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    WEEKLY OREGON STATESMAN, -iWd vy, xnvrntf nfcn.- 2, TiwwL'
Ex-United States Senator Mitchell at the City
jnall Armory Last Nioht. N ,
Congressman Thoras;K. Tongac Will Address the Republicans at
the Closing Rally on Tomorrow evening--Everybody r
s Should Go and Hear This-Able Orator. -
tiroin naiiy Mitwman, Uct. 31.) J
'In spit of I lie iieavv kwnponr of '
I. I'll. which flWled, the
...... - ... . i -
Htw et. and i
L i
made it very unpleasant
In ..I
I u 1M! I 1UV - frreini . e-i until
States Senator John H. Mitchell at
the eity hall last I n'ght, mi the occa
sion of one of the; last IIjnb! lea ii ral
ly's lit tills campaign. The speak-r
a introduced ty Hon. 13. Ik Crolsan
and was entluisinstk-aliy; received by
the -rowd prt-rii. : ?
I'li. exrh wia lor j iiejra n" 3 hi aiMivss
by .- (ompnrh-nii f the Harrison and
Cleveland- administrations, allowing
the great lifrer.-ei in tite e.nitbtioil
of lhc-ouulry that existed in the two
period. , Thi was foilotved by
statement of th condition, prevalf
!ng at the jH-e-.-uu dm .' :nr l showed
ohchislvely that a ehaieje in the To
litieal affairs wopl.l lie fi;::i.d w.th
;grave mril to jhe Ktih'irdid era of
prosiierity whit-h; the Nation now e;i
my. lui-r:.it:siii was h uoiimt-l as
a false I'tul dishonest issue. Ixmiis
the promoter ihouiselvcs do not bo;
Ileve there i anv thing III it. lie
-tiaraeierizil it as a wiirt-iw iu a
Kiirii.-al cornfield, hut kiiil it had
lxeu pointed nin so often before, mt
aW'll ttte. I Sum of -bli-ksou, l.iut-oIn
and Oranr. that f the fMtrie refuse to
Is ?l"rmed iivci- it. p -
A very'" a Me argument ws-i present
ed in 9-orMirt of the administratUm's
polf-y ill tin- l'liii(piiifs. The twiilltS
of iiii rii:uiii.il law fuvolvvil - were
fafein mi ainl tlioioiislily ili.--tiS!el,
-Khoviu7 - the ailnte right auil-title
of tt ' try t tln lI t tl?.
" Mr. .lii-h-ll ili?iei!-'ii nor.ej
.j Mii.ii. and t:itt'il hi position on
l.l'i! lniMrtaut jmiut as follows: :
j "Viiil. the I leumeraey ha in its
Kans;is City platform plaeed wiiat it I
ph-flM'il io term "the .inti iiitiM-rialisiii
Ifsi.' In th- fuietront. and hns j.n
iioiiii-el itr tti Im the (KiranwoHir tsxue
of lii; eaoipain, it i- eliev'l liy mest
'Kepiibiean. anj perlilia iy fouie
I t ni.h-r.it , thatl this !s in the rature
of si Miitd. aiol that aft.i all the leal
i-Hin i tiie moiiry o,neti-a.
"While it Ih a; tnatfi'i of very sni.ill
' iiiikorniiit'e a ti tiie iinlivtln.il opinion
ami attllhtle on the money ' .itest ton.
either heretof.ri. now or' hiri ifter, ;f
one who is neither In olfiee nr neek
IiiU ollit e.- tier ih"irinii olliee at litis
t'ltve. I trnsf 1 1 ni;iy a?, 1 -rave the
Smh ojiiuion of the p(ph of Ihh
state who hare iionor.xl nii so highly
in the past lief permitted a -word in
reference .to my i.t niul present at
litiitle on thl pietio.i. Til? lteJii!
liean itate eonventioti of the tate of
Oregon, which, 'met " '.n th upriujf of
lw?t. adopted titianinmuly the follow
ing resolulioB a a part of the plat
form of the Itepublican pifty iu thlx
Mate that year:
. Six ihThat, rwwnizins the fact
that the I"t.Itl Ststtes Is the .tjreatfst
silver producing eountry In the world.
