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    WEEKLY GIlEGGIC STATESMAN, Friday. noyembi:k. 2, i;.
He Proposes to Kepay Bryaa for Ridicale and
Abuse Received in the Past.
The Regsilican C&ainaaa Makes a Severe Arraisnmeat of tbe Democratic
" leader The Nefcraskan ia Ohio
: : , -. v ; -. 5 , . Yesterday. - -lk i f
FOfiT WAYNE, Ind., Oct. 31.
H'"U3tr ' Hanna ikc o to large
wi;fni' here today. Ills arraign
ment of Bryan was never, and fol
lowed lib declaration that he had.
beep the butt of Bryan" Tidlcule and
sarcasm' -for yearn, and now. 1eforc
'Bryan's retirement to private life, ha
proposed to give him a few parting,
. Kiiotx. . h' - :1-
: : .-'J- ' a : ; : -
Cincinnati, O., Oct. 31- Wra. J.
Bryan made tbe first speech that he
has made lu this rHjr. during tbe pres
ent campaign, tonight. The lay was
Ient entirely in this state, and the
Itinerary tttveml the country Ih-Iviwu
bis city am! 'Toledo i
The majority of the place where
stops were made were small town,
Caaaot CUlm Credit for rrvvtoa Work
r Dob tit for thm Stata Board of ...
4 Front Daily Statesman. Nov. I.t
Pmf. J. H. Ackeriiiart. State Sujter
lutendent of Public Instruction, re
cently asked Attorney -Genera! D. II.
N. - Blackburn for an --official opinion
on th following ipislion:-
"In case an applicant passes a sat
isfactory cs.iinin.it iou - before the
Htate Board of Education in oik or
more brauchi, may . the couitv lxtard
of ea miner acxfpt mien standing
ju lieu of the required examination
liefore county lwtartl of exainiiHTnV
In otlier wfrd.4, may the county IkkipI
f examiner jjive an applicant crilit
for taidiii4 re-'lved from t lie State
Jkmnkof ...Kxauiiner?
(u V.tln the A!torncy-(JetieraI ha
rendered an opinion denying the right
of County Board of Examluers to ac
cept such standiux and t-oies of the
ame were ycKteruay mMit to tli? ht
eral -otuty iiTiiit-iub'iits( by Suihh
intcndeiit Ackerman.
.Th Attorney General In ;UU opin
ion ay:
"I havo Itffii wholly tinabl to fin I
a nypro vision in the act -of 1NJW. rSes
kIoii . 1-MVM of ,1HiK), page JO!i. which
can 1k tnMtruel an tliwtly or indir.
ectly eonfsTring utm a coiuity who'd
tHTlmMnr'iH ihe right to aceept
ither in whole or in ptrt the rvii!t
of any cxainiuatioii of an applicatd
for a state t-ertincAte or a tat" Ii 1 -
- lonirt. when such examination In-conducted
by tire 4ttate Board of Kilnea
tioii ami the State Board of Examiners
- lu lieu' of the examination of - applb,
cants-for county eertitieate provided
for by m-4-thm 11 of said act. tPag
U1H ami '2 1! of hi il Session Laws.)
,'SutHlivMion 5 of sa'ul sectiou Itr
Irt-ewcriln's the branches in which each
applicant Tor a county certitk-ate
inut ls cxHinim-d; and ssuUli vision
of sett ion H of said act Session En W
or S!. Mige -JIi. provide that 'the
examhuition fr state certificates an,
urate diplomas nlinll 1 iion the quc
tlons prepared (by the State B nr I of
Exatnhiiv: al quest ions Khali In
based on the text-hooks adopteil by
the tdate, and shall eover all the
Itrancltev reit!etl for a lirjst-gradv
ounty certlOcate, and in mldition
thereto certain other branches which
u-re particularly et out. The cxamlun
tlon of applicants for teachers eertUi4
cates bj- the state Iloanl or Educai
JKui. therefoijk'. Include nil of, th
branches in which 4he applkant for
a nrst-graile eoimty .certitleate inut
le examtnel by t lie t'ounty Ilonrd
f Examruers: and the Ij-glslature
titight have provide" I that the result of
ne exarnlnatibti In tles4 branches
tiefore the state lnwinl honM 1k eT-
" titletl by such Win! to aot aceeted
fry the ctmnty Ixmni, but it did not
Io so. . f
The statute provides that 'the
tCountyt Board or Examiners shall
Issim eerthieate. of nch seneral rorut
as the State -Board of. Kdtvat!n miy
lreserile, to all such .applicants wlu
lirit r.tttft lllt.tfl orAKltn.lI.t .
