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. . - ;,.( ;.!'-. .
Csildlsgs Overthrown j cr Des-
troyefl at Oaa&a ,
j v
One Church Literally Tern to Pieces
and . a School Abandoned ; Big
WarshouseBurned in Chicago 'and
"a Large Quantity of Valuable Mer
chandis Is Ruined A Train
Ditched on the Great Northern. ,
OMAHA, Neb. Mar. 11. The heavieet
wind and rain and hail storm in, the
history of the eit' visited Omaha and
Douglas county at 2 o'clock thie
J morning. ; Although fifty; buildings
'were damaged, nobody was seriously
injured. j . , ' ' ' .
The ; Franklin school, one of the
target In the city, had to be aboA
doned : temporarily. Kimll buildings
were Mown aloutaJid the Monmouth
Iirk M, B. ithuri-h wan literally torn
to-piece,' '-The Emanuel Hospital was
badly daJnegl. i
HtfVtral nurby town report' the
worst atorm -for yours. It partic
ularly sever at Valley and Klkhorn,
and at the la Uer plue a Union Fam ine
train wa struck j by a falling coal
chute and considerably damaged. At
Florence, three miles north. of the city.
the storm r twisted ' aeveral buildings
rrorn tneir lounoaiions,
Firo In ' Chicago.
Chicago, Mar. 1 l,rThe five-story
brick warehouse of the Drunnwlt k-lialke-t.'oilahder
Horhfiuny was practi
cally dtroyed by Are tonight. The
Jo J N $ 1 7a,00: The prl nel itl ; 1 tern of
(he loMs waa a great quantity of glass,
recently lmirtil. : for c rniiklng mir
rors. iTh value of the gfuMN destroyed
waa llOO.eot i
Shooting at Ashland.
."Ashland,:- Or., Afcir. ll-rll. C. Mes
enicer;h! J. f'.'f'tton, llh i-inlll
tnn and well known, quarrelled at
Cotton's tn lil 1, thre tntlea Went ofAh
laixl, Hnd Wenx!(((T shot ond fatally
wounded Cotton. Meiwenger gitve hlm
nelf Into cusUxIy. '
freight Train Ditched, i
Ilutte, Mont., Mar. I1.-A sjetal to
th- Miner, frtmt Havre, says: The
tJrea't'-." Northern freijfbt tr.dn 'waji
dlttheJ at Chinook early thla morning,
and ten ears Ioa.ld with rner'handlje
were demolished. No one was Injured.
Holland Gwinn's Body Found in a
Stream Noa'r the George B. Hovon
den Place Accidental Dsath.
WOODIlUItN, Munh ll.-The body
of Holland ; Owinrt was found In a
stream . .nir Oeorg!1 H. llovenden's
. iLi'e about three miles from Wood
bum, Saturday afternoon by a sar-h-
' tag party.. t Winn, who had b -n. stay
ing at Mr, Tovenden's home, was
: sup)fed to have been visiting Silver
ton, but correspondence brought out
the fact that he hud not Jjen there.
He. had disappeared a month ianVt a
half ago. Soon after his ht and rub
bers were found on a, bridge but it
vfna thought then by his tracks "that
'nothing tfvrtou had hapemd to him.
When found the body was-In a bad
state of decomposition. He had fallen
.from a small brl'lge Into four or five
feet of water ami was doubtless
stunned and drowned. The body then
floated 150 yards down the creek.) The
coroner at Hulein wus' notified arid he
telegraphed " to bring In the tody if
tfv-re was no doubt of death blng ac-
TtTe dead man's children. In fort hind
were fcummoned, but failed to oe at the
funeral on Sunday afternoorf. interment-
Ielng ! t Hubbawra cfmtery.
tlwlnnf'ita an ged mu.i and a carpen
ter by 'cUttm. . j
To Prevent Russia from. Absorbing
Manchuria, Even lfa War Be
- ' I the Result.
