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-- ( T- - r ,'.'! :-" ,-. T- t
Large Anaant 1 or Easiness
1 Was Transected
; j. -. I . ,. .
Wagon Read Proposed to Connect
Detroit, at the, East End of the
C. A. E Railroad, with Printville,
Thus Turning tho interior Trad
from Tho Qalies -to tho Willam
otto ValUy. 7: ' ' , -
. ;me of the most important' meetings
ye-tj hdl , by the Greater Salem. Com
mert'lat Club, occuple.! the. attention;
of th;t bJy ''.Hi i o'cloik. yesterday ,-
" trhoon. in the toilce court room of
i - . f
,th4 city hall.- A gottxlly number of Sa-
Uiri'H moHt enterprising; business men
m:i It in atttii'lunc, and a fctrge amount
of 3iMin was iUm posed of in the
sbo'iir eotel to tii- xesslon. . ,
lfrt'ii iit H. B. ThiH-n called the
meeting, tft order at 4 ; 1 to p. m., and
Hfiretary W. 'J Judah real the min
in of, t h Inst meeting, and the nil n
t.f th. I iwf w-mliii of theezecu-
tivrt cou.nUtt.-e. and both were ap-
proved. i
Ait this -taint an order of -business
wan adopted, for the prompt and ay
lumaic irinactioi of ;the affairs ' of
the'Club. Tli new r3ls were at once
" putj Intojusjf. n,l regulated the re
jnainder of llu; sesaion In . very s it
lfj4 lory ni:inr. r. !
I 'ii.silrriiuri . ( Hilt 1 1 .1 n Hr n i,t the liu-
ii'iiii mi .AlMijufaitur who. wo s in
i. tt,!jdan-', r-pjrtd on .the. prefMira-
tloiH tiJMl to start the oix-ratlons for
I he new llax mill. Ife s-iid that hoth
liijclhii l . beiti doiH toward securing
iHiuir .for the tlax loJI.I, n Mr. Wilcox,
'y- iwr(r i Mir -. iiiiii. wwui
j. hitv?' t(sbe seiV Iwfore vu motor was in-
I Ht.rlh'd, and this, had not Iwen don? ns
yet; that It was impructlcable at'
prS it lilt?h Ktitge of? the water
"iMwIr.- the d;un so us to use water
pnvtor, and n Mr. ', lUmw', the repre
! '. , whjutlve; of the llax pvple, will ne?
I'.-untcr'KjUiti, ttu Coinfrilti wilt cer
I tain When the prr.eer ti needed, rind
.Mr. WlhxxV' t'oirwiiiwih'ateii with fr
i'..i''riTii.Mioti tuNq stall c le trie mo
' Atr: ftoiuxe was pres -nt, and twlng
' cuHft mon "to ; state-" his needs, 'art id
(lent he proposed tn.iWng fibre this
'!, He? Weiwld need! fit e horse'twiwef
for two weeks eliiniiitt lit a, cauple
of weeWs, for the urtose. of threshing
'the Mux straw, purrtuiKrd . .from . the
Oregon Woman's tlflax r'lbre Assoeia
tlon; nd that Beginning about May
. 15iti be would, require inwer for" about
- sl'veeks, and i beginning, when the
new eroj"eome in. nbout July l&th, he
wo ild renUite power ; constantly. . He
'..Is' deli'ous of having the motor for
"' tiiej first : two weeks Installed.- In ttv
'brlik mill, wln-re his stWk is stored.
.- Mr Jiosso. reported having ordered
Mm machinery a. womHeto new outtlt
.'Vf th- I item improved pattern froni
ii.-lwKiin, with whU h to, hundl the
V' crop; also, that U had sutHclent
'. t.tT)i -ordered, and ! Intended securing
ijM to 30 .acres for flax this year, lie
lii'si'iin option oh 00 sirre. and pro
m to secure nlKiut,1500 acres ihorf,
when htt will pl k : the best of these
, liitflii. auo mres. for raising his this
)f;ir' i ruji nt ttax.' '!
