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'4 .' . pleasant, potent, and, permanent Iavigorator for WOMEN;
.... J niiumw ena mew.
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V. ' ' ' - THEM. - : - ; i
Greeks Defend Themselves With Be-
- rolrers and Knives Several
- Severely Hurt.
Wttes Greeks Left Plant at. TTlj-ht ,
Mob of 1000 Men Made An Attack
Upon Them Former Were Protected
by Police After They Had Embark
ed Upon Train a Shot Was Fired.
CHICAGO, April 5. Early this mor
niag, when 300 'Greeks, who have been
employed at the American Can Com
pany during a strike, attempted to
eome to the faetory, they were met at
the gates by a large number of union
pickets who attacked them with stones
and clubs. Those of the Greeks who
had entered the factory came pouring
us armed with revolvers and knives
and attempted to attack the onion men.
The police drove the, Greeks into the
factory and dispersed those on the oat
side. In this fight a number of men
were seriously hurt.
At night when the 300 Greeks left
the plant they "were attacked by a mob
fully 1000 strong that pelted them with
stones, sticks and bottles. The police
however, escorted them to the train
without anybody having been seriousl
injured. After the creeks had reached
their train it is said, somebody on the
ears fired a shot, the oullet killing a
man named John Nicholas.
Quarterly Earnings of the United
States Steel Corporation
Amounted to $13,000,000.
NEW YORK,- April 5. The United
States Steel Corporation today declared
the regular quarterly divident of 1
per cent on preferred stock. The amount
thus applied to the dividend was $6,300
000 and in order to meet this payment
a. deficit for the quqarter of $1,800,000
was created. "It is estimated the earn
ings for the last quarter amounted to
$13,000,000. Although the lowest in
liistory, they were 1 etter than the most
lrnv?K;nt estimates made by outsid-
f ;s. me enrnmss for tne rust quarter
of 1903 was 25,t'C"0,0o0.
Finds Great Relief in the Movement to
Nominate Parker for the
NEW TORJv, April 5. In a dispatch
from Princeton, X. J., to the World,
ex-Iresident Cleveland is quoted as
finding, in the movement looking to the
nomination of Judge Alton B. Parker
for the Presidency, the "greatest pos
sible relief and satisfaction."
No Second Choice For Him.
Kansas City. Mo., April 5. Joseph
W. Folk stated tonight that he would
not accept the Democratic nomination
for Vice President of the United States
if it were offered to him.
The Champion of Holland Met Sorry
Defeat at the Hands of
Kid McCoy.
Plancke, champion of iiolland, made a
sorry spectacle tonight in a fight with
Kid McCoy, standing six inches taller
and weighing 70 pounds more. Plancke
w:i beaten almost insensible in less
lean four minutes. In the first round
the gong saved Plancke from being
knocked out and his finish came ten
seen l sftr the second round was
3'el. -''
The annual city election yesterday re
sulted in the election of J. S. Medley,
mayor;' Frank D. Wheeler, recorder;
Herbert Eaken, treasurer; councilman
first ward, D. B. Chamberlain; second,
I. IL imghazn; and third, Fingal S.
Hinds. The vote to bond the town for
$15,000 for a sewer system was carried
by a large majority. !!';
OAKLAND, April 5. Oakland, 4:
X'oruana, 3.
' Fresno, April 5. Tacoma, 2; -San
-FjTincisco, 1. ' ' t
TLna Ancrele. Anril . T-ta AnlM.
- o - i a j
4; Seattle, 0. - . .
8T. LOUIS, Mo., April 5. The bill
of exceptions in the case f Senator
Burton was not filed V, in the United
States district court today! by the de
fense, but It is probable that it will be
tomorrow. .- j
- am ' " - ' - i
SIIEDD8, Or, April 5.h-Tbe drug
store of Smith Bros, was entirely . eon
sumed by fire about 2 o'clock this mor
ning, also a small bnildincr and stock
of hardware belonging to W. C Jack
son. The loss is about $2000, partially
covered by insurance. , : j"
'taking of te&TTmony was concluded to
day and the argument begun in The
trisl of Mrs T Botkin on the charge: iof
killing Mrs. 3, P. Dunning.- The
ease will probably go to the - jury
Thursday. .
Legal Blanks, Statesman Job OXELce.
Washington Supreme Court Affirms
, Judgment of Lower Court
, Crime Cmel Murder.
