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    IO;;;EXIEHD; ITg
tYOa r.'iV. VATEUS' PB0P03Ai
J5maU Attrance t the Meeting of
tb Xf4rOTcmit Lcafn Made Xt .
..Cotuuderation Impossible, at that Time
T Afln Wort YVOI.w I
Tb Rosedal Improvement League
met 'at K'-scdale on . Friday ni-ht, ar
lr aehednle, although because of many
ta-cupations, etc., on the part of the
rftizenf,' the atten.lauee waa not very
laffftl. . Thft mepllBCP (litU-liau.wl virinna
- WT . W .. iBituy!
thing of interest to the farmers and
roit growers in tbat district and tbu
the prpotioa of ilayor F. W. Water
for the extrusion of . the Haleni Eke.
trie railway lines to that place was read,
and informally dint-usscd. Tbia. propoai
tion was . follows; ."-: , .-.
Preamble to Proposition. '-,., :
To ih residents of Liberty and Boei
dale, ail along the proposal - electric
car line extennion commencing at the
irfMsi.it Xnitlnrn (mrtnimia t. f.tt.
zens' Light and "Traction Compan-'-
car line on Boutb Commercial street,
and extending abtijr tbf county roat
South tow; tin Liberty ami Koaedale:.
Whereas, at several meeting held at
Halem and Liberty, wherein were repre
sented interextd parties, it waa pro
posed aud undertaken to raise the neees
irtry money to construct and operate an
extennion of the present Houtb Commer
cial Street ear line, leading from its
present termkius along the eounty road
Southward to Liberty and on to Row
dnbya distance of approximately four
aad' one half miles, and
Whereat, at said. several ipeetinga'a
-popular subscription paper was decid
ed Uwti asthe best and quickest means
cf ascertaining public sentiment, 'mid
pursuant thereto ,aid subscription pa
THTK'ivere placed in friendly circulatWi,
.towards the eud that $1'f.(H)0 might bo
raised as a loan to the Citizens' fight
and Traction Company, wherewith ,to
aid in the construction of this pressed
'tnslou; 4aaid extension being ,ti
jnatcd to eost ?.f)rM)0, of which amount
tb Citlr.e n Liglit aqid Tracticti Com
pany was to f ui uih ' on half and '. the
balance to be rai,v)d. .under the popular
Mulmcripon ,ners, . ;,.
,Wberean, a subscription committee
was started to work with the intention
f raising the" ir,0()0 rejuirpd by th
nab! Citizen' Light and Traction 'Com
pany, the ftuba-rilcr4 thereto to lt enll
ed together at. a later eriod and after
salisfaetory arrangements as to pay
ments, character of loan, ete., were to
organize themdves into a Mortgage or
Itond Company, thus perfecting mat
ter by eliminating parties who over
looked the opportunity of subKcribing
from having any voice in ton arrangp
ment of the issuance of the pi'0Mned
bonds or mortgages from the aforewi'ol
i iiTi io ine suitfKriL'-rs.raisipc n
. i . t ;i .i. i
Wired lost, of .fclKA.rM. llt olatdl10 Hr7T- N,tv Jvery for,
ho power ami authority solely with
ubwiblrtg indivi lunN, and
Whereas, the various rowmiff.es sitm I
queniiy appointed Tor an exnausiive
anvass umler the popular subscription
aper, encounterer opposition in their
vork. and as a result of this lack of
upnwfti -tkrf orjJtiUiJJrn''t" t sen! p i
iion plan has been withdrwn.nnd Ihcf-f-l
reasons are named for so roing; siret:
Vant of sufficient co operation and sup
port to aubcriptii jaHsrs ly sj4NUt.
Halem, Lils;rty lanjl" l'tfsed.Ue;
ond: The manifest lack of a thorough
nuerstamling or tlie pronoS'ti'jf fn"-J;
tnitted to the general pybH.-f tlrrl14
discovery of several technical de
fects covering the proposed extension;
and for theso reasnni the ifgjnal plan
Of mpular sulwcriptiou having bo"ri
withdrawn and thosit who have sub
neribe t at any amounts are hereby re
leased from any and all obligations
named in aforesaid subscription pafer;
Therefore, still believing the exten
aion to be1 of inestimable value to S3lem
Liberty ami Rosedale and surrounding
country, and a profitable investment,
atid in withdrawing the MjMdr sub
acription,' the following-proposition' is
hereby substituted, which proposition
is respectfully submitted by Frank W.
