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Matter Is Settled IDecisively By
Republican Convention.
Gets Over Two-Thirds
Of pelegates to TKe
District Con
vention County J udge Scott and
W. J. Cvilver Nom-;
inoLted on First
Legislature .
J. H. Settlemler, Woodburn.
J. O. Graham, Salem.
j T. B. Kay, Salem.
' J. S. Richie, Scotts Mills.
J. I. Calvert, Hubbard.
County Ticket
County Judge John II. Scott.
Sheriff W. J. Culver.
Clerk John W. Roland.
Recorder John C. Siegmund.
Assessor Fred J. Rice. -
: Treasurer W. Y. Richardson.
Surveyor B. B. Herrick, Jr.
County Supt.-E. T. Moores.
Coroner A. M. Clough.
- Commissioner I. C. Needham.
State Delegates. Judge J. J. Mur
phy (delegate at large) ; E. Cf. Church
ill, J. Bingman, Geo. C. Will, P. N.
Lathrop, Tilmon Ford, .Fas. M. Kyle,
E. M. La Fore, K. A. M. Cone, Prince
Byrne, il. A. Johnson, A. T. Wain,
W. S. Low, T. B. Patton. W. P. Bab
foek, A. D. Hall, M. E. De Guire, W.
T. Grim,K. W. Hazard, N. W'. Silver,
Geo. W. Whitney, G. P. Terrell, Gro
ver Simmons.
" Congressional Delegates Hon. Frank
T. Wrightman (delegate at large); W.
V. Drager, T. L. Ambler, T. J. Cron
ise, Ed. T. Judd, II. G. Meyer, J. X.
Smith, T. C. Smith, Jr., H. A. Snyder,
L. T. Kevnolds, F. B. South wic k, W.
C. Hubbard, If. B. Gesner, A. L.,
Downing, E. Ilofer, A. O. Steelbam
mer. A. F. Blaekerby, J. L. Cook, D.
II. Loonev, J. A. Smith, W. L. Tooze.
W. 11. Drager, Alex La Follett.
The Hon. L. T. Harris, of Eugene,
candidate for the nomination of Con
gressman in the First' district of Ore
gon, has been heartily endorsed by the
Republicans of Marion county, there
is none who can. now dispute, for in
the election of Hon. F. T. Wrightman,
of this city, as delegate at large from
this county to the congressional con
vention to be held in this city on April
13, in which contest there was a strict
Hermann-Harris factional alignment
for the endorsement of the county con
vention, Harris won out decidedly by a
vote of 141 to 118. and win take over
two-thirds of tlTe Congressional delega
tion from this county to the conven
tion. ' Tho Hermann supporters, who
fought hard and to the end for control
of the convention, freely acknowledge
that Harris will control at least 13 to
17 of the delegation . 23, while the
Harris men state confidently and assur
ingly that they are morally certain of
at least 20. of fhe members. This is
considered a very important victory
for Mr. Harris in his candidacy, for
with these delegates, and fRose of Lane
ennntr 10. in nnm her. lie will have a
great weigh! in the convention. He is
growing very popular in tnis county
and will without doubt, if nominated,
nrr if l.v n 1arre maioritV.
G rover Simmons, of Monitor, was the
Hermann candidate' Tor aeiegaie a
lor n tii. .liatrict convention, and
the leaders did all that was in their
power, calling sympathy ami every
thing else "to their aid. on account of the
distribution of the
"plums" as they railed them, into
play, but their efforts were entirely
useless, although it is thought that they
succeeded in influencing i .p.
i,.t; ih-c went down V
i,..r a-a KfAM overwhelming
Harris majority in the convention. It
is thought that this battle will have a
tendency to settle once and for all, o
far as this campaign is concerns
.,nffth of Hermann and
Harris in this county. - ' i
mv.i. nn.M.i another creat vie
. um b vw..v.v-. -T
n . o.v.iaT-a.i in thi convention.
and this victory s credited to J udge
Geo. H. Burnett, who is a eanaioaxe
r .i,.(;nn in this district over his
opponents in this eounty. This victory
is signified oy tne eiecuon oi - -"-
phv, chairman of the convention, as
,i . larm th state conven
tion at Portland. Judge Murphy is one
of the strongest supporters oi
Burnett in this eounty. Following the
election of the state delegate at large
and the appointment of the other del-
nd declared adopted, strongly endors
ing the national, county and municipal
governments ana aiso me
and judicial departments of , the state,
and incidently, endorsing Judge Bur.
nett and instruetin the delegation to
use all honorable means to secure his
nmoination in the state convention.
