Weekly Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1900-1924, July 29, 1902, Page 6, Image 6

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all-day Labor Day, sems to be- the
of the committee- and such
It? taw? by alf meaha.
in- tie ?nari-h American war on!j
! .' .0 Arnerkan soldiers were kiUed. The
ji.r- -.-ui b. the Uureau of T. tf
Matters o! Intercut to the Wor&Iagmen of Saltin and Ylclmlw
liyl, A. Harris; PrcsA Committee Salem Central Labor Union,
(. .New Ye-fk shuns .that .In l&oo rej
!. t!ia J.W.) workers were killed at -i-rar.
tiuii .-'ta.le :mJ i'Vil-'i injured.
V.UITrlL i;M.ilKIIb-. prsMrnt of 4 he Amrirari Fnlemtion of
' k ' I'SKtr. willVidre-H the fn-t;pl or Tall in .Sniiday cyemn, "'August
CiaeV '-'A'. Tin: place; l iniftintj will o announced later; , The coin-
.n of Mr. ("Junipers is jhe result of an eiTort bc-jrau amonc: the
wi..n iij.'ti hf're s s'on asl it .was- tlise?Y-red Hat Saknr vai not iiidiidnJ
ft. Itinerary, of- hin Western trip. :Mr. '(Jompe-rs is the supreme head
. T rl. 'ii'-..t uiitst. HMpItv,-tmwt- swientin'c and "fffetrrl labor irgiin
i:;;tiofi that ever j-xwWiin this world, arid alt' who fail to liearhyavill
!:!-; the: v!irtttiiity of a life-lime. . Just at this tim'tx; h& will give
I h.-t-orm-t Matus of ll'e Lrn-'itmthr;ieif et.al miner' r'l . t.rm- in
Thit'jgh th3 8g-ne-y or the California
Htste Fed?t-atka of Labor a. law . was
fiafsecr prohibiting employers or miners
";ad. r is 'years of as-; to work thei,;
li&r .xhriri 54 hour? per week. .Stale
La oer Commissioner F. V. Meyers Is
everting the lay. "
Ut 1b claimed that Chicago 1 union
-- NfftHy IC.Oja workinjrrn?iv Jo'neJ
M!xir uni3a in teat city in one day.
iurtwrn isew t-niotu were; launched.
O.'fU-Uls of the Federation' c-f Lnfvr
t i'f .i ti" li if in m fl n r Kktw. !j tlA tvM.n-.,v...t..V4 a .... i. J f
Ur.-a w.fkln;j day and ni?ht for
..v w - " - ' ' - - - ' , " . , fl;
'.-"' ' - ; -i
'.': '- - X'
ft .:i i w wi'ri.i 1:111 1 riii 1 1 1 1 1.' Mir ? i tj it r: iii;t niT'ii . it 1 1 1 t 1 1 1 . i ,i i... : rt.i r v. . - -..-
. v.. v '''. 'HMMl O II III! III. - I -K in M.'f.. rn.4iw.-ii iW.L;;
ipt to- t -; I " . JcHtli hliiw to uniovtim. j Tlie wu-ll -ht l:r;t' is J iiiihKi'u",'n
Vtl o k'n.(j! hifor in .this (nTlorul is r-K)ocdu! i vo-y wh-r' f ' iU'iaW? Bf
t j " rfftil it Im-jit .ioii'iHi-H Siutfiay -v-iij rtr. " ' . j br orilriAh,nH i
iance :i fonn
.rok i.l- th.t la-
h viall form. a stai, fir-
- -' -.. .' J t i-.. -. -as - ' " , f - ' j Kb ii .t.:-pt to ts l;uMvn oa' "TJi- Hta(e
. A I .'(.IMv-TI.S.,!:;,,,!,,;; .o v.-'vraj.M.af rM-ro.r.Ui& . : (. IhU H-ty t-Jll mtu la ion.t.
