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Stccfis of Teledranis Received by tfiB Repabficon
Compolgri Manager. '
the Next Senate Will Have a Good Repsilicaa Majority-Two leslsfatsres
ia Doubt Delaware and Nebj-aska, Have Each Two Senators
to Elect this Winter. ,
CLEVELAND, O..- Nor. 7. Senator fnnton. O.;' Nov. 7. Pnsidenr Mc
H.yjtia. found a ijrfeet deluge of eon- Klidey was up early this morning af
aiatulatory telegrams jil-3 oQ his ilt-kk, n a few hours' rest. An army of
Vuiny. The Senator said: - z '-, ;
"It Is a veritabk Republican land
k1X1. It 1 even better than expected
especially In-Indiana and Nebraska
The general result ; Js . indeed most
gratifying." i --V, . , ,
roosbvelt talks.
New York, Nov. 7. Governor Roose-
velt was up in scood waxon today, lhe
t;trer::or wiul: r
I ndolft- lKyond nuasnre oter tUe
war rlie vot ha gone. . lreslU-nt
Me Kin ley had to faee tin most shtUhis
and ron.iillerited prolileuw "that have
bi-en faced. 1y auy 1'reslden.t since
Lincoln, and by any President a jjeu
eration lie fore- Linctn. It seeni to Ih
a perfectly fair text of the 'way our
jx;oht are willing to back up a man
wlto iian none sueii nirncmt anu an
In:Nirtant work for thv Xatlou." u
Lincoln, Neb., Novi 7. W. 4,Jtryan
said thlM evenlnc that he had no state
ment of any kind to: make at present.
-; . f'l.OSE CONTEST. k
St; Paul. Minn.. Ndr, 7. Th.. only
lK.iiu not settled In the '-Minnesota
-'.. ion Is I lie contest over the Uov
eruslitp. Everythiufi has jione Iteiul
lkitii by majorities so large that there
J no possibility of a change. Hoth
tilde claim the tiortrnor.
Wonderful Outfit That IK New
York's Heavy Trucking The Veld-ck-s
t'oiif rm td f StM-l Thmtigh
out and Ih-.iuel to t'arry Iwuls
of Nearly Kmi Tims CurkMts Way
lu Which Potnleroih Horses Are
IlitHied to Theut.
There are employel In this city at
heavy tfnu-kinjr teams tlutt for the
iMiiiilx-r 4f horsts hookel up together
Jeiive the hliriri-st. -of ..circus team far
- lu tli lia.!. Ttie t.inl wairoii with
maybe tweuty handsii- liirws mrnns
out III pairs Is tiresit. ami the driving
of tills oitMlt by a single man is in-sMerrtltb-
of a feat, bin far more im-H-esslve
siv some of tlK trucking
t fit fits avIj Ki-;isIiMi.-ilIy run up to
tifty lwrss. tin 'pa-hijr f such s
team ttein? like that of a troop of
cavalry: whik- the weitrlrt of tin- load
it is h.-iuhnir iiKiy 'fall not nim-li short
of a hundred toie. Tills sortf turu
ont atfords one cf tlw nwwt $-trikiujr
of the city's street sinhts. Peode
liite np on the aldewalk ' wlwu H'jjoes
by. a-s tlK-y would to watch a prfees-
u. and then are not .--many proces
sions that can enal It for iuterest.
A thirty-horse triu-k team een in
the streets m-etitly hauled- a :, giant
Nwd of -win cable. In Itself a very
-onspleuous ohjee. The spool Js ntaiU
of two irmit liss of w4od. Jolnel.by
an axle-like spindle, upon which the
atIe Is wound. This particular pieee
of cable weiliHl forty-six tons. The
truck that carried h was all of steel
platform, frame. wtKHds; everythinji
ami Its weij;l alMMit tvn tons. Tlie
wlnnds. fllsmt thm and a half feet
in diameter, liltve a face a foot In
width, so that they wUl not cut
throusti the pavemeut. The fifth
wheel, utxvn whk-h the-forward axle
turns. Is alxHit live fet In diameter
and 1 praetlcally a wmall tnrntable.
The ma uner In which, tlie team is
booked, to one who sh-s such an outfit
for the' tirst time. I ure to prove f
ln4Test. At the wIkM. as mizht be
exiHcten. rt fi pair of bijr hrss;
buti these are nt- hooked to a iole:
tltey Maud InHweeu shafts. There are
three of tlee haft. : the middle on
Irojeot1nfr letween tlie "two ltorsew.
Tliey are small tlmlers. six Inches or
N in . tliilim'ter. and at the ends
where they nre attaeheil to tlie axle
they are framed Into solid Mfeel plates.
