Weekly Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1900-1924, August 26, 1904, Page 6, Image 6

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Repairing io All -.Flight
When it Us all right.
We can mend your cut glass.
li pair your hilverware.
- CI mi you c watch or clock. -'
Make over your old Ting.
. Mount your agate or reet you
. All to your entire satisfaction,
lop Growers' Supplies
Manufacturers of v Royal n floor.
207 Commercial Street, Salem
A Im, Ctwr n w ft I
itYti ..ei Ti rAtL r-rt
fe l 0W pmt tax idm4ltMllrial,lillihr
hmwm tbm mt yr wdtn tk
WNITrO MCOICaLCO.,aaT4. Uneutt.
Sold at Dr. Stones Drag Store.
From the Chicago News.
; "Why are yon singing in that phono
graph t' '
"Because I have a sweet voice," re
sponded the sweet inger, "and any
thing sweet should be preserved."
r i.
; '
Cor. State and
Liberty Sts. U
Tire MAEExrra.
s LIVEBPOOL, Aug. 25.-Wheat. Sept.
i New York, An. 25. Silver, 57 J
Union Pacific, Pf,, 94. ......
, Chicago, Aug. &.. Wheat, Septem
ber opened $1.04; closed, 1.05.
- Harley, 453. -
: Flax, $1.19; Northwestern. 1.2oV
! : Ran FraneUeo, Aog. z5.- Cash wheat
$1.45. ,
Portland, Ang. 25 Wheat, shipping
Walla Walla, 70; Blnes'tern -81; Valley,
83. f . . - .
Taeoma, Aug. 25. Wheat, Blnestem,
83; Club, 78.
local Markets.
Wheat 75 cents.
Oats $1.15 per eeatal.
Barley Feed, $21 par ton. -
Hay Cheat, $11; clover $10S11;
timitby, $13. --: ' "
Flour City retail selling pTice, $1.05
to $1.15 per sack.
Mill Feed Bran, $22 per ton; shorts,
Butter Country, 1820 ecnts (buy
in) ) Kggs 20 cents.
Chickens 8 cents.
KrrJnTAr 1ft nti.
Pork Fat hogs, stock, 4e.
Beef Fat steers, 1050 to 1250 lb,
2(5)2 2 e ; cows, l&lev "
MuttonChoice wethers. lfiU2c per
: Veal 5ft$5 ' cents. ;
Hops 2326 cents.
; Potatoes New. 75c per bnshel.
Relying on William's Friendship.
London, Aug. 25. A St. Petersburg
correspondent of the Daily Telegraph
learns that the recently concluded Basso-German
commercial treaty contains
secret clauses of a political nature en
way, thus denuding the frontiers, in
the Western Provinces to the seat "of
waor, thus denuding the frontiers, in
implicit reliance upon. Emperor , Wil
liam's assurances of friendship.
Puts An End to It All. f
A grevious wail oftlmea comes as a
result of unbearable pain from over
taxed organs. . Dizziness, Backache,
Liver Complaint and Constipation. But
thanks to Dr. King's New Life Pills
they pat an end to it all. They are
gentle but thorough. Try them. Only
25c. Guaranteed by T. J Fry's drug
I -
c . I "ww"wi,ll,,ll'l,,JII,,ia"ssassi
t- s ' - . . .... :
A Liberal Business' Proposition By
a Salem Business Man
Anticipating a large crop of chittem bark
for tho year 1901 and realizing that this would
bring about lower prices, making ft less profit
able for the producers, Mr. Daniel J. Fry, the
druggist, has had erected a public chittem
bark warehouse, in Salem, where -all who wish
can store their bark free of charge for from one
to five years, thus enabling those, who refuse
to have lov prices forced upon them, by the
large manufacturers and brokers of the east
and abroad, to hold their bark until a better
market prevails. ,
Chitte m Bark Peeling: Will Soon Be
a Thing of the Past
. For a number of years Cascara Sagrada,
or Sacred bark, more commonly known as
chittem, has been very successfully as a laxa
tive and cathartic; indeed, this medicine has
become so popular you will hardly find a drug
store without it, in some form, or other, in this
country or Europe, and every year hundreds
of tons are exported to various parts of the old
world. Until a few years ago the gatherers of
this world renowned pntduct, not knowing its
value, almost gave it away. Three and one
half to four and one-quarter cents per pound
being the ruling price until last year, when
sales were reported of $320.00 per ton.
