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Tfcree Criminal tests Tried be
fere Jslge Ccrcttt i
The Jury In, the W R. Smith Stabbing
Affray Was Out Nearly All Day
Without Rendering a i Verdict
Two Men Tried for Stealing a Coat.
(From Saturday' Statesman.) ,
Tmrday wa a busy time -In the
Stae Circuit Court for Marion county,
Department! No, l,!andat'rorte time
'ihreeV Juries--thirty-six .j'l- men -were
locked up deliberating- on, verdict.): !''
At t d'clock a- m., when, the court
, convened, ' the taking of testimony In
the ease of 'the state against W, R.
Smith, the Sllverton stabbing affray,
was continued, and at 10 O'clock, the
testimony being: In. the case. :"a ar
gued by ; tKe attorneys. It was! 1120
before the 'Judge concluded k' his In
structional ta 'the Jury, and the latter
retired to deliberate upon ; a verdict,
and the Jurors remained in their room
all day, being4, unable to agree- The
Jury consists J. 1 Steiwer, Alex.
Dawson. M. IM Barber, DL 'II. Lodhey,
T. W. Rutherford, John Brock, F. A.
Mangold, O, E. Thompson, J. B. Seeley.
S. W. .Jones, C. L. Weaver, Frank
Smith..- At o'clock last evening the
! court called out the Jury, and ascertaining-
that no verdict had been
reached,- Sheriff t W. Durbin waa In
siructcrd to take the men to supper and
afterwards, return them and : lock
them up tor xurtner a eji Deration. .
At 1 p. m. the case of the Stute vs.
John . Duly and Frank-J Smith, waa
ailed. The men ' were accused of
ieallng an overcoat from -a room in
N, the Salem 'lodging house, on, Christmas
NEve, 1901. The men hud demanded
separate trials, and the case of John
Daly, was .'called -first. the following
Juror being chosen to try the case:
Newt' 'ook. J I Calvert, M. A.
Wade. N. Mlokel, Frank, Wade, B. B
r;.'wr, Ch;j. Lotyg. W. R. Townend,
II. J. Workman. I I.; Kelly, L. Ci Cav
anah.-W. M. Murphy- " 1 7. !'
The caae consumed' sewral hours of
the court's time, ahd searching ihves
ligation w a made Into It. The de
fendant claimed he wan a tailor and
had worked at Vancouver Barracks for
a .'time, whence: he went to Portland,
and came to Salem by ste,a'rner a few
days before Christmas. On Christmas
he and his' 1 partner " were arrested
chnrgel witli stealing the 'coat.. ' ! He
clalraed lie had liought the coat from
a Stranger. The State showed that the
drfepdant tctfinVd to a different story
froni the on- toi.l at the preliminary
hearing. At 3"r30 o'clock! the Jury waa
charged arid retired, and as the regu
iar Jury room was. occupied -by the
twelve m.-n th-llberatlrtg on the verdict
in the VV. R. Smith stabbing case, the
.rtttortiey's. room in 'the northwest cor
p.:r of 'the building was used for the
, Daly jury.X. .? i' ? --
Tiie ae afeiiinst Frank Smith, on the
same rharge,' was .called Immediately
.'after the Daly Jury retired, and as the
regular jury venire was nearly ex
hausted, a" n; venue was , called
.and - the following twelve men were
nworrt In to try the case: '
, , Jo. Benolt.1 F. R. Dayton. Kd Jory.
! diaries' Benson, Waited D. Dow, D. T.
I'ltt. W. T. Ktol. II. W. Barr O. II.
Fay. Fred WJ SteuslofT, j Robert Down
ing. James Vaughn: i J V ..' '. '
The testimony In this case did. not
differ much from that of the preceding
trial, and at 5:10' the Jury retired' to
deliberate upon a verdict, they being
given quarters In the old Grand Jury
' room, adjoining the court 'room.
The! Jury In thlsease reached, an
Agreement in about two hours, and re
turned a Verdict Into -court, finding de
fendant guilty as charged.