P.yn-: -VV- are.;!-.. la future 1 1 toil and aiii'.nt the CatK Oo:iin:t
aiVX tnt.i."! uLf.tn , nsrr. w- j i.n-i fr Uf tatt. Jt.Msi rnabicV-the
tliftll- h4v.,,;l!i- ;t-idition to .th.or-a 5el-' liKlons to hur no of their own men Ui
of ue. i':asrH?lt-fp--tWns race, .1 :-' i tiM iaj:Krtunt KlttAn and - remcn ep
'fiti frvm Kr.mtt, Germany, ' Italy J f'' a this oif.re trs- of -partNah j't!i'
und representati v-i from every -conn- I tits. .--..v -
'try u,;er the s'j.i. - T! ie will be n.
a. vision. The future 6f"ty of tiw "arhlngton Ftate U belns rari'lly
world d-pea-.'J on I be future of orip-I n"'l. Henldes numcruuj new un
i zed labor. - Whtn noaily all th worll i '''r1' "inZ forn-e.l In Spokane, and
liioiiflit that Wftr wan brewluc b-Hwen1 N " !a b-rk'a union Is under
the l.'nitca KiaK'Si of Arnr-iici nnl f!f.. i WJi' !lt Abotd'.rn; Kbinsle wcaiV
liritain ovt-r the Venezuelan titration I ,JJ4,U' bave ie'e'Vtly le-u oi'eanlzed at
Hrltish Morhins-men delegates Kald: 'yvill - an I Edmonds; unions of the
If war 'is dedatct tomorrow wo will I V'me trtft are :i5so un' at
noti shoot down- our American fellomr .VI!ir,n L,3ttl Itock: the waiters
' : A .cu or.d. !ltr frrn-tlrvdher' F. A.
f '(.. of K":-':ti-( j.f(rra n! jf h.s f xiJ
' iiti t fvcwii' . date for X.itiit uith
I'io in-Ki.M-iy rnoi j i t y, tbu: -. tb.it
ih- ;: i;kvr give it r.js' their oj.is"din
tl at .;- j.I,?b'i it f lai; Alih ; Uie
if.rr.perg p'irty, A belter t by thjs
.tio.. .a tho h,:tms of CWnnpets himself
ls.jf. bin to ;fye Salem a date if
.f")b!. If ih'.v etnnv b?riJ Jt '.J!l m
. i'fHnfl th 'f'rnt aird fifth of AmM-
. l-'it-t t'rj i.b-nt (;oiTi!r!, and Mor
" ris, f the (ioitip f" party. wlll.f hc
Nandij; t-vnijr.- Aitjut 3. Our let
ter, had J t j about, reached . ion) pTS
whtn he wlv.-d promptly to th lty,
but falling 1 U reach th ierMri d
dreHi.'d lie wired JI. -fl. Kundiet. editor
'ofIvrl land I-ibor PrfrM, to "P"o-eed to
; iftilcrn anil jrrange for -mnnn !iii( t:ii'?
' Hutvii'v ncuifH?; . AiffUft J" l'.rntlter
Kundret andf. V. iWrry, ntn.t.prel-tlc-nt
u-j!l .be here Mon to coinple-te- ar--.fareni--nf
t. ": l.t the union m'n t Sa.
; but Rlv-tM invtttntt alf the: publicity
PMhilie i) nd tbe lany-Kt poK:(ble p t-t'-ri'!;i
ru'; . : - j
.Still I;;itrr.-lr-t'!dtftt onipr(i,wlree
wilur; "'A rv?f fur m:n met
inff Atitroxt -3rd. Mot i ts, find J will at
i rid. xi.i.iry !rk I'niOji f,r' Mtrlsi.
.Minimi !ornpTs.,?. ' ' !
- AM H.tS' iu lacn f.hoold sti'ik on I.n-
.lor l.iy, Hi pr..'mbf:r flrnt. nbf.for iaoie "v'L
p.'iy tod l-ja !totit:., , (rt fonn " d : i
time mid to k.c the; '1d toivn a t;ito Of i
w li;it the Iribor UidojiM aiieiiid to.
workers lej. the American and IJrtt
l.sh tspecubrtora who plaited the trou-
bl f?bt It out.'
; . 'hurae day war, will bo no more and
there will be universal jeace. Atinle:
will ttd longer be' employed, ami great
navies will rut at their moorloyn. I
ay, if our rnoneyed men and politicians
want to do any fighting, let them en
ahead. There An nothing-to prevent!
iKiii- I eple like Lennon, .:myelf
f'id otherjj are often accused of. Ijelng
people who stir up discontent.' I
never ree a man with blit nhoufdera
prematurely bent wltii the toll of many
weary years- and his ' lndr whitened
worklnff away as h? niak'-rt wealth for
olhet-J". and then thrown acble like a
fT tf'-.il. but I am discontented.'
