Weekly Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1900-1924, October 03, 1902, Page 4, Image 4

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i;tat:.:.man. rnip.vy. ocToncu s. is"-.
ike c::igc. i uxihy statls'.un
I'nt.linhnl f veryTueKiar and Friday by tho
K. J. IIENDKI K8, Manager.
BL'IW-Tttli'JlnN KATfcS.
in year, in advance.... $1.00
Ms mum h. la xiVKMcr....
1 :r- month, in !tih.
twte year, a time.
Jzll, Humors
Are. impure. 'matters which the skin,
liver, kidneys and other ' organs can
not take care of without help, there is
such an accumulation of them.
; They litter the vrhole system. ,;
The Unman ha U:u ekUbUahcrt tr nea-l y Pfmnlee. boils. . eczema, and other
fifty-two year, and it bu Mtme tttilmcribera who J . . .
bve rex-ii it Driy niu kmsr, ni hmh' eruptions, loss of appetite, that tired
who b' fend It for a etoerafon. Pome cfi. 1 . -
thre object to bavin ti.e paper duirUiiiod ' ICCUIlg, DLUOUS RirnS, ZU3 OX. inaiges
at the tune of i,jrtion of tWr auhriptttw. I fIrt jn laAmnl,m ,J .-J IKo-
trouble are due to them
Hood's Sarsaparilla
and Pills
Ecmove all humors, overcome all
their effects, strengthen, tone and
Invigorate the whole system
"I bad salt rheum on my bands, so that I
could not work. I took Hood's Sarsaparilla
and it drove out the bamor. I continued
Its dm till the sores disappeared. Has.
Iaa O. Eaomr, Romford Falls, Me.
Hood 'a Sarsaparilla promises to
cure and keeps the promise., .
lor-the twsiefif, cm thee.-ar4 for other nmu
try-. ntrnBeliKll in rttaooaciniM wlrrirfni
w.ijf xfheo B.'tif.-l.to do v All peraoo paying
-iicit Miiracnif 'iK. w paying la aavKiM'e, win
imre ilia tMcBroi of ,ue tow&r nue. net ti they
no wot m' I fit tMn'ia,tbe rate m !:(:.'
a year. Hereafltr we will setwl the paper to all
ilKimp fXffMMM wit a' oKitr it, UMMin tn
' T not netMl Itm nonet; wilK lh UDOenUn
tug that th are t pa, l.i" year. In ea liit-y
let, lie iif-rillon wbuot run vxer six
mouths. In oritur f hat there may he so tnlxnc
ievtnthi. we will keep tins notice staciling
at wis in me pajx-r. , . .
, .The following: from the . New j York
Sun is In line with the discussion going
on over the Issues raised: . by the
speeches of President Rooseveltj : This
discussion lg likely to continue for a
long time for a. great many years, for
there have always. been combinations
of .capital, since there was any "capital
to "combine, and there will continue to
. be such combinations, In one form or
other, probably, for all time. The ar
title from the Sun is as follows i ?
"We observe with Interest that Mr,
Roosevelt has declared wnart seems to
. b a theoretical preference. for state
! supervision of the business activities of
torptratlons within the states. Tbjs
1.4 a It should be. Probably mojrt stu
dfntit of the hltory and spirVt of ur
jnntuuiionx wjii agrjD with tneiPreal
dent In this particular. ; z i
While personally preferring state
control to Federal control, however
Mr. IloMveH dimlH the former and
advocates the httter becau he twlleves
thiit uniformity of state legislation can
" not be secured. We quote from the
'Inclnnati speech the rcsuft of his Cog-
. ltatfon; ,
" It might be MHer if all the-stntes
toiild flfcr in wotk along thi same
lines in denting with torpom lions, but
I nee not the Klltrhtrst prox , i of u-h
agreement..;:- Ttwrrfyr; ll .personilly
feel that tjltlnWtely the nation will have
tq assume the repoiiKiblllty of regu
latlng Ihse very I;trg corporations
which n hilcrMtatp commerce.) The
t;itNmut combirif lo meet thprotfi:
-lent, enured by the ircut t rwnbl ti ttlonsi
of c'apitul; and the..-lmt way for the
tate to combine la by action through
the National, i Jovernrnenf i 1 :
"Hut what Mr. riooavelt regards s
the O.IKloHt wv" for tho KtntoH ti rnm
blue, namely, the pro fKa of Constltu
tlonal. .amendment, rrqutrs the con
current consent of at Icaxt thirty-four
,.ef the forty-five iat"a to divert tltcm
kcIvcs of. nnd surrender, and turivnVer
tb the Confcre":,? WMln?ton; .t-lal
iwrs of enorrnouB linportaneof now
teferved to tliflr own T..eeisbj Mires by;
lbevFclera tVinstitotlon. , . . !
