Weekly Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1900-1924, May 20, 1902, Page 4, Image 4

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    v.-i:m;LY oregon stati:.:ma:;. tuidat. mat rs. loo:.
Fub'.it'U'ed every Tuetday and Friday by the
K. i. HEXPBI JC4, Manager, f ,
suBsjiirnox sates.'
One year, in alvance..-. ........ ..L. SI
Jrix month, in advance'.. j.i.,..L.;, ........
1 hree month, ia advance ..
Oa year, on time.. -..;.'...,.... v7 1.25
V 1 l t ' --
The BiiUsMa hu bee eatabliabed fnr nearly
filty-iwo fera, and it baa none aabscrfbers who nayto . "plunder, massacre, torture and
have received it nearly taat long, and many -. -.. .. -.
who ka re lead it lor a generation, tone of robbery of the people of the Phi lip -
thefeet to having the paper dis-ontiaoed ifc ' - ...v.
at the time of tj.yin.uZa of t bVir an ascription. PIna. AT the sole purpose. Of "the
-T if nd. ,or oth'r I0" American policy 4n the archipelago.?
we have concluded to dineominoe aub criptiona -only
when n .luted to do ao. All persons paying This is tha kind of wholesale denuncia
tion autMeribinf. or paying ia advance, will ,tM ,i,tv. MmliiM, '
have the benefit of the dollar rate. But U thev tIon- which men of iinntedrpoliticat ex-
1?" p,,LU !L ?k'! ,vJ'
a er. liereafter we will send the paper to
ie pontine persons who oiot HituxiRtt tbey
may not aena tbe money, with tbe anaerstand-
oogb tbey
in that thT are to ba. fla a var. i ea
' iel t! mibacrlDtlon aceounl rna rzr .is
.won. ha. Jo order hat there BtyWiio miw?
otmuBaiay, we wiu seep iiu notice atacdingl
at tbia place in the paper. -
" i i
1 "i' -
Governor. ... . rr zr. 2 . .
W. J. FUKN1SH, of Umatilla Cotinty.
Supreme Judge.
JV A.' BEAN, of Lane County.
Secretary of Stat.' v
F. L DUNBAR, of Clatsop County.
8tata Treasure. . ,
C. S. MOOR IS, of Klamath County.
Supermtendent of Publie- Instruction, remark that chooJs are t being 'estab
3. H. Ackerman, of Multnomah County, llshed In the Philippines, that, taxes are
Attorney GeneeaL kiTl$ oelng loweredt and that for the first
A. M. CRAWFORD of Douglas County. ln the bt Ult ltjheMds oielr
J. R. wiriTNETVflf linn !r!otintv '
U. S. Senator i 4 if
T. T. OEER, of ' Marlon County
I WrXaai I . i :' i I
THOMAS H. TONOUofiilIlsboro;l,'r10 ir..tbrtur or rob the
i - I FlliDlos.They will refuse to admit thst
ffM. IL liOBSON. of Stayton.
State Senator, v-.
E. M. CROISAN, of Salenul 1
SQUIRE FARRAR, of Salem. ;
Rspressntatlvsa. I 'M
FRANK DA VET, of Salem. '
E. T. JUDD, of AumsvlU. ,
TIIOS. B. KAY, of Salem.
A. M. XAFOL.LETT, Of Brooks, .
J. D. SIMMONS, of Monitor.
8hrlff. ri- iV i-:
JOHN F. STEIWER. Of Jefferson.
Clsrk. - t
JOHN W. ROLAND, of Salem.
'.' .' Recorder.-; ; i '-
JOHN C. SD2GMUND, of Gervais.
Treasurer. ' ' ; . :t
W. T RICHARDSON, of Stayton.
" Cem miaaioner. r i i -: - ";
: : Wit MILEY; ;of Aurora. -
CHARLES LEMBCKE. of : Bnttevllle.
- ' ' Surveyors ?.- Q,.j , -if
. - . woroner.
A. M. CLOUOH. of Salem. J
Juatics of the Ptaesv j : -
(Salem District) ;
E. D. HORQAN.-of Salem No. L
t i - - Constable. I ,
GEORGE H. IRWIN, of Satern No. i.