.difference -between labor: iir.JoTiVj
and trusts. l1Vit tvilons' het working
men up. and UiihU help them down. No
union cari"Telu'C Its members below a
common level ami evjftry nonorabti
wor ker can Join.. Viudlv i different
f i cmi a truwi. ,- '
would take children
miyi Lrid fat-tot-tes of th
Kt fCl give them edurii
take ile rnen wnntTt-rlng
v.TIe Htiike of. Portland -teansters
if .in' It-iiifl-dd't I'liel t 'onijiafty. wai
.'t ta full t 1 1-. ri poi-t"r ,'n-l the union
ftel d'Tly laj:iced ty the li.-in-
r.'ihste to ln-ep:
I'e-I'l "om'(.;t'ij '
:fl''l'f!IIMl Will tll-dl.
Th.x-ti Ix u
i:-ev,il 'lo' Of sec liii-iit aS-'lf t- fJnri-
UM and -it !m not 'irdikt-lj- 4 hat' he wiil
bs. taueht n hbinbb lefon.
Th I-VI'V at fti'on metln reculnr
fi.loa Thursday n!rht. .w heft ntvenl
T'im iii ra ft Miurm (-tc"w!f ued at1
KiuUh. This litilon nitetn every -week
ntit its inept'n nre iilwnys 'interpst.
Jn;r, U wtir urtre a .hiukImI ini-t-llne of
too central union to- take Ptrpa to fele
Vrate IiMir lay, aluo to consider other
Important mat U.-rn of material Interest
to thrt ! ud.al ff.ii.n. 1
Kptember tlrst it! Labor J'y.iy and fit;.
tln ilcr?HriKniUo'!ii ar-. on tho-lanm.in
nlinont .'every city. In On-coti Clfv' It I fe- not going to ficht by me.ins
WJien i ' noti little chililrrti Widkins. In
the niirie:i- nnd ,sjitlinr' factories,:-1 ttm
diueoi,ented.--. " '.;
"I would take children oat of the
the South and
atlon. I would
ring- the Ci'reeta
hn 1 gf e-them employnvent In .places
of "thz vhildrei. who would th.n have
been, withdrawn from employment. It
1 Said that we sro on strike some time p.
W" dOk And It 1. said .that we,-In so
doir?,' rtistjirb - the harrtortj cxlftlnj?
l."t'Ki employer a'i. employe-.. V.'e
Ltrf !oM tVM ;.ve interfere With the
rthi? nf the :f1p!oyor, which are like'
-Hii- handle of Ui. wat-r-J'ix all on ene-j
flli1. Ye. we strike, ifcnil strike to
wln-r-every flme In the coal jitrlk
in lenTisivf'inla we ee-the ideft of a
man appealing- for Tils riK-fita- to an
other man who owns Conl mines.-.? The
rnrivn-a have ptruk Avork u'gnlnht con
(lltbh3 wlib h are jut a vHIotuana a
those human chattel evils-exiting in
the Houth before the 'l-IT Vur. ' I
4ioie the Voal minys w 131 w in 4n J w ill
tichleve one of the grandest sticcessea
that will be Inscribe J on the fk- roll of
o.rrnnized latKr: - - -
"We ere Ri'dn; to fipht apntcrst en
flaviiif? the, youn- unil! Injustice An
drlhrttntit. 'Itiht nuKtrwin. Aiut wci
and bartenders are a recent organiza
tion at Watla Walla, and the clerks'
union of Whatctnn has RUJc csf ally In- I
auguratext tne K o'clock closing move
ISofton Jina a newnpaiMT wrltrra (re-
Iorttrs jcnion, afliliated with th-i In- I
ternatlonU TyiKjgraphlca! Union. They
are no silent-partners, but take an ut t
1 ve interest in the international affairs.
Fifty i reporters, tiepreintin eery
papT in Chicago, met on.Jun.; 27 and
formetl a union w hich la to te Auxiliary ,
to i the ' TypofirraphicaJ Union, it. Is!
proposed to take In editors and sfwe!al
writers. j;epotters and newspaper I
trrlters of feenttle are contdderin;; the
plan of orjranixJatr a junloii tinder har
ter frot-r iln- Tpox,'Jcbb-M! Urdon.