ess jro moral character. reiiuisUe
Kcholarshlp and ability to teach aul
tvern ; ism-iesrully': SuUli vision 7
f See. l. page 2B.) dud Mil exam
inations ror certificates sliiiil be kept
on file In th county Vtierinhndeut's
ttiee as & part of the record thereof,
for cne year from the late of neh
xamhiation. (Sulxli vision S of said
etion. . 1 . -
"A reasonable and irol;illr tti. nnir
reasonable, constntctlon of these "to.
provtsfons Is that the whole examina
tion f applicants for cunty eertlli--atws
must be cottdiuted by the Couij
. ty Board of Exandners. and the rrsalt
as4iertainl by said, lsard ; from tlw
etaminatiou j?rs pnp,-iml fu their
preface and afterwards fild in t&
olllce.of the, eMinty tsuperintendent.
.This oonelHsIon is &iipirfed and
KtrengtlHnel by the fact that iaid
ait authorises and eniHwers th
I county suirinte'mlent to 'submit tile
quest ions prepared by the State Board
-of Examiners to applicants for tate
lepers, according to fuch rules and
rcsulatlotw and ai such time as may
be prescrilied by the State Board i of
Education.' and JmmeiHately at the
close" of the examination transmit 'all
ueh examination, pjiimts, onmarkeil,
to the State Suiierinteudent of JnbHc
Inwt ruction, who shall submit them to
the State Board of Exaehftrs for grad
li'K'; "SnUIhrsion 10 of said section
J-. .p. 'S21.) while iio pwer is conferr
ed tjxi the State Board of Educatiou
Sand as a rule the crowd were n,
large. Bryan received a very cordial
reception In Cincinnati.
Nattoleon. O., Oct. 31. Iu
qeech at Waaseon. Bryan said:
"I have received today two circular
one being sent oit to the members of
the A. 1. A. '..society, asking tbein to
vote the Republican ticket as a pro
test against, Catholics, and other ask
lnjf Catholics to vote the Republican
ticket a;t a protect against 41k' A. I.
A. Hito you find liepublienns," hav
ing failed in their apieal to tie eopIe
to HpoTt the Republican principles
on any broad grounds, now sending
ont I circular appealing to religious
lrejudices. ' I 4 hank God that the
iHMiMK-ratic iarty is a .'party to which
thej jieople: ran liekmg, no matter of
what; church they are memliors. no
matter what their oecupa?t Ion."
to examine applie:ints for county cer
tificates and transmit the exaniiua
Hon paiiers of the County Board o
Examiners, or to certify to such coun
ty Istartl the grading in tlM brauches
prescribed for applicants for sneh
certificates of iiersonw examined by
tb , State Ihiard of Ilucatlon anil
State -'Board' of Examiners. The
tHjals are separate and dfc-tinet lnslies
and tndeeinent of t-aeh otlier in the
ii4clarge of -their several flutips; and
eab has only such jMtnt r ami nuthor
Ity as are conferred expressly by
statute and such addition a ud implied
rwer and autlMtrity as are tn'cessa1
to enable them to efTecrua-le the pur
pose for which tttey were crated and
isrforut the duties imposed uiou
them: and there is no mmMsWy for
the Comity Board of Examiners to
an-ept ami lie controlled by ih? grad
ing of the State Board of Education
or the State Itoard of Examiners in
casi's where appli.ants for -ertinVntes
1'ilve Ih-cu ex.i milled and graded by
tile latter, lu order that the said coun
ty tioard may lie enabhsl to lischarge
the duties iniKtl upou ft by the
:atute. ,
"It is my opinion that Um County
Board of ExamiiNrs can not. in the
!iclianr of its lntv in ih ..t,i,.Ii..i.
