Weekly Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1900-1924, May 30, 1902, Page 8, Image 8

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mJ B
Efarr's Jewelry Store
Ccrncr Stale 2nd Liberty Streets, Salem. -
the markets.
.- - ' -- .!
J:hIokens-8 to3c per iound. j
Soring r-hlrkens 12',i to 15c.'.
Eggs 13c cah. : - --
Buyers and 'Shippers of
Dealers la" j
Hop Grafs' Supplies
Warehouses at.
- - -
i .
Manager i 7
fi07 Commercial St., Salem.
State Meeting Closed After
Three Days of Hard
Work .
PI ECU. - I.
BURKE. At the Oregon Hospital for
the Inanv-ThUTSdajr,' May 29,-1902,
Ut 12 o'clock noon; Patrick Burke. '-
age not known. ; ! ; - . . i.
The 'remains wiHte prepared ? for
burial today and shipped to 8aideta
relative where thy will be interred.'
ilhi li&A Yea Haw Always BcogM
I Comrrtte on dormant Granges also
- i w " presented a report and game, was
Th i3 b1 23 uti nrnw luunchedat your brain; we want 5 1 phe reportrof committee on appeals
to lodge there and-hoM for all time in your meniorv thisjshowed no appeals pending,
simple businc-s mtssjge: That Parrs is astore of choice The rommftue on co-operation' re
tliine. hoNo-tlv nr.cwl. "!Frae jewelry; cut glass and wlver. JffT VL'- lTZ?
- ' i, 1 . , ; J - i . . i t i ' Uon ta establishment of store , or
ware canma be bought for a sonjr. Butthey can be soldagtriCy at peruana, and also presented
more cheap I V. tl.Utl Rome do Stll thtni, and this IS bolh our Ita renral port- Report adopted. .
opiortutiity Mild VOUrS also. ' I Reports ..of- Fire Relief Association
i presented and ordered "printed In the
', proceedings, i " ;i .. - ":? ' "; K ?
Leaders ifl. tCW Prices'the order reported favorably upon a
resolution v appropriating; for ex
tension of the order bitrt presented an
amendment respec ting- the . frequency
of visita'by ; the organlrinsr deputies,
and that where a. Grangre la rgunized
with . less than Twenty-five members
the extra premium be not paljl Uie
deputy. That part respecting; the fre
quency of visits! by jj deputies waa
stricken out and the ianwunt appro
prited intreaist'd to S"5A and. the report
adopted.. ' y-.C' !
k ' The unwritten work was exemplified
(by Past Master W. M. Hilleary that.
rbinK the special j order for- II a. rru,
land the Grangre then .adjourned to X
Afternoon Session.
The afternoon session convened at
2:15 and further consideration of the
report of committee of Rood of the or
der was taken up. The debate was
upon motion, umuea o iwo minmei
and. each membe alloweVl to " speak
but once on each I subject. ' The same
committee reported i recommending
agents of thX3range Fire and Life In
surance Associations- be urged to make
efforts to advance jthe iwterests of these
associations. Adopted. ' It also rec
ommen lcvl the appropriation of $50, for
the-purpQ.se of maintaining headquar.
feers at the Oregon State Fair. Adopt
ed.. The committee reported favorably
on. recommendations of the Master and
Lecturer as contained In their annual
addresses.. Adopted; -I :
This rport carried with it the rec
ommendation for inspection of Grange
and theadoptlon f . the. State Grange
Bulletin aa the official organ. .
The committee on transportation re
sorted i various f nacommendations.
among thetn being one; urging the local
Granges , to - discuss, transportaition
questions. Rfport adopted. .;
The report, of tlie committee on edu
cation recognised the j Importance of
the pubHc press as a means' of ; dis'
nominating general Information and
giving (wider knowledge of the pincl
plea and purposes of the . Patrons of
Husbandry, commended the agricul
tural pressr and the -State Bulletin.
QalleSi attention jto the work of the
State Agricultural College s prepar
ing nature study leaflets and predicted,
that the movement would do much to
stimulate love) for country life - and a
broader and deeper knowledge of the
txLUties j of nature. It recommended
that the! subordinate-'Grange co-operate
heartily In making this work suc
cessful in the district schopls; com
mended the consideration of ithe libra
ry law for -district schools; also com
mended the5 Hesperian , movement '.of
co-opera tlbn between the local Grange
and public schools; and In conclusion
urged upon the Grange the Importance
of the country schools as one of the
adversely -on
lecturers of subordinate
The State Grange convened at 8:45
yesterday morning for the third day's
stfeskm, Master B.' G. Leedy presiding.
