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Will Be Commenced at The
Court Hcusc This : " :
! " s , I.Icrhing
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(From Thursday's Statesman.) -
'AI1 of the ballot boxes containing, the
ballots and the . tally -sheets. are now
in the hand of th"fcounty: .clerk the
last one, jthat of Elkhorn precinct, arr
rising yesterday; afternoon."' County
Clerk W4 W. Hall has chosen his assls.
; tants. Justice of the .' Peace Thomas E
Jlerren. of Turner,' and Justice of the
Peace H.s iA. Snyder,. iof 'Aurora, and
the work of canvassing .the entire vote
of the county will . fie begun this morn."
ing. and, i is thought will be com:
pleted today.; . v t;V ' ... " ' .
a' law passed! at the last; session of
fhe Legislature provides that' the; tally
sheets shall be sent Jn a sealed envel
ope to the; county clerk.' while ihe bal
lots shall be placed in, a ballot box and
sealed up, not to , be opened except - in
the case of contest. The two sections
applying to-this work, in the law air It
stands on the statutes, are as follows:
Sec. 25. Immediately after canvas
sing the rotes in the manner aforesaid,
the; judges and clerks to complete the
count before they separate on, adjourn
shall inclose the poll books , in Separate
covers and securely "seal the same.
They shall also inclose the tally sheets
m separate envelopes and seal the same
scureiy. They shall also envelope- all
the ballots strung on strings,, as afore
said, and seal the same securely; and
. they shaltjj in writing, with pen and ink.
specify the contents, and address' each
- " of j said packages i upon i the . outside
.thereof to the county clerk of the coun
ty In which ; the election , precinct .is
situated. 1 When two boards par t lei
pate, in counting the - ballots, each
. board, before taking a recess, shall
knot" the ends or the string upon which
the ballots which, it has counted- are
strung, and seal the knotted ends under
v the official seal of the board upon the
back of the uppermost ballot. ; They
shall then envelope the bunch of baU
lots and securely seal the package un-
j.- der . their - official seal, and leave the
same with the ballots boxes until the
... ount is completed. The' sealed pack
ages of counted bajlots shall be marked
on the outside, showing what nurnbers
. are contained therein, but. once sealed,
they arenot to be opened by any one
. until so ordred by the proper court.
' When the count is completed, the bal-
lets, counted and sealed, and enveloped
I and marked for Identification as afore
Bald.; shall be packed to,, the two ballot
boxes, and nothing elsfe shall be put
to the boxes. : The .boxes shall then be
locked. -and ;tbft ofllcial 4seat of c-the
board, which finally ' completed"!, the
count shail be pasted oyer the keyhole
and over the rim of the 11I of the box;
so that the box can not be opened with
out breaking r the seal. Thereafter
neither the coiinty- clerk nor the can
Vassers making abstracts of the votes
shall break the said seals upon the bal-
. lot boxes, nor shall any one break the
" seals on the boxesMST be bajlots. except
upon the order of the proper court! In
case of contest.-or- upon the . order o
the county court when the. boxes are
needed for the next election. ' !j
"Sec. 28 One complete set of the tally
sheets and the poll 'book which was
kept by the second clerk, ballots and
' stubs, ballot boxes and remaining sup
plies, shall be forthwith conveyed, by
one of the Judges or clerks of the elec
tlon, to be agreed upon for that purpose
by the Judges, to the county clerk of
the county. The remaining complete
set of the tally sheets and poll books.
Inclosed in an envelope and cover, and
sealed securely as aforesaid addressed
and indorsed on the out?de so that the
same can. be identified, shall be forth
with deposited with otie of the Judges,
not of the same political party as the
judge or clerk who conveys , the dupli
ates to the , county clerk, to be kept
by him safely, subject to. the control of
the proper coutL When two boards
have been engaged ln'countlng thebal
lots, the .judges completing the count
shall attach' two sets of tally .sheets to
gether, and transmit and. deposit- the
completed sets. The chairman of reach
board shall keep the third tally sheet
of -his own board, sealed and indorsed
on the outside so that the same can .be
identified,-in his possession; subject to
tha control of the proper court.".. S
The Judges in most of the voting pre
cincts Marion county and in i fact
everyjfer -Ignored these , provisions
of the law. and locked up the ! tally
sheets In ,the bailor boxes. "sealing the
latter as provided . by law. County
Clerk W. W. Hall, seeing the difficulty
confronting him. consulted District At
torney J. 1. Hart, as to what course to
pursue, and. that gentleman, instructed
htm to open the ballot boxes when the
board meets, take therefrom the tally
sheets, then retock and reseal -the
boxes, as this would be the owly rouf3
possible in this emergency, -
sell' THErri ; crops To a j r
- .I" . LOCAL. FIRM.- Ti j
Four hop; contracts
w re fUejl So'
record with the count
y recorde, ys-?