This . sudden jump was brought about by
the report that' the bark? was giving out,
' . ? - :
Wholesale and Retail Druffsrist
Buys for. Cosh, Sells on Commission, or Stores Free of Charge, Chittem Bark, Oregon Grape
- Root, Oregon Balsam of F?lr and Beeswax
TEST is snowrso; some
There Is a New Candidate in tie Held,
With Six Hundred and Tfty Votes.
' And She Should Be at the Head of
Column Wita a Little. Faithful Work.
, Despite the fact 'that the dull sum
mer season is still here, there has been
more activity than unal in the States
man's 1904 Subscription Contest.
: There Is a new candidate in the field,
in the person of Miss Frances Kremis
of Polk county, with 650 votes. It will
take a little work on the part of the
friends of Miss Kremis to put her in
the lead, but it can be done. One of
her friends, a good canvasser, ought to
do it in a week. .
It is a few months yet until Christ
mas, but that time is coming, and the
one having the highest number of votes
at 6 o'clock on December 24th will re
ceire the splendid $435 Smith & Barnes
piano, ana tbere will be some very
handsome and valuable presents for
those near the head of the list at the
Close. ' - T .
Following is the present standing of
the contest:
Miss Pauline K. Remington ....
Miss Edna Wilson, Macieay ...
Miss Thelma Dnr bin, Tangent..
Miss Mary E. Davidson, Liberty
Dean Witzcl, Salem ...... ....
( 'lea vie Shields, Gervais .'. .....
Miss Beatrice Shelton, Salem ,.
Miss Opal Ilelmken, Salem ....
Miss Jessie Reed, Anmsville . . .
Miss Nettie Beckner, Salem ...
Frances Kremis, Polk county . .
Miss Margaret Mulkey, Salem..
Miss Clara Jones, Brooks . . .
Mrs. Cal Patton .... .... ....
af iss Willow Pugh ....
Miss Orletta Kraus, Aurora ....
Mrs. John Batt, Salem
Miss Minnie Ireton, Liberty ....
Miss Opal Hatch .... .... ...
Miss Grace N.'BabcocK, Salem. .
Miss Eva McAllister
Robert Whitney, Hubbard . ...
900 1
Suicide Prevented.
The startling announcement . that a
preventive of suieide had been discov
ered will interest many. A. run down
system or despondency invariably pre
cede suicide, and something has been
found that will prevent that condition
which makes suicide likely. At the
first thought of self-destruction take
Electrie -Bitters. It being a great tonic
and nervine will strengthen the nerves
and build up the system. It's also
great Stomach, Liver and Kidney reg
ulator. Only 50c Satisfaction iraaran-
teed by D. J. Fry, druggist.
Two Cruisers Will Oo Out to Notify the
Russian Steamers To Desist
! in Work.
London, Aug. 25. Brenner - Balfour
announced this eveningMhat the Brit-
followed by a short crop and, although
other sections of chittem trees in Oregon aud
elsewhere on tho northwest coast have since
been discovered, at the present rate of peeling,
it will be but a few years when the last crop
is harvested, hence the advisability of holding
on to what you have, and in tho end you will
surely get better prices.
The Warehouse
Mr. Fry's new warehouse is located on
Front street, near freight depot, within fifteen
feet of the 8. P. tracks aud one block ftora the
boat landing. The building clovers a space of
.40x82 J feet, contains three floors and has a
capacity of from twenty-five to thirty carloads.