Like any oilier nhafti tlny esin be
raised or lowennl at the front end.
but framed an they an. at the other
end. with ahos steel plates, there ts
no sprinst orlve In any other dlree
tton. Wlien thor are tnniel to risrltr
or left the axh turns with them for
m're. And nor only are they'thusi
hei'd rls!lly at he axle, but they are
likewise so held at tlielr forward "ends
w nere -a umiit iar i piaei acns
tbetn. The bljr wheel horses, driven
Irr a man wlKi stands on the front end
of Ihe I ruck" plat form, are not csisect-f
eI Jo pull the load: thetr. work is to
keep. the shaft steady7 1 and trnej
Hltclal on nt the end of each outef
shafts Is a pair of liorses: tltese two
pnlrf tints standing shle by side, mak
In? a rank of four Jwrrses in front of
the two, wheelers. . Then, from the
end of each ' one; of the two outer
shafts there Is rarriel f!mrt . a
.steel cable to whieh additional airs
are attached. The two eables tlm
running ahead, one from -ach outer
shaft." are made In sections whica
can Iki readily joltl together so as
to nake practically continuous tow
Ins cables f any hnfth hslnHl a
cordin to tlie mimler of Itorses to
le hooked u to make up the team, f
A thirty-horse leant sueli as Is hert'
referred, to w-onki thus le made nil. !
lieskles tlie wheel pair, of two col-
tuiins of ?even pairs each, strnnp
atone on ttwo caiues wtretchlnjr for
ward fmm the shaft."- The two col
umn eanlie driven out Into the form
of "the lettr V; ami in some eircum
stances, as In workltijr the testm around
a coruer. It J liamly .... to be able ftd
use them In two line. In the actual
straight ahead haul the two strings
of horses march side by side, in a sol
id column of ranks f four. V. The
horses are iiowerfnl animals, sixteen
hundredweight or therealionts apiece.
an;l they take the jrreat hind alous
with ease: ivresent Ing. as 4 hey move,
a stirrin spectacle. For the fiften
iKiJrs , thTe are flfieen drivers, . te
fi.les the man who stands on the
truck and guides the wheel team.
brlugiitg eongra tula tor y telegrams;
and friends and neigllliora gathered to
extend- their congratulations. '- The
president hnak fasted at S o'clock with
M r. MeKlhley. ami then went to the
library, where he ran over the morn
ing papers and" listened to the dis
patches am Secretary Cortclyou picked
them from the- thousand receiveil.
TiK'X came', from all miarters of. the
ronntry and workl, 'many Iielng rnble.
vrnniu f rnm A ...I m ditrvi Hint Minl.
trrs abrond. "All the member! of the
fabtnet . had Ix-en, heaj-d from. Sen- th hue. Ten rears" agofMr; It-rn-ator
ILitina'and many of his asslst-l stein left New York ft)f Sntli Amcr
a nt of the I'niou rixdn of CleTe.amL lea; Ills success lias been nbenomen
jtilned in a. inesstige expresiius: their
satisfaction. All the j disnatclw
lrestthel a si.irit of nersonal devotion
to- the I 'resident and a patriotic sense
,0f 'the. iilt.
ValliInjrton. Nov.' 7.-Tlie next Sen
ate. 1ntint!nff' that tlu state .T'slshi
tire.i wFll fulfill' their ilnty and clios
Senators to represent their states, will
stand ou a ImsLs of yestentay s elec-
tioii. as follows: Forty-nine liepubll-
cans., twenty-ieveu Denwirats. and
nine InIejendnts. with the Legisla
tures in? doubt In three states with
the, privilege of 'elet-tlns five Senators
at this time. The IegisIa-titre in
-doubt - arc Delaware, and- Nebraska,
hi ca -h of tliew states two Senafors
ate to le -lwseu. and Idaho Jias one
Senatorial chair to fill.
. jAnd n!i-nd Walks a man ito clear the
road, especially to' " warn passlhs
teams in juterseeting streets; while
Iwhiihl the great truck are. a coujile
or oruinary trucks loaded with the
materials that will lie.-brought Into
tfs in "unloading the reel when It
shall have lnn'U brought to Its desti
nation. The heavier of these
trthks, weighing wtth its load three
or fonr tons, serves the purpose of a
brake on the great truck If -there
slrotild Is occasion, f Of course th
wheel team, big as it! Is. eonldn't 1m
gin -ti hokl u muk wHh its enor-
umius kntd on down gnwle, ami so
on -suei! a stretch they carry a cable
from the rear axle to the end of the
pole f:fli truck - Iwhind ami roje
taat trticKs wiMfRtw that th.-y won't
twit, nhh steel shoe under , Its
Wheels to save the - tires' from lie'hig
rtonhd on, the material truck witn Its
load o-f thre or four tons thn Ihv
(iuik-s " a ilrag''aifd It 3s enough to
I'obl ! the in.iiu truck oir any grade
that ,-wtiukl Ik encuiitered lu'. tin?
i Tl whole otff fir is under. the charge
of a foreman, who goes some times
afoot, lint coiirmouty in a buggy. All
1iivmcnts are made umh-r Itis a'rrec
uon. iui-lndiug the starting of the
team. Tie . forema n -has previously
tfe-termined th. route to -lie followed.