Waters, and in lieu of the promoters
working through (he hereinbefore men
tioned committees, nd ' of hcrTntrV,Ht:
ed parties asaoeiated with the carrying
out.; of the iorigiw;t1y uadertaken plan
of eonstrflcUng ttiis prooed xt ision
Utadcr ppular sufsc.rilion f
Mayor Waters Pjrojpthm.
Siiletp, liberty,. Rose.d.aIe Jjndxffiillfia.t8
along the proposed eWmtli commercial
street, car Jineexte n-u- and-'tol all
others f nteretel iir'said extension-
If lh"alve referrel : to r'sidenls
and ciliartis will furnish to me, fre of
any cost and exteart wbateverj a right;
of way, along the hereinbefore mention
ed extension; if they wijl do all the
required grading; if they will furnish
and lay the necessary and required ties;
if they will furnish and set all trolley
wire pohnr required; if they will furn
ish such timber as may bo required for
aiy bridging or similar work, and will
do all work in a suitable manner and
supply the best materials', obtainable
from their own resources, within the
period of .... days from the dato
hereof, . ; - "
"I will acree to purchase and lay'all
the necessary rails; to purchase and
string all necessary; wiresj'to, lay lt
iicessary tracks; to furnish all 'neces
sary arms or brackets for supporting
trolley" wires; to .funiisU alls rqHry
CUH-trif twi vor ami (iir(rv! -to 7iiraisM
1 ....... . p- . . ,
ll necessary ears "at" all times.'' both
passenger and frcichtt and t-UMU?omh-4wVhc
ly equip said road with the latest im
proved rolling stock ; and to, make at
leant six (ff) trips per day, - and more
if requiretl for. pasnigers; and to ope
rate the whole extension in a- sritisfaeto
ry manner, employing every reasinabl
means for the safety of both-seigep
nd freight traffic; ami f 'will agreo '
hsv th name in fell ojieration within
... days after the completion of rhe1
work of fnrnfshsjg pdes, ties, timbers,
grading, etc., as above enumerat-d and
specified, or, if in mv judgment, fonn'd
eioeilinnl 1 -l.-ll . ... thA' fulfirt-
ment of mv f ih ncrrerent atlemde.1. It is believed thit weakeaing
the simetime, and without waiting for
all materials to be firt laid n the
rrouad,- working ahead with you as
fast as you furnish and lay the requir
9 ?B aOT? nientionetl materials etc.;
Provided, however, that aft-r the
-tisfaetory fulfillment of all obliga
tions given under this agreement tv tho
fartie, coocc JKin.cudir-g .myself, bfl j
of-war; tW roadl-dr tie, utiles.
n-rs irraditi-r. wire 1 racket ur..,
I loateriah of trhate
nature rc-juired or sel iir li Kkod
structioa niainteioce, o-eration or ki
any way employed or ucd in or about
tb iaid 'proposed '-: extension, shall be
come th mpTTty of the aaitl Frank
W. Vtatera hi successor r utmiuia-
ht, l :tBimcdUtly,HpoB tbe operation
rar upoit nal railroad la a man-
nr at'sract-ry all obligee under
Dated at KaJrm. Oregon, this 24tb dny
Of AtJgUt, 1904." : S ;
As there
wa,s r? small an attoid
aue at toe meeting io action on the
matter wa at all fusible, although a
good deal of jseusio was ha.J, and
further tlw estimates as prepared by
Mr.! Coove rt for the Tallaa Halnm line
wore presented to ihow what it would
cost to build1 the liri. " - . u
It seems that there are a few in Lib
erty aad Kosdalo that tb'aik they can
I. I - . a a. m mt . m
ooii'i anu operaio tne line tnemselves
and make mon,? out of the ironoidtion
without merging in the oth-r eompany.
Int after the estimates' are printed
t'o them' they se- the extra expenses
after the grade is made and the pole.
set up, it is suppowxl they will change
thejr IdeasV Tlw matter was finally
le'fe ftjfM-n without anr action for fur
ther consideration at the next Friday's
meeting. ;
r Tn- talkiag with some of the people
TTom Jtoseia and Liberty-yesterday
tiscy expressed the idea that at the
rext meeting at least a eoonfr nropo
sitiMt would probably be discussed and
perhajis, decided upon to ie submitted
to Mayor Waters. It seem they all
fecj there, howver rbat if the two ham
let of Liberty and Kosedale want the
road they will have to act, , and that
promptly, and that their action must
mean bust-iess.