Mi resolution also endorses 'the en
actment of the corporation and inher
itance tax laws, and pledging the con
vention in favor of the extension plan
of direct taxation, including franchises
and special privileges of corporations.
The. above were not the only victor
ies in the convention, however. There
werv others, and among the most not
ably vere those by W. J. Culver, of
this, cxty, for the nomination of sheriff,
and County Judge John H. Scott, for
the re-nomination for a second term in
his office. The fight against Judge
Scott was waged entirely alongpersonal
lines, arid was not considered at all as
a reflection upon his administration of
the affairs of the county and the com
plete vietorywhieh he achieved, aving
been placed in nomination by the larg.
est ! majority that was given anybody
in the convention and on the very
first ballot, is regarded as a severe de
feat for his personal enemies. Judge
Scott was nominated by a vote of 215,
to 35 for M. W. Hunt, and four for
Scott's personal opposition, C.i T. Bon
ntv, of Woodburn.
Mr. Culver's struggle was of an en
tirely different character, the geograph
ical conditions and distribution of the
favors of the convention , -and the se
cret of his success laid merely in the
gaining of te organization of the con
vention, Mr. Culver's strongest oppos
ert, W. H. Snyder or Aurora, and Ed.
Martin of Turner, are among the strong
est and staunchest Republicans of the
county and either of the could have se
cured the . election had thev received
the nomination. Fates were against
them,- however, for in the election of
J. J. Murphy to the chair, Mr. Culver
gained control of the convention and
thereafter had everything .his own
way, as was demonstrated by the fact
that he received the nomination on the
nrt; ballot, receiving 373 votes of the
26 1 cast, or 315 more than was neces
sary to nominate.
Outside of these leading ; features,
which were interesting in extreme,
there was a rich vein of humor and
good nature which prevadea the pro
ceedings of the convention throughou
ami the, pleasantness of the meeting
was heightened by the strict harmony
nad good feelings which prevailed at
all times. ; It is safe to say that all are
satisfied with the result oi the conven
tion without an exception.
About the only exception to the gen
eral rule of satisfaction as the outcome
of the convention, which can be cited,
is the possibility that of the delegation
from Howell as a result of the selec
tion of the delegates from the precincts
to the state and district conventions.
The Howell and Broks delegations were
T.wn tntrethcr to select their deleg
ates between them, and eaeh delegatio"
was composed of six men and every
vote cast upon the Congressional dele
gate, which both of them was anxious
to aeeure, resulted in a tie and an agree
ment as to how to settle it could not be
roached. Finally, however, it was de
cided to toss the coin and tke' Brooks
delegation won out on this proposition'
A. M. La Follett guessing the way the
coin would fair and captured the dele
gate and added one more to the lst
for Harris.
! The routine of the convention fol
lows: ! The Organization.
jThe convention was called to order
promptly at 11 o 'dock by County Chair
man W. J. Culver.
1 A. L. Downing placed J. J. Murphy
in nomination for temporary chairman
and Squire Farrar placed W. L. Tooze
ia nominations C. A. Murphy was elec
ted temporary secretary. Tn
ballot for temporary chairman showed
the following result: Murphy, 16;
Tooxe, 105; Hunt, 3; Blank, 1. Total
2Jd. This was two more votes than
delegates in the convention. At this
point, Mr. Tooze, after making a neat
little speech, moved that Judge Mur
phy be made the unanimous choice of
the convention. This motion was car
rie.L Chas, A. Murphy was elected tem
orarv secrtarv and Scott Taylor of
Gervais, temporary assistant secretray.
r nation, of Souire Farrar the follow:.
ing committee on credentials were ap-
; AV 1 Tooxe and J. D. Simmons.
I A Oesner moved tui comnuurc
of three; be appointed on organization
ind order of business. Carried, A.
