Weekly Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1900-1924, May 30, 1902, Page 4, Image 4

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Publ !bed every Tuesday an4 FrUl y by lh ;
P. & ni NOKICki, Manager.
subscription" ATKRI "
One year, in advance.! ...'..,.:..;...'.. ,11.00
Hi monUia, in ad-aoce.-. .. .Ml
Three mouth, in idnnr..-.,. .25
on year, on Urne t.. ,. UtH
The g'ilMmn hu bee tabliahe r nearly
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have received H nearly tnat Jon. and many
who haveiead.lt for a irrtieraf ou, Soweof
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at Ui time .of aspiration of I la I' ntcripttoma.
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without-the f Mr cent provision. It awav from the "Issue" with which
could not have built the battleship was congratulating itself It - had In
that steamed round -Cape Horn i and sured success lnt the election next
ment which they ; a rd fiercely
ing. v;-,. v',- ; . . ... .
. fM iVid .rt Va-M ,-. .1 AT tM.MA.fn,A
declaration of the final policy of the reported Itaelf at Key Westirfil for j month, in Oregon, tnereroie. resent
ha the twnritt of ti tutlar rae; But if tber
do net piy I r N noB'tn, the rate will beiljtf
a year. Hereafter e wiJJ M-n the per to all
reopouaiM -rou no orJr li, though .ttu-y
iay not ead ibe money, wl.la iti uuaeralaud.
iag that tby are to pa, 91.24 a year, in -atbry
iv m MjitM-npiion account run oxer ma
ixi in in order f bat here saar tw so ruiKun
oeraiaryftnir, we will keep tills notiee stacdmg
v wn piace in me ppcr- :. t
United States towards the Philippines, - duty-" But., this' Is only a partfof the 'ment and Indignation aroused, by
the TWnocratsi are endeavoring , to . record of the Oregon.' . Another ' part calumny against our soldiers has re-
' will be found In Admiral Schley'av t-s-f acted With telling; effect. The Demo-
- a L .
timony about the earl v events of th f erfuie orator now seek; to cloud the
memorable 3d of July. There were mo-J Philippine issue, and to make the peo
ments on that day when the lsiua wa ! nleTursret their, vilification of the
have a matter settled which, from Its
very nature, f is Incapable of decision.
A. Senator Foraker said In his soeech
on JJhe pending; bill, I believe it would
be most im poll tic tor Congress now to
declare absolutely what the; Govern
ment "will dka some
in doubt.- In one of these dark mo
ments. Admiral Schly saw the white
future time." , row ot a battleship breaking; through
we hr-a-iub-t u iimntliin t cribtiom r.L ' . . L. ...--we Woud of smoke' tn which the Mua
only when a .tt.erf to do ao. All i.n. wiytna J 4 "is mins , ,- ...... 1.7
wueii attiMcniMitir or i-atioc iu mawmm-e. wui
The debase upon the. Philippine bill
In the United States Senate has de
veloped a degree of - partlcan acrimony
such as that body ha a notj seen for
many years.v - The fierce assaults of
the, Democratic opposition can not be
explained on tany other ground than a
demaKOflc attempt o crate a political
Issue for. party advantage, j . The pO"
"sitlon of thej . Democratic, members is
an absurdity In this that they ar op
posing; a bill for the proper g;overn
ment of 4hel Philippines,, and which
will supersede the military govern'-.
After Eating
N&usea'betWeen meals, belching, vom
iting', flatulence, fill of nenroas head.
ache, rpala in .the j stomach, are all
tyraptoma of dyspepsia, and the longer
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strengthen and tone the stomach and
other digestive organs for the natural
performance of their functions. .
Accept no substitute -for IIood.
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. w eerw mrw VV JW AJViJr
until 1 began taking Hood's 8afiaparllla.
7 Ifave taken four bottles of this medicine
and can now eat almost anything, sleep
wetr,haye no cramps In my stomach, no
- s burning, and no distress." . Mas, William
O. Dabrktt, J4 OIney Stw Providence, B. r
, Hood's Sarsaparilta promigeg to
i euro and keeps the promise. 1
promises - baseU. on conjecture or the
vlaJorts of enthusiasts), The attempt
to commit the, government irrevokably
works harm to ourselves and to the
FHfpinoa. . It keeps the latter lo t
stale of nnrcat. and in the post keft
the Insurrection alive long after the
time it should have terminated: It
has ' retarded the establishment of an
aronwas enveiooea. ills a oleic eye
took In two things first, that the
white prow was that of the Oregon,
and, second,' that her speed was equal
to that of the cruiser -uixrn which he
was standing. , From that moment the
issue was no longer in tdoubt. The Ore
gon was more heavily jarmoredthari
the Brooklyn, and Its speed was equal.