It is the first and only public chittem bark
warf house built in the northwest The foun
dation and basement are made of concrete, the
superstructure is covered on the outside with
heavy galvanized iron, all openings are covered
with the same, thus making it practically a
fire-preof structure. The building throughout
will be cool in the summer and dry in the win
ter, and is therefore especially adapted for
thoroughly curing and preserving chittem
bark, for be it remembered this article im
proves by agethe longer you keep it the
better it gets, and the more valuable it becomes.
I The terms upon which chittem bark is re
ceived are simple and comprehensive The
bark is stored absolutely free of charge for
from one to five years, or fraction of a year.
ish government tad ordered two cruis
ers from tha squadron- at Cape of Good
Hope to -locate the Russian volunteer
fleet steamers Smolensk and St. Pet
ersburg and eonvey to them the orders
of the Russian government tnat tney
must not further interfere with neutral
shipping. . The Premier stated that the
action was taken at the request; of the
Russian government. This extraordin
ary statement was made when the Pre
mier, bv appointment, received a depu
tation from the London Chamber of
Commerce. The deputation was ap
pointed at a meeting. held earlier i the
day by the China and East Indies ac
tion of the Chamber, which was attend
ed oy representative ship owners inter
ested in tra.Ie in the xir i-ast. :
Young Man Attempts to Board Car
And Has His Toes Badly
Hurt by -Wheels. ; v
Yesterday morning as Ed Kroger, a
night employe at the ear barn ; of the
Salem Light and Traction Company,
attempted to board a moving street car
at the corner of State and High streets
his foot slipped and one wheel of the
car passed over his toes, bruising them
seriously. The injury was dressed by
Dr. W. H. Byrd, who is hopeful of sav
ing those members from amputation.
PARVIN In Salem, Oregon, Tuesday
Morning, August 23, 1904, to Mr. and
Mrs. Chester A. Parvin, a boy.
- Chester was stepping high yesterday.
He was walking around on thin air.
The little stranger weighs about 10
pounds. He is the only thing of that
kind that ever happened in that borne.
SIIIPMAN-COMSTOCK At the resi-e-nce
of the bride's parents in D?pot
addition to Salem, Aug. 20,- 1904,
Miss Delia Comstock to Mr. Chaa.
Shipman, Rev. Walter Reynolds, of
r the U. B. Church, officiating.
HOFLEIN AKIN-At the residence
of F. W. Spencer, corner of Capital
and Chemeketa streets, Salem, Ore
gon, Aug. 24, 1904, by Rev. P. 8.
Knight, Miss Elva A. Aiken to W.
C. Ilobein, of Yaquina.
The contracting parties took the
morning train for Yaquina where they
win make their home in the future.
PALMER Emma, daughter of the late
A. D. and Mary E. Palmer, died at
her home in Salem, Oregon, Thursday,
August 25, 1904, of heart failure,
aged 40 years.
The deceased had been an invalid
since two yearspf; age.'fche leaves a
mother and tlircev sisters, Mrs. H. B.
Cosper, of Dallas: Mrs. A. E. Crosbv.
of The Dalles, and Miss Zaidee Palmer
of Salem, and one brother, Fred Palmer
also of Salem. The funeral will be held
at the family residence on Chemeketa
street, at 10 o'clock Saturday morning.
To some this may seem strange, but if you
stop to think it over, Mr. Fry can always get
a larger offer for a carload of old bark than
you can get for smaller qpantities of uncertain
age, and therefore he is generally in a position
to pay more for your bark than any other
buyer, and still save a margin of profit for his
trouble. ,
As stated, your storage is free; tho only
Form of Receipt
Parties storing chittem bark will be given
a receipt as follows: V
Received from
On or Write
l-'"-' OF PETROLEUM. ?