He knows the city's streets well
what streets he can go oil with lteavy
hwifts wttliout sinking through the
pavement..-and all that. ' II? knows
wtwre all 1he manhole covers are.
arMl. with the heaviest loals, lie ktvps
on iihmo. 1
Of course tliey t-au't get around a I
ioruer with such a toad 1n the rdi-1
nary iuamier, liecanst a team strung I
otu so rar - aiieau as this Is wouldn't
have, lu ih,-rt, situation, a straight
jnm ui 1 no losui; ami if tlav dkl-thev
,-.,,.1.1 .....if t. . 1
,r,lr,, . fIIn 11 ii(.-roM iue -ornT. r
get tt Into the gmter. or where It f
ctiuktn t Us handhtl to advantage. fcSolfoaw, It Is but reasonable, to expect
isTe tlie very: simple war In whtetilthat American caoita! and entenirise
1Jy " suppose they are going
up an avenue, aud tlwy want to turn
to the right Info a .cross street. They
Keep tlie team going im the avenue,
past that street, till the lead i.-ilr I
irre half way up the next bhK-k. Tlienfeoal resornes of the United States, of
,m-' iwH wuii xne rrock lkK-king the
cross stre't. IreKently tbe driver
gins to swing tin right hant sringlof the mfdtness with which the v?ry
of horm amnml and. head theut u hrst coal In the states can be brought
"""J'smu tneu ,ttie drivers I
01 iue lert nami. or nigh string, swlugllca will.; In the" near future, lie En-
hmmiim ami over into that
wiMHders cramp the front axle rouikl
no'i uf.id iiiniivw along the crss I
hum wo i ne wnoie team stands
Z: A..m ip!T3on ?op- -nn1thr-. pull
.... ,..- jinn wiiii 1 ue ioal so
piaeeu m.-it tt
Will f ltovr- ivluiro 1,...
drag it. ETervthiue readr. tl, rl
man priTes a little blast on hn whis
tic. every Uriver gatliers up his reins,
and every liorse knows n-tmi n.i.
llmlnary toiw-h means. Then from the
ems u a K.rswr mast on the wldstle
the drivers tighten their lines and the
uorses set ru down, to . btwuess again
sn; 11 loaoM as tnat d-scribHl are al-
luv.-inaoiy nwtei at night wlwn
tlie streets are eompnriHivclr free of
rucK,itiion wllch It was
carried Inn been tested to a weight
uimiireii ions. There lias txtn
nirmi n h 4 hill of
mrmii on u 4 of elehtr-onel.
tons in a wire cable, and this per-
bans is tin hMrUi LxH , I
on wheels hi the city. Flftr horses
were hioked to it, making a "team of
int-ne ranss wtrn jour horses abreast!
ami two horses on tlie irliwl I
Tlie eople of P.uffalo lia
. 1 . 1 . , --.-..!-
lueinseires to an.ciDon.1imt' rl
about S-ViMMiimi r .k " 7"" 2
11m Pan-American Extiositlon to
u. v-- iV-j " V," jMiwe ., 01
.,, . , ... ., iM.-,r
ground wUl cost the concessionaries
lieftceen S'TMHlOOO . 1.
W.Z -'. 1
K re open. ;an addition
to these sums, a citlzen'of
II.. v.i l
Mr.. J. J. Albright, who is
j.. w iue two siring of colli trade or the world, and. next to
M.VrTif;, hnrtlut, ! again the English, the largest owners of
tZ!!L -i1? f,or,artwi otvoii H.llieis,F. Sea fn Snowdon.
Ii,; i f t I L lU f?Tn ' nnk- i The Englnrerlng Magazine for No
alicad of the two Jrig w im4otm. 'rt.. r.m.iu.. .
lK-tf.V V. . A. .
' c, t ' .' 1 uii-iocen one or the aides-deamn of N
5S-?i ' "oTernnuV, P1M,0,,infr ,K,,an HI. After the defeat at Seda
.rfot)0 on Its irroiin of hntl.iinrr .n.ilo. 1 ..1 ... "a
el.U.!t Tl .'""r"?"". ,"'u aiHami 1'ietTon a
r: m : .V" Ml1 theeniperor-to Wllhelmsh
known In , the Iron trade has given
f-j.Vi.iK mi or an Art Gallery which' I
io 1m a isruuinenr building of white
uarltl-. This .will serve ax the Tfin
ple cf Art fur the Exposltkm and will
afterward become the home of Buff a?
lo's public art treasme. Th Buffa'.o
Railway Company, exiieets to -tend
nearly n.MU4io in' new tra :-kV. and
emilmmnt In preparing for the Pan-
An't-ru-an .rear. The aggregate gates
open thus heroines .very ,Iart;e.
V "YANKEE millionaires.
Tiro American . . Wlm "Hare Made
Fortunes in Chile, i ' -.'.""
. "Don Pedro McKeH.'ir I a t North
American lnno' of r STOtc-h dtMrfnt.
Tbiii.v oM joar a?o t- ws i my
i-lwk In tli Id iuitj- 'or Unci?' Sara.