ViCT&niAy R. ?., Mar."" Hi Prince
Konoye.i IreidentL Of i the Japanese
Houoa or P
eers. .recently gave the Jap-
anes Advertiser ait Interview
Manehurtan aueoJion,
"Jaoan will never consent to a Ru-
lan Msmhutia." raid the Prinife;ir'on
this iolnt the Government is atsf)it
y determineI. Nir should we hesitate
to take -recourse to 'armed renton
st ranee. ere Russia to continue In her
recent seml-denant attitude. We have
the sympathy Of both the United States
and Great Hrf tain. In this mutter, and
know what we are doing."
Interesting Fight la the City Flection
at I. Grande. i
LA GHANPK, March 11. The results
of the city election yesterday are In fa
vor of the anti-reform ticket of which
the candUUte for" mayor, two council
men and the recorder, were elected.
The reformers elected their candldttes
for treasurer marshal and.counellmaTt,
This give those opposed to enforcing
the gambling laws the maror and .half
the council, with th mayor holding, the
deciding vote. Insofar as the Church-
test. Scrlber Is winner, although Mey
ers, Church assistant cashier. Is elect
ed treasurer. The fcrlber faction will
.have" control of the city govemmentj i
COLON. Colombtdw March 11. A pa
per published at Ilohda contains an ac
count of the battle at Socha. near Ro
gota. February Z3d.i In which the revo
lutionists nambered about 3000. while
the Government had 3000 men engaged.
The revolutionists lost 200 men killed or
wounded, aod had 400 taken prisoners.
'"COMA, Washl, Mar. 1L James
.Jams and J. E. Larkln. of the
,. Colony, were on trial today in
tha Federal Court, for sending: alleged
obscene matter "through the mails.
Judge Hanford threw the case out of
court. ;'!- ; ' :-.' t iC
A Minister in London Censures Edward
VII. for Making Beer and See- i
ing Sunday Concerts. j.
I LONDON, Mr. J-There TwajS a
striking scene In the pity Temple yes
terday, when during the course of his
sermon Re jr. Joseph Parker, 'D I., ad
ministered a. pointed rebuke to King
Edward, which was loudly applauded
by the congre gatlon. Having alluded
to the public house as trap-doors of
bell.- Dr. Parker referred to the King-
recent brewing of beer, while visiting
Lord Burton. ' -
-Pray for me." aald the Divine, "that
I may apeak delicately, loyally. If the
King brews beer, "what can be wrong
in subjects of drinking It? What the
King does Is likely to be Imitated, fey
others. If the King goes to a Hunclay
concert, as he did recently, he deals a
deadly blow to the Englishman's Bun-
day." . . ...
More Union Men Ordered Out' and
' Greater Additions to. Their Ranks
Expected Tomorrow. ,
7B08TON, IUm., MaTr. ll.-rThe sec
ond day of the greatj strike'against
tjhe demands of the railroad and steam
ship companl? found! large additions
to the ranks of ' the stf-ikers. Nearly
00d union men were irdered out to
day.'brlnilng the total of Idle mn up
to about 1,000, with a prospect or
still greater increaw tomorrow... -.
1 BPOKANE. Wiwh, ' Mar. , 11-Flve
nromlnent Indians from the Coeur
d Alene Reservation In North Iilaho
have returned from Washington. They
state .that the Preid.nt told them. If
they wanted to sell their land, to go
$ head and sell. It Is cluilmed the plan
how is to drive all hsilS-breeds off the
reserve, then sell the land to the Oov-
e'rnment "to be throws open.- . This
would leave all the money for 400 or
&6o full-blood Indiana, j
He Told the Marquette Club, at Chi
cage, of the Causes of the Insur
rection's Continuance What Peo
ple Should Be Hanged for Treason
CHJCAUO, Mar. ll.-nOeneral Fred
erick Kunston wus the guest of honor
at an elaborate banquetj, held . tonight
in the club house of th Marquette
Club, members of the Iaeoln t.31ub also
tdiarlng In the o-cjislon.': -
i IK Ha4l. been the original Intemlon to
hold a. great reception,; but loeneral
Kunston, aid- his physljcal condition
was not equal to the strain that would
be Imposed by a function of that kind.