i "If h cannot hof. to persuade the
Kin tea Ut . lrtbJne in fJmil.tr Irgitlatioii,
while preserving the ixiwer tb.it Is now
CoriMtltulfonilly Jieir.f ttow in fh
name of enrtmon ttfime ij.-m Mi Fitwwe
veit broiisht himcif to neiievwtlmt he
fun ever imluiu tiiin. to the number of
Vthlrty-foiir, to alxllcsrie In favi iof the
Feder.-il fJovfrnment In oiilcr to ac
comnllwb. precisely the jatri- piiriKt'f?
. "This queaijon seems to tis to be
eminently fcilrjfind practical." . .
very Innocent party an 3 a very worthy
citizen. .
' Kome rellitblflnrorjn;tliin concerning
the wages tif nklHd mechanics in Chlua"
may gtlned by rea ling; the dttnils
of a, 'strike In the Hong Kong ship
yards." : ftnn clans of strikers demand
65 cents a day, while a prefumajjy Uss
cnpablcj class will accept SO tents- a
American or European can find em
ployment In yards where Chinese are
employed. : ' :
The Government of the United States
is now experimenting with the labor
problem as it "presents Itself in the
Philippine Islands. The while man
cannot work In the Islands and' the
brown man wllr" not. The latter have
Intimated that they would work for
dollar a day, but this Is twice the rate
of wages Chinese are getting In the
port of Hong Kong. American em
ployers-fn 4he Philippines are asking
themselves why they should pay twice
the rate of wages employers are paying
In the British port, of China. ; This
question has been 'asked in A tone that
has arrested the attention of the Am
erlcah War Department, which. In con
junction with Governor Taft, is fixing
up a set of:1aws for the government of
the inlands. One of the proposed fea
tures of the new laws Is a "wlaely reg
ulated systerriw of admlstdon of Chinese
laborers into the Philippines. In this
way ernpJoyera of labor In the islands
expect to get 69-cent laborers in place
of 100-cent 'laborers. Aiwrtter in an
exchange advises: , "If the War Ihj
partment Is wise It will tut tM come re
sponsible for the admission of Chinese
Into American territory under any pre
tense of-necessity whatever A China
man in Manila has already one foot on
Ainerlcan all."
The modern Illustrated and Widely
ircttlated newspaper exerc Jses a great
er deterrerrt Influence over crhnlnals
than all the police forces of the -world.
A most striking example of the pow
er "of "such.' a newspaper In ' detecting
rlmlnal la furnlHlved In the arrest of
the fugitive iouftg, at Derby, Conn. It
was through a nexcellent portrait In the
Herald of Funday that he, was identi-
tled and placed under arrest.
FaHtidious readers " now phd j then
omplain that too much sface Is some
times given In our columns to peculiar
rimes and their perpetrators. They
should reiloct uion the Influence of,such
lublicl.ty Inbrlngihg. rimlnals to Jus
tice in warning others from entering
upon cviijwayn. N. Y. Herald.
, The leavenworth Times says there is
a dearth of school teachers in Kansas.
The lack of teachers Is explained In
various wayv but the rViost probable
caase-is that the present wave of pros
perlty has created openings for young
women more profitable than '' school
teaching. The highest salary paid in
the 102 school districts of Malnd coun
ty is $70 a. month to one teacher, others
ranging down to J 25. The newspapers
of Kansas have louily proclaiincd the
prosperity of that state, and It seems
about time that' prosperity should get
round to the school teachers. There
Is no I more representative .class of
workers In any state. Members of oth
er professions earn what they, can;
business men make what they can ;
but clergymen and school teachers get
what the powers that be choose to give
them. r Somehow clergymen and school
teachers are expected to . be satisfied
with what they get. , Trade unionism
has not , become a" part or their I re
sources. , Members of both professions
are required to keep up appearances
and. to act as if they were well paid.
whether they are or not-
JiJacd. It Is beyond the'eiperlinferttal
stage. It willrstay for all time, and
."pread-nntil every wtll.sicttleii farming
district in the. United States is supplied.
