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PORTLAND, Sept. 12. Following it
.. wpatber forecast for 24 hours end-
rwcoa Washington: Tuesday Fair,
ZXier taxi portion.
1 he City
, ' - f Gennja Bilvr Badges for tbe of-
(From 8rturday's Daily.) , ficials uf the Fair, but last rammer
v .; , - ' . .some time jt seems some one broke in
sert School Loans Approved- tw the pavilion al stole them. The re-
The Wate Laad Board yesterdav af- wlU itbiit the" President and all the
ti-roooa approved appheatxons fjr loans officers of the Fair this year are dee
f the ttc school fund, numbering 0raled with red ribbons bearhv the
tfcirty-five and aggregating in amount name of f the office eaeh hoU.
Registrar Elected
" m.' rA"e l,.rofCT.or
,ees in Willamette University,
n elected registrar of the Um-
of sciencca
has been
versity and he will have charge of.t he through Commercial street, and was
rsDipus and buildings during the coni-vbcded for one of tbeprineipal stores,
jug school year, j wbcn thjg yotIDZ man UmlMrd in over'
Another Irrigationist , lhe ,', 8a.u o tbe wagon an J gathered
Upon instructions received from liov- V1 th rc,B" anJ toPPl the team be
nor Chamberlain, a dele2ateshin wa- fwre "y J great damage was done.
resterday afternoon issued to ll. F.
(Juerin of Portland, to the third annual
Headquarters locatd
Chairman Baker of tlte Iterublican
eooiity. rentral eommittce, has securei
tbe rooms in the" Wcinhartl buildinz. !-
joining the city clerk's office, for tbe
Ladqtiarters of the committee. As soon t
Awoeiaton which will be beW at On, tio. C.wi- on a curve and the entrance
Urio, September 10 to 21, inelnsive.1 ,t he east end is no sharp a curve that
This is in addition to the list which was; flieultv is encountered in entering it.
puMished yesterday, and it is expected The result of this condition is an oV--
lbat anoiner commission will issue today.'
as the rooms can be arranged, Secre-1 Groiuds. ' No one. else has the right to
tsry Boardman will take possession and i grant the, distribution of printed mat
prepare for tbe work of the campaign, ter of an kind, or the posting up of
Chairman Baker says that while he eon-1 bills. Those having exhibits, however.
siuers ue eieruon oi itie entire . KepuD
lican ticket in the County a' practical
certainty, he will spare no effort to
make' the majority larger than evr.
Minature Midway ,' -
Mr. E. A. Wooster arrived ' in this
tity last eveuing from Pocatello", Ida
ho, bringing the'Ferri Wheel, Sampson
the Great Snake, "Laughing Palace,
Swiss Village and the Glass Blowers,
that were with the Dixie Carnival
Company, who visited Ralem early in
July. Mr. Wooster says that the Dixie
company is disbanding ao l th'o various
attractions are traveling about inJe
piden'tly. Johnny " Mangles, the high
liver reported to have been killed, is
still making his famous leap, some
where in Idaho, although be fell a few
weeks ago' and broke several fingers in
striking the taok Mr. "Wooster went
to Albany last evening, but will return
in time to arrange a rniuature Midway
at tbe Fair. .
Back From California
Hon. T. II. D'Arcy has Ikjcq siK;ud
Injr three" weeks with relatives and
friends in San Francisco, returning bore
yesterday on the morning train, lie was
accompanied on bis trip hy Ins two sisters,-Misses
D'Arey, who also return
ed. Mr. D'Arcy reports a very delight
ful" time at the triennial conclave wbieh
was very largely attended. They found
the heat very severe on various ilaya.
Mr. D'Arcy said be had an opportunity
to see the fight between Jeffries and
Munroe, but was glad afterward to feci
that he bad not "blown" his mouey
thereon as the prices for scats ranged
from $50 to 2U. He said that Mar
ket slreet waa terribly crowded that
night by people interested in the fight.