terday representing la the aggrvgat
17.0d0 pounds of tbe1902-rop o Mar i
ion county hops, ranging In jiiVe Iron
H to 12 cents per j iourtd.' rid 20.0M
pounds each of the l0$-4- t iops; ,tft
consideration being 10 enta per poun
in the latter Instances, The centra t.
follow: u ' ...fi.l .'! .- j-jf'-.-s - i ';!'$ ,
John Johnston, Jr, and Joseph Johk
on. of Aurora, to TL A. Uvly. ..
to.000 pounds of the 1903T 19ft4 and ltf'
t-rop of heps at lft cents M?r pouni.v'
tents advance' ffrf iicking. purposes, j
D.. Fditorir. or Mil ver Falls, to T. A.
Llvesley Co.. of Salem, (000 pounds.
3902 crojA'at 12 cents; 5 cents advance
, tor picking purposes. . ' ?
Michael Fery, of flervals, to.T. A-
tAvtmlry & Co- of Sulem, C000 pounds.
1902. crop;, at '.12' cents-; no advance for
picking- purposes.- . . --
Joseph Klrtz and Joseph. Zimmer
man, Jr.,:of SuTaMmity,' to T. A. Lives
ley, tc CiX, of Salem, 5000 pounds 1902
crop, at 11 cents. 4& cents advance for
picking purposes. - -
A very pretty and aulet weddlner
took place at the home of Judge and
Mrs. I JX Henry, in this city, at 4:45
o'clock yesterday afternoon, when their
daughter. Miss EmUIo A. Henry, was
married to Prpf . James Taylor . Ber
chara. of .Palo AMo, California. The
wedding ceremony, which was oer-
formed by Rev. H. A. Ketch um. ' was
attended by the relatives and only the
most Intimate .friends of the contract
ing parties. ,' ' '.''J,
The decoration for the nrraxlnn
although not elaborate, very .beautiful
ana artistically arranged and after the
ceremony, and congratulations, the
party was .served with delightful re
freshment..,.: . r-y.- ;-, ; v . .r -' v.
The bride Is the danilittn of the
above namod weil. known and highly
respected , parents and is ah : accom
plished young lady who is held In great
esteem by a host of friends In this, city
wner une nar spent me greater por
tion of her- life . i . ... ;
IThe groom Is a. hisrhlv educated
young man. being &i professor-of one
of the branches of studv in the Stan
ford University of California, and the
nppy young-coupie aepanea on the
ovenana last night xor a brief tour of
the southern nortiont of this state .
pecting to, return .and -remain in this
cny aunng we summer ana remove to
Palo Alto this! fall where they will te-
NEW YORK. June 4. Stockholders
of both : the : Railway Steel' Spring
Company. and! the Btee! ..Tire .Wheel
Company, at a Joint meeting, have rat
ified the merger plan without opposi
tion. , The action of the stockholders
carried .with i t an increase in the cap
ital of the Railway Steel, Spring Com
pany from $20,000,000 $27,000,000,
the additional capital-stock being dt-:
vided into $5,000 shares of preferred
stock and S5.000 shares of
stock. With this-additional
all assets of the Steel. Tire Wheel Com
pany will be taken over through the
acquisition of its entire ' outstanding
capital stock. :r '?.' ;"
: James C. Beach was elected treas
urer of the merged companies. It was
decldedTTo make the board of directors
IS' in number, instead of 11, and the
following were elected directors.: Will
lam H. Silverthorne, Jamejr C. ; Beach,
J. W. Fuller, C. W. Barnum, Charles
Miller, C. H. Halcomb retired as direc
tor. " . . ,
New York,, June 3. There is no mis
taking that -Colonial Secretary: Joseph
Chamberlain is now .the 4omlnant per
sonalty In the Unionist party, aays a
London dispatch to the, World. , Arthur
Balfour could scarcely corceal his cha
grin at the signiflcant ovation given the
former when the Commons listened to
the announcement of the Boer surren
der. Still, on calni reflection the Min
isterial opinion as expressed in the lob
by was that the Boers had got' virtual
ly everything they demanded, and that
the terms accorded, left' little ground
for acclaiming a-British triumph. .
