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Claim That He Ignored Their Keeonv
jctndaticms Entirely and Appointed a
; political Protege and in Violation of
the State StatutesTlxe Governor
Makes Reply.
f (From Thursday's Daily.)
No little strife has ' been stirred
rp' among the dentists of the state and
especially those composing the execu
tive committee of the State Dental As-
soeiation, on account of the. recent p
poiatment by the Governor of Dr. B.
L. Lincoln, of LaGrande, s a meJiber
of the State Board of Dental Examin
ers, to socceed Dr. J. L, Beavis also of
La Grande, vrhose term has expired.
The trouble arose from the fact that
the Governor, in -spite of the recommen
dations of the executive committee of
the Dental Association, of three worthy
men for the position, turned them all
down and appointed Dr. Lincoln to the
board. The dental association has no
grievance against Dr. Lincoln, person
ally, but they are highly incensed at
the Governor for ignoring their recom
mendations, as provided by statute,
and, as they term it, "exceeding his
The executive committee of the den
tal association, through their stcretary,
Ir. Clarke, of Portland, in accordance
nith the provisions of section 3S29, of
Bellinger & Cotton's code, selected the
names ,of three competent dentists of
the state, namely, Drs. F. M. Penton,
of Portland; George Lark in. of New
Writ; and Frank Vaughn, of Astoria.
hat the Governor would not name any
of these. "except Dr. Larkia, whom he
apjointed to succeed Dr. Wise, of
Portland, whose terra had also expired,
and took the matter in, his own hands
r -appointing Dr. Lincoln. The den
tist feel very much aggrieved over the
action of the Governor and will prob
aMy take steps to repudiate his ap
pointment. How'this is to be done, how
ever, has not as yet been decided upon.
It is said that the state board itself
may retaliate by refusing to honor the
Governor's protege, but it appe.trs that
a serious olstacle to this lies in the fact
that a majority of the five members of
tie board are Democrats, and whether
professional pride is stronger than po-liti-ab
faith to the members of the
board remains to be seen.
Governor Chamberlain, in discussing
the matter said that he had taken the
matter in his own hands for various ,
an.l obvious reasons. In toe first place j In some of the old countries the gov
ther is so much strife among the den- ernment employes an expert farrier to
tists -of the state and that, if he had I travel from village to village and from
appointed one of the men named by the city to city, givijng free lessons to his
.tnittee of. the association the other
faction would raise serious objections,
and vif-e versa, and another wa3 that
he thought that it was wise t: have
Eastern Oregon represented upon the
boar!, epfcially since Dr. Beavis was
from Eastern Oregon, and if he had
appointed one of the men that -jwas
recommeinded by the society, jthi
wouM not have been the ease. There
wa no politics whatever In the tran
saction, as has been intimated by the
dentals.- Governor Chamberlain also
says this same 'step was taken by Gov
ernor Geer at , one time during his ad
ministration and that nothing was ev
er done in the matter, and he doubts
very much if anything can Ik done In
this inntanee. or that there Will.
Section 3s29 of the code, referred to
above, is very explicit in the matter
and apparently leaves no alternative
to the Governor but to comply with its
provisions, unless the. board is willing
to let the matter rest. This section
rea!s: ,
"It shall be the duty of the execu
tive committee of the " Oregon State
Denial Association, at the annuil meet
ing of the said soeiety next prior to
the time of the appointment by the
Governor of said members after the
appointment of the first members here
in provided for, to furnish the Govern
or the names of three competent den
tists for each member to be appointed,
and from which he shall select the ap
pointee to fill said offices."
Aecoding to this statute the only
excuse the Governor has for ignoring
the parties recommended by the exec
utive committee of the dental awoeia
tion is that in case such members ree
o;nmended are not .eitiwus of the Unit
ed States and residents of the stats
of Oregon.