; The Republican rnetrtbers of Congrere
were loath' to take up the discuaHon of
the Philippine ques-tion and- wanted to
up answ the oia fight over retention of
the Wanda ' The Republicans ftnariy
yleVled to the Insistence of the Demo
crats and took up the question; to ""at
lsfy their anxiety to debate It, ;and now
It is not foundto be a very-bbuntiful
source for. Democratic, campaign ma-teiUil.The-Itepublloans
are giving them
iuch a drubhin-g Irs debarte that the
most of tham are wlihlhg they had left
the subject alone, " Tillman la giving
the Kepubifcan voters much good read
ing in hia peeches In the Senate, which
the Republicans are making use of to
good advantage. The New York Pre.
. dtscutfsing tfato feature Of the debate,
says:: i : 4 .:f-.:.:X
"Senator Tillman's' passionate argu
ment for theretoratkn of aHtvery pro
bably will not appear tn hie party's
-Oongrs campaign text book, yet It la
as oundly Democratic " aS anything
that has been caid by the Southern ami.
Imperialists. The defenee of. the sand
cure for- negroes as on indictment of
water-cure policy for Fttlipinoe to only
a more blunt way of putting the Demo
cratic argument which the party's shif
ty oiJuTBcelore wa no approve, ;The
primeval frankness of the champion of
negro-burning makes r the leaue . too
prominent, though it does ' preserve
the'eonadsteney of demanding Vhe right
to burn the black tnaa at the Hake in
the "South, while dani ng the right to
kUI the brown man In battle la ' the.
East. But while the Democratic party
may decline to teeue the -Tillman fren
y In pamphlet form, the Republican
m&tvigei e can taffcrd to stamp the
speech officially an. eerat It broadcast
as it own campaign documents No
Other literature Is necessary. The He -pub?ica4i
counsel tbjfn can let? thecase
against the army go to the people with
out any.deferw. ? y . , ; . ; ' . ,
"When ' analysed he Tillman tirade
Is riurrd to be good Democratic got-pe!,
which fa adopted xmfy because itjlg
mrt the unwritten laws of conceal
meut ard rcpreesion andnegltcts the
firier shad-a of exptx trton. AC thp out
at of the Cwppetfnetd- ampaign
against the Army it wourd have cau-:ed
dijgujst and hjrror, if it would not
have inspired a denvtni for a commis
sion. In lunacy for the. South Carolina
Senator. Now, however, it falfe upon
ears prttarrl nl tvnws duiied by pro.
rreiMve sterns twward the shameful ex-
In w hich j this queer creature J
found indutgng'himvtitif. His colleague
Rawlins, who rails a. gallant and hon
oratI sol.Iicr like Chaffee a 'dastard
villain,' on-1 hH coUe&frue Turner, who
charged our anny conrmcuidera that
bear thu brunt ef tbe 'white man's bur-
crimes man mose wmcn rest lrrenace-
aNy online names of Robespierre and
Marat, had paved the way for Tinman.
We are ready rtow for anything.
Senator ; Carmack, of , .,: Tennessee,
"foams Eke a mountain ; cataract-. He
I Perience and Utile abaity are lven to
I Indulging In. It seems to them forcl-
I We and effective. whereas? it to weak
I t j.: . i.
UKe indiscriminate prae, defeats 1U
. -iw 'iiwrricijiara. ! nom none are
forthcomlBr the rtMii the
fall flat. - Senator Carmack Is unable
to frame a edflo lndtoltoient of the
'American poMcy fi the PMHppmea;
and hence be aoerta Its sole object Is
ptunder. irtassacre, t torture and 1 rob-
I befy TbW Is not an Indictment of ls-
ola ted acts of cruelty "or fcaitoarlsm
whfcli have heen v committed In the
Philippines. It la an indictment of the
whole course of j t!he tverncnent io
deailnsr "with the FHIpInosv ' No one
would1 know from enartor ' Carmack's
inhatftaa, being governed in ac
cotvSance with the prlnciplee-ef justice
and honeaty. The! policy which Is be
ing curried 4ut' In the Philippines by
the Administration, to the ht of U
anUKv Am a rMf fWtr.n Let .r,rPAf A
wvMit e.saw v4. r tsavu sg siyt vr cvi vi
bythe Arlftertcahj pedide. Who have no
e.- . tv
reciay -tne purpoes or tnear poucy
Chicago Tribune-1
Senator Morgan has about convinced
alt . the friends of : the Isthmian canal
that the Nicaragua route la preferable
to Panama. He has been untiring In
his efforts and harf Khown conclusively