The teason given for the Boers, sur
render-of independence is that they are
practically bankrupt," and if they could
prolong the war for two or three years
more they still would be unable to re
constitute their states from the condi
tion of ruin into which .the devastation
policy has landed them, Great Britain
now will provide the funds for this re
contitution and the new 1 system must
Inevitably lead to a federation union of
the South Africa states in which 'the
Dutch Influence must predominate.
It is felt, too., that all the rebels .will
be amnestied and that 'every franchise
disqualification cannot be maintained
for more than two years.-
: ': Virulent. Cancer Cured. :
. Startling proof mot a. wonderful ad
vance in medicine is given by drug
gist G. W. Roberts of Elizabeth, W,
Va. An old man .there had long, suf
fered with, what good doctors pro
nounced 'incurable cancer. 1 1 They be
lieved his case hopeless till hJ used
Electric Bitters and applied -Bucklen's
Arnica Salve, ' which. , treatment; com
pletely V cured . nlm. - When'. Eleotrlc
Bitters are used to expel bUlous, kid
ney and ,mlcrobe poisons at the same
time thl salve exerts; Its . matchless
healing power, blood . diseases, skin
eruptions, ulcers and sores vanish.
Bitters BOe, Salve 2Sc at Dr. Stone's
Drug Stores. 1 "; ' -
NEW YORK, June 4. Official an
nouncement has Just been made that
the St. Louis & San , Francisco Rail
way Company has acquired control of
the Birmingham Belt Railroad for
erminal purposes in Birmingham. Ala
The purchase was' completed In this
city. V B. F. Yoakum, president of the
Frisco, said it Is proposed to greauy
rr prove the terminals in tnat-cuy ana
rhut hirinr reached Birmingham. It
' almost certain his road will build to
he Atlantic coast- The Birmingham
"telt- Rail way operate ; a if relght t li ne
hree miles in extent.ln ajnid about the
How to Avoid "Trouble, f 1 i
l the time to urovide yourself
, ...... - -
Iain's Colic,,. Cholera and Diarrhoe Rem-
ely. It is almost certain to oe neeaea
efore the summer is over, ana u pro
u ed now' may save,you a 'trip to town
In the night or in your busies! season.
U is everywhere, admitteu - to be tne
mot successful meaicine in use ior
bwH i-oinplalnts. both for children and
llts. No mmiijr can anora to oe
ithout it. For salo by Dr. Stone's
Drug Stores. .v - ; , ,
Giren 'at- the E. Church
Last Night a Great -Success
- i :
DELIGHTED.. . . ' s . !
. (From Thursday's Statesman.) '
. Johannes Brahms, the greatest com
poser since Richard Wagner, provided
the chief work in the concert' last
evening at the First M. E. church.' IBs
ong cycle "New Songs of Love" re
ceived an artistic Interpretation by the
.Brahms Octet, an organisation named
In honor of tho composer. 1 The cycle
consjsts of fifteen numbers, all j of
which were sung with delicate, expresi
'sion, and a thorough understanding of
the beautiful though Intricate har
monies.. The ensemble was very ex-
cellent and 4he harmony of voices-perfect.
I? The accompaniments, arranged
for. four hands, were sittilfully played
by Miss Florence TUlson and Mr. Illft
C. Garrison. .The piano part are In j
fact p!ano duets, so difficult are they, j
and i so unlike ordinary accompanl
men ts. being essential parts of a great
musical masterpiece. . The words are
translated from the German, and are i
of secondary Importance..- the , music
being the predominating feature of the
cycle. Of . the fifteen numbers, seven
were sung by the eight voices;: and
whUe. they all received the same earn-
ot attention, the audience favored es-
pecially numbers seven i and . -elghfe
"From Ton Hills, the Torren Speeds,"
and ("Secret Nook in 'Shady. Spot." All
the solos .are deserving of special men
tion, for though they were, all short.
