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Weefcly Bulletin of tbe.Agri-
- cultural Department
Grain is looking good considering' the! A
weather; fruit not yet injured; spring-( fl
is thla from freeze-out: - grans good.
stock looking well; sheep-shearing
well advanced considering the weath-
Adams, Umatilb, county, C C. Fer
guson. Fo r e part of week warm and
dry; latter part cool and rainy Fall
wheat doing finely; some weedaj spring
wheat and barley growing nlejrty; pas
tures excellent, fruit trees In bloom:
gardens very backward. ' Know on the
surrounding hills every night.. '
- The - weekly st rop bull Mo, issued by
th!4 Oregon 'Section, of the; Weather
Rurcau,; for th; ,wrck ending. tASt.Mon.
day evening, hta been pwued. The re
Iort in general enow a , conditions
throughout' the-state very.- favorable,
and the outlook Is- good, .especially for'
the fruit. TJm general summary of the
report Is as follows: ' ,
' With the exception of last Sunday,
which was turui and sunshiny, the
weather of thw, week has beta generally
cloudy, with frequent "showers, and al
together too cool for J rapid growth.
'There were several mornings with light
-frosts, but as far as known they have
Joihi no damage of orwetuence The
oiIJln the wheat sections la the! east
ern part of the State Is wet to a good
dept h. and hII that is now needed Is
-warn weather to bring vegetation for
ward very rapidly. - ; ' ' i "
The maximum or day temperatures
In Western Oron langced between 4?
degrees and 7 degrees.1 and the. mini
ma in. or. lilght temperatures ' between
36 degrees and 51 degrees. In Eastern
Oregon the mVtxImdm" temperatures
ranged betwn 42 degreeaand 6? and
the minimum temperatures hetween 22
degrees and 42 degrees. . . j : J
- Kami w-otk generally has ben great
lyretardedonHceounkof the wet weath
er and Ktnlng nailing In the Willamette
valley., whrre It '. becoming yellow
-on .account of the lack of sunshine.
Spring wheat ulso Is unuu illy slow in
germinating, but with the ample moist-;
ure how In t lid soil a few days of warm,
sunshiny weather is all that .is neided
to hrlnrr the grain crop out In excellent
condition. ; . f 1
Fed on . the range Is splendid and
stock Irt all parts of the State Is doing
nicely. In the- plateau region the in
croaso in l imbs has beeir? the htjav lest
in ; yosirs.. Hh.p shearing' Is progress-
ijig" slower than usual on account of the
if nil weather. I, .The clip 13 ritported to
be good.' .- ,
Hops, .nl though slow in; starting are
coming up : well, and In the southern
IwM-Uons of the St.J the work of train
ing -Vines Is general.'
Corn ilantlng Is now In active pro
gmss In Southern Oregon, and in the
vetern sections of the Slate thp nlant-
' In. 1'i In nnlulniia V. . i .. Kamlh
The fruit outlook on the whole Is
reported to be very favoralde. A grat
deal of anxiety has occurred for fear
that the cold weather would interfere
wMh perfect iollnlation and a. number
-of orchardists teporf.that early cher
ries imd Hirly prunes,' especially in
4'tTtk:iioS' county Ivave ben badly
rfcurmBfMt.' Stmwtrrtw and apple trees
are tuy generally In bloom In the .wil
mt lt and Hood river valleys and in
Houthiai- rgon ;' .
-1 . i .-
Coast District. -
' Knots, l.fin-nln county, John" Mick.
KDioivTR " wltbj tnit nearly every day;
Mm h gardening done yet, owing
tir-Hi. w-t .weather. ' Kruit IrCes jvmt
r i"-nniws t bloom. T'he crop outlook
i5 Km., - .'
- Hare urry wiinty, : Jowph: I tare,
iiitrm Knowing nlcely.but fain,' has
d'.f.ryl g.irdilng. The contlnu-! old
!.iirr..-r.itiir- (ins kept fruit iblomS
I' i' U, fut we eifn'ct an abiindan-e of
fruit, vtiU-nn wi gt late klllinit frosts.
'')': Willsmetts Valley.
' K-Hnii, I'otk- roiinty, IV F. t'lark.