Chiilnnun Tbielsen at this time, np
polntcd his A-omrnlttte, ;io secure suj
s ripli.inx for the expenses of repafr-
Intr tint t,in.' and tht -oet of power fir
llie flax roill, naming O. V. Johnson,
I'iiul Hroiil, tivj V. Hodgers, M; I
Meyers and 1 J. Wilson, and the Hu
rt iiii on-. Manufactures was given full
iMiM-r to i !e tip the tttntt for the Id
JlMiriiig mills,": and complete all ar
uinKVinbl for Mr,-Ili und his as-:e.-ieW
i- '- : -.. "..'' .'.!
fj.1r, Hansen also r'poitel on th
iii itt. r of the cominurd!atlon frornth
' '.' linited' Htaten l'ri;fs CUJng ftureau,
Mteinly received; asking the t liin to
- sjihscrlbo to the bureau's monthly re
grt on bulness -optiortunitles. , 'Mr,
Hansen rcfrtel adversely on tlfe
in.Hjntion and i bis report was ap-
ltrfttiit. : - -
i Hecretary N J. Jtnlah reporte!
pi-ogress on the matter of sei'Mrtng. the
finoo -uh ription for the tlreater-a
l in Stake, for the tt Kulr, showing
iltat t6tf had ieen secu'p'd. Ills con
, iultlee was given further, lime to r-
I wirt . on i h matter, y z
1 j At this Hlnl il recess of five nilii-
" -tutc was declared alul members given
" i.t. ..(.iHitiunii v to twiyithtlr dues, of
inew members to sign tne roil
. j A lett-r from hm Alko.Club. of XAnti
'I county, ws "received, suggesting to
fjperi4tlon in the mutter of securing a
wngon road frm Itruit. to rrlnevtlle,
as this wouu pring t imoi.to"iiiir iw w iiuwi w
five wtl?s nearer ltndt than t' start.1 if yott-are , downstart no ci
. . . . i . . ..ill .
The iHUleti, nl would turn tne tr pr,
of that region to lb ! Hiamette vst-
lea. The LJnn county clut susgesieu
III.IL v.w ni; ...... . - -
Marlon should have the route oar-J
vey?ed In the i apHng. w bcit thj two
i... i ........ ..o .uirft ir i .1 nil iiii i
for building the rona. -Mf,r ""
. . m I i , mmm. dU
fefcrrei to the Committee onMXo'ails.
Jmin It Albert, chalrtnao. .
Chairenan Thlelsen suggested that a
mirhber of towns had recently organ
ised clubs similar to the Greater 8a
Ipm Ctmtmercial Clubj and that it
Would be advisable for ., this club .to
eommunlcnte'.-.- with tiwytn,! and bring
their work into harmony. The matter
as referred to the executive com
mittee, for action. : - :
i:pon motion of Mr. .Stols, the exe
cutive committee was requested
i-onslder the feasibility of .. Increasing
the Club's membership to at least &.
President Thlelsen stated tht Im -
migration had commenced coming this, r.-aaar jJ
way, and it would be necessary to ar- ,f .
ia.iiKe fur tree intyrnnuun wr mc- nr. -
comers," and the matter was ; referred
to the; Bureau on Immigration, M. L
Chamberiba, chairman, and the Jt urea u
on German Iinmlgrotlonv Fiev. IL
Lsner, chairman. ... . .
It was also prnofld erect, a sign
at the passenger station. Informing ar
riving immigrants that ail Information
desired Co a id be secured . frf e at the
riubn headquarters In the ."ir,y Jiaii:
also, sign in the, waiting rooms
Ing the same information. Tills mat
ter was referred to the Bureau ion Car
man Immigration and . P?cretary Ju-
d,ah, with power" to act. A blackboard
was Mao thought to. be an excellent
medium of advertising, for tlowr de
Kjring o secure immigrant as farm
hands, etc, the board to be. erected at
the city hall, and It was ordered to.be
constructed, and, any-wants tef? phoned
to Becretary Judah are to be ponied
on this board, - This it la proposed",
shall be used for notices, novel-using
farms for sale, and any otbef? notices
designed to reach' the. eye qf new-
.mers. The .matter waa referred to
e Bureau or JSmpkyweht with pow
er to ct 1 . . , : ' 1 r X t-
After considerable discussion .; .ox
these last matter! , before t!he Club,
adjournment was bad. ail oonigratula-
ling the Club on" the large atoount or
important business' transacted!