The Knights Templar parade was ouo of
the most magnificent pageants ever wit
nessed in the U-uitod Staes and it re
quired more than three hours to pass a
given jKiint. The decoratious of lite
Rtreets were of a .magnificence rarely
seen, and presented a wonderfully hand
some appearance. ;
(From Sunday's Daily.)
Terror to Poachers
Iputy Game Warden Howe f Mt.
Angel wV in town yesterday atid left
fr a round of the various hop yards in
search of gatiio law breakers.
rrofessors Return
Prof. Chaa. Jtnes, State Sup. Acker
man and Prof. It. R. Traver returned
.ypterdy from Kosvburg and Orcg-u
'ity wbWf they have leen as-i-sting
at- Teachers' Institutcs
Ahle to Be Out Again
K.K. Gilliam, who "conducts the old
PostoBice Stables on Ferry, wn yerent
ly hurt by a ki-k froui one of the rcls
Bros. horses. He is able t be about
but will be unable to use his -injured
leg for some days. .
Move to Albany .
Prnf. Sydney Hays and family went
to Alboiy yesterday to liH-ate, tlft
leing more central for Prof. Hayes,
who baa dacsc la several of the vailey
towns. He will crvitinue his clani
here, coming from Albany for . f-w
(lavs of each week.
The Baby Show
The baby show to take place at the
Fair, Grounds on Friday morning un
Jer the auspices tf the State Fair
Bird will take in those children from
ix months to thrte year old. It
romiscs to be a great feature of the
lair and will no doubt attract a great
hal of attention.
, j Hast Be Picking Hops .
'--Again oa aecount f tbe lack of a
1wom the adjourned meetiug of the ' L',,'. .1 "
'hy council which w, -scheduled to Twk Extensive Trip- .
Ukr place last evening, did not mtcr. "T. C. Smith, Jr has returned from a
fa.hrand it was agrd that no fur, to yb.eago he"re he J
thej attempt, would be made to ho!d hell ,Wt graduate course in .jjtJJ'
acWin until the regular date, whb h after which - m t to the Inter
'ns vihu Tue.Jav evening, September Lou.-, and wa a delegate to the Inter
0 1 " ' 1 mxtioual Dental ;ongress at St. LouU.
' . i . i Thn J be attended the Knights Temp-
Bought the Star Mills lar eonclav- at San Francisco, and re
Mr. T. N. Humphrey, of Turner, was turned to" Salem with MrT Smith and
1" the city yesterday, and states that baby, who have let n with Mrs. nuth
-. hi chopping will be in ojeratki by jtarents iii San Francisco, for the past
Thursday. if this .wcrk,.anJ that tle Wo months, f -
flouring'tni'll departmeot will not 1. 'A . ' 'A, - " ,
rrady for ilxmt two weeks, then be An Old Timer-- Thirteen
i" rcadv to do custom grinding, j 'Z orrW "
When the milt is finisbe.1 it will be an :?e wg Morris w"' n
i P to date mill in every respect. " , , ?'h,w men i. Sl-m. and all the
' oi l timers of tbtse days rememuer mm
t Concert Last Night 1
Mrs. I Kraser's Store was paekd
to the i.l..ii, -. hear
Mrs. Halli ParriKh Hinges exquisite
rmdUioa of The , Holy ;ity.T; hcM it all these years. About u years
- "Sing Me to Sleep," "Queen of the ago ha went back ta bis old borne -at
Earthy" "Bluebell." and "I Love Marietta, Ohio, and since thet time has
Ton Dear, sad Only You," were anion besn engaged I the g-neral merehan
,. er beautiful' sitigs, for which Miss -Mr buHness and nther occupation". He
Ketchum proved a sympathetic" pian ; is now here for about two weeks. Mr.
ccompaoist. A ahmber 'of gentlemen, Morria was surprised to see the pr-sent
.wishing to hear the sweet eiBffer.but,
feeling that they would bo out of plaee
aiucug so much femininity within, stop-
prevented from doing so by some
young peopte whose loud conversation
...... u)jmcr i-nriirriu wim ID( mil
tie indoors as well ns upon the walk.
