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,VOL. 40. NO. .SC..
Have You Ever Tried the
They'll reduce your slioe bills; i you'll wear them,
moro reliable line manufactured in the United States,
shoes at reasonable prices are what you'll find at'tho
' It's a snot cash house. You
; j " - ' ' ' '" .
when you trade with them. We have anything you want in shoes,
clothing, hosiery, underwear, gloves, ribbons, lace?, lace curtains,
counterpanes corsets, yarns, and ladies and gent's furnishing good.
Salem's Cheapest One Price Cash Store
Cor. Commercial and
Women's Best French Fatent Leath
er Hand-Turned Louis XV Hwl, Laeo
'Women Vici Kid. like cut, Louis
XV lb-el. Hand Turmd, Lace Shoes.
Also I'lain .Leather Tops and Plain
cloth Toiw. I s
These ar worth $5. We will
sell them for 3.o0. , .
. ' ' ' : rr ' " '
Crk acid 4n th! Idoo&-auses rheumatism, Wkitlen-,' gout and neuralgia.
J ' ' ' i ' s c-
Remove tlw cause. A written guar ante with each Ting -to return your
.nionev iu .'JimIa.v if not entirely s.itisf netory. PRICE f ; A 'postal card
"will bring our Hrtle lssiklet that tells the. story. Addii.
J. . 11ARR. Salemi Oregon. Hartford. Conn.
Farmers, Insure Your Grain and Hops
Tke cost"! small, about one-half
Month, Rate for all warehouse in
panics. KIRK & SISTOX, Resident
Co. 2SS Commercial street. Salem, O
Outing Flannel
5c Yd.
i '
Best Standard Calicoes
5c Yard.
Allen' lYinls
Simpson's Print - '
American Indigoes
t;.ini'r'si Prints '
. llnmiitou lrint ,
Icrrimat-k Prints
. .
.Best Amoskeag Apron
Ginghams, tic Yd.
' Pet Cost Icelll Soool Silk 100 yard
pM'inl4 be. i 5 for 2t cent
.net-Larp Sikh)1 Twist 4 for 13c.
Napped Back Vicugnas
Iisd Quality. . . ,
Medium tonality.
Heaviest made. .
So yd.
. fKr yd
lie yd
i Heavy Cotton Blankets
I 58c Pair.
Pest qualities of Cotton" Batting at
lowest prices. '
There is no
Good reliable
don't pay your neighbor's
Chemeketa Streets
Reduced to $3.50 Pr.
cent a 4 bushel on
Valley. Tire Old
Agent, Successor
regon. i
wheat for Six
and ' Tried Co in
to Geo. M. Iieiler
Louis XV Blefels
.1 ' ., "- . : -- . 5 . -
t ,- . i ' i - -, t
Our Price List ...
We fully Intended to move inlo our One new More about SepteroWr
1st and made large purchase on that account. The goods have arrived and
our new store is not ready Tor o.-eupncy and will not In until January 1st."
So In order to dispose or the g.ods we have ; adopted the Sicial Price
scheme and marked them all with red figure at greatly reduced price.
Ladles9 Wraps
'. . . t -
We have' this year the very lwst
Jackets and CaiN that scieuc- ana
lalior can proluce for tne price.
Prowns. . . ,
lllacks SiKHiial........
Our Special Ine
lied, .Ttlack. fll
Castor. Tan..... ........ J)B
IMiuN Ilrown . 4
line of Capes and Jackets, pur
cliaHl erirNVlally for this Sale
They are strongest values in Oregon.
SUITS... .....
Send In Your Mall
Orders Given to Resocie Wdrk In
fleveo of tbe Collieries
Presldeut Mitclie 11 II a Issued a State
nienr, Showing: tbe Eutire ;
Success of tbe Strike.
I1AZELTOX. - Pa.. Oct. :
miiieivorkers strike has lteen ile
clared oft against fhren conipanie.
whi.'li lravf complied with tlto xtrik
ei f'; deinaiid. ami tlic strike , will he
mt'uue! against those companies
whicii lave nt granted tu Sera h ton
env-ntknr"! demaudx. Tint trikers
wlfli return to work iftii4lji. at those
plarex wliere the iie-np ix ended.'
' A ! statement addressHl to the min
ers and inincwofkorx of the. anthra
cite region, wax given out' for publi
cation toniiit. by President . Mitchell
of 'the I'nHed Mine Workers. In which
he says:
'After carefully canvassing the en
tire xtrike Kituation, we, your otlicerx.
listri-t and National, have conclnded
that, your victory j ix w nearly, com
plete that no god end can Ih x'rved
by continuing the strike longer. The
practical lieucrttx to the jninerx.
whk-h ac-riK' from 'thorough organiz
ation, hare b-en so. clearly " denion
xtratetl tlnriiig lliix strike, that it
hotUd be ukiIIish f.tr to'nrge utKiti
yott. the' iM'cenxity of maintaining your
union intact.