the superjor advantages of the Nicar-
guajway: in.-a speecn irr tne senate
April l'tht he aM:f ; ;U---V, -;,
"The propoartlbR to-, create a canal
toy drawing. on the treasurys of the peo
ple and, to Jocate It -where aaUtng. ships
cinrvot use it, beoauae of the calm belt
Into "which its Pacific terminus opetv
thereby- depriving more tttan halt' the"
tonnage1 of tlie Uoited Ktates of. all ad
vantage from It, Is eimply monstrout,
when, taken hy Itself v j
' Tt - Is grue'vousiy hri Just when it
drives sailing ships "built , m errher
coast from access o thef other, . j even
arouna vape ti wn, in pronxoie , voy
ages, ;.by giving to steamrhips the-4id-
vantage of anore than 10,000 miles .in
iltaim.t rr ;pae1ng to and from' the
North Atlantfc and North, Pacific; and
tby: Shutting them oft from eucb oppoT
tumtty It Is unjust1 commercial
men und ttr aJl producerr' and manu
facturers' by deiftroying more thaft one
hall1 the conntItlon between . water
transportation and railroad transporta
tion on corismodltiee 'that ftnd their in
terchangeable markets on our rea
coast, take Chores and gulf coast from
Brtka around to Duhtth" ;
4. General Chaffee'wroto lnl letter of
Instruction to one of his subordinates:
I Mbtf 3JI the time thought that we do
not mrelate the fact that we , are
deaMng with-people wrhose character
Is deceitful1, .who are absolutely hostile
to the white race, and who' regard
life as of little value, and, finally j who
wilt not submit! to our control unitil ab
eolutely defeated and whipped into such
a condition. It Ss to our Interest to dis
arm these people. -and to keep them dis
armed., and e7n means to thai end is
advlsabler"- -;.f, ' i
The remarks olj General Chaffee testi
fy to bis common sense. The Filipinos,
being teas Intelligent than white people,
continue their resistance after t has
becoraa futile They; cease to r be . sol
diers to beccme brigands. It Is neces
sary, therefore, to glve te FlBpinosr a
sharper tewsort than whHe men would
need. They must be- 'wh!pped Into
submiswion" even oa the Apaches were
and a other Indlart tribes have been.
General Chaffee has fought Indians.
Hence It dd not tike him long to ap
preciate the situation, in the Phillp
ptnes, eepectaily In Samar. .-'.
An antl-lmperiaiUt paper says of this
instrucion that jt is aa order 'to ex
ternykrUe" people because Uvey are
deceittur-ha 4s, therwlll not dis
close to invaders the places where th?y
keep thefr rm.t rwl 4hat to th
arm "Genera Chaffee says any means
Is noniy admissible, but advisable.
Of course, killing everything over ten
Is one such means. General Chaffee,
saya the paper, "may himself . be
brought before a court-martial for giv
ing such bloody Instructions. ; ' V i
. IV must be Irritating Tor a,man who
hae served ; his country weli during his
whole life, and who s now patiently
performing disagreeable duUes to the
beet of his ability,, to fiud himself the
Garget-f base innuendoes and unjunt
aspereions and to rave, a construction
given his plain words which they'do not
bear. General Chaffee is helpless. He
cannot reply to the fire in the rear of
which he is the obJtct. perhaps he
summons philoephy to bis aid and con
solve hinrsvlf with tbe reflection that
attacks do not count for much q king
as -he has the approval of. his own corv
ee i en ce a coniclenKe which is In quite
as good working order as the ' tin
sciences of his tra-facers. - ,
An old soldier living in the Eastern
part of Marion county heard the var
ious Democratic slanders' about the
general character f W. J. Furnish,
Republican candkfaes for 'Governor,; so
he'wTote to Hon. John S. Gurdane, of
Umatilla, county, old "Honeat JohOi"
about the iatter, and the; following
anawer received by him til commended
to tbe ; careful perusal of Statesman
readers: I . ; ;. ; f :-i
'. " f . ; f "Pendleton; Qre tMay eth. 1902,
My Dear Old Friend: , I was. very
much pleased this enomiag when I got
your letter out Of . the postofflce-
had thought some of writing to you
upon 'the very oubject that you write
about, that is, in regard to Mr. Furnish
for Governor. - . ' , . rs i ; .