Governor Chamberlain Commutes
Eight Year Sentence of One
John MitchelL-
Governor Chamberlain yesterday
; commuted the senteaee of one, John
v Mitchell, who is serving a tern of eight
years in the penitentiary open convic
tion, in Multnomah county, in 1S99, of
the crime of robbery. MHchell was
but 18 years of age V time of oi'
commitment, has beetn. an exemplary
prisoner during his confinement, and
has bees a trusty for several years,
during which time he rendered excel
lent service as a nure in the hospital
wards of the prison, particuUrly taking
care of convicts suffering with eon
simption. His terra of sentence would
have esjdred next January and the
commutation was made partly on ac
count of fear of his contracting con
sumption himself, but principally as a
reward of merit for services rendered.
; Life Guards.
The life Guards are two regiments
of cavalry forming part of the British
household troops. They are gallant
soldiers, and every loyal British heart
is proud of "them. Not only the King's
household, but yours, ottrs, everybody's
should have its life guards The need of
them is especially great when the great
est foes of life, diseases, find allies in
the very elements as- colds, influenza,
catarrh," the grip, ami pneumonia ,do in
the stormy month of March. The best
way that we know of to guard against
these diseases ia to strengthen the sys
tem with Hood's Sarsaparilla the
i ef all life guards. It removes! has been added to the Iroqms disaster
ditions in which these diseases -list. The latest victim : Mrs. . ba
,eir most successful attack, gives bet h farrtngton, who die. of injuries
the eon
not. It.
vigor and tone to all the vital organs
" .uetion1s n'i impart a genial J
-Ur iiV-"" iooo. Remember the
weaker the system the greater the ex
posure to disease. Hood's Sarsaoarilla
makes the system strong.
Woolea! Mills Have Narrow Escape
(Blaze Starts; in Dry-
I i- ..' i r . :. ' room.
.ALBANY, Or,. March 10. Fire
broke ont in the dryroom of the Albany
woolen mills at 10 o'clock this morning
and threatened the destruction of a
part of the nulls. The flames were ex
tinguished by hard work, the damage
being only slight. The dryer became
overheated and all the stock that was
in it at the time was rained.
I : : - I ,.,
j It Saved His Leg.
P. A- Danforth, of LaGrande, Ga,
suffered for six months with a fright
ful running sore on his leg; but writes
that Bucklcn's Arnica Salve wholly
cured it five days. For ulcers,
W fvn i m a 1 am A r m A s . a. . m
wounds, piles it's the best salve. In the
world, j Cnre guaranteed. Only 25c
Sold by Dan J. Fry, druggist.
A Suggestion That the Oregon : State
Pair Board Provide for Competition
in Order to Bring Up the Standard
of Knowledge Among the Horse
(From Thursday's Daily.)
Editor Statesman
Horseshoeing This industry ought
to command more attention, it seems
to me, than it is now obtaining in this
part of the United States. I believe
(and crhaps the fault is with me, for
I have been inpressed lor some time)
that bur great'-state 'of Oregon at its
annual fair ought to offer a premium
or turning of horse shoes, the fit
ting of them to the foot, the balancing
of the same, also the proper angle of
the foot and the adjustment of shoes
to crooked feet, 'or those that inter
fere, also the shoeing for different
kinds of work.
In this country the common black
smith, as a rule, are not very well ed
ucated, and many of them know noth
ing, comparatively, of the anatomy of
the horse's foot, and sometimes we
trust the shoeing of our horses to any
one, just so be can pound iron straight
'fellows ia" this most wonderful art.f
But what is our government, and es
pecially our own great state, doing to
advance this one of the great arts,
and so help' make life more comport
able to our noble servant, the horse.
As civilization goes on and hard or
macadamized roads are constructed,
especially where they are built out of
stone and gravel, our horses must be
kept almost, constantly sho-l, and an
observing friend remarked to the
; X: " Ji,: ; ,
lame horses in-thi. n ry a, h has
travel over this winter than ever be
sei-n IBO "" .
fore, and so the necessity for more
care of the poor horses' feet. Seef
The horse shoers or farriers light to
pass an examination directed by f,ur
rnrornmrat before thev could SCt
1 1 1 ? 1 1 1 r"T I rc ' I' 1 ........... - - .
horse shoer ought to have efficient
knowledge that be might frightfully
elaiim bis title.