, There seems1 to be a question kt the
matter that will have to t diseuMd
rretty thoroughly some nf tliesA days
before anything very positive can come
of he proposition, and that is "wltero
n'r Lib;-rt7'n l Ijowdalf. (n this
qtistlorf lijipe'the amounts' that "some
of the people' will givs. ' Xearly ' every
one wants the fond to in a We Its Crniln
04 near his own pruno ' bin, but as
this would be impossible, the swl'ei ion
of a iditce for a, terminus, where Mi
sanio wijl do the most good ,to the
greatexi number of rople. wfirbave to
be i made.' This may 1m tlilfieult to de
teriuine, and may delay the work and
action of th" two communities. How
ever , the matter wilt be up for considttr
ation at the meeting i Friday night
and there is eery hope, so they say,
that the attitidance will b; fully repre
sentative and that the people w ill come
out prepared to consider tho matter
properly. The. proposition for Lilerty
eud Roaodalo is whth.'r they will help
to construct the line or not. Every one
seems to think they will do so.
'." A Boi'i Wfld Bi4e For Life.
With family around expecting him to
r ; ' r r ... " ,
iiiij an 1 1 ft in riii
rfta, and a
ng'for lire jh miles
I ' '""i",l'"B ' '"UK"
W. 11M
IJrown. of . ' Ieesvillc.'. bid., sufTere
'"ath' agifiica, fnvn Asthma; but this
wottderfur irtedifrnw" gave instant re-t
lief and soon cured him. He writes 44 1
now sie?p sorndly e-ery. night,'- Liko!
marvellous cures of Consumption, l-neu-
f.ppi4j, JJfpnehjV. frf
urip prove irs niaTchlesi
liajKoat mtitt'sr trouble
Ifottles .') and 1.00
!f A'-'jlVn,S
p prove Ha niatcnitss merit lor aiE
HfrtWl, mtift'sr troubles. Ouaranteetl;
Uttles ,V)c and 1.00 Trial bottle
free at D. J. Fry '4 Drug Store
r f . . . - v a ajw.
- --
Cj'4'M1'M'T-f -..T.hr rH,n w'
predated' iii' this vicinity.
Mr. V. Talor made a business
to fcialouilhe 3 1st an-) ook in the showv
while n'totsti."
The mountains are not quit" so smoky
sined the 'late rain-. The forest .fires
did an-enormous lot of damage to the
green timl.fr; bit. s.-ttlers tliitik they
have it, pud.r. control.
Flkhorn 's 'hop ,;iekerH.re as follows:
Mt. ,P. A. Wilkins and wife. Mr. and
Mrs..l Slioeiuaker, Mr. anl Mrs. II.
Morehouse. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Wilsi,
Mr. and Mrs. John Ithoda, and Mr. and
Mrs. A. l'aken.
Inforrnaticn Brought From Port Arthur
- of Sovera riarhtlnT ny Intelli
gent Chinaman.
Believed Japanese Will Try to Break
Through Russian Lines for Purpose
of Gaining EnUanco to the Fortified
City Drire Bussiana Out.