II ship vas,itatiomd n tit South
raf-itk station, f.nd hp saw an or-por-tunity
at .Valparai'!. Ills resignation
followed, and todajr the - entire dfig
boat !jtem of Valparaiso'i harbor i
owwd 1).v tHiii foruior naval aooodnf-
ant. From one injtle tujs hi : buff
lMf lia Inereaaed nnflL It now mhh
pri.-M'.H a whole fleet, erery. craft df
whUli I bnsj adding-to rlie already
lalrge fort true of Hon Pedro.' He has
iHbifel sucH-ej-sf nlly In poHtle. ; He
alj niarrie.1 ; am etlmalle Old'eau
laidy. and Id Wms are now roeojrnie!
latponjr the inot Talued ?upiorter of
il there - is
I one successful American. Thi Is Jlr.
Hen tain In F. Ilernstein of Santiago
nl. its the Chilenos do uot take klnd'y
I" mencnn unaneiers. lie saw mat
Mo carry ont his 'phins Itwonld be
necessary to adopt at least temporar
ily . the methods of the country, overthrowing-
every precept of his educa
tion in money maWers. Not only dfcl
he siwced In this resiiect. ittt. he has
gradually liown some of the bright-i-st
men in iHantiago the mistakes, and
they liave platlly enough profited by
his suggestions, i Mr. Pfttisteln'Is the
yonngest of; the wealthy Americans
in South . America. His personal for
tune equals a million pesos, not to
mention the-fortnue of hbiiwife, wlw
came of the famous Cousino family.
the richest in oil Chi!e. ;
One of . Mr. Rernstein s suc4ies.es
has been- the handling of tine affairs
tH-rrainlng to an uncle's estate whk-h
Involved extensive dealings with the
( hilean government. , Tlie?e the
voting New-Yorker ha nnraveleil with
miK'li profit to all Interested parties."
Tlie most remarkable Russian en
gine In the Paris Exposition is the gi
gantic twelve-wheeled ' donble-slx-
ciUpIefl duiilex compound on a nirsdi-
flea t Ion of ih:? Mallet system, and
Hearing tlie number II. 810. This is
Iy far -the biggest ami lieavlest en
gine in the whole Exhibition, weigh
ing a ft does St; tob.s, and having
vast 4'-ton tender ajqiended: the fatal
wHglit of engine aud tender lielnir
therefore no le than 132 tons, while
the top oT the chimney : stands
feet : Inches alibre the ralUcvel. Tills
ntiihty lo-omorlve Is ; constmctecl on
the an iciilated olan. tlie44-ffMt driv
ing wheels lx-ing coupled In two
groutis of six lnch, one l:eing practi
cally a. steam tsigie. wliile each group
:s driven by on, high-pressure and
ov low-pressure cylinlpr, tlie rrsnee-
five diameters lieiug 1 mi inches aud
28 inches. In the case of this n"r
tlcurar eugine. mon maj-, lie, said Vu
In'half of tlie complex system of ar
ticulation e.mpfyiyed than In the case
of the smaller, but similar locomotive
urerlously referieil to. VThe Russian
twelve-wlieeler is intended for the
haulage of Immense doads and the as-
c rt of steep grades. It is essential to
1 i:e oeveioiwient or its ruti nsetuiness
that it shonhl be able to util'iKe its en
tire adhesive weight for traction., and
that this weight should lie d 1st rib"
h'd s widely as possible niMin th
raus wniiont sncn oisrrinmiou in-
volvtng an undue length of risid
wheel-base. 'harls It n-Marten. in
The Engineering Mairmre for No-
veinber. '
; Having found the markets for theb
will on provide the shins to carry
thein iu. ami we Slwll exoect to 'see
many a self-trimmer flying the Stars
nod Strints In the near future. Nor
can we. after a careful review of iba
I the exce-itional ease and cheapness
lte-lwith which ther tun Ik mh.,.1 '
to the setilio:inl.-but admit that Amer
lianrs most active eomnetltor In the
f.eineaths Vortnn.V to
N leces for
eteauiuj. Kaa.lly. Pictures. -
aran ami i.iii r Hart.- sav thni
when It 'conns to cleaning pictures
nicy are in a t in ny t heuisejres. and
In support of their cLtftus they point
with prkle to the cc. mil I lon.of .sundry
fatnily pllnt mars in the residence they
occupy at Third street. New
r j- . ; .......
i.ut tceir work comes hhth. - Ther
are demanding f2MMMit for keening
iurr- im iores cnan for two, rears.
which Is at the rate of aliont M a
iar ea-h. sarroarte Thomas will
soon deckle whether he thinks
wuciner ue minKS they
"Vi? U s . : . ,
he sisters Were tlie lietiefir-in Ha n
H. -.jrH,.wf ,llflr n"' Mrs. Rlehird
" oo.l- who left them muioi cir
V iui,iiu-y k. e in order the
pictures of her husband and two sons
land occupy the housj ntooe. Having
T - they anplle.1
,u ourrouaie inonuin 10 compel
execntors to hand
over to them
m -.... T .-.
"r i t rencn army
wuo nas jnst retlretl. Was tlie last of
: s
ueincer of toe active army who had
n. ccom-
piniTM iu i m national derene gor-
hrnmtnt. '.-Tlie rti,,i m,.- t.
z ."- iuu .t
iiecn lor a time liead of the milltarr
enWnet of the Emneror Mai-tmnia
Mexlct. who wa shot at Queietaro In
. ' "
" WQn " ft In order to offer
Tw Mlsor Oam Umv Bs f b1 KJqaor
. Lictta Grsatod la St. Pslsd.