"Ax it here are some few companies
who have neither. itoxted. notifietl tur
xisrnifil in any other manner, their
wilhiignesx to pay the lit jn-r cent
advance in wag. and fusend tbt
sibling . Hcale. we would advise thatj
unless t fho men employtnl by such
ciiopau!ex receive' notice Ih'f.H-e Moil
day. that the advance will lx paid.
I Lev remain away from th minejji
ami continue' on the strike until thf
-uiikiuI.- employing them agree 1
li ciimlitloiiH offereil Yty tlie th"r
eouijuinie. Tlie eniiloye of th eouj,
panicx .who have offcrel the advjiice
of 10 jr cent anl alndixhed the blidf
ing sc:ile are hereby ant hoiized to
rcximie- the work on Monday. Orto
!er ami to n prcfiareil. If milleill
on. to contribute a reasonable amount
of t heir earnings for the maintenance
of those who may 1h compelled ic
coiitiiim- tlH strike.?
Sliamokin. Pa.. Oct. 2.V-Fifty tlp
uth'X with revolvers in their hip
pockets are shoveling "buck wheat"
Coal from the Cameron colliery enhn
lank in the separators today, whik?
'Jtt eeul and iron polhvmen juitrol tine
groumbA, euciwling the seirators to
keep striker at distam-e. The kil
ter at intervals pass tlu public road
west of tiie colliery and -urxe the
lcptiex. No iMrson.x other than lueiu
wanting to go to work are permitted
to approaclh the breaker.
Wiil Xot Be.Abamlomtl by the War
1 department.
Washington. Oct. 25.-rAfter a full
discussion of th subject With Quart-cr-inaster-(ieneral
Iudington and Col
onel Hi rd. of his oHiee. Scretary Root
has reject cl tlw pninisition -t bav
the military traniort bns1nss be-
Amoskeag Ging
hams, 6c Yd.
Men's Salts
This seasons products lit all wool
business and working suits, excep
tional value r
$7.50 a Salt ,
Kavy Iilue . Serges. Rlack. Clay
Worsted. Fancy Casslmerea, Tricot,
and Cheviot; : : ' ' ' i
- Special Offerings at i :
$10 a Salt
Hats . ;
Men P.laek Pedora 1."0
Men' Round Tn in Tans. PearU t
and Black .. ... .$ls
The Famous Oorden Hat. . . j . , . .3.WI
Slcial line Title and up. . !
; shirts
Work Shirts . ... 2T.C. 4V?
Dress Shirts . ... ... 4tic. 01c
A Siiecial Une of Fancle wort
fIZS. l.t " special .e. ;
tween this country and Cuba and Por
t Jtli condm-t-d by a mn-liattt line
of steamers on those route, instead of
by. restiLir Army transirtR. as at
preii'nt. It was fauud that the ex
panse ix practically the ame under
toth systems aud 4bat otliwwise t!ere
wetd be no " sp-t-Ltl . advaurasre In
tntnsferrins . th; work to , private
steamship eniipanhs.
; One rexulr of the decision -to continue
tfceijUovemmeut trausurt ' service Is
the eitablixhuiein f a rejothir euii
niontlily transiioit on each of the two
ro-uP-ji. . .';. .
Thomax . Stewart; who Crossed the
1'lains In lHV-K Passes Away.
IlilMMM-o Ott. ri. Thomas' Stew
art, an Ori'goii pioneer.' died at the
home of ' his daughter, Mrs. ft. A.
Hood, in tills city, at ." bVUn k yester
day' afternoon, after ail lllms ex
tending over a jvear. .
Iks-easiHl was lorn ; in Misorri in
IN Hi,-, where be was raised and niar
rUnl. and in lKP.l, with his, wife, cross
ed Hie plains, coiiiinir to Or-!irn.where
he has sinc tesid.-d. His wife ditl
sH'V'eral years "ago. Seven, children
survive hini. four daughters and
th-nv sous. Tlw-5' are: ElizalMth ltol
ertx. of Ilarrisburg. Or,; Mrs. Andrew
Uooal. IIvic.-r: Mrs. W. A. Wixe,
Port la ml;. Mrs. .A. Umm1. lIHlslMro;
Wilda Siewart. Sjin Francisco: K. C
?ewart autl Luke Stewart, of 'Port
land. .