A. man said-to me as we were talk
ing on this subject that his father had
been a blacksmith and horse shoer all
hii life, having learned the trade from
his !f at her, and was considered very
efficient in remedying defects in horses'
feet, either nature or acquire-! by bad.
shoeing; but when quite along in years
be attended the World's Pair at Phil
adelphia in 18T6 and saw the different
parts of a horse's foot exhibited, and
learned something of its anatomy for
the first time. He nd I should nev
er have attempted the soeing of a sin
gle! horse without having first studijd
and thoroughly learned aI its, intri
cate parts, and it is wonderful I did
not ruin more than I helped." Such re
marks as the above to incite ns to try
bv everv means at hand to i mprove and
advance to a higher stands rd those in
this profession; and as I iwid before,
I am sorry I did not commence earlier
the agitation of this subject.
Perhaps the ?tate Fair Board, had it
been properly presented to them, would
hsve taken it up. and I would like to
nrrKt that thev provide for this onetv umAv-nnA told Y.im tht if ;
year from this fall, if it cannot be r1"0 -
Tided for this falL ...
Permit me ia Closing mis anicie m
suggest about what 1 think would be
the proper schedule for such competi
tion: ! . . ,
Preparation of foot; mjskfng thoe;
fitting and nailing on. These are the
three important divisions of . the snl
jeet. A maximum of not more than ten
ami ii many as five points credit or
other marking ought to be allowed
the judges on tbce points suggested.
D. IK KhCUhU, . .
I! Lt4 Vaa fin JLwan tngt
Eat Billy Woods Was Given Decision
.K Over Cyclone Kelly t
, j - . Oakland. ' ; ; ':
OAKLAND, CaU March 9.-The o
lice stopj.ed the fight between Billy
AVixxls and "Cyclone" Kelly at the
end of the fifth 'round and the decision
was given to Woods. Kelly was knock
down eight times in the first round.
j .iii '
; - ' . FERE. :'
. CHICAGO. March IP. Another name
j received in the theatre fire.
United States Officers Then Step in and
Arrest Beinxe and Others for Con
tempt of Order of Federal Court, Al
lowing Boston Men to Inspect Mich
ael XaTitt Mine.
BUTTE, Mont, March 9.-On the
charge that they were within the limits
of: the Itarus mine, three miners from
the Pennsylvania i mine were arrested
thi3 afternoon. The men - in custody
say the 1'arus miners decoyed "them
into the Earns on the plea that seme of
the Barns miners were being suffocated
Cjhe Earns miners claim that .' the
I 2"
Pennsylvania men invaOed their work
ings to steal ore. The Amalgamated
claim the ground where the trouble oc
curred ' was awarded it by the court.
The Pennsylvania belongs to the Boston
t Montana Company, or in other words,
to the Amalgamated iCopper Company,
while the Earns is the Heinze prup
erty. . ;
! Later in the day F, A. -Heinze,' J. IT.
ITrerise and .M Frafk t?cre nVresfed by
Lmted btates Marshal Lloyd for alleg
ed violation of the Federal Court's or
der granting the Bntte and Boston Co.
permission to inspect the Michael Da
vitt mine through the underground
workings of the Rants. Upon coinijaint
being made to Marshal Lloyd, Messrs.
Tresise and Frank refused to permit an
inspection party to penetrate a secret
passage way in the Davitt, and steps
were at once taken to enforce the con
tempt of the order. Marshal Lloyd
placed both Trerise and Frank under
arrest, and, alut 4 o'elock, Heinze
was also arrested.
Ent Quickly Cured by Chamberlain's
Conzh Reraedv
"A few mornings ago Mr. J. G. ' soliJation of the Adjutant General's
8mithcrman, a good citizen of this' office with the Eecord and Pension cf
place, came to the store for a cough j fice
medicine." says Dr. C. N. Parnell, of! The Torto Eican-amendf.i.Mit wras eb
Mapleeville. -Ala. "He so hoarse j jected to by the let.MH-ratii Senators
that he could hardly talk and said he as tending to a more pronounced m i-
Some of the Reliable Men and Concerns of
If yon hare clothes to clean and press,
The Fashion Tailors are the best.