The two steamed after the fly Ins-
orderly govjlronent. and the glvmgto Spanl8h vessels with i a t speed and a
the people such -a degree of polHIcal , precuion of flr that drove the enemy
' ma ire lllicu iu Trf-
cine without detriment to the welfare
of themsves and to the development
of the resources of the Philippines.' : y
Mr. James H. Eckels, who was comp
troller of the " currency in Oeveland's
ashore. Of the battleships, the Oregon
was the only one that could, keep close
to the Brooklyn. Four; per cent of
f 3,000,000 Is $200,000. That Is what the ) ericahs a
- rBii wi nc wrci iiiueui ill
I of .what an average battleship would
4 have "cost. Two hundred ' ; tbous-
Army by putting purely local Issues
forward.' They now rest their hopes of
success on ' the alleged t personal popu
larity of a. srood-natured candidate for
Governor, who bt reputed - to be so
amiable that he can say "No to no
body. But the Issue In Oregon, all the
same. Is scuttle or stay as to the Phil-
(ppinW. It Is so written In the Demo
cratic and Republican platforms, and
the voters will make their choice in the
first week of June. If they do not re
turn & : ringing verdict approving the
Republk-ari forty's- . conduct of the
PhllVppines, a verdict .vindicating the
honor of the American soldier and ad
rnlnlstering a crushing reproof to his
traducers, Jthen they will be false to
those traditions which snake the Am-
realiy great people. New
second term, is a Democrat, but he
takes the proper view as to what the fend dollars! What American would
attKudd of his party should, be iqn this I take one hundred times that win of
matter. ; He says; IJ: . I 7 1 monev for the record of that dava
"The Democrats should take the po
sltJon that the Philippines have come
Into the possession of the United
states, whether permanently or- not
we cannot say. Howeyen we do know
that the Islands will be ours for a long
t:me, so- we should enact . legislation
that will result in the wise and just
extrcise of gqvernmemtal authority in
our new possessions." j
His. position Is the Correct" one. Fu
ture questions should be left to the fu
ture. The Filipinos . should not be
promised independence, of course, be
cause they are not fitted for 1L They
must be educated, civilized, and grow
out of the tribal Idea into homogene
ity as a people. The right and proper
Course Is to givf th.em.a good govern
ment, enforce peace and" order, ? and
have; them understand that whatever
of good the future- has i Ih store for
them must be determined by thielr own!
conduct as a law-abiding and indus-i
trious people. Toledo Blade.
The United States owes the Oregon
to the 4 per cent provision in the naval
appropriation bill of the year the con
tract with the Union Iron Works was
signed. The provision' was ; simply a
recognition of the well-known fact
that materials and labor are higher on
the Pacific. Coast than in other cities
In the United States.' jlf the, Union
Iron WorksJompany had put in a bid
low enough to . secure j 4he contruct
work, a record that would have been
incomplete had thej Oregon been just
an average battleship! Still, the Nay-
al Committee proposes to economize
to strike out of thej appropriation bill
the 4 per cent provision wTviph placed
Pacific Coast shipyards on an equality,
so far as the cost of construction goes,
with Atlantic Coast i shipyards. San
Francisco Bulletin. . ' ;
York ; Press. , a
Signs are not wanting .elsewhere
than in the Senate Philippines! Com-
i- . ." . -
mlttee that J the assassination 1 of the
Army's character as a Democratic pol
icy la going out of favor- So long as
is seemed possible to blacken the rep-
.dtatlon of the boys in blue Who
ajre shouldering" the burden of the
white man- in the East the treach
erous American amlgos took devilish
pleasure in their occupation. When
their miserable campaign summoned
the whole country t the defense of the
soldier who is fighting Its battles far
away at the front they began a re
treat. Allr along he line now they, are
fleeing before the blazing fire of popu
lar wrath which they, hate drawn upon
themselves. Notably in: ther - Oregon
campaign, where at the beginning of
May the people were told that the-Army
In .the Philippines was pursuing a
policy of wholesale torture and mast-a
cre,-the Democratic, party is running
Breezy,' John'": Jeffries yn rertlng the
people of he country that the flection
of a Senator to succees Jos. SlmoVi is
only a secondary matter. It Is never
theless the paramount Issue- before
the people In this campaign. It is as
Important that Republicans be sent to
the Legislature" as that - Republicans'
be sent to ; Congress. : A Republican
can no more justify a vote for. Jeffries
than, he can; for'Weaitherford, for a4
vote for a Democrat for the Legisla
ture is a vote' to place a Democrat In
the United States . Senate. . Nothing
would, be so detrimental .to Oregon as
to send a Democrat to the Senate. lIt
would be a disaster of the" worst . kind.
