Weekly Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1900-1924, August 03, 1900, Page 3, Image 3

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1 u r
The lowest price inUhe tate.
50 lbs. HALF GROUNT1 23rt
li lbs. HALF f i Hi MJ N'D ...... 4 sets!
50 lbs. PI N L D A I 1 V. . . . . . .4Vts.
50 lbs. ..FINK -WELLINGTON' 4W.
100 lbs -FINE' .WELLINGTON 5cts.
No. 91 Court Street 'Phone 1781
' "The Feed 'Utn "
or exhaled for flour and feed at
branch office of Aurora Holler Mills,
warehouse oh Trade street, near High,
Salem, Oregon. ; L
Bicycle Repairing
New and Second-tlsnd Wheels
Gas and Steam fitting. Manufact
urer of Hop and Fruit Pipe.
,103 State St.. Tetl 151. Salem. Or.
Js..F. R.!S7TITH
Carriage ami Wagon making, special
attention paid to- interfering: and ianjje
.ness of borees. ,
.185 Commercial S., Opp. .: Brewery
V Ji F. COOK, AV l
Cures Consumption Cancer. Tumor..
Grave! and Kidney Troubles. Afihma.
Skin and Bone Diseases, without knife,
plasters, posisons or pain. Also Biind
o5. 1 Salem, Oregon,
Corner Center and! Front streets, foot
of Steel Bridge, Salem Oregon
Proprietor of th ;
Best Singe and poub!e , Rig in the
cky. -Beit care given to boarding and
transient stock, s : ! - Tcic-phone 241.
Cor. Liberty ami J Ferry Sts., Salem.
r Horses well fed; good accommoda
tions. Fine iRigs Good Uigs lot
commercial men a Specialty- Horses
boarded by day, week or morKli.
Red iron! liven, Feed qui mo sicuie
164 Commercial St., Tel. 851. Salem
South Commercial St , Sal.m, Oregon
Having tk;j?: ! WV f. Huffman's
Teed and Livery ju i ness. we have re
oved k to tle- Willamette' 'Stables.
oth of the bridge- on ; Commercial
-rt. where we will Ik- fiMiivI prepar
ed to serve the pttbtic in the be.- jks
siMe manner. :Ve furn.1i ri;t for tlriv-ir-jr
" Gentle teanw for ladies ,i::d gooi
accommodations lb . transitu; team.
Board horse Ly dav or week. A
blacksmith $hro will Iks run .in 'connec
tion wHl the bin. whore you can get
70ur horecs shod land ;a!i kind .of re
pairing done. . All .- work guaranteed
satisfactory. i ! :
It You Want
a first-class HARNESS Call on
. " -- . ' -..-.- i :: - .J
I am makinsif the best ever turned
out in Salem. Call and see tor yourself
r . r at. the . - : "
106 StateJstreet. Salem.
These lands are in Marion county,
0etrori, and arc offered-on easy terms
of payment. They were taken under
forctclosufc by jnon-re$:dtnts. hence
are offered ' for less than similar farms
held by resident owners. For full par
ticulars and description call on or
address Macmaster & BirrelU
Worcester block, Portland, Orcgron. or
PXLKlf. 0BF.G0.V.
Pacific itome$teaJ, Sa!em, Or. Best
farm japr: Issued weekly. $i a year.
Pacific Homestead. Salem Or.. Best
farm paper Issued weekly. $1 a jear.
.Fine priating. Statesman Job Office.
kTT fit?) 1$ 7 A 1
for Infants
Tlio Kind You Have Always Bought lias borne the itisna-.
tureof Clias. IL. Fletcher, and has been made under bLs
personal supervision for over SO years. Allow no one
to deceive you In this. Counterfeits, Imitations and
Just-as-jjood" are but Experiments, and endanger the
bealtii of Children Hxperience against Experiment.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Hears tne
Use For
r ei-rtm eoH. rr
lice Kit r rr
Price one .quart, S-V. Half JnL,
Uk- Oiu ;:il., $1. Five 4JaL, 1.
