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i - 1 ' !'"" ' . - ' i ' . i ; - i", ; '
VOL. 49. NO. 37.
Have You Ever Tried the .'
Tlicy'll. reduce your shoe Lilts, if you'll wear them. There is no
more reliable line manufactured in the United States. Good reliable
shoes at reasonable prices are what you'll find at the M
i -i: : . v .
' E ' - - - : '
It's a spot cash house. You don't pay your neighbor's; dbts
when you trade with them. We have any tiling you want in shoes,
clothing, hosiery, underwear, gloves, ribbons, laces, lace curtains,
counterpanes, corsets, yarns, and ladie3 and gent's furnishing gooda
Salem's Cheapest One Price Cash Store
i " ' - ' u -
E. T. BARNES, - Prbprietov
Cor. Commercial and Chemekeia Streets
Women's Peat French Patent leath
er Haiid-Tnnu-U Louis 'XV Heel, Lace
SltUC. : '
Women's Vici Kid. like cut. Ixmi
XV Heel. Hand Tuiwd, La Shoe.
Also Plain Leather Tops ami Plain
Cloth Top. ;
These boea are worth $. We will
sell theui for $2.50.
CH, acid in -the llood cause rheu inatUin. selatlea. 'pint and neuralgia.
H.inov.4 IIh'M-suis'. A wrUlHii'jaJaraiit. with e-aHi ring -to' return your
monev in r".i:,VH if not entirely satisfactory. PRICE 2. A, postal, card
wH,Jmou" irwfc-.4-"k,rt ,hi,t e,U 1U' s,riiKx i'MATir ro..
.,. UAltR.lm, Qro... Hartford. Conn.
Farmers, Insure Your Grain and Hops
The cost JS i.mall. hIkhU on, half ef nt a Imahel I on .
Months. .Kale for all wanhou In ValU-y. l;iv.-Old a nd lrlI
irtule" Kink & SISTON. Uwldeut A-nt. Successors to Geo. M. lel r
Co. aSS.IJoiuuierclal Mtreei, raieui. urfK.iu.
LKM o ' a:i j fiA',
W It's Your Ownifault m
Men's downs
a dollar if they are worth a
Men's Hats
I Si.65
Illack rmind top wrtb -J"iO.
Jjds., Mey ers ; & S ons
'si - I
Reduced to $3.50 Pr.
what ynu want iti the way tf Dry
ibHxls. flothiug etc.. for Winter wear.
Pecuuse prices are within the reach of
every lnNly at our stre.
Red Prices Prevail
formerly old ror $W.0O and 12..V.
'Men's Gloves
fine-walking gloves worth i.tu
His Valet Confesses that Attorney
j Patrick Did tbeOecd.
Was the Stake Played for by Patrick
and Jonea-Botb Ire In Priaon
Awalti Da: Trial.
XKW YOltK. Nov. 1. The death of
the wfnltby WjUiam Marsh Hiee, at
hks M:tdisui Avenue apartiiMMits, ou
Septemler . 23d; the atteinpt f his
New York attorney.' Allkert T. latrlck.
to eash -lie-ks for- larjje amoniits
vhU-h! were iuriMrted i le iiiifuetl Sty
th- millionaire; the refusal of one
hank io cash the dieeks drawn oa It.
auil the diseovery b.v the hank's ottie
ials.that Hue was lying dead at the
time the clunks were ureseuted: the
suh'se.juent claim ly I'atrtck that it Ice
hitl niade luin y will the trust? of
hisstatts which aiooiinis to aiiywbere
front $:;.NMaMl to $8.Ml.tit; the
charge of forgery, lioth as regards
tb clic ks and the will, placed against
l'atii k and Juiis.and tlielr IcMiideiit
in jail, have kc(t Xcw Vork interest -
v. .
An East Indian prince, who is fighting
loyally for Queen Victoria at the
head of the Imperial Camel Corps,
in China.
ed for over 1 nto.tt in what the de
velopments of -today promises to b'
coute one of the inot " celebrated
A f Jacket for. ...... . .... .1-J
A ' f 1 3-s Jacket f or ?
lltill llr-L.'t ftiT.-......... fMt
A? ft4.t"l Jacket for. ...... I . 1MJ
A fnum Jacket for............