Mint that both ! ?oitt and xilrer were
itally the money of the ?-uu; itut'on
from the lK'sinntna of the Jtpublit
tinlil the lioMlle lesNIition ag:t!nst
silver, which unduly contract.! ill
circulating medium of the ctitiutry.
ate! teeognifciujr that the grett nit r
ets of the iKopledeni.iul more monoj
for tue hi the U'haunelt of trade and
iwnmeree. Therefore., we dwlare
urelve! in favor of the free antl unlimited-coinage
of Silver, and de-jiotuu-e
any attempt to .li-rimi!iate
against silver in nn wise, ami unjust".
"Tiie Iegilifc'itre was elected in
li'iie of . that ,ar oil that platform
lion. UUiger: Hermann was chvted to
4'oHgreKH ou tin same plitfor ii. That
name lHgiMat ure in January, IStH.
elected me lit lite 1'nit il Stai mmi
ate. every liepublicaii in tin f-eglssla-ture
voting for me. This wa stlter I
had reeatedly voted in the Senate
for the remoiiil lata! ion of silver in pur
suance of what I then lelkved ttiil
Mijl Wlieve to-.: hare lreoii th true
construction of the Xallooal Krpubll
an I'latform iof lSe on the rutjc-t
of biioftaiitm. ami on which lr-ji-dent
ir?rri!on wa- ehvtetl. Oiiring
my servh-e ht the Senate undtT that
election I lHyel the instruction of
my party la my sta-te. I regarhsl
ilo-m. a HMitainHl In the foregoing
resolution, with thi ' xtp(lon-when
iu the Senafe'of lvni an attempt wa
made -io ?utorliiiate the Mritf iO'
1 ion to the uncstion of the frie coin
age of. Mlver 1 vigoronlf prr.-iie.l
agaitiAt It. and' I ImiIIi stike aiel vo4etl
against It Ixith In he Snatorial Ile
puhlicaii caneii awl" In the !cn Ken
"dte. . , t -.'..' -j: ". ;"'.
-ln and the voe I east In
tin Senate ou t If inotwy .uesthm were
idculhal wlili thoe a-t in the IIou'
..r i)uriuiittttvi hi t host year by
tite tlieu Kepreseittalivt William Me-!
Ktnlev.of tlbio, and by every Itepub'
licau In tin ruitetl States Snate,
with one JeXceptlon, represeniiug
tale5 west .of the Ho ky Mmcirmiis.
-The Ibpuhlk-an National t'oavtMi
tlon.' however, at St. Imis In
tmnle the following dclarat!o upon
the money question:
"W are npposet,to" 4he free coin
age of silver except 'by International
agreement with the leading commer
cial nations: of the world which ;w
nhnlge ours4revto promote nrwt nntil
, swli agreement can i omwHtu not-existing-
gold standard must be pre
. nerved". ' ' r . -: :-:- ' 7 '"
jfTUi platform of my tarty I 1m-
meiliaiely aceepted.IIad I not done
s there wan but one other thing :o do
ami that was to laT the JliVpublioan
party and join the Oemocratie party.
This I ; never had either any inclhm-
- .'t'ion or lunention of doing. - Immedi
ately ou the adoption of the St. Iouls
phHform. In JH5. I then leing at At
lantic City u-the stase of New Jersey.
te!ecranhel t-Hn. SoL llirs'h, then
- -hairmaar of the KepnlilkVtii State Ceu
..,:.ii nf ilwx tit n to nf Oiv
the state of Ore-,
ir:ti .nini.'tr ... .
son. tendering rt.f 'servlcr-s to the He-
nublicans of the tate in tnat -aui-
U lLUIViUVUUtf 11 ti II U g I! II
paign. and si a 1 that I woulil
Oregon in Aii-iisi f t;i:it year.