The automobile Is coming. The num
ber of . these vericles Is Increasing rap
idly In Portland, and their use, isound
to spread all over thb state and to be
come quite general. California ia ahead
of Oregon In this respect. So numerous
have the horseless carriages become oh
the public streets and- roads that the
governors ' of -llhe. Automobile C1 ub" " of
California- have taken Ik - upon them
selves to give" Itssona to driving horses
In order that the- may fiot run away,
upon meeting the carriages. They
claim that almost any horse will tie u
accustomed to the strange vehicles, af
ter-three lessons of thirty rnjnutcs each
that he may be driven past them, or
about them, without danger of .fright.
The treatment of Catarrh with nntLlcptic and t rS K
astringent washes, lotions, salves, medicated tobacco t J f '
,A iorottoc nr an Tr -tr rial nr Incnl firinl icat trn J it fS !---' JL'
CUiU V " J .J i W -
The London Times expresses, the
opinion that while the amount of. money
lent by Europe on short loan to the
United States Is larger now than it ever
was before, there has been an enormous
reduction. In the amount of,, external
American Indebtedness In the form of
bonds and stocks. In the last five years,
says the Tlmps, a great part of these
securities have "gone home.' A New
Vork journal,' commenting upon this
expresHion of opinion on tjte part of the
Times, mentions Instances which dem
onstrate. Its truth. In 1890 the major
I ty of the stock of such railroads as the
Pennsylvania Central and the Illinois
Central was held abroad. At the pres
ent time the control of these two rail
roads is securely held In this country.
Ten years ago the Louisville & Nash
ville was completely dominated by the
rtothehlH, but control has recently
parsed by purchases In, the open mark
et to American Investors. There ate
but three r four railroad companies of
even the second magnitude the control
it which is held abroad.. This Increase
of home ownership-of the best class of
securities renders the . United fttates
measurably .Independent of the' Kuro-
tit money market. ,
The hop growers and dealers jot tho
Willamette valley ; are going to have
several hundred thousands of dollars
- t
to spare after the crop Is sold. .There
will be many uses for the money. It
will enter Into business In various ways
and make Improvements without num
ber In country and town. Some scores
of thousands of it could be used profit
ably In Salem In the buildinsr of new
I dwelling houses for rent and for sale.
on the installment plan and otherwise.
There (a plenty of room for the houses.
Vacant lots are numerous and cheap,
and "there Is unplatted property wlth-
just as senseless as would be kindling a fire on top of
the pot to make it boil. True, these srjve temporary
relief, but the cavities and passages of the heatl and the
bronchial tubes soon fill up again with mucus.
a . Taking cold is the first step towards Catarrh, for it
checks perspiration, and the poisonous acids and
vapors which should pass off through the skin, are 'ttTV '
thrown back upon the mucous membrane or inner skin, "f?" 3s'S '
rrnrliiriti(T inflaTSmatloit and excessive flow f mucus. - "A -'v2
much of which is absorbed into the blood.' and through "the circulation
reaches every part of the system, involving the Stomach, Kidneys and other
parts of the body. When the disease assumes the dry form, the breath
becomes exceedingly foul, blinding headaches; are frequent, the eyes red,
hearing affected and a constant ringing in the' ears. No remedy; that lo--s ;
not reach the polluted blood can cure Catarrh. S. S. S. expels from the
Circulation an ouensive maiier, ana wnen ricn, pure
blood 'is again coursing through the body, the ;
mucous membranes become hcalt!i3r and the f kin
active, all the disagreeable, painful symptoms disnp
pear, and a permanent, thorough cure is cfTectcl.
S. S. S. being a strictly vegetable blood . purifier does;not derange tlie
Stomach and digestion, but the appetite and general health rapidly improve
under its tonic effects. -Write us about your case and get the best medical
advice free. Book on blood and skin diseases sent on application.
out limit.