. OLYMPIA, Wash, April 5. Among
important eases in which! the Supreme
Court has recently filed opinions is taat
of the Btate of Washington vs. Charles
Clark. The defendant in this case is
an Olympia boy, barely 22 years of age,
anc was found guilty of murder in the
first degree for killing his mistress,
Leila Page, in a house of ill repute in
Olympia. The murder was an atrocious
one, the result of jealousy on the part
of Clark.
When the room was entered by th
inmates of the house the unfortunate
woman was fonnd lying across the ued
with her head erushed with the back
of an ax, and a gash across her throat,
almost severing the bead from the body
Clark was in the room in almost a dy
ing condition, he having attempted sui
cide by gashing at his throat with a
penknife and endeavoring 'to swallow
carbolic acid. He was taken to the hos
pital, where, he recovered sufficiently to
stand trial last June. His defense was
the plea of insanity, but the courts
found that beyond insane jealousy his
mind was perfectly clear.
A petition by ..darks' friends will be
made to Governor McBride for commu
tation of the death sentence to life im
prisonment. CARRIED BY
The Proposition Was Carried by Large
Majority in -the j City
Election. -
One Independent Republican Who Re
pudiated the "Machine" in the Sixth
Ward of Chicago, Is Elected to the
Council Republicans Elect Eighteen
Members and Democrats Sixteen.
CHICAGO, Ap-il 5. It the munici
pal election today the It -publicans elec
ted eighteen aldermen, the Democrats
"rijtteen and one Independent Republi
can.rwho repudiated the ''machine"
in the sixth ward, was chosen a member
of the council. The next council will
le formed of thirty-six Republicans,
thirty-one Democrats, two independents
one of whom is a Democrat and the
other a Republican, and one Socialist.
The chief interest in the election,
however, centered in the vote on a law
on the proposed municipal ownership of
the street railways. On this proposi
tion the vote stood 150,000 fur the
proposition and 30,000 against, on the
proposition the city should at once take
over the street railways into this con
trol, the vote stood 1j,000 for, 51,000
' -
Issues Only Local .
Boise, Idaho, April 5. Muninipal
elections were held throughout Idaho
today, excepting in Boise and Lewis
ton. In nearly all places the issues
were local.
Honors About Even.
Milwaukee, April 5. Returns from
the municipal elections in Wisconsin,
outside of Milwaukee, up to midnight
show the Republican and Democratic
victories to be about evenly divided. .
Was Mixed victory.
Tacoma, April 5. The city election
today resulted in a mixed victory, tho
Democrats elect Geo. P. Wright, mavor
and four coyncumen, and the Repnbb
cans a controller, treasurer and four
Democrats Get Lverything.
Milwaukee, Wis., April 5. Mayor
David B. Rose, Democrat, carried the
city in the municipal election, having
a plurality of 5912 over Guy D. Goff,
KepuMican. The Democrats also eon
trol the common council.
Kansas City Republican.
Kansas City, Mo, April a. In the
election for minor offices throughout
Kansas the Republicans elected all, or
a majority or all of their candidates.
Republicans Carry Lincoln.
Lincoln, Neb, April 5. The Repub
licans carried the municipal ticket to"
day. :; j
SALT LAKE Anril 5 RaHlvnr'
elson of Chicago, practically knocked
aui cpiaer- weicn oi Ban tTanenco,
in the sixteenth r und of a twenty
round go at Salt Lake Palace tonight,
the referee stopping the fight when the
Sip Francisco boy was helpless and all
but out. i
Dtstrv year contWM
dene. Tbey have Bvr
failed ce't fail now. -Soli
fer ail Scalers, f
tos'pafd,frM. . - 4 f
w m. r irk t cOi .
Detroit, Mien.
7 CHANTMEN". ' '
Three Japanese Lawyers Engaged by
Russia To Present the
. Cases. -
Claims Most of the Vessels Were Taken
Before the Declaration of War, and
Other Grounds Japanese Are Adopt
ing Heroic Methods to Rid Corea of
Bands of Tonghaks.
ST. PETERSBURG, April 5. Russia
has completed arrangements, through
the Freneh Minister at Tokio, to appeal
the cases of the Russian merchantmen
now before the Japanese prize courts.