CJiKFUO. Sept. 4.-On the night of
Anptiiit 2Dt'ho' Jaoanese surpriseo; the
worn out Russians at Falichuang and in
tiided severe losses on them. The Rus
sians retired ad tWe Japanese occupied
their tsssitim. The next morning at 3
o'clock the Japanese moving from their
hew vaatago;': grouno, in Heavy xorce,
H..Kirktelv asAaaltcd Palichuanc and
ml ioininir 'forts rcieatelly. until 2
k' in the -afternoon, wlien iney
ra eoitiiMdlcd to retire, losinir over
joist men. .Finding Jboeo, forts .impreg
nable the next morning the Japanese
forces hurled themselves against an
other fort near Pal i-h nan g. I5y hand-to-handfighting
they sueceedetl in driv
ing out the Kussinns and occupying
their SMif ion. J ! The artillery, .was
brought up andafter enluring for aev
en bwrs an artillery fird from .the
other forts, the Japanese were rom-ell-ed
t- retire. - The Japanese succeeled,
uwever..in rendering the psition use-
leas to the Russians ami it is now uoo-
of ths Knssian li
ne will attract further
efforts to break through to tbis quar
ter. The bombardment f the town
continues.' The fwregoin? information
was brought front Port Arthur by an in
telligent Chinese who apeaka.both Eng
lish, and Kussian. He adds that the
Pnssian warships occasionally reply to
H Japanese bombardmeaU
1UKIO, Hcpt. 4. 10 a. m.)H is said;
aat riguung in the vicinity or Liao
Yang i continuing today. Associated
Press 'reports say: s The flag of Japan
flies oier Llao Yang Field ' Marshal
Oyania. wbo led his famous secoBlarmy
Into Fort Arthur 1 during tho Chioo
Japanese. war of lKlH Vb, and who 4a
that struggle alsd raptured Wei Hal
Wei and Taliea Wan, tolay holds away
over Liao Yang, at . Kuropatklo,
through whom, the itussians l;lievei
their arms would be successful, is in
foil retreat northward, while one of his
chief aides, (leaeral Htakelberg,' with
his command, is cut of to the westward
of Liao -Yang. The Russian are con
centrating at Yentai but the dispatches
thus far givo ao intimation as to wheth
er or not they will make a stand there,
or even if tho Japanese are pursuing
their foe in the' flight. It inot known
whether the Japanese will stop at Liao
Yang and fortify it and with the Taitse
river ' between them and Kuropatkin
will endeavor to Income defenders in
case the Russians should attack, or by
inaction should they not end the cam
paign at Liao Yang. This last blow to
the Russian arms, though spoken of in
8t. Petersburg as a logical consequence
of the Russian plans, doubtless will be
taken much to heart by the subjects of
Km-teror Nicholas who. nfter a succes
sion of defeats and retirements by "tneir
army, bad expected the finality of the
struggle at Liao Yang to bo in their
favor. Jn tho loss of Liao Yang by the
Russians the Japanese probably will
gain little except in the way of a
strategical point, for the Russians blew
up the msgarjiies and set fire to enor
mous quantities of jinny stores and pro
visions there lef ore thev evacuated.
.What the effect of the retirement from
Liao Yang will e on the besieged at
I'ort ' Arihiir can, only be conjectured,
but certainly it cannot but cause, a de
pression among the valiant defenders
who have been hoping eventually they
would be, relieved.
' ' Kuropatkin t Orders Retreat. T.
Ht. Petersburg, Kept. 3. A " dispute
has been received, h"rc from (ieueral
Kuropatkin announcing that he has or
dered his army to evacuate Liao Yang
ami t withdraw northward. The Rus
sians have blown up the magazines and
set fire to the army stores and provis
ions at Liao Yaug before evacuating
tho place. Kuropatkin says the" first
Siberian army corps which durintr the
rat few days suffered considerable loss
was obliged to retire several kilometres
to the ..west ward as tho result of tho
Japanese attack On Hykewantong, hence
tho order to evacuate Liao Yang. Kur-
- - . . . ..
; . " ' MEANS businuss. ''
1 1 t
- 1 1 4
Wilt ik' C?ity at5a ffpr(:Telcphone
Franchive i repose ..to Install Mod
ern System 4f Granted the Privliege-r
Numerous Advantages Claimed. 1
"l VI .;.,.n.,li t..ty. .,-vk i f
,A,wa,u, t'VVrfWfl,$flWv!lyt an fh-,
Statesman .t ,lHs((.,week thpro.-wiU b
a 'petition jtresented to the regular
ttHtetlug of the 'cotnriioa council' tonight
Asking for a ieYcphone francbiso for
this city. This statement was made
upoa good authority at that time and it
is bow confirmed by the party who will
make application ,. for tho franchise.
Whether or not the franchiiW will be
granted remains to be aeen. i course,
11. is ion, ijiictu'u iuiii luu iraucnise
will be, granted upon the first evening
- - I
as the charter of the city will not allow
of this, as all matters of this character
must go through the same process of
municipal legislation. The petition will!
be presented and,' in all probability, tin
less the rules of order are susended for
the occasion.' it will'las referred to a
committee for investigation and report
before final action is taken upon tho
Mr. w.'Uo Varney of PortUnd, the!
Pacific 'coast manager of a large Eastern (
telephone i.-rstrnmeut and supply fae-'
tory, is in the city anil will present tho
petition . to the council tonight. Mr.'
I6" Varney, when seen at the hotel last,
evening, at first was inclined not tor
talk of. bis plans for publication, but
he finally owned u that be was eon-'
nected with the institution which was'.
installing alt of; the moilern systems 1
in. the coast towns and acknowledge.! f
that he was ,n Salem for that PurNse
if he could secure a franchise. In dis-
cusxini? the matter Mr. De Varnev said:!