Dyeing, steam cleaning and repair
ing. Satisfaction guaranteed. 433
Washington St, between 11th and
12th- Portland, Oregon.
Oregon Creamery, ' manufacturers of
better and cheese. We are in the
D-ket for sweet aai sour cream.
Write for prices. Reference London
at San Francisco Baix. L-'ndted, 100
Fourth Street, Portland, Oregon.
Portland Electrical Works. Established
i A .n r;ri rfn.
l U SI Sra. a V. W a0 m.m mawii
Dynamos and motors inEtalied and
repaired. Telephones, bells, etc.,
houses wired. 351 Stark Street, Port
land. Oregon.
The Northwest Electric Engineering
Co. of Portland, Oregon, can supply
your every need in the electrical line, i
The largest stock in the Narthwcrt. '
Do your cooking by electricity. Pock
et flashlights. Kvervthing.
Private Telephone Lines are being in
stalled by all progressive farmers.
The cost isr small in comparison with
the benfits derived. Get our estimates.
Western Electric Works, No. 61 Sixth
Street, Portland. Oregon.
Portland General Electric Co. A full
line of electrical supplies carried in
M. J. Walsh Co, dealers in mantels, J
grates, tiling, gas and electric chan
daliers, supplies; jjeplace furniture.
313 Washington street, Portland, Or
egon; telephone 879 Main.
Wedding and visiting cards, also mon
ogram stationery. W. G. Smith & Co.,
Washington Building, Portland, Or.
had coughed all the night be f. ire. I
sold him a lottle of Cbatnlerlain'
! did' not relieve him he might bring the
I bottle hack and get his monev. I
saw him the next morning carrying ihe
bottle to the store where he works,
and he told me it did Lim more goo.1
than any tnediciae he ever ustd."
For sale by Dan J. Fry.
German Emigrants Prom Dakota Look
ing fox Locations in That
(From ,Th or v Jay's Daily.)
A party of German emigrants froni!
Dakota landed in this section Mondavi
and are searching for homes in this
vicinity. The 'party represents seven
teen families, and ; local real estate
men are doi&g all 'they can to locate
them. ... s
Ar pleasant surprise party was tea
dere'I Miss Lola Waters Monday even
ing 'at her home on Fourth street. A
most enjoyable evening was passed by
the young .people, cards and dancing
being the order of the evening.
Mrs. Staytoa and daoghter win lave
their millinery I opening on the 16ih
inst. - Thry have an excellent stock of
spring gls and their opening will be
an interesting feature.
PauI;FTank, a resident of the North
End, had the misfortune to lose a val
uable horse recently. Mr. Frank thinks
tho animal : died from the effects of
colic -' ,; ? '.'J ' : f ..,'
Miss Rilda Caspell, of the Waldo
Hills, is suffering with a severe attack
of facial erysipelas. . Dr. Kitehen has
the ease in charge and hopes to effect
a cure. " . ':'.;'
Matt Epaniol, owner of the slot ma
chine in one of the local saloons, dis
covered recently some sixty odd pieces
of lead battered out about the size of
a sickle, which had been deposited in
the raaehine. It is n2t known who did
the wark but evidently someone, who
wanted amusement without paying for
it.". - :- . .' -.v.! j- .A.:
Miss Avm Gardner and guest,! Miss
Lena Schiadler, f Salem, visited
friends in Linn county several j dtys
this week. ;
Mrs. W. H. Queen er is at home again
after a pleasant visit with her a other
Mrs. Kclley, of Albany.
Miss ilattie Teebler, of " Portland
who has been Tisiting her sister Mr.
Kearas, the past two weeks, left Mon
day for Sweet Home, where she will
Tisit her brother.
. The warm rain of the first of the
week caased quite a rise in the; river
at this point; the water is-rapidly re
ceding now. 1 ,
Eev.W. A. Elk ins, pastor of the
Christian church, expects to begin a
series of special meetings at this place
in the very hear future. j
Stayton, Oregon, March 9. j
Amendment - Was Adopted, However,
As Was Also Another Providing for
Pro visional Troops in Philippines
and Consolidation of Adjutant Gen
eral's Office With Record and Pen
sion Office.