SAVAGE & REID, Seedmen
322 and 324 commercial Street; North o P
Manufacturer of
Salem Improved j Grader and Pricker.
For trri en prunes. Praerieal. lur:ille and -.-cheap. - ,
TUH'Ml'ir Ji:Al'i:n--for dried prunes. Tiro Ihs made. HOI JtAS-
K FITS and fencing of all kinds. Cet ou.r pritt-s hi HIIIXtJLES, Ponltr.f 1
Xeltius. and all kinds of woven wire f ueini:.
CrresioTilenH iolieit-d.
SALHM I'KXt'K WORKS, Nu. Wl State St., Salem.
SiKkesman-lJeviewT To Itev. S. 5.
Ilavermale lM-ioiisrs t.1e ltonor, of liav
ins pi'U h-tl tli? first wrinou ever de
livered to a white . co'upwfration by
the falls of the Sokaue river. That
was on Xoveinler 10. 17.". Ueliar'ioin
exercises, thoujrb. had Iteeii '-held here
ii":iii.v -to .vi"ars in-fore that dati'. ! Tiie
falls of tin SokaiH river were, a
favorite Indian rendezvous, anil) this
Avas one of the njrular jJaees for
holding serviees on the cireuit of the
earik-r niissknaris. lntl Prttest!iut
ud Catholic I'-vs. Talls and Walk
er, and possibly Whitman, preached
here to the Imlians in. the latter :$os.
and in 187.1 Rev. Sjaldrnsr. Whitinan's
0ssoi-iat4. made two --.trips with Xez
Ptr-o heljwrs to the Spokane valley,
preaching here uml at other jrather
intr pl.iet'S. Tills was in response to
a petlth.n from tl Spokane Indians,
who had sent a delegation to Rev.
Sisiulding at liflpwaf. asking him to
eonic nniong them and ; estahlish
burelrt's iiuil st-iiK)ls. .
In 1874, Rev. II. T. Cowley came
here as a ,. missionary, and found J.
X. tilover and C. F. Yesiton and their
famines the snle iMijml.'vtiou of the fu
ture eif v."
The iirsf-school. 'district was organ
iztHl in the autumn f 1 STL . and" no
tH-nt-ui I'Jiva eoritra.-ted its powers.
Spjingic was the Rouihern limit, Col
viile the northern. the Idaho ' lire?
::opM'd it ni the i-ast. and the Co
Tumbia river; on the west. Tiie first
school was held at Mr. Cowley's
houso. and had four pupils. From
that small lu-ginning a vast and uc--essful
ixlmitiottal ' system has
evolvl. with many thousands of' pu
pils. '.hundred if w-liiK.i houss, and
property 'running into the millions.
The "-o"uiity-feat, was at Cov ille, an 1
Mr. Cowley joiinrvyed thither on
lorselnek in " iVecemher. on the three
fold errand of boat iitg the . rctnnis
from the first election, performing the
wadding ceremony fi Captain ; Kvan
Miles, ."post comrrmTMler. and the eld
rt daughter of Him. J. StttjtL and
pnK'itring for himself a teacher's cer
tificate. ' : j , i
In 1S71, Francis; II.. Cook estat-
FIR FENCE POST, coated with
..Carbolineum Avenarius..
Wilt out CeJar It Is also a rtaaical
Iteraedy ARtnst Chicken X-ice. f
Its appllcaUott to the limao walls or poul
try bouws w'll perrrtant-ntly rt
tprmioate nil LICE.
R.u!t: Healiby Chkkeii Plenty rss
Wrlte far circular nl prices anj toen
- t ion this pn pt-r.
R. M. WAUB CO., As-eots,
i ;. .SALEM. OHEOO.V. ;
fSorrttorotit. H4l;u hfr a nunutest, JOvil
iCUKia Atilf AIH lbi
I in om ta unity '
jim i;h,iM-. jr ami
rcuKts AYf AtM iMaJte oa OUT
Hotel Santi am
'At Detroit. Oregon. - Now-open for
Summer Tourists. New House, ticwiy
rurriished first-class accommodations,
i.rice from $t.oo to $t$o per day
1 a - IL Jacobs. Proprietor.:
, Vent Work Solicited.