' ' - : BttUl. ,-,1-:: f ' ' ". '
(From pally Statesman, Nor. S.)
Tlie tarlon t-onuty eouamissloners
fcourt ronvened yestenlay ; afternoon.
fo the'-regular, November term of the
court, "as an auditing. Isjard. ahd c-on-sklerable
. bnsluess was l transacted
diHiug the ;day. ..-;'-'l. . '.-'" - !
,M)uriujr the afternoon the court con
i4eted the is-tUions for t wo. liquor li
censes, and acted ". favorably upon
theuw A. Lambert.' of St. I'auL wa
given a' license . -to" sell lhinor in ' Sr.
l'aul ireclnet for six mouths, aud II.
J. Belhirtswas granteil a license for
one year, tocouduct a salcou In Butte-ville-
'i: ":-..:! !,'.'" t -:'-..
I The resIna l Jon of S .T. Anderson,
as run d supervisor of the Silrertou dis
trict, was received and accepted, and
Eden Bower was appoiutMl to fill-thej
vacancy. ... -r ;. ''-.' ;.-.- "i .:.(: '
.".Tlie court also receiveil th re?ljna
tlon of W. J.' lrvln, of 'Mehama, asj
lustice of the-peace for that district,
to take effect upon the tiling. wttK the
county clerk, of all the liooks and re
cords of thr otlice.. ; "''
i After-eonsidering a mimlier of bills
.n the road and bridges a ccooiit. the
court adjourned to U a. tu.," today.
Among, the, bills to lie considered at
this term '-are a. vast unmlier on the
lection act'ounf, lieing the exnenses
Jm-Jdent to the National elei-tlon held
on Tuesday. :l.
(Jr. T. .T." tieer-was at his office at
the Capitol yesterday, and wasmneh
pleased with the feiorts received from
throughout Oregon and the United
Stares. showing a great revival of Re-publicsiu-'
seirtiment: This was -the
first time lu several w;e-ks that the
Governor was to he found at the office,
he ha v lug been out'" on 'a campaign
lour. with Ihe success of which he is
much i)leasd. - t ' w ;
was yesterday appointed administrator
of the iwrtnershlp estate of M. . S.
Skiff ami Luke D. Smith, with his
bond fixed at ?12, too. -
Canadian -Oovernnu nf Snstalneil at
Yesterday's Election
v ' ;. -, -
': Ottawa. Ont. - Nor. 7. The resnlts
cf Joilay's ehxcllons show that the.
Government has been sustained by a
n.iUrIty of from fifty to sixty mem
tM rs. oii a basis of Ihe returns receiv
ed up to midnight, and wJlh fire con
stituencies to lie heard from.
Today's elections were iu 2i8 out of
2T.'i constitnencres of the Dominion.
a"d the remalnins.five will .hold their
eVetlons at a 'later . dflte.
" Mill fi
The Dalles. Nov. 7. The scarlet fe
Vfr eiildemlc which has -s been." raging
tl"elpasr two months bas ccasetf to
s) iVad. and it is. thought by the doe-
t rs iii.-t it lias rnn its course, and
tl at the city wfll lie entirely free from
it m a short time.
Astoria. Or.. Nov. 7. The residence
o. "Maxwell loung. in Alderbrook
v :s Iestroyetl by fire this afternoon
'Mi prolwble loss Is 40O), partially
1 ti -Tire 1. .. ,
'Minneapoils, Minn., Not. 7. A bl!z
ii 1 d is tearing down i upon this sec
t:. u. Tlie weather has turned cold
fid heavy snow storms are reported
f..m various places. '
Elections in That Province Do
.'.'.: Endorse the-Government '
.ancouver. B. C Nov. 7. British
f luinbia has not joined In the gen
f -! 1 aptirovaJ of the Hurler govern
1 " ti't. expressed by the Hi stern Pro-
1 :ices of Canada la "todnr s election.
1' x seats lu the House of Commons
. e allotted to British Columbia, and
if two of these constituencies th
t" ction ha leendef erred for on
t ith. Of tlie four British Colutn
b a seats contested today, two return-
et conservatives, one labor with coil
s' . vatlve 'leanings, and one lilieraL
TIk two rem.llninjj oonstifuericli'S
a . expected to return suiiporters -of
11 j: t.owruinent at deferreI election.
Tlie worst famines of modern times
Were the famine In Ireland In 184(47.
In which l.tMNMJOO people ierished; tDe
Indian ramtue in lNf!i, which eUtSiued
1.4-VMKKl rictlnis: the ludiau famine
Lin 187i. In which .vmmm people inr
Ished. and th rgeat famine in China
in 1878, h, which 0.o00.(ifM) died.
Mr. Stonewall Jackson, widow of
the t onfetk-rate general of that name
is In Baltimore and t dangerously ill.
8i?e rs at -the Church Home and In
firmary, where she Is preparing to un
dergo a .surgical operation. Tt."..!
feareil that she may t not- ? recover,
Mrs.-Jackson Is more than 70 rears
oh V and time has dealt -kindly with
ner. in siute, or, her , many sorrows.
