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Chaffee Reports the Advance of the Interna
tional Relief Column.
Sir Claude MacDonaid Wires that the Situation Is Desperate-Rapid
Advance ; of the Coropean Annies Is j
I Urgently Needed.
LONDON, Aug:. H. The British eonsnt at Canton, gays the Dally
Telegraph's correspondent there, has received the following1 message,
' dated August t'th, from Sir Claude ilaeDonald, British Mluiiter at
; Feklu: ,!: . ; v. -:--:';.' 5 1 " --j i -:-
. "Our situation Iiere is desperate. Ia ten days oar food bupdIt
will be at an cud. Unless we are relieved, a general massacre Is
probable. ! ' ::.; :
"The Chinese offer to escort us to Tien Tsin, but remembering
Cawnpore, we refused the offer. There are over two hundred Euro
pean women and children in this legation." ''""'"'''-:.'
The .Shanghai correspondent of the Daily Express, wiring yester
day, gays: -: i : .
"The allies, at noon .Saturday, were within twenty miles of
Pekiu." !
WASHINGTON', Aug. 13. - The
American cominander In 'China.' in a
dispatch of just. three words, rwcived
at the War Department late tliis af
ternoon, -cnt a .'thrill -of exultation
and exeetancy throughout 'the official
quarters by anrwnuH-mg his arrival at
Ho Si Wu, only miles from IVkin,
-l.it Thursday.? Tlie lut heard from
him lieforo thN vwas at. Yang Tstin.
which had lwnn captured after hard
lighting, and word of Jiis movements
since tbeu had eeu eagerly awaited.
Thursday lw was eighteen miles be
yond Vang Tsun. Lang Fang, the
place where-.-the ill-fated Seymour ex
hh)!m4i met its fate and turned back,
had len lert; tieldnd. Tlie battle oT
Yang Tumi was fought on tlie rtth,
and the advaiu-o to flo Si Wu was
aoviinplLslu-d on the Oth, a march of
eigIitcMi miles In three days. ..This
was fur day ngo. anil at the sam
rate o? TTTfTJrre Chaffee is even now
-l T' l.
. .. ' " ' V v .2..
Slaughtered in China by the
fairly within Htrikttig distance of the
walls of Pektn. It was the cojisum
matw whiih t!u War Debarment
had nwaftisfc calmly, as It aeeordisl
with their tab-n la t Ion, although the
dvanc bad s been nior rapM than
was cxjicckhI. ' -
The dispatch from Chaffee, convey
ing so much lu so few words. Is as
follona: ;
"it-he F.vni. Ang. JO. Adjutant Gen
eral, Washington: Arrived Ho SI Wii
vestenl.tv. iSigmHl Chaffee
The word of the advance -soon
spread throtnrhont the ofllcial quar
ters. In the enthusiasm- the rejiort
got About that this nvas the day of
the actual arrival at IVkin. but the
War Department has not a word :f
th Advance leyond Ho SI Wtt. It
was dcemeil hardly likely that the
march to IVkin could have been made
since last Thursday. At the rate of
progress, six miles a day, from ang
Tsun to Ho Si Wu. "about twenty-four
miles would have lwen covered iu the
last four days, and im to today this
woul.l still ; leave tlw International
forces nine miles from Pekln. Viewed
from aiiT standpoint the advance to
Ho Si Wu was of tlie utmost linpor
. tanoe. not only strategically, but
slmwing that "communication-' was
oieu back to Che Fo.. that the ex
pected opposition from the -Chinese
honles had nt lieen snflicient t pre
vent as,teady movement, and the lu
ll uenee ft i-would exert ujwu the t'hi-
nse tJovermnent.
Brief a tlie dispatch Is. It eooveys
much Information bevond that cipher-
Icallv containeil In its few words.
Although . tt Is not stated whflt
for-e Jun arrived, the. War: Depart
ment accepts It to uuan that this is
the Interiwitlonal force which first
took lcl Tsiing. anl then Yang Tsun
It has gone steadily forward along
the left bank of tlie IV! Ilo river,
keeping ion the main road which
skirts live river bank. At Yang
Tsun the ; railway crosses the river
and branches off to tlie west. Now
the forces have- left the rntl way far
in the rear., and are-depending upon
the highway and river.