Two Huge Boilers Equipped With Burn
ers Which Have. Proven Satisfactory
in Every Way up to Present Said to
Be Cheaper and Wore Convenient.
The first experiment to have been
made in the burning of -crude on for the
purpose of generating steam or propell
ing power. in this city is now in full
swing at the plant of the Thos. Kay
Woolen Mills. The fluid has been in
use as a fuel under two huge boilers
of AvO horse power each, since last
Monday, and so far .everything has
worked like a charm. If . the use of
crude petroleum proves a success, as a
money saver over Other fuels, especial
ly wood, it is quite probable that oth
er power and manufacturing plants,
and perhaps some of the state institu-
tions, notably the insane asylum, the
officials of which institution have been
figuring upon the installation of an
oil burning plant, will adopt the system
before another year. f
Everything for the burning of oil at
the woolen mills is most conveniently
ana safely arranged. A huge r supply
tank, 12x42x6 feet in dimensions, and
with a capacity of 18,0wU Tallow of oil,
has been constructed - of iron, ;cement
and other strong and durable materials,
a distance of about 100 feet from the
buildings, four feet underground, thus
reducing the danger of an explosion
from fire or other combustible elements
to a minimum. A pipe line leads from
the tank to the railroad switch, where
uirect connection to the oil tanks on
the, cars can be made and the oil drawn
into the supply tank by 'gravitation.
The oil is pumped from the supply tank
into the engine bouse and supplied to
the burners by means of two small
steam pumps, and the petroleum Is fed
into, the furnaces by a strong pressure
of steam which converts it into a fine
spray and distributes it throughout the
fire box. The. fluid is highly - inflam
mable' and is capable of producing in
tense neat, but is easily regulated.
i nis plant has been consuming on
the average about 2000 : cords of fir
wood each year, at an average cost of
$3.25 per cord. A barrel of crude oil.
wbicb cosis out i.io delivered at the
mill, is said to equal one and a third
cords of -wood for steam , generating
purposes. If this proves to be correct
tho advantage of oil over wood can be
very readily appreciated.
The scarcity of wood as a fuel snrmlv
is becoming more apparent each year,
to upon mis account and the
consequent increase in the price of
wood fuel, that caused Mr. T. B. Kay
to install the oil burners as an experi
ment. Should crude petroleum be struck
in this valley, as the surface, indica
tions seem to point strongly to in sev
eral localities in the vicinity of this
city, the fuel problem for the Willam
ette valley and the state of Oregon
will have flbeen solved for all time to
Salem, Oregon,.
sacks of chittfm bark. The undersigned
agrees to store above from one to five cars,
or fraction thereof, free of charge, with the
distinct understanding that when ready tof
dispose of same owner will sell to me,
providing I pay as much as any other buyer
oners.-' '..:' ' , ' '
Signed, DAN J EL' J; FRY. i
Not responsible for loss or damage, though
best of care taken.
Salem, Oregon
i and
! Every Etgla
Watch is fully
guaranteed. All
jewelers hay
Elgin Watches in
men's and wo- .
men's sizes and in
al varieties of cases.
Says He Thinks the Oil Fields of Mar
ion and Polk Counties Will Supply
the Metropolis .With High Grade
Fuel and Ddumlnant.
In an interview with a Portland pa
per yeeterday afternoon D. M. Watson,
the oil expert who visited the Pratuni
oil field, or that is to say, the discovery
of oil at Pratum recently, had the fol
lowing to say about oil and its uss in
4 ' Crude oil will drive loth wood and
eoal dealers out of the busineea when
an appliance has been invented to uti
lize the oil for domestic purposes," said
be. lie has just returned from an ex
tended; trip through the California oil
regions, where "there is oil enough to
supply; the Pacific Coast for 1,000
years," in his opinion.