WASHINGTON, March S. The Sen
ate spent almost the entire-day liaten-
if l roe os i "ri-t a:iv- ;.nr' iu
the army bill concerning provrrional
i trrops in the Philippines, and the e-n-
Portland Woman's Employment Com
pany. For ladies only. We furnish
the best of domestic help of all kinds;
stenographers-and office girls. Satis
faction guaranteed. Miss Josephine
Bice, Manager, 21S Alisky Building,
Third and Morrison streets.
Pacific Mail Order Company, rells ev
erything yon use, eat or wear, at
wholesale prices.. Bays everything
yon raise, make or selL Send for
spring illustrated catalogue. 229 to
233 Salmon St., Portland, Oregon.
riuuiyk aiiieuuaa givcu tu uuumc ui- i
ders on choice cut flowers and floral
designs. We also carry a large as-
iTVA vaaaut vi wjw wsaamsa. a uviiia w
avuijF UM( wtM M. wtauw, va .
Northwestern Hat Factory Mancfact- j
urers of all kinds of hats hy union '
hatters. Hats made to order at man- j
ufacturcrs prices. The only practi-
cat natters in roruanc iu'a wasn-
inirton st
Vendome Family Hotel. Elegantly fnr
ni&hed rooms at lowest rates. In
cludes steam heat, bath:, etc First
class trade solicited. Take car to
13th St. corner 12th and Alder Sts,
Portland, Oregon.
Real estate wanted for Eastern buyers.
If price is right I can sell your land.
Do not want exclusive sale. Write
full particulars. B. S. Cook, 251 Alder
St., Portland, Oregon.
tary form of government.
Hoth amrndiuents vdiimately sera ac
cepted. The bill was emndd so as
to provide for an iocrfa-,l erisinevr
crps. It was still pending when th
v- uate iI j"iirncL
Bill Passed Anyway.
Washington, March 8. Tody in the
House was set apart for the ensi-It-ra-tin
of claim bills. Thirty'! sro of thre
character were pasiel. One is'atirg
t. the granting of an American r kiv
tcr to the sHip iVaamont. gave rie; to
much deljate. Btevens (Minn.) w.d
the -point that to admit such .li' t
American registry wouM be detrimen
tal to the interests of the Antenna
worknfea. Ie was seconded Ty Hum
phrey (Wash.) The bill was pissc i.
Desert Helpless Boy Who Is Picked up
on the Streets of Pen
'" dleton. " '
PENDLETON, Or, March 9. A lost
boy, agcl 5 was picked up on the
streets this morning. His supposed that
be was left by train Xo. 1, which left
for Portland at 9 o'clock. He is un
able to talk and is idiotic and bears
no marks of identification except "R.
Kata, Fon da Lac," inscribed, oa the
inside of bis cap. It as suppose I that
he was. put off by eastern immigrants,
who wished to lose hint a account of
lis mental condition. Conductors oot
of Portland , on !pokaae-bouad - traid
know nothing of the boy." 1. ;: - -
-Legal blanks at Statesman Job OSes
What Shall We
Have for Dessert?
This cfaestioa arises ia the- family
every day. Let cs answer it to-day. Try
adeUckms and healthful dessert. Pre
rntwo minutes. No boiling 1 no
I Cdd boiiisg water and set to
cooL Flavors: Lemon, Orange, Rasp,
berry and .Strawberry. Get m. packago
t your .roceis to-day. so cts
Work and Money to Amount of $381
Subscribed for Improvement of the
Boad Leading Prom Hnhhard 'to
- Pndding Eircr Bridge Ask for Conn
:- ty Aid. : - V ..... . j
(From Thursday's DaiiyJ
The public spirited citizens of llub
Lard and surrounding neighborhoxl,
fully realizing the importance of good
roads to I the welfare of the business
man as well as the farmer, have taken
steps to secure the permanent improve
ment of ;the highway leading f?m
Habhardiia an easterly direction ! to
the bridge across Pud-ling river, a, dis-i
tance of about two and a half miles.