BerllW Aug.. 13. At the Chinese Le-
gut ion. ju Rerliii, the representative of
tlie Associate! Press was informed to
day Hint tic Empress Dowager hail le
clared her .'ntctitiou to leave IVkin.
and to transfer her -ourt to' another
city liefore tlie allied forces reached
tlie capital. I,u Hal 1 Ionian, the Chl
n'st Minister here, on ' learning this
intention, telegraphed to botli tlie Kin
press Dowager ami the Kmperor, not
to leave IVkin but quietly await the
arrival of the International forces.
I.oiidou. Aug. 13. The Daily Mail's
St. Petersburg ".corresHiideut. declares
that the taking of Aiguit has sealed
the fate of the rising in Northeastern
Manchuria. He says: ",-,-
"No prisoners were taken by the
IIjis.si.-iJi. Wholesale ; massacre Was
the. order of tlie day. and when the
I tattle was over the Cossacks rode over
tlie tield, killing all the wounded with
the butt ends of their muskets."
Boxers and Imperial troops.
New York. Aug. 13. The interna
tkmal monetary ltnation was given
considerable' prominence ' In Wall
Street bslar, through tlie engagement
of .".rsnMnii gold for export to r.n
rots tomorrow and iHncsuny. o
effect twas produced ' On the local
nnMiey market - by tlie gold engage
ments tMlav. which brings i the total
nut go -of gohl, on this movement, up
toS14.000.OO0. .'?
Victoria. .It. C. Aug. ! 13. Vt .
Marhnrser. a trader on tin ukon.
tells a storr of wholesale smuggling
of '.in.idkin cissls from Iawsri Into
Atnerienn -territory. He says: ibtn
U mt a Oniric instance that; I-ew-
eountereil on tuy trip of, '.rs mih
down the Yukon, meeting more man
jut timiv .111.1 lwiats lielongiug to trail
ers. where any one had been called
Usn to pay duty."
A Mother Tells 'How She Saved Her
Little Daughter's, Life.
. I am the mother of eight children
and have bad a great dnil of experi
ence with -medicines. IJt summer
my little thtughter had the dysentery
in Its worst form. We r thought she
wonld dint I tried everything I
could think of, but nothing wemed
to th her any gotst. t Mrpy an a-i
n.riiumint in our paper that Cham
lierlaln Ctolie. "Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy was biguiy reeommenuei au
a'n.i mit a bottle nt once. H
,rrl to be one of the wry test
medicines we ever had in the house
little daughter s lire. I
nnv 1114 'fnr rerv mother to know
nU " 1. 4
.an -- I'Trvlll'Ill Ilielll-1M-
Had I known it at first It would have
iive.1 me a great deal of anxiety and
mv little daughter j ranch snffering.--Yours
tmly. Mrs. Geo.
Liberty. It- I- or hy 1 ? 1" IIaaS-
x- x-tr An?. 13. James Syefane
-" ,.t;n fibbed to death with
. .m.. i eitr. last night. His
brother. Angelo. koomt who the ninr
derer Is, but he will not tell.
"I hare sworn to the vendetta. he
sa ill. "No one shall kill htni but I f
llie two Syefanes came from Croton
I.ake to visit frieuds and in the coarse
of their ' visit became involved " in an
argument with a fellow Italian in a
saloou. relative to King Humbert's
character. The Syefanes -eulogized the
dead monarch, the third Italian de
scribed him as an" oppressor of the
people.; The quarrel ended J an af
fray in which James Syefaue was
stahlied'ln the left breast. If Is assail
ant escaped .though pursued by a mob.
Portland, Or, Aug. 13. Sugar of
all grades was advanced 13 cents per
hundred today, mating a total ad
vance of at cent per hundred with
in the past week.
Detroit, Mich.. Aug: 13. The race
at the Highland tParfc course opened
today. There Is a large list of entries
ni the meeting will hist until the
25th. There are three stake events
on the programme, each worth $1(IOO.