Three Japanese lawyers have been en
gaged to present the cases. The appeals
will be made on various grounds. That
mtst of the ships were taken before the
actual declaration of war, several of
ti.em were captured .-on the high seas,
having left port before the outoreak
of hostilities, and others were detained
in Japanese ports notwithstanding Ja
pan's declaration of allowing Russian
ships in port a certain exemption per
iod. Subduing the Tonghaks.
Seoul, orea, April 5. It is reported
the Japanese have killed two Tonghaks
bandits, near Gensan, province of Chul
Ia, in Southern Corea, where the Tong
haks precipitated in the Chino-Japanese
war. The county is being over-run by
armed bands and an official request has
beeu made for troops to subdue them.
A returning missionary reports forty
five Tonghaks have been hanged at
K'ing Ju, the capital of the province
of Chung Chung.
Thirteen Wounded Russians.
Paris, April C The correspondent
of the Matin, at Harbin, telegraphing
yesterday says: "A hospital train ar
rived here today from Port Arthur
witb thirteen wounded.
Nothing in Sight.
f London, April 6. The correspondent
of the -Times, cabling, yesterday says
Le haa been cruising for fifty hours in
the vicinity of Port Arthur and has
seen no signs of the navy of eitner bel
ligerent. Are On the Defensive.
Paris, April 5. The St. Petersburg
correspondent" of the Echo De Paris
says the Russian general staff is con
vinced the Russians will await a Jap
anese attack on the right bank of the
Yalu. : They are now busily engaged in
fcrtifyiag the mouth o fthe river.
Kerosene Lamp Explodes, Setting Fire
to a Millman's Cottage Near
Hood River.
HOOD RIVER, Or, Apiil 5. Burned
to death in her own home yesterday was
Mrs. Day, wife of a workman at the
Menominee sawmill, four miles below
town. She suffered terribly before pars
ing away.
Fire caught from the explosion of a
kerosene lamp, with which the woman
was heating a curling iron. The flames
were not discovered' until well under
way, when by, the hard, work of 100
mill bands a hose was played upon the
building and the woman rescued. Not
a stitch of clothing remained on the
body, and the attending physicians say
there was not a particle of un burned
skin on the woman when they reached
The accident happened at 3 o'clock
in the afternoon, and Mrs. Day linger
ed for three hours, conscious every mo
ment through her awful suffering. Mrs.
Day's parents, two sisters and a broth
er live in Hooil River.
. mm n if ii-HSal MB -"
Robbed the Grave.
A startling incident is narrated by
John Oliver of rniladelpbia, as follows:
"I was in an awful condition. My skin
was almost yellow, eyes sunken, tongue
coated,! pain continually in back and
sides, no appetite, growing weaker day
by day Three physicians had given me
up. Then I was advised to use Electric
Bitters; to my great joy, the first bottle
made a decided improvement. I con
tinued-their use for three weeks, and
am now a well man. I know they rob
bed the grave of another victim." No
one should fail to- try them.' Only 50
cents, guaranteed at Dan J. Fry's drug
store, j , . ?
Indicted By Federal Grand Jury With
Horace McKlnley and Marie
- - ; it-.. Ware. - -
PORTLAND, Or, April 5. New de
velopments in regard to the land frauds
eame to light .. this morning in the
United States court, when Dan J. Tar
pley, of Salem, waived arraignment on
the charge of conspiracy to . defraud
the government of lands . and was re
leased on $4000 ; bonds The indict-
of Tarpley is; in connection with, the
investigation of doings of the . timber
land ring, which operated in Lane and
Linn county. ,
I Two to One Victory;
Denver. April 5.ln New Mexico to
day the Republicans won the municipal
election at .Las Vegas and Gallup and
the Democrats at Santa Fe ... -
- 1 m- ----- ' - '
The Fuse Went Out Just Before the
Fire Reached the Denot- 4
ing ' Cape.1 "!
Infernal Machine Was Wrapped! With
. Tissue Paper and White Socks Such
As Is Worn by Chinese, Which Leads
to the . Suspicion of Their Guilt
Five Persons Drowned Off Florida,
PORTLAND. April 5. The failure
of bomb containing two pounds of
powder heavily charged with nitro
glycerine and containing a box ef 100
denoting caps,, to explode, saved the
Western Transportation Company's
steamer Albany irom Deing mown w
pieces this morning. The fuse was at
tached .to the infernal machine bad
gone out when it had almost reached
the cap. ?