The report comes from Stayton that
the people of. that live and enterpris
ing city are thoroughly In earliest re
gardlng the .proiiosod ' motor line to
connect :that place with - Haljem, and
the matterof
solbtinir subaerlotlon
lor stocK.noa prwui'iuir i:vimiiiirin;-,
. k . 1 . . t II.. ! . . j. .1 t
Vfstr Jr I IJg'mjs infill tuttb w -ww Hf ji wmmnm I
"."nJTlZZ .
the attention of the. Salem Ipeose. and
no doubt, the tlrater Hubm turnmer
clal Club will take up the imager and
push It to a successful termination.
Edith R. Burssll, a School Teacher,
!? -
iff, Thou.
August Lind,-.
Bring an Action for F
sand Dollars Against Aug
holm, Farmer . Residing
i Silvorton.
niitb R. BurxeU, by her attorneys WJ".
II. and Webster Holmes, yesteriay be
gan suit in the first, department of tho
State Circuit Court for Marlon County,
agiinst August Llndholm asking for
JirJ.OOO damages fori alleged breach Of
promise. The plairitltT alleges that on
or about I cember 1. laOlhe a the
defendant axreed to marry and; ever
since that date,!? Jhaf bn ready-and
willing to, marry,; but the defendant,
without the knowledge or consn.of
4h plaintiff,' became engaged to and
mantled one Alta Fohay on December
, 1W1. The plaJntirr, according to her
taterrient in t hoi complaint. Is a school
statement Hi' mei conjipiaint,- is a wnwi
teatrher by profession, drawing a Jackknlfe and cut a stout nasei. v
vtonthly salary of fJ and the defend-1 -Vbat yon going to do, dairv en
ant t the owner and operator of a yUlred the tHy nxlouly; 'i
farm vaiucd at 3(M0. Hhe alleges that, j Tin going to teach. yoUthat when
by reason of tho defendant's failure to ; we're out after mea It's no time to
fulfill his part of the contract; she has J be shooting ; at chlpirtnnks, and he
been greatly dlntreswed lr body and. then and there taught him. ,rl
tnlnd, wounded in her affections and i That story has a wider application
feelings,' causing her great mental than to chipmunks. Marion county
agony and Injured pride to the special can not expec -to get two state officers,
damage of JlCoO; that, by rtaxon'of said (If you are standing by the trail waiting
breach her disappointment in expecta- for a, Governor," dont throw your" vote
li.insofAthe money and social ad van- away for smaller game. Remember that
lages. he has neen esieciaiiy aamageo
to the amount of $000, and that, by
reason of the defendants failure to
marry her as . promised, she has been'
deprived of comfortable home and
not relieved of the necessity of earnbng
wages for' self-support, which she ex
pected, she. has been especially damag
ed la the sum of IXH), and she there
fore demands judgment against the de-
fendant for the sum of $5000 special,
damages and the further sum of $10,000
Kerteial damaged, and for her costs and
disbursements in the action.
This is. the first breach of promise
suit begun in the State Circuit Court
for "daiioit tounty In many yesrs, if'
not the first one ever filed here. The
parties to the euit both reside In tne
Sftverton neighborhood, where they are
well known.
It Is to
a .to trove Ana - eoo
That You
' f . Grew,
The mission k life is to grow and
levelop its God-given powers. 4
i- xnose wno start tne iswm ana
fable to ,woi-k up are usually given the
niHinvrrua.wi c" e"""
rl,,m h' tt'ill-ttt -a tilt Wfl.; .!.''!:.:!- f-' .-'
.... .
" rWMTietllTMJ. .iwwriti, unnr - i.tv
gr outness thrust upon them -sy trmr
rlage or inheritance are moat arrogsnt
Pand intoterantdn their ttule jtowara
thoee who get on hhd up in mtm by
tuurd and persistent hustling. It taxe:
a. limbermaid,.for instance, -mho has
married Into and been left a great bus-
Ines to loint with lino ooro to thoae
who have grown to be somebody byf
tb-tr own exertions, as upstarts." . .