44Ves, it is true that I shall niake ap-
plication to the city council tomorrow The banner hop deal of the season'
evening for a franchise to enter this . , , .... , I
city with a new, telephone system. I4WM amm last SatMrday even-,
have nothing whatever to say in rcla-j inT when Jno. T. Ilowen sold his thre-j
tion to the eompany which is iloing bus-! fourths interest-in th K. M. Ilaxdina
iness liere at the present time. All that-
I have to say is that, if we are granted!
a franchise, we proMsc to install hero a
telephone system that is not to be ex
TO ill
celled in iat of up-to-dateness by any
system in use in the United States. Our
system is what is known as the 'light
system which is in use in all of . the
large cities of the Fast and the major
ity of them upon the Paeifie coast. Hy
this system the bell telephone is done
away with' entirely, ,
4,II that a '"Biibscriber has to do
when he wants "to 'communicate with J
'aiiybclv upon the line, whoth"r- he is
situatett on a party line or not; is"t
take down lib receiver. This action up
on his part i" indicated in the central
office by the flash of light. ' He simply
gives his Bumftff Jo the eierator ami
he does not have to call central again
in cast; his partv d'es not answer the
first summons." When the party wasted
is connected , and rung by ' central an-
ithtr litrht BTitM-aru nml fliiti rentainfi
- - . , f '
lightetl until the party answers. InJ
case one of the two conversant gets,
trough 'taikin" and the other wants tojwhen A.' Wolf & Soa purchased in tin
converse, with, somebody --'else, ; when' divi.letl ' ose half interest in tho Sj.'
one theni hangs up the receiver hi; Smith yarl. , ' j I
light is flashetl again and central kuowsj Other deals bae Iwea made at the
by this that; the other party. still has' hop bnsiness a,1kia time is' certainly.
his receiver down aad she inquire the
cause. . -
44 In the ea.i f party lines, where
only four snbserilx'ra arp allowed upon
one line, and tbo lino Is bu-v and as-
I other party along i tie un? taaes aewn
I j - ,'"'' '' I
Dramatlc , Aban
donment of Lfao Yang;
Burning All StoresTherc
--Stakelburg's Siberian
Army of 25000 Men Is
Octupied llao Tang. ' '
Tokio,' Heptv 4.-1 1 is ofticiallly
announced that'the Japanese lorcca
occupied LUo .Yang at & .. o'eloek
this (Sunday) morning. t-
Japs Occupy Llao Yang.
HT. PFTKl'SltltBO, Hept. 3.
Jajnese have wcupied Liao Yang.
The First'' "Siberian Army CWs,
numbering 25,0C0 men under Oen
eral takelterg, was cut off, to the
westward of Liao Yang. The Rus
sians are concentrating at Yentai.
,-'.- . , -
opatkin sayN furthers 'Ou the night
of September J, Kuroki attacked Hyk
wantun, eleven miles east of Liao Yang
and captured a majority of the Russian
positions. The occupation of which was
completed on the night of September 2,
the Russians retiring six miles distant.
The fiirst Siberian army corps was al
most surrourfded. , This eorjm previous
ly saved Ucneral OroloiT's detachment
by attacking the Japnneso flank when
OrolotT was threatened with annihila
tion. Oroloff was seriously wounded."
I ' Japs Say Fighting Continues. -Tokio,
. Sept. 4. (Noon.) Qytna tc-oi;ts-
that lo rliusKiaus burped their
store houses near Liao Yang, on Satur
day, Kuroki leaving a force at aWtr.u
ago to protect j his right flank has
swung sharply to Uie westward to reach
the railway, and envelope Liao Yaug.
Oyama's left nnd center armies are still
attacking the- Russian south aud west
of the walls of Liao Yang.
Hopes of Victory Dispelled.
St. Petersburg, .Sept. IS. All Russia
will learn by the morning newspapers
that Kuropatkin 's army is in full re
treat to the northward; that Liao Yang
has been" abandoned and that Stakcl
lerg's corps is surrounded and cut off.