le in
" ;T . ' " 4 " 1 "u,r
S-eillleutlr did' mnhiii" mv fiir ai.-1i
to ent:r the
....... . T . T t " T 1
"... :. " -"---i-
on ei.temler 4. istt
lermg tlw cximiiaigu I made In alt
Hlty-nre KiH-cchen ? in this ;ate; ami
iu every one of which I announced
my -. a-copti uvt- f and adLcrenc to
tit princ iple oniitu-iated iu that plai
f or in. ThL I did in the most i.oi4t;ve
and .express tcrnc In many of ln(;
jM t ch 's. and hy clear and mipie-itiu-
; Unpli-;i'iin iu every one iu whk-u
I itniy liave oioittett an expn-s-s .ntat'
ineut. . TU.i platform pledged t'f he; Ue
pttMIcan p.irly ami tins' nation to the
Iiieyer-atoii of the then existing gold
s:.-ui;l.i ill. until au Interna tiouat agree
in nt fur the fr- coinage; of .silver
cot'M l.e obtained ..with the h-ailing
iomicereial uatioioi of . tiie .: world.
rii.it platform further 'pledgetl the
l'cptiM;c-!h party ami Its candidate
t proiuot stK-li i n teruat tonal agre
u't ?tt.. What foUo.wsl?. i McKiuley
vvaj -l-le.l rreshhnt; he luHiiedhUe
Jy. iu pursuance of tliese Instructirrtis
.ami of this pledge, took flic nfsary
and piujK-r steps by the apjioiiit uieiit
of a oiniuI.H)iou -otiiptseil of dis'lu
gi'isltetl imn from 1m Ah i.litical par
tif.. tie' present i-andHlate for 'm e
rresident on the Democratic ticket,
A'il.li Slevcustui. lieing olio, t ctillfer
wili the represent a4 Ives of the le:ol
ing tminercial nation of :thei world
.tii the uhjcct. autl what was the rc-.-ult?
tHir ; distinguished ttnimi ssitin.
after sjiemling a. year iu Kuiopean
t'apitaK. -nferrIiig with Presidi-rrts.
ICiopi vors. Quts-ns. !rds. Ambiissii
doi ami rieiiiitftntiaries Jwltb ikw
is extraordinary, - finally discovered.
I bat it vvonhl be uiut'li e;isier to-organs
w a KyiidU-ate aud raise ea pita 1 with
whieli to oMsruct a railro.itl to liars,
than it would 1h to bring about an in
ternational .agreement for. the free
. -outage of silver. Hut I'reM.lent M
Kiney had done lids duty; lie ami. the
itepuMicmi party and the Republican
.iiliiiiuistr.it iu have faithfully k;.jr
Nth the pint form and their iletlge to
.he extent of their iower, ami uow
there is but one thing to Im done" by
'very man. woman and child who de
Iips to Ik .-coiisidereil a Republican,
i nd that iswlieher in the npaeity
if a private, ciity.cn or a . puhlu ser-.aut-no
stand by and give his uure
erv autl initin-tlilKtl support to the
gold standard. U. man wno not
ciicerfully oJ-dierrt to the great niaii
late of his party sliouhl blusli o
orofess longer to be a llepnblicau,
im! hou!d at ou-e enroll his name
vlth the iK'inocracy. Ami I may, iu
thi Kmweetlou, ay that Mluxfcver,
amt tliere wjis in tiie argnmeu't ten
year ag, r even four years ago, to
the effect that the l i licit y of tlu;
dilating uudium demauHteil Hie re-
monct izatlon of silver, has been com
pletely destroyed and swi-jit away bj"
the trtv't .that, sim-e. 1S!J, there ban
?een athletl to our gohl unprrfy from
the mines more than $1,(Nki,mmUki:i in
jroltl. Ami I am free to h.ij- further,
that, tinder existing conditions, any
it tempt, iu my: judgment, to reverse
rhe present tinam-ial iwjlicy of tills
.tnintry, which is itased on ihj exist-
ug gold standard, anrt f tv-estalnish
bimeialism. wouhl materially, If not
fatally, disturb the present jirosjier
jus condition of our country, and
seriously ltnMril It host interests.