"Now, George, I want to say tbat he
is a very fine and worthy man and
worthy of any min's support for Gov-
. e
ernor. x sir tms zrom personai ac
quaintance with htn for several, yeara
and having business with him. I know
of several cases here . where he , has
gone down Jn bis pocket and given men
money to save their homes from being
sold toy the sheriff, and In one case
alone he gave John F. Hill, of Helix
postofflce, in this county, $1500 to save
bis borne and did not know , at that
time that he would ever, get a cent
back. Mr. Hill 1a a very strong Demo
crat, but today he 1s riding the county
working, for Mr. Furnish. . . j
There la an ofd soWer here by the
naime of Thomas E. James thafls send
Ing out a story of something that Mr.
Furnish said or that ; he clainrs that
he said some years ago about the old
soldiers. Now, 1 want to say to you
that; I am a member of the Post, and
as an old O. Ay. R. man I wM say that
i oon - oeueve ne ever saia any sucn
thing as; James has reported he said;
cor Mr. furnish Is too much of a gen
tleman to cnake remarks ; about bis
worst enemyv ; - 4- ' - ": , i
We expect to give, Mr. Furnish
about 800 majority in this. county. The
county is about 300 Republican; but we
will get quite a Jot of Democrats for
Mr- Furnish, and I ask you as a friend
and an old comrade fo do' all you can
In your power to elect Mr. Furnish, for
I will give you my mord of honor you
will never regret It, for I knowwhat
I am taJklrrg about. It would be
shame to elect a Democratic Governor
of this state now and turn out all the
Republicans from the offices In the
state that the Governor has the ap
pointing of, such as Superintendents
of the. Penitentiary, .SoMiers- Home,
and ' other positions . now held by
the Republicans and have them re
placed "by Democrats would make
me sick at heart ' and also to have
those Democrats working two i years
from now against us to elect a Demo
cratic President. 1 tell you, Mr. An
dersonj I can ixrt crtand K; we nrust
elect Mr. (Furnish. ' . - : '
feel Interested in this election, for
you know that Oregon fires the first
gun of all the Mates in elections, and
if we can send .the gfad -tidings rolling
back over the prairies' that Dregwi has
again upheld, the Adinlnlstr, yon, and
gone . Republican ft wIU 'be a saving
grace to some jof the weak-kneed peo
ple' in-the Eastern (states. :'v-'" ' ' '
Another' f rstance: of rMrAIu'-n'sh
showing his blg-heartedness'was 'vwben
Company D., Oregor Yoluteers." arrived
In SantFYancisco frprrf the Philippines
in 1900r i The weather Was very cold
knd ) the- boys worei the Kthin ; ciotjhing
that ; they had had; on ;in the Philip
pines and-they had not beeh paid off so
ould ; sot -get. any , warmer, clotbiqg:
the, matter was reported tc-ft aC :Pen-
dleton, ; as all our boys wefe Inrthat
cornpany;as ; soon i as Mr, Furnlshr
beard -of Jt - he went -to , the teiegrapn
office end wtred for them to give the
boys all the warm clothing they wished"
and what they wanted to eat and send
the bill to his bank. Now ueorRe. u
you cannot vote for a man like that
what do you want? : I
"Your old Friend. ' y "
"i - f
For a lie which is half the truth is-
ever the greatest ofvliea t
Since a lie which Is a a lie may b
met aud fought outright.
But a lie which is part a truth is a;
k W. .A. Wann, candidate on the Dem
ocratic ticket for Superintendent; of
Public Instruction, has been making the
statement in bis public speeches" that
140 books are needed in order to take
a, child through the grammar gradas.
n the public schools. He has been car
rying about with him the list of books
adopted by the School Commission, eg.
gregatlng 140 different books, and hold
ing up this long list and pointing toMt
as the official evidence .to support his
statement." -
It Is true that "there are 140 books
on the list. This 1s the truth that
supports, the inference' which' he geeks
to convey to the effect that a parent
must-buy 140 , books In order to get
one of his children through the gram?
mar grades.,.'"-: -..."
But witness the lie, which Is all a
ne. -.V--' y. ;
sary to be secured by the parent. The
other .129 are for supplemental reading.
Theyi raay be bought by - the district
for the school library. They are never
bought -by the parents. , - . ;
Does Oregon want such a man for
Superintendent of Public Instruct nT
, Do, the voters. Republican r Dem-
ocraticv intend to cast their ballots for
a man who will use the truth that is
more than half a lie, leaving the infer
ence that if he were elected this whole
thing, Wotild be corrected, and there
would b fewer books tb buy?