Oesner W. T. Grimm and J. W. Ho
bart were appointeL ; J
1 Wm. Cherrington moved that a, com;
mlttee of five be appointed on TPr
tionment. Wra. Chevriagton, A. T.
tvi w P. Ralwock. J. L. Cook and
John 'Whitney were appointed on this
committee. : ' .
! John Knight moved that a committee
of three be appointed on resolutions,
h following deleeates were sp-
nninte.1: John Knight, Robert Shaw,
and W. I. Jones. " ; ' l," ; X !,;:
-j Adjourned until ..1:15 p. m. .
Afternoon Session. - -1
' Tt, Anvnt;an was called to order
tromptlv at 2 o'clock. Chairman Muf-
pny aniiouncra iiuu
assistant secretary
and upon motion of Dr. E.' A. Pierce,
Louis Hooker was elected to this posl-
I' It having been found that M. L.
Jones, of Brooks, who had been named
in the resolutions committee, was not
n member of the convention, Chairman
Murphy appointed A.'W. Freseott instead.-.
The report of the committee on cre
dentials was read and adopted.
- Upon motion of Walter L. Tooze, of
Woodburn, the temporary organization
was made permanent by unanimous
vote of the convention, i
.The report of the committee on order
of business was read at f this juncture
which was adopted as read, as follows:
Nomination of sheriff, county judge,
county clerk, recorder, treasurer, super
intendent of public instruction, asses
sor, commissioners, surveyor, coroner,
five members of the legislature, state
delegate at large to state convention,
district delegate at large to congres
sional convention, state and district
delegates to congressional and state
convention from eaeh precinct, justices
of the peace,; constables, chairman of
county eentral committee, adjourn
Nominations being in order, Chair
man Murphy appointed the following
tellers: IL D. Drake, Ed. Downing,
Philip Mullen, H. D. Patton, Paul Wal
lace, " . -
Culver Is Nominated. .
The nomination of sheriff being first
in order; Frank Bagby, of Aurora,
placed in nomination Henry Snyder, of
AurorifT whose nomination was seconded
by A. M. La Follett, of Brooks. B. K.
Robertson, of Turner, placed E. L.
Martin, of Turner, in nomination. A.?
O. Condit, ' of Salem No. 4, plaeed in
nomination W. J. Culver, of Salem,
which was seconded by John Knight of
Salem No. 6, Mr. Culver 's precinct. A
slight bobble was made in tbis connec
tion as it had been agreed that, while
Mr.-Knight did the talking, the- dele
gates from that ward were to arise in
a body, which they failed to do. Th
nomination of Mr. Culver was received
with thunderous applause. Walter L.
Tooze, of Woodburn, nest placed in
nomination Jack Johnson, of Wood
burn, afterwhich the nominations were
declared closed and the balloting pro
ceeded. The first ballot resulted in the nomi
nation of W. J. Culver by a vote of
173, a plurality of 115 votes over the
next highest man, Henry Snyder, of
Aurora. The result of the ballot was:
W. J. Culver, 173; H. H. Snyder, 58;
John Johnson, 16f E. L. Martin, 17.
NeccsKary to nominate, 133. Iohg be
fore the count of the bal
lot had been finished and it was found
that Mr. Culver had the required num
ber of votes, a deafening cheer arose
and there was handshaking all around.
Pandemonium broke loose when the bal
lot" was announced, and Mr. Culver,
who was in the roar of the hall was
fairly lifted from his feet by the en
thusiasm of his admirers and supjiort
crs. Ash soon as quiet had been suffi
ciently restored, E. L. Martin, of
Turner, moved his nomination be. made
unanimous ami this was heartily sec
onded lyH. If. Snyder, of Aurora, and
adopted hx the convention with a cheer.
Mr. Culver received further manifes
tations of approval when he was called
to the platform and made a- few re
marks of gratitude.
An Overwhelming Victory.
The next order of business was the
nomination of county judge, and if the
success of W. J. Culver for sheriff, was
a complete victory, the nomination of
County Judge John II. Scott, for a sec
ond term which followed, could not be
described otherwise than an over
whelming one.
A. W. Preseott, of Salem No. 4, who
had the honor of having placed Judge
Scott in nomination upon the occasion
of his first term, wes given the honor
of placing him in nomination again and
he did so in an able and eloquent man
ner and Hie thunder of applause whicu
followed was a significant forecast of
what the result would be. His nomina
tion was seceded so rapidly and with
the support ft solid delegations that it
was impossible 1 to note all of the
spokesmen.' . ?