The" im'ant a gi Uition of the moii'y
'litest ion for so many years, was in a
large measure a bhgiinng curse to
the busini'ss intersts of this country,
irresiieetive of any question as to who
was right m- who was wrong. Antl
now that it has lteen set-tied hy the
Republican party, tin presumption is
thait it has been settled . "right: .and.
as the country is highly proer:ms
under that settlement, it is 1msI fo
nli concerinl to let well enough aloir
and let It stay setthtl." ( : ; "
Round niton rotuid of ap!ans In
tcrrtiptetl ,the sm-aker. ami when he
declared himself In umpialifusl terms
for the sIicy oT tiie ailjnitiistr.it ion
4 hi tire currenev ;tiestUn. the cheers
wcte di'aftiiins. At the che of the
address liuudreds of Mr.' .MitchcH.i
frit mis gn-tel him and congratulated
him niton his -cxcol'ent c.uop:iigii al-
di'css. . ' ; . '.! A it jC
There are 4 utiles of ; hvlwrg.
floating io, plains (of lee and all
tlKr sorts of Arctic o!st ruction to
tiaverse 1twccn the nearest ; lr4?ov
ry to the ide 'and tit Mle itself.
IVrhaps tti-.iiN- mean of overcoming
rhese dilRcrltics tnay iress nt them
selves within the next ceiiturj- as
KeriHt-gHs on iu its progressive way.
Alarming Increas of
nolo Ma Fhangt
Crime4 in Colo-
IIk Ijiws.
- The ih-tith of Lillian B.-ll. prominent
Iu I cnver musical circle. , who wa
s.imlli.iggisl by a highwayman two
week ago. ia anusetl tlu advtM'ates
of capital punishment that will prob
ably result in the re-instatement of
the banging liw by tii next Iegisla
tttre ef tVilotatlo. ,. i I':1- ' . -Three
iiiurdrs. ftmr a ttcmptisl tnri ri
ders ami a score of brutal asanlt on
woiiM-n by roblier 'n Cohirado within
i he past month i Hk ri-ortl- Veteran
detectives ami oIhe ontclafcs all de
clare that crime ha rapidly increased
since tlx almlisluoent of, capital un-
ishnent two yar ago. . A taute re
cent I v 4mpilel hov that there were
homichb s since 1S0S. In tlw same
1 1 ii' v- there hflve lcen ITil assault
witlj intent to kilL - . . -
Handsome Palmist Itid
Mark HaniML. but Was
Ba tiled.
A liandsomo yonns woman, fashion-
ably drsisl ami f . b y-
j jiearJi mt.
caiuti ai iii-p"1"1'- "-
. rh5ii'tou ; the othr
j quarter
J 'cave tor ine nay. he espied them.
antl. hastily ai'proacblag, graspeil
eIl.'tor , Haim.i by not u liantls. i re-gardl-ss
of hU cane, and extdaluieil:
Why. "Senabir llanna. how do you
' Mr. Hauna neemod astonfshett. but
quickly recovering liimseir. sahl: -
"Really, madam, you "hare the" ad-,
vantage of jne. . ' ' .
"Wjhy, Senatorvyon dont know me
Wty. I amiAdele Marl? Rhine, not a
palmist, bm an anatomist, ami you
pttnLetl ne at lie Arlington hotel in
Washington -that, you wouhl furnish
me wiia a ic:tst of yonr liamt to
study." .-;;'; -i -; . f f
-Oh. ye. I reniemler, Veplietl Sen
ator Hauna. with resijjuat-oii. , -
'-;m I get It UOW?" "-' i
wXo. not now" rtiHIvd Jlr. Hauna.