Fine priutinar. Statesman Job Office.
and Children.
Signature of
Over 30 Years.
iruwn TogrT. new vomm cm.
. .Tli uw of this preparation lias
lwH-jmie ho universal, and resnlt
nrr si Katlsfar-torj. 'that mot
IKuhr.r-rair would not' know
how to . k-"i hontM wUbont it.
It Ih tin lonsr iuHary U tlip r
,di!t jKHiItry to kill th4 lin. A
" nin f IfV LUt Killer, a painF
truIi, nnd a few minutes' work
in irtplyln it to the roost s.
.tiH'aiiw all Ue expense and btlMr
now iiiHtis;iry to keep the fowl
free from !otu mites and ln.Iy
llee. A an of it slioubi lx in
e-ry poulrry-l"e. It killx aul
-'prT'Ventf mite- ami liee. anl
, .kwprt tlje air in the pmiltry-hoxwt
Hire and nwtvL kill In.$r .diwnsu
Korras and preventinsf thev other
('iwkfi of the poult rj'meri roup
and eliolera.
lisheii the first ne-wpaper.Mhc Spi
kane Times, and , the same' year
brought the first bank, started by the
Uit A. M. Cannon.
TIm-si' wre suriII undertakings, but
they were brave, and lilstory and the
growth of the city and the eommrvi-
wealth will give tbein ft brilliaut set
ting. ' "
Health .fsjKH-ialists say a pound of
lean lieefaud a (puirt of whole, milk
contain alsuit the same amount of
nourishment. but- the meat, although
it. ests more, is more available fin
food, as it contains the nutriments in
' more suitable proportion, ; stays, the
t'hicago Xews..
Four ot five ounces of sugar Is all
that an adult in good healtii should
eat with impunity in the course of u
day; Corn meal is an excellent food
fiw n-tnlAi itt It nnt.itn miii-ll
.V. . . . . , . . . .. .... . - - . - -
fat. and wIkmi eggs ami milk are add
ed to it. It has a high nutritive value.
The iopular notion that fish h a
brain fod" is a mistake, for emiueut
physiologists tell us that iish no more
than any other nitrogeneous food
fsmtributes to brain growth and de
velopment. . All nitrogeneous food,
such as fish, meat, eggs and so on.
repair the waste tissues of the lnsly,
but. fish is of no more imiwrtauce
than the others.
Last year " the .. medical - profession
was i iinau4mtis in recommending
"air and exyn-Ise" as a panaeea for
all ills, andMne used to meet corpu
lent men t:n;ing the advice in the
ently liowrs hf the nwrnihg in the
park.: They were rccommendeil a long
mn lx'-fore breakfast and their prre
grinatfons were not only pathetic, but
a source of great amusement to the
bystati'ters whoN turned out early in
onler to watch the antic of the 'liver
brigade." This year again exercise U
pret-rllKl. but ftjc skipping-ni ex
ercise.. For man t of ample ; propor
tions! It might bav disastrous eSfei-ts
if carried out in lds suburlan resi
dence, unless he made nse of the cel
lar. wh'T-h wmitil te a rather mourn
ful phi cc to skip 1U all by enc's nelf.
Of course skJllin, parties might le
male up. and -wotihl.no doubt som
tecome fashionable. lint It is to ie
hopctl. that thos living in flats will
not catch on to the new oxcrcis. un
less they indulge In it in the streets,
which might, excite a a considerable
amonnt of comment.
It Is not generally known tliat th
Kaffirs of South Africa, popularly
supjoscd to be a trileof wild sav
ages, publish a newspaper. It is
called the Imvo, and ha for if edi
tors Ten go Jabaire and. Mr- Makn
lwlo. Contrary to the report" of rho
leaning of tlw Katlirs In the present
war.i the Imvo7 strongly; sympathies
with the Boers.