1 tif cenily - tbi ro barc -arrlvf la" t
t'oi t'of t'ortlaf-.t s; vt ral foreign tdupx
l'Ariff a. !!ju lerable niiratK-r of Juji
rvr.e i.tboi-eia. Thi- laat v;-s: sr-1 ar.'lved
aiit v. iek with mora than".' CO; of thps..
fehplc ara at cace ' cngaxed by Uarg
urnipanien to o woru v.i interior piice
that belon;r to . American f:l2 ns at
wajrew comnienaurut-j for the iai.dn
of a family and providing tiifm with a
ifjOl t ornmiin-bool -iiu.aiIon et tht
et Meait. JIvery rrsin aliov. t t
h'zyl upon our . chores ' w ho canurd vj.
sirmlate -V.-th ctun;'ivi i Ih eliiwct : iv
li.tHfi to. . tne. .prow lh of our counlty. ii.
simply permit fy-w mony sharka tr
groA rlclnVst tl.o espensj of Ara.rk
and its homh.
wd! be a cenuitie gala day, tvorkjng
mrn. rnerchants anJ citizen! In generul
b-ndlp.g ali ntid nthuslnMrn- On
huielrcd wi'Vktr?!, 1nr-tidlng Wfn imd
women, will prwae, merchants, will
provide tja'ts.r j-.n ! the fraternal Had
tiufii.ify nriMtdaUoris will ' be i in litic.
H.ibrn haS not anncH,n-cri what'sh will
do- yet. but tt in ;tle to P.ry We won't
f' pt I'ibor Day. 1 . J : t
The Mi-ike of wireet care men In Tort
bind ha n ;tUetl and the ineirtwvq I nail onr true unioncolors to the "mats t.
rcvolutlonM, cithe;. Cut we "are. going
one clay to get a little another day
sonethlrt morp, and-VA on JWe will
stop when-we get .-en'mjrh. Newvpsperr.
used to roa:-j trades pinions end espec
ially '-people like I-nnon and myself.
We used to At- ttcateit lif.e lHgjraiT.
Now. It ix all .changed. Wo have grow n
to lx re?pfcted. In every city. w:o Wfc.nt
a iiewHircr we can rely on. : ir you
want to be truo to your obligations.
be true to your trades unions, j Let .us
ii diriii il to work. ' Tiiere wnn etnees-
slons on both. , tildes. - All of the ftlik-
no? employeft but three were ' glv-tt
their .Tornn.'t, .positions and pry, - and
these ihree wcro-to have been liftmtf'S-
ed aside fj-orn any -del: tils of the- Mrlk".
- The obrioxiooa diprttt her resfgned, and
the wotkers -were -osstireri that ! thf
aMc - nf -Tiff.iny, the xuperluttitdcnt.
v, oislil be. liminnteil. , Settlement Was
:KTc( led In a f.!r and fr.mk conf?renee
of-the company; tho worltetfi ami the
ltf.i ns.
as high as any banner ever flew, and
if true to ourselves, and to t'hoso de
pendent anon us, there will soon be -a
-ha.ngo effee-ted for the' lntter among
the. workers of the world, and every
man and woman Will -receive the full
product of their labor."
Ruy union ma'le goods and gtvc cm
ployment to white labor.
sixteen charters wnro issued to -Typo
graphical unions during the month of
June. . . .: '
The San Diego telephone girls have
leen granted, eight hours. They.. were
working nine - .
tli.m ii'u.ns wll rfoiiMesj t take a
l--"n from th many strikes and dlf-
fi-'iiKli.! fi-JUow iri'f . closely- iijxui the
, b.-ls of feminization In many other
. places, mid usj their"-best endeavors!