The Lewis and Clark Exposition at
Portland.: . Jn SOS Is going to do one
commendable thing among "many
other good things. It is going to make
Portland a metropolis, instead of an
overgrown cross-roads .village, with the
jealousies incident: thereto. This iviil
be an excellent thing for the city "of
Portland, and a good thing for the bal
ancejor the state, and for the whole
Northwest. ?
65-cent men bave 1 bfen
day. The
working for &0 cents andMhe &0-cent
men for 40 cents. The vessels made
and repaired- by this cheap labor JwlU
compete on the cean with American
and European vessels. Of course no
; , "XTc hairs four children. wUh thi first
three I suffered almost unbearable pains from
12 to 14 hourv arti had to be placei under
the influence of cluoroform. 1 used three
bottles of Mother's Friend hclott our Usj
; child came, which
b a strong fat and
healthy boy, doing
my housework up
to within two hours
of birth, and suf
fered but a few hard
pains. This lini
ment ts the grand
est remedy ever
nude.". 1
itiuwur s
' v.
will da for every woman what It dil lor the
Minnesota mother who writes the above let
ter. Not to tate it during pregnancy ia a
mistake to be paid for In pain and suffering.
Mother's Friend equip the patient with a
ronf body and clear Intellect, which in
turn are Imparted to the child. It reljtn
'he muscles and allows them to espind. It
rrhrves morninf skieis and
tt puts all the Arnm crtncmrA im' nr-rfrrt
condfUosj for the final hour, so that the ctt
Ubcrfk short and prctka9r pakltmi; Dsn
ttt rf rising or bard breasts is ahngrtbrf
avoided, and recovery b merely a matter I
a few days, ' v , ": . '
Drwggtats -U sWtww PrwW for II a kwttta.
The FralflclJ Rcfwlator Co Atlaatane.
is Mr f raa tUaatfata boak.
For taJe at DR. STONE S drug etores.
- The Mercury has insl'fe Information
thftt an Important 'new club has been
organised In this clt, whose influence
Is exjiected to be f a r-reachiilg In its
Influence upon local prosperity. It is
known as the "Anti-Knocker . Club,"
and has a already acquired a member
ship of a number of chosen spirits who
have the courage of their convictions.
It Is understood that some difficulty is
being extwrlenced In Inducing our clti
sensj to join the club, possibly because
they, fear tha't knowledge of the fact
will make them the target of the
knockers. r i
It will readily occur to our readers
that such an organisation will And a
promising field for: the-exercise of Us
activity. The knocker we have always
had with us. He l especially in evi
dence upon the curbstone, where ho
takes his stand and swings his hummer
with an industry worthy of a better,
cause. He is always a nuisance, yat,
strange, as it may appear he nuf
lacks an audience nor even a following.
The only way to knock out t8i
knocker seems to be by organisation
and the development of -public setrd
thent adverse to his .continued exist
ence. The knocker Is usually an indl
vidunl of a caste ofjnlnd which puts
him jnstlnctlvely In apposition to what
ever Is pro'iiHosed by any one else. He
is narally 'contrary and takes bis
chief -dl!fcht in bringing to naught the
best laid plans' - of public-spirited and
optimistic cltliens. He is. apt to b
John P, Durkhart. a Portland man.
has a scheme for a state employment
bureau tir ofllcei to be presented to, the
Legislature, - ' rJ-V" .-.
lie says a state ' employment office
couH be "run in a way that would niak-
it self-sustaining and at the same lljne
be a protection i to the seeker' after
work. He says he will frame a bill
embodying'.this jdea In time for pas
sage at the'session of next winter.
"Honest working girls are fooled out
of their money right here in the city,"
ho said to a Telegram reporter yester
day, adding: "Only the, other day two
Indian girls from Chemawa came to
the city looking for. work.. They paid
their feca and were sent u wait on
table In a North End hotel. On the
way they met a party who told them
the plat had a bad reputation and that
they had better not go there. The irls
returned to the office and demanded
their fee back.- The agent refused and
a -policeman' was brought In, but 'he
couldn't help the girls any. .Finally af
ter several days of worry they suc
ceeded in getting half their m6ney back.
If a st.te Institution were In operation
nere these things would not occur."