BidrM Stolen -
; Last year the St ate Board of Agri
i culture was in possesion of a number
i uonaway
I A vouiz man -did & rv hnv fcat
yesterday afternoon, yet one that
n.,ired presence of . mind more
i,ra,r J a -r..i .
Car Off the Track
Tbe -new siding i. X
orth Salem on
sional accident. Yesterday afternoon
new car No. 2 run on' at tbe switch and
delayed it be other cars for some timet
Another; car jumped the track there in
the morning.
The Advertising PrtTllege
The Statesman Job Office has tbe ad-
vrtbsinir privilege on the State Fair
ana naaaajg out matter concerning
their exhibited good will not be inter
fered with. The Statesman Job Office
will be; glad to ' receive , applications
from those tltsi ring to have advertis
ing matter distributed or postal.
t - -
Fire Department Sourenlr
The pictorial souvenir of the Fire
Department, recently compiled under
the direction of Chief Pugh, is now
being printed tt i the Statesman's new
Century Press.' It will contain, in a J
dition to a historical sketeh of the De
partment from the date of its organi
zation in 1857, the pictures of Mayor
Waters, the City's Couneilmen, and
members of the Department together
with views of the tire-fighting apparat
us, horses, etc., and prormises to be on
interesting book, a credit to Loth the
compilers and the Department in whose
interest it js issued-. It will be ready
for delivery about the miUle of the
coming week.
Birthday Party-
Tlie pleasant home of Mr. and Mrs.
J. A. Sellwood on Front street was the
scene of a very pleasant gathering of
yoiig jople on Monday eveuing, Scj.
5th, th- occasion being the birthday
anniversary of their daughter. MUs
Lillian' Winnif red Sellwood. The even
ing was spent in playing cards aud
social -bat ind , refresbments were
serveJJ At a late hour the guests
departed wishing their hostess many
happy r"turns of the day. Those pres
ent were: Misses Jessie BraJy, Venita
Earl, Lulu Bornctt, Ma Brady, Ivc
dene Magee, Vera ', M. Byars, I-xlna
Ingle, flrace Brady, and Messrs Idovd
Mott, H. Slater, Gilbert tkobie. Wm.
. Moyer, Lo J. Mitchell, Archie W.
Karl, an I Harold K. Sellwowl.
1 (From Tuesday' Daily.)
Eetnraert Home
MrsJ A. Mcliald of Topenish. Wn.,
wbo has been visiting Mr. an ! Mrs. M.
McD-jUafJ, returned home yestcrJay
accorapanie 1 by her ister-in-Iaw who
will visit with fritid in I'ortlaad.
Fair Visitors
Mrs. W. II. Abraiuu anl Miss Flor-en-Ilowarl
of ttottago Grove are the
guests of Mrs. O. MrClellH and Mies
Fnaef Barker of Eugene will be enter
tained at this home during the week.
Street; Concert
I Kesidents of Salem were treated to
an enjoyable concert yesterday luring
tit. iMMn b.ur, by t he Salem Military
Band. This wax not "down on the
prognun, but it entertakieJ a large
crowd of people.
Mrs lynch Home
Mrs. Join Lvncli, who, while visiting
at Hsrrisbnrir a few weeks ago. suffer
ed a Mtroke of ariysis returned home
lant evening. Sh has not recovered
frm the effe-ts of tbe stroke, but is
iuipnved in health.
Ordered Dismissed
In the case of Jos. Fish.-r vs. Blanch
M. Fisher, for divorce in Department
No. 2 of theCirrtdt Court, the Court on
motion of Carey F. Martin, enterel an
order striking the same from the docket
an.1 dismissing it from want of prose
cution. To Basils ; V.
Mr. Zoren an I family started yester
day for their former home in Russia.