' l'ncle Tommy Slewait' as deceas
ed wax familiarly called, was lield lit
liljjh esteem "by all who knew him.
To know hint was to love him. lie
loved to tell of the times wik-ii Oregon
was in its nndeveIoH'd state and of
the many . Incidents that ' occurred
while making the Journey acros the
plains. lie wa an airwtionate hus
band, a kind fa titer 'and a true friend.
Tbey Blew Open, the Strong: Rox, but
Were Frightened A'way by Citi
ien Stole Twj Ca.t. ,
Tlie olfiVe of W. S. Hurst & Cx,
tiioi bu.wrs and commission mer
chants. lo-atl n slHrt distance north
of lh, dejmt at Annua, was ; entered
lty burglars Wednexl;iy night. The
man gained admission to the building
by pryins tlie front dmir 'open with
a lar of steel. Tlie s.ife. which con
tained a large sum of money.', was
drilled Into ami a ixiw rful explosive
was used, to blow oien tin tor lo it.
The explosion threw tlie door of tlie
safe across the room but the Iuikt
door was left without injury. The
explosion was heard by Jon n t.reen-
wald and ' I- H. binders, at ir:."s
o'chxk, who at once proeeeIcl to th
phice where it had occurred.' When
they reached the o!Ih they found
tlie door'oien and realizing what had
hapiH'tied. Mr. tJreenwald left Mr.
Samlerx to guarl the kor wlnle 1k
went to notify tlie owner, not know
ing that the burglars -were- ftill in
side. The burglars now had their only
chance of escape. Creeping tip on the
unsuspecting Sander- they- oealt nun
anowerfnl blow on the skull, which
rendered him unconscious. rh'fore
the return of Mr. Hurst and a nnm
ler of citizens who had !een attract-
ed by the loml explosion, -the safe
crackers disappeared ip the darkness.
taking with tlM-nt two ovetvoats. one
l-longing to C. lu Wilson, a mining
man of Stimpter. ami the other iti'n
Stronp. an employe of 11m firm. They
left a pen-knife, a nort piece or
stKd and 12 inches of fuse.
A 'the. firm had dealt largely sn
hops and iotatoes. a - consiieraiie
sum of money was on nana, ami uati
thev not iwn snrpriseil, would have
made A gool haul. This is the iwH-oud
work of this kind done In Aurora,
the Southern Pacific Company's afe
lMing blown oien three weeks ago.
l&i bid Ym Rate lrj BarT
President McKinley and MemlNT of
His abln Were l,reseut The
CVremonle Simple.
MAXSFIELIl. O.. Oct.' 2T,.-Frotn
the qnalnt little Episcopal chnrcJi,
where as a youth he worhipiKl. Joliri
Sli rn)n. 4lte statesman, was burk-d
tolay. -! tp the narrow aisle which
throuzh long" year lie trod as a ves
rvmau.'the remains of tlie - former
1'nltcd i State Senatfr ; ami Cabinet
member were carrlwl to tlie chancel,
where. In a casket' of black, sur
mounted and hedjred about with a
sen. of floral tribute, they nsted
from shortly tiefore 11 o'clock until
nearly X when they, were removed
with Kiuiide. tender ceremony to their
hit restln pi. ice in the Sberuwin fam
ily vault In the cemetery here.
Every business house was draped
In mourning, every church was imi.
and the street were thrdujred with
sorrowing friend. Including deleaa
tlons frm Washington. Cleveland and
near-by title and town. The ' fu
neral procession - wended It way
from the Pulon station, where It was
firuiiMl with Presldeut .M.cKinIcy In
the pLuv of honor, to the- tlrace Epix
njial church. , '
The train Hearing the distinguished
dead ami those w1k esttrted the IkxIv
froniuhe Xatloual capital, arrive.! at
Hi:lG a. in..-. AwaiiiriK were Mayor
Prown and a citizeu' viumitie of
live, a squad -of indhe and Company
Mi Eighth Infantry. O, X. ti.. which
did service iu the Spanish war? .Close
by the wr which contaltuil the c--falqne
and which wa heavily drainvl.
were 42 meinlsT of tleueral Shcn
man brigade, all old men. gray and
1 it. ' " v. , . ..
A President McKinley. loatuus; on
tlie arm - of Mayor . llrowu. stepjx'd
from hi private ir, the Otympia.
every man In the 'crowd at the h-jt
raixel hi hat. as did the lresideut.
ami siocKl luireheadeil tintil tlie -as-ket
containing .the ' body, of frmer
Senator Siiermau wa removed to the
harse Then, without dirge or other
sound of mourning, the - f ttnern I c.;'
tge slowly pnx'tHhHl to t Ik church.