Mr. John Norton, of Monitor., placed
in nomination C. T. Boaney, of Wood
burn, and A. L. Downing, of Monitor,
placed M., W. Hunt, of Sublimity, ia
nomination, i :
The ballot was cast and counted and
resulted with 215 having been east for
Judge Scott; 45 for M. W. Hunt, and
4 for C.-T. Bonney. The announcement
was received amid a eumult of demon
strative applause, and Judge Scott, the
successful nominee, was called to the
platform and his words of gratitude for
the honor shown him were received
with great applause. Upon motion of
ex-County Clerk W. W. Halt, who had
waged a vigorous yet futile campaign
against the nomination of Judge. Scott,
his nomination was made unanimous by
the convention. ;
Merry A 'Marriage Belli
The nomination of eounty clerk being
next in order, John : W. Roland was
placed in nomination by G. W. Jones,
and the second 1 was made so general
that finally, upon motion of T. B. Kay
of Salem No. 2, the secretary was " In
structed to cast the ballot of the con
vention for Mr. Roland. . Mr. Roland
also advanced to the platform, upon de
mand, and made a few appropriate re
marks of , his appreciation of the
honor shown him. f :
There Being practically no opposition
in evidence to the candidacies of the
present incumbents, W. Y. Richardson,
for treasurer, and J, C. Siegmund, for
recorder, upon motion of M. 33; Good
ell, of Salem No. 2, the secretary of the
convention was instructed to east the
ballot of the convention for these two
men in their respective offices. '
; The next order of business was the
nomination of assessor. . Grover Sim
mons, of Howell, placed in nomination
F. J. Rice, of HowelL whose) nomina
tion was seconded by I)r. H. C Epley,
of Salem No. 2. Chas. Lembcke, the
present incumbent, was then placed la
nomination and unanimously . seconded
and the; nominations , were ; declared
closed. The result of the ballot was
F. J. Rice, 191; Chas. Lembcke, 65
Vote east 26 - ;
I. C NeeJham, present eounty j com
missioner, woo was placed in nomina
tion for re-election to the officey by P.
N. Lathrop,- of Liberty, and seconded
by E.-Hoferef Salem No. 7, receive!
slight opposition for the nomination in
tho person of John A. Lewis, of Aums
ville, who was nominated by Loo is
Bleakney, of : :Anmsville. The ballot
was cast and resulted in the nomination
of Mr,. Needham with 216 votes, to 39
for Mr. Lewis, and Mr. Needham was
declared nominated for county com
missioner, i : t
For surveyor there was no contest
and B. B. Herrick; Jr., having been
placed in nomination by Dr. H C.
Epley, of Salem, npoaj motion of : Dr.
Epley, Mrr Herrick was nominated by
acclamation, the. unanimous choice of
the convention. J I j "
There was more interest taken in the
nomination of a corqner and A.; M.
Clough, the present incumbent, met op
position in the person f Dr. D. F.
Lane, of this city, but the opposition
proved weak and the ballot resulted in
the nomination of Mr. Clough bv a
vote of 164 to 69. t . . -.
J Interest Again, Revives. :
The interest in the-work of the con
vention,: which had quieted down some
what, revived again when the nomina
tion of five, representatives was an
nounced as the next in order of busi
ness' and about 'one-half hour's time of
the convention was devoted to nominat
ing speeches. '
- J. II , Settlenuer, of Woodburn, was
first placed in nomination by Walter L.
Tooze. There were eleven candidates
in all, when the nominations closed, and
they were named in the order given,
following Mr. Settlemier: T. B. 'Kay,
of Salem; F. A. Turner, of Salem; J.
G. Graham, of Salem; J. 3. Ritchie,
of Scotts Mills; J. C. Goodale, Jrl, of
Salem; P. N. Lathrop, of Liberty; M.