From brightening field of ether fair
Child of the Sun, refulgent Summer
: : i come. -, : ''- .- ". 'v
In pride of yonth, and ? felt through
r--...Xarureii. depth;" -
He 1 comes, attended by the sultry
1 HHirs. -V:-i :"-"-
And ever-fanning breezes on his way.
t Thomson's "Seasons."
'Tlsey say that money talks. '
"IVrliaps It does. I never had any
tn tiiv .rmssossion long i nough 1 to
catch the lingo." Clereland Plain,
lealer. - . , .... -
Tl. ti A W ft B.V
9 lakxa in raw
Wa 1 Con-rtoted of:
It With m I)sb
rrona Waapaa d Scrrea Tkrt
faarths of Ilia Tvrao.
tErom Dally Statesman, Aug.' 2.)
;'TJie Keiiu-ixt of Joim La very, a pri
potier in tjie Dregon ixuienttiary. wa.-
vesreniay i commuttvl ly Uov. T. T.
deer, and -flie man was released and
seut to hiu home in Burns, Harney
inaty. . , . - .; j : ' .. ' ; : ' r' . x" ' - ,
John ' It very w;as convicted in Ilar
Ufj cotunty in April, &L 6f the crime
ot aw:iuit with a ilc-idlv vjitvin ami
Jtnw netrt td-tbe'iitCitentlary for two
yar. A i-titpni :jcueil by wf the
lnst eitizeiu of .Hartley nmuty, atuuu;
them tieing ten of the trial Juror, anil
the proriecntiuz witness, Iou C De
t'oinlress., ami endorsed ly the di
t rt-t attorney. was recei vel several
days spo by the vernor, and he was
ur;reI to exrcise i-Ienieuey iu the ch!H.
TJm. reason why t-h-mem-y Khould le
exert-iseI.. as given by the petitioners,
was that iio tuirni.. rewtilteU' from the
alleged crime, and that the prisoner's
mother. arl tsS ; yram, who is now
lyinjc tlanerousJy 411 with a. broken
limb.'ns grieviujf for her son and an
xious; to see him onee more.
Mlskittarles Have to Fight Confu
cianism. Buddhism and Mo
hnnuui disui. :
Prof. John Fryer in Ainslee's.)
"Another eriou( ditriotilty the mis
sionary in tlihra' has to coutend with
is the complicated form of the n
liglon of the Chinese. Instead of oii-
system of doctrines ami - teachiujr.-i;
mere are thrt great tiu-J separai-r-lighnns.
dwelling side by side and with
little If any friction or want of har
mony. Although radically dift'ereut in
their origin,, characteristics and gcu-
eral aims, each scorns to be a coiuplc-mt-ut
of the other. A Chinaman may
select ami follow as much of all three
as he pleases, without loingiiieousi
leut. ..The' missionary has therefore to
stmly all three religious in their lils
tory; doctrines and practical. influence
upon the heart and everyday life of
tne people ierore ik can nope to meet
thein on their own ground and answer
all their objections to Cliristianity.
He has thi-ce wiKintte citadels to at
tack instead of one.
"The writings of Confucius are the
"'Tree wiienc' the officials and literati
derive their, theories of government
and social duties. The -ethics of Con
fucius pervade and .influence every
pbaic t - Chinese.- life. The doctrines
aught ,by their 'most holy sage are
cjt;il as the' Infallible criterion of up
llghtness and integrity in -public and
private life, ami were disseminated
Kcvcral centuries before the coming of
Christ. They were not original with
Confucius, but rjither the teachings of
the.-ancient king ami sagos, wlu
flourished in tiie far-on fiolilen Age
of Chiua. wlien-the evils of bad gov
ernment .' wre-unknown... ami w hen
the Chinese seem 'to have recognized
and worshipped the true Jod. Con
fucius confessed to be only a reform
er, .t transipltter, anL not the. author
of a new religion. But It is almost
impossible lo'esiiuiate; the enormous
hold this system with its tliiie-ho:i-or"d
classics now has upon th. tsln-
cafcl and thinking men of tuuu.
Its tea-liings are of a high moral or
der, yet they re as much disregarded
in everyday affairs as Christ's teach
ings are disreganhnl among ourselves.