The roll was called and a ; quorum
found present , The5: journal of the
second day's proceedings was read and
approved. e? ' v
F. D Cornettr chairman of the com-'
mlttee Ion by-laws, reporUd adversely
oft the resolution to allow the deputies
for counties the same' privileges as the
state deputies. The report was adopt
ed. - The same committee reported
resolution ; requiring
Grangea to
report quarterly to lecfurera of Po'
mona ' Granges The report - of tha
committee failed "of adoption and the
resolution failed of adoption by . not
receiving the ' necessary two-third
majority. The same committee re
ported adversely upon a resolution de
fining jurisdiction, of subordinate
Granges. Report adopted, The same
committee reported favorably upon a
resoluUon to rfQiyst . the National
Grange to grant more powers to State
Grange respecting" Pomona 'i Grange.
Upon motion the resolution and report
were laid' upon the. table. The same
committee reported favorably upon a
resolution to change date of meeting
of State Grange t December. . Re
port of committee tf ailed of adoption.
The same committee reported unfavor
ably upon resolution to change rep
resentative from one delegate to four
Granges to one to three Granges. Re?
port adopted. j V :
The .! committee on woman's JkovY.
iiove at couniry i,ie, ana ci sivsns i"
jail th best opportunities for individual
progress and development.. "-.
.The commitWe on pure foptl reported
tnat. under the prprtnt law, process
butter and oleomargarine, la about shut
out tit the markets of the state; that
the State Pure' Food and Dairy Com
mlssioner 4a xoaloos in enforcing the
few aglnt adulterated foods, and
suggested .that it would be well for
every friend of homes products, when
purchasing, to1 advise the Pure- Food
Commissioner of any articles;, that are
adulterated and purchased as - i pure.
Report adopted. V
- The committee; on nesolutlcns, con
sisting f M. ,V. Ijeeper, chairman; P.
L. Campbell, G R. Miller. Mrs. E. S.
Sehoonqver,. Mrs. Annie Spence,. pre
sented Its reportiasi follows, ; and the
same wa adopted; ' . .
"Resolved that the . thanks of , the
Oregon State Grange are "hereby ex
tended to Hon. T. T, Geer, Gover
nor, of Oregon, for his cordial wet-
come on behalf of the state, and for
the Interesting and Impresstve address
delivered by . him before the Grange.
To. Mayor C. P. Bishop, as represented
by City Recorder Judah. and. to the
citizens of Salem for the ; freedom of
the city so hospitably extended, and
for the many courtesies shown during
the session of the Grange. , 4 '
"To. Hon. F. I. Dunbar, Secretary of
State, for the use of the Senate Cham
bers in which the meetings have been
held. To the press of the city of Sa-
Jem for publishing the proceedings of
the . Grange and for their hearty co
operation in making known to the gen
eral .public the principles, plans and
purposes of this Order.- Tqijthe Salem
Band 'for the enlivening music furn
ished at the evening sessions, and to
all others who have assisted in, mak
ing the general programs interesting
and profitable.
"Resolved.' that our pecia1 thanks
are7 due' to the Salem Grange and to
the 'Marion, county Pomona Orange for
their r hospitable , entertainment and
their efficient management of the local
preparation for this season of the State
Grange. j .,'V .i,-." - ,; .';.." ''" .
'Resolved that our appreciation of
the courtesy shown by the Southern
Pacific Railroad Company In making
reduced rates to the delegates attend
ing the: State Granger L ; j
The? report of the corn rait tee on mile
age and per diem was presented ' and
adopted. ; - , .- . , '
The committee on agriculture "report;
ed that agriculture is in a transitory
state from extensive wheat raising to
scientific rotation : of crops, and op
posed summer fallow. i ;
.The committee on good roads report
ed recommending that the godft roads i
question be discussed in every order,
and good road leagues be encouraged
In every school district; recommended
the investigation of the use of oil for
permanent- and economical Improvement-of
roads, and the utility of using
convict labor on roads. ; Adopted. ,
Resolutions of condolence were pre
sented an,d adopted by a rising ' vote, j
The financial committee reported' the j
accounts of the secretary and treasur
er as correct. . . I
The committee on sashes reported an
expenditure of $3, which was allowed.