L. Jones, of Brooks; W. M. JliUeary,
of Turner; G. G. Bingham, of Salem;
and J. L. Calvert, of Hubbard.;
The first ballot taken, in which there
were votes cast resulted in the nomina
tion of J. H.-Settlemier of Woodburn,
who received 209 votes; J. G.. Graham,
of Salem, 175 votes; T. B. Kay, of
Salem, 158 votes, and J. II . Richie,
148 votes, J. L. Calvert, of Salem, 127
votes. ' - ,
The full vote was: Settlemier, 209;
Graham, 175; Kay, 158; Richie. 148;
Calvert, 127; Turner; 316; Hilleary,
307; Jones, 101; Bingham, 82; Goodale,
78, and Lathrop, 34. There having leen
only 247 votes cast and Settlemier, Gra
ham. Kay, Ritchie, and Calvert, having
received the majority of those, were
declared the: nominees of the conven
tion for the legislature.
Each of the successful nominees
mounted the platform as their names
were called and expressed their, appre
ciation of the honor conferred j upon
them in a brief but appropriate man
ner, ; after which adjournment was
taken until S o'clock p. nu !
A Lively Conclusion.
- The convention was called to order
shortly after 8 o'clock when the reports
of the committees on apportionment of
precinct delegates to the state and
congressional conventions, and resolu
tions, were received and adopted. On
motion of G. G. Brown, Judge J. J.
Murphy was elected delegate at large
to the state convention.
Hon. F. T. Wrightman of Salem, and
J. D, Simmons of Monitor, Were placed
in nomination for delegate, at Urge to
the i congressional convention, Mr.
Wrightman being elected by a vote of
143 to 118. A recess was then taken
to allow the different delegations to
select their delegates to the state and
Congressional conventions and nomin
ate candidates for justice of the peace
and : constable in the various justice
districts, their 'final action as reported
being ratified by the convention as a
The candidates for justice i of the
peace and constable in the fourteen
districts of the county follow: ;
Turner Justice, H. Earl; consta
ble, W. A. Dozier.
Macleay Jnstice, Reverend McLane
constable, Frank Wheeler.,
Aumsville Justice Lewis Bleakney,
constable, Ed. Gilbert.
Scotts Mills Justice, W. A. Wright;
constable, Cyrus Jones.
Jefferson Justice, J. W. Parrish;
constable, T. A. Halo.
Aurora Justice, C. M. Crittenden;
constable, W. B. Kester.
Stayton Justice, Jerome Grier; con.
stable, Henry Smith.
Gervais Justice, Silas Jones ; con
stable, John Fahy.
Woodbnrn Justice, H. Overton;
constable, Amos Beach.
Elkhorn Justice, U. D. Bondy; con
stable, C. li W. Davis.
Mehama Justice, Wm. Mulkey; eon
stable Jeff Vallet.
, Silverton Justice, H. D. Mount;
constable, C. W. Drake.
, Salem Justice, II. . II. Turner; con
stable, R. O. Donaldson. "
St. Panl Justice, U. A. Zora; con
stable, J. Bierward.
, Tha following are the precinct com
mitteemen elected by the different del
egatlons: r..- v " . . ;
Salem No. I. A. T. Moffit; Salem
No. 2, Henry Hubbard; Salem No. 3,
Z. J. Riggs; Salem No. 4, Jj C Good
ale, Jr.; Salem No. 5, Geo. C Will;
Salem No. , D. G. Drager; Salem No.
7y H. ! 8. Radeliff; East Salem, B. B.
Gesner; Chamtoeg, J. E. Smith; Che
mawa, L. T. Reynolds; Monitor, J. T.
Ross; Aumsville, J. A. Smith; Liberty,
Bruce Cunningham; Aurora, A. H. Will
Woodburn, Boy Hicks; Marion. J. E.
Roberts; North Silverton, A. Hobart;
South Silverton, J. W. Hobart; Silver
ton, F. XL-Brooks; Hubbard, Harvey
Hinkle; Butteville, E. A. M. Cone;
Jefferson, J. T. J ones ; M t An gel, T.
L. Ambler; Gervais, Dr. C. 8. White;
Macleay, Rlgs-r Hartley; HowelL J. N.
Miller; Fairfield, J. Imlah; Turner, S.
WReed; Horeb, W. H. Ram bo;' Briet.
enbush, W. J. Smith Silver- Falls, Jos
eph Winters; Scotts MUs, L. Maulding
St. Paul, J. L. Cook; Sublimity, Ernest
Denny; Stayton, A. L. Nash; Brooks,
(Continaeti on Page &)
Are Alleged to Be Retained by the
I Board of the Home
-'I ...... ReceiTers.