'. Wouldn't he be a fine man to elevate
to that office?
Mr. ChiUiiberiaJn makes some sort of
a claim ' that the Oregon Constitution
is being violated iq the paymnt of
salary and f?es .to the State officers
over and above the amounts specified
in the Constitution. Nov,, a number
of these acts were passed during th?
administration of Governor Pennoyer,
and abao w hile- Mr. Chamberlain; was
Attorney General.'- Certainly the reg
ular appropriation i bills ; carried ; tha
items for all of them. ; There liave been
4 -
it r. . .rtinMt ntWiori to sjdc Mr.
Oh-mberlaln. if these laws areuncon-
stitutlonal. why. as Attorney General,
the legal advisor of the State
pf Ore-
gon, he did not take some steps
to pre-
ventfbis money from being drawn out
of the Treasury In violation
Constitution of the State ? , . '
of the
There is a vast difference between
Mr. Chamberialn, a public official, and
Mr Chamberlain, .candidate for PUD
lie office. It is as great an appeal as
Ithe one from ,Phll1p drunk to Philln
sober." ' - "
The patrons .-of newspaper have', a
right to the news as It Is, not as the
trewHgatherers desire that It should be.
It Is therefore a duty of newspapers to
give the news without coloring put In
. .nll'Oi. akIhIah, . nA Hiiro, nf thai
puoucauon or us mnpr.. ui
some of i v the newspapers , do- not
do .' this In discussing the politi -
nl AwWHtliinii nt h arlat. Pir.l.....!-. . 4hi. .t,jn nf Ik. (ialc't it.!
riI .
lUNu.y w. ..Mf-
tne papers o ten tne iruwi, out yiruuiport the head of cneir ucttet joyany.
upon the press the duty of making the
chances of the party represented as
rosy as it Is boeeiWe to paint them, ai -
. . .
tnougn tne rea situation oimnai aiw
gtoomy rrom every pom or view x ne
Democratic papers paint the mort
rtvporlrur neww to their oartv of the ceriL-.-.- -k .ie k. ..m - t
- --aa v a- - -
tain success ot the candidate fof Gov-
ernor. They tell how enthusiastically
their man is received In every commun-
ity, and In many Ineftances count the
votes he maby the hundreds while
..1. f.M limn hi. rfval tf thl.
r - "
Democratic press could be relied upon
there could remain no auettton or !
.ot.v. . . .... -
, 11 . t n I r 1 1M . rnp .w.
nor. From Murmoman. witn its
Republican majority, to the emanest
county in the state majorities are pre -
dieted for their candidate with a cer-
tainty caluated to cause absolute he -
Hef. Republican papers are no better
n their political news; they are almost
unreliable as the Democratic papers.
They make extravagant olalms for
their candidates, which, u they, were
reaiixeafc w-our3.eiecx tneir ticae ,-oy
25,0000 or 30,000 majority. The fact Is
there I a normal Republican majority
r in nnn in riintyAfi nnl nn1i tvaif iirn.I
' . . . - .
.v,vv.. w,.-. -
copdatlonsthat-Jvould be "the majority
of the jcandidates on the state ticket
and ft will be the maJortty of those
candidates- upon whom there - is no
flsht,'.- BtiVjiAerW 'f alonal fight ;on
soroe part o ; tbe ticket. No one
know to what extent this will be car-
rled, ut reTiabie reports do not indl-
cats ma w, u pwpime 101 ."l
the ticket to je ereateo, aitpougn tne
major ity of some-may be reduced sev-
eral thousand, j There Is strong
persiietent fight on Mr. Furnis Re-
puiu bowuki - .nw , x, f
their efforts to stOD es much of it as
poesifcCe For to keep on contending
that he la growing in strength and that
his opponent Is losing ground is a posl
tlve injury, to' him and unjust to. the
public The chances are very much In
u 'tr.,mihM fvrr K.ir (nP Tt.mih1.