Mr. Zoren i a prosperous farmer from
Fruitland, and expects to return to this
country when the Japanese-Russian
war is over, as be goes to care for his
wife's aged parents who are left ahne
by the enlistment of their sons in the
war. i - r- "' - : - ".,,
well. He Worked for years and years
i.ne tf the princil men in tne more
nf Jn.1 Movers 4 Sins. He has home
property in Salem, real esUte, ijd has
pretentious etoro aud business of his
old emplaoyer, Jos. Meyers & Scua. He
is surprised at many other evidences of
growth in Salem, lie saye one who has
been away, from a place f or a long
time can see the improvements that
have ' becu made in the interim ; better
than a resident of . the, tows.: Mr.
Morria has held his own very well. He
doe not look a day olJerthan when he
left Salem. . - ; ;-
Banning 8pecial Train - .
The Southern Pacific has potion an
extra trahi for the entire week ;on ac
connt of the heavy passenger Ltraffie
between t Portland j and the Fair
Grounds. The train will arrive from
Portlsud at 10 e'elock each morning,
just an hour before the south-bound
train, and will leave that . " city 1 at
6 o'clock in the evening, tbns giving
all visitors north of Salem a-chance to
apetfj the entire day at the Fair. Thns
far the regular trains have been jammed
as this special was not announced till
iue last moment.
Death of Mrs. Chas H. Hlnman .
The citizens of Halem will deeplv re
gret to hear of the death of Mrs. bas.
H. Hinman, of North Yakima, on Sun
day; morning. Mrs. Hinman was form
erly Miss Annie Lee, the oldest
daughter of Hon. J. TV Lee. She was
married to Prof. Hinman in Salem ; in
September, 18JK) and immediately re
moved to North Yakima, whre her nhs
band was located. . Mrs. IIinin:ii was
lorn in ,Iallas, March 3th, 1877, inJ
was noted for ber kindly manner an'!
sweet disposition., f Sha left two small
children a wti and a daughter. The
sympathy of the entire community goes
out toward the afflicted parents, bus
band and unfortunate children.
Lena Hall Secured Divorce
In Department No. 2 of the Circuit
granted a divorce tin the case of Lena
M. Hall vs. Herbert KJ Hall, ai tlfe
tbe ground of cruel treatment an J per
sonal indignities. - The Court also
awarded to Mrs. Hall the care an 1 cus
tody of V Arthur EL Hall, the two-year-old
child of the parties, aud rendered
judgment for costs against the 'Jefend-
Some of the Reliable Men and Concerns of
Billiard and Pool Tables For rent or
sale on easy monthly payments. The
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Portland General Electric Ca. A foil
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grates, tiling, gas and electric chan
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Wedding and visiting cards, also mon
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The Old Bcliable-Pioneer Employment
Company, the leading office in tbe
state, furnishes the best of all kinds
of help on short notice. Free to em
ployers. 215 Morrison St Portland,
ant. Bonbam- 9c, Martin appeared as
attorneys for the .plakitiff, and the
State of Oregon waa repres-nted by
Hon. John H. MeN'ary, District Attor
ney. Home From Conclave
;Dr. C H. Robertson arrived home
from the Masonic Ccaiclave at San
J-Yaeiseo on tbe ovcrlaud train of yes
terday afternoon. Dr. Robertson re
ports baing had the time of his lfe.
He says tbe San Francisco people kept
open bouse during the whole time, and
all the visitors fared sumptuously. There
were 8.000 to 10,000 people .in the
great procession, and at least 30,000
visitors were in the Bay City, including
wives, sweetheart, . relatives and
friends of the Knights. There were
130 from Oregon. cj the train that
carried Dr. Robertson home was Har
vey S. Jordan, of Seattle, and formerly
of this city. Mr. Jordan was home
ward bound.
At No Time Is a Man Secure From At--tacks
of auch disorders of the stomach as
cholera morbo. cramps ana diarrhoea;
but these complaints are common dor-
ine the heateU term, wnen n is janger-
ous to neglect tnera. , raiaiicr is a
remedy that has never fa ilea an J the
Everest attacks have been cured b,- it.