Mr. Bell Complained Against His Own
Stated for Permitting a Canteen to
Be Established in tne California
State; Home Pension ; Money Issued
'Through Canteen Checks.
WASHINGTON, March 31. Consid
eration of the sundry civil appropria
tion bill was concluded in the House
today and the bill was about to be
passed when Mr. Sulzer forced a roll
call on a motion to commit the bill
with instructions tu strike out the par
agraph ; appropriating 136,0OU for the
rental of the New York custom house.
The vote showed a .quorum was not
prsent;and adjournment was. taken un
til tomorrow.
The right of boards of receivers of
state homes for disabled volunteer sol
diers to retain certain port iona of the
pension money -received by the Inmates
was' discussed at length. Mr. Bell of
California, assailed his own state for
permitting a canteen to be establisheu
in the California state home, and charg
ed that the old soldiers were allowed to
draw their pension money from the
home in most instance only through
canteen checks. After 'an extended de
bate an amendment by Mr. Bell to
correct the evils omplained of was
adopted. - ,
A violent attack on the coast and
geodetic survey was made by Robinson
of Indiana, who charged scandal at
tached to that office in connection with
an allowance for commutation of subsis
tenee. Mr. Hemenway, in charge of the
bill, indignantly denied the charges
made, t
Senate Gets Into Dispute.
Washington. March 31. The at ten.
tion of the nenate was divided today
between a Jill for the repeal of the
desert j land, the timber and stone and
homestead comrautayon laws, and the
postofUee appropriation 'bill. The re
peal bill was taken up only for" the
purpose of discussion, and Mr. Clark,
of Wyoming, was the prineipay speaker
He" contested the osition taken by
Mr. Gibson, that there have been great
frauds in the administration of the
land laws of the West. He declared
there is lobby in Washington in the in
terest of the repeal bill and engaged in
a short eolloquoy with Patterson, dur
ing which each characterized the state
ment of the other as untrue.
The general debate on the postoffiee
bill was confined largely to a speech
by Senator MeCrearv. and interruption
by the Republican Senators. Mr. Mc
Creary charged in the main, that the
policy of an early adjournment of Con
gress had been adopted in order to
avoid" legislation not uesired by the
Republican leaders.
Three Masked Men Blew Up Express
Car, Killing Express Messenger
O'Neill,. And Carried Off the Con
tents of the Treasae Box Made
Their Escape Upon Engine.
REDDING, CaL, March 31. Three
masked men held ud the Oregon Ex
press at Copley at 11 o'clock last night.
Messenger O'Neill and
carried of the contents of the express
. . . . ,
lKx. Tne train eaoppeu av opiey;
water. The robbers blew on the car
and killed the messenger before getting
thetreasure pox. t
The hicrhwavmen forced the train
crew to uncouple the front engine and
compelled the engineer to draw them
back to Keswick station, live miles
south, where they disembarked and dis
appeared. The engine has orders now
to run to this city to carry up the sher.
iff ' an a posse of armed men. The rob
bed train left Portland Wednesday
night. . -j' - .-: -
Will Bring Full Delegation ef Seven to
t the Congressional conven-
; -,; ; ., - ; tion.- . .:,.:; '
CORVALLIS, Or- March 3L-rThe
Benton Republican eonnty convention
endorsed h. T. HsrrU for Congressr by
a two to one vote. Carris wiil get the
full delegation ef seven to th
sional convention.
Department of the Nord Is Menaced by
Striking Textile workers, j
PARIS. March 3L MartUl law prac
tically prevail in the department of
the NorL' owing to the menacing atti
tude of the striking textile workers.
One hundred and sixteen establishments
ioeladiog the various cotton, linen and
woolen mills, and 12,200 strikers are
now involved, i. Several fights between
the iroops knd striker have otcurred.
The l told you so" man is con
spicuously in evidence." :
More Damage Is Threatened By Zloods
In Indiana and
. '. ' ,:: '-Illinois. ,. - ',.'.
INIANlPOLIsTlB'l-, March .31.