From the fact a qquant-ty of Chinese
tissue paper and white socks such as is
frequently worn by Chinese was wrap
ped around the bomb, it is thought the
plot was conceived by the Chinese in
revenge for the persisten refusal of the
company- to employ them.
Boat Was Over-Turned, i
Tampa, Fla, April 5. Five persons,
all members of a pleasure party from
the Florida Methodist College at Suth"
erland, on the west coast of the Gulf,
thirty miles west of Tampa, were drown
ed near the Anclote light house last
night. The dead; Mrs. .,alker, wife
of the. president of the eollege; Miss
Conner, Miss Slaughter, Miss McRay,
and Mrs. Bouland. '
Three of the oodies were washed
ashore and recovered. President Walk
er of the college, bad taken the party
out for a cruise to tne light house but
met with rough water and the boat was
over-turned.- t
- - a
... 1 . .
TiyHang Klamath County Are Out
of Hay and Snow Covers ;
the. Ground.
YAINAX, -Or, April 5. With rivers
higher than they have been since 18S9,
and cattle dying in almost evafy dis
trict, the situation for a prosperous
spring in Klamath county and the res
ervation seems almost hopeless. All
kinds of stock are literally starving to
death, the Indians are out of hay and
the grass has not yet grown: high
enough for grazing." There is no bay "to
be had and,, what the outcome of the
present condition of affairs will be can
not now be guessed.
Every day reports of deaths among
the stock are heard, and as the daj-s
go by the .reports come fasten There
is still fromTtwo to four feet of snow
iu the mountains, and as this has com
menced, to nfSJt, the danger of foods in
localities is serious. '
' If the raftis "would 8nlV stop and the
floods subside the chances tor spring
farming would increase greatly, i Just
now no-plowing has been done, because
of the soil being so wet that teams mire
in it easily everywhere. "Despite this,
in some of the higher lands where
drainage haa been better, some rye
seeding has been done.
The heavy rains during Aiareih are
directly responsible for this condition
of affairs, although the late snow with
out a doubt retarded the grass, the ab
sence of which has caused such jb.ea.vy
loss of stockmen. , The Indians are suf
fering the most, as their stock depends
almost entirely on grass for subsistence
in the spring.
Japanese-Laborers In Muckilteo ML
axrowly Escape a Frightful
f EVERETT, Wash, April 5 A fharge
of dynamite ready for its deadly-work
found this morning placed in the Muck
ilteo mill so as to blow in,to atoms a
number of Japanese employed j there.
The plot is supposed to the outcome of
the bitter feeling existing in the: ranks
of organized labor against the Japan
ese, entering the fields of wage earners
in Snohomish county.,
I "Little Colds." Thousands of lire
sacrificed every year. Dr. Wood's Nor
way Pine Syrup cures little colds, cures
big colds too, down to the very: verge
of consumption. j i
WASHINGTON, April fi. The Sec
retary of War has directed that per
mission be granted to the army jYoung
Men's Christian Association to j estab
lish its work at the various army posts
in tEe United States and Porto Rico
and the Philippines.
Hondreds of Salem Readers Find It So.
The ' hustle ' and worry of business
men. ;
The hard work and stooping of work
men. f
The woman's household cares, -
Are too great a strain on the kid'
neys. !'.'
- Backache, headache, sideache,
Kidney troubles, urinary troubles
follow.- ' j
A Salem citizen tells you how to ;
cure .them all. ,.' .. , . . I-'
Jacob Morelock, farmer, residing on i
Sural avenue, between Hazel andj
Laurel streets, in Nob Hill Addition,
South Salem, says: "Doan's Kidney j
Pills, procured at Dr. Stone 's i drug f
store, did me good. I had been both-'
ered off and on for quite a long time
with plain through my back and kid
neys. I have always worked hard at
farming and think the trouble 'was
original! j caused from a strain. The
seeretiona tram th Irid-n av vta n.
noying at times and caused me eonsid- i
erable lneenremenee. Before I s had
taken one box of Doan's Kidney Pills
the pain in -my back and other symp
toms of kidney trouble had passed
away. I am pleased to recommend this
remedy ethers."
SoW f or Meeats per box byall deal-1
era. 1 oster-Milburn Co- Buffalo. N.
sole agents for the United State.