' H. Hobson is one of the best men
ln thJs county He i han lived here
Jtvem otntrime Aleut 0 tuari-Bpim
When the Public has
faith in a name it is a
faith tha must be
backed up , by, good
works. "i
have the name and ' works ; and the faith . of nearly
10,000,000 users as the world's standard 'timekeeper.
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Will resume service January 5, 1902. The train will
be even better than it was in 1901. lit will be a com pl.t e
home on wheels. Parlor, Dining Room, Sleeping Room,- Li
brary, Smoking Room, and Bath Roomthey. will all be
there, and all lighted by elec
First and second class tickets both good on this train.
Use this CRACK TRAIN o
' Yotr can go either by way of
luth and the Great Lakes.
Inquire of any NORTI
further particulars, "or write
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ricity and heated by steam.
t the NQRTilWEST on ytuir
way to the Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York.
St. Paul and Chkago, or pa-
ERN PACIFIC Agent as to
!l Passenger Agent, Portlard
,. ana
Beginning Monday. JuneS0. wi:t be con
tacted In one-'of the rooms of the 1'nrt
"and BuxIneiMt ;. ColU ge, , corner Park and"
Vaablngton rtreets.' It wti: -br strictly a
xchool of ' study, 4erlne to akl ifachera
o higher gtades in th August tumina
t'otii Furthtr particulars on appllcuuoo.
The .Portia f.d Basincss College I open all
ha year, - Students may enter at .any
line, for special branches or a-.regutat
rr'curse. and receive lmilvlduat or cm ln
;trvu.-tlon, oa prtferrcd-r Call, or send for
rataloifue. Lftiirn what and how we teuclw
A. P. ArMulrnnc. t.I D. Principal.
...i'-,. v. .... ,
a long time. He Is a heavy taxpayer
and. has the interest of the people at
heartl and the ability to ' accomplish
something. Jeffries ability to gener
ate hot air Is, bis only qualification
that furnished a eason for placing
him on the ticket Aside" from Rhis
he has neither ability, nor energy, and
he has accomplished almost nothing
in his official career.
Jeffries pretends to be a great friend
of the soldiers and patriotic and j loyal
to the flag.' Yet as sure as he Is elect
ed to the Legislature he will vote to
send a man to Washington to traduce
our soldiers tn "the PhUIppines and fa
vor pulling down the "banner af ; the
j stars", v in dishonor and disgrace.
When Jeffries promises to supt 7 t at
m in for united Mates Senator w ho
dees not stanifor the,; abuse of our -
So dlers and thepulliug down of th
flag then he may appt-al to pat lot ic
people to send him to the Legi!l;itufe.
John Steiwer Is a plain, uhasumlnsr
He does not wear' a diamond
kid. gloves, but he is a gentl-.nan.
arid a vote for him is a vot? for vmirt
eous treatment for everyjone:anl t-fll-
cl noy In the discharge of all duties In
theBherifTs office.
No man should fail to vete. If . he
Jhas ;jnot reglsteredhf .should go "to the
polls, early arid take the hrt-oHHary
steps to enable him to cast his ballot.
" ; j' ' ' !
5 ft, 0 ft. and 7 ft. sizes.
j aiiiaji vr r a
. " B ...