Avoid substitutes, there U but one
Painkiller, Perry D.i vis'. 2o an J oOc.
Mrs. J. X. Rader returned to her
home at Colburu yesterJay after a
visit here and ia Portland.
" Mr. C A. Yoong and sn of Toledo
joined Mr. Young here yesterlay for
a week's visit to the Fair.
I Mrs. M. . Smith returned to her
home at Corvallis yesterday after a vi
it with Miss B. T. Smith. '
Mr. 1 II. Brder and wife-returned
to their home at Oregon City yesterday
after au outing near Salem. ; Jt 'v
Mr. Leigbton Hamilton returned to
his home at Brownsville yeeteruay, ai
viit with friends here.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bailee or Bouton,
Iowa. left vesterday after a visit with
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gardner.
Mr. C L. Winter returned fe her
home at Kugea yesterday atter a vtst
with her uncle, Mr. J. I. Thompeoa.
Purchases Quarry on Ewald Tracts
Street Railway Company Will Ex
tend lanes to Qnarry Cheap Trans
portation promised. 2 v
Tbe matter of road aud street im
provement ia tbia'couaty and eity bids
fair to meet with a simple and satis
factory, solution.- - "' : .
- County Judge J. H. Scott and Mayor
rnun water are both men interested
deeply in tbe . advancement " of this
county, aud especially in the bettar
ment of tbe roads of the county and
tbe streets of this city, and they have
had a proposition on band -aud ' under '
consideration for some time whi?h
has ha J for" its aim the supplying of!
goou material cfteapiy for good road
construction, aud street improvement.
Their labors are about to fructify, it
seems, in a manner eminently to their
satisfaction. -
The first thiug necessary in the n-at-ter
was a good rock supply. This rock
had to be easily accesible, not too dif
ficult to quarry, had to be of the pro
per quality as to resistance of wear and
tear. The County Court felt that its
experiments to the south of town had
been Of such a character as to fully
satisfy it that the rock that has been
place J in use on tbe Liberty and Jef
ferson roads combined all the elements
requisite for improving the roads.
Following this was the necessity of
arreuging a cheap system of transport
ation. Judge Scott then took the mat
ter up wth Manager A. Welch, of tbe
Citizens Light and Traction Company.
Mr. Welch is one- who looks into tbe
future. 'He saw that Judge Scott was
Bym fclallat
tfaa opened tn Port
land, Oregon. Bein
' fee orth writ Call
and see him.
129 Savaatsi t.
Prompt attention given to outside or
ders on choice cut flowers and floral
designs. We also carry a large as
sortment of rose bushes. Thomas O.
Bodley, 124 5th St, Portland, Or.
The Imperial Hotel Co, Phil Metschan,
president; C. W. Knowlea, manager;
SeVenth and Washington streets, Port
land, Oregon. European plan only; fl,
$1.50, $2. First class restaurant in
Dr. Wing Lee, Chinese physician. He
makes a specialty of v treating those
who have chronic diseases which oth
er doctors fail to cure. F!is skill is
indisputable. 280 Bornside street,
Portland, Oregon.
Portland Cancer Institute ' 181 Vi
First street, Dr. Voose, Cancer
treated, without knife; 15 years' ex
perience. Also catarrh, asthma, con
sumption and all chronic and spinal
diseases permanently cured. Consul
tation free. Mail orders have imme
diate attention.
Leiral Blanks. Statesman Job Office.
on the right track, and promised ready
assistance. '
A consideration of tbe matter led
Manager Welch to promise to eaten I
the. electric road to the stone quarry,
and to offer cheap transportation from
there to the ends of the various car
line branches.
Mr. Welch then told the County
Judge that he would supply then pow
er for use at tbe quarry at the. rate of
20 cents per horse power. The present
plant in use there develops 14 horse
power, and costs the county eight dol
lars for engine, engineer and fuel. Mr.