Heavy rains have increased the flood
danger in the Southwestern part of I n"
diana. Vincennes, Mount CarmeL New
Harmony, Grayville, Irinceeon, E-ans-
rille, Westport, and "'all of Iawrence
eounty, Illinois, are suffering from high
water. Westport is completely aban
donee!. Hundreds of refugees are liv
ing in school houses and barns. v Live
stock is quartered in hayrlof ts and rail
road traflic is at a standstill. One death
by drowning ia reported, near Vincen
nes. One of the heaviest rains of the
year is falling Jiere tonight. '
VANC"Ol'VKJi, B. C. March 31. The
Dominion customs revenue returns for
the nine months ending todav were $30
363,263, ae compared with CG,70.".22i
for the same time la.st year. , ;
Commissioner Heacock Has Denied the
Motion j of; the Defendants, P. A.
Hyde and Henry P. Dimond, to Dis
miss the ; Complaint ; and Charge
Against Them Statehood Bill Is
.Ready. j j J ' v :
SAN FRANCISCO, March 31.-The
government won the second important
point in the technical battle over the
alleged laud frsud case, today,, when
Commissioner Heacock denied the mo
tion of the defendants, F. A, Hyde
nnd Henry P. Dimond, to dismiss the
complaint, and discharge them. The
game motion was denied last week, but
was renewed' on additional grounds.
The principal line of attack on the gov
ernment's position by tie defendants'
attorney; has Wen against the jurisdic
tion of the court in which the indict
ment was returned.
Consider Statehood Bill Favorably.'
Washington, " March 31. The state
hood bill prepared by the Republican
members iof the sub-committee of -the
House committee on territories was con
sidered today by the full sub-committee
and will le recommended favorably to
the full committee tomorrow. .
For Educational Purposes. .
Washington, March 31. The "treas
ury department today transmitted to
the House an estimate from Secretary
Hitchcock for an apptopriation . of
$100,000 to be immediately available
for education-in Alaska.
President . Is Authorized to Negotiate
With Great Britain Toward
That End. '
WASHINGTON, March 31. The
House committee on foreign affairs to
day authorized a favorable report on
the Senate resolution i requesting, the
President to negotiate; with the gov
ernment of Great Britain for a revis
ion of the regulations governing the
taking of fur seals in Alaskan waters
for the purpose of preventing pelagic
sealing. ; The resolution also requested
the President to secure the adherence
of Russia and Japan to such an. agree
ment. .!'.:; . . : .
Contractors and Builders of the Cruiser
Denver Think That She
i Will Make Good.
BOSTON,! March. 31i The protected
cruiser Denver in the; second govern
ment speed trial test over the Cape
Ann course today again failed to reach
the contract requirements of 17 miles
an hour, the average speed Wing 1G.7
knots. jThe weather and wind condi
tions were almost perfect.
The tidal; correction may add slight
ly to the speed taken'on the ship and
sufficiently, the contractors, Neefe and
Levy, claim, to bring her speed up to
the contract requirements.
Salem People Must Believe- the Testi
money of Her Best Citi
i , . zens.
' Testimony like that below Cannot
fail .to convince Salem people, because
a Salem man is the speaker and be is
a man of reputation ia the community.
. Jacob, E; McCoy, bridge builder and
contractor, residing on Capitol street,
eeead house beyond Mill Creek, says:
"I have always enjoyed good health
up to five or , six years ago. - Along
about that time my kidneys commenced
to bother me. There was not so much
backache, but the principal symptoms
were ia coo nee tion with the kidney
secretions. 4 A strain or over-exert iea
very often caused hemorrhages of the
kidneys. -. I cannot say that it was so
painfoJ, but it was very annoying. I
used various remedies, and while some
gave relief, others were .worthless. In
some way Doan's Kidney Pills were
brought to my notice, and when up
town I; dropped in to Dr. Stone's drug
store and procured a box, taking them
as directed. A few doses gave very
convincing proof that they were going
to the right spot, end though 1 can 't
say they have enre3 me, as I may never
be cured, I can state that they gave, me
wonderful relief. I have a high opia
ion of Doan's Kidney Pills 'and cheer
fully recommend them.
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co Buffalo, N.
sole scents for the United States.
Remember the name Doan's and take
no substitute.
: - . .v.' ' "
Thibetans Losses Are Estimated at
Over 400 British Casualties .