, Con r an applk-anCfor a ouutv eer-
!.llt..i - a.
.iiucaie. givtr suc-u appiicaut credit for
'landings n-i-cived from the State
Board of Examiners, must rely eii
j llrely upon the examination iKipr.
prejiared My the applicants at the pub
lic county examinations. am which
aie by. law required to e tiled in the
oflfee of tlie county suM-riuteudut 'as
a part of the renrils itu-rcof, Tor one
year fioiu Hie date of audi. examina
tion.' '
rrox tub petition for ha bras
! COBPt'S KGiru.
HearltiK Will H Coaxladed Toilsr-Oae
UIorce Cs Granted by
fade Hols.
From iMiiy Statesman. Nov. 1.)
Judge It. I" Boise yesterday nftT
tioMi iH-atd the application of Samuel
Ja-kson. th-; Chi k-a t Indian student
of the Clr-mawa sInol. for his re
lease from tho county jail. Shcrin
F Y, Diuliiii. ujiou the order olj
Jmlge Itoise, prod ui -ed his prisoner hi
court, ami made his answer to the
petitiim, lHputy District Attorney
John II. .McKary upjieariiig for th
Sheriff, while tlie prisoner was repre
sented byH. A. Johnson Jr., and S.
T. Richardson. The case was argucil
at some length, when a hcess was
taken to 2 p. in. today, at which hotir
the hearing will lie -otit inueil. Judge
Pois beard one' livirce ease and
tmtde. the folhtwitig minor orlers. af
ter which he adjourned court to 0 a.
om today.
J.-.;ra.hain. plain-tin, vs. B. A.
Wordeti et a I., defendants: to quiet
lith; Mark Bradley appointed io tak
testimony at Santa Barbara, ('alifor
nia: continued.
- Flora E Montgomery, plaintiff, vs.
John S. Montgomery., defemlant; di
vorce; default; divorce granted. t
;rmi RtroaT str roa hubiso.
In the Estate of William Oerntholy,
Deatva-seiL .
Conrad 8diafer, administrator of
th estate of Win. fiemthol. Ieeeasel.
estetday Mod W.n flual account In
t be prolia te court. The proierty tn
hand Is valued iat fltfXJ.nj. Judg!"
S-ott tlxeil tlie time ror hearing tl
reiort for Satttnlay, Ih-eoiUr 1st,
at lo .a. in. '
In the matter of the estate r Jas
S. Martin, deceased, tbe claim of S.
S. Martin for $12T e-.uue up ttorore
County Judge John "II. Scott yester
day, and tiou a eimprmise the sum
or .t was allowed iiy tie iurt. This
ease was recently heard in the circuit
court upon' an apiteal from the coun
ty court, and was reverseil. The "--clion
of JmJge Sott was based urton
a stipulation of the parties Interested.
As a rule, there is a zood mine nnr
yer? loor one, to em-ourage the
If n.dm-tor. or a h-inrirUt j.-i-
a itallbearer at a.runernl, ieopie are
sure to spring Jokes.
This ts the aeason wlien a worm in
au apple goes to shei. ami m-L
4t Uml itself either cidr or jeIl.vV" j
When the womvu cau't ay 'of au-
other woman that she isu't bad Jaflli-1
ing, toey lima a , lot or oiner,,nmg3
to ay. 1 ' '-, ;. " - "i - '.; .
What satisfaction docs a boy find
iu being tongh? Wan 4 here ever a
boy who did not feci ; rjncoiufortajble
after seeing his mother crying? lhk
Very young i people ( and very old
lieople listen very attentively .to gjtost
stories." People lu the., prime of -life
have other matters to interest them.