However, only rhl.lreti Vinwrt-
HHel tfwn tmnn x oemg ' lhe obcti"Hn j "fog of sns.ke. t)ne
lianies.''. . -V - ' twould suppose 'ttrnt It was nulte a con-
As some great man said :. y fUamition, yet -I think you will find s
No gentleman will Insult me. end no. disappointed office seeker
filltii. n -- . N "' , -I
Let no one discourage you by calling
voti an unstart. It would be mttch
i ... . , . . . . a..,. mm m na n - mm. n nil'
wm even lake tne .irourae o u
names. "
-.. There
Is no dishonor In
any work.
au arovnui unun iur iiiniici'
. .. " . . .
thamberrnold Is as good as a. queen it
she does her part the best she knows
t g m.
As Alexander Poce sars: t ,
Honor and sha-me from no condition
rise; - 1
, At well your part there ail tne nonor
t J
lie. , : - -
. . - , .... I I ..
.-..iy ; ..wi; ,:.-.;i. i.v m :. ; '''" ' :
The average height of rh? soldiers In
our civil war was flvo feet eight j nod
one hail Inches. -
TreBj.nsi notices printed on clth at
to'tha Statesman ofnsp
-j f J. O X A. ;
I , ' liil i:r.i He UW :3rt Kst
Trespass notices prlnteU tn
the suteaiuan, office..,. .w.v
cl.Hh at
Corr.munlcallcas Srnt In on Vsrl
bas SBbcctST
-. . ,r .-'-A ', r,.:,-, .. H it
. 3-:.v rv . t;V .
Tho Republicans Should Not Give Up
tho .Governorship for tho Position
of Afctornsy General What Social-r
ism Is and What Its Advocates
t I Hop and Strive For.
The Statesman Is' please-J to -print
nr m tei. t !-av m ttrr.e . 9 I"
. . - "'" ,..
imprest, at any time. There I. scarcely
.... i i
It is funked only that - corres
fiondents refrain from .personalities.
and use care that nothing be written
of a libelous or unworthy or untruth
ful nature.) ':,JL
Venison or Chipmunk, Which?
Kdltor, Statesmni . -j : .'..!...',( '.1
A good many years flgo, when dr
were mora abundant and ! amnuinUUjjn
less so, than atjth'e present time, a set
tler In the .Eastern part of this county
took his boy out on -a deer hunt. ; It
was he first tljne tbe boy had ever
been entrusted! with a. gun. ,"Nowj
son," iris father told hira, "I'll ' station
.you on thl-i deer trail at
. cltiHrn- fn tIrl.Io
. , ,w
tho edge of
around, and
strike the trail n rnlle or so further Up
a rut -work back to y ou. Tend to bus
iness, arid if a deer comes along let
him have it right back of the- shoulder."
For awhile , the boy was. on the alert
for , the least" sound, presently a chip
munk ran out on a nearby limb and
i commenced chattering. Th; boy slght
!cd at btm several times and finally the
temptation was more than he could
stand, ami he blazed away ft the chip
munk. There was a crash in the bush,
and a r fine two-prong buck .Jumiied
out Into the clearing, looked around for
a moment and then ran down the, trail
jy:the tm9 the boy had got hls'pow
der horn around to the front the buck
wui out of sight. A moment later the
boy's father stepped Into the clearing.
Welt, Where's the deer?. Did you
mis him." he ak-d.
: "$ shot at; chlpmunk,"vthe boy re -
pni., i ( .-?" r
. The father leaned his (fun against
tre, took off bla cmU, pulled out 1
rref, iouk on ui cum, iwncu VMV
venison is more imiwrwin in vtuy-
munk. That;, you can't bag tiovernor
and Attorney General both. Take your
; In the flrst place, what grounds has
Geer for expecting a second term?
For one thing, he has made a. capable
end efficient Governor. He ha be
come thoroughly familiar, with hlSjdu-
tles. end it Is a long etablihel .fus-
jora when a nwh has proved his fitness
to honor him with u second term. He
i no pollticai adventurer or turncoat,
but on the contrary, he has worked for
year, for." the success of the party he
represents. He Is thoroughly fd-htlfied
with Oregon and understands its needs.
te j ftrl .hie man ttnd popular, at
lnsne and abroad, and represents Ore
gtni wRh honor and dignity. The very
. tact that 'the" opposition can P"v
;duee no charge of Incompetence Or
inaladmlnist nation and can only tow.