giving little opportunity for display of
climaxes and ' vocal agility. ' all were
sung, with real .appreciation : of, the
worth df melody and harmony... .,
Ofcourse the music is alrictly das--
alcal, an, entirely different from any
other com posl tion ; and for these rea
sons many who heard, it for . th first
time could not appreciate all the
splendor of this magnificent worki
however the audience deserves credit
for their quiet attention and abundant
evidence of , the Treasure they received
at this first production of the Brahms
Octet. This class of . music seems to
grow better as wejhear more of it: and
if people could: have weekly opportune
I ties'-of listening to, the best music,
they - would soon discard .. the eheap,
trashy "coon songs" and rag-time ef
fusions. ' I '--" '. r
Last night's audience filled he
church, and proved by., their . applause
and by. Individual expressions of thanks
that a majority of music-loving: peo
ple! appreciate and enjoy classical mu
sic I well produced. - These singers de
serve, great, praise for , their . earnest
study of this most difficult composition,
bringing, from what seemed. at . first
masses of discords, wvaderful, inspjr-t
nt and harmonious "concords of sweet
sounds." Introducting the song -cycle,
three ' lovely , choruses by well, known
composers delighted the audience and
whetted their musical appetite- for the
greater composition. v. " '.-.
The members of the octet'Are as fol
lowst . ' Sopranos,- Mrs. Jordan Purvinei
Miss Leona Lewis; altos. Miss Leonora
White, Miss Genevieve Hughes; ten
ors. Mr. J. Frank Hughes, Mr. Frani
oesco Seley ; basses. Mr. W. P. "Drew;
Mr. W. F. Kctehum.
The program is given in full:
Daybreak.. , . TA. R. Gaul
Hunting Song. . ... ,J. Benedict
The Starain Heaven.. J. Rhelnberger
' Song Cycle.
Ne Songs of Love. . . . . . '
. ; .Johannes Brahms, Op 65
Pianoforte Accompaniment for Four
No. 1 There's noughts Oh heart ,
can save thee , z,
No. 2 "Shadowy gloom of the night."
No. 3 Sopranosolo, -"Ere while upon
my fingers.". -i. . . '. . .. ....
(f c-'-. -Mra Purvlne. ,
No; 4-r-For basses. "Ye eyes .of dark-
' ; nMS". '. -. .1 i. . . . .
No. 5 Alto jSolo, "Guard thy son , . ...
,.f ' Miss Wtlte.; - '
No. I Soprano solo, "Roses red I '
wear". . . . . .. . . . .
;f. Miss Lewis.'' .";' ' .'. .,
No. 7 "From, yon hills the torrent
No. 8 "Secret nook In shady" spoL
No. -Soprano solo. "Sharp, pbison
ed arrow." . , . . .. .. .. .. .. ..
f ' ' :.--' Mrs. Purvlne. ..
No. 10-For tenors, "To many a maid :
tl whisper soft".. . . .. .. .. . .
No. 11 Soprano solo, "I will bear no
more of love.". , ''., '.. "'' ('
'V ' Miss Lewis.' ' ' . ' ,
No. 12 "Darksome wood.". . . . . i'
No. "1$ For sopranos and altosv TDo
J not gaze on me". ... ........ .
No 14 "Eye of lightning.?. ,
No; 15 Conclusion. ' ' . , ;
ff For these who enjoy th lighter, class
of music, such . a program has j been
provided by the Ladles Chorus of . W.
tl. for. their concert this evening at
the Methodist tKurch. A list of charm
ing ladles Choruses, cotlege' songs and (,
lltdies quartets make up, a, .program
that, will delight every , one who will
spend f.en cents' for an evening's en
tertainment. A nearly five hundred
tickets "have already been sold for th!s
concert, the ladles are assured of a
large audience. - - .
NEW YORK. June 4. Without n cent'
In 'the worldt' Edouard Itelnald Saint
Mlchle, formenjy, one of the most weal
thy and influential men in St. Pierre,
has arrived; in this city. ' He was hap
7 u"v,n , J uTZil soreriesa all o? whfcb are of com- I
py despite his impoverished "?-moa occurrence, either in vigorous
for hU wife and son were wUh him. i . ttkrnu atA,nt J Kvrv.
;::trrr; :r'
S ciT-'gy mjj ic B4ivi cst w avviuc ! rauif v
Saint-Michl-. who f a native; of Fwl
de France, wasspending the day with
her relatives at the time of the disas.