At the tetnquet .Ueneral Funston
said: ' - . - j
"Had It not been forthe so-calletT
p"aoe party in the rtatesi the Insurrec
tion would have be? n suppressed Anal
ly In January, 100 Two negro sol
diers deserted from our irmy, and for
a time served in the insurgent army
Thsy, were Caught and hanged. It
would : have been more (of an act of
Juatke had we hanged the ieople who
signed, the recent petition to Congress,
asking that we confer. With the Phil
ippine leaders In an effort to secure
peace., . . ,i ',
"We are Informed that Major Wal
ler Is -to be court-martialed because
he shot Some natives who stole food
from his starving men. If that Is tru?,
I say bully for Waller, il am glad he
aid it - ' " t
Democratic Politician and Former
Governor of Illinois Died Yesterday.
JOLIF.T. I1U March 12. Former Gov
ernor John F. Altgnld died at the Hotel'
Munn this morning at :09 o'clo k.
The remains were taken to Chicago
this evening, and : burial twill be from
his late residence in Sheridan to Grace
land cemetery. The deceased belonged
to no church or secret soeletyj
:. ' . iU: :
His Trip Out to Sea Was the Signal
for Noisy Cheering, All the Craft
i in New York Harbor Giving Him
Noisy Send 'Off. -
NEW YORK. Mar. 11. Prince Hen
ry, of Prussia, skilled for Germany on
board, the Hamburg-American liner
Deutchfcmd, thla" af terncH9. Ills last
day in America was spenit entirely on
board the Deutchland.
Shortly before the steamship sailed
the United Singing Societies of Hud-1
7k i I ; :.w Z " . " f
the deck of the Princeaa Tlccorla Lou-
a.r nnimfv Va Tssh- ' 1
toe. which lay. alongside khe Deutcb-1
land, and aang a number if selections.
Prince I lenry appeared, on the bridge
of the Deutchland and bowed his ac
knowledgment .repeatedly.1 ... sv '.
The Deutchland sailed at 3:45. As
ahe moved away from the pier the
cheering was rontinuoas. j The Prince
appeared on the bridge and bowed.
All down the North River tug and
craft of every." description gave the
great ltnee and .her distinguished paa
aenger a noisy aendrohT. J ,
The Imperial yacht Ilohienzollernern
started on the homeward (trip at 2:49
thla afternoon. -.; A
iiL 1 a. new suit at tne New Tork '
Racket for spring wear. Low prices
on reliable goods.
Zt-dw. ,
. j . .
nnsT veto
President RccseveU p.ppraws,
a Relief Mrasnre
! :
j ( t
Cuban Reciprocity Still a Bono of Con-
, 7 ,
, tention in tho Hcus of "Pn;
tativos. Where the Republican .ditlon. The measure, requires pub
Fsil is Aorw on' a Mode off Pro- Ilielty of the (records of the executive
I oeduro Tho Caucus ' Held Last
Night Ended in Disagreement
' WASHINGTON, Mar. 1U President
Roosevelt today sent his first vsto mes
sage to Congress. The bill vetoed was
one removing the charge of desertion
from the naval record of John Glass
After the -message had been dellv-
ered. Senator Galllnger read the report
of the committee on which the Senate
ax-ted. From that statement It ap
peal!! that Class enlisted In January,
1H4, when only 1 years old, and that
having witnessed an act whlth com
promised the second officer of thie ship,
be waa taken on shore by that officer
and told not to report again for duty.
The committee ay that thla order1, to
gether" with Glasa' youth, waa respon-
si blej for his desertion.
Cuban Reciprocity.
Washington. Mar., 11. The fourth
conference of the House Republicans
on the Cuban reciprocity question waa
fruitless, the conference adjourning at
midnight, untll4 next Tuesday. .Vic
tory was with the advocates of reci
procity, as a motion to adjourn waa
carried seventy-two to fifty-four, after
a motion to amend the motion to make
It a sine die adjournment, offered by
Littleneid of Maine, had been voted
down sixty-one to seventy-mine. The
motion to adjourn waa ' made by
S)eakerTIenderson, and the opponents
of reciprocity claimed, after .adjourn
ment, that, somei of their friends "did
hot: care to offend the Speaker bjv de
clining to heed his appeal for d fur-;
ther conference. i i ' j
trv. 1 U. In tha .I'onlnir Iha rfrirtnncllt a
M.m . . . ... v..-. k. . . . -
tf reciprocity bad insisted oil a. vote
tonlght-upon the main proposition;, The
session "tonight was a stormy on?,
Sibley, of Pennsylvania, offeril a com
promise proposition for the reciprocity
agreement to last until December 1
103, which he claimed had the ap
oroval and endorsement of President
Roosevelt. Tie also Raid he had assur
ances that If the House granted )
twenty per cent concession the Senate
would hot increase It.