"I am In a hurry ami I am nor feeling
we. , ,:: :-.-.. . . ; s; i;- -
"'an I get it toiiMtrr.w?" ; '
X. I shall le inysy tomorrow.
"How a1mtn Frhlay:- i,
-h. I shall be bu.t.iir on Friday
than tomorrow. But you try. Bliss, he
has tt.e sortesr hand ami softest, hert
of. any inati.I know.". , , i
-Oh. stop that. ald-Klis.
"Yes. you have. Piissand you. know
It. rt joined 31 r. llanna.
M.ue. Rhine hiolutl at Mr. Blis ap
pealingly, and then Senator Hanna.
as he entered the elevator, remarked
to ht -r : '.' j
'"(Viuif on Satnrdar. Ij won't lie
hete." ! '
SKRHH SI.Y ILL Mrs. Sarah bur
bin. mtfhr of Sheriir F. W. Durbiu,
who is lying ill at tin home of Mr.
and Mrs. M. L. Hamilton, was some
what v, rse j-estenlay. but was re
(tirtetl as resting easy last night,
Mrs. I Mn bin is . seriously ill, but
gieat hones are entertained for her
ultimate recovery.
, Sneeze and Blow. -
That Is what you must do when you
have catarrh In the: head. The way
to cute thi disease- is to purify the
blood wltli Ilotttl s Sarsaparllla. 'This
mtdlcliie soothes ami heal tli In
fiaioed surfaces. r built Is the delitai;'
tisanes and K-nnauetilly 1ireH eatarrti
by cviK'Hing from the I loot I the st-rofi
t'loii taint iiniu which it dejieudsj
Ite sort to get Hood's. - .,
"The non irritating cathartic Hood s
Pills.- i -;. . '.- .;'-.:
Inning his slay in Fork the duke of
i'nnuatight was Hie guest of MaJr
bncral Sir Hugh and Lady Mct'ab
icoiit. Sir1 Hugh was for koiih year?
ti'imls'r of j mi I lament for Nrth Aie
Him. lesigniiig hU . feat wlun ai-n-.-intetl
to hi present coinmamlL
Thoroughly by nature and practice, lie
is a capable soldier of tle progressive,
not-sparlng-himself trd-. r. He hunts,
is a tirst -rate snot, doe not dislaiij
the bicycle, and make himself agrei
able wlxrcver he goes. .
Lord Rowtoii, who is tle literary
ese'Utor of the late earl of TtVacons
Id,-ha Iweu visiting the qnet'U, and
it is tii morod tint t she ha directed
Mm to ptit off the publication of Iica--oustiehr
niemoirs till'-efter- iir
death. . ! J
Amoii-r tho oldest niemb.'rs of the
British parliament is Mr.. Chairlngi
ton, who represent the Mile end di4
trict of Itmlon. He is rarely kccii 10
cir-lrialk to aiivone ami will jecuny Id
scat itally for wteK intnoui uiTenng
a sound, j Withal he I a iuot rliarita
Me man and 1 never deaf to a tale of
woe. . : !
" The mrtronis of Bute is-having fir
ted up h Rothesay residence, 3Iouut:
stuart dionsi. a Jieatttifnl Roman dir
tholic chamd. which will lie oik of the
; tiuest examples of ictighnr. architect
ure in tjreat tirpatn. jue unworKea
marble alone fr pillars and sirches
will cost $.,(ilt).
best laid scheme o mice and
fJang aft a-gley,
And leave us naught but grief and
I".1n, '
For promised joy, . .
Send for samples of our special designs
in lfthoravure work for letter and
bill heads, cards and envelope..
266 Commercial
f ROAl CMMi:
To Throw Off U TvrauiT of tho Irot'! ;
i UyioMtyia 1 bt OMixtry-t'ocor
- Wtturti I4m. . '
i From Daily Statesman. Oct. ?A.
