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Call's Election Conceded by a Plurality of Over
' Twelve Thousand f.ew York Legislature Will
Be Controlled by- Republicans; "
r.'rw York Retcros Indefinite 2$ to Other Offices--Dtnccrats Are
Dissatisfied 3 Ttreateo ta Contest tlcctl3a--Uncf of Call
fcrnla, 4Is3 Cfc:rcts ftart estf D3 C3by Act--Cep2bllcans
Ccstrcl htttooillnu by tighty-rlvt.
The 1 official
figure on the vte foi Governor vary
but little from th official report,
according' Co the '.returns made to the
executive at Albany hy the i several
county clerks. t The .plurality for Odell,
- Republican, t;: t,1. -The return of
the vote for other atate officer a are bo
meagre that it i Impossible to say if
the Democrat have Wen more auc
cessful a regards minor offices than In
the case of Governor. Jt Is Asserted
that the Democratic nominee- for ; At
torney General, "Judge Gray. Democrat,
Juvige of 4he Court of Appeal, as de
feataKnis Republican opponent.' ' The
Btate Legislature's controlled, by the
Republicans, ; insarir.g the return ? of
blatt to the United States Senate,
that there will b a contest in the
event that the returns show the elec
tion of Dr. Pardee?" . .
L "Most assuredly there will be a con
test, said Lane. t
jv ': 'Rah for Nebraska.' -
Lincoln. Nebv Nov.' t'.-Up to 5 o'clock
tonight complete , return from more
than, half the counties show f that
Mickey's. 1 Republican, . plurality for
Governor will, not b less than 6,000
The Republican membership In the
Legislature is the greatest for years.
The combined vote of the Fusionists
in the. House and Senate-, will not ex
ceed twenty-nine In a total member
ship of 123. ' . . : "
Colonel Dunn's View.
' New YorkStNov. j 5. Colonel Dunn.
. Chairman s $t the - Republican State
'mmittee, .when f Informed today : of
the rtfport tha .the Denucrats threat
ened to. contest the eleclon, raids s?-'
"If they stark anything of that kind.
, we wllUgi-e them all the contest they
; want right heHe In New YoVk county,
and they will wish they had never heard
h of a contest." '- J ':
Strike No Influence.. .
New York, Nov. 5. Senator Thomas
Piatt waa asked today for a state
ment on the statetlection. He said:' -
"We will have to be satisfied,; though
Ode!l'a plurality Is not near as large
& I had expected." I .
Senator Piatt said that in his opin
ion the trust question and the coal
strike had nothing to do with the re
sult of the vote. "The Democrats got
together," he said, "and held, together,
and a few Republicans slipped over
to them."
Washington, D. C. i
Washington, Nov. 6. The latest re
port received up to 9:30 tonight, show
that the Republicans (including three
fusionists) elected from the Pittsburg
Allegheny districts .In Pennsylvania,
will control the next House by, a vote
of 204 "Republfeans, to 12S Democrats,
with one district, the Eighth Tennes
see, and two California district .re
maining1 so much In doubt that: ofneial
returns will be needed to decide the
result. The totals given are believed
to be correct, although tjj'"8 are a few
districts, such ,aa two in Colorado and
one in Minnesota, where the Republi
can and Democratic party managers,
respectively, do not eonce.de defeat, but
the general result could nVt be affected
even should the Democrat' claim prove
-well founded. . - - j ,
v In Rhode Island.
Provldenae R. I.., Nov.6. Substan
tlal gains for the Democrats are wshown
by complete returns for. the. state tick
et, . They elected their candidates for
Governor and Lieutenant Governor and
their Congressional candidate in ; the
First-district. The Republicans have
a majority on .'Joint Allot in ine
Legislature. ' j ,,r,- 's -, . .
.To Defeat Teller. y
Denver, Col. Novi 5. The" Rocky
Mountain News, United States Senator
Patterson's morning paper, ;wlll te
morrow concede the election of. Fea-
body. Republican, for Governor, and H.