- w - - - .vr-w..
ana io ra ln TV
ports that he. will easily w in out by J
15,000 1s doing him and his friends an I
Injury which might Oe rounct out too I
late. Republicans ehould rally to the j The evidence marsbaleft by Major Gar
aupport of Mr. Furnish. He needs j jener seems to-Oamn the whole Army
every effort that can be put forth In
bis behatt. , , f . , -
The following Is from, the Republican
Trumpet, of ; Tracey, Minn, and is
fair description of the
Socialist, ,as I
found in the Gopher state and else-
where: , - I
A reaV genuine full-fledged social-1
st IS a queer sort of a man. His gen- I
joying himself and feeling gatisfied
. ". .. ..
with conditions as they exist,; he is l
constantly at war with himself and the I
rest of mankind. No pleasure, no con- I.
stantly worrying, lamenting and fault,- I
flndlns. He ha no wunnv dava. no
bright paths lined with flowers, and
he never hears the sweet murmur of
the brook, or lie soothing carol of the
birds. Everything in nature is wrong.
The very Government ' under whose
protection he liyea moves and has hlsl,. '4 - , , . illlt' 8
king is rradlcalfy wrong, and be frets bout r poliUcal campaign,sn d pub- jThere
and chafes under every law canculat- o meetlnge of all kinds, and will make I
ed to make him happy and content-
dd.; Is life worth living fur such dys-(will
peptic, disgruntled, j woe-be gone cum- I
berer of the earth? Look at him as he
passes along, without a word or smile
for those Ae meeta: A chronic kicker
ever,, satlsfier never. , From all such
deliver ua
When an Eastern Oregon man was
elected Governor, he came to Salem,
invested a large amount of money, be-
w - 1
suit, owns one 01 tne nnesx resiaences
Lproperty. in our midst. When a Port
land rrmn was elected -Governor and
held the place for eight years, be tame
to the State House for two days every
week. lived on crackers' and cheese, j
hardly ever saw the business part of I
the city, and has not been In Salem-
since he left the Governor" chair. The
former ;wa a Republican, too, and the
tatter was a Temocrat. Marlon county
Republican voters can choose which of
the twotbejr wish repeated now. Will
tbey blindly duplicate the Pennoyer ex
perience; or will they be guided by
business common sense and Invite an
other (Moody among us la the person
of Mr. Furnish
Tha registration of voters. in Marion
county is more' thane W short of what
it should be; Thl snortage, however.
will not affect the relative stremrth of
the. two oarttiea, a one will los? as
many as the otHer. Republican should
see that all who have registered shallr
I come to the polls. Two year ago t
I votewas short of the reglBtratton Jf
I this ahtoukl occur again the voteyln the
county www oe ra c vvm
Sucl faJUn otC mlht Tnterl.lly
lower some or tne majorruew. jitepuo
licans houM.for?: tbbrlrrg out their
narty vote. This toin off year, when
a lack Of lntei4sM tnaoifest all over
the country Republicans anouia Keep
the camrsvwarm from now on to Its
I 30e: if they -do one of the moat de-
j cfeive ylciories ever achieved here will
I be theresutt.
I George EL Chamberlain Ur a man of
lplendd personal qualKles. Jie is a I
pleasing speaker, a true- friend -and a
j loyaj neighbor. But W pontics5 fan all
I wrong, and however much a RepubW-
j can may admire him personally be can-
I not afford to vote an endorswnent to
I the party he represents. The offiee he
: . ii-i.- -. J kl.
i eievatson to it woukj piace vregon is
I the Democratic column, a distinction
1 the people of the fctat'e do not care to
"T" 1 rr '
TewpiDH. . iiepuuBv. ..iwuw r
I : z-y :,
j i The Fuslonlsts down in Clackamas
I have been charging that the county
. . -rt. :
i aeoi i two aunurcu ; iuuuiim
i tars, - more or less, aji invrusuun
I discloses the fact that the net indebt-
a cumvds ,. sJ aiwtas assa-sa w
lcxaat figures. $102,06 J.S4. And tbe in-
vestlgation also discloses the fact that
ltne sheriff has In his hands $27,826.20
and ht Treasurer, $25,S37,72 of funds
apPucabte to te payment of outatand
.: .' - ' ' .- r".-
ling warrants, inere is no gooa reason
w the-- funds should not be aDDlled.
1 JUre la a fajr BaiT,rje of reckless-
. . .
inesp or tne claims or men wne aspire
to offlci M ,0,, candidates.
j Marion county Republicans -have
lnamed eight exceUent men for the Leg-
1 sUture A vote for them Is a vote for
I a RepubMcan for U. &. Senator, one
Jwbo believes In the policies of the par.
ty ot expan8ion Mi protecUon. Not a
rfnfJ,e objection could be offered to any
one of these men. They are all right
peraonajw But this is not the first
qualification of a candidate for the
Legislature, he must be rleht oolltl
- - .