The .body wax " lHrue iKtwtH-n . t wo
tile of the meinliers of Sheruian
Itrigado and double tiles of Com pan v
M. I'nKHHliiig the hearse were the
carriages le:irlng two party from
Washington. In the lirst were I'n
Ident, McKinley, Sd-rcblry of AVar
Uvmw. Congressman Krr. if this city,
and Secretary o. the President Cor
telyoii. ---The I'M-sUlent lil uoi etiliT
tlie church when -the- remain were
tirst laid iu state, but prot-eeded to
tlie reshIeuH' of ' Congressman Kerr,
wlMre. with other nwinlwrs of the
Washington, party and meniticrs , of
the Sherman family, he partMik of
luncheon, remaining there tintU tlu
formal serviiTx at the church, which
Iwsan at U:o p. m.
lvm-wn line of spectators, among
whom were many who had known
the deceased tl greater part of hi
life, the casket was curried into tlie
church lmtween eight mlcem'n. -'and
esorted by the honorary iallhcarers,
tieueral Nelson A. Miles. P. "T. Sher
man. Alfred W. Tloyt. William Mc
Conib. (.'Italics W, Sherman. Coleg.tt.
Hoyt. John Sherman Hoyt and Frank
15. WHorg.v The plate n 4 he casket
lsri Ihis inscription: . -
"John Sheruian, May Id, 1S2X Oc
toler,,rJ. 1 !."'
The altar wa decorated-In whih at
lle riquet f tin family, and the
ofhViatiug rctor. R'v. A. It. Pfft
manV roln of odhv were white nlo.
T1k r-ter chantetl a brief ritualistic
rite, a procession,- headed by Oavecn
or Nash, of Ohio, filed by to look tqion
the ace of the hcc:ised. During the
succeeding hours tin crowd came
and went with noiseless tn'nd H(ca
sionally brhiirinc nhlitlons to the jro
fnsltnte Korwt "tffrrJtzAmrrt -fltf
latter wa a larg wreath of white
ros's from the White House.' the gift
of the McKinley family. TIhtc was
a tall shaft of roses from the City'
of Manshehl. a law look wrought of
white .r6sis and carnations, from the
locn 1 Ila r A sstn-la t ion, a w rea t h f r m
the Loyal I'gion, anotlKr frVuu tlie
survivors of Sherman' Prigade, and
many "oilier. ':.
TIktc was. no formal sermon, the
officiating clergyuinn adhering closely
to the Episi-opal ritual. At tlie" coti
clusion of the services the funeral
train proceeded to the ci'metery. a
mih distant. At the sepulchre cere
niouies were of the- simplest charac
ter, and nt Its conclusion the casket
was sen hi I.
Columbus, o 0t. 2-WAll action
In the Republican campaign In Ohio
was suspcuhd for bslay, as a tribute
of respect to the memory of John
Shermau. w1ki fnueml Nctirred-at
Maustield this aftertmon.
Governor Roosevelt Wonders at Bryan's Ref
erence to Seward in Syracuse.
Ne Says the Democratic Candidate forgets tbe expanding of the Country
la Taking in Alaska Without tbe Consent of tbe Governed i
in That Territory.
SYRACPSE. X. V.. Oct. 2T..-;ov-crmir
RoseveIt sakl tonight, referring
to the quest km of expansion:
- "In this cilyMr. Itryan actually
darel to apiM'al to the memory of
Seward. I womler -well, I don't
wonder at Mr. Itryan, but unbr any
other conditions 1 should wonder at
any man making that appeal,:' and
f ot get t ing t Ira t one of the grca f est
servic that y Sward rendered this
coontry, was tlat nuder hi guhlam-
this ountry expanded cer Alaska,
ami It expanded without the cousetit
of the governed t here.
Prlnct ton X. Oct; 2o-In conver
ftation , with a representative of, tlie
Associated Press. txiay, ex-President
tltovrf Cleveland said:. ,
"L am sunrisl that my opinions
nl Intentions, as related to the pend
ing canvass, shoul.l at 'ttls ftage so
suddenly lie hemel ImisirTant. 1 am
dally and uightly sought wtrt by newP
paper representative and piled with
all. sort of iuestion, -sonie of which
ecm coite senseless. If. in gonl ill
tiire. I say a few harmles .won'
they, ar so iathl.d before public t' !
as to be unrecognizable, or an ir -the
pretext for utterly unauthe
presumiilioB. -
It' swemx to nn that rny I f
Oa a Cbarjtre of Forsriur Q Order for
Good -An Indian Fined for
.a ' rt 1 .