M. HoggfXRepubliean, for Congress.
Peabody' majority oyer Stimson, Dem
ocrat, will amount, to from . 2,009 to
4.000,. while that of Hors will probably
be greater, Thex entire Democratic
state ticket is defeated with, the possi
ble exception of Mrs. Greenfell, for Su-perlntendent-of
Public Institutions.
Doth .sides are claiming the election
of (Jongressman in the First District.
Adam Democrat, for Congressman-at-Large,
is thought to lead the , state
ticket, and may be elected, but , the
chances seem to favor the, election of
Brooks, Republican. On the face of the
returns the Democrats Will .have' a md-
Jorlty in the Legislature, but there are
charges of fraud in this (Arapahoe)
and other counties, and counts will be
filed - which, if successful, may - defeat
the re-eleption of Senator Henry M.
Teller. r . .
' S-ooner Will Rsturn. j
Washington, : Nov. 5. Postmaster
General Payne today wired from .Wis
. consin, to H. C Taylor, Assistant Sec
retary of the Treasury, that the return
of John . Snooner to the United States
Senate was a certainty. j
- y - ' . " j i
' Washington, Nov. 6. President and
Mrs. Roosevelt returned to Washington
tonight. ; i
. ;
Hanna Won't Talk.
Cleveland. Nov. S.-Seriator Han
na, Chairman of the, Republican Na
tional Committee, when nuked ; for a
statement today on the election re
sults, said: i
"The returns are thus far gratifying,
but I do not rare to discus the gen
eral result until further and more defin
ite Information inRome states 1 avail
able." : ! '.-,' :
m i ii , , : . -
Spark the Winner.
RKNO. Nevada, NV. . The- entire
Fusion state t'eket has , been elected
with the exception of Rrav Superin
tendent of Schools who way defeated
by Ring. Sparks', ma jorityTor Gover
nor will be fully 1,700. J ! . . "
From Mentina.' ' '
Helena, Mont, Nov. The returns
twlay Indicate that -llolloway, Repub
lican, for Supreme Judge, will have
10.000 plurality, - and D'ixon Republi
cs n. for Congress, about ".0O0. The
'Republicans will have a safe working
majority in the House, 'but bit Joint
ballot the Labor people' will hold the
balance of power. Of the new Stat
Senator elected who will serve for four
years and t vote on ,the 't election of
United State Senator;, in two years.
the Republican elect nln and -the
Democrat seven. . i
San Francisco, Nov. . Complete re
turns from San Frnclco, and partial
returns from ail over the state indicate
that Geo. C.' Pardee, Republican, for
Governor, 1 elected ly a majority- of
2,000 to 3.000. . . . j ; . : , , ,
ly P;-yjLn9 I Sore. 4 V ,;- , "1
San Francisco. Nov. 5. "There U no
doubt that the. majority. of the. people
of California have cast their vote for
m for Governor.- said Franklin K.
Lane to th Associated Press tonight.
"Then what da you think ..of , th
ai tuatio.n at this hour C:30 o'clock)?"
he wa asked. v i, i' , y: ' '
'The result is undecided. There
have been several suspicious fact in
connection with the count, which. lead
me to .believe that frauc's- have ; been
committed, fliave, information that
1.500 votes caat for-me were thrown out
in AlameJa. county; 30 per cent of the
DcmH ratic vote in San Bernardino was
threatened likewise and that the totals
in Humboldt and Los Angeles counties
nre wunneid in order to ascertain
what number of ballots In the count
necessarv to nvenv.m
mai-.rity that San Francisco gave the
f the:Dtmocratt- tlrrO '
"TliAn ft ia , .. . . . . lvru null crruun cnniuinai
1 "n u 13 to be inferred, Mr. Lane, together In this mixture, i ,
A Big Landslide.
Rolse, Ida:, .Nor 5. The election yes
terday proves to have been much more
of a Republican landslide than . the re-
ports last night indicated. The Repub
lican state ticket has carried the state
by a majority close to 6,000." Burton L.