Kemember the name : DOANS, and
take no substitute.- -
fTTl HE first lesson that the yoang girl
- I ' has of womanhood is usually a
JU painful one. She learns to know
what headache means, and back
ache, and sometimes is sadly borne
' down by this new experience of life.
: All the pain and misery which young
girls commonly ' experience at such a
tin. mi in imv;t verv instance, be
entirely prevented or cured by the use
of Dr.; Pierce Favorite Prescription.
. Xt establishes regularity. It tones up
the general health, and cures headache,
backache, nervousness and other con.
aMnumwi cJ woman lv . weakness or
disease.. .-- t
The anxious mother of the family fl-
. . . . . l - r
enumM carries tne wnoie uurucn oi. ic
sponsibility so far as the home medication
nf mmmnn ailments of the eirls Or bovS
, .are concerned, r The cost of the doctor's
visits are very often much too great.
At such times the mother is invited
to write to Dr. K. V. Pierce, of Buf
falo, N. Y., for medical advice, which
Is given free. Correspondence is held
strictly confidential.
Backed up by over a third of a century
of remarkable and uniform cures, a rec
ord such as no other remedy for the dis
eases and weaknesses peculiar to women
ever attained, the proprietors and mak
ers of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
now feel fully warranted in offering to
pay $500 in legal money of the United
States for any case of Leucorrhea, Fe
male Weakness, Prolapsus, or Falling of
Womb, which they cannot cure. All
the World's Dispensary Medical Asso
ciation, Proprietors, of Buffalo, N. Y.,
ask is a fair and reasonable trial of
their means of : cure:.
:k A mother's love is so divine that the
roughest man cannot help but appreciate
it as the crown of womanhood. How
ever, motherhood is often Rooked for
ward to with feelings of great dread by
most women. At such times a woman
is nervous, dyspeptic, irritable, and she
is in need of a uterine tonic and nervine,
a strength builder to fit her for the
ordeal. No matter how healthy or
strongi a woman may be. she cannot
but be benefited by taking Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription to prepare for the
Col. Mayhcrrj 36521
1G hands high, weight 1200 pounds, Has trotted a
! -2:16 gait. Was 2d to Zombro, 2:11, in show ring at
State Fair,, 1002, and winner oter Lovelace 2:20,.
Vinraount 2:21, Lord Kitchener! 2:20, Memo 2:23,
j Mai bri no, Special Telegram, Broad Heart and Others -i
- ; ' - ' ' . v - ,
. ' ! i,; . .: ' ;-,-.
Mondays and Tuesdays at Fair, Grounds. v
f Wednesdays and Thursdays at Gervais.
: Fridays and Saturdays at Silverton.
I " ' . ' J ' ." . : ' ' ' '-.' ' ."-
iTERMS: Season $15, payable July 1st; insurance $20, pay
able When maro is known to be with foal, disposed of or taken out
of county. Not responsible for accidents. For extended pedigree
see posters or address ' ,
Jf. c
Phone Main 2046
141 Sixth Street
Corner of Alder
Portland, Oregon
Milton Boy Tumbles
Prom Elevator Tower To
- . - Death. -
I PENDLETOX, Or, April 5.-John
Reynolds, a Milton boy aged nine vears,
fell eighty feet from the tower of the
dayr and broke his neck, dying in-
i a in nny.
The boy, in company with comrades.
was playing in the empty elevator, and
climbing to the scaffolding at the top
Wl xll
"A year ago I was taken .sick
and tried the three doctors in our
town," writes Mrs. Archie oor-v,'
don, of Oak Street, Boonton, New T
lersev. "Thev did 'not help me
any. One said I had one. thing, Y
another said , I had something II
he could not tell just what' wast '
the matter witn rue, out. aavisea
me to go to a hospital. I read
about Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription and about the case of a .
lady in Kansas, very much like '
my own. I suffered so, could
hardly endure to have any one
walk across the floor, as the least
iar hurt me. Sent to our dru?
store and got a bottle of ' Doctor
Pierce's favorite Prescription, v
and when I had taken one bottle
began to feel better. I: took five ?