' " f fl' 1 nl I . MM, O lW iVlll'l
not ' . j. tnt I ; but Utile g irdening
dotn; fruit tr-s very full- of blorm,
1'all rind winter whit and oats In good
i oiii. itt. ' Sirlng-sown grajn - looks
I ad; r:i!s " grownlg slo-wly. - I'listttre
f iirly .KMlj It Is too fld nr Vet or
Mhrep-rliforlng ; th' tmil clip, will "ilf
ha vy,: . " ' ' i
Hunks, W'.'Lxblngton county, J. fJarrl-
' giiM. The tnt .iw'-ek was unfavorable
fr farm work, but all crops sr gr'W-
i.ng nleelv. excetit gardens, whlfh af'
r.ifhe Imtltwinl. Apples -Just' btein
' tirij tn I. loom. Shearing- has irot com -ini-nfd
with u, as the weather Is too
w-t and cold, i Ht'tck all doing wet.
Woodburn1, Marlon county. A.-M. tn
leiiv. The past -week has teen -n
with muih coJ rain." Vegetiitlon has
made but Utile growth: fruit does not
.us yet slow any damage. Hpring seed
ing ha slopped 'for th present. Some
carfy (xitatoeS have twen plant ext.
Ilottkfti ltntan rrnrtf v I'trrv t-Vt .f v
rrTJie week has hrf n very wet ! it has
rained every day. - Onos and grain are
growing slowly; ihey need mofe sun?
nhtne and wsfmer weather. Seeding Is
nlut rtmpletd: very few- garden
havn yet been- made. Fruit trees are
very full of hlom, with prospects for
a heav)- crop. ! . : '"I '
' "T 8outhsrn .Orsgon. .
"WTllfams. , Joaephlne j country, II. II.
Kiirtln. The weather dtirlns thit rat
we4c hin been showery and cold, w ifh
but Utile BUnaJxinet Wheat, oat and
grits are doing well: garden sre not
growing. It botng too cold . for them.
Not damage to fruit; potatoes , not
planted yet. i 1 i ' s-
Climax. Jackson county. L.1 F. Tay-Iok-Weather
t very cool: pluming
bmkward; wlielat and ktsss are .n fln-
1 .'II CIVIVH, .0 VT J wni IVf. imp ,
of VMf and there Is a rreat deal off
vnow i a the mountains.
Plateau Region.
SummerviUe, Union 1 county. : C-Colt.:.-
Copious rains continued
throughout the week. Grass and grain
making fine growth. ' 1 Seeding opera
tions somewhat retarded; fruit buds
coming out slowly. : ; ;
- Env wagon ujarle to DO
W'. V.. Marsh, the drivers of the 8a.
Icm trroamery Co.' wagon, who was In
jured In the two , runaways on , Mon
day, a thought he, Is able to be out und
go over the delivery route ? with" a
rubstltute. is pretty bad iy bruised tip
and it-ywlll be wmie liaW before he
wilt recover sufflciently to assume his
duties again.
In7 thei runaway which occurred dur
ing the afternoon, on Monday, Mr.
Marsh very narrowly: , escaped being
killed or havlng-hla lower limbs crush
ed by j the street car: When the bam
became frightened he had hold of the
reins and was Jerked OfT his feet nnd
dragged for' a , considerable j distance
across Uicar track Just as the car was
pacing but hung onto the lines just
long enough to be pulled clear of the
tack before he lest his grip and Just
as the car swept past.
Smith's Dandruff Pomade.
stops Itching scalp 'Upon application
lhre to mx removes all dandruff and
will stop falling Imlr. Price 30c, at-all
druggists. ";;; ,
Master Fish Warden Van 4)u
. sen Makes His Report.