Her home Is , in a ! pia m : t wo-story
bouse at C'liarlotte. N. C. Her wondor
fnl genius for Jnutifvlng ererTthin
has made this house exceedingly love
ly. In spite of Its lack of exterior dec
ors t Ions.
Sneak Thleves-at Work Ii The Dalles
. u.t.,' cecurea .otng. ... . :
The Dalles, Not: 7.-?neak thleres
took from the passenger depot In this
city a trunk and it conteri'ts. belonc.
tag to J. CMelns. a resklent in this
cityand carried It; about a quarter
mue awar. behind & Inmhor .1
ami broke It open, but finding nothing
but clothing for a child, "after acatter-
iog the sanw, left; it lay.; FiteAoNis
found in thp tlclultyy were 'arrested,
bat it is dmbtful If .anyone wilJW
couV ieteI of "the crime, as ' t here Is no
posUlve evkleuee against them.
-- When the trnnk was carrJel away
one of the parties evidently Injured
hs h3iulu as fresh lIotst wai found
on the trunk and some bf J th trunk
and some of. thei clothing. None :"of
the five tramps showanysaco iujury.
San Juan, de Porto Rico. Nor. 7.
It is. estimated 7ri.tKl Republicans
voted a t the election yesterday, fr
Com.mlssiom-r to Congress, and . nienir
liers of the House, of delegates." Net
mows . tliau 2H1 Felerals ..'voted."-The
election - was exceetllnglj orderly," '
PuMiaser, WUl at Otve Place If
- 7 " Op-rathm' f or the Winter? "
-' Ipthintk'hce,) Or ; Nor. 7. J. - M.
Stark lias bought' the local sawmill.
and will at once place K in, operation
for the winter.; The tSnill IialHn llie
for some time, , ami . tlu neol of luni-
berls bejainnlnK to lie felt. ' : ',.- '
Jolm R. Cl'.tyho,''liaa a contract
rtto:. supidy the jKtm'r'TnllW at Oregon
i-ifv wntn lAMMF.tirtir -Teer. or 102s. . is
'"ready to send ttotfn, 'rafts containing
one-half . of the amount, called for by
hi contract. The logs vwIH W rafted
here ami towed Iown to Oregon City
by one of the company's, steatners.
Tlie rain has -stojujied ami the river.
w-hi-U had; reached the 12-foot stage,
has commenced to fall at a rapid rate.
;Tacoma,': (Washi. Nov. 7. A cave-In.
at thine Not 7. a t Carliouido. yesterday,
resulted ,'1n the. leatb of three mine
employe" - Tlie dead at: Karl Ilnh
tvla, lattl IHHlem, Gust. Snndienr.
The accident' was caused by the giv-
Ing vay of one of the -large .support
ing lieams. - -About, fifty men .were
working In the mine"" at
- :-fit ..-V
Exeeatlre Comniltte of "Stat Teachers
AfsocUttoB Takes.th InltUtlve
. . lr the Msttsr.
Tfce Executive Commltlee of the
Western Dlrlskm, Oregon State
Teachers Assix-Iatlon. hiis" issued., a
circular .letter, to prominent e.ltn ators
of Western Oregon, nrgllig them to
attend the next nHftlng of the State
Teachers" ' Assoc iation, at Albany.
IhVemlifir 2'tU .-1)th, arul there- re-
organize, the old Ct41eg AssK-iat hn,
T'he letter was yestenlay font -out tiy
Pfof. J. .'II.' AekeruKin. the. sniieriii
tendent of tiublic instruction, who is
secretary of tin." coanruHtee. It reads
as ' follows: ;
"It has l;on dxcided by the Execu
tive Committee of tlie Western Divis
ion of the Oregon State TeacIiersAs
'social fun TO 'ask the-C61I.ge. -Academy,
Normal Hi-hofd and High School twich
ers of the state to re-organlze tm old
tVrlleire Assoeiation at fh annua
meeting f'-tlre Association, to Ik held
a r Albany. DecemlKr 2dt-h. 27th. 28-h.
and 2ltlt. As it 1 difficult to get
track of t he old orga nlzatlou. Sc'vera 1
years having elapsed -smce Its "last
ir-e4lng. and the time is shorx tai
which to prepare a progi-am. the Kxe
entire Ceiuniitlee 'has veufuriHl t&
take the initiative for tlx present year,
and Invites suggestions of topics for
dlscnssiou a t 'the I leeemlier' meeting.
"The plan of -ork of the Teacliers'
Associat ion. -as now a rrauged. pro
vides for departmental meerings each
afternoon, the BJt'ral program oe-
cnpylug the foremsm. It is !olieved
that by -this arrangement ' strong de
pitrtnients cau lx organized ana main
tained. ' ' - . ,
'Yon. are earnestly hivlted to make
such suggestions as may mur to vou.
i'ud a1s, to fljisist us in thcorganiza-,
1 1 tin liy your presence,. - . .