MHtt' jackets
A 13.."W1 Jacket for. $1M1
A l.k." Jacket for. $ t'"1
Clindrea's Jackets
A plain mixe.1 with - brown ; cape
'nicely Iwakled.
lU'iuoval Sale Prkv. ....fl.flO
Tan Hieckeil whb large c41ar.
Ueytoral Sale Price. ......... . .f2.n.j
Mixed Itonde. . ........ .f4.15
Mixe.1 .Bowie ...... ;v. ....
I I I '-'T -H
is? i- - Lf M r
crimen -which the -onri or fits city
have le-it ValKtl ou Ui Investipate.
v.'Pke, lirt Ineklfur wjilck led up to
tlay climax was the fact, diseloseJ
yeAKilaj. that Valet Joues had twen
takeu to the distrh-t .attoruey'tt-'otfiee
and tlie utwetie'ut rumor that he Iiad
tuade a confession to t lie authorities;
Pfrt the pulilic Iiad time to learn If
the ieMrt of the coufesshji was true,
caitte tlie iuotv startling news that,
during the night Jones had. in his cell
in th Totuhs. atteuiitcl suicide ly
epttiti); his threat with a penknife,
j;iv.-n hiiu he says by .ttotuey Pat
riek. also coufmed iu the To hi In, and
for tlie purjHise of jiettlti? rid of one
wit ik t Patrick' aHejretl crime.
His crime, ait-ordiiiff to the -nfesr
sktu of .loues. itarts ht which the dis
trict attorney office gave ont totlay.
was uothin less titan 4 he uiarder of
.Yliliioiutii ' Itlce by. Attorney Patrick,
and the purloining: of his paer relat
inc to the estate. The taking off of
Uic say '.loiies. was hne by inter
pal administration of some po:son. sii)
posetlly mercury, and the ilnal appliea
lion of sotue anaeNthctic, presnmaltly
elrforoform. That port ion of the con
fessiitn. which has to .do with the last
moments of toe old man. Is driven out
bv the authorities a eoiuing from
.limes, the fw-ene' takiiig place In the
ajwrtiwents of tlu millionaire, and he
lylnjT sick in bed.
While There Is Life There Is Hope.
I was afflicted with catarrh: could
neither taste nor uieI and could hear
but -little. Kly's (Vnra Halm cured
It.' Marcus ;. Shatttz, Hahway. X. 4.
The It.-ilm reaelwil iiic safely aud
the eff-t 5s 'surprising- .M'yyson fays
the first ap)licatiou gave decided re
lief. Kisis-ctrully. Mrs. Franklin
FriMMiian. Hover. X. H.
Tlie li.ilui iLh-s not irritate or cause
sutfziug. Shl by .drnzgisls at ."s ,Ha.
or mailed by Klj Itrofhers, 5 Warren
St., Xcw Vork. .
iinj b.vMA(!K spits.
.Chicago. ov, 1. Suits for damage
aggregating '$,. km i.inmi were til d iu
tin: chciiii cotirt here today, by the
ae.lnxd board agaii.Nl th ;'!evaKd ra l-
way -oii'paii:e-t wh'ose tracks and trai-
1 are alleged, to have damaged the
h houl property. It is eiaiiueil 'that
Mde" from the injuries to the buihl
Ui themsclvi-s. the pupils are gr.atly
hllidrctl in their work by th. noi e
P'ltde hy ll:e trains.
ins noiY roiTNn.
fsfltlle. Wash., Xov. 1. The body
of Cfctrk M. f'arr. son of (Jeneral Clark
K. arr. who was drowned in Iike
Washington on Sunday, was recover
tH lolay. Tin IhmIj of his cousin.
Yorrey Carr. who lo.-l his tlf, at the
(.iin time, was recovered several
ifa'ys ago.'. -."." '", '
Bmrrlh ir unu tait nan Ajamys wur
R K IT It M V A X M A X.Vli: P. S
lcirocrrttie Threats Met with the
Statement that Voters Hight
Will Ite protected.