- " i
Thra State Hoard of Flfh Commis
sioners h-eli ahe regular monthly meet
ing at -the (Sipltol yesterday, and Ma:
ter Fish Warden II. O. Van Pusen, of
Astoria, was in attendance, and eob
mitted his report for the month. Con
Iderable rcHrttne bulress w-aj tranaacn,
ed du-rlsg the session, and the matter
of regulating salmon fishing on the
Columbia,; during the open ea:m dls
cuwJ at length.j
Th Master Fish Warden S reported
thl folhsiilvn of fees, during the month
of April; aggregating 232..iO, tii - 4hc
following iaixounta: j
341 Ihdl vidua! fishing licencs..!. $111 00
3)l Gin-net Ashing. Ik-erws. .. 752 W
4. ! Sft-net 'flhlng licenses..'. . 45 00
1 3 Heine lifcna (each lS0oict.. 72 CO
1 rtetne llcetrstW -tea h BOO ft.). 9l (i0
9 FiMlt.-d MJrs lif-emtes , .lft
f clajsR ........ ,i ........ P0 00
, 1 fanners license (1st 'W), lo 00
1 Canmrs liitii 1 2d c!a.x)... lf.rt oi
' 1 fnn-rs licTs- f6ih cJas).. 3r.O fcO
H StaHonary w b-e Ucetuu-A. . 200 00
4 feow w h-l rl"en-. ; B1
4 TiHiCl-u , W 0
Silverton Republicans Are
Taking the Proper Steps. .
Total , 2222 60
n s'ulditjon to the tibove 119,1". was
receivd from the eale of SM7 pounds of
corHrjinil wtlnsm mwt by Jwnuty
Vjiril-tt Huitmarv thus making th'- i-
tal rcclpU for the month. $2'i.'d. W
are atrrriso ixiw.
The fruit market 1s yry dull at pres
ent; that. Is in the line of rtrird vune-
tfes, but there is still some dettwnd oe
Intf rnrufeited and Inquiries recelveI.
There is very little ta k left In the
hands of of the growers and not murh
Intirrft Is b"tns exhibited except to
note the indications for the prospect
of a market for the oncoming c rop
which prospect at present" Is quite en
couraging, to the growers. The late
rains have washtd off a good deal of
pollen from the young fruit which Is
Just setting, but as the crop Is usually
very heavy. Kttle thinning out wouhl
be very beneflctal to the trecsrand Im
prove the quality and sis .of the fruit
The farmers In genera! Jook forwarj
to good prices -for all f rul t this year.
lots rest in Prunes, f ;
Mali advices rom New York state:
trod interest in spot prunes Is noted.
-with sales aggregatlng,-eeral thou-1
Sand boxer reported In both new and:
old. The business done, It Is stated. '
has been m al nly ' for ex port accou n t. ;
although some local and nearby Job
bing Interst has been shown. The
market, however, shows no special
hi'nrejo far ns valuta are concerned.
j upon ami received ! pcolonirl P
plauae, lie enunciated In part the
' splendid record the Republican party
Ni made In Oregxn,- as well as In the ;
National administration, contrasting :
the splendid financial condition of the
country at this time brought about by j
ho Republican party, as compared
with the condition of the country dur
ing the Cleveland administration, and
citing as ait Instance the low rate of
Interest aipw. as compared with the
high rata of interest at the time of the
Cleveland administration.
.SHA'ERTON. May 6. A large num
ber of the lea-Jlng Republicans here
met in Mr. "A. P. Wackqrby's ofllce
laat Frllay evenlnar,' and steps were
taken toward the organization of a
Young Men's Republican ClutK Con
siderable enthuf-lam was shown auj a
meeting was called for next Wednes
day jeVening. May 7fh. when' he organ
izatilon will be completed, and the mem
bership enrolled. . 1
Sllverton's crty elect oa passed off
vr" quietly Monday, the following
officers being elected: P. WV- Potter,
mayor; L.C: Russell. C. W. Drake
and Sam Ames, councllmn; J. F.
Hammond, recorder; . J. ; Adains,
treasurer. -.-
The t"nion Electric Power ,'Cora
pany com ited 1 1 hetr line to Mt. An
gel and Woodburn, Saturday, and Sun
day evening Mil Angel for the firs
time In its history was lighted up with
electricity; , .'.'!.
The patriotic 4ay ehtlllcil "Ughta
and Shallows of he Rebellion"' w ill be
presented at the Oper house,- May
30th, by the Silverton .Dramatic : Coni
pany. , The cast is composed of some
of Sllverton's best local talent and
the play Is bound to be a success.