Atchison. (Jlobe. ' : ;
young uin residing In tin vicinity ot
Clynicr, in the Waldo hills, consisting
of John Short, .Will Short. Carl Crif
litb, John Jom'K, Frank Wheeler 'and
Mage Fish, returned Tueslay evening
from a hunting trip in tbe mountains
alove CascallaJ Thy report having
liad a splendht time and much jort
hunting deer, f Tiiey killed ten of
these animals, and will live the i rest
of the winter oft jcretd Teulson. .One
cf tbe deer killed Is said to "lieythe
htrgest tver Mit-n by the hunters. :
' : "
Cfoker Advises" This to the Voters of
His I'a rtyCha-i nun h Jones I
' Also Approves It. t 2 1
Ctoker yestenhij said:
to lK'mK-nitie Voters the
is to congregate alsiut
places on the evening of
(Wilt noses and then If
31. Itichard
"Aly advice
country over
the iqjliug
the elwtion
returns for Bryan don't - tally svit'i
their; eount. to go into the 'tolling
places and. throw the fellow In charge
of the returns into the street."
Chicago. Oct. 31. Senatoc Jones,
chairman of the Hemoeratic National
Committee, speaking of Croker's sug
gestion that the Democratic voters
con!rlc'';iti .ilxiiif tlie lHillinir nlac:s tlit
Jevtning of. Election Day, count noses
Bryan, don't; tally wltlt their count,
go Into the iMilllng places and throw
tliose fellows iu charge Into the street.
said: "I lon't see anything wron
witii the stiggi-fitlon. i
"Senator Hill, I believe, suggested
a laseball Imt as lieiug pwuliarly ap.
propria ie to niider justice "to a eor.
rnpt chH-tn judge. lu my opinion,
tie best way is for the DeiiKK-rats to
be at the polls when they are opened
and to remain there in good strong re
lays until the count is completed, j It
should N the duty of these Democrats
to watch the Jinlges and the count.
and to Ko to it mat no fraud Is eom-
leittnl, and If any fraud is attempteil
fc st it then and there.
'The Democratic party is opposed to
vio!?nce. but at the same time I feel
warranted in saying that the Demo
crats fully intend to reap the fruits of
their vh torv. .
Ve have won 1 lie figbt, and. by
Heaven, we will not lie defrauded out
of our victory by tlie chicanery of elec
tion judges."
Chii-ago, tH-t.. 31. Senator Hamt:)
was the guest of honor last night of
the tii-t. annual banquet of the Brit-
tsb-Ainerl'au I'ague. given at ; the
Victoria Hotel, lie re-elTel the pla-
dits of t.'st Americans of Itritish birth.
When -the toamaster mentioned S-n-
a-tw Hanua's name the guests seate
. f (111! 4rtl.lk MtWkL'O tfl ,k MttMM dti iitl tin
i 1 I IU" liliq'n flMirf V lilt) .""."T niMI P1
"He's a Jolly Oood Fellow ' ! This
was followinl witli three cheers and a
Uger. Senator Han na made a brif
address, during which he said that he
was wulhlent that the work of t lie
association would extend beyond the
Fort Huron, Mich., Ociv 31-The
Chicago &. t J rand Trunk lUilroad was
sold a t noon tolay under first j mort
gage foreclosure proceedings,,, brought
by, the Mercantile. Trust Company, of
New York, in accordance wit ii a le--re
of the Uuilel States District
Court. General Manager- Charles M.
Hays and E. W. Meddaugb. of.De-
trlot, representing the st'Lu-kholders
were the mly; bidders, tlie road lxsmf
zokt to themfor $.",7oH.701 . tH; this
amount $r,4;7.oiO t-epresellted t!u
jnortgages, and' $71,701 was Interest.
TO I'ltOTEtrr THE cur.
New York. Oct. 31.
which is to build the
prolmbiy i protect, tin
against the Shamrock
of six representative
The yndi-a!e
iMK-rt which wil
Atuencit s cup
II, IS -01llOHCl
yachtsmen, ac
cording ti the Herald. They are Vic.-ConuiHMlrM-e
August Belmont, jof the
New York Yacht flub; Cornelius Van
derbilt. Hear Commander C. I. F.
ICobiuson. f 'ommidore El ward Brown.