Expedition of English Which Captured
a Thibetan Camp' at Guru Suffered
Great Uard&hip With the Intense
Cold Maxltrj Guns' Would Not Work
Rifles and Munition of Thibetans
- From Russia, f 3
. TCNA, British India, March 3L
News was received here of severe fight
ing, the Thibet La us' having attacked
the British Mission under Colonel
YounghuSband- la two engagements
the Thibetiana.were repulsed with hea
vy loss. The British have captured
the Thibeti an camp at Guru. The ex
pedition suffered great hardship from
the intense cold and sometimes it was
impossible to work the Maxim - guns
and rifles owing to the congealing of
the oil. The Thibetan losses are believ"
ed to lie over 400, the British casual!
tics about a dozen. Rifles bearing the
Russian, Imperial stamp and Russian
ammunition were found on tne wound
ed Thibetan officers. ,
Two Hundred and Twenty-Five Thous
and Cases of Salmon Ordered
. For Shipment.
SEATTLE, March 31. The Seattle
Trade Register on Saturday will say
that ordeis have been placed with local1
dealers in the last few days for 225.000
cases or Alaska pinkfisalmon for ship
ment to Japan for the use of thearmy.
Some of 'this immenseTpurehase will go
forward by the Shawmit, sailing to-,
morrow, wfiile 'each following ship will
take some. Tlie Trade Register also
saya that 75,000 cases have been pur
chased by Japan in San Francisco and
that a large purchase was also made at
Vancouver, B. .C ..."'
Superior Court Holds a Sealed
. Cannot Be Admitted as
.-( Evidence.
NrTW HAVKN, Conn., March 31.-A
rinding that'fhe sesfed lefTer, by which
Phibv K Bennett egpressed a wish thst
5(M0O shonld-j le given William J.
Pryan and hfs family, was not a part
of the last will of Mr; Bennett was re
turned by the jury today in the super
ior court in the trial of Mr. Bryan's
appeal from the decision of the jrobate
court. ::. . . f
This finding,: which upholds the decis
ion of the probate court, was "given in
accordance with the instruction to the
jury from Judge Gager, who presided
at. the. superior court trial. Judge Oa
ger 'a ruling on the question -which has
never before come directly before the
courts of Connecticut, decided that n
sealed letter could not be admitted as
evidence ina trial.
ALTOONA, la., March 31. The Cen
tral Pennsylvania coal operators who
have stubWnly insisted on their de
mand for 55 cents a ton, mining rate,
this afternoon in joint scale committee
offered :the miners a 5H.82 cent rate,
with proport ionaee reductions of other
mine labor.. The operator's proposition
will be laid before the miners' conven
tion tomorrow, but is not likely to be
accepted. -
VANCOUVER, B. a. March 31. Tha
order in the council of February 2,1903,
granting to ( foreign steamships the
privilege of carrying Canadian bonded
freight from Vancouver to Dawson via
St. Mirhacls and the lower Yukon river
route has been renewed.
SAN FRANCISCO, March 31. San
Francisco 0; Oakland, 6.
Fresno, March 31. Tacoma, 4; Seat
tle, 5.
Ioe Angeles, March 31. Los Angeles
I; Portland, 0.
Out of Danger
The condition of Mrs. K. B. Piper,
of I'ortland, formerly of Salem, was
much improved yesterday, so friends in
this city were informed by telephone.
In fact, Mrs. Piper is now out of dan
ger, which news will be read with grat
lfiratioa and interest by a host of
friends in the Capital City. Mrs. lMfxr
was formerly Miss Leona Willis. M".
Piper is city editor of the Oregonian.
.:..,; j '"sn
RODONDO, - Cal March 31. The
captain of the schooner W. II. Smith
from Clallarrf Bay, reports having sight
ed a vessel, about forty miles west of
Crescent City conforming to the de
eription of the4 Lamora, lost on thj
Vancouver coast.
WASHINGTON, March 31.-TI.9
House committee on rivers and harbor
today completed the draft of the aj- r"
priation bill carrying approximat 'r
t3,000,ft00 tocoatinue the exitin f o.I
tracts for river and harbor work.
f WiutirvriTov .
Washington postmasters appointed tr
Birdsvkw, David Russell: Walker, v.
c rnuaie m. jFaciair.
"What's the matter with Joo Cral