An interesting game of baseba'd was
played here Sunday 4etween the Ml.
Angel College team and the home nine,
the former t-sm winning toy a jcore of
H.4 9. This was the first game played
hero -this season and a large crowd was
In attendance. .
(Sliverton Is oon to have another
weekly new'spsper. Mr. Stahl, former
editor of the Appeal, intend to start
a paper in the course of a few days.
The press and other necessaries will
arrive the middle. -of the week. The
new paper will be hailed a "The Sil
vertoplan." -
L. J. Adams was a' business , visitor
at Salem Monday.
County School Superintenont E. T.
Moores spent Sunday, and I Mondav in
Silverton. , ' "t- .
j M rs. John Broph-y. of Salem, is vis
iting ai the Home of her parents. Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. McCorkle. -1
I A.'F. McClain, ofTftcoma. Wash., Is
spending a' f w flays; here - before Ms
departed for California where he will
spend the summer, . I . ; '
Miss EflVe Libby. of Salem., is vis!
ing. friends In Rilverton.
J. C. Wolf returned Monday from
McMlnnvHlle, where he'; has char' of
a tore.
PT. . W. Keene, of Canyon City,
Ore.." la visiting. In Silverton
Mr. and Mrs. J, A. Prltchard. of
Persia, lows, are -visiting a the home
of Mrs. Pritchard'a sister. Mrs. wm.
-.s Mr. and- Mrs. John II. Brooks drove
to Salem Sunday. ,
'M. Johnson . returned Uo Portland
Montasr after a Short visit wiiU Jls
daughter, Mrs. A. 45. Thompson.
At Pleasant Point.
Pleasant Point, May 6. B, O. Ward
ha miM ri firm to -Mr. .. Valentine, of
Wisconsin: consideration, faOOO. We
regrot to lose "Itoney" from the com
munity as ht was a pfc-atstnt and wor
thy citizen. J ' '
T. .If. AMhenfeltt r (irctilatlng a
jM-tltion Jiere this we k favortft the
election of f loV'-rnor Geer before the
nXt ' Igislliture for IT. S. Senator.
Atiout n-ery vot-r slgnd it some b
Ing Itcm.H-r.tts. T. T. Geer in in evry
way woilhy a place anmng our nation's
law makers and should sent' to
Washington to repressit Orrgftn.
The Milititil tamp fires bave not be
gun to hum y-f. Ktill I uggst the
Siatesm.in should send a gool mlrf-
slonnry up the creek here, as most of
us -need' a change of heart. I have
talkl witlr most of 'the old illn and
they nay thoy will not suport thr head
of the ticket. I am, told It Is the same
vcr south and east. ' , '
t'andidafe R. B, ; Colbath was In
Turner Wednesday shaking hands with
the loys. . .
Mrs. Minnie Hinckley, neo Morris, of
Seat tie, -Wash., visited in the family
of Mr, nnd Mrs. Hrren th's week.
Jack Hustle has gone to the1 mines
in Josephine county. ' 1 ' .. '
Robt, Perrlrt went to Benton county
Moixlay ffr a srlef stay.
Frank Herren has mo-ed back onto
his f.wm north of the Reform School.
' Relatives from Eastern Ora;on vis
ited in the family of Mr. and Mrs.
Adam Mlsster last wk, '
Cultivate your conversational now
ers, but especitlly try to be a . good j
listener. ! "To draw people out by gentle,
and judicious questioning: is sometimes
the highest art. Ladles! Home Journal.
, J. Wolford Ss. Co, of Silverton, th-
merchants, ycstcrdtiy file! an action In
the ltate circuit court against J. II.
Moserj for' goods and moneys given to-
the defendant by plaintiff on credit.
The plaintiff : asks judgment for
1551.49, for goods sold to the defendant;
also for 1118 with Interest at 10 per
ent per annum from February 10,
IS97, on account of a note; also for t20
attorney's fees; for the further sum f
$j5 duo on a note dated February 13.
1900, with Cnti-eM at 10 per cent, and
flO attorney's fees Real irt ate, be
longing to the defendant was attached.
Carson A Adamsare at torn for the
plaintiff. - - . . - X.