In the W. R. Smith cae S. D. Hay
den and W. II., Holmes represented the
ifefendant, while E. C; Judd appeared
for the two defendants In the last two
coes, and District Attorney J, N. Hart
and Deputy John H. McNary apperiMl
for the state In all three cases.
Sheriff F. W. Durbin and Deputy
SherifTIl, B. Colbatb were both sworn
la to act as bafUff, a the two regular
'inert had moi juries on thetr hands
than they could conveniently handle..
Resulted in the Sslsetion of Mr. Wil-
kins as the Representative of the
School inxthe Coming State Con
'ptest. ".'.; :" ' ,':--. f .:.; " ;...''
The local ratorlaJ contest at the
:AVIMamette University. last, night, drew
a large crowd of the friends of the "old
sehtKil." as well; as the, students In
large numbersthe occasion being the
try-out of the or&tors of "Old Willam-
ette." the victor io be chosen to repre-
.., ik. it.i..ii.i .i.(.nr.ior.
i si contest to be held in this city next ,
month. ',... i '
There were three contestants for the
honors, tL B. WUklns. whose subject
was The Spirit of Progress; Miss
Sophia K Townsend. with "The: Maker
of History" as her subject, while W. K
Keyes discussed "Arnold, the Traitor."
, The work of all three was excellent,
and thoroughly enjoyed" and1 appre
ciated" by all preant. "The Spirit of
Prpgress," by Mr. Wilklns. was given
first place by the Judges, and that gen
tleman was consequently the choice of
the University for Us representative Jii
the state contest. '..:.'';. '-'' :-'
The musical , numbers of ! the eve-
ning's entertainment were all excellent.'
and the auilenee enjoyed the entire
program to the full. . ; -
At Corvallia.
. -Corvallia, Or, Feb, 14. Herman Tar-
TT :'
n fD
arc i l m x
' Scrofula b Lut a modified form of Blood
Poison and Consumption. The parent
who ii tainted by cither will gee in the
cnua the sanic disease
manifesting i t se 1 f la
the form : of swollen
glands of the neck and
throat, catarrh, weak
and abscesses and of- g
tcnticjs white swell- S
ingfture signs of
Scrofula., '.There may
bcooexteroa! sisrnafor
a Ions time, for the disease develops slowly
in some cases, but the poison is ia the
blood and will break out at the first favor
able opportunity. S. S. S. cores this wast
ing, destructive disease by first purifying
anil building up the blood and stimulating
and invigorating the whole system,
v j. J, (teals, its Public Sqosie. Na.hVille.Tena,
ays t "Tra years sgo my daughter felt and cut
her forehead. From thi wound tlte glands oa
the side of her face became swollen and tmrsted.
ne,c; he it doctors here sad euwwbere
ttended fcer Withont soy benefit. We decided
to try K. a. a and a few bottles cared aer ca
Urely." .
makes new and pure
blood to nouruh and
af ren or! tka lA
and is a positive and
safe cure for Scrofula.
It overcomes all forms of blood poison,
whether inherited or acquired, and no
remedy so thoroughly and effectively
cleanses the blood. If you have any
blood trouble, or your child has inherited
jotne blood taint, take S.,S.- S. and get
the blood in good condition and prevent
the disease doing further damage.
Send for our free book and write oar
physicians about your case. We make no
charge whatever for medical advice.
tar was tonight chosen the representa
tive of the Agricultural College, In the
state : oratorical contest, 'to occur at
Salem next month.
A Wretched Millionaire.
The story Is told of the owner of
severat railroads who - was (unable to
buy relief from the nerve-twisting ag
ony of neuralgia. It Is an unlikely
tale. The sick man must have known
that Perry Davis Painkiller would
help him at or.ee, as it has helped so
many thousands of sufferers in the
past sixty years. There Is but one
Painkiller, Perry DavlsV
. " .. ..
Proceeding Slowing on Account of
the Apparent Indifference of the
Voters All Are Urged to Call and
' Register.