- to gu.mt B-ilnyt"- them bf're. Thl5
..ttentiment is n-t mr anf to exeiife tn- I , Ing hows, low wages amt poor pay
.KMke on .the pari of employer but lore responsible for . more lee than all
t urge that in every case of grievance
, we pntceed with theeatest fwosnible
taution and ccrnKiin-ration Tor ootn
.vldes cancerned. L,et,us turn the light
if public ..!ii1ori and --discussion upon
n! sucn 5 niatters when , possible, and;
.fcrc.ure Intercession from every Kslble i
Other causes put together.
fcan Francisco expect to have about
140- unions represented in the iarado.
on Labor Day, with fully 25,000 "men In
Hr.e. .,: ..... . '-- '' ." !. .
Tampa, Fla., C&rpenters have won
owPce. If we do this if Is safe to say thttr first atrikft In ten years. -It was
justice can be secured In a majority for cight hours, krid U lasted four days,
of eatis without Invoking the rtrike. an they won 1 '
A 1 OF I,.
The first. article. -in .the Oregtnilan of
.San'day last given to: the .visit of .the,
f!irei-s of the A- F. of L. " They were
James Duncan, ' vise president, L and
James' ji, Lennon, treasurer f the
American Fe-derallon of v Labor, and
Thntna. I. KiM, presi jent of the' Am
s'dgariioted 'Wood workers' Association.
oe. e.rj-t fr--pMk' r of ' the. evening was
Mr. Inrnm, who -was iiitro4tur4 py
Presm. i t ,-IIarry. of the States Fertera
li'i.u. Ia the course of - Ifis li,trei'ic
:oiy rer,iaks; Mr.', Harry s-ai l that Mr.
L'-tyion was 'on- of. - ibrt-e gentiejaen
wh.i r-prcsen I e 1 th. pt.e ifst t.lor or-
; irux.i.v-i the worlj h.:s ever known.
'1 -iey w. r-- n th-.r way to .Fan Fi-.n-
- to attend tl c(invc:v;i(in tj be
and they on.
New' Orleans. ' La, ha ji become one
of the best organized cities in Jha coun
try, having, over 40.000 members in thu
seernl unions. ' ,
Why-should not general acts of char
itable assistance toward "any worthy
ones needing the same-be a good fea
ture for Labof- Day? ' x 1
l. I
2 j
v v.J
.-. t ,!:- v. ., i- biref-and wns
t tr.- ,rx eoni.in' t-il!.-
Ki.-e - h.- . It rVIt
e i.f l'-.-rr u iO;-4 31,,J w
1 on tiu
' 1 . K: ;'
( t '. U ; -i-
a i j r,
" l- i
.n I-1: a h
workers i f the world are being
iub-1, to-rvtbi'r. . .in recent Interna-;
:..u . ira'.es. union "conventions
u.--n "'"'--1 l;r?!.h'. soclrttes 'Siave
Oat of t30 movementt"! this year ' for
he tter wages and -shorter hours, the
t'liititl Rrotherhood of Carpenters und
Joiners is said lo not hare lost a single
en". - - ..." , i v '-'"'-
;-.;' -. ',
' Mif-'H Helen Oouhl has . decided to
bive lii;r,hoine and --take ui her resl-
:enee in one ct the dooret.t .districts
f'f X'.w Yerk City for the iurii;e of
tudy. coalitions.
The jrly rpraylng of fruit, trees,
whit bls strongly aeU-bcated J by- he
leaping torticuiiur:sts' ana . adoptea
and practiced -by the fruit growers gen
erally, Is unquestionably most effectual
In ' ihe'r .destruction-' of - .the .mimeroun
pe-Kta vhh h infest the trees and blight
ihe f i ut during the early appolnlza-
Ion period.' but it certainly is proving
disastrous to the caltura of be:es and
the bee industry in Oregon and the
I'a ili; coa.t courrtry In genml where
very tarly spraying ,1s practiced.
I MrJ A. j. - Pruitt, who reside about
ffur miles nortn of this city. HaJ
twelve stands of bees this spring, but
one, only of them swarmed. "In the
early part of . th spring,- Mr.' I'rui.tt
said; f'ihe bees be:gan to come oiK and
to woik- The, fruit trees w-ere In
ijloom, and spraying was In progress.