- The divorce suit, of Mat tie L. Kight
Inger. HaintlfT, vs. E. M. Klghtnger,
defendant, came up for hearing before
Judg-'v R. .P. IUise in the t cond de
partment of the State Circuit Court yes
terday, and the afternoon was spent In
he submission, of trr.Umony.
In the case of L. W. Purront, phiin
ti.X vs. E. H. Wright- defendant, an or
der was made by Judg Bhe,'conilrm
ing the sale of the property. f
Run Over by His Train
Marion Station Yes
terday; -
iVnestigates. r
.' - : ! -;- - ' - -
RQSKBUHO. May 6. Hon. W. J ,
Furnish, the ' - Rertibllcan nominee for
Governor: Superintendent of. Public
Instruction Ackerman: Ji. R. Whitney,
M. A. Crswfcrd and Hon. CJ W. Ful
ton were greeted by a large ; andi n
thuslavtlc audience at the or-era houre
ktst evening. Upon the ilatform wlt'h
the nominees were Hon. P. - S K.
Bukk. Frank H. Rxigers and Iia 1
R'dd, Rpubiican csn.i,ats fir Kp
Dry- Goods
...S t ore...
New Good 3 in Lame Quantities Received this Week.
- I
Hnslin Underwear:
, . NigLt'Uvus Chciuisf, Drawers,! Corset Covers, Skirls
in CTcat variet v. There never such tine khU ol
such low pricov
Infants Vear:
Short o
il Ioijj Drefjics. Skirts, Slip, Caps nnd Bibs.
a pair
(oot qualities, little 'prices.
Silk Mitts and Gloves 15c
Millinery Department: .
lUceiviug new gooU every tlay. y
Green baton's Dry Goods Store
' fiexi Door to the Postoffice
. I "'.l .... l. I .1, 1 "
:' , , ' - ' : " . , t
A.' E. PeVoe, a brakeimtn o i the
southbound Southern PAciflc freight
tram iso. 225, which- lert this city at
1:23, o'clock yesterday afternoon, fell
under the train whtle it was In motion
beiwent Ihrloii and Jf fferson, the
whoel Mvering the body If twain just
alKive the wahft line, killing him ."al
most Instantly. "' .", J; . .
The last that was seen of the uafor-
tunwie -man iy the. tratnl Tew. was
when the 'train pulled out of Marlon,
when, he wu on top oft the train.
When the; thain arilvod lit - Jefferson
tif waa llrwt' missed by the .crew 'and
Ij w abcenwws onmiunlrtfl to ln-ad
nuarters at JHtrtHjid. Ixner. hl "ly
found lylng-aoro tho r&H, wli-ic
it had" teen run"ovr by .1 bo- train, a
little mre th-n a mile from Marion,
ajjd it ' MAa taken lMh to -4b- Marion
Wat km. , . . ' . -
I'lcViw was a young inan, aliout 2
year ut 'ag". aivl li'vt ia wift-.aivd
IHtlo Hthjr girl nhi'i rilc at I'etland.
About, tvto years agohe wm emiloyl.
tr 3 mtkkj or aiiur mx : nioiutiiK, h
econd .k In -tlie Whltf '.House liif.
tsurant and was married In this city-
t a yoong lady w bin"" pa rents rKldv
in l"ok countr. He "ft Ih'n, city t
acct'pt a ioiition Mis telegraph operator
on the west side division of I hi South
ern Pacific hut after working at that
for a time he pfKud a joh nm -brake-
man in the yards at iortlnl.
He wai of a somewhat carel- dU
position and a lit : 1- awkward, and th"
general opinion arnmi,. lib'" rallr-.a'!
mn H that. In i acinar over the train
while It was uridr fuU st;ed, h b'l't
his balance or mlfro"l his fslln and
fell ten-ath. There Is a iwwsibility
however, of his - meeting i with foul
play at -the handsjf a tt-amp r tramj
whom h mey have, tri-d toinjt off.
and the coroner. Dr. D. F.i Iine. v.ss
notifl;d f the ;. aol be aent- t
the Kcene of th ak Idnt last evening
to Investigate, anvli-. If, he finis anv
evidence of foul iJay, Jhe remilns will
be; brought T this. ftty to;ay wher an
In'tveet will te wM over (hem. The
crew, with which be was working, ill
pass through ths city today on the
regular round Ulp north, and. If it i
found hcccrsaiy to hold ,an ln;uesl.
s 111 b hei l ;over to tesnify1. 1
i. . -. . .