and a half bottles, and to-day I can work
all day and feel no bad results. - None
of my neighbors thought a year . ago
that I would be here to-day to write any
thing, but I say, every woman who suf
fers should never give up until Doctor
Pierce's medicines have been given a
fair trial. ;
Your wonderful medicine, Favorite
Prescription. has helped me greatly in
time of , suffering,' writes Mrs. Slinta
Wright, of Ivdwards, Indiana. "Last
winter I was unable to do my work, was
to be confined in February, and a lady
in Illinois wrote and told me about your
medicine. I used three bottles of Fa
vorite Prescription, and will say I . had
the easiest and quickest confinement I
ever had. Had three children before,
and would suffer from twenty-four to
thirty-six hours before birth, but this
time only two hours. Have a fine babv
girl and she is the most healthy one of
all. I am still using the l avonte ITC
scription as a tonic--
"A long time ago I suffered very much
from female weakness, and decided to
write Dr. Pierce, says Mollie "French,
of 340 E. Green Street, Louisville, Ky.
"I received a kind answer telling, me
what to do. Followed your directions,
commenced taking your Favorite- Pre
scription, and was cured, after trying
many ; other remedies, and dillercnt
doctors. I have been told there is
better medicine, but I have not found
it, although have been sold other reme
dies. There are no medicines like Dr.
Pierce's, after all. I can't write how I
suffered; was of no account to myself or
SALEM It F. 1). NO. 9.
Italian mm
esaoy tvenino. flon m
Thirty-lire of the most accomplished
musicians who ha-e played in all the
prominent cities of the' United States.
Repertoire composed of over
1500 selections. :: . - . '
General admission. 50 cents. Tickets
on sale at Jiurgttardt 's Book Store.
6 Tvu dr. jnr?niW': ct
v ... 6US . 8. r. Ui.
. . mm M . '
I riR. joRntrf.pntrATE DKKttra
kVMf M vQiTtx tm mm rlil
nu wm rysj rrrr rr im .
a'C40lI4Li;VK.H61IdarfctecaLX. '
of the tower became dizzy, lost his hold!
and fell to the floor. His parents are l
promi neat Milton residents. - -
mm m m
i -
. . . i
f f tnm .T at thm ilia tt mam. mm T lhm
f mm iiim i.ln - - tPm . . f .
Will m:-M
t i ,1. ' vi-.
il l 1 1 , I f
(f All !
rJSr) i
anyone else; could hardly stand ontcv
feet or walk around. When I received
your kind letter, that helped tne a greit
- - - - j - - - iut
as I amnable to buy it; it Iiah wvej ne
many a useless doctor iul. When 1
need a physician I wtite Dr. feme, mi
then do whatever he tells toe."
v how Tp ijook KAirri?t i..
Young women or matrons should not
allow themselves to look -sallow &n!
wrinkled because 'of those pains an l
weaknesses which become chronic anl
are the result of colds, tight Lie in a. ar l
ial Will fab. vriur tt i Mr!' 1 .
the imprudent care: of the woni&u;yr.
tern. Many a woman would lot k Uaj
tiful. have healthy color and bright ev
if it were not for those drains on Lrr
strength and- those weaknesses w'akb
come all too frequently and make her
life miserable. There is a ready-to-use
Prescription, used a great many years ly
Dr. R. V. Pierce in his large practice 11
a Specialist in women's disc ases,- which
is not like the many patent medicines"
on the market, as it contains neither
alcohol nor any narcotic. It is purely
. How to live in health and happiness,
is the general theme of Dr. I'ierce'i
Common Sense Medical Adviser. Thii
great work on medicine and hvgiene,
containing over luoo pages .anil more
than 700 illustrations, is sent free on
receipt of stamps to pay expense cf
mailing only. Semi 31 one-cent Umpi
for the cloth-bound volume, or only ix
stamps for the book in paper covers.
Require and apjrt ciate.
The very Icst treatment.
Very few homw are prepared
to five either-, proper care or
comfort. The Sanatorium is so
Ierfectlj- arranged that patients
receive the best of attention.
Separate rooms properly vent -lated
and all higienic conditions
perfect. All comfort, of the
moet elegant home; combined
with skillful' - nurse,..' and con
stant atlontlon.
Every con'on fence for all sur
gical cases
Addre or vifdt " -
Cor. Winter and Kerry Ht,
' ." - - .:
Of fialem, transacts a general
banking business. ' Only Na
tional liauk in Marion county.
Pays three per cent, interest
on savings accounts. - Depos
its of One Dollar re more re
ceived at any tiine. ; Pass
hook issued to each' depositor.
wnnE of
a - r
jjie SIf