The attendance is large aud every
thing points to a successful meeting.
Portland. Or.,.. Aug. 13. Hubert K.
Marsh, a well kuown citizen, was run
over and killed this afternoon by an
leetrlc car on East Ankenv street.
To accommodate those Who are par-
iai to the use of atomizers in allying
quids into the nasal passage for" ca
tarrhal troubles, tlie proprietors pre-
are Cream Palm in liquid form, which
will lie known as Kir's Liquid Cream
Halm. Price Including tlie spraying
tnls.' is " cents. Druggist or by mail.
Tlie liquid form embodies tlie medi-
inal projH'rties of 1 Ik solid prepara
tion. Cream Kalto is iiuii-klv attsorbed
y the membrane ami does, not dry up
he secretious but changes them to a
atmal ami 'healthy character.
'rot hers, Zti Warieu St., N. Y.
Jefferson ville, Ind., Aug 13. The
rst Democratic gun of the campaign
was tired tiere today. I tie priiicip.-u
leaker was Frank IC. Burke, who is
redited with lie;ng ie of the men
who want the nomination for Con
gress from the Seventh Judicial His
rict. cxnu posed of the counties of
Marion and Johnson. Mr. linrke. who
is a itoptilar orator, lias itromied to
make as many siieeches during the
nutpalgu as the State Central-Com
mittee' desires. Much enthusiasm
was displays! at "toilay's m-eting.
11 it
Portland Will Charge &iut a
for a Circus IVrformauce.
Portland. Or.. Aug. 13,-Thc city
council today passed an ordinance.
inn king the license fee for circuses
$;.imi for aeh is'Tforirtance.
A councilman stated that the li
cense was plactnl at practically a pro
hibitive figure for the purpose of pre
venting a circus from jierrormmg
here during the week of the Klks'
street fair in Septeuilier.
: .X
San Francisco. Aug. 1.1. The BrilSJ
ish-Amerh-an Union has ls-en orgau
Itah in this 4tv. Its purpose is stated
to lie the furthering. In every way of
a lietter understanding lietween "boih
great branches of a common race.';
t is JioihsI thus to anoro a roinmou
rallying grouiwl. not only for tlie ;im
M Britishers In California, our lor
all those who rsognlze the mutual
interests of the British Kmpm-jm-i
he Uiwteil States. A Iswru or j. ,m-
r"ctors have Peen cnoseu iiuner .
preskh ncy of WiUiam u. iiarrim.
That Throbling Headaclie.
WouM tfuickly leave ott, if you use J
n'l rJ sufferer have oroved their
matchless merit lor iscK ana iMer
Headaches. They make pure mooo.
and strong nerves and build up your
t,th F.asv to take. Try thein.
Onlv cents. Money back il mt
cttrS. Sold by DR. S. C STONE.
Druggist. ' '
IXtJ Hit 1111.
"Vnn ar well exterleuced " In this
-nrI.r affairs." I rent tired. "What do
yon take to lie the objeet of lire? Moi$-
eyr -
individual happiness""
Not wholly. Right action. A man
should take a part In the affairs i
his fellow men and live np to tne ic
tabs of his couschtict in ail log. He
should be of pmae us. I f In has
nVres. nil the Iietter. A desire i or any
thing that will help others and satisfy
jou Is a gmsl thing. A man Iras a right
to desire money or place or public
braise, but be has no right to aay
otrtsh feellne in the matter. He ought
to desire to lie liberal ami earn nis re-
- . . . . r . vt..l - .- 3
want ny service oi ; t
''l you think tbo world offers .as
mrch to individuals as It ever didf .
-If we caU trust history, it ooes. j ne
literature of earlier times seems more
complaining than our own. Men were
lust as dissatisfied a thousand years
thev are now. Man seems ; al
ways to have era re I a great teai mure
ttMti li- coiihl uDtata. llliiiVKiuiiur. i
hlvftr. the aare Is richer with oiiportUBl
tiea than for ages. Tne system uaoer
rhieh' we live is somewhat: defective.
n.l msnr suffer br i but Jt Is c ha lin
ing and the world grows better. The
nuselUsh man will find nongh, I fan
cy if h honestly' fulfills his duty to
Kt fellowmen. It Is all a question of
pence of mind, and that can be oh
talnetl In 'various "ways the best one,
by doing right." Success. j
National Party and Anti-Imperialists
to Meet Today.