Hopes of victory were raised in Russian
breasts by n telegram from the com
his 'phone this fact Ls also commun
icated to central who Immediately in
quires, into the business of the third
party. '.Andhe.r '' ffdvitntago which ' our
system',has over the' Ordinary dead Ut
ter ''sysf ems in iWi- mi the coast, is that
in case . of 'piif ty, 'lines : is, . doing
awny 'with, ".".the t in'cefMaof ringing
of - patty Jiu.e ! Xi-Us '''when. ? Anyone
1 1.'.. -!.. 'i'' ' r'j'ii' 5
instrument 'of-'ih-p ia'rlV wanted. . This
advantage; is 'gauged, ly what, is knpwn
JV'f,hf .".sek-cl kiyr 'syaC-Jtj Th; ring
ih'e of 'three, four, five anil suiiieiimes
as' liigh its, seven bellk upon' a , lire is j
coiujueteiy, tumo, awayr.wiur ov tttis up
to date system. ,'Kvery ', 'phono is rung
by one bed! rrny(nnd a inan does not
Kef out of Wd at 'wight only U find that
4 1 am sorry, bU they gave mo ,1116
wrong oumjier. ' t . ( .
'"I have not"'t'ad an opjiortunity to
converse with 'anybody ia your city
upon the proposition of installing a new
'phone system here and I have not the
slightest idea of the altitude of the e
ple here upon the matter,,, but I will
4L.. ; 11,.
a t in 1 is5 '"im us tvii likiib -ita
mav be able there to gain some sort of
an plea or wtiat encouragement will le
offered us. We make, po brag whatever
or our system or Of what wo promise to
do in the future, as in Xttr- case of Oor
vallis wlicre we nave tmt recently in
stalled one of our -avstems, but when
the system is installed, if it is not what
we claimed, or even more, we axe ready
to forfeit our franchise at any time.
All that we. ask pi to lavgivr-n a chance
and. in ease the matter is even taken
under consideration by the council, I
tmsf that they Will not take my word
for what we claim fo do but hope the
committee' will 'tftke'B tr4f? in Crvallis
and investigate our system to their own
satisfatcjon. I will pay the expenses of
such a trip if. necessary.', f
' .
Cood Ucportn From Growers In That
- .v.wtM
boD v.rd rnHitinir of forty acres near!
... .. . --. , r:.'. J
l" " - - J I " ",--
tho Silverton Appeal. The company in
question takes the crop on the vines,'
and in the consideration agrees to har
vest the ether one fourth of the eropj
Mr. Ilowen had the yard rented on
shares and the one ."."fourth' crop to be
harvested;.. pays. ..the rental. , J
In this transaction Mr. Rowen, who
is reeognircd as one of Silverton 's most.;
enterprising hop growers, .steps tbwn
and out of the business at a very earl ,
period of the season with a neat Bum'
of money. .He is to be. eongratidated
ujttn his success. :. .t J
. Tn the tran-action Mr,' IJowen re-!
eeives the tp prico for his crop and es-'
cajs further- rjst of holding, the ar-
tide during; the rcmaintler -of the sea-f
son. ;. :: v;-;'. ,';. ... . ; ",. - :':-;' -'.. - -
The same "arties Imnght the J. B. ;
Canon vard for K(H last Mondav. .- j
Another bop deal of no little impor-:
tance is the transaction mde, this week
mnvioir in this vicinuy, , : .- . j
D. V. Vaughan contraeted for . 1L
Stolie's bopf Monday for 'LHienthal
ItroW paying 2f rents "for same, 'j Mr."
Vaushan also furcha-eI tbe I'rjnk
urosig yam -.onaay me consi-tcration.
' " . . . -. J : i. .1 .
ujiijii iuv nut; in wiiiit-ii ff.m in oiaiy
cases one' , gets up' in' the; ijea'd "bt .the
high a"nd answers the ' 'hono oply to
for onlv-tce 'nhfnt! ircll rintys iiihu tlie
mander in chief which was published
this afternoon, saying the- Itussians had
advanced against Kuroki en Friday and
the attack on .the ' Russian right : bad
been repotted, but they proved short
lived. Kuropatkin bad scarcely begun
the olteusive- against Kuroki 'a army
when he was compelled by an over
whelming force of Japanese executing
a flanking movement, to give up all
idea of continuing bis advance and" to
hurriedly withdraw ia tho direction of
Mukden-'-- The retreat ia the logical
consequence of the Russian plan of
lerding on and tiring out the Japanese
at succcsnive stations of the road north
ward, thus placing their foe at a eon
atantly. growing disadvantage, by
lengthening his lines of communication.