duee1 frivolous charges is alone-' a cer
t liicte of merit for the nianner in
V which he ha performed bis.dutle. It
Is worth while Ur examine tne owmu
llon to Geer. : Are ..they 'entirely r. otstn
terested and working j alone for the
ob J? 1T mosf active of those
, p Governor deer Is Frank
Wiightman. Frank, wants to ueAi-
. . . . ; w
torrey (ienerai, n iauaaoie rnusn -
i iii.. t.ut tut between the ofnee oi
Governor and; Attorney. Oenertil there
Is chsldeab)e difTe.rence In impor
tance. The voter will have, to choose
!th; most imiartant and renominate
, t .mor Geer. B Wright-
opposition Is easily explained,
There are various others. Examine
,r yjrs?lf their motives.
j .Vhat aisiut all that smoke from
,1,,,,. iafui deal?" you ask?
n ,oW Md i, under
sluing rund and blowing vigorousij
pot on a big trot t or burning timber
but on one little bne llush(ey. Sim
mering the opposition - down it will
probably be, found that the- main, ob
Jtlon to Geer is thitthey mrp out anl
he Is in and they, would like a new
deal, in hopes of getting a sUce. '
N i TIUrtTllV MM At A-.
Calem. Marcli IS. 1902.
; About Soeialitm.
Kdltor Statesman: x , .
tn the issue oif March 7th the eVates
.vnrMAAt its oDtnion of Sollalism
jtn terms thay gi otie.-who ha" given
(feu. mttr. mi. thou srht. the impres
sion the the editor s invpupuw, y.
the subject haa been hot sugw,"
says that for Socialism to succeed.7tbey
-rouf t make every man ik in am?
intellect and strength. W
- Artiste it was afarmed that
amlstlon must die. Socialist wtmld
order the means of sustenance ao tha
by, a fraction of the laoor now vv-
u wuiiit furnish themselves
With the necessities of life, while with
HMIo more . exertion the luxuries
would be thrown in. In doing this
men need not be equator alike Jn the
.t-rtiiiijfl of soul . or body, nor .is.lt
...rv that their powers should 4Iie,
With the simple exception of the &mbt-
tion to acquire riches for one's own'
individual pelf. - -xj- -. . 1 j
. While s Socialists do not contera plate ,
the exclusion of the holding of private!
iropertTV . they do design that the
WKini y which w;e live shall not be
subject to i pri te m'onoioly. Neces-1
sarly there could be no. Individual
vcuKh, consequently .the ambitiun and
desire for 1 riches in 'time would per
lh. according to a law-of nature that
a faculty or member will die if never
What shtUl be said asrainst the kill
ing of fhls ambition In the face of all
the teaching 'and preaching of the
pftllofophers and sages of all .ages?
Christ himself and his Apostles warned
4us of the danger of riches. - If the iove
of money is the root . of aJI evil, 1st
Tim. bow easy io christianise the
world with this ambition dead. ' Does
the Statesman believe this ambition so
precious, that to keep it alive, war and
contention snail still continue?, Under
SoctalJem the' avenues for ambition
will still be open to all that pertains
to buman good.
As for energy, intellect nd strength.
the public school Is Socialistic, yet in
thern the pupils are not euual. The
ministers of the Gospel are SoclallsUc
in so far that, as rule.: they have
given up the ambition to gain and bold
wealth; still, they are not alike in
energy, intellect or strengths , ,!
Hut there Is lion in the way. If
It be chained. I do not know. Kven
the author of "Merry Knglajid" was
staggered when it came to THow shall
we reuUse Swlallsm?" and c-ould only
say, "Make Socialists, an Soclalisnt
wilt accompli itself." '
S4xaallsin , in economics Is like er
fectlon n the church whicb. by a ma
jority of Christians, 'Is considered an
Ideal beyond their reach in this world,
but a glorious state, to strive tow ard
and approximate, to. tSo. let the So
.clatists pretich their high idewl, and let
us work, toward and approxlimUe lo
as far as we see the way Is open.
- - -.""'." ' ' -K. OitYNO.
Siiiem, March 1, 1902.
.' ' -. i '
How This Auxiliary. of th First United
Brethren Church Passed M Most
Pleasant Evening A Juvsnilo Par
ty in South Salem.