(From Saturday's Statesman.)
The work of registering the voters Is
being carried on very slowly and al
though there remains about three
months In" which one can register it
seems Mhe better policy to attend to
the matter at the present time- instead
of putting it off until he last hour or
minute and run.the-riak of getting into
a ruph and being shut out as was the
case with many before.? Up to last
evening 5J7 votiers had been registered
an Increase of bne more than 100 over
the previous day. This, of course, a
plies only to those who have registered
In "the -county clerk's department In
this city and it Is a very difficult mat
ter to make even a rough estimate of
the number of registrations throughout
the county, as outfits have been sent
to every precinct In. the county except
those In the Immediate vicinity of Ba
te m pnd It Is quite prob.tble that there
Is better progress being made In the
outside precincts than In those of the
city and vicinity.' As evidence of
this W. Scott Taylor who has charge
of the registration of the voters of Ger-
vals frrectnet Informed the Statesman
about: a week ago that he had, up to
that date registered an even 100; which
Is no doubt the banner precinct of the
county. raiem no. z precinct up to
last evenlnar has reelstered 103 iVoters.
being tar In the lead of any precinct In
the city or neighborhood, jKnglewood
being second with 68 registrations.
County Clerk Hal! Is very anxious to
have the work finished at the earltent
possible date, and Is so anxlottn that
every voter le registered that he re
quests anyone who knows of avoter
who through Illness or InnniHty will
hot be able to come to the office to reg
ister, will 'kindly call-at hls office and
leave- that person's name and address
he will call upon' him In person before
the books close and see that he Is prop
erly registered. The registrations by
precincts, as shown by the books In
the clerk's department up to last eve
ning; follow; j . i
Aumsvlile 3, Aurora 1. Breltenbush
1, Brooks i3..Buttevllle X, Elkborn ,
Englewood I 6S, Tairfleld 8, Gervals 1,
Horttb Z. Howell S, Hubbard 1. Vlacleay
12, Marion S,' Menama 1. Mt. Angel 5.
Prospect 27, Salem Sio. 1. 19; Salem No.
2. 103; Salem Na 3, 41: Salem No. 4.
45; Salem (East). 22: Satent (North),
30; Salem (South). 22; Scotta Mjfts 1.
Sidney 14, Silver Falls l; Silverton 3.
Silverton (South), 3, Sllverton (North).
!l. St. Paukt, Stayton 4. Sublimity 7.
Turner 25, Woodburn 2, Tew Park 23-
Tor Xniixus &nd Cliildrex :
Tba Kfci Yea Ka?f E::?h'
SbjUAtura of tf
ent n. Field and Manager R. Koeh-
er 0(. the Oregon division - of the
Southern Pacific Company, passed
through this city yesterday afternoon
In a special car, southbound, viewing
the company's properties generally. r
r . w
Tea Mere Placed L'p:a tfae tizrha
Ccasty Er cords ,
The Price Agreed Upon Is Eleven Cents
. Pee Pound, a Portion to Bae Paid
at Picking Time, the Remafndee
en Delivery.
(Vjom Saturday's Statesman.)
Ten hop contracts were filed for
record in the county recorder's depart
ment yesterday, representing In the ag
gregate tl.000 pounds or 400 bales of
Marion county bops the ruling consid
eration of j which was 11 cents per
pound. In every instance a portion of
the price is to be! advanced at picking
time and the balance upon delivery;
Krebs Bros, agents, of Salem, and
Frank McClard, j of Brooks, , 14.000
pounds at io cents per pound.
Kaber Sc. Nels, 1 Salen and Charles
and Joseph Johnston, of Gervals, 10,
000 pounds at 11 cents)' ;
, Faber & Nela, Salem; and William,
Benjamin and Joshua Collins, of Ger
vals, 1 0,000 ! pounds atll cents. -
Krebs Bros, agents, of Salem, and
Robert M. Nusom, of Brooks, 7,000
pounds at-11 cents.