The success of this plan was marred by
tho blunder of Stakelborg, who in the J
words of Kuropatkin, insisted en plae
iug ins own interpretation on orders in
stead -of fulfilling them. Stakclberg
erred in failing to cross tho Taitse river
when 'Kuropatkin desired that the
whole army should retreat to its north
ern j oauk. This blunder, it is fearenl,
will involve the loss of the whole First
Siberian Army Corps. , The abandon
ment c-f the whole position jnt Liao
Yang involves the great loss' of great
accumulation of stores, though it is be
lieved by rna nv that these already had
been nen north hefnre tliA eommene.-
ment of the fighting. It is 'morethan
Mssible, however, the Russians destroy
ed what they could not move.' Some
thing akin to consternation prevails
among the Russians who have learned
of tho disaster' to Stakellierg'a corps.
All realize: there is small hope now for
the relief of Port Arthur, but military
officials are unanimous in the belief it
would only be folly for Kuropatkin to
remain and run t lie; risk -of lxingsRur
rvunded, while his withdrawal to" the
north has actually converted! what
might have been a disaster to himself
into what is regarded as a reverso for
the Japanese, for failure of the Japan
ese to hold Kuropatkin 'a army and .to
inflict a decisive blow it is claimed enn
not Ikj regarded otherwise than as a ro
verse. Kuropatkin 'a retreat will un
doubtedly have a discouraging effect on;
the garrison at l'ort Arthur, which can
no longer hope for any relief from this
source. Jt is (Joutitful, however, if the
Japanese are In a ioition to press the
siege, aud it Is more than probable
they have diverted 'a portion of the 'be
sieging army to reinforce their corps
operating in Mauchuria. This would
account for the temporary lull in the
lighting. It is noticeable that siege re
ports reaching here do not mention anv
further assaults on tho fortress, but on
y speak of the lnmlmrdments.
we are informed, Is $1,000. He is to
harvest tho crop.
. Kvery train eonlng into the city is 1
1 1 J ' . 1 . 1 ' ' t . T
joaueu wiin peopje who come, fiero lor
the annual harvest , nd many families
have moved in with teams; 1
There is probailV 110 other prodnet
that will produfe knelt" 'an income er
Tiere in the "snmerlength dV timmns the
hirp: rsft'iand fdw kcnlitic; wliere'they
dd'a'aiiwcll s hcre -.:
-) bvt!
Xou 3vill
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for which it is advertised. Ask Mr. Thompson. . : i ;
DR.. B;
Steusloff Oldfi:., Court and Liberty Streets.
PHOINE 2591 Al AliNsi A - : ;
HOURS 8 n. ni. to B p. ni.9 7 p, m. to 8. p. rru Sundnyn, lb a. m. to 13 m.
a . . .
- In an experiment on the relation of
temperature t tho keeping property
of riiUk, ' at the CVanecticut hrorrs
ftatiou,-tli bacteria, la milk muHfplj
cl five fold in "4 hours wbea the teni
pernture was 5& degrees Fahnnheit,
an t :."() fold in the same tlm, when
the temperature was 70 ilegrees.
-.Milk kept at -t5 cu'rdle.1 hi IS hours,
at 70 In 4S hours, aud at i 14H
h'uiis. S far neithe keeping projrty
of milk Is concerned,' low 'temperature
ia eonsddere ij of mote imjortance than
Jn milk kept at 13 the sieeics devel
oping uiost rapidly is tha tiadesirilde
oni known a bacillus lactie aerogenes.
At temperature of 7U thia ;cles
develops relatively lews rapidly in the
majoritv of Senses thMi Kacinun la.vtis
!aej,jjf which latter la desirable ra both
cqam and cheese ripening.
The Isieteria in milk kept at n
crease slowly1, and later consists of few
tactic organ iims, but of . piiseellntrfwra
typ, including many forma that ren
der the milk: unwholesome. .
The bacteria eontiauo to gcow.
slowlv dav I after day. .but the milkl
keeps sweet .because tho lactie orgin
isms do not vlevelop Abundantly. ; . i
Such milk, iu the course of time, be
eoeves far more unwholesome than sour
milk,. riiic it is riJIet with orirnuisms
that tend to produce putrefaction.
Although jh temperature f 50 de
grees is to le emphatically recommend
ed to the dairyman for tho prrpose of
keepkig his milk sweet and ia proper'
condition for market, h- must esjcai-
V " Fr' wn" H" ,V7:
. 1 1. ... 1. Im itm Md Jtaft 1 A I h' All I Si
tirOtter for market, even 'though it is
atiit sweet and has tint etirdlej.