The Ladles'! Aid Society of the First
t'hlted lirethren church, gave a social
Wednesday evening, jat the residence
of Mr. and Mrs. James lJatchelor, cor
ner of 15th and Mission streets. The
inariors' w ere brightly illumlnted, and
sixty-three guests were in attendance
to enjoy the fewtlvlttes.
During the first hour a delight fut
lrcRfuni was renderc;d. Miss Carrie
lkttchelor ave . an .'excellent Instru
mental solo;, and Miss Maud Hunt
contiibuted a charming isolo. A read
ing and humorous recitation by Mrs.
Slegmund was "followed j, by a hearty
encore. .Attorney lnnuin sung sovc-ral
enjoyable solos, and Itev. Win.- Stewart
delivered . short missionary, address.'
The rhyme of the jingling coin falling
in the "missionary tumbler", empha
nized in no uncertain sound the success
hof the entertainment. ueitr ious re-
rresnmeiii-s wer( ei v, .!
malnder of the evening Was passed in
Altogether, the affair wa one of the
moit pleasant since the organisation
of the society. Great 1 credit Is due
Mr. and Mrs. Datchelor for their
thoughtful care In the entertainment of
their friends. The next social will be
held on the 15th of April.
On Wednesday evening, March 12th.
at t:30 o'clock, a farewell Surprise par
ty was given in honor of the Misses
Haiti. Dorothy. Irena. and ramella Al
len, at their home on South Commer
etal street South Salem, by the follow
ing friends: Hattie Swienink. Anna
Welch, Maud Kvana. Agnea West,
Catherine Carson. Kssie trarson, Alice
Warner. Alma Nye. Adelta Nye. Mabel
O'Flyng, Helen Ulackwell,. John Savle
nink. Harlle Ulackwell and Itr
Seely. Mtislc and games such as little
folks only know how to play, were en
joyed by O.H present. DetlHous refresh
rrwn's were served at 10 o'clock, after
which everyone went home happy,
wishing the MlHses Allen, happiness
and Joy In 'days in ctm. The Misses
Allen Intend to move to rortlanl next
Siiturday, March 15th.
: : 1
mmm. -mmm, . ' " .
This is the day on which Marion
county Wlli decide whether she wants
a tiovernor r
whether she wants one or iu-r hjuh
sons lh the chief office of the state, or
the IVndieton banker, who was up
short lime ago as a Democrat.
, ; , o o o
5 There" Is good news for the Salem In
Trilnlne School in today's paper
--and incidentally good news foralem
o o ! "
rerhaos there will be' more room for
Z.um.m hn r,..itiir after this morning.
At least after tomorrow morning. :
e o
Thfi a eood deal of moving of ma-
ehinervlgoing-on in the Statesman of;
M these days. Hut the reaujutmer
will give opportune to get out a re
ter paper This will be done, and the
improvements will soon b ry notice
able, an 1 they will b rwrmsnent. The
mechanical equipment wltt be in better
share and more efflclent than 'ever be
fore. ' ,-, .. -,- , '
Go out to the primaries, no. matter
how you vote. Do a cltlsen's duty.
I .i.ii ;.im'I) MP. ,
Don't tie tbe toe of year
t ily and preserve J In
ibeotd fasbtooe vsy. Ht
ibeta by lle oew.snUrk,
sbsotuusiy wrtwsr iy
a tii l a eosMDf oi mn
Kcfined twrstllne. Uas
bo tsato or odor, tn
air tlf n iia ana
proof. Easily applied.
Cseful ia adosea other
ears aboot tbe bonae.
frail diresttoos with
oMevsrrwbers. JCjAs by
hm In
. , -vrj
Yor Infants
The Kliid You Have Always Iiouht lia homo the ls
turo of Clia. 1L. Fletcher, aiul hrw been made under hl
personal upcrrIiou for otrer SO yeanu Allow no one
to deceive you in this. CbunterfeiUs Imitations and
Just-aa-od,, are hut Experiments and cndiuiffex tho
heal tii of Chlldiu Kxpertenee ajai KxpcrimenU
The Kind You Have Always Bought '.
n U seT Fo r Over 30 Year c.
s l-ufssj- T aw ii if i nwi 1 i t-"' " H mmm i ia i
A V Aii 1 1
All c I uu up iu uaioi
; k " - :''..--. . ,( li ;
Pacific momeytMcl
" i.