- " -i . '.. .--
Thinks' the Xew Orgaiib.ii t Ion May Be'
i. niicd -so-iai i.aiMir," and He
.' - Bi? In It i - T- . -; '
T. lVU Mlnn.;;Nov. 7. A Sioux
FaKsI South' Dakota, special to s tlie
DlspatchC says: . ' ?
irl' predict the formation.'of a new'
party based on, the protests on . the
outrages against Republicanism as
taught by Ha una," dyclareil United
States Senator R. F. IVftlgrew this
nrcnivins. f'Defcct f Is the more wel
conn to me as It has come, than vic
tory would have lieen If It came.br
ennorsirrg me sm or policy, which the
iM-liirMiejiii -pariy reneseats.
les, orionrse. 1 will J in ihe new
P nr.; ' Wliat it will lie called Is of llt-
ne moment. It nmy 1m 'Social Lalwr
or It ' imty J ttttotwr detiiocracy. it
"O made imi fKif: trrsfi , dla.n-
tctitid with tjHnelemeats in politics.
as a protest against the existing coo
dil Ions ajtd the " presenf tenilencr of
things.";,;;. , . :.. ; ,.. , -
Leavenworth. Kans ' Vnr 'tTi.
OT-Tiu iiy or i-eafi j-orit. ageI 20,
wn louiKi near - her . homo to iit.
iiiy iiiis- inommg., Marks on her
throat, Indira ted site ti
- 1 - - - - - iiiiiiiivi
cine to tlie munlerer. - '-'-
t -
As a Result of tl. P.Wftnii .f 'tt.
Repnblican Ticket New. Y'ort
and London Excited. .
NEW YORK. Nor. 7.N0 such ex
ited demand for .stock has been wit
nessed on .the New York i exchange
since the boora day of the flotation
of securitic of .the -new Industrial
combinations Jn nbe spring of LSOO.
as today. . It kept: all. departmenu of
iue stock exchange atn ferer lieat of
an !in.1 1 ion and acilvlty.v The ru?uo
bny mckf! v: ft .is ; vef jrholinV-Srf1
1 14 a Lsor h a fl , f cry J.t 1 1 i Us Ji t J
grt effect 011 prlees. .V Tery l.trge
business lu Aiovricans hail tieeh 4line
tu f Iudou" uuirket liefore tlie 1 stock"
uufrker, opene.1 in "New VoVkj The
Counufsi-ion Jotik?s keifc:-their otllcew
cjien all night, and tsk orders which
wete cxeuied lu Lbud.Mi. as early as
,T oeJd-k. .NT srkuin. .....-.,.
" London. Nor; 7. The InhJal scenes
on the stock exchange" totlay were a
ni-H-tltkm of -4be wild , X(,cni:-nt .df
lNts;. perhaps exci-cding . it. The ' t
tctitkHt of 'the', stock exchan'ge' cettler
ChI almost entirely Vu "Ann-rlcaus. The
excHnient - contlnitetl .,during.,tlie
grtvater itart. of, the day. , u .
- ' ' : 'i .i ,'i 1" ' it-ii .
Murderers Captured Iry British .Troops
; Were Extcutt d. --J. 1.
- , ' 1 1 . " 'i ' 1
Takn, Xovj 7. -The British 'colttnin
enhr tleneiiil 1 Richardson "'eft 'Iat
Ting FH ?Octier' JSlh.-i;uuirUiiij3 .In
thedirectlou ef lVklu. At Tung Muug
fin (troops tried three Boxer chiefs.
dHf rovers of a chapd and killers of
natlveCliristians. Tlw British shot
tlie chrefs. 4 -
Woodburn. Nov. T.-TIm 'City 'Chun
ell; wbk-h- had beer divided .oli 'the
nr5t5f)n'of glvlrtg 'eHcouragement' to
A. B. Kltrtx.- at !'its"egukir' Tfivsiou
Monday night;- granteilf to the latter
ft iVKvear. ekctrle light s ami irrater-'
works franchise and nl-s vincn'd into
contract for street lighting: for two
years.il4tlie-old- ralej. A. couuiiittce
was also' sheeted do' purchase ix, hy
drants, .200 fee- of luAse, aud,;u. hose.
Cart. ! . ..., . I. ..'.- ':
SEEK RIGID . I(M A RR I,A 1,1 E .',iAWS.
Doctor Wa nts Crlini'ualsV4" Drunkard
, ami DriijT Users, Barri-'d.
- A lease rtin n i tig tr. .voAf,j, "at, an an
nual ienta of 1O4.400 grain. of pur,e. '
imalloyed sold., is hi .iiJyel instrti
lpent filed or re.wd yesterdav, savs
the Chicago Chrnnk-lcP '".
The leasehold' Interest 'fieid ' by' Mrs.
Elltsa 'IL Gates fi-Jinl Charles' 1.1 Wil
hntghby as lessor in the bniktyhg" at
."iT.i'-ri40 Waliash avenue ?i:iVf Tn'en con
veyed by tlie less; ir to David R'Fia
rer. togetln-r with tlie building leased.