A l: - i .
a- n m rr n irTr-
.;Flrt dam. Mil
Fi.lol 2 i,Vi, etc
UnAHAN tST. on 6ft Roy Wilkes tW' '
V GOLPPUST, by l'.'rtr.. TMH i:2t,, son of Idol 44. sire
cond ildio FA.N SI. fjtJlI Xl,' TV lyUIie IKo sire ni
tie. No. SSSftS.
J . 3 Uik1 High.
Weisht 11 vi ooundf,
. Si ycr old.-' ',
lef ty "tSolMost-2:0, etc. - ,. '; ,' "'
one cf;the' finest staliioiu in tl state, and with but
15 dams of 17 la tfije list. ThJr.l da m KIT, by Ooiddust 'I50i- sire of Lucille-
tlojddust 2:18'4.
IiUle hanlong shoks hiiopelf to be a ciy piominlna ti'wttcr. lie will b
: allowed to serve ar few mates at
120 TiY THE SUASMN. -WITH l?SIJ AIj R 1-tTt'lSN 1 M t Il LE'l I'.
1 Invite '-breeders, to (foro, .and e this liotse before ibiTi-f-dlng rtielr
mare elsewhere. W, O. TRINE.- FAIR tJItOtrNUS, OR.
K-al ' Rrowti
Wty few wli
Rrwl l.v V I
Ohio, IYmiM
at the 1U.J
rtr-ts. isa.l.
1 1 n i-uft i
the bu.t:ncs done, being for new fruit , rem ntatlvt s. Hoh. A. . M. Crawford
on the basis of tc to C l-2c for O-" presi-le-1 ,oer tht mettinr an! male
coiumDia reiver vsney. j
Moro, Sherman county, Franfc H-yrs.
The past tree k", has been quit favor
able Wheat la growing fine. Fruit on
tho upland la a'.falhirt. It Is intlnlng
titay (2nd) and f he ground is wetter
than It has been since IS S 5. ':j ,
. Mt. Hood, Walicd county. A.' It. nil
lings. Grain and grass are growing
f.w-t; gardens backward. .Fruit bbmts
nt oiened yetL Weath'r co. - and
d.imit. , Thunderstorm Monday: ' rain
Tuesday; tha rat of the week was
cfc.uuy. . ..;f.! i!' ;!.!'-'".
C?ndon. Gilliam county. W. R. Mey-,
i cis. The past! week has Inen chsjI.
i with rain, sleet a-nd snow nearly every
d.iy. tlnaind in good conditiou", for
Tcsmos of all kinds to grow when warm
enough. Ice funned almost every night.
in 2tf-pound bojtes. Sin! "Jose Mercury.
Ceiatie Rhsumstism Cared. After Four
Teen Years of 8ufferinfl. : .
'I ,h.ive been afflicted with sciatic
rhcumaiism for1 fourtee years," says
Joh Kd.ir, of t;ermsiniown. .Cat. "I
wi sd' to b round, 'hot constantly
siftered. I tried everything I could
a few I'erttnewt ternary b:fcie intrc
during the :c;kera. . .,
The first to a-ldr-es - the ciltsens
Ros-?burg wat Hon. W. J. Furn?h.wfto
briefly ;ted his position. If wg a
practical buiincpg talk by a bt-!r.c"
nan. ( Pr-fsor Acktrnran' w iveitt
called tijn and gate on Interesting
talk upon th clacatlorial matters, te-
he.-tr of and at last was trld t tryipjj-ins jn brief to his opponent's point
Chamlilwlu's Pain tUlnU whb h I di 1 tJf yivp rfgardint th tUimtbt sthmd
stvli w as Immoill itely-reHeve'd arvi .n ,'thlMrfn in this state r- twine or-h:t-tlm
f.rc-'l. ar.d I an happy to j work-d.' He proved f-cnclu.lvely to
y. it! !! out "Vlmre return'L" Vhythe audten- thut u'-h is ft 1h ".