The rhiueie llefono ' -arty, with
"headtiaarter at Ilonij Kong. has ad
dressHl a c.rcular ietier to the. heads
of State and . Oovermnenuv" ami a
-rjpy f it was yesterday jvs-elved by
.ov. T. T. b-r. Tiie petit ou, which
i'taied at lions: Koug. iVpteiulier
"2aIJ i in t'hoiese charainer. and at
tached to It a translation , In Euslisb.
The aim of the Chinese reformers 1
to lay" their case before the clviliztnl
worhL Tiie-itetii loners, signing them
selves the "True; 4 Reformers, state
their admiration for the Vclern cir
ilixaiiou and the Christian religion.
aief retdte the efforts of the ChiiMse
t'oveiumeut in keeping the iopolace
ignotant and ojpires:ed, Tbfy. tay:
' "The West, In the intercommunica
tion of t ratio 'and tiie preaching" of
thristianiy," ha solely the 'people.
v?Tfare iu View, ; lMKtiu.e it aims at
.Ik-nejitiiug the ouiii ry gei'rally, Iu
ttiii the Ka-t ami WVscaw riainetri
cally opjNed." - -"
The pctitiouem state that, on ac
cuiini of hatred for reformers, the
P.oxer were organized 'ti "opjsose
ami ki!I mi.-rshmaries, Christ iau enli
vens ami th,- Citutouese, antl more
over to opjMi ' autl kill every n.itit e
prou possesillg foreign Imiileuieuts
and gootls." , . Continuing, the aple:ll
fcas: ';.-' ' ,-. v.
vThus. some little time 'since, there
was one among thore who earned
for a reftiriuctl govei umctit, w4io,
though mo 'exalted as to ! ,F.inieror,
was rrlndess straigiit way leio-
el; how iiim-h les Khali the gentry
'and the pipulaee. through' their y'arn
Iug after the saine bject, et-aie puu
islm tilt !nl dcsih'r :
The .iiie.ll foiit-iuiles in the follow
ing terms:
"Tile sliM-rior iuau as a rforiuer
anticlnate Itefurt hand suir-,-)ii.flil
troubles. ar;tl most earnestly doe tie
httj. for lhf CovetiiliK-nt . ItMdf t
(diaiige ami tor the i-ettpie to In solved
ftoni tln'ir distrcs.-'es. but imw the
t.'ovemmcnt cauhttt change it-elf and
we are forced to b'seetdi other to
aid , th;- ; reformat ion: . therefore,
with our .foriuer earnestness 'of
heart ami Willi the sincerity
wjth whitdi we Ik.-mh'c1i heaveii to save
tlwi p"ole. we turn and beseech the
Allied .Nations to have pity Untn the
Chinese - isnple. whti sutler tin smart
of severe law and unjust puutstt
iii. nts ami .who -thereby certainly lose
their lives In greater numliers titan
tl black slaves ih'd; ami the - eopIe
otiinuiiilM r the slaves a thousandfold.
We hoe the ill' led iovors will revive
the lwiievtdenci' whicii fivetl the
slavs nutf coiitiuiit the beautiful
wot-k of giving slave their liberty,
by freeing our j several humlrcd mil
lions, that they may Ik hsye.I fr.aa
the tyrannical, barbarous, tiulust
puuislihieuts ami cruel methods used
jn court of law.
'Today we earnestly lteg with sor
rowful hearts, ami if still there sliouhl
I no anwer, theft we must lejve it
for heaven to ilechle. trusting heaven
.wdl reis-ut of tlK'se ca la mil !."
Love ailj trust a few, v
wroug to none; Ik able for tlunr1
I to
Rather in iVt than list-: and ke.p
" tliv frieml
Fmler thy own life key; bo cheeked
for silence.
But never taxed for speech.
sliakesreare. '
Tito wise, man ha his fuilios. no
less than the 'fool: lut it ha lieen
said Hint herein lie the difference:
Tiie follies of the fool are known in
him -
elf: the follies of the wise ate kmun
to iiinHlf. Intt hid-u from the woritl.