The Chinese know what is right, ;but
fail utterly to practice it.
"Then there is Taoism, the. 'second
form of religious faith and practice,
originating with the philosopher Lio-
tsze in tiie wntury when the Jews
returned from -.Baby Ion. Its ancient
classics the, Tao-teh-kJng. comes near
er to the philosophy of our Old Tes
tament teachings than any other book
in the world. Had this system re
maiiwil In its original purity it. would
have,, served as an exc-lh'iit Iwisis for
t'hrlstlauity. Unfortunately the Tao
ists went astray, hunting for the Phi
losopher's Stone, .the elixir of immor
tality with other vague conceptions,
and then fell -into t lie grossest super
stitions and demonolatry. , The evil
influents of; tnolern Taoism tioi
Chinese society are tremendous, and
it is a greater -foe to the, Christian
missionary than Confucianism.
"These two great religions, Confu
cianism and Taoism, did not satisfy
the longings of the soul of the China
man, nor did they afford -comfort or
solace. in tiie many troubles and sor
rows of life. To supply this want
PuoNlhism came from India some time
before the birth of Christ, but it was
not till shortly after that event that
that the Emperor Ming-tl had his
wonderful dream, and a a result sent
messengrs to India to inrite Budd
hist' teachers. After exeriertchg
miauv vicissitudes. Buddhism Is-came
firmlr establlsheil. The worship of
Am iiia Buddha with the Goddess of
Mercy became prevalent, while tem
ples and monasteries, priests anfl
nuns Were- soon to be found every
where. The Western Paradise, the
Buddhist; Hells, the transmigration of
souls, the Vegetarian diet. the. doe
trines.of Kirroa and Nrrnna. and
th5( worship of the goildess Kwan-yin,
wJio has power to save and to bestow
sons upou her votaries, are all so
firmly engrafted on the onllnary Chi
nese mind that It .seem Impossible
that they should UKsIitied. much
less effaced bv the teachings of Chris
thinitv. Yet the missionary is expect
ed ttf'gr forward boldly to attack this
riant also, lit the name or tne ioru.
and armed , only with his sling and
hi stone. ,
As If all-these difficulties were not
sumHent. Buddhism had hardly set
tled down harmoniously with its two
sister religions- when Mohammedan
ism entered, the empire, poshing Its
war into Imperial notice with . great
effect, ami contesting with Ms mono
theistic doctrine against the corrupt
religion practices that had grown tip
in the other three divisions. It came
t'tay In spite of nnmlerles jn re
etnion ami i relellions In which mil
lions of Mohammedan hare been
prtt to deatli. Host of the Moslem
Chinese now occupy a very strong po
sition in the , whole of Northwest
China. Others are scattered over the
face f the empire, many "f them !o
Inr rich ami enjoying1 official posi
tions. Althonsh opposed to the main
fjatnrc of Cvhrlstianity. the Moham
medan faith I not entirely witbiut its
advantajew to the work of the Cnris
tian missionary. The dennnciation of
all idolatry, the worship of the true
fbl. the oltservaut-e of the Moham
medau Sabltrtlh, and the teaching of
etiaiu theological terms are all aids
to Christian preaching. , tu the whole,
however, most missionaries who -have
-ome in contact with Moliamimslans.
woilld miK-ii ral her work In pla-cs
where l hey are not to ls fouml."
IViiu't Have Eurotiean ExiMTts-Kru-ger
Look Into the Future. ,
Allen Sangree In , Ainslee's.)
I wlsii to emt tiie impression
that generally prevails as to the pres
ence here of . foreign exiterts. No
gr-ater mistake is current 4han this.