Divergent Views. ;
Washington, Mar. 11. For several
hours today the Senate had the ship
subsidy bill under' consideration. Mai
lory made an extended speech in oppo
sltlon to the measure. ,
Prior to the consideration of the sub
sidy measure, a lively debate occurred
over an effort on theipart of 13erry to
ascertain when the Committee on
Privileges and Elections might be ex
pected to report to the Senate a res
olution providing for the election of
Senators by djrect . vote of the people,
Hoar indicated j a vigorous opposition
to such a resolution, on the ground
that It would subvert the fundamental
principles upon" which the S nate was
. Debate in the House. .
JWashlngtpn, Mar, 11. The House to
diay 'ent-f ed upon the consideration .of
be post office appropriation bill, but as
sual during the general debate on the
appropriation bills, members devoted
themselves to everything except the
bill before the House; Thayer, (Mass.)
attempted to' take advantage of the
division of tne RebubHcans on the
subject of reciprocity, by bringing for
ward a resolution to investigate tne re
ttorts that the isugar trust would be
the chief beneficiary of the Cuban
reciprocity, but the Republican come
up solidly against such a course.,
The fouture of the day was a. speech
by Hurl son.: attacking Secretary Hay
for declining to request the British au
i lion ties to furnish a passport to go
thmugh the Rrttlsh line, to Rev. Hi
ram W. "Thomas and wife, who desire
to go to South. Africa-, to distribute
Boer relief funds collected In Illinois.
Hitt (III.) made a spirited reply to
Rurispn. charging the Texas member
with attempting to prejudice the case
before tha evidence waa In.
For the new srhooner yacht Meteor,
which has-been planned by A. Cary
Smith at Rarbey for the emperor of
Germany.; a figure head has been de
signed by atf American artist, George
R. Rarse Jr., N A.' It will take, the
form of an eagle's bead.
Mr, Rarse Is a well known figure
painter, a .National Academician, a
member of the Society: of American
Artists and the American Water Color
Society. He has exhibited at the Penn
sylvania Academy - of Fine Arts and
j Carnegie Institute. In 1,835 his picture
at the National Aetdemy of Design was
awarded the first HaJIgarten prize.
"thave known Mr. Smith for year.
a I A . -ff Tf m -s.ak .lw k M a.
that It ha been h' desire to have the
Meteor as American aa oossible from
. s - avaai v 4 x-ll l-i J , M SBUW
stem to stem. The original plana did !
not contemplate a figurehead, but Mr.
?mlth asked me to undertake the de
sign about two month ago. I had
4 hoped that It would be possible to utl-
1 liCA tH fla-uea Ar a wavnan ' Knl , V
hum tin of tha kw ni.i,4a ,- I
S Th Ueteoe u m h rintart . kii. ,jAmerttan mothers that a sufostltute ex-
know. The bow. painted whit also.jjf" tor Perry vU Painkiller. They
will b of tnkvood. Th. e ii.. kBOW ho R relieves the troubles of
eagle, just below the bowsprit, win be 1 childhood, from sprained arm and legs
gilded, aa wel las the scroll and fe4ln. 1 1 omachache. Other preparation
era. .The head and feather will be In I d1tod Painkiller la certain to.
relief, but the scroll alii be cut Into the? A b,r flnrrr'nc nd on that ha been
teakrwood jtecognlxed for aixty years. There la
The mouth of the eagle will be one Painkiller. Perry Davia-.
painted red. and I think that the rarv-t
ed feathers and scroll will b
slxed by a thin brown or black Un be,
neat b. the edeea. The eaale's hsd m
be aixten inches In diameter, and the ac
. . . - . -
scroll treatment from the bobstay to
the eagle's beak will be about three
feet- . -
"My 'I lea in making this design has
en to tarry out an idea of speed. It
curious to know how: the figurehead
has pase.sd out of fashion. I may be in
error, but I think there is only one fig-
steamer. I hope that this
o.d fashion wi:l be revived."