Quite t!v j reverse is the can. Old
milk is never wholesome cvni though
it has lwen kept at a tcmjerature of
50 degrT ojud etill remains sweet and
uncnnlled. j ;'---
This considerably mndifies some of
our previous! ideas coirernaig milk, for
it has loen igenerally. relieved that, so
brag as the milk remains sweet it is in
gool condition for use. Ooito the csi
trary in this case, if it hsa.l-eea kept
at a tenienture of SO degrees or in
this vicinity, f '
It is not anlihely th?t It is t hi fact,
that leads to wine of the eacs of ce
eream poison nig m conmion in Summer.
Tiw cream i kept nt low tempera
t'nro for several days until a onsub-fa-ble
quantity has necnmulated or a lo-
maud ba,s
come -furr ice-cream, nnu
whn made into ice-cream - it is filled
with bfictcrla in great iiuiiiIhts of a
sutpicious character. 'Sentinel. ,
SlvATTLK, Sept. 2.. A special'to the
Post-Iutellieucer from bisaquah, Wash
ington, sayi.f Fire which had leen
burning for the piutt .lour or five days
iu'the coal; mines' at this place, broke
out with renewed violenca this morn
ing and for a time: St looked as .if the
mine would hir'B total wreck. However,
owing to the strenuous efforts on the
part of the! mi-u about the mines the
fire was gotten under contrrd and to
night It" ia rivjioited'ttie dsuiiigc will tie
slight. . y j ,
A GOOD CHANCE. " f . '
New subirit ers t givi away, alwmt
700 worth of presents. Thero-will .!
a 4X" PiaJiO, $83 P.uggy, " Sewing
Machine, 40 P.icycle, and $23, 10, 3,
J.5. 2LD $2.0 ia cash iries. . , .
never know the full vnlue
.teeth till vdu lose them. :,
,t, X- -r- 1
-".."' ;' ;'' ',. . f
: one pisiRiC::
ANA WILL cut Dowir voti:.
Thinks Roosevelt Will Bo Elected ty
the Greatest Majority Since
Can't Bciieye Democratic 5 Land H l i
rowlble-loea Not Liko Fclitlcai
'. rrodiciioiui Saya Parker Will Ee De
feated Mere Decisively Than Eryaa.
OVSTKlt HAY,;ScptJ 2. Senator J.
W.: PK-veridge of Indians, after n con
ference with President dtoosevcl!, whii Ji.
he said was principally of a "persona L
nature, gave the following interview;
"i dislike to make political predictions,
'but it appears to me that the Itght prac.
tieaUy has been won by the Republi
cans, unless there houhl l a Dffsrat
ic . landslide," and -there . are no indica
tions of it. I believe Roosevelt will bo
elected by tho largest majority a Pres
ident has ever received since the Ciril
War. I tsslieve Parker will bo wefent-,
ed even more decisively than Hryan.
As 1o Indiana, T ! do not care to talk.
Vc.linve lifcn stendily inereasing ouf
gains in the state for several years. In
the lat election we had a majority of,
3.VXMI, I see no reason why we aboubl
not increase that majority ; this frill.
Of -the four Congressional districts now
hebl by the Demin-rats, 1 think we shall
capture at least one Congresimnu."
.;;. . Car. . '..' ;'
Eloctric Car - Cut- Xnt and Tarts
f Carried Tvo Hundred Feet Away
Ftom Scene j No Knowledge Why
Electric Driver Stopped On Track. ,
ST LOP IX, Sept. 3. Seven prisons
we.ro killed and ill injured, eight sf
iously, tmlay. by 11 collision between-: H
Wabash WorbL's Fair Shuttle t ra & t
with a Suburban lb'etrie car nt Sarah
street crossing. There were 23 "pi:r;
s'lrn in tho car' and 110110. escaped in
jury. All the i-jjnred will . reciver.,.,
Th fthuMlo train was returning to th.
Pnion Statbti from th" .World's Fair"
grounds.' The street tc!ir; htopp,-l di
rectly id front of the cngaie, and win
cut in two. Trncka of the ear wrt
kntcUotl. llM fit away,, while a.pHjt of
of tlie rof wnSjCarritwl 2 0.0 feet further;
by 1 the traki. ; 2S'o tr.i isfuctory tx-"
piannlioii has Tu'en given why the ear
stopped in tho mi Idlo.of the track,.
1 .,' ' i '
; to
Bridgcwork $5.00
f -
4 V