The good ' roads committee was - In
creased to five members ad made a
standing committee., s ; , v
ins for use of committee on .Lusinej.
arrangements was adopted. ..Resolu
tion authorizing the printing "of
copies of the proceedings was adopted.
A resolution allowing the lecturer JSO
for services during the past year was
adopted. A resolution to Increase sal
ary of the secretary to J150 per, year
waa presented and failed to pass. I .
Mrs. E. A. NibUn was invited to In
stall the officers. : . j
A. T. Buxton presented the fouowirig
resolution and it waa unanimously
adopted: . .. ': -,. . . - --
"Whereas, the Oregon delegation jn
Congress In the face of opposition of la
desperate and unscrupulous nature.
have In response to the requests of
their constituents, stood loyally by t$is
dairy Interests of the country In their
support of the Grout antl-Oieomarga
ine bill - and. .
"Whereas, this bt5 has finally le-
come m. law,, largely, as we belive, jas
tne result or tne errorts or the uregon
.Delegation, therefore be It.
--"Resolved, by the Oregon ' State
Grange, that the hearty thanks of this
body be extended to our Representa
tlves in Congress" - and our United
States Senators, collectively and Indi
vidually.. ,
"Resolved, that a copy :Of this -ohir
approval -- and appreciation of their
course In the matter be forwarded 1y
the Secretary of the State Grange, jto
each of the members of the Oregon
Delegation." ; ."'
It was ordered that the papers whiph
were to be presented at the Lecturer's
program, and which could hot be prjei
tented on account of accumulation jof
business, be published in the Bulletin
and the proceedings of the State
Grange. , !
Fifty dollars was appropriated fpr
Use in sending the Lecturer to addrcjss
such public meetings as may be for the
best interests of the Order.
A vote of thanks was tendered- the
Executive Committee for successtful
work. ; Mrs". Georgie A. Toby, of SkoW
hegan, Maine, was present, and was
Irevited to address; the Grange. She
outlined the' work done In' her state
and the methods-of keeping up the ln-
- ' la tu fci4
this -State t..rar.. .;-:.
Mrs. S, 11. Carter, of Peninsular. Or
who - was the first lady to. be electeii
master of the Grange in the" United
States, was present as delegate.
- - Evening Session. ' -x
The evening session was devoted to
degree work, installation of offlrers
and a banquet. The- 6th or Pomona
degree was conferred upon. a class of
Tl, and the Flora or tth degree upon a
class of 4. The degree work "is most
impressive!. After conferring the de
grees snd discussing a banquet, Mrs,
E. A. Niblen Installed the officers elec t
ed at Wednesday's session for the en-'
suing two years. , 5
Shortlyi after midnight the 29th sR.
nual session , of the . Oregon State
Grange adjourned sine die.
Th local market quotations jester,
day were is follows: . t .
Wheat 51 cents.
Oats Nominal at fl.l. per cenfaV
Hay Cheat. 8; clover, Qt7; Um
othy, 9?tl0; wheat. 8? ; v -Flour
75 to 5o per sack; 12.70 to
U per barrel. :
ria Feed IVan, J17.00;. shorts, V M-
Butter II'jSUmj per lb, (buying)
creamery. TVAc t ; -jEggs
I3c, cash.' ; - T - ''y'
Chickeiis 3 to 9c per pound.
, Spring chickens 124 to ISc.
Pork Gross. 65c; dressed, Cfl
VA cents - '
Ueef Steers. 3C4!ic; cow, SV;
good heifers, 4e. " ,
Muttons-Sheep, StSc, on fbot.
- Veal 6ViC. dressed. '-
potatoes ISc per bdshek . -
Wool 12lJc ; ,
Mobalrf-23 tents. :
On iaccount of the absence of a nuor-,
um the meeting of the Geatef SaN-mJ.
Commercial Club last night' was xt-
poned until the next regular, meeting.