French, for Congress, has a little larger
majority. The' Republicans have elgh
ten of the twenty-one member of the
Senate, and thirty-five of the forty-six
member of the House. This. give thertt
a totAI of fifty-three on Joint ballot, to
fourteen for. the Democrats. Republi
can aspirants for United State Sen
ator are W. K. Borah, of Boise; Judge
D. W. Standrod, of Pocatello; W. H.
Heyburn. of Wallace, ; and ex-Senator
George L. ShOup".. i-
Not Settled YV .! .
Guthrie, O. T.. Nov. S. Both. the Re
publicans and Democrats are claiming
the eleetlon of the Delegate ;to Congress
from Oklahoma. : ;
And Washington, Too. 4
S'-ntilo. Nov. 6. The state of Wash
li'frtoi las gone Republican, so far as
the returns now "In show, by at least
12,000 majority for Supreme Court-Justice
and Congressmen. King county
alone contributes between 4,000 and &.
000 to these majorities. The Legisla
ture on Joint ballot will stand at least
110 Republicans to an opposition of 26.
The Republican majority is more like
ly to ie increased, than lowered y the
full returns. The Senate will be con
stituted as follows: Republicans, 22;
Democrat. 9; one district at Hi In doubt
House, Republicans. 78 : Democrats, 9;
seven, districts still uncounted. . " '
Ditto Arizona. . ;
Phoenix, Aria,. Nov.. 5 -The result of
the election for Delegate, to Congress is
still in doubt ,, ; . . .. !
Utah Goes Republican.
Sal(-Lake City Nov B. Powell. Re
publican, for Congress, and McCarty,
Republican,' for. Supreme Justice, are
elected by' majorities of at leasf 4.000.
The Republicans will have a majority
on Joint ballot in the Legislature of at
least 29..' ! - V; -
ONTARIO. Nov. B. State Veterinary
Surgeon William McLean, of Portland,
was called here today to investigate
the cause of death of several of the
town work horses. - He found several
dead and others dying t the Madden
barns. No other animals In the vicin
ity were ick. After post-mortem ex
amination he was unable to decide
cause' of death. He exift-esaed Mparts
to Corvatli for analysis and will "give
a report In a day or two'. He Is under
the opinion that the feed or water 1
the cause, of the trouble, but wa un
able, from superficial examination tq
determine definitely. i : J s
Outsiders have rumored that pom
poisoning had been . done with mali
cious Intent, but at the stable this wa
nt thought to be true, as np cause
for such work could be surmised. The
disease first causes the hor.to 'fall
as If shot dead, lie lie still s few
minutes, and then breathe as if la
deep sleep. The stable gets its hay
from farmers near Ontario and its
oats from Idaho farmers. It la sup
posed that certain combinations work
Mayor C. P. Bishop. In response to
the request sent out by Portland au
thorities recently, has appointed . a
delegation to attend the Oregon .Irri
gation. Association convention, which
will be held in Portland, between No
vember 17th and 22d, Inclusive, as fol
lows; : "., - c .'i'"'.' " j- ' '
Frank DaVey. EL Of. Croisan, ' N. J.
Judah, L. L. Peafce, John H. Albert,
W. Mi Kaiser. C. A. Gray,. Dr. E. A. 4
Pierce, E. P. McCornack, Claud Gatch,
Squire Farrar, and Frank N. Derby
. The question of Irrigation, while it
is not applicable' to this section of
Oregon, is a very important one and
one in, which all public-spirited people
are interested, as ft 1 of vital import
ance to some sections of the state, and
the . object of the convention . Is o
draw out a general discussion in the
hope of being able to arrive at some
solution of the problem. ,
, So far. Governor Geer has received
no request to appoint a similar dele
gatlon, but will do so upon the arrival
of uch. .. . , .