A: subscription pajer was circulate.!
among the people of that section, with
the result that volunteer work and rasa
donations to dhei amount of $581 were
subscribed, the city of Hubbard head
ing the lift with the handsome dona
tion of $HH). The list was filed in the
Marion county court yesterday, nu
the suhisriler9 ak that the county! do
nate ait toward the work in the wm
proportion as was grantel other j dis
tricts where volunteer work was donat
ed by the; citizens during the last year.
Under the rale establisLed by the coun
ty court; at that time, the citizens o
Oregon's Metropolis.
The Imperial Hotel Co., Phil Metschan,
president; C. W. Knowles, manager;
seventh ana wasxungton streets, Port
land, Oregon. European plan only ; $1,
$1.50, - $2. First class restaurant
Hotel Scott, new building elegintly
furnished and centrally located; first
class restaurant in connection; steam
: heat; electric lights; European plan;
. rooms 75 cents to $2 per day. Seventh
and Auk en y streets, Postoffice block.
Free bos. Portland, Oregon.
Dr. Wing Lee, Chinese physician.! Ha
makes, specialty of treating those
wba have chronic diseases which oth
er doctors fail to cure. His skill is
indisputable. 2S0 Eurnside street.
? f"""aB- Oregon-
Cancer Institute 181 Vj
- . u
Dr. Voose, Cancer
treated without knife; 15 years' ex
perience. Also catarrh, asthma, con
sumption and all chronic and spinal
i diseases permanently cared. Consul
tation free. Mail orders have, imme
diate attention.
- ' - - f .'IT " .
t E- W. Mocre. photographer. We make
a specialty of engraving in oil colors,
crayon, or pasteL Our pbotogTspMc
irrtruraents are the latest and" ( we
torn ont only first-class work. Seventh
and Washington 45s4 Portland, Or.
Watson's restaurant. 100-11 Fourth
street, .between I Washington and
Stark, Portland. Family restaurant.
W. P, Watson, proprietor.
Morris Qcick Lunch and Coffee nouse.,u an ' yo.re hereby cited
A temperance restaurant noted for j and quired to Ie and ap-
deanlinesa. good cooking and quick f.rar ue l pl-c, then and
service. No Chinese employed. Wash
ington street below Imperial hotel,
Portland. Oregon.
Hubbard 'would receive an amount
eouil to 4 per cent of their subscrtp-
lions, or which would l-icg the
total amount available for the proposed
road improvement to $1333.
Cot:$?y Juljc icott is pleased with
the action taken by the enterprising
peper of - Jiul.l.ar'l, a ul tLe county - '
court jwill no doubt take favorable ae-jlTEST NOTICE OP ADhHNISTRA-
tion upon the matter at the next reg-j j TRIT. ;
ular tfrm; - !- - . ' " . '
The nan.es apxarrog on the subscrip-L hereby given that Clara F.
tion Iit and the respective amounte7 nrer or,Irr. of the County Court
.. F " f.l .... I k E It.
donated are as follows:
City of llnbbard . ., .
G. A. Dimick .... ......
At wm .... .... ..... .
IL Mills .... ...
J. I. Coyle .... .......
N. I. ilfershbergfr . ... .
E. S. MilTer .... .... ...
Geo. j. tW.fer
D. JT. VlefL ....
J. T. jMcLaughliB .. ....
J. Krpp ... ...J ....
C M.j Booary ....
A. Kandrrs . .
J. 'tC. McGrath .. J... .
Knt-gt & Kusbauer ....
W. K.; IIarst & Co. ......
Calvert k. Bcboll . .r. . . .
W.' T Grimm .... .
Fry A Kcholl .... ,
O. M; Fry .... ..... ....
G. Lj;PerdW
N. P.jGIeason , ...
13. 00
Mrs. Denham Every time our bov
runs isway we find hint on the railroad
track. ' ' .,'':. l-..:;..'-' ,'........