I . & ry 1 1 n j
by tho ,lowa
DES MOINES. Jwa, March 1L By
j a vote of, 33 to 9 the Senate has passed
) the ay ar.J Mount Comnilttte , bill
! th. taxation of ralhoadprOperty
on a basis of stocks; and bonds, net
; aad gross earnings; nd physical con-
foonc" making the assessment and
tffoit to substitute the Nichols stocks
and bonds law of Ohio for the commit
tte measure failed. It is predicted
that' the measure, will pass the House
The House committee on railroads
baa voted to report . for passage the
Carter bill reducing the passenger
fare on railroad in Iowa to 2 cents
mile, and fo report without, recom
mendation the Donahue bill to re
quire railroads to furnish all public
officials with passes.
MJM' f )
Entertainers Kept Him
Busy All
. . i of; Yesterday. ;
CHICAGO, March 1Z. General Fred
erick Funston waa a busy man today,
EntertaJners had hint routed up at
9:20 in thenomlng.j and it. waa mid
night before he regained his hotel
j again.
ALBANY, N. T. Mar. 12. The Penn-
sylvania tunnel bill passed the Senate
today. The bill permits the city of
New York to award a franchise to the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company, at a
reasonable annual compensation, to
construct tunnels from New Jersey
under the North and East rivers.
' V',: -i
Is an Important and Magnificent I
Discovery Masses of Loose Rock
That Is All Treasure-bearing , Or. I
BOISF.. Ida.. March 11. News has
been received from Thunder Mountain,
of an Important discovery. At a point
about ten miles frpm the Dewey prop
erty, a mountain,, of : porphyry, similar
to that In the Dewey claims, has been
found, and it seems to carry about the
game values. This ore deposit stand
up j .200 feet above the surrounding
country. The porphyry has fallen
away on both sides, making masses of
loose rock .that Is all ore.
The six markets . at which most Eng
lish wheat is sold are Norwich. Mark
Lane, Peterborough, Lincoln.' Hull and
Ipswich, in the order named. Peter
borough has taken the place once oc
cupied by Lynn. The markets for for
eign wheat which occupy the first six
places are Liverpool. Mark Lane, Bris
tol, Manchester, Hull and Birmingham.
The London remains the most Import
ant of English corn exchanges, for It is
a good second for both sorts of wheat.
whereas Norwich, which slightly sur
passes it for English, .'sells very little
foreign, and Liverpool, which is the
premier market for foreign, regards an
English sample as quite a curiosity.
London Graphic. " ,
Trmtass notice printed on cloth at
the Statesman Office. (
COPENHAGEN, March 11. The Fol-
kethlng. in committee of the while and
l.i executive session tolay, voted by a
large majority In favor of a ratification
of the treaty providing for the sale. of
the Danish West Indies to the United
Cloth trespass notices at the States
man office.
And , Will Control th ' Morrow County
' Convention, Having ' Secured
Majority of the Delegates at the
Primaries Held in tha Latter
County Yesterday.
PORTLAND, Or, Mar. 12. The
Umatilla county Republican, conven
tion today declared for J. N. William
son of Crook county, for Congressman
from the Second District, and the del
egates elected, while hot receiving spe
cific Instructions, are expected to vote
for him In the Congretonal Conven-
la Morrow
county today the "pri-
marie were held, and 'Williamson, ee-
cured a majority of the. delegates to
the county convention.
Tha Children Frind.
Thete Is no us in trying to persuade
. KROWN-s-"8tir a SUr" shoes have
a reputation back of them. Thafa tha M
kind von buv at the New TnrV Rair.fll
. - . -. . . , 1
2t-dw. U
Senate Ccsislttte ca Isthmian
.Casals Has Decided
This Route Considered the Best, and
Negotiations for , the; Rigbt-of-.Way
Have Been Nearly Complex-
ojd. While No Steps Have
Taken for the Other The
8ubsidy Cl'.t Is Debated.
WASHINGTON, March 1&f-The
j Senate Committee on fsthrr.ian Canals
haa decided, by a vote of 7 to 4, to re
port the rtopbum bill . providing! for
the construction of the Isthmian Ca
nal via the Nicaraguan route.
