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Ar D
read Men of the Past
by iKYixa elvisiso.
As I stood upon the dizzy heijrh
of the cliff and gazed adown the
rocky steep to where the water, two
thousand feetbelow, .decoyed the
sunlight to reflect its myriad dyes
as it played with sands on the shore
rim, and tried tint a my siioefcet
sen-ses revolted, to comprehend tlic
blue depths' that entomb the waters,
I could almost reiterate the senti
ments of the wandering Klamath
Upon no spot of earth can a more - Great Spirit for intruding upon the
ATURK hath her secrets;
The . revelation of these
.secret tiithe utility of
"man is the touchstone of
human pritgresa. Invisible
current - of potential! power t ran
. MtTinnnf fhrriu'dritio nnirprsp ' Tn
ages past their battles Ver fought,
and today we read x their- history
upon the oceanic cliffs, the volcanic
cones, .the glacier paths, or the
mountain lakes.
interesting page of nature's history
be found than in. the Crater Lake
region 'of Sotithernl Oregon. A
Jity, wound in the brovy, of. tlic
X'aseades, Crater Leke memorializes
the awful battle tyf ;nature s foros
by which Southern I Oregon was
partially forged and shaped. -No
human tongue can, with "ivortl
or tone,, reveal the feelings of awe
and sublimity that enwraps the
personality of the truth seeker as
he views this revelation. There
has been but one throat capable of
narrating the history and signifi
cance of this region, and that js now
fettered within;the blue chjjl of the
CJdnej Trartle Makes Too
Jr '.VI -mi
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Di. ' Kflmr, tic eijii-
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Dr. Kilmer's SwampRoot i3 not rec
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awful stillness of his repose.
Superstition could find no better
home than within the egg snapei
bosomV of Crater .Lake, ranging
northeast ; and southwest, seven
miles in length by six in width. The
chlTa, rstngr in fantastical shapes,
from one to xtwo thousand teet
above the Water-can hardly be de
tected from their reflected Counter
feits, so -perfectly are they mirror
eo! in the smooth and glassy surface,
over which the breeze creates
scarcely a ripple. Shadows of
clouds i ami cliffs, reflected in the
i water, have often been mistaken for
monstrous :i serjH"iusv wmic inu
legends of the Klamath Indians
people the dark cavern of the lake
with Ldiaos, or spirits
jVeeording to the favorite legend
of this Indian trilx : lany, many
mofns ago, long before the paleface
appeared to disturb the peace of the
proud; natives; of the forest, when
the deer "were plentiful and th
brooks teemed with fish,, a band of
brave Klamaths, while on a hunting
espelition,-came suddenly tipon' a
huire cavern in .the moUntainlop.
The braves were struck dumb by its
remarkable walls and majestic pro
portions. With spirits subdued and
quaking: withnfear they stealthily
crept up to its edge and gazed into
its fathomless depths. They con
ceived it to be a lake, the awful
stillness of which was appalling,
something within told them the
Great Spirit dwelt there, and they
dared not remain. Bowed :with
reverence, they crept down the
mountain and camped far away. :
iBy some mysterious and unac
countable influence, one " young
brave, was induced to return. In
the dead of night, he climbetl up
the moonlit mountain to the very
brink of the precipice and started
his camp fie. Here he lay down to
commune ilrith the Great Spirit,
Sleep closed his eyes. Soon strange
voiees arose, from the vaters, wiertl
sounds filled - the air. - When he
awoke, thersun was high in the
heavens. - He arose .and joinod his
tribe far down the mountain. A
nisht, he came agam: an irreststi
ble power seemed to call him back.
A era in. he slept till morn ; each visit
seemed to increase the charm, The
voices were soothing to his spirit.