IVnb;rm Ive always said that
was bora actor. Town Topics.
t - ... i
New To
for sale. G. W. Porter, Salem. E. 2.
pigs, also ducks, spring chlcHn. and
been. I will pay the higheat cash
price for aanao. ' Qoonx Hrng. 1S4 Lib
7 erty street. Salem. Or.
, rt cards are printed to t the
i school register. Tho price are:
Twelve cards for ' 10 cents; twenty-
five for 20 cents; one hundred for 75
eats. Statesman Publishing Co, Sa
lem, Oregon. .
goml stock ranch in Western Oregon,
handy to school and postofSee, to
trade for a small and well improved
place in the Willamette valley. What
have you gotf J. A. Upton, Linville,
Oregon, f
Darr and Anna M. Itarr; Dr. Lola
Mae Thomas, Assistant Specialist ia
Female Diseases, seven years experi
ence in confinement cases. Consulta
tion freel Dr. W. H. Thomas Assist
ant Specialist in Renal. Calculi, GaU
Atones, JStostaeh . Trouble. Constipa
tion and Dislocations. All :gralutes
of the founder's school. .Office hours,
from 9,to5. I. O. O. F. Temple. Phone
2721 Main. Residence 'phone, 603
Red. I . r: -.
In the Circuit Court of the State of
j Oregon for ' Marion County: lcpart
mcnt No. 2. J. W. MerclithPlaintiff,
vs. P. II. Marlay, Defendant.
To P. II. Marlay, the above named de
fendant: . '
. In the name of the State of Oregon,
you are hereby required to appear and
answer the complaint 'against you .in
the above entitled strut in the Court
alove namcl, on or before the 21st day
of March, 1904, that Wing the last day
for you to apear and answer to said
complaint u prescribed by the order of
said Court, for the publication of this
summons, and if you fail so to appear
and answer, the plaintiff will apply to
said Court for the relief prayed for ia
said complaint, which said relief is to
obtain a decree of said Court that the
plaintiff is tho al'solute owner in fee of
the following described premises:
The northeast quarter of the north
west quarter ot section 8, in township
8 south of rang 3 west, Willamette
Meridian, in the! County of Marion, and
S'ate of Oregon containing A0 acres.
.That suid defendant has no estate or
intercut in sail land or premises, and
that said defcn-Iant le forever enjoined
r.nl debarred fi'om asserting any claim
in r to sail land or premises adverse
to t he .plaintiff,: and for costs and dij-bcrs.-mcits.in
this suit to be taxed.
Tfi Suuimuns is served UWn you by
publication pursuant to the' order of
the Honorable R. ;p. lVise, Judge of
said Court duly : made and entered
therein' on the 3d dav of Februarv,
10O4. . ". ' :
The 5th day of February, 1904, is the
dto of the. first publication of this
summons in pursuance of . said orler.
At torncy for 1 aintiff
In the-Coaatv Court of tho State of
Oregon for Marion county.
In the matter of the estate of Ha rah
Wheeler, decease.!, to ti. Wherbr, Mry
A.' Workman, Kllen Rec.1 anl I.ydia
Caniplell, and al other jersons . inter
csteil in said estate. Whereas, apjdica
tin having I ecu mi-Ie in due form to
the above named court on the 24th day
of February, 1&T4, by Lydia 'Campbell,
a-lminif-t-atrix of said estate, fr ' an
orler and license directing authorizing
and enpweririg her to sH the real
proerty belonging to the cate of sid
dwelent and ie-riled . as- follows, to
wit: Iots No. i, 6 and 7 of Highland
Anncv. to the cily. of a!em( Or. And
whereas said court fiif d on. the "Sth
day of March, 15W4, at 1') o'clock's, in.
at the court room in this court in the
Court House in Maria county and
state of Oregon as the time 'and 'place
for hearing any an 1 all ojer-tion to
said 'tition and the grantiajr of said
order and bcense of sale. Therefore,
in the name of the iiHtate of Oregon.
there to show Vause if any yoa have or
if any exist, why an order of sale
shorld not be made, as in the petition
prayed for anl why said -.petition
shoald not be ' grant cl, a u-1 said order
nd Iieene should not issn. Witness,
the Hon. J. II, rcott, jiitlge of said court
with the seal of said court .affixed this
,-4ta day ot February. A. I. 1I4
- ..-i- -Clerk.
