Weekly Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1900-1924, October 07, 1902, Page 3, Image 3

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ffOTEML : ; LEWfl
Gang Plow
' ' ' " "'-' 11
" ' MODEL "Or : .' -
It combines perfectly tbo four great essentials in a gang plow. . . ...
Jt. It is strong and durable in construction. ' ; , ,
20. It doe3 absolutely" perfect work, r -
3d. It is extremely light of draft. ' . .
4th. It is easy for the operator to nancue. f , "
It is constructed on tno lines oi ine .inumpu ouij - - -ture,
thit bwe mode it tl.o standard make this the most perfect gang jet produced
Why It 1st; trie Most Perfect Gang
' . . ' i
The wheels carry the entire-weight. A most important - total -ana .ounu
only in the Trinmnh: It is a .".h'Su.S.
with a wheel attachment lor tne conveuieuw iu:. ----- - -
SI frame dliws bolted to
Tbo operator by means of the main lever, has complete, control of those gjnj
d mSossly Adjusted, every particle of wefghH-d river, frame, bottoms
and furrows is carried upon the wheels. i j -
1 The side Wit is coinpletly overcome.
! Plows always tunl tmiformlyeep furrow.
I It follows closely in the line ot6xat. ,
v i-Raisedta fall heighthby one motion of the arm.
1 1t hugs right to the furrow. ; , f
i The hitch is directly to the beams.
1 Convenience in opening furrows. .
!T ihU lafit resnect the Triumph is remarkably complete, and no other gang
.depth thatflii .plow ban turn, clear to the extreme limit..
The Hoover Digger
The facts About the Construction
' The Hoover Digger fs the only one that' successfully separates the Xf
ffom ll o S Klicr foul matter, the Utoes being dchvcrel bc!.n. b
.uade! in a narrow rou'f on .lean ground, -J"1?
side, the upper set of rods doing x work, with the aid of the cnsk. .ntly g.
fiirkV Growers should cive tins improvement great weight in buying h W
H ou w'anV a .1 that will fun everything. g. v lvc
over together, like straw over the top of a straw carrier, don t get the Ho cr.
It will be noticed by tho cut that the pdwer is taken ly thb drive cIkum from
the la ypS ,u cither . sule lmd immediately S"
.at Ibe ippir end o the elevator this in turn sets tho back fuck m motion, ,a so
the forks. .. -' t ' . '
The forward lever so convenient to the driver, regulates the tlcpt!i.twlicll is
easiljdone While "tho Machine is in motion, while tir ade lever regulates tho
position of the back rack.
T'ftf sneciil dtsicn and composition, which I we unhesitatingly guaraiitto
imDrOVOu xioovei wvs iiihv - -
1 -V . . . :
show you wny.
Wo arojomitimcs asked: ow ru?ny , J.iVwU.
mmnlcto fjur-horsc double and siugle trecjj. r '
1 I'lSSBtS
... . .... ...
jf V- ' - ,i - -J
I rv
n j
Wo are agents fcr the KEMP MANURE SPREADER.
Prices furnished on application.
TOe Stover...
ti liJ
nes, in fact oi an our unra
IU Vl V! w
1 - (Imn nlliPM
tbo came. w "-j r. ' 4 lrM44. u hiso enables us to nuy cic i rii'
goois made risht lor u.o - : w us to hame eact line on a u
mid thelarcc volume of laziness lianaieu "3f rechiu. , Therefore, wo feci gustiGed in
rg f proiit than H. lhn?J elsewhere. It ispot our aim
. s ymL"tbnt we Bive v,urali?
oleHcbrap i; reable margin for domg business.
ami cot in' ,r,fl . . .. : ! s- v :-"-
-.m-r-r-v rvTTO XJTJ" w.'' ! T . I IN rj ,:
- WE BE(MMJu:,,m. ,. .
fWiiuiv...iir Jl I....-V W,a ' '
who lns U'r!hHn. ' lrtmVt,Dfis W RTOCK. '
F. F. CAREY, Manager.
1 am h w-lf oHiliinod Gasoline Engine, and not
'confined to any .one j.lacc. If it is not convenient for
you to bring your wrork to inc, csin I go with y ou and
put in as long a dny'a work as yoa wish me to.
You usk if X havo a Inule? I tertninly hnv;
vuen I am cn tle farm I saw wood, g"d fepd hcill
corn, churn buUcr,"puiop water, etc, and at ben in
town Irtin printing vcos ic, rcam- fTd. v. nti
lutin"' fan, d iianio. elevators, anec mill, and ha vo
many other j.t.- Now I want a place and urn willing
"...to work- h-p -.X .';-" .-v
; Write for. prices ana teins.
r,!itlieli; is 5 'Stayer Co.
1'ortland, Seattle, Sjokano and Boiae.
r ; ; -BABCOCKS7 AJNU iyll jl xv r :