Krebs Bros., agents, of Salem, and
John Gerber, of Prat um, ,000 pounds
at 10 cents.
Krebs Bros agents, of Salem, and
Gottleib , Meyers, j of Pratum, 5,000
pounds at 11 cents.
Krebs Bros., agents, oi Salem, and
Charles Kneustlng, of Woodburn, 5,000
pounds at 11 cents.
. Krebs Bros, agents, of Salem, and
Antonia Flck, ofT Woodburn; 5.000
pounds at 11 cents.
Krebs Bros agents, " of Salem, and
Aaron Nusom. of Brooks, 5,000 pounds
at 11 cents.-
Krebs Bros., agents, of Salem, and
Chris Lichty, of Sllverton, 4,000 pounds
at 10Va cents.
A GYMNASIUM. The officers a.nd
clerks at the state house have! fitted
up a gymnasium In the old State U
brary. Where, after business hours,
many of tbem spend an hourn taking
exercise and enjoying sKrt of hojnd
ball, basket ball, tc. They are much
taken up with this new departure and
find the taking of th eerc!se jnoat
healthful. They are now Industriously
practicing basket ball.: and exiect
challenge all the good- teams of
states for contests In another week
ten days. i ;
Ths Local
Price Is Still Fifty-two
Cents a Bushel Uncertainty
Existing: as to What the Season
Will Prove to Be.
The local Wheat market Im. and has
been for the past few weejts. very quiet
with little or no change In the prljce
The Eastern and foreign markets have
been In a somewhat disturbed and fluc
tuating condition, but no particular in
fjuence has been made upon the loal
market and the price, - 63 cents per
bushel, has been maintained steadily
although millers have been obliged to
nav from 1 to 114 cents in excess of
that price in order to secure material
on which to run. ! A letter from the
firm iof Getrge Morrow St Co., of Sn
Franiclsco, defines the condition of the
market in that district and the world
generally.' It follows:
Market conditions are somewhat pe
culiar. The showery weather of the
present week has been added to the un
certainty heretofore existing .aa to
what the season would prove to be, and
wniie snowers nave been frequent, w
have not been favored with anything
approaching an old-fashioned southeast
rain storm.X The light rains we have
had. have of course tended to keep the
crops alive, but there is great need of
a heavy soaking rain, not only tolbrlng
relief to the minds of the farmers, but
to i stimulate business generally
throughout tbe! state. X
"The decided dron In the price of
foreign freights within the past month
has had a natural tendency to advance
the price of what and, at this writing.
shippers are fairly free buyers at our
quotations." j- '.7
All Arrangements Completed for the
Enterprise, , and 'It Wilt Be
Launched Soon Farmers Will Ap
preciate the New Venture.
Jefferson Or,-';. Feb. , 14. Bdltor
Statesman: It has been an open se
cret here for several days that the
wide-awake town of Jefferson Is soon
to have Opened In its midst a. banking
establishment, which fact makes, the
business people of this place feel espe
cially Jubilant, as If means that much
other business will follow as a, result.
Mr. J. A. Aupperle of the Jefferson
flouring mills. Is one; of the prime mov
ers In the matter, and will have associ
ated with him Mr. K W. liasardv who
will act aa cashier 'of the bank. : Mr.
Hazard spent several weeks here, and
Anally decided to cast his fortunes with
Marion county. He has canvassed all
the business men and most of the
farmers round about, all of whom have
agreed to support the bank with theii
good will and patronage.
i Mr. Haxard was for many-years cash-
ler of an Iowa bank, where he was
most successful, and made a good rec
ord as a straight business man. Some
local capital baa been secured to take
an interest Iik the enterprise, and it Is
expected that a good business wilt be
worked up. All farmers selling wheat
and other produce here will appreciate
being able to get their cash Instead of
checks and orders as In the past, and
It Is thought this fact will be a con
siderable advantage to all the business
Interests of the place, t The capital
stock will probably be 320,000 to begin
with, but thjs may be Increased aa the
business demands. !