XEW YOltK. Xov. 1. Tlee Itepiibli
cau National Committee today issued
a formal statement to the voters, as
follows: '
'Mr. Croker, head of the rcmocrat-
ic organization in Xew Yerk. has or
dered his stilMtrdinates to gather in
force at tlie iIls next Tuesday. "and"
in ease they i-ee 4he result of Ihe count
going against Ih. in, to eje-t tlu elee-
tiou officers and take- imssiss1oii of the
bailed I Mxes 'by fore-e. This astound
ing anarchistic order has lweu ap
proved, aud -mdorse'd by Se-nalor
Jones, cluilrman of the .Democratic
National .Cmiiifttee. Xot withstand
ing the aimounci'inent ef this Demo
eiatie iMlh-y of terrorizing i!m voters
anl hiirslarizing the ballot boxes, the
Kepubllcatl Xatlonal Committee ele
sires to istate te the public that the
IteiHihlle-an managers. National, state
and local, have i a ken measure to In
sure the rights ef every voter in this
election, and that every vote shall be!
rtojerIy e-oitnte'il and ree-ordeel as
east. The cunmtttee thereTore au-
UKitiish all voier that tliey must not
Ite eleterntl by thes threats of the:
Ieme"ratlc leaders from exercising
the right of suffrage, Tm-sday next,
and we shall see to if, that his Tote
shall b' protee teit at alt ha.ards.
He Adilre'sses Ijire Crowd Xine
Sie-ee-hes Iat Eve-nlng.
Chicago, Xov 1. William J. P.ryan
this afte,rnsii lK'gaa his thre'e elays
itinerary of this city, addressing a
vast -onourse at Itandolph street ami
Michigan Avenue. The apeake'
stand wa at the sule of Ihe public !l
br4:ry. and se elense wa Hk hreug
round if that the I "residential andi
date wa literally draggeil to tlie plat
form by a qna4 of iolieernen acting
under the personal tiisrTlKSon of
Ma ror Harrison, who liad ridden with
P.ryan freuu the railway station.
The hour wa estKeIaay anspieions.
a tboasamls of ; werkingnicn ami of
fice employe- had jnst completed tlwir
day's tak and awaited ibe coming of
the Iemoera!ie champion. After llu-
ner be preteeeeleel on his tour of the
nonhwest sute or the city, where lie
made eight speech, all of them to
large crowd. - 1 J "'.
Chicago. Xor. l.--Four egg were
thrown at William J. Bryan tonight,
just a lie left Vntral Turner hall, on
Milwaukee Awnne. where be lad
conclndeel hi adelres. The egg were
thrown by three or fonr young men.
one of whom. John R. Myres. a ign
painter, wa plaeed nnder a nest. The
other men escaped- i , '
Roosevelt Shows the Deraocratio Leaders to
Be in Favor of Riots.
He Warn? Them that New York State Will Cast an Honet Vote, and that
the State Machinery Will Protect the Voters
. ia Their Bfghtf. ; r -
JAMCSTOWX, X. Y.. Xov. 1. -Governor
UtMs'Velt tiuished next to the
kist lay of his New York state, tour
in 4his city, after having travek-d
through live ctmntles and making tif
ten speeches during the lay. His
sis-eches during the day, and at lxth
of these cities were fiavoiiHl with
vigorous attacks on Itiehard troker
and Xatlonal 1 einoera t ie 'Chairman
Jtmes. for their alleged attitude on 4 he
t .muling of the ballots, which Hoy
etuor Itoosevelt diagnosed as an in-eilemc-nt
t violeuce. A both, Dun
kirk and .lameslowu, atid espc'lally
iti the latter place, tonight, there wero
imu'teiise audiences.
Attica. X. Y., Nov. I. -The first top
of the Hooserelt '.'-train today was
made at Itatavla w in re the tioveruor
"IVyoiMl- all other issues are the is
sue of orderly liberty under the law
ami of vlvic honesty. Hryan's chief
li.tMeuant. Croker. repnsents the
forces whK'h Ktjiiul for civil? dishon
esty, and now they openly champion
Ibe-caiiM of riot. iih1 violeiice, of up--ret'Ing
by fre of fraud tlie verdkt
leinler.'d by tlie pe'ople al the mHs.