. Iv. amtcrliiit. Jr., ami Coiuui(xlorc
Iewis C, IxHlyard.
Berlin, Oct 31. The Cohigne Gaz
etteconfirming the dispatch of the
Associated Cress of October l"!Mh, au
tlMirita tiVely tb n'es the torhs of Oer
maiiy'M -ontempl.i ted lease from Ven
ezuela, of a coaling station at the is
land of; Margariita, and adds: "Ger
many does not ciet any iitilsitIoti
In the vicinity of Ihe American Cout in
cut." -",,'-;.:: - .. '-: - ,
New York. Oct. :;t. Corom-r Hart
announced today that he.: will "com
mence an inquest tomorrow into the
circumstanecK surrounding the deat'i
of WIHuim M. Rice, the milliouaircv
AHtany, tct. St. An attempt was
mad? Monday eventus to hktw oen
a safe tielomrinar to il Smitt isttk
cific t'omiiany at Brownsvilh. Tlie
otttsitie cover of the dKr was blown
off. but the inside remained, ami 4he
burglars were frightened away. Two
strangers In town were KUlected, but
they were not to lie found this morn
ing. Nothing of value
was stolen.
.Mtro-glyoerine was
poured ' Into-the
door and a fuse
was, used, -
Pi-etorla, Oct.. 31. The InteIigc',
has readied here that Commandant
General lktha Is marching w ith . a
strong- force to invade Cape, Colony
near Kenbanit. where it Is said-uiaav
irrecoiK'iiabl? Boers are ready to join
As Trustee for the Estate of the
Countess Castellane
The American Sailroad llaimate
Steps in and Checks the Career
of His Sister' Husband.
PARIS, Oct. 31. Tlie civil tribunal
has apiointed Oeorge J. Gould trustc
for the Countess of Castellane, hl.s
sister. Accortling to the pleadings in
the case, her husband, Count Boni do
CastellaiKN tqMtit 23,Ot0,OtKj francs in
four years, whereas his iucome from
bis wife's ; fortune is only 3,kjo,oi)0
francs. . V
,Tlie action was the result of a suit
brought by Air. Gould against his sis
ter. Tlie court .-granted his request,
and apiHjiivted him trustee. ; The pro
ceedings ' were conducted In secret
session, only the bare' decision - being
The Castellanes are now staying . Iv,
In '
ti e ctntntry together.
'.'lalt.re 110111114, when applying fou
V. . ''trusteeship, informed tlie presi
I'eit of the court- that' th coitntcs.i
1 : .et nr-ognizinl, that tlie exiM'inli
tf.es had been too lavish and that it
ors necessary for soim one of expeti
i-sice ami' authority to manage her
w tirs. .-'.--.-
'i he IiH-inie of the countess, he .said
.c-i U.iHHMKHi francs. Since her ma r
r'ze 'l..iiot,f"B francs -liad In-cu ex
m; cled, and the debts amounted nm;
te 2,khmhmi francs. r
The Gould family bad met. in con
s-1tat:on. and unanimously decided
t; puthorize Mr; Ootild to" make' Hie
P ?cnt application.; Tlie debts,
iitre IWuinet Kays.-, were' the' follow
b ;-: 372." francs in connect iov
vjtfh the Charity Bazaar building, and
ti-e hotel in -the Rile Malakoff, etc.;
ti ." C"i,2i0 francs on mortgages, pav
a e fioiu I'.KMI to l'.MS.I; -X.7
fiMtl'-s on bills, moitey- loaned; JI.1IKI,
c,) 'frntics owing to -urio dealers. -
New -York,. 0-t. 31. Tire aimounee
11 ut of. the jmpulalioii of tlie t'niteil
M iles inaik by tlie Census Bureau,
si.vs a Washington special to the
T'jjics. has started siocuiallon alsiut
tie n"--t on the apiKirtioument for
ir ndiers of . Cougivs. ,
The iucrearcs and decreases in state
n pr seutatioil dcjietid 011 the feeling
of a Uongress whi It is yet t be elect
ed. It is ciuite certain, however, that
several states; will lose. One of them
Is Nebraska, which gained only lo.-
population. Another Js .Maine.