The Democratic Caudidate Fntet tains
a Negro Delegation and Heeiles
a 8peeh Into a Phonograph.
INDIANAPOLIS. Ind., Aug. 13.
The delegates j to tlie National party's
cjuuveution are tiegtnuiiig to arrive.
The mem4srs of the National party
bosj.to form' an alliance' 'with te
Atitl Imperialists, and they hoie the
Auti-ImiterialistS will etidonse the
ticket they nominate. Following is
their plat forth : :
Independence and protection to In
habitants of I Culsi. the Philippines.
Porto Rii-o and Hawaii.
'-Single gold. standard and a sound
hanking system.
Atntlititm of ail seclal privileges. ;
f Public serVitt! bastnl on merit only.
The call for the convention is ad-dressH-l
to -all opposed to tlie candi
dates and platforms of the Republi
can and Democratic parties.
v -
Iiidiau,-iolts, Ind., Aug. 13. The
congress of. the Anti-IuqierialiMt ic
le ague will tie ciiIIimI to ortler Weil
ucsday. by ex-Senator John B. Heii
dcrsu. of Missouri. w!k will intro
duce ex-Governor Itoutwell. of Mass
achusetts.1 as the presltlingottk-er.
. Governor lioutwell M oplmsl to
placing a third ticket Is the Held, ami
likewise to" the IndorsiMiient of Bryan
.UmI . SieyelisouJ He tielieves strong
resolutions, ilcnouuclug inqsrialism.
should 4c adopted and that then the
meeting should adjourn.
:.-ni Schuj-ait is atttrmed. will' In
dst upon the eudorseiucnt of Bryan
and Stevenson. Bourke t'tH-Iirane
is expected 1o make-an adilress.
Those w1m-favor a third ticket have
stiggesteil the names of Thomas Ii.
JReed. llicli.-jrij Olney. ; ex-Governor
imtwi u nun ex-enaior jienuerson.
Chicago. Aug. 1.1. -Bryan had- a
conference today with a dctcgatkiu of
colorel men.' headl by J. Milton
TuriHr..of St.; I .on is. former Minister
to Lilieria.i Tiiey rejresin ti.nl that
tin re was much dissatisfaction among
the meniliers of their race with tlie
preseut Administration, and assured
Pryan that' he would ; ris-cive the
votes or many or tnem. tiiey. mere
fore, nrgiil tlie ImiHirtanci' of the or
ganization '. of Bryan Democratic
Chicago. Aug. l.'t. Bryan closeted
hims-lf with a phonograph today, and
delivered over again parts jf the
sjHHfh of ncceptam-e he ' made t ln
diauaK)lis last week. Those section
In which the 'candidate '-promised, to
call an extra session of Congress to
deal with tlie Philippine' question and
the closing periods were tlie princi
pal parts of the sieech that went into
the phonograph." It is expected Bry
an's spoocn, a ground out by the.
phonognifih, will play an important
part in tle campaign.
New 'York; Ang. 13. Touching the
dispatch from -Pretoria -and printed
In London. 'August RHlC In which It
was stated that President Kruger U
contrMmtimr $.'U0O,tiU(t to the election
of Win. J.Ttryan. and also that Wel
ter Davis had received ft2.V from
the same source as a wutributton for
the Deniorrafcic campaign fnnd.;t'has.
D. Pierce, consul general, and P.
lianler Wessels, special eommissloner
of the South African Republic In this
elrr. todar rave ont a denial of both
statements, ailing to tne neniai ine
followlnir: ' ' ;
"The Boers Ira ve other anu uetter
us for their funds.