The bees did not swarm es was exi
pected, but Instead, upon goltrg out to
investigate, I found that there were
dead bftt-s by the hatful under every
rtand and I am t-onvineed that It Wav
the poisonous ingredients of the pray
I ng formula that demyed them and I
prfeitit that if the practice of -early
epraylng. while the trees are In bloom,
is conUntred, he bee industry of tha
WHiamette vajley will bt ruined,
Mr, Prujtt said that the same situa
tion stared the bee eulturlsts of Ohio
In the face several yeara ago when, the
question of spraying aftipr the blosr
sotns had shattered, was -advocated un-
t.i: legislation was obtained; upon It
since ' which.?-time.' there has been no
more trouble and the bee" Industry is
flourishing. Such a condition now ex
ists in Oregon aN the present Ume and
if the practice Is hot abated in the hear
future the consequence will be certain
ly, disastrous. Mr. Prultt is also en
gaged ; In fruit culture and says that
just as good results earir be obtained
by spraying after the bloom has fallen
as before. i -'--'-. '
r " ' . . ..'',
.-'-- 1. .
-- - - """
""..' ... - ' . ' . . ' ' , . T
- t
- " ' : ' "-"'''. ' - .;-' '., ' ; : ' , -.. :
.'"' . i ; 3 ... -.
a : ...... ... , -
'"'. - ' . i V ':, , .. : ' '''.''..''..-. '" '! '
:l!l '' ' - '
;:...--... v - - .
-. ' y J : ' - . ' ' - j
'"'"'"I. '"" ' " "'"'-" 1 -' .''' --'.'.-.:-.-. - '.-. - V;,m 1 ..
L A M'B E H T B O "Y reg. 4102 morgan. reg. record 234 -
Dapple brown," 13.3; weight 1200 pounds; a. perfect type of the Morgan hore and carries more Morgan" Mood
In his veins than any stallion livinsr. Sired by Lambert t.h!ef 24.12, .eon of Dan!cl JL-unbert 102. ' "
First dam Nancy Hob 2d. .... ...by Lapham by Hill's Black Havk 5. ..... 4 .j.,.. ....... .....A.. ......
Second dam Nancy Hale' 1st. ....... by Percy Carter Horse, by omIIoward, gnn of Illil'a Klack Ilawk B.........
Third dam CI ?mens mare. ........ . ,...by Black Hawk 5.. ....... r'. , . i-jr. . ... .... ......
Lambert Chief 3432 is the sire of Mabel II 2.22'4. Minnie Moulton 2: 2"V. Fannie ,2:294! Pet Lambert, dam of"
Dexter K 2rl5; Mlnneolai, dam of Uaybell, 2:13'4 Cp-; Saddle D, dam of Lronora 2:24,i. - . :
- The Lapham Horse, aire of the dam of Lambert Boy '2:34, la the sire of DolHe, dam of Mable IT 2:22'4; i'fanha.
dam of Fannie B 2:29 (You will notice that Jihe sire and the sfre of ihe dam of both of these l the aame a '".
that of Lambert Boy). The Lapham. Horse Is nleo the sire of the dam of Frank II. 2:22Vz .Daniel i Lambert
102,, sire of 38 in 2:30 or better; sire of 35. sires of 1S1; sire of 53 dams of 93.
1 1 1 r : 1 -. )
v - .' . ' . ... . . . .'.,.:' ' . .,- . r : ? . . :..
' .';. - '. - ' .' --" - ' - ' - . .. ' '- .
- ' -- -t V- ; j, - :
--..-...-. -i '.. .- " . . . w-.-." . .
. :) ' . iViv -
.'..'.." t ' '" i. f
' : ;: - ' .. ir-. t'
.'...-::. f.-'i I'- " ;'" ;-. . i ; ';.:-...'
' : ' i .-. ! !
"' - " .'.; -' ,' .' - . :" '"' ; ? . , '-'.'..
.- -. .;,". - : - :.' v-. .. .. , ... (. - t
- . v '.
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MALCOLM NO. 5661Combiiies blood of two World's Champions.
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Sire Sophia Temple 2:27, Gen. icton 2:80 a, grand-j
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Fourth dam by Prejddent. grandson by Sir Archy: fifth dam by Old Copper bottom.
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Sunday t Tn WeXThTr
153- Mfl3ulm will be m stud tluIVn, Winter and early Spring at Nat Burdl Rickreall, fOregon.
W (Pt( TO A TTtfR ntjverytable, Salem, Oregon.
JAMty SHAW, Attendant.
owner's risk.