The action of the committee
taken at a, called meeting, held d
the afternoon,. and came after
leport by Senator
Morgan, thalhnan
of the committee, detailing a reisolu
tion of
a eonairerence witn pecrtary j
I Lay, a to the status of diplomatic
negotiations with th Central Atnerl
cant Republic concerning
the- canal
He tatated that the Secretary bad told
him that there are no negotiations
pending, between the United States
land Colombia, concerning the Panama,
route, and that on the other nana tne
repreentat$vev of this country
tboae of Nicaragua and Costa
have been In consultation, and
agreed upon practically all
the points
to be covered In the concession
treat -
lea. nothing really being 4eft In
connection but to pot the
In writing. He aald that tho
ments of those two countries ba
Rested a disposition to make all
concessions the United . State
ask, to aid in the construction of
canal, and that among these conces
sions la one for a perpetual right of
way. . " ' '
Senator Hanna proposed that action
by the .committee should be delayed
until an opportunity could ; be had to
ascertain Colombia's position. Sehator,
Mitchell moved to report the lleo
blly las It iasesd the House. ,
motion was carried. I
Ship Subsidy Bill. 1
Washington, March 12. Again today i
tne snip submoy but occupied practical
ly the entlretlme of the Senate. Mc-
turawr .(vortn uaKoia) presented a
carefully prepared argument in which.
a Republican of an agrlcultursl
state, he favored the bill on the ground
of Its protective features. Depew
Y.) one of the members of -the .Commit
tee on Commerce, delivered-an elabor:
ate sreech. In which he analysed
argument, .both for and againsq
poeition to pay subsidies to the
ping Industry. . Hi peroratlori
which he pictured in glowing language
the results of the operation f thej
elicited hearty applause from the
A few bills were I passed, inclu
one providing for the redemption, of
Hawaiian silver coins, and the substi
tution therefor of American ailver coin's
i Two Members Clsshed.
Washington, March 12. General de
bate. on the postofflce bill continued In
the House today, a number of topic
being discussed. The proceedings were
enlivened by a clash between Corliss
(Mich.) and Richardson (Ala.) ori the
aubject of the Pacific eab.e. This the
second time these two members
locked horns on the cable question;
The House adjourned at 4:30 od
t of
respect to the memory of IkKirkHier
Glenn, who died tolay.
Chinese Exclusion.
Washington., March 15. The Senate
Committee on Immigration has agreed
to report favorably the Mitchell bill for
Chine exclusion. It Is substantially
- , "-f
t k IWM Bah
Is that ttaM hSiW Vkn&
eM jaa Mltr
of menstruation.
womanhood, aid Iqjr development of organa and body.x No
known remedy for women equals them. Cannot do harm lifa
becomes a , pleasure .ik K iJOX HY MAIL. Hold
by dnijrglsta. DO. MOTT'S CHEMICAL CO.. Cleveland. Ohio.
la the old dajt tb trip
ravorite trip of travelers tbera
then used dkl not compara with
mains tba finest one In tba wirld of
The' Northern raclfle, rli Doloth, consectj wltb tba Laka
o learners, ana a trip .on me -jNUitt
ice again May &tb and the
tion at Buffalo, will be aomethlnf
dren. .
Send tlx cent for Wonderland
S. FEE, SL TaaL Mian
Any local agent will qaota ratea.
the same as the modified bill submitted
by the Pacific Coast committee, only a
few' verbal corrections having been
made., - - .
The point which occasioned much
consideration by the committee was
whether or not the Chinese should h
excluded from the Philippines. " or
whether thejwhole proposition should
be left to the Philippine Commission.
The committee agreed to retain the
proposition of absolute exclusion tak
ing the ground that fhe United Statej
wanted ! to retain the Philippines for
the Filipino, and that the latter' were
a much opposed to the admission of
Chinese as were the Americana. Anoth
er section of th bill about which th
committee debated at length was that
excluc ing Chines sailors from the
ships ct American register. This pro
Vision was also retained in the bill, but
with a proviso to. the effect that In the
case of accident, stress uf wtaihr r. 'or
serious illness, the captain of a vcu. l
may ship a Chinese crew for the vy-
age, upon which he may have entered.