Emma Bowers, went to Portland Wed
nesday, being called on. account of the
serious, illness of Grandma Hal), her
mother, who is on a visit to relatives
there. She is at this writing much im
proved. . '
- Small pox has. disappeared from our
mldt and 'has left no saddened, be
teaved homes behind; as all the sick
are now enjoying their usual robust
health. , ' ! .
C, F. Talcott Is having ten acres of
land cleared this winter.
The S. P. P. Ft. people have taken out
the old wooden platform at the' Re
form School station and put In a new
one of, atone and sand.
Mrs. D. W. Vanderbilt Is-visiting the
family of . her brotherT, T. Clark
near the county1 farm.
" i ;
Basra 0
1 hi I'M tot Van A,'sirs Bcbk
five deeds to Marion County real
f state were filed for record In the
county recorder's department yesterday
the consideration of which aggregated
13,550 as follows: .,
Edmund J. Lund to H. J. Olson.
0 acres of , land in section 33.
t 5 s. r I w. w d, .$1200
Charles A. Strain and wife : to
Martin Fessler, 10 acres of land
In t 5 s, r 1 w, w. d......i....... 500
H. Al Thomas and wife to A. Kp
perly, seven acres of land on the
Garden road near Salem, w. d. .. 450
Luke A. Port to Addle! Parvln, lot
No. 2 of blk 25 of the City of
' Salem; w. d. 1200
II. A. Johnson and A.' & Johnson
to It. C. Dennlson, lots No. 10
and 11 In blk 9. of Itrookty ad
dition to Salem; w. d....
Whm Hs Was Picked! Up by an Ore
gon City Officer on the Road Nsa-
That Place Deputy Sheriffs Thiel
sen and Matthews Were iNsar Him
and en His Trsil. . ;
(Frm Saturday's Statesman.)
Frank Jackson, alias Geoirge Gray,
the negro convict, who escaped from R,
M. Thompson, near New Kra kn Thurs
day evening, by jumping offjt'he train,
was captured near Oregon City, on the
road leading Into the town, about four
hours after his sensational escape. He
had wandered around until about '
o'clock, when he struck the road lead
ing toward Oregon City.! -He came face
to face with' Henry .Cooke, brother ot
Sheriff Cooke, of Clackamas county.
and realising the futility of! running
gave up without a struggle. Deputy
Sheriff Thielsen, of Portland, was with
in a quarter of. A mile, watching the
name road, and had Jackson dodged
Henry Cooke he would have fallen Into
Mr. Thlelsen's hands. It seems Jack
son did not hear the officer coming un
til they were face to face.. He under
took to pass Cooke, hoping to be taken
for an ordinary pedestrian. As he ap
proached the officer halted him and or
dered him to hold out bis hands. The
negro complied, and there were the
steel bracelets, and Jackson s freedom
had again 'vanished. 'In the meantime
men had been stationed on all ' the
roads, and the escape could not have
gotten away by any of them.
Deputy Sheriff r II. W. Thielsen
brought the negro to the penitentiary
t mt nl.Kf end miMW -f he ' ff1,tlir nfetw
placed behind the bare. In telling of
his escape and capture the negro salflJ
"After. I got on the train I began to
think of jumping from the, train. 1
looked for a good place, and when we
reached a. timbered country, I thoughjH
my chance had come. Thompson teas
looking the other way and I made a
run for the door. He started, but I had
the lead., and Jumped before he rescued
the. pisiform. I landed In a pool of
water. Waist high, but scrambled but
and went Into the wood.
"They backed up the 7 train, but' as
they could not see me, pulled out sgatn.
They were within 100 yards of where
I Was lying- in the brush, and I thought
once they had me. After the 'train left
I tried to climb the bluff, and even tried
to ford tne river, but did not succeed.
Then I walked. In the timber, thinking
I would strike for Portland a4 get
some tramp or colored man to file off
the cuffs. I finally struck a road and
started for Oregon City. It was on a
clay road and I did . not heir Cooke
coming, or I would have hid. When I
saw him I knew t was best -to walk
along, for If he was after.me he would
get me anyway, and If not. It would be
aU the better. He halted me, and here
I am." ." 'V ','- ' . '.'.