J. v . 21 rrr V A7T Z
Jo jt her an -hour before the blast of
flankr destroyed the cityJ He trailed
mb BMff v vi r uv; ar aitt.c- sviivs w
he reached the i Martinique capital the
destruction of his native city! was an
nounced. ' - '
Legai Dlanks at Statesman Job.Oface.
It all happened in a moment. Her hair caught in the
belt and swiftly "wound about the shafting. Her cries
were echoed br the screams of her frightened mill-mate.
, Then 'the machinery was stopped and - the terrified and
injured ..-woman was released. rtlt .was carelessness," said
the foreman to reporter, ;' pure carclessnessiw But the
doctor said it was not carelessness but nervousness. It
was; a case of a woman working when she Was not fit to
work, her nerves quivering to the shock and jar of the
machinery, her brain dazedC by the struggle with suffering.
. Men bo seldom suffer with nervousness that they .hard
email sympathy for a nervous woman. They look upon.
nervous r ttacks as just a woman's notion, and often as only
an excuse for ill-humor. j
. The "very fact that nervousness afflicts women, chiefly,
points to its cause as being related to the female organism.
'And the facts prove that disease of the delicate womanly
organism is the most fruitful cause of the j nervousness
from which bo many women suffer. Uterine land ovarian
diseases, unhealthy drains, inflammation,' ulceration and
female weakness such womanly diseases in One form or
another are in general responsible for the nervousness of
' women. . .
The only way to, cure this nervousness is to cure the
diseases that cause it. There are yowders and potions, ,
so-called "nervines," which are, offered a &f remedy for
nervousness. They may relieve, but they Cannot cure.
Even the relief they give is dangerous,' because it is pro-'
duced by stimulants or ncrvc-numbing narcotics. Some
men are said to "drown their troubles in liguor. . . The
" liquor does not lighten their load of troubla by one iota.
It simply stupefies them until tlic dull brain is rendered
for a time insensible to cares and worries. Tho use of
stimulants or narcotics by. nervous women has tho samo
result as tho use of. alcohol by men. " It on y dulls and
deadens the nerves for a time.'
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription cures ncrvousnets by
curing the womanly diseases which cause it. It is a truo
tonic and nervine, becauso it nouVkhcs thef nenes and
strengthens tho body. There is no clcohol in "Favorito
i rescnpiion ana v. is eniirciy ireo lrom oiuum, cocaine
and all other narcotics. "AVeak, nervous, overworked, rut:-4
down women will find new health and strength from tho use
of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. i
It sCbrds me great pleasure to be able -to ssy a few words in reran
to the merits of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prcscriptio and . hb 'GoUca
Medical Discovery," writes lira. Flora Am, of Dallas,' Jackson Co.,
Mo. "I was tempted to try these medicines rjtcr seeing the effect upon 1
my mother. At an. early age of married lile I wals greatly bothered
with painful periods, also a troublesome drain" wblcn rendered ce very
weak and unfit for work of any kind. I became so tula there was noth
ing left of me but Skia and bone, lly husband became alarmed and
bottle of Favorite Prescription. After he saw tho wonderful ef?W of
he got me two more, and after
' to gala in flesh, very raidly.
irigufc ant ua sway, dij xuoincr got oauiy nutx, ..' Lttcr oa Liood-poicon set in and the :-
died. After her death was so nervous I sometimes thought Icouli not live from one Jay until the
next , wuuiu g so laimi loougat a woma ill?. I naa awlul pains to ray bock and head; was dirr
all the time; cpuld not sleep at night, and tho lealct noise would almost scare tne to deat!i. Our
doctor tried to.curte me but failed. So one day I sat down and wrote to Dr. Tierce, stating my case,
as clearly as X Could. I received a prompt reply from blm, and I bought three bottles of J'avorite.
You may be sure after I took that I bejjan to feel lite a new person. I began to eat once more, and
now, I cannot say positively but X believe, I wetgtf twice es much as I did then, and can do all of mj
work. I think I owe all praise to Dr. Fierce and Li wonderful curative medicines."