Welch' proposition wonld give he
county the same service for $-.80. They
would also put in tracks in the pit so
that all wheel barrows would be done
away with, Mid all rock could be deliv
ered at the cruher in car from - any
part of quarry pit. In addition, again,
the county conld put in electric drills
and reduce tbe expens-j of drilling at
least one-half. '
Thus it will be seen bow much of a
reduction iu tbe expense of quarrying
will be made.
. Now comes ia the matter of trans
portation in connection herewith, i
- When the Good KoaJs Association
wanteI to secure the hauling of a few
hundred yards of this rock to tbe Pair
Grounds, a local trucking - company
asked $2JHl per cnbic yard for the ser
vice. This rate was finally overcome
by hiring other tea rust ers wbo hauled
tbe rock for dollar per mfl,
: It costs the City of Salem Unlay
mote or less 40 cents per eubie yard to
bant gravel onto the streets of Salem.
Manager Welch swid that his com
pany couhl place this crushed rock ia
buskers at either end of its ine at a
price not to eaceeil 30 cents per yarl.
He -also, said thnt he could make a
better rate than this to thef C4ty of
Salens for delivery is the citj
Havins accomplish"! the first object
in the matter, Jodge Scott next turned
his attention t securing possession of
the qoarry.' This was in the hanls of
the Salem Title and Abstract Coutpeuy,
of which Mayor Frank W. Waters is
manager.' v4"' :- -:';' "
His Honor, the Judge, west to His
The Mayor, as stated a bve i ia
favor of iaterual, improvement and is
. i
willing to help along. : His. company
hal placed a very high valuation on
the quarry located on the EwaJJ Fruit
Farms. After a full 'discussion of the
matter however, County Judge. Scott
purchased five acres of the land where
the quarry is situated, at the nominal
price of five hundred dollars, for Mar
ion county. ; ..'.J
.There now remains the closing of
the contract with the Citizens' Light
and Traction tJompany, which will bo
doubt be Juue in a few Jays. .
Few : readers of tbe Statesman this
morning will fail to recognize the im
portance of this , move; just what it
means to the city of Salem and county
of Marion.
It means that the city of Salem will
be enable 1 tolay macadam instead of
loose "nigger heads V and muddy grav
el on its streets. .
It means the county roads lealing
into Salem 1 can be improved .in an
economical manner, and it means that
five years from now nearly every
street in Salens and the roads for a
few miles out will fce usable the year
' Tbe intent is to build bunkers at
each end of the street car Ihie, and
by an inclined track, so the rock cars,
which will be ; Specially constructed
'Jumps, can run up onto the top and un
load automatically into the bunkers.
These will be so arranged that wagons
ean drive under them and load auto
matically alao, thereby doing away
with the "shovel" work which is the
slowest and most unpopular of all road
improvement work.
County Judge Scott in speaking of
the matter yesterday said:
"I emsiier this a great strile in
street and road work and . believe it
means that there will be a. great . ad
vance made in road condition here.
I beliee that if the county" delivers
the crushed rock at the btatkers at the
various street car terminals, say the
Fair Grounds, Asylum, Penitentiary,
Yew Park, etc., that tbe farmers living
along tbe roads leading away from
there will haul the rock out at their
own expense and lay it on the roads
I also believe that when one block
has been laid down in the city1, there
Oregon's Metropolis.
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will bo a wish to improve all the other
Bureau of Statistics Issues Monthly
Crop Bulletin.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 10. Tbe
monthly reKrt of the chief of the
Bureau of Statistics of tbe Department
of Agrieultcre will show the condition
on September 1 of spring wheat was
Gi.2. This being the first time spring
wheat has been separately reported on
September 1, the only comparison; is
with the condition a month ago, which
was S7.5. The condition in Washington
is 80, a decline during one month, of
one point. The condition of the bat
crop was 8o.6, against 86.6 last month,
and 10-year average of 80.6. Condi
tion of barley is 87.4, against 10-year
average of 82.1. The condition of rye
is 86.9. against 10-year average of 85.8.