TWO PATIENTS. I lenry SeWmann.
a native of Jermany. 50 years f age.
Was brought to 'the Insane Asylum
from I'ortiand last evening, b Deputy
Sheriff John Stipes... .Dick Deneyck. a
native of Missouri. 41 years of asje. wss
also received at the .Insane Asylum.
avtng been conducted there by Sheriff
J, J, Cooke ytt Clacksmas county, and
one guard.-' '.-,, ;. : -''
IS RECOVERING. Attorney Gener
al D. K. N. Blackburn, who has been
criouf ly III at bis home, with typhoid
fever, is much Improved, and though
still very weak. ' his recovery Is now
confidently expected by his family.
To f.C.GUtcers:l Ppll UttscUsa
by Circuit Ceaa
Belonged to the Stats and Interest Can
Not B Recovered E. J. Swsfford
and Gen W. H. Ode! I Not Included
in This Order.
(From Saturday's Statesman)
In the matter of thJ
objections of
Ladd ar Bush to the al
iowance of the
blltner, Philip
claims of Edmund
Metschan. J. A. Baker ahd W, II. Odell
for Interest upon certain
principals de
posited with the Insolvej
nt corporation.
The WUUams & England Banking Co,
defendant In the recWvershlp suit.
wherein J. A. Baker Is plaintiff. Which
was tried irt departmenk No. 2 . of the
Circuit Court on February 1. I02.
Judge R. P. Boise yesterday filed Its
in court oasea it
rulings In sua-
tainlng the objections of)
Ladif Bush
to the claims of E. C.
Giltner. agent.
and Philip Metschan, 'Treasurer, and
Philip Metschan, in Its findings of fact
and conclusions of law. upon Its finding
that the consideration and basis of the
claim of Edmund C. G!I
the principal sum of $:
ner. agent, for
5,000. was the
funds of the State of Oregon improper
ly deposited with and loaned to the de
fendant, corporation fori
Interest? con
trary toy the -laws of the
State of Ore-
gon, and that Edmund 1
!. Giltner at the
time of the presentment of' the claim
was acting for and in behalf of Philip
Metschan. and not for hi
Metschan was the State Treasurer of
Oregon at the time the 125.000 was re,.
ceived and deposited with the-defend
ant. r It also states th
at Philip Met-
s,han, Treasurer,' Is hot entitled to In
terest, upon, the sum of 3KC13-CO, and
I'hllip Metschan Ms not
terest uion the sum of
reaaon that he was sta
thevtlme the deposit i
entitled to In-
89.73. for th
te treasurer at
as made and
that the principals' we-e state funds
Improperly defMalted aid not subject
to interest. The objection
claims of J. A. Baker, V J. Swafford
and W. H. Odell were overruled. The
order, as made by the
substance, as follows:
court, was in
'"Based upon the findings of fact and
the conclusions of lawh It Is ordered
that the objections to the payment of
interest out of the fun In 'of the said
estate uion the Claims at K. C. Giltner,
agent, for the sum of 325,000; : I'hllip
Metst-han, treasurer, -for the sums of
3C13.0 and 9..X, be and the same
are hereby jsuntained, and the objec
tions o the payment ol Interest from
the funds of the estate upon the claims
of E; J. Swafford for: the Hum of 37349.33
and W. H. Odell for the iJum of $5047.27.
t-e and the same are hetjeby oerruled;
and that the object Ions tU the payment
of. any claims which have 4he express
contract for the payment of intereHt are
hereby overruled. And; it Is further
ordered, that J. A, Bak r, as the as
signee4 of the claim of i 3. Swafford
and W.H. OdelL and all other claim
ants having proved claims agalrist the
estate of the defendant upon contracts
express or implied, for.tne payment of
money by the defendant, but have no
express agreement fur the payment of
Interest thereon are enti Lied to receive
from the funds of the em ate interest at
8 per cent from July 8, 1896, upon the
face of their claims to the date of the
flrst payment thereon,
And utMin the
balance remaining unpaid
after the ap
several dlvl-
plication of each- of the
dends heretofore made to the payment
Of the principal of the claim.