MriEiu; nomn iracurr.
Will Y. Martin, a youth of .eightwn
years, was given a .preliminary hear
ing, yesterday, U'fore II, Overton,
Justk-e of the Pacc for? the Vod
burn district, on a charge of forcing
an onler for goods." The evidcoco
addue-4l at the examination "'.-shown
that Martin -wa In theh employ 4f
Rett. Ilrowu. a farmer resld lug jiear
Wootlhuru. ami that a few day ag.
Martin, Ivelnj; In med : a pair of
InioIs, wrote out an orIer hpi.stlng
S. I. titilsa. a merclKint. to deliver 'to
him the article uetHhsl. and larne.I
his employer's name to it." Tfu lNnt
wen delivi'iN'il UNiu Ihe order, and
Mr. Irowu was 4-hargel . with the
amount. Martin stwin after conchMed
that tl ra,niic tUm was not exactly
acorillns t aiiroI liiixhieMX. nieth-
oils, and told '.VI r ttrown what he had
hm, wheretiiNin tlM' Inty was arrest-
nlt charged with forgery, ami at the
preliminary lKatiu was 1huih1 over
to amir twfor the circuit' cojrt at
its next session.; whicii finv"iieH in
F4ruary. 11ml. He was coimuiit.l
to the county Jail in default of tli
Iniud required for hi a prnm ranee, and
wsi brought tip and ''turned- over to
Sheriff F. W. Imrbln last evening, by ,
tVuxlabh IVte. Sli.il IkkIc. Tlie ytiuug
man Is an orphau.. having ibecu
brought up Jiy, his grandfather, Joint
Watson, who- lives at VVHnlhurn.
The Iniy rvel a. sixty-day 'niciii-e
a year or so ago for nival loir a wat-h
ntlit .fli,,. irl1.1.M. j.r l.ic-.t fv Tf.i., lil
. - ...... . ...... " ' ... .. t
Ihiirding .place Iu Oregon CHy.
Samuel Jackson, a student at Hm
Indian Training School, at Ciiemawa,
was lie fore Justice of tlw Peaeo J.
O'lKmald. yestifdaj-, charged Willi as.
vault and IxHtcry .upon tlie )Nrsou of
Mho E. M. Jteasou. tlio heml-tcaciir
In 11k scImnL . It sihmus that MN
Reason had corrected the yoiiiie man
In Home matter at which ho tMik of
fense, nud following' Jier Into atmther
iHwilit u t flli'lr tk 1 ii.m ! t la li 1.J t.ul
"" m . usr v 1 111!
lii the hack if the4 Iwa-L . MUs Reajjipn.
i wtij klMH-ki'.l alow u tir th funn of
the blow but sufTered no 'serious In
Jury from It. The young man plead
guilty to tlie 'harge and was ; limil
JO or lo days In tiw cotinly Jail,
lie chose the bilter allernailve ami
was committed to the county JaiU
Orders An Plentiful to lie Filled
McKtuley'H Election.-;.
Cleveland. O.. -Oct. 2o. The Inu
lYadi Review -tJiis week says:
"Willi the elect i Hi so chs at hand,
ht iiiljrlit In nsMuiiHMl that buyiiug of
Jnm and wted would wait on the. act
ual amiounceiireiit. of flic nvult. As
a. matter of fact 4here has Ihvu tin ac
tive market in the jast week,, finished..
tiMiterial Is-ing In largo demand, tlie
platting of contract x, . with ilN irovls
that they In 4itiic-Ucd fu case the re
sult Is tuifa voralih 1o biislnesx. or
moie siMfitlcaliy 1 against tin admin
istration, dias Ins-ii the fcalun of thei
wii'k's business.'
on 2 lit to lw sufUcIetitly nmU-r
Pltnchittl hy thoughtful f
Justify, in their minds, my
atlou to n-inaiii silent dnr
sptIonaI and dlstnssinir
' Trenton." X. J.. Oct.
his spi-ccli here, Mr.
carnext apjNaI for r
until the cIom of t
askisl his support
the results, saylrif
"If you have u-
In tlie campalgr
a : . lit. i '
Refinblican ir
vst miot ' eo te
and ask tliei'
do not lnr f
it back
got to r
you. wl
ought -; i
with ; t
and ' -,
fJ'f of In-
' V,rHVlMafley
' . "r ti T Alder,
r''y.v'y 'JmolatIdn
c'o, '"jit 't ,','t '',
t, MA attention
tt lioth wxM,
;ll-dw tf.