- Mr. Burkhart says that In Seattle a
stateeraployment office has been In op
eration for several years, where places
ca.n be obtained on paymentpf a very
small fee. The Institution seems to
work satisfactorily, though there are
several Individual offices running as
well. i , . : .
It Is a satisfaction to know that the
Hon. Golden Rule Jones, of Toledo, Is
himself again. At a municipal picnic
in hi city the other day he pitched
quoits, ran a foot race, stood on h
head for thirty seconds amid an awe
struck crowd end addressed the people
in hi shirtsleeves , with t the sleeves
rolled up us far as they could go. Ik
illso displayed to his admirers a pair
of horny hands, and promised to do
some farm, t work every day, hereafter.
Mr, Jones health is excellent, but he
has much exercise to take yet. Thirty
e-nd is ho sufficient record for a
tiuly great reformer. lie must leant
to stand "on bis head all the time.
New York Sum
;i : ' "
. it is said the Southern Pacific is
planning to bridge the Willamette at
Oswego, In order to bring Into -closer
connection their lines on the east and
west sides of the river. That company
has the Willamette . valley pretty well
nueicu wiui railway lines, ana It Is
but natural that It should wish to have
these lines as closely connected as pos
sible. f '...s'-' :
- : '
ft -
U l announced that Mls Jlvlen
liwsevm jooseveit is to marry
Mr, Theodore Jloosevelt Itobi naoti.
Twenty or thirty years hence we I
r others .may read of the mar
riage of1 Miss Helen ' Gould Itrvue-
yell Itoosevelt Roosevelt Robinson
tnd .Mr, Thcotlore :RKsevelt Jtose-
velt Roosevelt Smith. Portland Tele
gram. . ; v.
Dry Goods and Millinery
We liave just rtict-ived fjom '-Chicago, 506 -Iatlifv
hats, no two aliku, also a great variety ojf feathers, wiiigs,
plumes and other novelties'. These combine the featurrs.
of style, tniality ami reasonable priee?.
' Thesc novelties are the best evor brout'lit to Salem.
Our trimining; depart ineut, under the Jmauagenipnt of
Mrs. F.' S. Gilliert antl iMrn, 1 )."JL. Fit-tt'rJan nowJjVt
lured to trim your hatsia tlio latest at short notiee. -
, NKW DIIKSS GOODS direct fiom Xvw Sik
For choiee goods at reasonable priees. I
Jovernor Geer'a Chances of elevation
,ib the United States Senate are being
materially advanced by the bellttle-
rnent and abuse of the Oregonlan. Can
didates hve before profited from such
abuse, even right here in Oregon. The
people have a way of showing their
sympathy for the man who lg attacked
and ridiculed unmercifully.
t 1
A Statesman correspondent says a
Turner man 'declares that he will give
$20 for the d I scout! nuance of the Rural
Intensely self-opinionated and confidentl "ree Delivery from that rwjstofhce. He
that he knows everything rnrtter than seems to be worked up over it. Dou't
anyone else. He Is also thh k-sklnncd. j Kal excit.eL Whatever individuals may
No ordinary or iiuHvl luai remonstrate a think about W the system Is eiitab-
!( any effect uiKn htm.
(tit the tmwer of oraanlised rubll';' -af?.TTrw.a loss r
opinion 14 very great
retentfy evinctd In thla
a nl r.ed pu bill' -nCTlTM,V, Lon r 1
That h3 been f jdlul I V H P
city. Our,o- CtUSSATCO Utj(I
pie have been learning the trtck or get- .-uni i Yj of llw VAUrr
tlna terther tor nubile aood. and the T yr.N. -for itieals
organla-itlon of theiAntlKnoclcer Club w , 'J. . ll Mrenc ,rn
may be considered a natural Uk1 d- -L . -Une -Mm .rw
. I . . . . . .
vnupmrni. nan inw Mrrrury. :
Salem also needs a club of this kind,
There are some knockers here, and v
------ ' V t
there have ever been; though the num
ber L smaller now than heretofore. The
knocker U the worst enemy of bis
though he may regard himself
1 1 ) iraoatsf.