I . .... . - I.
icaiiy. The Republicans of the county
j mt , irDDOrt of tne t.,
..f,a o" t.i .i.L.ii.i-i
1. .
j ,. The meelng Friday evening was; one
jof the largest political gatherings' ever
held in the history of BalenuT It shows
conciuslveiy where the neonle of Ma-
Irion county stand on the Issue before
the people. They stand for theon tin-
anc4f of the- Republicans in power in
every Dranen of our sUte and National
Government. They believe In the pol-
, meg of tho , party and its leaders in
ls.f ari muh m;-.
IfYiday 'nfght showed that tbeyX will
f ..n,,.. n' a iVi " I
I Major Gardener's charge against
American soldiers contain, rh hi.-feou
w-.... . i'
1 ofr-viiivvi7ita a, ilea H. UVQ imJWKVT Jl m. II A" j
I live in vanueiarta was forcibly taken
for a smallpox hospital." and that, "s
detachment of troon took avcar. rmm
a peaceful citlsen of Dolores a pony.",
of the Philllplnes. It is time now elth-
er .to dead tustification or scuttle.-.
New York Pre.
The Democrats In? Congress' still re-
fusle to fix the day for the close of the
Philippine debate. They: refused again I
yesterday tFriday). The .Nicaragua
canal "bill is next on the calendar.
Thev do not. wan to reach that. DOES
iv n. ...k ......1.. .
rssi.. viawu w
"7 -. ' L
The entire Republican ticket should
Bd 11 WlU if
.i.,., I
aside for a few weeks and united act
lion is taken In behalf of the Republic
lean ticket-
Frank Davey la a handy man to hare I
- f . A JS . . . . . .a a ... aa, i
la handy; man In the Legislature. He
render this county and our state
excellent service. j
The regtetratkm is short. ; But thejartd the "baseball game between Fitver-
vote wm not necessarily be ao. if Re-1
publicans will -work-from now on until I
Ithe closing of the polls. Jane 24, for
; the largest majorities possible to give.
Don't scuttle. ; Jtnd don't vote for
sciKtle. Sband d straight and be I
counted for loyalty to the flag.
men, -but prmdples,. this year, gentle,
men. - : ' s
Isn't if about time for another propo- I
Jit ton for motor line out of Salem?!
One of these rtay one of thee .. wl:i Us
auccesef uL Then there will be others.
Irerident Roreveie j expects 'every
Oregon Jlepifbiican.atD.do his duty th'.a
Fulton made a grat -ech at the
Armory Friday evening He is a gwod J inaon Route runs Its own 'through
orator awl discuses public questions Inldajthr train, with best acommditkri.
an able and convincing manner.
We muhi keep the campaign' warm
from now on to election, day. Every
Republican -should work for Che whole
ticket, - ,
-f'j-. ; . ;r . ' -
Beginning Monday. June 3 'win .h
Sucted in one of the ronmi fif thr I'.iri
land Dijsinrs CoHrse. rorner Park Jn,i
jWashlRgton streets. If w::i be strut
school of study, designed, to aid uar-ur
to higher grades in the Augu rxar"ha
Uon. . Further' particulars on arplicu ioa
The Portlarid Fastness CoHrse l orr-c i
the year. Students may' enter at .m.
time, for special branches, or a rrpif .
course, and, receive, individual or c i.
atrortlon, a preferred. Cali or fnd rn.
I catalogue. Lea re what and bom we u-ch.
A. P. Anailraag, LL. Prinrlpal.
If not before that time it will cer-
j lainly quit raining after the Fourth of
I 4 Uiy. ;
i Nebraska's volcano, near Tonca; Ti8
I been causing some alarm. Also , one
J near LincoiBi j ;tA;.
www - ,
Premium list for the State Fair
i soon be ouL The State Prin ing
; i Office is waiting for "copy" for Hi m.
I j o o
I j If there is anyone who did not help
11" night, he will nave. a h.. e
anernoon or evening. with the
jpemocrats or prohls.