Condition of flax is Ho.H, compared with
80 Sejtember 1, 1903. Condition of
potatoes i 9U, against 10-year aver
age of 771. i ' '
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
Has world-wide fame for marvelous
cures. It surpasses any other salve, lo
tion, ointment or balm, for cots, Corns,
Burns,. Boils, Sores, Felons, TJ leers, Tet
ter, Salt Kbeum, Fever Sore, Cbapped
Hands, Skin Eruptions; infallible-: for
Piles. Care guaranteed. Only 25c at
D. J. Fry. rnggist.
-C3. Jjr.31SS
i in of inlw7
L i
s Witt ci. su a Tta, r. ul
1 fen i ln U tui wtlf w. ! Ii M
1 reIMi mmtat Mlwaw. wmM M
h ttmm iwrwfctnn, W
ris.eiinAsT-fli:tTaTB DfascaaMs
a few m ' ve'nat i
0 lnirwt'W)
m mot - a AiTrr rrrwm
r. SF
1 ed a L C. Boar, No. 5181. Price
reasonable, n W. D. .Wheeler, Ma
cleay. Ore. '--t
pigs, also ducks, spring chickens, and
hens. I wilt pay the highest cash
price for same. Qaong Hiag, 254 Lib
ery street, Salem; Oregon.
Do a general traasfer bnsiuess.
i Deal in bith, wooil, posts, sand, grav
el, cement, lire brick, fire clay, wood
filer plater and cntractors supplies.
Salem, Oregon. ' --
goes! ennntry store of general mer
chandise. Stock attd buildings, prob
able : value $3,000.. Fine . location.
Terms cash. Call ou or Address W. L.
Bristow, Airlie, Polk Co Oregon.
port cards are printed to fit the
school register. The -prices are:
Twe.ce cards for It cents'; twenty
five for 20 cents; one hundred for 75
enta. Statesman Publishing Co, Sa
lem, Oregon.
FOR SALE. Small farm, 12 & acres,
with seven room house; good water;
fruits of good variety, including
chestnuts and walnuts. Place all ia
good cultivation. Just outside city
limits. Worth $1500, For sale for
1200. Mrs. B. B. Webber, Dayton,
Oregon. - -
on or before the 18th day of Sejtem
ber, 1904, for the erectksi of a school
lioua-5 in School District No. 59. The
general conditions, specifications, etc.,
can be seen at the Gcrvais Oregon,
PostoCice until 18th, September, 1904.
Bids will be examined in school
house of School District No. H9 st 2
o'clock p. in., on 19th day of Septem
ber, 1904. The Board reserving the
right to reject any or all bids. 'All
bills should be addressed to John
Maruing, Clerk District No. 59, Route
No. 1, Wood burn Oregon.
size. 80 acres, house, barn and or
chard; six acres in cultivation. Team,
wagon, harness, plow, harrow, cow
and two dozen chickens. Four miles
from town and one mile to school;
price, $650; $50 cash, $300 in. two
years and $300 in six years,t 6 per
cent. Everything goes for $650. , 21
acres, five acres in cultivation, no
laiildinga. Lots of , nice ash bottom
and out-range. One mile to school,
five miles from town. This is a snap.'
Can rent farming land adjoining if
wanted; price $450; $225 cash, bal
ance on five; to ten years at 6 per
'. cent. . Write for price list, free. O.
O. Burgess, real estate sgent, Sheri
dan. Oregon.
Notice is. hereby given that by an
order of the county court of Marion
county, state of Oregon, duly made and
entered the 22d day of August, 1904,
the undersigned were epointeJ execu
tors of the last will and testament of
Caroline E. Sloer White, deceased, and
all persons having claims against the
estate of said decedent are required to
present the same properly verified with
appropriate vouchers, to said executors
at the oftir- of John W. Reynolds, at
torney at law in Salem, Oregon, with
in six months of tbe date hereof.'