Ify A. M.fuIloch. Deputy.
, of "Marian county. Oregon, been dulr
g) rjspl'oiated as adoiiiiistratrix of the es
' lll()Q tatm ot William-1 M. Drey, dereaaod. and
s'fti) has duly qnalifiI n such, and al per
having claims against said estate
jl aro hereby notified to present the same,
3w'duly verified, to me at Snlem, freprn,
Sfoj within six months Iron the date of this
o'oo n?- .'."..'. -! : : -: -V.--'-'
''v . .a a i j 'fi j tin HMf.
m Adrnisitratrr of the estate of Wil
liam M. lirey, deeaseL
IRlTft! this! 1wr .T a.1.,...
notice or Administrators
: i sals. .
Notice is hereby given, that, ia is
suance of an order of sale made . an
entered tiV t K f'nnll r.mrt nf tk.
Htate of Oregon, Jn and f'r.th County
of Marion, on the 21th day of Pebru-
ary, A. D. '1SOI, in the matter of tfa
"jestato of Horace Harper, deceased, the
' "" u'OT,tate will sell at nublie veadue. at tha
west door of, the Court Honae; at th
City of Halem, ia Marion county. State
of Oregon, on, the SCtb. day of March,
A. D. 1904, at tho fcoar of I o'clock ia
tho afternoon of said dav, to the bizb-
'ett bidder, subject to coafirmatina by
the County Court, the foJowu;
scribed real property UlczgitZ to ra:
estate, to-wit: The north one-La.f
of the northwest one-quarter ( k) -motion
twenty-two (22); and the south
oaehaU (H of the eouthwest one
quarter 4) of tion 15, all situ
ate ia township 10, sooth range 6, cast
of the Willamette Meridian, in Ja.arori
and Linn counties, state of Oregon.
Terms of tale to I and to be
returned to the purchaser, in ease sai l
ale should not be confirmed by tL
court. . - "
Administrator of the estate of Hor
ace Harper, deceased. :
Notice is hereby given that I have
filed in the County Court c-f the state
of Oregon for Marion eotinty, ray final
report as administrator of the estate of
Ralph E. Bowerman, deceased, and that
said court has set said report 'for final
hearing on March 51, 1104, at;the hour
of 10, a. m, at the usual place of
holding said .court. All. persons inter
ested in said estate will present any
objection they may have to said report
on or -before" the above date, in the
above entitled court. .
Dated Februarv 24. 1JWV4.
Administrator of the Estate of Ralph
E. Bowerman, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given (That tho un
dersigned as the administrator of the
estate of P.- H. Gibson, deceaaeAl, has
fiWl in the. County Clerk's offico of
Marion -county, Oregon, his final ac
count in said estate, and the county
conrt of said county "ha fixed and ap
po i at ed Saturday "the 2f.th day r
March. 1IH4, at 10 o'clock a. m., of
said day. as the time, and the county
rom at the county? court house in th
city of Salens, Marion county, Oregon,
as the place for the hearing of "said
fioal account and any objections thereto.
Dated at 8alcm. Oregon, this 4th
day of February, 1WI. '
: ; C. G. GIBSON.
Administrator of the Estate of P. 1L
Gibson, Deceased.
" ' . - ! .
To all whom it may concern: Notice
is hereby given that the undersigned,
escentrnt f the estate of Theodore
Oilenthal,' deceased. bas this day filed
her final account m said estate, and
that the , Honorablo County Court of
Marion county, : Oregon, has fixed and
appointed Monday, tho 11th day of
April. IiM4, at the hour of 10 o'clock a.
m. of sail day, at the county court
house in said county and state, as tho
time and pi see for hearing any objec
tions to such final account and for the
settlement thereof. j .
Dated this ninth dav of March. 1?04.
Executrix of the estate of Thcodoro
O-lenthal, deceased. I ' "
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