Cyprple ni
I' .... . a j
w-m rC . it. For dsIm lt
i The Indanapoiis Sentinel is moved to
put on record the fact that it "alwaya
was a bimetallism but never a -d !
fool." The whole remark seems to be
addressed to a distinguished citizen of
Lin oln, Neb, who Is the fittest man to
write a commentary on It. N. Y. Sun.
Ilarjo playing continuous piano
piaylng In the domestic flat has beei
denominated disorderly conduct by tt
New York magistrate. There is hope
now for the neighbors of the girl, who
has a new piano. ; The remedy Is an
Injunction. :
The school where; thorough work is done) where the reason is
jtwayf given ; wher confidence is developed; where rookkceping
i.5 taught exactly as lsKks are kept in bnsincsls; where shorthand xl
triade gasy ; where penmanship js at its "best ; where hundreds of
. 1ook Vtyepe; s and .;ten-g:aphera have been educated for succcsv in
life; where thousands more will be. Open all the year. Catalogue fcc.
' The thing to do with Willamette Un
iversity's boom is to keep It booming.
fk...' ..Ill I 1 . a .
wm ue ptenty or people to neip
when it Is seen that everybody else is
going to help. Men love company, even
in the blessing of doing good.
It is said to' have cost Mr. Deveryj
$57,000 to get Into Tammany's coun
cils. The big thief lived frugally on
a moderate sals ryiwhlleTie was In-of:
flee, however, and th'r' no need ol
asking where he got it. , , '
h an irtifKit iiint Male and 51,9
per iftit tif its imputation ,
is lo. alt d on
The toy, game and hovelty far-lories
of the United States are planning n
trust, with several millions of capital.
This Is adding insult to injury. It Is
making a trust ofjold Santa Clau.
... . . .....
A capitalist from Chicago Is building
scores of new houses In Portland, Can
not Salem get a Chicago capltalhit. or
a hundred of them from sjm where
rise? : -' l ' - " ., '
ine rain did not hurt the prunes.
hrr anything ei.ie. iV The fart Is. the
rain Is only a blessing, as a general I
rule, In this Wcbf(ot commonwealth.
That advertising fund for the Greater
Kalem Commercial Club Is not srowIiiK
ii fast as It should . Push it along.
Chicago, tio preateMt com
mercial center of the Wct, N
bet rencheti from the North -went
by tJii.i fufiioiiH railrcad
' The Norllwestern
Ihiily tM'twffii Miri!ie:i.lh,
., fc'l, Paul 'it lid Clii'ap: is liiy
'f , KHf tif all Hue tiains
for 1-Met ra, lime nflr-ln and
did Inf 'r.aiiii writt! to
c.j unr, ii. i.. gii. r.it,
Trav. Ill.qr Art . . A-vnl
m khitt jk . J'u.tlsixl. I r.
Stricken With Paralysis.
Henderson Grlmett, of this place, was
stricken with partial paralysis' and
romriterst the M of one arm and
ride, After being treated by an emi
nent hyslHn for quite -a while with
out relief, my wife recommended Cham
berlain's Pain Halm, and after uijr
two botties'ef it be Is. almost entirely
eured. Geo. a..McDonald, Man, Logan
county. W. Va. Several other very re-
narsabl cntes of partial paralysis
hv Keen fflmlfA v Ida iim ..r 0,1..
. .. ...... ... - - m si- Sfl
llfilm.nt Tt im - rrxrt n-I.tf.r I 1 - -
' , : M fr i. . v ' '-ffc V I" I'l l A I IT..' 1,
however, as a cure for rheunm .Ism. ' Ha
ppralns snj bruics. 3old by otone's
drug stores. , t
U Tit-fl 429 Willis s
7lfrnftn1 42
PortUnd, Ore. . A
Opium,,t ft
Toba cca u, aiwoa. v
UslncjT d'bons Piittt iv.i 'im, Q
Burr's German Salve
Heals quickly ll cuts or bruises.
draws soreness out of lams back, and
draws slivers out cf flesh which often
break off too short to put!. Sticks like
sticking plaster. Try it and vou will
never be Without. D mall 25 can l. a
L. M. BARR r
rVo. 120 State St Salem, Or.
I carry all kinds of Chinese drugs and
medicines. Roots and herbs nature's
medicine. Good "for all kinds of tlk
nes. Cures opium JiublU Good for
the blood and kidneys. ..-.--i
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