What Dr. Pierce's Favorito Prescription d 11 for 3Irs. Am,
ot otner women. xrom weaic v,'omeU reduced in flcfch until thcy.wero only skm and
bone," it has changed them to strong women, J whoso gain in hechby Hcth iiaksfor tho
'soundnessof their cure and their restoration tb rcrfect hcnlfli: Sometimes n rvtsk-hl ivr.
son will tay a woman'
the loss of flesh which so
thero an ytbinr .imaginary about tho cures effected by "Favorite Prescription," cures that
can be figured np in ounces and pounds. . , ; j - -
In" the fall of .xSoj, X was troubled with crvouncs, headache, heirt trouble. and female weak
ness," writes Miss Ulancfce M. Braccy, of Sala, Oswego Count v, N. Y." "Xast summer I wrote yon
and you advised , me to try your "-Favorite Prescription ' and 'to!. n Medical Discoverjv' Idnlso,
.and I. began to improve rapidly. Continued taking the mecicr.i. he f-anlo7.cn each of l'avoiite
Prescription and 'Golden Medical Discovery,'. for the space of four or five months, and in Vts
than a year bad regained my former health. You have my heartfelt thanVs for what vour remedies
Lave done for me. . I am in excellent health now, but am still using your ' ric&sant Peileu. "
Dr. Pierco'B Favorite Prescript ion establishes regularity, dries weakening drains, heals
. inflammation and nieeration. and rurnt fmsl irfftL-nr
"M:f BY. I
Four real estate transfers were filed
with the county recorder yesterday the
afurreg-ate consideration of which was
$3326; one chattel mortgage for and
one- satisfaction of mortg-age fpr $400
were also filed for record. The deeds
were:.-.".'-- '""-'
F. V- Durbln. sheriff, to N. F.
Cook. 364 4-5 acres in t4 s. r 3
i w, .a,' d. ..' ,'i:...$21X5
James VL. Woodruff and wife to
4jhaa, Pratt, lots and 7 and west '
half of lots 5 and , 12 acres in .
Ilamjlen park," w d..i. 800
M. 'CU Fmith to Emma Edwards. ,
ntS;7.S and . blk 20, of Tew Park
annex to Salem, w. d. ...... ....... 300
Susanna Fisher to Elisabeth B.
i Stout. VJ acres in section 18, t
: 1 s, f t e.'w.d..,.. I
Total.. - -I332S
f Is Golf Catching.
Un to
tiopular favT7 It seems j to be.
A notkeubie increase in sales oc 1'ain
killer cornea from golf districts.! The
reason for this Is rloaraa Perry! Davis
painkiller 4s the oldest and best rem
edy extant for sprains, strains, bruises
- ?r the standard limment and ban
SALT LAKE CITT. Utah. June 5
call for a state convention to
.. , , , a..-.. ,k
,"f th l 7
DE3 : MOINES. la.. June S. The
Democratic "stale Convention
he!4 here Beptember 3d.
will be
r : r
i'fl- : til ' , '
- TL. ' u I I . B I
I had used those up there was no more pain, and I began
When X was out driving with my mother the horse took
Derieci nenitli:
ailments arc iust ini.ir:iniri-. There's
often accompanies nervousness -and
It makes wcakl women 6trong and sick Women Wfll. '
. "Weak and sick women are invited to consult Dr. Pierce,
by letter, frcL All correspondence is held ai . strictly
private and sacredly confIlcntiaL Address Dr. Tl; V.
Pierce, Buffalo, X. V. ,
''.."- :'.'' . .-1 .-. -'"'-':r- v--'-i'- 5 ;,.''.', ;-... ;"-.'':' -V -
Foe Dis, PIono0f3 Oosnmon Samo t.lodloal Atf
vfsor .bsst tho oxjsotmo of malSngm . TMa coat
mosltoat rork, contain ovot ono thousand
iatfjo gsaoottp is mont FI2ZC on nooofjst of ntantss
to tsay oxssonso of malUng OttLYm: Sontf 31
oeto-cont stamp foe tho oloth-botmtf volume 0
ot only 21 stamps - or tho boole in panot
covers. ; '. ''
Addfosns Dfm 12. V- PIERCE, Buffalo It Ym
WiJl resume service January 5, 1902. The train will
be even letter than it was in 1001. It wUl bc a corni)lcte
home on wheels. Parlor, Dining Koom, Sleeping Uoom, JjU
brary, Smoking Koom, ami Bath Room they will v all bo
there, at d all lighted by electricity and heated by steam. -
Fin t and second class tickets both good on this train.
. Use this CRACK TRAIN of the. NORTHWEST on your
way to the Pan-American Exposi'lioh, Buffalo, New York.
You can go cither by way, ot St, Paul and Chicago, or Du
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A.: D.CHAIILTON, Ass't Oenl Passenger Agent, Portland
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