With the oj, .Mily expressed eucobrage
n'Of ami approval of Senator Jonc.
who is running ttryau's national can
ass, t'rofeer has now twice, in open
stat'uiems. Incited tlie violent and
lawless to open riot oa KIcvtiou Hay,
next- TttesIay." .
Continuing ic.'rn.r Uoyevelt sail:
"Evi ry xwer of tin state will be
exerted to see. u next Tuesday, that
each matt Iu thin stale shall cast his
vote as he pleases and shall 'have it
counted as ast. If ltryan has. n
plurality of but oup vote n this state,
its -on nt will le priMeHed by very-fr.-e
arthe romiuaud of Ihe cxeeullve.
ami the same measure cif justice that
we give to others we shall exle to
hav given us In relttrn."
worui not- heai: haxna.
Chicago. Xoy. l. Mark Ilanna 1mw-'
ed to a storm of hisses, cat e-alls and
eitcers for Hryati. in the bi- -lrcus
tent at llalwteal and Thirtieth streets,
tonights, giving tip his attempt to get
Retarns Will Be Shown by Edison's
New Vitascope
Tula Lattit Electric Wonder to Be
Uiieel ic Glviuir the Returns
Hot from tbe Wires.
The eleoilon new will le bulletined
from the Stales man olllce em Titeselay
night next by the UnHeel State Vita-
Samuel Jackson, the Indian Hoy. Ha
a HarI Time In Hi Effort to
Secure Liberty.
Judge It. P. Hoise liekl a lrief se
shui f hi elepartmeiit of tlie e-lreiiit
yesterelay. During the afternoon, the
e-ase of Samuel Jackson, the Chile-at
Indian from Clwtnawa. again -ame up
fef argument tn h( ietitIon for halw-a
corius, ami after the examination of
iMme wttiiess4- aud the preeutHtin
of argume-nt. the further bearing was
posfismed to 2 p.; m. toilay. Jae kson
tM'lng et ltaek to jail - in live meantime.--
Tlee following ebK-ket entrie were
also made by tlie e-otirt: i
Fannie M. Chittenelen. plain t iff, v.
VV. E. Chittenden. bfendaiit; elivor
Kranted; itstesly ef children awardeel
to tilaintiff. ,
-'Welch Jtro., plaintiff, r. tlK f.ood
ale Lumber 4.'o elefendant: ellsmisseil
on agreement of parties without st
to ell tier iarty. -"'!
itiert Ire plaltnlff. t. Win.
Capo. et al- dcfemlant; confirma
tion: eemflrmeel. l
Je)hn M. Old, plaintiff. T Cat leer
Ine Old, elefendant; elivorcel demur
re on motion of plaintiff.
tinarJ of Tuesday Im tlie fed
lowing from Cottage f .rove: Tbe
i-kvtrlc light pkint of this cHy, canght
fire tb'.s morning, and it I a total
loss. Owing' -to a failure to secure
a hearing until the jiolite lnd restor
il order. Ir l." minutes the,'moH
had its innings, and than seventy
lolk-cmeu look a haiul aud cleared Ihe
a is res. . , ', .-
ixhiaxa is sait:.
Chicago. Nov. 1. Harry S. Xew,
Xntioti:il (mmltteeiuan. from ltnliaua,
today Raid: "ludiana is safely Hepub
ileaii this year leyonl a. doubt., aud
MeKinlev'j majority .will Im greater
than In ISIm;."
Canton. t., Nov. 1. I'resUlent Me
Kinley has h i.le.l to remain In Can
ton lo receive tin news of Hie elec
tion nest Tuesday night', 'and, he .will
return to. Washington Wednesday.
Chicago, Nov. t. "Front renrtn
which have' come to imu ami from my
own hs'rvatiju. I am watlsihtl that
Indiana is us tfifcly lemKTtle aa Is
.Misslrl.' H
Thus spoke Wjiu J. llryau as he
fllightcd"froui th Motion train at ho
cirlMrn street, station, today, at
o'el.sk. . He had just, arrived
from a tour of the Kiale f Indiana,
and from prolongd trips-through ar
ioits stales farther 1-Jjist ward. II
adhil that the gctiecai outlook was
euctMiragitig, but Iid not go iulo de
tails. .' '.