Has, - ? s y"7w-ai -
Ever since twine binding harvesters have been irtuse, serious defects hive been apparent Id Jthe elevator,
and. many efforts have lieen made to overcome these defects, some going so far as to omit the elevator altogether,
and make what wan termed a "lew down" binder, hut until this Invention of the foree feed elevator of the Cham
pion none of the efforts toward Improvement were successful. The Champion force' feed elevator Is-the only
departure from the old style which has proven practical and valuable. On all binders except the Champion the
old type of elevator. li stUluaed. ' The force feed elevator Is not an entirely new method of elevating grain, but
an old method Improved. The Improvement Is In changing the direction of the stream of grain as -It leaves the
elevator and continuing to force. It along gently without stopping until It reaches the packers.
re rorce Feed eievtt or, which prevents choking and loss of grain. ;
i Tke Eecent tie Wheel, which gives increased power for binding and relieves the machine and horses from
strain during this operation. " , , ' ,
,The Relief Reke, w bleb keeps the Inner end of the cutter bar clear of weeds and undergrowth in all con- '
dltiohs. ! ' '; ':' ; ;.' ' "7 ' "r. ; 'L: -"7; ' ... 7; ' 7- . ; ';. -: :
! Thesa Inventions are found only on the Champion binder. In all other features the Champion is at least
as well adapted for all kinds of work a other bitiders. . In many other features tsldes those of supreme impor
tance above mentioned It Is superior to all others 7 1 . ;
- We lack the room In this ad to say all that we would like to for Champion binders.' There is so much
that can be said in favor of each and every part that we would refer you for complete information to the factory
catalogue, which can bo b.ad for the asking. We simply illustrate here soma of the principal features, trusting
to the well known keen perceptives of the American farmer to see at a glance the advantages claimed. '
Champion Force
Feed Ele vator
The-bock is taken oft. to
. ; ; show bow the elevator works
The Force Feed Iterators do not threnh the grain against
the binder cover, nor let it stop a the top of the binder deck, but
. deliver it positively to the packer arms. There is no choking at
.the lop of the clevaforsJ There is no grain lost between the elevators aud the binder deck. ,
, The Force feed Elevator on the Champion binJer Id warranted to waste lew grain than the elevator on any t
other binder . -
V -
Champion Relief Rake
- ... - ; i- - J
The Relief Rake of the Champion will keep the idiner end of cutter bar "clear in all
conditions. In clean standing-grain the relief rakelmay not be needed. but it 1 mt in
the way and takes no power to run Jn weedy r granny grain, or in down and crinklt-d.
grain It Is worth $2T in a single harvest. With the ChAmplon the driver never has to tn t
down 'to pull grain from the? corner or une. a long ttck or whip for clearing it, or, ax i
often done, with with other binders, he need never drive out' and not cut a full
swath ItecauHc the inside guard Angers are clogged by an accumulation of weeds or grain.
Are named for their principal
v 4 ; feature v
....Drav Cut....
"Knife can be lined up with
pitman when wear occurs.
Wheels cannot lift; balanced
adjustable finger-bar; flexible
, swath board. 7Draw Cut sizes
4J ftud 5 ft. Big Draw Cut
sizes 6 ft. and 7ft. Every
Chatnpion mower has two
knives. T
- w ii xJf syir -5?tff tws
Draws the Bar.
Added Traction.
-Tbo Champion is draw cut and has increased action andv power in hard cutting that is,
the resistance of the grass in cutting draws the wheels tighter to the ground. It is ligjit'draft ami
has no neck weight - The master wheels on the Champion Draw Cut mower aro warrastecL not
to lift from the ground when the finger bar meets art obstruction. - - -.'
t The finger bar in which the knife runs is draws from a point in front not plsiied from the
main, frame of the machine. "All other movers pur-h the finger bar more or less, and that is what
reduces the cutting power and makes them dangerous t ride on.- When the finger bar is pushed
much or little- there must b a bar to push it, a push bar. AU front cut mowers have push
bars except the Champion. The Chamj inn ha none. The Champion finger bar is drawn not
pushed in the least.; If a-mower has a push bar it is dangerous to ride upon it, aud it loses cut
ting power when in tough grass, because the tendency is to lift the1 wheels. On other mowers
the finger bar is almost entirely pushed. Some ot.hr mowerj have a small draw rod, but remem
ber they, also have a big. push bar. ALL . SUCH MOWERS ARE PUSH CUT. When the
finger bar of a push cut mower stiikes forcibly a fixed obstruction the inside wheel raises otT the
grouted. Tough grass acts as an obstruction to the cutter Tar, and jwheri'the cutter bar of a pnsh
cut liiQwer is obstructed, however little, the tendency of the wheels is to lift. It is onW when its
obstruction takes the form of a fixed obstacle that the wheels will actually lift clear or the ground,
but the tendency to lift is still there, and tlie tougher the grass the lighter the wheels press on the
grounu ana uie less traction you have; just when you need it most. :
. . ' ; -7:V-; v .-. 7"7- 7 7-; r 7-""r