(Vdioii. '
Captain R. II.' Kllltt. who has leeu
for some time conducting rcs'arche
:ut the nature, and act ion .of i-tiake
iiom In India, baa arrived at the fal
lowing OiMiclusious: . First, tiie snake
iiKti of sonli India aw c-rtaln'y . ig
norant of any method of producing in
tlnT.iselves a highlj"; devcU;i-tl -othIi-th.u
of lutmtiultr: e;iitl, wiw few
of 1 apjwar to yra-llee -the swal
lowiug .if vtnoui or tite Innm-tion of
venom . iuh their limbs, but It ,1s
t'o-.ibtful If they thus obtain soiuo de
gree of fiinminiz.il ion: third, they cot
toie themselves utmost extdusively to
the cobra end sea ie harm by the
intimate knowltdge of Uie uiethola of
hamlltng this snake.
Tho Validity of twtft ' O.OC I
ImvoIvoH Minor Order Woro , jf
. Kottftnl of Record.
i Froiii
Daily Staiesman,
OeL r.i.
In the
tn; cm St
'Supreine ourt,
was argued antl
as fo!hiws:
Tiie SH-nrity Saving Bank, re
KtKutWni, vs. Susie AV. "tuith, adm'iu
istiatiix of the tate of l'rtstoti C.
Smith,, thseatetl; Preston W'! Smith.
Madeline Smith, Susie Smith and
Henry Smith, by their guardian ad
litem. Rluford l. Sigler. apllants.
The" apjw Hants were renivseuted by
Hon. John H. Mitchell, and 1li re
IlKuitients by 'Milton Y. Smith. A
.'brief statement uf the case is as fol
Ij'.vs: .
Thi was an a mica If roin Ok le-cr4-
f the irciiit cturt fr Mnittio
iitah oui!t.'-, renihifit in a 4'ase bir
tii- toieciosure 4if a .mortgage. --The
piop4-rty U hieattst In tb city 4f Port
laml, Oiegou, ami was at the ilate .f
tiie execettju f the- note i'lnl mort
gage the seM:irai4 property of Pres
ton C. Smith, deceased, the legal tltl
ct.iintiilg in his ll:t!ll.'. On -t iber I.
IHi'i I'rfslon '. rSutitii, leeias"d. es
cfatnl a note f that -date, payable
to 1 he onmr of the Security Savings
T:ink. resptiuth-nt li?rciu. for the kutu
of $-jn.oH, payabh OcIoIkt 1. tM.r,
with ir.teiest at six per int jut an
num, payabi .quarterly, principal and
Jntercsir payable in gohl coin. Said
note ajlso c m tamed a 4-taus4 for 1tn
Huiyni ut of n reastniable attorney's
fee in 'cane of suit. or. action on the
same. The note was 'signed as fol
hv.s: Pi4-tou . Smith; tSus'e
Smith, by Presttm C. Smiih, her nt
tcrncv fsct. . -
On the same date. October l.'lStrj,
a mortgage was oxevmul on lhe(proj
erty th-sci-iU-d Ihi'tt'iu tt secure the
payment of the note. The authority
under which PrcHttm C. Smith c'.aims:
to havV .lJni th name of Susie
Srrith tn said imte ami iimttgage. who
at that tie. e was hi wife, I the
tKiwer 'of .attorney,. "I he' text' of which
i r.s ftiilows:
"Know all men by tlnse trS nl:
That I. Susie Smith, of Portland,- r
r'gon, mw teinimrarily In Matliscn
county. Alalia ina. have made, cttrsti
"t u let I ami aiioinled and. by Ihes4.
nivsenis do make. cn-ililute anil ai
point Preston C. Smith, of Portland,
Oregon, my tnieii ml lawful altorucy
for me and' iu my ieiiiii', tihuc ami.