Chicago. Aug. 13. The Chronicle
tomorrow will say: "Col. W, J. Bry-
sn will not beJn ilcago tin Tuesday
August 2Sth. the day of the great twt-
rade of the O. AIL lUther than em
barrass President MeKluiey ny
demonstration, the Demo
cratic nominee will oefer his arrlvnl
ia h PTt dar. or nernfln two nays
hti This decision -was reacnea ni
ter Bryjfn was made acqitalnte! with
tiA nmrnim DDO tne tan hi nuiru
he was essignei.
ntnnhfi An2. 1.1. tilllWt H. Hitch-
cock, nablisber of the Omaha World
llrall r wilt nrint in uiai iwper io-
letter to the voteni of N
hM.it snhotuteiniZ' tliat he will be
the Dentorratle eanoidaie tor i dhhi
. .
etitda Senator, to sticeeeil Jotiu si.
Thurston before the next Legislature.
Argument Before, the Jury to Begin
. Today iiany Jpee-nes.
Georpeton, Ky., Aujt. 13.-Tbe hear
ing of i testimony In the case of ex
Secretary of State Caleb Iowers .wa
eoncludeil today, and tomorrow the ar
mim.iif before the Jury will liegin.
There will be fite Speeches on each
side. The case Is expected to reach
the Jury hy Saturday. JaJge CantrSU
has announcetl that Yontsey's case will
le taken up Immediately. . . , .
San FrancisetK Ang. 13. The steam
er Orlxaba lias lieeu chartered by the
United States Government to lay a.
cable between St. Michael and Cape
Nome. This, vessel will leave about
the middle of the week for Seattle,
where she will take tlie i-able on tniard
and then proceed north. The cable
will connect the military posts in Alas
ka. '
Pendleton. E.-O.r t1aude Steen is a
farmer a few miles from Weston, who
does things ou a big scale. He has
lioO acres of wheat this year. His
winter-wheat of '1:31 acres went 40
bushels to the acre, while' 350 acres of
J.pi1ng wheat went IS! bushels to the
acre. That makes a total of rT,t a
bushels as "Mr. Stis-n's contribution
to the total yield of Umatilla county.
AlKiut the middle, of the century it
was the universal custom to face- the
white keys of pianos and orgaus with
Ivory, and to make the blue, ones of
trlmny. loug ago Ivory U'came tin, 'X
petisive jor any but the finest ' key
ImuiixIs, celluloid taking its place Nov
eliony also luts adratUHil In price, ho
that a substitute for it Is iu demand.
logwood has beem ftHiiul to serve tic
purKse excellently, and It can Is
stained n. tine black ami oilel and
poIisleI until it eiual elony luith in
durability and apHaranee. . Tlie . In
dustry of cuttlug and marketing dog
wotHt. om-e a -valueless tree, for this'
puiiKise Is already giving. employment
to u considerable uumiier of eople.
Robbed the Grave.
A startling incident, of which Mr.
ohn Oliver of Philadclplua, : was the
iubject. Is narrated ly liim as follow:
"I wa ia a niot dreadful comditioti.
Mv skin was almos yrllw. eyes sunk
rn, tongue coated, pain continually in
back and sides, 'no appctrte gralually
growing weaker day by day. 1 hree
physicians had given me up. For
tunately, a tneno aUviscd trying luicc-
nc Bitters; and to my great joy anu
sarprrse, the ttrst oottie nraae a ue-
cided improvement. J continued' thei
use for three weeks, and am now a
well man. I know they saved my hie.
and robbed1 the grave of another vic-
m. 'No one sicould fail to try them.
Only so cts.. guaranteed, at UK
STONE'S Drug Store.
" :
The Structure at Stayton Will Be Re-
tlmliered and the Salem Bridge
Approaches FIoed.
The Mrtl'iifii county' Commissioners
ottrt was In M-sslon for a short tiuie
estenlaj. when several minor order
were made. The court on Friday and
Saturday examined the Stayton bridge
and has. since cxn mining It., determin
ed to act in conjunction with the Linn
county court in making neithsl repairs.