The Transvaal artillery, whk-h is su
ms4l to lie managed by Russian and
tierumn gnnners. Is' really in tln
hand of young IUmts. and the engin
eering feats that have Ieen a-eom-idishitl
tpust Is crelitil to the Trans
vaal farmer. He it is who build ihu
tooiis oot of railroad tis. hauls a
twelve-tun caution up u nnouit.-iiii snd
executes da ma go with a rt ilh-ry. , To
Is 'long 4o t lie 1 latter one must 1h a
burgher, and nearly every gun bslay
in ihe IUmt forcs is slghteitiy lad
letweeu se-eutn s ami twenty -one
years old. The fre!gn attaches will
all testify to this. and. furthermore,
bear me" out in saying 5 that ttetter
marksmanship with big gun Is not
to Is seen than U-hind the Hoer iwir
aiets. In bidding gool by to .Mr. Kntger
I asked him if lie ami bis ioople
would aecpt an 3'lnm In America,
to which he replied that it was im-jMW-ible.
-?Y are a is-uliar isnple,
he said, 'and If bxl wUls that we lose
our indesndence than it Is Itetter we
Klionld all iwss away. Wlierever a
Boer would live he must ever brood
over his thoughts. The women will
never forget that their huslwind died
at the English baud; the children
will grow up, -to hate the conqueror,
and wherever is such bitterness there
could no happiness lie. No, It is ls-t-tcr
that we die. for tlien each burgher
can say to himsoir. -I have fought a
gssl tight. I have finished my course.
I l,:iv- kiiu the'" faith. , llem-frth
i there Is laid up for tup a crown . of
' rightetutsness." ' "
For Infants and Children.
Ttia Kind Ycu Hais Always Bought
Boars the
Signature of
In the Circuit Court. -of the State
of Oregon, for the County of Marion:
Dept. No. 2:
T. T. eer. Oovernor. F. I, Iunbar,
Sf-rxtary of State, and C. S. Moore.
Treasurer of the State of Oregon, ex
otlicio The State Land Board of the
State of Ongon. Plaintiff, vs. J. M.
Ptcbles and U..M. Peebles,-his wife.
To R. M. Peebles, defendant:
, In tiie name of the State oC Oregon,
you are hereby required to appear, in
the aliove entitletl court and answer
the complaint filed against you in the
atsive entitled suit on or Jn-fore tint
7th day of Septemlier, lift it). 'and ii
you fail so to appear or answer, said1
complaint. for want thereof .the
Plaintiff will apply to the said court
for the relief 'demanded Til' said -om-plaiut
hei-ein, to-Wlt: That "Plaintiff
have" judgment against Defendants.
J. M. 1'iH'bles and R. M. .Peebles, for
the sum of ?1nn). Cold Coin of th-i
United States, with interest thereon
In like gold coin at the" rate of S, jxr
cent, per annum from the 4th day of
June, INtiS,' until iaid. and for tho
ftrrther sum of $H atbirney's fees,
and for the costs and disbursements
of this suit. Furtht that Plalntinf
have a decriM for the for-losure of
Its mortgage, executed by said De
fendants. 4. M. IYehHs and R. M.
Peebles, to the Board of Commission
ers for the sale of School nnd Univer
sity 'Lands ami for the Investment of
the fund arising - therefrom, of the
State of Orgon, said mortgage bear
ing "date the 4th day. of . I line, lKir,
and , lielng iifion the following do.
scrils'd premises, to-wit: Beginning
at the NE. corner of See. 12, iu T. S
south of range IS west of W. M., and
miming thence north i;!-,- iikIs;
thctiee wt 17-"i' chains; thence
north lT.o) chains to the north Isuyi
tlary of Donation Laud Claim No.
ITJi rz (Enoch tiarrisoni; 'thence west
along the north line of said. Donation
Claim 42..") chains; thence south 21.C.-J
chains to the Sou'.h Hue of See.' 1. said
township:, thence east ISO chains to
the pla-e of lwginning, save ami ex
cept 25 acres heretofore dtnihsl to
Mary C. tJanlner and 22,i acres here
tofore deeded to Samuel Cardner, all
off the east end of said tract, leaving
'. acres more or less, all in Marion
county. Oregon, and that said prem
ises ls sold as by law provided, and
that the money arising from said sa if
lie applied to the satisfaction of Plain
tiff's judgment, as alve set -forth,
and that each -of the above defen h
ants nnd all persons claiming through
or under them since the said 4th day
of June. 1 N. the date of Plaintiff
mortgage, be forever for-elosol of all
Tight of rtslemption In or to said pre
mises or any part thereof.