Coroner Holds John Craig in
r 7 Bail of $18,000
When Accident Occurred in
r Madison Square Tues- ;
r S Day Night ; ,
NEW YORK, Nov. 8. The Coroner
held John Craig In 218,000 bail on the
charge of manslaughter in the first de
gree. Craig, it is alleged, was In charge
of the explosives at the time of the ac
cident fast night,' when twelve people
were killed and eighty injured. Two
boys, who Were carrying boxes of ex
plosives, i were sent to the House of
Detention by the coroner as witness
es.; All the rest of the ten persons were
i Th' Guest of Mason. s
Philadelphia, Nov. 6. -President
Roosevelt was the principal guest to
day, at the Sesqulennlal r anniversary
celebrated "by the Grand Lodge of Free
and Accepted, Masons of Pennsylvania
and of George Washington's appren
ticeship into theMasonlc fraternity.
The President wasvalSQ the orator of
the occasion. '
I CAMBRIDGE, Mass Nov. 5. Allan
O.. Mason, who was arrested yesterday
on j suspicion of having committed an
assault upon Miss Clara A. Morton, in
Waverly, last Saturday night, causing
Miss Morton's death, today was held
for further hearing on the charge. Ma
son was remanded without balk
NEW YORK, Nov. 5. Many girls
have joined the striking silversmiths
in Manhattan, and Brooklyn, ' and a
general strike of 3,000 silversmiths- Is
threatened throughout Massachusetts,
Connecticut and Rhode Island. If a'
nine-hour work day Is' not granted.
Seven firms In this city are reported to
htive granted the smiths' denand ,.
OURAY, CoU Nov. 6. The stage
coach which run between this pl.-rce
and Red McfRtaln. met with ah acci
dent near here on oae of the steepest
grades of the road and together with
the fourteen passengers 'rolled down
trfe mountain side for a distance of 300
feet. One of the horses was killed and
the coach rolled over several times In
its descent. All the passengers were
Injured more or less, the most severely
hurt being: V.
, Superintendent Mattes, of the Swamp
Angel mine, Red Mountain; left- leg
broken In two places -beloV knee; right
teg broken above knee. v
, Allen McFarland. -mining man. Red
Mountain, badly hurt in back and hips.
i D. L." Hancock. 'Milwaukee; shoulder
and hips injured. '
Tim Man Ion ; fes. broken and: back
hurt: head cut. ' , - -
John Skell. badly'brulsed. "
Rodney Bason, face and head lacer
ated;, badly hurt.
: Walter, Foley, back Injured; hand
crushed and face cut
George Ross, wife and son; seriously
lacerated and bruised. .
; The driver attributes the accident to
slipping of the brakes and an unruly
horse. M' -! ",;..
WASHINGTON. Nov. 6. Senor
Quesada. the Cuban Minister, ta re
ceived information regarding the Cuban
children who recently arrived at New
York destined , for a school at Point
Loma, Cal.. and who were detained by
the immigration officials. This Was 'to
the effect that ; the departure tf the
children wa properly authorised by
their parents and tutor. The Minis
ter has also received cablegrams f com,
the civil Governor, the- Senator and
newspapers of Santiago Province, jpro
testing-against interference with .the
children proceeding to their d est inac
tion. ,, . - . - . : . ' -. v . ..
T!- , m WM U I m u
iuc sun. ivu fidW :crj
Tlie man who stands on etilts dotjs not increase his stature a parti
rl TTfl mavfeel taller while he's on the stilts, bat when he's off - A J
thm he feels shorter than he ever felt- A man can't lire on stilU;
ho must come off them sooner or later, and then he realizes that
. whatever seeming; advantage he gained from his artificial elevation
was only temporary. '
. Stimulants are the stilts of the stomach. They lift n man up for
the time being, but the good feeling they give is only temporary. A
matt can't live on stimulants, and when he leaves : them he feels worse
than ever. T In this age of hurry and worry a large percentage of thie
population have some form of stomach "trouble, popularly de
tcribed as weak stomach., , The, first impulse of the average man
. whose stomach is fweakw is to have recourse to stimulants. He
feels bloated after eating, has frequent eructations and a genc?ral
feeling of physical discomfort. lie takes a glass of something to
stimulate his stomach w and make' him 44 feel good. He may get
the desired result for a time, but he is doing nothing for the disease
which is in reality aggravated by Btimula'nts instead of ; benefited.