The.;tH'ojK'rty on., which ht-ivrdcliire
stands is m 2.7x171, feet. The leao
is for tnt years., dating from April
18Jm. at nn, aiinuaf:;'ivhtalrof gold as
stated. Thi- inTei-estt-iniVcyCd Is" thi't
of Mrs. Gate. "which she tr'ari'srers for
$". her husband.' Ralph j; Gatest alsi
signinthe lns'trttment.':".1 ' '"'"
- ' . ;''- ' : .1. '
"There are two ' kinds- df business
conrtesv.' - j .... 1.1
"What are they?" '" " '
" "Wi'll: the fkiitil W'e! extend' to p.oiiIe.
who' have paid and rlie kind we' ex
tfnd to Peoiile ."jrho" liaren't pnid.,
Detroit Fre Preys'. ,
n . ,..- !' ' ' '"'.- ,.i!i.: '
'". ' - " ' . ' f- - .. .
. --iff 1'-, ',t4 i .?.'-. (.'
ranimerlnn Kipnillloa--Th
"' " ConimUsion Inter(it. ' .
Tlie members of the OreofS .Com
n,T!v.u ,.to-.tiie ,PaiVVwefii':a;i jiiiosi
Jlon.to lie hchi at..Biifjralo.i Ncav York
Aiirll-XoyeuitVcr in-10iM,l3:iveiliectimc
thoroughly intcli-sfed hi the " hiove
mcut to hayt (ouV 'ex'V),s(Ve Jn-
?rveiAe renreaktet?, a't, ( 'ho Ex
position . and will muke- an: Hrnest
and aggressive campaign In-this !e-
half. " f '- .-.:. -' !;., ; - .-
' To make ft'cttVlife VeiV
of.' On'gon's resources, wvould . Venire
the exiK'nditura. iof oiue- funds. that
;tho comralttee.4ioix to- lravp inn ided
mirVrt I
that rhe varied interests' ' rhh ivw-
luuunraini iiiay ci ii im rcjreented.
The nv?mrxrs 'of th''bottnti1ssliti' and
tlie department over wlilcli e.ich , will
have supervision are" 'as' follows: J,'
It. Tlffr, of PortLiml'.' ffahsiWirlalion;
John II." 'Bnrgnrd; -lWtlajidV'- litilntt
factirres: W. " T7 'tYantiten- 1'oHl.m.l
eilncntlou; A. ,T. Johns-on .."A'sfoila - fftr-
stTy; E. I- Hmi'flt.TToori Rirer . hor.
tlcTiltnre: Mrs. EdHh Tozlef" Watli r-
redf INrtlan4, i'tn!rtTng: - Heftrr B.
Thlelsen; of ! Sah4n!,'!gfk'ulrnrrt.'4P
i The sta fe of Oregon' is not ' ii 4 t hor-!
oughly ndvertIsHl, in the Eastern !
states as Its extensive Interests re- i
quire aud Hlrts apiM';frsvrtn!iill.r "t be
a splendid : aiTportntiirv "to give the
state-some very ralnabfe ttdvertising.
The state's tcaonrocs; on this' wna skin
could be exliitdteil 'Ixfore J he liiern
liHihiifsttutYrs aud flie-gri at vahte of!
the. raw and Undeveloped 'miifteriaLs
here Would surely, Sit Impress 'tis un
Infonneil Easterner that it would re-
suit, in 4be investment of Ivistcm cap
ital in . this state'-iind; thelihelop
rant of'varkMts'JndnsfrlW'that ikw.
cxIA tJily'ln tlie.-raw state, ..jl'wonM
prore on in valuable tycjiiis of adver
tising flregon anl 1 the utiiiiuiie re
sults' woujd donbths"more tJian Justi
fy flu exiiendJtitre of the nmonnt ofj
money that will le rptiml o accom
plish the foninplated work.
Tlie first lot of -souvenir advert fet
ing .the.. Ihiffniot.'cxiiosfeHm Hts -arrived.
i'Tiiy afe.aa itigeidts -device -a ml
very original In design. -Tliei nuibleui
Is a miniature frying inn attached t
a small stick pin. O11 the liottoin of
the pan Is a "raised, huffnlo lj a(r,s1g
rilfylnrf tlxipM-eof hilHngnt be exiiosi-
tlon. 'flie hiiffaki's head Is sn r round -
in 1.. . . 1 ,
V fJacal ;
la sit tu tt them
thoald M etesnliaaB,' ',- CiT"wt
Elji Cream Balm'
tb diseased, mcfubraaei '
lt . In tbA hiut i 1 1
Crtam Balm U ttlsecd Into tb tsstrus, (preait
. ... -a
(rrer th nemtrsa scd la kbsorbodl Ee.'lsf U Im
mediate &nd en no loiUrtrc It is not dry mg-aoe
Dot trodac sneezinr. Vr9 f ".Izo 60 ctnl t t
glt of by vomU ; Trial J 1 cents by touti.
ELT liltOTggKili Wanes streevj new .
bjJ a ' Cegislatlve 'appiriili'ftluf' this
winter.' The, Oregon., ;omuilssioii jcon
Kls'ts jf seven very; '.cpaTae'cltfr.eu:
Wllil haVe''.llllirVrtIoii. i1 il'.H'.WrV
t, ff aT.ftMrCOltll