"' tl.OO per year. - if you have "not"
and mall It today:
" " " ;' " ' ;" - r " ' -
To IIOWUSTKD CO Salem. OregtinL
rifse send the Pacl14 Homestead
; " " " , ! ,
morrthJi, for: which I agree to j.ay ft
r. o...
If not paid within els months, pdlee
Homestead and Statesman, $1.76
. mem: 1a what pomi:
Hdltor Ilorhestead
ICnclosed lin.l order for 11.35 for rtne
year's subscription to the llomesti
and the Oreiron lVultry Journal. Wh
your agent called in June 1 did not fkl
like taking yur pap-sr out ue
mm to trv It-for three months, and an
If I old not like it at the end of tHat
time U would' nqt cost mc anytblrl
llut we HKe your paer very rauvu
senl order for one year's subscript!
j m w w - - -j
ixhing success,
J. H. ItlU.YKA.
Hpt. 27, 1901.
from la4t June. -" Wishing
. ... - it
Knrthomlsh " AVash
(Homestead and Poultry Journal is
now jl.40.) . I
; - j
nditoe Homestesfd: .
Please find ensclosed II for my shb-
serlctlon to the lloroesteal. I Jni
very much - pleased with your paier.
There Is so much valuable iniorniaiiion
contained in it.
. J. A. ItfKiKItft.
Preewater, Or... fepu SO, 1301.
Editor Homestead: t ; '
I like the Homestead . very mu
rviiiidii't vprv Well do without it.
The articles wriUen and reports ffom
.nrTpr;nt Be. lion or larts of the coton
trv. t-iuWishod every: week, are knowl
edge w hich I to be gotten from
iiihie source. If intelligently applied
V. . ai.u;.
nidgefletd. Wash,., Aug. 19. ltH)l.
Alitor Homestead: ,
Knclrised nnd iitofn otder fo.
dd!ar for one year's . sul'scripllon
your valual-'e paHr. . I Woiilil te
without it. Your tru!y. -
K. J. HON! 'SHUt
ThaUber, Or, Nov, 11. li I.
iittur llontestead:
I am .much pleased with .the. ilotw
stad and 8late?4an; ?eifV-e ii
fiual to any iap-rs on this cast
not better. I remain, yonrs mfecl-
fulir, i U eitAVlitf.
tJalesVille. Or4 4fv. 12, 110I. ;
I3dltor Homestead:
IMeare find enclosed $1.75 for(
mbscrtPtlon to the Jlowiesiesd
Stjitfsman . I am rnurh Pleased w
the Homestead." There Is ww-h Viila
ble information contained lnltWlMi
ing you aucccsa. j
' mu. c. m. nixnr.
niskely. Or, Nov. X, I01.
Frank Wrong, of Mr rtle Point, f
Miinlv.i OrMrrni. iffidl. Ikrd new Mjll
sriptlona to the Homestead and s-jys:
I like the .-Homestead very . rriip n;
i-r.iiM nnt eet s Inn or without It.
A renewal fmm H. C. Jatknonl of
Khedd. Oregon, has the following (en-
ptMirnging wori sxKiei .tnerefoi
John Elites, of Portland, came uri
business last evening.
iA.' A. Iturton was a business victor
to Portland, yesterday.
tleorge D. f loWinue. wrnt ; to Lf
on business last evening.
ft' O. Matthews, of nugene, was m
Salem busjnet luitor yestetday.
A. W. Oiesy returned last etei
from a buin svlult to Portland.'!
visit to relatives In this city. ,
Mrs. E. fl. Mutkey departed for
home in finverton yesterdwy afterrt
from a visit to dalem friends.
BherifT W. W. Withers, of Eugene,
wa ' In Salem yesterday, having
brought a patient to the Insane Asylum.-
'; -.; ."' -. . -;'; '. j'' . v - i
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Boyes, of "Jer
va Is, Visited with Balem friends ye'jur
day, and returned on the afternoon
trains;.-' '. : ' - -K." -. .!.'-
Judge! Ceo. IL Burnett arrived hjnme
from -Albany yelerday . jtfterrioon.
wher he has been holding a jeslacjt) oi
Circuit Court.
Ralph Duncan, who has been employ
ed in Seattle for several months, ajrrJv-
land Chlldrcns
Dignuturo ox
Aifn-;!! oiiQ?
i) - WANT. TO BE?
