following is appended:
Daily Oregon Statesman:
. Subscription Bates.
By mail per year .... .... ....$6v?
By mail per year, in advance.. 5.00
Mr mail per month .... .. . . .50
By earrier per month - .
Sunday .Statesman, per year .... 1.00
Twlee-a-Week Statesman, per year 1.00
Same, if not paid in advance - . . 1.25
Pacific Homestead, per year...... 1.00
Oregon Teaebers Monthly, year.
Club of Twice-a-Week Statesman
and Homesteead .... . ... ....
Club of Twiee-a-Week Statesman,
or Homestead ' and Northwest
Poultry Journal ........ .....
Salem lias round It Hard to Shaks Off.
llari to bear, harder to get rid of.
Is any itching skin complaint,
Kerema or Itching Piles.
j Joan's ointment relieves and eures
AH itchiness of the skin.
' Kcorr of peoole endorse this state
ment.';' -' 1 - - ' ' " ' '- 'v
Mrs. fDr.' M. Amos residing at 1111
East -2d street, 'Albany, says: I had
ior quite a long time, a sore over my
eye, and while it was not painful, it
was very annoying and 1 wanted to rid
myself of it. I happened to read an
advertisement about Doan's Ointment
and got a box. ' Its use enrol me. The
sore en tirelv healed up. I know that
Doan's Ointment does all that is claim
ed for it. I have used Doan's Kidney
Pills for dull beavv aching serosa my
loins and while thev did not cure me
If kink them a very good remedy. Yon
may refer to me as one. who can rec
ommend Doan's Kidney Pills and
Doan s Ointment."
Plenty more proof like this from Sa
lem people. Call at Dr. Stone's drug
store and ask what his customers re
port. .' .V . " . .. "
For. sale by all dealers.' Price 50
J cents. Foster-Milburn CoH Buffalo. N.
1 sole agents for the United SUtes.
Remember tfae Mme-Doin 'fcHuid
take no other.
I Ieal Clanks, Statesman Job OSIce
'Jnl Elants. ftatesman Job OZlca.
for infants and Children
The Kind Yon I lave Always IJotisht has borne the Kljrna-
- ture of Chas II. Fletcher, arid has 'been made under hK
personal supervision for over SO years. Allow no ono .
- to deceive yon t In this. Counterfeits, Imitations nnd
Jnst-as-grood" are but ltxperiments, nil endanger t li
- health of Children Experience against KxpcrimenU
The. Kind Ton Have Always Bought
.Bears the
In Use For
The Statesman will be glad
to have a few tons of hay, to
be paid on subscription ac
count, for Daily or Twicc-a-Week
Statesman,- for new or
old subscribers
Those Who Appreciate
, Will recognize the many
points of advantage
gained where
is used to prevent rot
and decay of any kind
of wood above or! below
ground or water. The
Voget Lumber
& Fuel Co.
has secured the agency
of this great j
14th and Oak St. ' Main
This jronderfu
Chinese doctof Is
called great be
cause he cures peo
ple without opera
tion that are riven
up to die. lie cures
p-ev riuO-- wiui uium wonoer
ful Chinese herbs, roots, buds. ' bark
and vee tables, tbat axe entirely un
known to zncXacai science In this coun
try. Tbrousat the use of these harm
Jess remedies, this famous doctor
knows the action of over COO different
remedies whlcto he successfully uses in I
airxerent aiseases. tie s;uaxamees to
curs catarrh, asthma, luas;. throat,
rheumatism, nervousness, stomach,
kidney, bladder, female trouble, lost
manhood, sll private diseases; baa
hundreds of - testimonials. Cbarye
moderate.' ' -: ' -.,.'
Can And see him. Consultation free.
Patient out of the city writs for
blank and circular. fSnclos stamp.
Address Tbe C Geo Wo Chinese Medi
cine Col, Kt Alder street, Portland,
Oregon. Mention this paper.
For Infants and Children.
Th3 Kind Ycj Hare Aiwa js Bcirght
Bears tha
Signature of
HAAS, The Drujrtf It,
Is always on his tap in providing in
his line the ruont up tn dato nudlciDt.
Has lust added to bwuUx-k anemrn for
lockjaw in Iwrse. Handy for the vet
erinary. 4,He;"
Call or p it i lane m Rt
address I Us liaUO Haleut. Ore
Broke Into HI House
8. IeQninn, of Cavendsh, Vt., was
robbed of his eostomary health, by an
invasion of Chronic Constipation When
Dr. King's New Life Pills broke into
his house, his trouble was arrested and
now he's entirely enrel. Tbeyr'e
puaranteel to enre, VZz at D. J. Pry's
! Uru? Store. .
Signaturo of
Over 30 Years.
For GeneraJ
Casting, Large or
i'mall. Brass Cast
ings of All Descrip
tions, we arc the best
equipped of any this
side of Portland.
Our Stump Pullers are a Great
Success ' .
If You Need a Drag Saw, Don't
Fail to Call On Us i
Salem Iron Works
Shand f Marcus,
Front and State. Phone 2313 Bla k
Woven Wire Fencing
hop wire:
Plane your order n;w and Ret
e.ia! discount. Car of fencing from fav
lory to arrive October yth. ,
WALTER MQRLEY, Salem fence Weils
60 Court Street, Salem.
We treat sueflesBfoIly all priw
nervous and ehronie diseases, also tlocl,
stomach, heart, liver, kiJney and tire
.roubles. Ve cure SYPHILLI8 (wi
tit mercury) to slay cured toTret,'1
30 to CO daya. V remove- BTBICTL'RB
without operatio- or pain, in 15 dsy
WEEK. ' , . ,
, The doetors of thj institot are all
regular graduates, have bal
years' experieDer have been knowa
Portland for lSyekrs, have a repota
tion te maintain' and will undertake ss
ease unless eerUin cure en U effected.
'We msrsntee s enre in eTry cse f ""
tsle or rbsree ne Ut. CoruItion wr-
te'nrontl.leniU.1. lntr.cMe hVOk. rott
If Tn rtnnoc call st odice
w I . . - - I
blsok lor boms treatment.
Office hours, 9 to 5, and 1 U. S
bolidsya, 1C" to U
f rV " ,
wssr- - r r,.'a
! Iheleadiof p-eUllu tn ths Mortnw-.i.
. ijitUnihs4l!a. .
Cor. Third and Pins
Mo'ntlon tt's I r'-r- V-"' tl