A TfXAS VO'iDER, hps fall
col. JOHN soBinskrs. lecturk
One email bottle of Bail's Great Dlai
covery cures a kidney and bladder
troubles. ' remove cmv.I
be tes; seminal emlsslona. weak and I CoL John "SohieskL the noted Polish
lame backa. rheumatism and all - ir-1 patriot and lecturer, and the exiled eon
regularities Of he: kidneys and bladder I of Klnsr Sobfski n i.j..,.i -, ,
m . - E - 1 --.m9 V a. U.UM1U, J "J 1 V f a t U
sold by your druggist, will be sent b, - UventasT to i LrT .3l
mail on receipt of ,L One small bo' SSS. n "1 tnd' F 'of
tie Is two month'a treatment, and will Pniar iJZKV,-'-?1-'
cure any case above .mentioned. 2r. PoHMcal jci i. .w T ' f
K. W. HalL sole mannfaeturer "P n If-i .T!?nt H fluent
Box. 23. St. Louis. Mo. Send for " t:' "ia" J.T' 1
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Bred by C. . fcuiery,- Forest, City Stock Farm, Cleveland, ,
i-oaleel June 1.1SS-5. Will make the season, 1W.',
S.J: . , ' Front Umii, corner Trade and Commercial .
btfecta. balem, Oregon. ' 4 " . -
His colts. may be geeh at the Elate Fair Grounds. ' .
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Th-J sTt'-at tl-'.kc- of the anthratite
r..i! n iars la one of the.re.il tots of
ihe cflVncy of unionism. All ui.ion
i hhf.ull b .ten t reimnd.to a call
f'-r financial help when it U mad-. -
-Uofnmiltees from the FcdratM
Trades Council are aetivtly engaged In
making plans tor Labor Day in ' Port
land. It. will eciipseiany thing of the
kind .. ever -eeen in the city, and it is
expected thit fully '? ln.o men and
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in V
tern, Oregon.
Bandon. OrevDe. 3; 120L
Br. E. W. Hall, Su Loula, M.V 2eaj
Sir: I have used your. Texas Wondci
ror kijftey and rheumatic trouble.
Its ejects are wonderful
equal, and I
mend It.
narration 01 tne brave struggle of his
lieople against oppression.
His thrilling account of the invasion
of his country by the terrible and
blxl-th;rty Turks and the opi.rtssion
U lured' by his peaceful and liberfv-
It". has tcjlf'Vjn? countrymen, wasvery crarn.c.
I can cheerfully recom- "d the Ftory of how this comparalive
7"urs truly, , . Iy insignincant army of patriots made
sunt a va!iant.,,yet . futile defense
aguinst such , an overpowering human
avalanche,- battering down- the walls of
the city and rushing onward with an
llls V.1-V J . .
IuiirLAtic ivive.aua urener.ing ine
streets with the crimson. b?ol of an
P:r x-er.t j-op'..? v? s e- e! .v---r.t i-.r. 2
touching that the vast -.'audience r was
uecply- impreaaed. ..'.'' -.
.The final fall of Poland into the
hands5 of the Russian Empire, the vain
t fforts of her people to a e-aln t.t r.
the kingdom and shake off the "Musco
vite chains, and their desfalr. were de
scribed aa only one who, has himself
suffered from this oppression, whil-i
loving 'liberty.' can describe Jt. and his
effort were thoroughly appreciated by
the audiejsce. . ';- : ,.; .
enpture. It has been phifef.l in a glaM
case filled with formaldchy tie. .This
case was hermetically sealed. '
NEW YORK. July 2WThe "strange
sea monster,. 't-hannomurena vitat t. re
cently re-eeivtd at the Ur.-A'Ty park
Aquarium in this city from l!-rr.-iu--! ,
BELFAST. Inland. July 28. Will
iam R. Ftnton. Crown c!lcItor of thi
County Sifgv, obtained a verdict of
2500 pounds damages against ... Patrick
A. Mrllu-h. Xat:on.tlI?t 'pember of the
Houss of Commons, for libel. Fen
ton's case was, that speeches delivered
by McIIugh and articles published In
his newspaper., had resulted In his dis
missal ffom the position of solicitorxto
the SI 'go county count U.
L:al r.'i.ks at Stat--.-man Job Ciie