which has gained only ."HMumi. Ne
vada shows a falling off in population.
but Nevada Is sa re. for sin has only
one " Congressman now and cannot
ltaveles. I
The greatest gainer under fho con
servative estimate of tlie im-rease'of
lui.mut to each repre-rentative will lie
4 nusylvania, which will gain three
Congressmen, bringing her iiuiiiin'r up
to 31. New York Jwould gain two.
reaching a total of 3-S. Keikiuck.v,
Maryland, South Carolina and Virginia
would i-acb lose a t'l.nitressniaii.
wldeb would lie oHVet by tlie gain of
two in Texas.' Maine ami Vermont
would each Jose u -longressman.
though Massachusetts wouhl gain one.
Illinois would gain one making ber
representation 24. Of tbe other great
middle states. Indiana., Ohio and Min
nesota would each lose one. while
Michigaji, Iowa and Wiscous 11 would
wither.- gain . nor lo-ei , Ncbrapka
wtndd lose one and New Jersey would
gain one. This wH.tild Uv the only
changes.: . , - :. . 1 . ; '
There is hardly tauy doubt, (hat tlie
new avTortioiimcnt will not k made
on any basis less than i!HMK!0."
San Francisco, Oct. 3L Tlie names
of the '-men who died on the trans.rt
Meinle Uut lux the " toyage ; from i Ma-
nila to th Is . port are as. follows:
James' Thompson. private. Forty
seventh Infantry; . Harry Henderson,
private Twenty-eighth Infantry: Fred
Treager, private. Thirty-ninth Infan
try; Joseph Liiiyiate, ex-oldier; Chas.
II. ; Toinlinsoa private, Thirty-ninth
Infantry; " Dennis Keller, private,
Twenty -tirst, Infanfryr Wfllard Stoncr,
private. Thirty-ninth Infantry; louis
A. Huff, private. Thirtieth Infantry.
The IjOdies of eleven oldkrs who
dksl in Manila werv aHo brought home
on the Meade.'.
Lost fu the Ueient Fire ami Explosion
, ' in New York. -
New York. Oct. 31 A revision made
tonight of those iktsoiis missing- ami
thought to have. iKrislnT in t'he ex
plosion and tire at Tarrant &. Com
pany's drug store, shows 'twenty-sis
unaccouuied for. -
What was supposed ro ha parts of
bodies taken from the ruins last night,
turnt"d ; out, - on exaniination at the
morgue, to lie blackeneifi. p'u-m of
incited gum Arabie. Ag:iin toilay an
other mass was found which the work
men first thought to be human fiesli,
but is now tliought -to lie melted rub
lcr.f. Not-a single lxxly lias yet been
fouud in the ruins.
Jacksonville, Fla., (kt. 31. Eight
distinct eartlwiuake shocyivs . were felt
in ; Jacksonville (today, J No serious
damage resulted.
Ediuliorough. Oct. 31. Tlie formal
union of the Free-' and tlie United
Pre4iyt?riau churches, decided- iqion
t -"
ytsterday at the joint -tm-etlug- her' of
the Free 'Church Assembly and tin
United Presbyterian Svtm 1. was eon
su mma led to la v.
New Y4irk. tb-t. 3I.T-Tho ' ex culive
coieitiit t"e of'-; the Southern Pat-ilk
R.-iilro.-id t'onipany was in sesxiop to'
day. Tlie board of directors will ne-et
on Friday to !. ct Charles M. Rayt
to the ;:ics;deii( j'
New York-. Oct. 31. District Attor
ney tiatdinvr announced this after
noon that Alvord. the draulimg bank
tl):-r, would be tnriKiI over to the
United States authorities.