To this end the two courts will meet
n Joint session at Albany on the jth
tnst., when bids will lie received for re-
tmls'ring the main spans of the bridge
liefore the fall rains set in. r
The court. y"sterday, Iu -cjfm junction
with niemls'i-s of the Salem city t-oun-
d, Insiiei'tetl the stetd tiridge across
he Willamette with a 'view of -repair
ing Hh flooring on the approaches, but
owing to a press of business, no .defi
nite conclusion was reached. The mat
ter will lie attended to promptly, how
ever, as the bridge needs repairs ls-
fore the fall rains set iu
During the clvlf waras well an iu
our late war' with Spain, diarrhoea
was one of the most troublesome din
eases the army had tn contend with.
In many Instances It lscanie chronic
and the old soldiers still sUffer from
it. Mr. David Taylor of Wind Ridge,
ireene Co., Pa., is one of these. He
uses Chain! icrlaln's Col i.e. Cholera and
DIarrlHa Remedy and says he never
found' anything that would give him
such quick - relief. It Is for sale by
F. G. Haas, druggist. Salem.
fta Market Oatlosk la Alao rtottariaa;
Urewcra at BotUvllla rix tha
PrUa tor Plcklat;.
Tlie outlook for a good bop crop
was never better, at this season of
the year, than It Is now. The yards
are everywhere in excellent condition.
there is absolutely no damage doue by
vermin, and the growers feel jubilant
over lh excellent prsis?cts. - It Is
true,' the crop will not lie as heavy
a one as was harvested last year.
but ine. quality of the hop promise
to he so niuch better, "a nd the mar
ket outlook la so nattering that hop
growers .are taking new hope, and
believe They will this season make np
for some of , the losses sustained 4n
the past, ;"' : i '''
Dealers, who have exa mined tlie
yards in the country' surrounding Sa
lem, bring Jn excellent reports. Many
of the yards make promise of heavy
yields, and In those where the yield
will not be heavy, the Indication
are tliat the qnaHty-will p far above
flie average. The burrs even of the
lat- hop are beginning to turn a rich
yellow. ': j -'-'. '" , ;
-The ButteTille Fire Relief AsocIa
tkn held a picnic at that place on Sat
urday, when the hop Industry in all
4rs branches was discusser! by the
gathering of growers. there tieiug
twut W prest-nti All sections were
represented, and the discussion was,
animatetl. jdtowing tliat an incrcastl
effort was ma It lug to Improve- Wil
liam Young, of Stierwoott. was -chosen
president, sifcd lleury 1 Stents, of
Bnttevllh se'retary. The 4iuestious
tliiscussed were as follows:
"The Com para rive Benefits of Pole,
Trellis and Twine Systems."
"Culture, Grubbing, -Cultivating,
Training, etc." i-
"Plcking, Weighing vs. Measuring
Hops." I
i'TU king. Handling Pickers, etc." .
'"Handling Hops: from Field to
I'rocr Methoit of Curing Hops."
"Proper Method'.of Bating llojs."
"Use and Abuse of CiiemicaU iu
Bleaching Hops."
"The Kind off Hops Preferred by
Dealers." r ;
"Benefits to Bei Derived From IJin-i
Ming Production "
"Benefits to Be- Deuivetl From Judi
cious Organi2atlon."
"A Short Sketch of The Hopsrow
ers' Fire Relief Asswlatlon."
"Exiierieiice In Marketing Hops."
"The lrlce to Be I'aid for l'icklng
Next Crop." (
The priuoipal ;speak'rs were: Wil
liam II. Egan. of UitMiks; W. R.
Townsond, of WhkIIiii n; William
Young, of Sherwood; Henry L Bents,
of BiHtevllle;-J.j Vaughim. of Butte
vllle: Phil Neis. of Portland.
I'lKin the o,iies (ion of prices for hop
picking, there was some difference of
opinion, as some thought "t:t l-t ceuts.
or three Ikixcs for SI. was sutlh'ient.
as agriHl to by the Silverton : grow
ers, but .To ifiits-was agrcel umii.
and will stand as the price to be paid
In that section. !
JwrgA - Hulriiard, the veteran
hop dealer, wlio resides In California.