This Summons Is pnblthNl by order
of the Hon. R. P. Bois, Judge, of the
above ; entitled . Court, made on tiie
27th day of July. P.), and the first
publication of this summons Is. made
on the 2Tth day of July, 1JK. and tho
ilat.? of the last publication heriMif
will lie " and this summons will ex
pire on the 7th day of Septemlier,
1!H. .
' M. W. HUNT,
7-27-7t, Attorney for Plaintiff.
SUMMONS. NO. 713).
In the Clrcnlt Court of ttie State of
Oregon, v for Marlon "County Depart
ment No. 2: ..,'-
Frank M. Mnnkers and Belle Munk-
ers (his wife), Sopjhla Simmons and
Ulysses SlmmoBS "itier husland. Anna
Johnson, Mildred Foltfc Walter J.
Mnnkers. Anna Hayter and 1- rank
Hayter 'ther husljand). ami . tJrover
KiJ t - T.t.iintlfT. II. V. Mnnkers
and Mnsan J. Mnnkers, Josephine
Johnson and IL. C. Johuson ther bus-
band). SamncI T. Mnnkers and Jnli.i
Mtlnkers Ihls wife). Kate Herreji and
II. E. llerren ' liter husband). Ella
Walter ;nd T V. Walkcr ilM-r hns-
imnd), B. Herrcn atAl I XL Herren
iher hnsliand). Ralph Carlco. Ineza
Carico. iTa Harmon ami Lon Harmon
(ber husband). Charles Munkcr. El
mer M tinkers, Maud Denny and James
I Denny hcr hnsliand). "Walter
Muukers, Frank Muukers, Flwlii L.
Csrlc and Carl Muukiis. .defendants.
To B. F. Muukers, Knsa 11 J. Muuk
ers, Raljih Carico, Ihejta. Carh. l-oi -Hatmoii.
Iva Harmon. Fratik Muuk
ers. ClKirles Munkers, : Walter Munk
ers, EhiMr Munkers. Maud Ieiniy. .
James I Denny and Edwin E. t'ur-h-o,
defendants in the alsve entitled
suit: ', . :''
Iu the Name of the Slate of Ore
gon; you and each of you are hereby
requiretl to apis'ar In said -ourt in
tP,e alove entitle! suit ami answer
the complaint (lied therein against you
by the said plaintiff oh or liefore Sat
urday, the loth day of Septemlier. A", i
D. "P.nW,. and you and int-li f yon are s
hereby not Hied that If . you fail-so to j
aptwar and answer sjiid complaint for
want ..thereof the said plaintiff w ill j
apply to the court and take u det-ree !
against you a follows; tc-wSt:
For the appointment of a guardian
ad litem In said suit for said minor
defendants. Ralph Carlco," Inet Car
let and Carl Munkers; and that the
defendants. Ella YTalker. Katie Her
ren. Frances Herren and Sdmuel T.
Munkers lie diH-n-etl to 1h tin owner ;
in fee simple of Mielr ciTtain reH"
tive tracts of Li ml set riiart to them
by the last will and testament of W.
It. Mnnkers. ds"aiMl. and by t lie ini
traet ltween said plaintiffs and de-
fendaut referreI to Iti saM Ciuiiplalnt;
that the said defendant. Iteiijamlu F.
Munkers, lie decreed to lie the owner
in fee simple of an undivided 1 2S, and
that the plaintiff, Frank M, Munkers.