Datel August 30, 1J4.
; Executors. .
By John W. iteynolds, their. Attorney.
In the Circuit Court of tbe State of
Oregon for Marion County, Ikepart-
- Ment No. 2, Hal. D. Patton, Plaiutiff,
vs. Ella B. Patton, IJefendant.
To Ella It. Patton said defendant. ;
In the name of the state of Oregon:
You are hereby required to apear and
answer tbe complaint filed against you
in the above entitled suit on or before
the first day of October, 1904, and
within six weeks from the first day of
tbe publication of this summons; and
if you fail so to answer for want there
of said plaintiff will apply to the court
for a decree in said cause forever dis
solving the bonds of matrimonv and
marriage contract now existing be
tween you and said plaintiff and for
such other or further relief in tbe
premises as to the said court shall
stem meet with equity. . "
- , This summons is published in the
Oregon Weekly Statesman by order of
Hon. William Galloway, Judge of tbe
above entitled court, made at the city
of Salem, Oregon, on the 12th day 'of
August, A. D, 1904, and the first publi
cation of this summons is the 16th day
of August, 1904.
W. M. KAISER and
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
For GeneraLl
Casting, Large or
Small Brass Cast
ings of All Descrip
tions, we aro the best
equipped of any this
side of Portland.
Our Stump Pullers ate) a Great
If You Need a Dra Saw, Don't
Tail to Call On Us t
Salem Iron Works
' Shand & Marcus,
Front and State. .Pbooe 2311 Black
aiEM, eneooN.
puns eci
Is comparatively sot it. To
be fit for jewelry :uul coinnp;
it must m txin!inel prtiji
erly tv.itli otber metals. .
This is cijually true oi
It must be properly com
bined with other iigmcnts
to make it .dm able ThU
has been accomplished in
ilcath tt MillignuH ; '
r RElIvsy Wliifa Lcid. :
miaianlctHl in all rcsjx'cts to
be better than any other
white lead sold.
It will save you inoney.
Ik an Important state and 51.J
- per cent of its popul&Uou ,
la located ou
Chicago, the greatest coni
mercial center of the West, is
best reachetl from tlie Noith
west by this famous railroad
The Ncrthwestern
Dally between Minneapolis.
til. Paul and Chicago is the
. peer o all flue trains
put ! faiea, ttmeollralat sod
- -. full intormaUoa write to
Trsveliitf Ask. Oca Agent,
M AldsrSC PorUsrd. Or.
Mav e
t t
that will pay 12 per cent on
tlie investment. Big bargains,
now n the time to buy.
A 12 room bouse, mcKlern,
good lot, located aliut
in tbe business center
of the city. We have a
desirable tenant whi will
take a lese for one year or
longer at $'M per month.
This property should sell
for $.500.i It has leen
priced to ti for ty ,
eontec good
f A new 5 room coUsce.
full lot, located near car
line in Yew Park. Ileot
- ed to a good tenant at $7
per month. This property
' offered for$700 -$350 ceh
. balauce three yeats at 6
per cent.
One acre of land In the
city limit a few .block
from car Hue,. for tJO" if
taken sdoo.
f Building Not 1 In Yew
Park fcr $10)ck Ii. '
Houses to rent, fire Insur
ance. If you want to buy,
. sell or exchange, nee me.
- Iloom II, over Red Front
Drug Htote.
Corner of (Jommeru'al and KU(
ft: avtJt 1
will S'aae l r Biuret ta reattsg st
"r ot Trr mun Liberty SieuT Um m
sad iarlcuUrteiloa ;
' Veleriserjr Su seoa.
Pboa?7l WhtM. - ; mUm,Ot.
Money to Loan
- Oa lm pro red farm and city pioptny
at lo treat rates.
. , TIJOMAR K. ronD.
. Over Lafld A Bush's nrj
Ralem. Oreson.
Leel Planks, Htstesman Jolt irs.
Legal Blaaks, Btatesmao .fob Oi.ce.
II. S.