"That the receiver make a com put a
f Ion of the amount of Interest that may
be due to each- of the Claimants ac
cording to the terms of Ihls order and
report the same to the cjourt, together
with the amount of fund
s now in his
hands applicable toward
the payment
of the Interest fo
the further order of
the court 1
The total amount of
interest , due
upon all the claims filed.
approve! .and
e court, amounts to. about
the s
of $17,000, but
excluding any
st on account of the Claims of E,
Giltner. agent, Phil
p Metschan,
reasurer, snd Philip Metschan, the In
terest due- will amount
to vbout the
ppears frcm
sum of .$11.50.113, and it
the petition of the recelvpr that there
will not be more than the
sum of $7,000
of the estate applicable
to the pay
ment of the estate,
Ar NEW COMPANY. The Ooshswk
Mining Compsnyi yesterday filed art
cles of Incorr-oratlon In tlhe State
In mining properties, and prospect for
precious metals In Oregon, wit,
quarters In Portland. Thecompany
has a capital of $7!W. wlthshs res fixed
at, $300 each. A. V.. Anthony. Roks
Nicholas and A. K. Anthony are the
State Treasurer Chas.. H. Moore Is la
receipt of remittances from four'ln-
sura nee companies, on account of the
2 irr cent state fax due the state. -The
(mpani'es and the paymehtsmade are:
National Surety Company...... $ 11 7
Germsn Alliance.... ...J...... Ill 24
eriean I
I Co. of
Phoenix Ins.!
Hartfbrd... 325 41
SHERIFF' SALE. Sheriff F. W.
Durbin yesterday sold at Sheriff's sale.
st the west door M tlw court House,
lot No t of block No. 74. rf the city of
Valcrm, to J II, Albert. fjr the sum of
12302.43 afh rayment. being the high
est offer made. ' This sale was made In
cwnformlty with a decree of the Stat
Circuit Court rendered -on January 2,
1162. la favor of the plaintiff in the suit
Milled Adelaide A. Madkreth, plain
tiff, vt. M. V. Rook, et all defendants.
m th
Six deeds to real estate were f ! !
for record In the county recorder's 1
partment the consideration of wM-h
aggregated $36S. as were also threv
ntortgages of real estate for $1309. 1 1-'
and $150, respectively, and one satis
faction of mortgage for $3000. Th
deeds follow; :
Abraham Steffen and wlfeto John
Lichty, one-half interest! In 16
acres In sections and 7, t 7 s, .
- r 1 and 2 w. w. d..... $3u-.
James A. Hicks and wife to J. I.
Larsen.; 2 acres In sections 3
sjtd 4. t 7 a. r 1 w, w. d.U. U
Emma. M. Davis, et al id Peter
Host rack. SS acres In section 32,
t s, rr, w. d 4'. H r
Abraham Steffen and wife to John
TJchty. one half Interest I In ISO
acres in section 28, t 7 4 r 1 e.
w. d.... ....... ....... ........ .4
F. Durbin. sheriff, to Sarah E. i
Moore. 7 lots Ih blocks No. 5.
15. 30. Al. 25. 29, 23. 13. 20 and
32. all In Highland Addition to
. Salem, s. d........ ...V.".i.
Fl W. Durbin. sheriff, to fXar,,
B. : Moo res. fourteen ' lots in
block No, 14. of Highland add!-
. tion to -Salem. . sd.
i. ..... .
Strikes a Rich Find.