SympaUiy of e American. tJovern-
liT-iit. with the fl.iuse i iua rant ti-e-.
ii:g th: 'Empire's integrity.
v .Mit.tiiu.. Oct. -,TL The State
lHiatti;iciit today iimde puiilie tin
j-riti; tMermti!i agreement respecting
tlie ii ainicnam-e of tlie "open door
and territorial 4ntegvity of China,, witii
me answer or tlie 1 tiited States t.ov
ciiureul sent in 'duplicate to each of
tiie 'powers to 111 agreemeiit. Tin
msi mvii clauses of the agreement ari'
as touow s:
I. II is a matter of Joint and per-
ii-.iuiui juieruatioiiai luinest that- ti
poi;.s on Ihe rivers ami littoral of
. iitna sfionid remain fw and open to
trade, nrni l:i every oKhcr Itgillmate
iorm 01 ei-oi-omic activity for the na
nooais or an co;m tries, wirhont dis-
uncnou. 11 lid tle two governments
agree 011 their jmrt to upliold the sime
1 or an t'iiijif.e territory, as far as they
can exercise influeooe.
- "Vr- "niauiiw .majesty's ; tlov-
..r, .,.-, aim in? . imiwrbil (jerman
rovrinecni will not
on tlieir - tiart.
make tiseo f
tlie nresent crom.li 'it t it til
to tJifajn for tiiemsidveK anv territori
al advantages Ju I'hrnese doiulnious.
f,f!.!rVl, ',ir" . ,J,", I"'"'? toward
maintaining ondirninislH'd tie ttrri-
" ,a commiou or Hie Chlnesi
.'ire. -. .. - - .- . .
" I lie United Stales' have heretofore
mail, known, t heir adopt ion of Ith
thesv principles. During the last year
this Government invited the iower
lnlct:esfed,fin Cbiua to join in an cx
l?esKiou of views and iiurjioses in the
dlrietion tif impartial trade with that
country, ami. roetdveil xatisfactorv a
M'rauces to that effect from all of
ilieiii."-Wlirif the recent troubles Were
at their' lielght- this OoveniDteut- fio
tlw S1 of 4uly, once more made an an-1
nounccmcnt nt lis policy regarding
brpartial trade, .and the integrity of
tlie. .Chinese empire, and had tlie gra-tltk-atiou
of learning that all the pow
er h'eld tdmilar views.. Slnco that:
time the nst gratifying liarmoiiy lias
existed anwmg all the nations concern
ed 'as to the end to be pursued, and
there has ; lieen little '- divergence of
oniuion as to tlto iletails of the course
to be followed.
lt is therefore,, with lanch satisfac
tion, that the 1 "resident directs! ine to
Inform you of the fnli sympathy of
this lovernmeiVt With those ot Her
PHtaniilc Majesty and . the O-.-rman
Emperor iu the principles set forth 1u
the clauses of the ; agreement', above
tited." - .--,--
Though He. Had It in His Power
Force tlie Prh-e l"p to a
Dizr.y Height. '
-.CHICAGO, Oct. 31. As a result of
his deal here In iork. Sir Thomas Lip
tqu f U'lk-vcd to have made Jf.'CSi.bod.
There were only 3r,tss luirrels of pork
that could lie delivered and the Ehr
Uslimaii owned tin in !i!l, as well as
twice that liumlH-r imuglit fiom those
who did not have a baric! to deliver
when 10 time came.
Numerous private settlements are
said to have Ik-cii made, so that while
the lHar siMH-ulators in pork have re
ccivetl ' some iainful injuries, the
wounds have not lieen mortal. A pri-"
rate 'settlement of lotid barrels was
made near the end of tlie session. Lip
toll's -representative, allowing a lie
Jatcd "short"'. to take that iimomit at
$lS.per ' barrel, assuring the. buyer
that at tlie close the price would 'be
-flti. That he knew Wheretd' he sjMike.
was made 'plain to everyone biter, for.
as the closing tell sounded. Samuel
Wolf was shouting bids at 5fO.
would not squeeze.