The need of the w;eak stomach is strength, and it is obvious that
stimulants can't strengthen the stomach because there is no true
strength in stimulants but only a false strength. The jaded horse is
no stronger because he mends his pace when pricked by ihT spur,
ins extra effort is a drain upon the reserve of his vitality, which may
resist in a complete breakdown. The seeming strength of stimulants
is the false strength of a body spurred to effort and making a call on
the reserve of vitality, which may. and does often result in . total
physical' collapse. ' ; ,-' - . ' .-; X,
The success of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical 'Discovery in re-establishing
the health of wreak, run-dewn, "dyspeptio men and women is
due to the fact that it perfectly and permanently cures diseases of
the stomach and other brgans of digestion and nutrition. It' does
not brace up but builds up the body. It contains no alcohol and is
entirely' free from opium, cocaine and other narcotics.
"Last spring, early, I wrote you my feelings and condition,"" says Mr. A. J.
Vanderwater, of 873 West Division Street, Chicago, Ills., "and you advised me
to take Dr. Pierce's Golden MedicalTtiseovery. In all I have taken six- bottles
of th
are lookiner.
been doctorin? with Dr. R.V. Pierce, of Buffalo, N. Y. Why' they say, you
haven't been there ? No 1 say, but I took bis Golden Medical Discovery
and his little ' Pellets. . These medicines have made the great cliange in me :
from a slow mope of a man that could hardly crawl, tired and sick all the
time, and wb.o could do no work, to a man who can work; sleep, cat, and feel
fine, and that, tired feeling all gone away. I am very thankful that I wrote
to Dr. Pierce. His "Golden Medical Discovery, and his little Pellets ' have
almost made a new man of me. I feel as young as I did at thirty years. No
other doctor for me, only Dr. Pierce." ' 1 V
"It is with pleasure that I tell yon what Dr. Pierce Golden Medical Discovery and
Pellets have done for me, writes Mrs. T. M. Talnier, of Peede, Kaufman Co., Texas.
"Two year ago I was taken with stomach and bowel trouble. Everything I ate would
-put me in distress. I lived two weeks on milk, and even that gave me pain. I felt a "
though I would starve to death. ' Three doctors attended me one said I had dyspepsia,
two said catarrh of the stomach and bowels. They attended. me (one at a time) for one
year. I stopped taking their medicine and tried other patent medicine; got no better,
and I grew so weak and nervous my -heart would flutter. . I could not do any kind
of . work. Now, since using 'your medicines, I can do my housework very well; am "
gaining in JUsh and strength, and can eat anything I want,"
No man can be stronger than his stomach. When disease fastens on the
stomach and other organs of digestion and nutrition, the consequences are '
felt by the whole body. A "weak. stomach means a weak man, because
when the stomach is weak the digestive and assimilative powers: fail to a-
greater or less extent, and the nutrition of the body is inadequate to its needs,
ut if " weak,!, stomach . means 'weak man, then weak man means " weak
heart, weak " kidneys, " weak liver, " weak " lungs, etc., because the phys
ical man is only the sum of , his organs and members, and his weakness is
the weakness or each and all of thb organs of his body. J v ;
, This fact explain the cures of " weak heart, kidneys, liver, jfungs and other
organs, by the use of "Golden Medical Discovery. Firfet the diseases of the
stomach and other organs of digestion and nutrition are cured, and thus tho
weak stomach is made 6trong. Digestion and assimilation are now perfect.
The nutrition derived from food is all used, and not partly loft or wasted.
The effects are at once shown in physical gain. The body puts on sound flesh
ana necomes stroncf. ana as the bodv is com
posed of its organs and members, its restored
strength means strength of heart, liver, lungs, kidneys
every organ receiving strength from tho only
source from which physical strength is derived, that
is from food when properly digested and perfectly
assimilated. :- .,
Diy Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cleanse and-regulate
tho liver and bowels. They produce permanent ben
efit and do not react on the system.
ie 'Discovery and four or five vials of the little 'Pellets. They have
me worlds of good. All my friends say: Vanderwater, how well you
- What in the world have you been doing? I tell them I have
it t .
mil . Tzrir cu 1
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