stead, to exercise the general control
iiuil sup-rvision rT all my laml.t.
tenements antl lit'ittlit;iiii4 iils In. -the
state of Oregon, ami to-gra,nt. bar
gain and sdl the whole or any part
of such lantl-t. teneno'iits ami heretji
t .-in icn is w iiny estate, right, title r
interest that I may have therein
thereto on such 'terms as In my said
attorney shall seem meet. Also to
make partllhui ami division of my
the wbiitl. but an hiMen from
Job Office,
! ntvHK-rtv of. estate that -I am iuti-re-
til in aul .to uccpiit, atoi. rctviie !.
shan or sm h pniis-ity. or estate and
for me ami In my name and fr mi,
use to Isirrov.' moneys ami to moi l
gage the whole or , any- part .of my
lamls or, interest in lamK se: uie
ih sanie,;ti dfiuaml. receixT and col-ItM-t
any sums of money that are mw
may berv-aftcr tn-come liw, owing
iwiyable ' pi n: - from auv pcrMia
whomsiever. anl urs'a recciid ttK-re-nf
tn give ii nd : execute ?jftjuittaiices.
r.Heiptv '"ndea'set or 'other discharge
of the Mn. e and ror nie ami in my
tiaiue ; to make, .x t i!j, -ud deliver
g4Mxl ami siitllcient tlts-d Jtntl HVey-n-4'
iJT any5 f .tta lamls r inter
est in land tiiat in.T said at brney
mar we lit ' U-stK'"4 ,f I:her whit,
or without covenants. f warranty,
and-(generally -giving my ah! atttn n.-y
full -power to lo everything whaistt
ev r j reiptifite and miess;try in antl
alsnit my bitsiiiess ami affair "a fully
as I could , do if personally pre-ieiif.
Hereby ratifying and continuing all
Valuable' acqiiisijion to OuneH's ftt
Kill leant.
t'.wl my said ai toruey. shall lawfully;
tto 4tr i-aus" to Ik done by-virtue here-,
ef. In witness wheivonT -ha ve h-r-tinto
set mv hi'.iid ami seal this, thir
teenth (l.iy nf Scptcmltcr A. I . isuj."
The mill' controversy in the cas
as shown by the assignment' of error,
is a to whether. 4r not said Preston.
C. Smith ii.nl aullim It j , under the
aixive iituvcr of .attorney, from said
Susie W. Sniilh. to xectite njihl trite
ami iuorti,':ige on her lwh ilf.
Never ls'ftire was the e:iH for "I rained
men so IoihI a now, s.i,y Success.
They are in demand everywhere. ng
only In the professions, but -a lo in
ttusmess htmse. manufacturing estab
lishments and even on the farm, they
are In" great demand. - The farmer
who iimlondnnd chemistry, "who I
able t analyze-"the force, tit natiir.
to mix In-a'tii with hi stil,' will ! be
tlM gwat farmer of the future. There
is an lucreasetl tlemautl every wlmn
lot" college-islucaled itHn. Wo Ilml
them occupying tiie ls'st jtosi lions i In
our Insiiraiiet. banking, mannfactiir-
c-'l -. I :t;.v:; -;,; ,- , :,:
! "-A ,
I "' -:
Hi' C-"""- "v":
Sj'f '5; ; ' ' "'.
I ' ; ,
'?iA -ivCX'' - f :'.;'r'
' Wk I ' ll
im, -m
r 'X -i' I '
: 'f'VA --;':;V,
:mm - !
' ' - ' - ' ' - i V ' -
5 ... ,-....o.,3.,.. V
im ,. .v-- -',
. . - - - - - - J
orliug ami IraiiKiiortatloii liiNtiiiitioiis.
Never Is'fore was the call fur. liber
ally nluealed men ami -women; so
great as ttwlay. i
- Gpaijc W'oi i:
I-ficcs Reasonable
Sa.em, Oregon :
Salem, Oregon