Chicago. . Oct. 31. The culmination
of tlie let oIkt pork corner, controlled
by Sir 'Thomas Upton, camr today
when iiork for delivery this month ad
vanced $3, rising on less than a dozen
trailes from 17. . yt-terday"s closing
pilc. to $"JO at the -lo.s toibiy'. The
buying was -by shorts who bad ludd
off until , tiie last "moment. It was
said that Sir Thomas could have made
the price lno as well as but he
declared he had no intention .of
'.sqmez;ing""iiylNsly. That the .Ort
olsr ileal .did not furnish greater ex
citement today was due. it is said, to
the fact that many shorts threatened
with lH'iug swept off the 1mm rd. were
jneviously allowed to tlx up tlieirs
deals with LIpton privately. .
Jobbei's of
East and West Meet With
the 1 tail roads.
St. Paul. -M inn.. Oct. 31. TIm -jobbing
it lests of tlie Middle. West ale
i ttt My concerned in the eoiifen'iice.
w Jdch was held today in St. Paul. Ic
twceiithe t rattle.- ollieials of the Noi l li-
rn Pj'cilic and the Oreat Northern,
and the repiet;iitaeivcs of tlie Chica
go and St. lyouis. The conditioiis gov
tTiitnjr the transecmtineutal Ira file
w re 'iliKcmsscd. reviving the- questions,
of - Ihe East against the rnioti West.
Which, two attempts of the Interstate
Commerce Commission have, failed to
s'.'ttie. The jobbers want the ' present
enreasomible difl'ercm-e, bet ween t lie
carload and less than carload class,
and tlu commodity ratis, removed.
and. a reasonable difference establisli
',d. jTJiey are not sattstiid Willi -the
tiatHcs of Mm Northern line. The
question will tie bitterly contested
when again brought before the .Inter
state Comibt rcc Commissiou. and if
tlie lattr loard takes a hand in the;
fray, the t fleet may be felt by tlie en-i
t'n jobbing int.rests of the East. Mid-;
dli West and the Pacific Co-is t. .
.The Middle West Is urging .colters-'
rhms that, will iHTiiiit it to go into
tlie territory row protectd
1 'a c i lie Coa s t J(h kts.
for - tlie.
I'a 1st est Vessel In the World May Grf'
! to S'juili America.
New York. Oct. 31. riui. R. Flint s
"Arrow, under eon tract.- to be the
fastest hip ever designed, -was today
launched' at -.Myers" shipyard at Ny
ack. N. Y. Siie has lHen built imdcr
a guarantee, by her designer, of fori. v-.
two miles an hour, and it is expected
that under pressure she will lie li'
to make fifty. It has Mteen ueuerally
given out that site was constructed as
a yacht for Flint's personal-us '. but
rumors have beeirpersistent that' she
wn built under contract with .one of
the South Amerl-an ' ISoverumeuts,
fdr ecrvlce as a torpedo lioat. '
Durban. Natal, Oct. 31. Tie Gordon
Uighliinders and the Devonshire regi
ment have lieen onb riHl fo be ready I
sail for China in a few days.
Efforts of Ministers to Fix PeunHlcs
Conger's Widi. ' ;
New York. (Xt. 31. The Ministers-
and i Chinese Envoys, says a ' Herald
sfsf-Ial, are trying to setth the ptm-
ishment of the lUtXiT leaders, and j rt
Is lcarnHl that Mr. fongi-rJs ests'i-i-
:illy desirous to have ; Priuce 1 nan
exectitinl. It was stated last night by
a high official that the President will
be Katisfknl sliouhl Prince Tuan J"--
degradtHl. Genua tiy Mvauts him I"
headil. ' -..''', i
Ni . steiH have yet 1koii taJen j'to
estimate the Indemnity t'liina hIiokII
pay. the UnHed States. The War De
part meut b prep;t ring " to collect Bi
formHtiou as to tic.? cost of the
leditbm to China.' IUpresnta fives io"
Itjie , religions denominations whose
missionaries were killed and Injured
and missions tlefroyeil are conferring
with Messrs. Conger and Rockhtll, and
private . eitizeits whose . proterty was
deiO-royvd. have sabmitted claims to
the State Ibqwrtntent, lt they have
ill lieen notified that 'such action H
premature. . , ;
Nature ever yields reward to bin
who seeks and loves her best. Barry;
'..:-, !(- -' .J'