After many moons spent on' the
cliffs, he climbed down to the lakei
and bathed his- limbs in its waters
Frequently he saw mysterious be
ings elide to the surface; they re
sembled his brethren except they
lived in the water. Again and
again, he returned to. spend the
night and Lathe in the lase Mid
denly: '.. be became 4 hardier and
stronger than his brethren. 1 he
mysterious, waters gave him power
far greater than that possessed by
any other member of his tribe;
Others followed lum and sought
the influence of the magic water
Old warriors sent their sons to visit
this region and receive strength to
cone with their neighboring tribes
Their superstition and dread of the
spirits at hrst only allowed them
sleep on the cliffs above: in tim
they ventured to the water s edge
at last they plunged intoithe blu
waters medicated bv theXlaos and
the coveted strength was4 heirs. A
young brave, becoming proud and
haughty over his"1Tir a r v e 1 o n s
strength, dared to stay a monstrous
fish, that ; appeared at the .surface
Immciiliately the infuriated Llaos
swarmcil to uie sunace, sicwi tne
Imlian daredevil,; tore his- body into
small pSpces which they threw to
their children in the nine depths
far-beiowv And such will be the
fatiof every' Klamath who dares
to look upon the sacreti bosoin of
ater ; Kakc. . This dreail haunts
he Klamath of. tmlaykwho Ishutis
s as! the aiHKWof thf
angry Llaos,
Crater Lake as
For a paltry sum 'the Indian
guide you thither, but ere.lh
be readied, he. disappears amid the
orest from whence he came. lie
may don his Avar paints io uravc a
icst lie tritK, 'or wreak vengeance
upon the encroachments or me
whites, but his wihl and brutal in
stincts are tamed and cheeked by
he impressive, 'grandeur of this ap
parently, bottomless lake, with no
visible inlet or on tlet, yet whose'
waters, Intensely blue, remain cold
and pure.
Inages past, there arose on, the
present sight of Grater Lake a
mighty monarch of the mountains.
iftmg"hjs Iwary head- far into
cloudland, he looked down upon the
snowy mantles of Hiwd and Shasta.
sentinel of the . Westland, he cotls
5.. brow in the air above 'Everest,
the king of the Kast. Perhaps no
lunian eye measured bis altitude;
no voice besboke his grandeur. A
silent monarch, he ruled o'er a sil
cat realm. Then came the mighty
battle - of ; nature a forces. The
bosom of tbe mountain heaved and
trembled with the earthquake
shock ; streams of liquid nre seared
his spotless brow. Great seas of
lava were hurled upon his kingdom
below. ; The elements' seemed bent
en his destruction, j; There is a
mignry qiiiver, nts lounuations give
way ; down, down, down, pluiiges
the - mountain ; monarch ip'to t he
very bowels of the earth. Above
him yawns a black, iagged and
smoky chasm, a veritable hell on
earth.' With his fall; the forces be
came silent, thexfliffs cooled, the
pitying waters gathered to lave his
scorched remains. Thus was form
ed the beautiful, sublime and awe
mspiringCrater Lake one of
earth s.marviels.U The ingenuity of
naturnevcr conceived a shrine of
more impressive sublimity. Stand
uiron the summit of Llao Rock ami
aze two thousand feet below td the
surface of the fathomless waters.
Feelings hitherto innate will awak
en within you to respond to the
grandeur of nature s masterpiece, i
One small bottle of Hall's Great Dit-
covery cures all kldncr nl bladder
troubles, removes travel, cures dia
betes, seminal emissions. weak . and
lame backs, rheumatism and All ir
regularities of the kidneys and bladder
In both menr and , women, regulates
bladder troubles in children. ; If not
old by. your druggist, will be sent by
mall or receipt of $1. , One small bot
tle i two month's treatment, and will
cur Any case above mentioned. - Dr.
E. W. Hall, sole manufacturer. P. . O.
pox. 623, St. Louis, Mo. Send foif testi
monials, faoia oy an druggists, and at
Oil, S. C. BTONETS drug stores. Sa
lem, Orego. . " .. ;
',- Bandon, Ore., Dec. 8, 1901.
Dr. E. W. Hall. SI. Louis. Mo; Dear
Sir: I have used your; Texas Wonder
for" kidney and - rheumatic trouble.
Its effects are wonderful. It has no
equal, and I can cheerfully recom
mend it. Tours truly,
for Infants and Children.
The Kind Tou llavVAJ Ways' Bought has borno tho slgna
ture of Clias. lI.rictclMr, and lias Ivecn made under his
personal supervision fojr oyer SO years. Allow no on
to deceive you, in this, Counterfeits, Imitations and
4 Just-as-gtwd' arc but Kxpcrinients, nnd endansrer tho
"" liealtb of Children lixierienco agaliit Hxperlment. .
Thq Kind Tou Have Always Bought
is ears tno Signature of
I n Use For Over 30 Years.
rwrf. Rrw rrrr.