. i 4 o e o
I The fool killer is neglecting tit lu
I V For Instance, there Is a .luiung
mark in the person of a cartoonlat
down the creek. - . .
i fl- .,, O O :
Tbey are still drilling for oil ever
near Monmouth, out near Ashland. .in-J
up in Malheur county, and perhaps at
aiome other points. They will fin I it
:l T.. - . . .
some or mese. nne spring or sum ner
I -' too, and then a bright, new J . wei
I T m 09 a'x . vrcgon s ccuwn of
The secretary has sent to the Bia-
man a copy of the official cull for the
I Mfth anual session of the nlternatlcal
Mining Congresa cosnvenlng in the
cjlty of Butte. Motana, September ' I at.
J902, and continuing to and including
lbs 6th. The secretary says. -
I The citizens of Butte and. r.U'.tvof
Montana are intensely IntereateJ in
making this coming session of the f .n-
gjress a great success, und believe ,that-
the natural attractions with which they
e-endowed, and the .magnificent op.
rtunitles . they have of eatiffylut to
an unlimited extent the dclre of
V llllllw UIC11. lllf CD1UIB AS 11
ctrtlflc men. Investors and othcrr. lo
I investigate foe themselves souve of ihe
I greatest copper, gold and silver mines
I if this country, and great mills an.P
I stnelt.ers) :itt.aqtive operation, they are
em ; in accomplishing this do.re.,
J There are of course, to l other at-
I tjactionv such as excursions to tha
I o 'ara anu a. trip fo Ana-
,rA 7?2?ZL1 ' "."I n
me 5000 tons daily of cojijmt ore iak. ,'
en from the Cutte mines. H.ui ac-
raodations are everything thai -r.-
can desire and there are enough f
these, with -apartmnt houses, etc. to 1
commodate comfortably at-Wan
000 visitora" . r i .
The Governor of states and ttni-
tories are entitled to ha hie thirty i! I-
tes to the Congrees. while mayors
may name five, and one addition il Tr
each "10,000 population or fru lion:
1 1 hereof ; and five may be n.imed by
I efrn fining bureau, mining -xchai g.
ramier- or ..commeroe, real .estate-ex
I trkde and labor assembly or other com
I merclal or business OrganiiS tipn- They'
I WM' no. doubt have a great crowd und.
a great time.
- - -, h.:.:- '
bout 5000 people from all pail .f
the state took advantage of the 'o
rates on Sun-day to pay a visit' tor the
Capital City and enjoy the fei!vIM
uiion the occasion of the Rrotherh l
oe 'Railroad Firemen at, the Fair
Grounds. Four trains . of V naa.'r!Tr
ches, one from each direction, v "re -
lokded to theh- full canacitr. The
Jtreets were literally thronge-l v ifh
ople all day. who were viewing "ur
autlful city from every roaosw'iie
po Int. and standing room on "the r -"'.'
csjrs was it premium,
t. .. -..i '
There was a continual stream of rl-
Hirs passing through the state Institu
tion all day during visiting hours a;
the buildings were thrown open for t hi:
pcrasiortj and to say that the excur
sonists? enioved thtnahfM would! be
putting It mild. ' .
J Snl . .
were numerous attraction at
Fairgrounds to entertain the visit
or), such as foot races, bicycle race.
motor-Cycle races. , baseball, etc. whl-h
wre" ery much enjoyed, eapecially
fhe root or -cycle race which was some
what nf. n nnv.ltv .n,i tmt f-cHtlna-.
ton and Eugene teams, which termin
atf " row during the fourth Inning
! th( exrore at that stage of th game-
btjlng 6 to t In' favor of HilVerton, "It
bt to be expected that, among such a
large throng of peo!e.' out for pi--
ue, there is a certain percentage 01
the nmrhrr element but. .be it said to
tbe rrortrt of the eonle wh. vi."lled
tbtia citr Suwlay. although sevral had
Injixiiged too freely In the flawing bowl.
'Were was. only one arrest made for
b-ilslerous conduct and everything
pa.iied.ofr as smoothly as couH be ex-
, X. t3J r ZS. 7. -tr. .
i l!a SA jn 3n Lnr; utt
1 1 1 1
be Burlirgton lloute Is 'making
sj)eciauy low rate or tare 10 an
lilirtarrl return. If you esp-l to taae
a Itrlp write f(r trtk-ulars. Tne Bur-
l miickest time ami ehofre of routes.
Tirket Agent, Corner Third and Stark
Streets, Portland, Oregon.
Iegal Blanks; Statesman Job OfJJcr.
Legal Blanks; Statesman woo wwvw
I sf . .