Is coming jo jSaletu. He was In
Grant's Pas yesteKlay. and will, on
his way to this city; stop at several
Hlnts' In the Willameite valh'y to
hMik into the hip industry.. He is ex
pected to arrive lu this city on Sat
unhiy. i '-.'' I
Because of thej Ignornuci of the Peo
pleMake No Attempt to
ilelllj Themselves.
NEW YORK. Aug. LI. Major E:
Graff, a iniinlssloiier of eilucatlon
for Porto IUco. has cotitributol to tlie
recent Jssue of tlie IinleNMilcnt au
article entitled "After Two Years'
Work lu Porto Rico.". The Major,
after reviewing the Improvement, lit
sanitation which resulted In tlie ex
tinction of smallMx. by wlrich the
island whs enrscd. detail other Im
provements iiwmIc by the Americans,
lie tells of the establishment of uew
schools, ft tid ays;
"Standing armies are not needed
with Kii. li a force as that of the insu
lar pol'H-e. 1
"AU the great -damage .'liotie to the
roads by thei hnrricaiie of. August K.
lflK. has lieeu repairtsl, wilh tlie ex
ception of j replacing cistly Iron
bridges," writes . Major Graff, who
tlien draws a dark ph-ture. He says:
The effects of the hurrlinne are
st ill felt In tlie continued scarcity of
food, ami there is still great suffering
and sickness! among" " the eopIe Ih
cause of a lack of nutrition. At the
presiHlt moment, the City of Ponce Is
suffering more' t ha ii -any other, point.
A reiwrt Just made to the Stifierlor
Boanl of Health shows that tlie death
rate is" now I about- Hi isr Ko per
annum.' and ! while the deaths are all
recorded in the official reports as due
to gastroenteritis, the lnieetnr of the
board reports that these deaths are
almost wholly due to starvation.
"The condition favoring us Ju Porto
Rico 1s this j That Island sells sugar
and coffee and tolmceo. and buy near
ly all Its food. The great storm ami
progressive financial difficulties have
mined the planters so iuai;iney are
nnable to, employ the lalnirers. The"S
tM-rsons. wno receive never more finni
:) cent gold iier'day, having no work,
do not tnrn to rmlsin-g rood ror them
selves, but dig wild rjiots and slowly
tarve to death.'
; "Gardens are practically unknown
In the Island. Tlie people live itpMi
the. clslllsh, lieuu ami -wild fruits
and roots. : The whole mass of tin
population. Is In a chronic state or
starvation. From lack of fsl tho
laborers are nnable to work more
than three dyn each ween; tiiey are
willing to wirk, but have not the
strength to V .. Yet certainly one
tenth of the Island H. In cultivation.
Here are ft million tsnph. who hav
a rich o!I. uncultlvateil. a good cli
mate, slowly starvlug to death. Why?
The only explanation Is that they
have so long lived under bad law
and unfavorable economic conditions
tliat now. In their extreme isiverty
and IgnoraiM-e, they do not know
enougti to draw their food from th
earth." . ' - - "
AGAIN IN CUSTtlDY. A warrant
wa is tied by Justice of the Peace
O'ltonald yesteritay morning upon the
application of B. L Ferguson for the
arrest of O. Iteanlsley. The com
plaint alleges that the defendant has
threatened on various occasions to kill
the plaintiff and asks that he be placed
nnder bonds to Keep ine peace. .r.
Reardaler was brought Into court yes
terday afternoon, and his case was et
for hearing this afternoon at 3 o'clock.
This is the result of cotiHiderable
trouble lietween the two men. Old
man Bcardsley recently assaulted Fer
guson In this city and got tlie worst of
It. loiter he had Ferguson arrested,
lint failed to appearto prosecute th
case, and Beardnley was next arret-d
for assault and battery, and was nmii
$." and costs, amounting to .".7. -Tliis
he tald yesterday morning. He has,
it is alleged, frequently threatened to
inl-o It.. llfA nf lYrcilann atnl 1 1 1 t-
gentleman proposes to protect himself
by having the old man put nnder peace
bonds. J