SHAW, - May Scott Shaw- wasi. a
business vWtw Intfil place east week.
J. O. MctlMvray was a Salem visitor
Thursday.,--..'' '-
Mi.M Tolll-I. Purfee has derarted
to t atX three months1' school In Til
lasiook count . j . i
Tf r4 , U'Unrr tnurn') hnM.
(iasrt we?k from Portland., acomosn-
jed by tn:ir oaugnier, rs., umi'i
Stevart and hr little t-y
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Claggett Hatch, Prop
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IlKLLHi by tip"r 2:i, him of 'CUxelle' Zl..l, MIki
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Third ilrtm lv Mar.ibritioxPateti.-h r,:$, tfi crcat Lrssl tiiare sire, '
Fourth Uniyy Alotouto:, fofii r f'lhi' linotit family,
tnlltnt fi-l in'IW), ttk4 IVJ Iin4rlht '1i4 ttomi'tn, l,a
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TeraV$2'.00 Seawai i lflt,JrVct tiiae ef crTlrs, laUhee st en4af srssoo. .
Fair Grounds, Salem. Or.
f.inting an.d
she n-ed Hw'lrlf I SI
wonderful rtmdy for
Thousands of sufferers-
troublos, nervous trod
stn'l wi-gk kH.ieys have
come healthv and hH'
Bc. (itiarantee sa
Stone's Prug,Stcris.
... . . ' . .'a a ... . 11 .
not ui tM liaisomi an i gei wmn
fa for sale by Ir. Stone's Iiug Stores.
anJ that. on;th c-m'tary. th urre
of rtudy in this state is lighter than
can r. found In o:her staK
speech was leccived with considerable
Hon. C. WV Fulton, the principal
speaker of the evening, waa next called
sternatlon among the
Jewish So-lety art Yof kers' has twen
the utcoTn of the r-
He f mufiirtn ljt i.' (vit. u J.jiic m ill aiak u turn stston of
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ters. th ntnmi
Sl:ng womci.'
from 1' io a:
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Si. Gnat cun-
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nt PuFim ball.
SO. 3tJA.1l
Will stand for Mares the coming sea
son at Corner of Ferry 'and Liberty
streets. , For Perllgree" and parllcnlara,
call on .- . .!' " . i
Dr. Long
- , : Veterinary HurR?uu
Phone 2CL i- Halem. Orcein.
on bueinessi
Theka sf Nagging,
Clouds th h3pplnf of the home,
bat u nm.iCf.ttei woman often need
hell. Sbo may be s -nervous and run
0wn. in health that trifles isnnoy her.
If. sbV Is melancholy,, excitable, troub
led with loss of appetite, head
ache, . sleeplessness, constipation,
"I ma'Ve
Jllu.r l.1 Mil In MfV
Purine t the. evming, ilW 'out l'-s 't f miv,,
through tti'nk marr-j'.ag ere man y. j - L-s
i Nojv the TiA-Wri t Citnciatf-1 ii K''J-ff.c
to iwivt dcT-areii trat tn mip!f so
ir.arrif'd are yurrl in th eye of the
church and" therefore In the tv of
th- law. Th young are at
their wits nl to -d'-rldrr whethe r th y
are r-ally married. Sone of tho- in
trl.d in the matter er-lare that the
atan who startcil thi ttry dri t fp'm
a ir.b motive that hU hat a frn.ily
a Krj,-r niMiVn when I
wW M'-anlcrifitf
yr asked l'lM lir.;,-
of -ight daughter, all I of whom were
married st A he baL
ilsbM) iare expected to
t t ion and thetr coliectlke decision is to
settle the matter. .
Several "of tha
have a consul-
"In not irkkin oi what kind of v
crlrninaj I was gln' to be." I di4irt
krxw ln-dm early days whn in
cj;srart.er utiji Jts' ti In formc-l d.it 'it
wre goln' to conetdcrnd a crime t
d e ri;h." 'Washington tUr.
Men and women who are for the ex
ternal are frequently pot at all fur tf;
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., Rrightest
hopes dawn on daik? .