Pr.in"s ttlne-rary today Hve-red a
iiuuiIm'T of HIiit U-tw-fcii ludlana
sis and this -ity. all f : them In-ing
lit the slate if Indiana., ltryan left;
the private ear. "Itatnbler" for gMnl
ujmui his arrival hem. He has k
upleil It for Just five-Week, and
travele.1 7" or sii miles iu It.
P-ryan ran iuto a Hepublicaii, tne't
iiignil Rensselaer. When-' lie ' arrived
at th meeting places . there was in
rge rowl to greet 'him. hn it was
evident there mas a glsnl -ri.gKP of Me
IIiiey fen I i men t there. (Jrasplng the
nil nation. ltryan ail; ,
I ain'MiTy 4 hat ' it has so luijM-ned
that' my meeting comes on the auu
day is the Itepiiblicau incetiug. but
in armugiug this Visit jl was not o-slble-
make H on any oi her lay.
and I am sure, that here we can me.t
together as iiiemlM-rs of different
parlies, ami I lwit there should be no
friHioii. Is twen tliose who tiling in
I do and those who- are opposed ti
the opinions which 1 advocate.
S4-ni? Exhibithn t'o. The canva will
Is across t h tre't from Statcn-j
man otllce, in the windows of Cailin
A;l.lnii and Horst llros., iihI 1 lie.1niru
liient Used will be the Iatst ilMTIltioll
of Edison, Jin vltas-ope, .enited byj
ebM-trielty. The returns will 1h 1akii
elire-ct. from the wires, as funiislieel by,
the AsseM-iattHl Pres and Ihe Western
Pniou Tele-graph ;Co., and they wilt
I full uud reliable. Tbe-re will l4
no 'Militlcs connected with the returns
f course. Simply -the iie'W will lwji
given. The Slatsuiau uttf some of
lis Salem friend . will lwitr lhe exf
js iiKe. tiiid it will lefreH 4o all the
M'eiph w,ie e-an get wilhiu see-ing ell
ta ice, and no doubt tin-re will le the
biggest e-rewd 4 hat ever wailed for
Die elee-tioii return in Salem, -if the
weallier Is at all propitious.
Many -ountry jMople will 'Is In 1
luw the cleiln ha gone, .and.:
the-y will 1 as weli-omt! a the city
eople, " I j
p.etwee'ti the reliirus the living iHif
llires will 1m exhibipij. Ho that I lie
rewd will 4mi entertained nn It wall.
wood, Mr. Xe-lui; 11m wuer, bajl
1m-u 4uruihg eff 'light alsuit 1 a. nit.
Kverythfng was Tall right at the sl
Hon at that hour this morning, AIoit
5:4" !H-ighlMr lise-overel the utatlon
on fire, but the blaxe had made nii'ii
iwadwHy that tli building and plant
etnild not. In eaved. Ily tie- i' lp of
the tire elejwrtmetit Mr. Xelnr rei
eb'tto was savislj Tlie loss I extlin.it
ed t a moii t $.",. . with Insumuce itf
f I4j. This i epiHe a blow to Cottagn
tJrove. but it is uihh-rsttMsl that Mr.
Xels.ui will at ne-e lake steps te re-
Heir ef t 1m Iite James H. Martla
.Iteeive Their Portion. j-
In the prediate ."court, jegterda.
County Judge John H. Scott ordered
the estate of tlie late James S. Mart In
distributed among the heirs under the
will, a follows J i
K. H. Martin..... $720 8-1
Dora HofTmlre 44 rT,
Mattle IMatlner .............. 4H4 Ti
Amy Pale 4H4 fC
Tlie exeentor of the will. W. M.
Kalse-r.. wa er.lered te distribute the
estate, and to file 'the receipt from
tlie lieirs. where-upou 4ie Is to Is; Iis
chargeHl from further liability. 1
W.'IL Hobsein " fried hi bond for
fTtNitl. as Administrator of the estate
ef David Mulkey. deceased, and let
ter of administration were ordered to