... "." - - ''.--.. --': -- vl 1 '..-."".
doW, rut nut ani sign ihls coupon.
. Date..:... ...........
torny address, as given below, for twelve
M within st months from, lhl UtK
will be $t.2S.
eryt - ar au.h. or if luild within si months
llke the r Homestead as w ll wo ever and
would hot like to be without It. ' Wish
ing" you success.
J, D. Martin, of Vancouver, Wash
ington, says .he: "like the Ilom'stead
Wm. , P. Ptewnrt,' of SnoMomlsh,
Washington, wishes the. Homestead
great' .successt . I
W. Ii Williams, of Outlook. Wash
Ington, thinks "the Hono-stead Is o. k.T
"t like the l'aelilc Homestead fln
and think It la tho best farm paper I
have taken." aaya O. A. Uoerlg, of
Wtodland. Or. '.
J. W. Keller, of Waterloo, Oregon,
says: "Flnil enclosed 91 for one year's
subscription to the Homestead. Ilavi-
Ilng. recenUy come here from Hanford,
. . I ; ...It.... Hn . - A m-r. 1
taiiiorpia,; paie iuii.-u w itii
cofHes of your excellent papr, and
have missed them very mnrh."
; "I am well pleased with the" paper,
writes I. IJ. Farley, of Monroe, Ore
gon. djltlO O. C, Ilt-rger, of Avon. Wash
ington. - "
Frank Collins, of Auburn Washing
ton, says: 'We like your farm paper
very much, better than any farm pa
per we have ever taken. -
O. V. Tf-mpLHon. of Marys ville,
Washington, thinks "the Pacirtc Home
rtead is o. k. V
Jtitiies Irfiuder, of .Tacoma, Wash
ington, expresses himself In this way:
"Wotdd net be without your paper for
ten tltri-s Its price. -
. F. I -shale, of Bee hers.
Would not le without your pa
i rr any longer riiever missed anything
j J. i. Flsber. of Welser. Idaho, In re
tneMlng bis subsx'ilptlon to the Home-
.t'flIxiis be 'Is well pleased with the
imiwr. -. "v" : - "'
W. I. PaJch, of Welser, Idaho takes
several farm papers,- -but likes tho
Homestead best of all. ; ;- r '
Ir. A. Sklpton. of .Payette", l.Jaho,
lilies the i Homestead Very much and
t hirks "any one interested In farming
ahctild take It.. .-',; '. .
harle Coyle. owning a hlg whea
and slock ranch two miles west of
iW:iA Walla, says "the Pat I fie Home
pi in MrV ja "" w gft.I I II 1 ft
j It. 15. McNeaL i having a beautiful
j farin seven .miles west of Walla Walla,
on Walla Walla, river, is going Into
'dairying end diversified farming. '' Hi
tralses the llomestrad by saying Juit
wnat i neen." . --
The I per of alt riers to send to
yonr Kartern friends, for it gives a
more thorough Insight than any other
'laibllcatlon Into the farming and In-
el on the loesi last evening for . visit
to bis parents, . ' . , , J .
Foil MKN ONLY-At the- First
Christian church, corner High and Cen
ter streets. Fvsngfllst' Patterson will
adlrejis the men of Hal-m utmn the
subject: "Man's . Weakness : and
1irnth,' at S p. m. Hunday, . MUs
Mit'itimk k wilt sing two solo at this
st-rv Ice, This 'add rt ss to men has been
d liven d frbui ccart to coast and from
the Or. at Iaks to the Oulf of Mexico,
ard Is counted among the. best ad
!res delivered to men by envsngel
tUL . Every man in Halerrr, who can
possibly, do s, should bear Air. Patterson.;-
You will enjoy tbe solos. -All men
The Excitomant Net Ovor.
The rush nt the drug store still con
tinue and dally scores of people call
for n bottle of Kemp's 1 Italsam for
. the Throat and Lungs for'the cure
of CotiKhs, Colds, Asthma, liromhltis
and t onsrinrsptlon. Kemp's Unlsstn,
the stamlard family remedy. Is sold
on a guarantee and never falls to
jie entire aatlsfactlorb ' Price 22c.
and tttc. . i.v
Legal IiUnks Statesman Job OiHce.