Bean tu is w pawnmrsE
f '
With us,r and excelsior is execlfetor, jute 's jutef cotton is. cotton, and
woolla wool .Everything we sell is true to name and descri)tioti. We
have our pillows labeled at the, factory, showing just -what they are
made of. In fact, we allow,. no fictitious or jnisleading statements in
any part of rwir business Ve lwlieve the provision of the "Pure Fooil'
laws should be as c fleet l"e concerning what W wear aa what we eat.
If you gel it of us is is oh repl-csenlcd.
303 Commercial street.
' Stores at Salem and Albany,
r Next door to Postofflce.
n ! A (I
This gives you an idea of the "Jack
of all trad?s" gasoline engine that we
are selling. It's a product of Fair
banks, Morse & Co one of the largest
manufacturers Of. gasoline engines in
'the world, and is time tried and relia
ble.. . They cnf be had with the pumpv
Ing. attachment as shown , here. or.
without it at ten dollars less. These
'engines ae In use all over the valley
and are unquestionably the most eco
nomical power that one can 'use for
any work within their limit. . This is
a Hi horse power, and weighs, ' as
shown, 580 pounds.- This questton of
weight Is highly important for -i you
. can't get satisfaction ' out of a light
engine that is trying to develop power.
This has phosphor bronze boxings In- .
stead of Rabbet t metal, which latter
everyone knows Is not as good for gas
oline engine's." It has platinum points
on the sparker, much more durable .
than the steel points found on others.
. It Is the suction fe?d Instead of the
gravity feed, $hus giving the engine
lhe best of gasoline Iqstead of only the
Jowr heavier portion 'We will be -pleased
to send circulars and prices to
all Inquirers. Call and see It In use .
at the store.
m, 5 ' " " " - "' ' "
Stadebaker Bujrtrif In -every-style
at the lowest prices commensurate
with good good.' : We, have some
choice tilings in new natty open bug
gies for the rpriug and summer, trade.
1 like wagon too, the best grades on ,
the market ; Call and look over the
line. . Heavier goods on lower floor,
light rigs on second floor. No trouble
to show goods. 'LJ . t . '
We Sell
MtCormick HarvostiDg . Machinery, Russell Engines and Threshers.,
Studebaker Wagons and Buggies, -Monitor Drills and Seeder.-v Syracuse and
Moline Flowp, Benicia Rotary Disc Plows, Hero Fanning Mills, Ohio Ensilage
Cutters and Blowers, Buffalo Pitts Harrows, Tribune Bicycles, Standard and
White Sewing Machines, Binder Twine, Harvesting Extras and Supplies, Hay;
Tools of all sort, Portland Anchor Fence, Gasoline Engines, . and everything
that spropcrly belongs in a first-class implement house. , i.
TheTOhio Ensils&e Cutter and
x Blower
Russell Engines
ing Machinery
1 1
Get in your orders for 3-our needs in this line. -If. you havq an old cn-.
p-ine that you want to trade, send us word.
you. Extras for Russell goods of all classes.
The traveler will . call and1 see
The new model blower will -differ t slightly from tHis and will bo even
better than the one we sold last season. All cutters will have the 10-inch
blower, and the discharge pipe will rise at a hicher point on the fan case.
This machine has the largest capacity of any machine on the market, and is.
guaranteed absolutely. Write for priees.
I 1 ib-SI m - r ST k
We sell cultivators of all sorts tither in tongue or tongueless and can
two shovel in any style.
v give you choice of several of the best lines in the field. Also five shovel and
Portland Anchor Fence
but once up is there 1 to - stay.
1 ' ,WV
Tfc ivisfa o frifiA ninrfl flinn. rifTior Irinrla
Built of No. 9 wire and will stand the hardest usage. We sell the clamps,
stays, ratchets and wire, you do the building! Call and see us or write ior
McCormlck Movers, McCor
mlch Rakes, McCormlck
A floor full of the old reliable cutting mjachinery that for 70 years has
stood the test of the hardest usage man can jgive it Our mower and tfakc
trade is already under way and promises to much more tlian distance last
season's record. ,
on the market is found on the McCormick Mower. J; Call and see these points
for yourself. Heaviest frame, widest frainet iheaviest cutter bar,, longest pit
man, and many other points of superiority. Always glad to show you. Ex
tras, for jMcCprmicks, all ages in stock. Also furnish extras for Osborne and
Woods, machinery. - U.y -. -.-; . '.;. -:;" .K - -:'.'.: - : .
1 Is