Nlding In the escape pfiChlnese held
In detention la made a Mony, punish
able both by a fine and iniprisonmeiit.
A new provision applies the exclusion
pr luluns of the bill to Chinese who
enter as merchants, students and the
like, anJ become laborers. .
They Think Prince Henrys Visit
' Had Good Influence.
BERLIN, March 12i The seml-omoial
rsortn uerman uaxette, commenting
UDon th deoarturs of Prinr llenrv at1
p.-j- from tb- united state rrr.
ifu in inr warmest terms lu ine gener-
ana gooa win extenuea to the Kmj-r-orS
representative, and continued:
"In the atrcngthenlng-of the tra.'.i
tlonal friendly relation! between th?
great, iowerful and progrecnlve na
tions. In the renewal of the new conn
dence, e couple In our thoughts wiih
gratitude the countless thouianJs of
American men and women who every
where gave Prince Henry a'Joyful and
sincere welcome.' Il l these perfectly
spontaneous 'demonstrations of friend-'
ahlp, coming from all clauses of a proud
people, that give us confidence that the'
good feeling which ha been enrmd. i
ed both. her and there by the 'visit to
the land of Washington, will 'continue
ita influence in the relations between .
Germany and the United States, .politi
cally untroubled as thy are in a way
o the advantage of both peoples."
, ssv a stss viisv i sag wr iuiHiii
In fhe North tlerman Uaxette. tthlrh
undoubtedly originated In the -Vretn
Officei other papera refer to 4rln. .
llitniy'n departure and express i! ir
appreciation bTilie regard of the Unl'.-
ed. States for Getmany as evidenced lit:
the honors ,: ahofeered uixn PrlnoJ
After Filing Articles in the Stat Ds-
pinmim-i wo LumDr bomfiinitt
Among the New Concerns.
In, the - Dejiartment of State, at the
Capitol, yesterday, five new -companies
filed articles. They are;
Frank Schmltt Company " wUl deal
In 1 limhstt a tA-1yt .dtV. . nn.Jt..l . .
i ... -'" a vi t.s.1 w mi w iE.jri tu ui
$30,000. Frank Schmltt. J. R. t'urr, J.
Graf. I L Wolf and V. M, Kllgore ore
: the Incorporators of record.
The LoKtlne Hardware Company will
, denl In hardware and Implements In
: 'Wallowa county, with, headquarters in
Los tine. The company ho a capital of
$8000. - H. A. Church. J. L Hainrnot k
ana . .w. t-ttzpatrtcK are the inceriKj-
4 ratora of record. - (
j The Croner & Rowell Company will
J operate sawmills und do a general dum
ber business : at Hvholls, Washington
county, with a. capital -,of $5000. FJ
Groner, J. A. Rowell, and F. E. Rowell
'are the Ipcorporators. ,
. The Myrtle Creek Warehouse . Com
pany will doai in farm produce, t Myr
tle Creek, with a capital. of $1000. -. J.
; -jwmiaTj. G. V7 Jonn'!
j the I neorporators.
The Merchants' Protection Astwx-la-
;tlon Is organized, for the protection of
its members, jvith headquarters in-
Newberg, with, a capital of $jW0. II.'
A. Grnfe. "iv, P. Heiusn k and Ji H.
Thomas are the !ncorioratora.
RIBBONS AT "Racket prices.- Rig
assortment just In at The New York
Rairket. - 2t-dw.
win Car them of lit rem. Cough or
temper, i f rusataa
Ilia I't. t-a HM -. ... . '- A
U hmt haa, 14 of llhlmpr amt af rhmut
gHSKat BKH(;kK, Sawaxk, S. 1,
SV SSS,i Ittmmr .. 0t. SIMM.
They overcome Wrak
Desa, irregularity and.
omission, la create vig
or and banish "naiua-
ara LIFE 8AVHI1S" t triri at
and down the great Lake waa tba
wera do touriata tben. Tba boat
those on tha lakes, aod tba trip re
It sorL
u uuAJsr Li H UTiD in serv
a teamers, to the Pan-American Exposi
to recount to your children' chil
1901," ready May let, to CUAS.