' T was troubled for several years
With chronic, Indigestion and nervou
debility," writes F. J. Green, of latn
caster, N. 11. "No Iremedy hele.t me
until I began, using Electric Hitters,
whleb did me more good than all the
medicines I ever used. They have also
kept my wife In excellent health for
years. She says Electric Bitters ore
Just splendid for female troubles; they
are a grand tonic and invlgorator for
weak, run down Women.: No 'other
medicine can take Its plaee In cur fam
ily.'.". '.Try tbem. Only 50c. Satlrac
tlon guaranteed by DR. STONE'S
Drug Stores. Ox
N ft W TOI1K. Feb. 17. The officers of
the German Imperial yacht Hoberjsul
len. who went to Niagara Falls last
week, returned today. Owjng to the
storm there were . few visitors to", the
yacht tdsy. Admiral Von Bandlssln
left for Philadelphia this afternoon.
Semi-Weekly, $1 a year.
wilt trade for a cow, young cattle or
sheep. Call on A. Turnbull. four
miles east of Fair (grounds on Hil-,
verton road, or address It. F..D. No.
7. Salem, Oregon. 2:14-2tw-(t)
WANTED. I wsnt to rent a ranch
stocked, for 3 or t years, references,
state what you have. "It," Statesman
office. ' ; V
FOirAI.E OR TRADE. The States
man has a standard tfred nisre for
sale or to trade for another horse. ,
Would make a splendid brood mare.
She needs ; ret, hence this offer,
Anply at- the statesntan business
" fftce,:--".''--.'J ' i.-- ! "' - -'.
1 place of : Otjen Bros, on Howelt
. Prairie, on the 22d of ecember last. ,
'Owner. Van have sain by proving
property and paying' charges. 14-tf
The Stalesm'sn puhCo. has on hand
several hundred coples',of the OREGON,
C INSTITUTION. The price Is 10 cents
each am long as they Isst, '
MONEY TO IXJAK. and 1 per cent
on Improved Vslley farms. W, A.
Hiaw & .. 24a Stark Street.,
1'ort laud. Oregon.
In need of cedar fence posts will do
Well to write to II. Jacobs, Detroit.
Oregon, s ':'' :- - ' tf.
i NOW Is a good time l bring In
your machinery and have your repair
ing all done. Castings, Iron snd brsKS,
f urnhfhed on short hotlce. One boiler
and 4-horse engine comiJete for sale
cheap, . E. M. IClGHTLtNGER.
I'hone 2933. ; -20 liberty BU
plete tn f abstract books la Mtijn
county, Oregon. (JoncvrBlog titles
consult as. 'Salem . AttArsct and
; Itnl Co., Siileoi, Oregon., V. V.
Waters, , Secrernry and M soaker.
to. consumers at wholesale prices.'
I am taking orders to complete a car
load of fencing for March delivery. ,
- Write now and get prices. Hat loea
February 25fh.
t i $9 State street, Salem, Or,
Salem Fence Works,
UOAX. KoTicrs.
-; ,.:--' ACCOUNT . ;
. Notice Is hereby given that the final
account of Claud Gate h a admlnlatra
tor de jbonis non of the estate ofW.!J.
Herren deceae, has been filed iVthe
county court of ' Marion county, Htsie
of Oregon, and that; the 34th day of
February 1?02 at the hour. of 19 o'clock N
a. m., lias been duly apfointed , by
such court for the hearing- of obj-c-ttons
to such final account and the
settlement thereof, at which time any
person Interested In such estate may
appear and file objections thereto in
writing and con teat thexsame.
Administrator de, bonis ' non of the!
Eat ale. l:31-5tw.
To Whom It Msy Concern:
in accordance with the requirements
of the laws of the! State, of Xiregon, J
relative to Insurance com pan lex. notice
is hereby given that the PALATINE
string to cease doing business within
tne SJate of Oregon. Intends to- w 1 1 h -draw
Its deposit with the Tres surer of
said State and will. If no claim against
said Company shall be filed with the ,
Insurance Commissioner within six
months from the 22d day ot (xtolw-r,
190L the same being the date of the
first publication of this notice, with
draw Its deposit from the State Treas
urer. . -. , .
By C. F. Mailing, -
(Manager for ths Pacific Coast,