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. 25c.
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be .
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132 Statu Street.
While driving Ills gray colt, Sunday
morning, the' bridle bit brokeV and
Chit of Police P. W. Gibson waa
thNwn backwards from his driving!
cart, and sustained several bruises j
about the . head and body, none' of j
which are of a wrious nature. He had
driven Aout to the depot to exercise his
colt, which' he is breaking, and. uuon
iirniriff' around to drive' home again
tho. colt, as is hi9 custom while. under,
the saddle, became playful artd start
ed-out upon a brisk grallov. llf. Gib-,
son had Just: about succeeded in trt-
tins him quieted down asuln and had
turned around to the depots .when, as
th cart entered , the loose . sr-avcl. the
bit' broke and Mr. Gibson tumblPd out
of th Cart backwards. The horse be
came frightened and gave a lurch for
ward drajrglnsr Mr. Gibson through- th
m jum, ana curs is so rlron -e
. If 1 " frnarantee cure or refund ,
money,, and we scad yoo
free trie Hbottle if you write fof it.
6UIlyOH'S costs 25 cents and will care Con
sumption, Pneumonia, Bronchitis and alt
lAing Troubles. Will cure a couh or k-old
In a day. and thus present serious rcypltsr.
Jt "has becndoinB- tlie thin?r for CO years. .
Karl's Clover Root Tea corrects fee Stcaacft
dlstanc of several feet
beftrre he could let go of the reins anl
he recelveJd several bruises about triv
ill nil
rnorniETOit op
'-. "iiEM, OREGON. ' V
Te stores (two Jn sunitwr), -are lo
cated at No. 235 and 237 -Commercial
street, and a-e well stocked with
complete Mne of drugs-and mediclnoa,
toilet articles, -perfumery, brushes, et.
lias had aom e 23 y ca rs x per leu c, n
the practice" of rwedlclnc, ind now
makes no tharse 'for' eormultatlon, ri
ami nation or presci Iption-j'
He does a cash business -He neither
buys on time nor ells on time. lHlg--
era. journals, day-books, bookkocMra,
bill col lectors,; and all the ''-modern para,",
phernalia of credit drua'stores, are un.
known in his : business, hence a. fall
itock and correct nricea ,
Y He 1 f-t o nes a n d
I Zji nc p rap H a I
I Th B..t-Nthln 1-E
I Yoscmite Engraving Co. 1
Ltchcrs snd B
Br ' IZngirmitmrm of. - 9
& PrintinrJ Plates j
I K'S4. Monlsoio.rr.SU . T. f
1 Y PHoi 290 j t
scalp. fa,p ntl IxWy a- a
ind urtd
with th( .-rt whhth was almost nlir"-.
ly demoliaherl. AllhouKh "lo " Is prH
ty.V6re be, Is 'st'H oil dutv.
, i - - -V.
;i Pi ir--.
I HI aV M , , , I m..-JmmmW JmW V jT -mmmm"
Do not borrow
This Praw1th BatVt
a Traction i
Do not hire
m m
Cham pion t Dm w -! Cii t
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th finder bar the harder the master wheels press on J.he ground, con--fccquoutly
flie preatcr traction and cutting power ; The draw cut prjn-
cipab of tbo Khauipiou keeps the master whetls firmly on the ground
even should the finger bar meet forcibly a fixed; obstruction. To con
vince tl pul.'ic that the draw cut principle of ihe Champion mower is V ,
juft wht weay it h, wo warrant that the master wheela will not lift
ftoni -the ! rr,titl -when the 'finger bar mecti an obstruction. No other
front cut inowtrr is warranted in this manner. ? Light running and easily -hutKiiut.
A -t-lii Id .that can drive a team Can handle it with perfect
s-iMv. " ' ' - r : '
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the conditions and re
quirements of the North
west trade. For 1002 we
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ner , irop, which has al
ways been a feature on
our Ilenney buggies. .
-' -
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arid others who keep a buggy going and give it Jots of "hatd.kjnotks.'V Ilenney buggies in
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igs of ours, however, are built especially for us, wo stipulating;
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United States, or the world
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'. ' '-.. . - i
and Delivery Wagons of the
wherever kpowirr need, ne
tchll goods. For nearly seventy
of iquality, and the mnie1iigh
- V
y :
P. JF. GAE2Y, , -