"The Standard Oil Company is now
selling; crude oil in San Francisco at a
rate equaling 60 cents a ton for coal,"
he said, "and this already has a dis
eouraging effect on coal development,
both in California and, Alaska. Fac
tories are putting in oil burners every-
wnere ana uiecontinumg both coal - and
wood, j.:
"The Southern Pacific Railroad Com
pany burns nothing but crude oil on its
locomotives between Ashland, ; Oregon,
and New Orleans, and the Santa -Fe
does not nsoa stick of wood or a lump
or coai on any or its engines in the
State of California.
"I think we have just as good an oil
field here in Oregon as' thev have in
Kern, Fresno, or Monterey v counties.
ana i. am positive the oil beneath the
Willamette Valley is far superior to
any found in California. It can be
struck! between 800 and 1000 feet from
the surface, but care must be taken to
v the
of '
condition is when you get ready to sell he
wants a chance to buy and, if he cannot! ofler
you as much as any one else; you have the
privilege of taking your bark away without
one cent of cost for storage. The only expense
to you is getting it to the warehouse, unload
ing and reloading in caso voti lo not tuAl in
mm. ine latter will bo trifling as you
in a few feet of the cars. .
mi m . . - . " .
Money Advanced
On all bark stored with Mr. Fry, cash will
be advanced, if required, up to twothirds tho
value. Interest on the loan will bo charged
at the rate of eight per cent per annum. All
bark on which money is advanced must be in
sured at the expense of the owner. :'
Special Instructions
Shipments of bark must consist of a mer
chantable quality, packed in strong sacks, se
curely sewed, and on the end of each sack
place '"the initials of the owner, also name of
post office. Failure to do this will necessitate
a charge for same, as no shipment can be stored
without being properly marked for recognition.
. Nearly three carloads have already been
received for storage, and a large amount of
space is engaged.
Parties contemplating holding. their bark for
higher prices and storing, are requested to
make early application. !
js the. royal
and Tiroekerp.
an illua
tratcd joint hi st'JTT
of the locomotive
and the watch, sent
free npon request to
. arTcw C..
exclude the water from the well u t
i being bored. I predict that in a f,.w
year the best quality of eru.le oil iii
be flowing into Portland by a gravitr
system, whose tanks will he locaU.l j.
Marion and Polk counties. The av 0
the wood dealer and the coal nnnor
is now nearly past in Oregon, and rW
fuel will permit of the develupment of
many resources now lying dormant."
Foundation for Ilia Statement
That there is a good deal 0f foun.la
tion for the statement or Mr. AVaUa
as to this district there is no ioBC,.r
reasonable doubt. The discovery at tUi
Orecoh Mute School tlm !
excavating for a septic tank haa l.ft
little reHKon for any one to doubt the
presence of petroleum in tin's vicinitt
In talking over the telephone with Sun-'
erinendent Clark laf iv,.: i. . r.
while the spring had b'en nhut off l,T
... Uv i...u vi tn(. tana, that th
odor of the oil was very plain' on the
air. When asked if h v..i
attempt to develop the diaeoverv an'-
" r. v iar. nam n was like the
coon that went "Cat tin'" J', an,i
when he eauirht a Um tkn'it
saying that "1ien he went cattin'
he went eattin' ". -
There is nothing new In the reperU
froont the Iratum discovery exeept that
there! sterns to bt rir hiti. r....
of any development work being done
there soon. It was supposed that -the
people interestel there would 1 will
ing to take advantage of anr ort of
a proposition that wnnl.l 1..1" n .i. .
. - - iv - nits
development, of such an industry in
their neighborhood. Several nva
standi ready to take bold of the devclop
mont proposition if such a thing a a
fair Contract can be --made- with anr
reasonalde nuiflber of the owners ' of
land there. jj
The 'oil it there, lint It niilr. ....
ital to develop it and make
out of it. : .
T!ia Kind Yna Haw klinn EU
MR I. M. Mclhtire returned in Vtt
homo : at Hammond yesterday.
Bsaratks j