be dereod to 1h the owner ill fe;
simple of an uiidiv!dHl I 2S. and K.-ii.l
Walter J. Munkers ! diH-rel to
lie the owner iu fee simple of an
undivided 2 2S, and the plaintiff, t; ro
ver Folck. be ik-ereed to U the owner
In fee hnple of an umlivithtl 1 2S,
and t lie plaintiff, Annie Johnson, le
diH'reeil to ln t lie owner In fee simple
of an undivided l-'JS, and the plaint iff,
Sophia Simmon lie deemed to Im the
owner I14 fii siiuiile of all undJldil
1-2S. ami the plaintiff. Mll.lnil Folck,
lie brcel to Im the owner In fe sim
ple of an undivided 1-2S. and the 'de
fendant. Carl .Munkers, Ik decreed to
le the owner In f simple of an un
divikd 2-2-M. and' the plaintiff. Anna
Hayter. be diTrood to ts the owner
in fee simple of an uudividtsl 4-2S, and
the defendant. . Ralph Carico, lie de
creed to be the owner in fee-simple of
au undlvidisl l-tts, and llic defendant. ,
Inexa Carh-o, Is' ls-rHl to ls thej
owner in fee simple, of an undivldeil;
l-!JS..and the defendant Iva Harmon.!
ls hcreisl to Ih' the uwiht In fH sim
ple of an undivided l-l'.i, and the said
defendant. Charles Mu if kers, be ,lo
cieed to tie -the owner In fee simple of
an undivideil 1-P.t, and the said de
fendant, Taud Denny, ls dei-reil to
be the owner In fis simple of an un
divided 1-41), and that tlte said de
fei'danr, Walter Munkers. be decreed'
to lie the owner Iu fee simple of an
uudivitled 1-41, and that the said de
fendant, Elinor M tinkers, be deeriMs!
to le the owner iu fee simple of ail
undivldeil 1-4'). and. that the said Ki
fendant. Frank .Munkers. lie decreed
to Ih the owner in fo simple of an
t'lidlvliled 1-1'.) Interest In and to tho
lauds aiid -pn inlses situate In Linn
County, Oregon, described as follows,
to-wit: The south half of Se-tloti.2,
In T 11) south R. I west of the Wil
lamette Meridian, in the County of
Linn and Slate, of Oregon, containing
;t2t) acres" of la nil imre or less, situate
In Linn County, Oregon.. :
"That each of the said defendants
Iva Harmon. Charles Munkers, Elmer'.
Muukers. Maud Denhy. Walter Munk
ers, and Frank .rnnkers. u dtvrcod .
to lie the owner in fee simple of an
undivided l-4! Interest 'In aud io tiie
following dcscrilH-dj land and pr
tuisca. to-wlt: J ' ' " .
P-eginning at a pint BCh) chahi
north, .2S degtis's .east of the fkoitt Il
ea st corner of W. K. M linkers' 1 ioiia-
tum I-iiHl Claim. N4 51. in T. 7 wool h '
range 2 west of the Willamette Merid
ian. In Marion Counjy. Oregon, thence j
north 2d degm's, cast ll.inl chains
along the east line of the V. R. Munk
ers' claim No. ,"il; theiice hoHh il de- ;
grees 15 mill, west 41.HO cliaius to the
west line of dalii) Xo. 1; thence
south nine degrees Jwi'si "IT.iiTi Hiaius '
along the west Hue! of claim Xo. Tl;
theme south .'51 degree and "D nilu. ;
east 12 i-hains to. the place ofjliegin
iiing. containing 4.'t71 acres ; situate
In 'Marion County,-Oregon. - j
That the said plaintiff, Frank M.
Munkers. be .decreed to Ih- llu. owner
in fee simple of ah undivided "14-2K,
and that fho said defendant. Carl '
Munkers. bo decreed to -is the owner
In fee -simple 'of nil uiidivhbsl 2 2N,
and that the plaintiff, Anne Hayter,
le decrl to lie tint owner In fee sim
ple of an undivided: 4-2M. and that the "
said defendant. Ralph Carico, le de
eroiil to ln the owner In 'fee. simnle
of an undivlihil "1-pM. and that the de
fendatit, Ineiui Carico. 1m decreed to , -lie
the owner in fee simple of an un
divided 1-Jis. and that tin- plaintiff, -Josephine
Johnson.; lie docri-ed to Im
the owner Iu fee simple of mi undi
vided 4-2S inlurest in and to tli last
alstve des-rIlNKl tract of land, contain
ing 4.1.74 acres, situate in Marlon
County, Oregon. I :'.'-.
Ami that It lie further direed that 1
the costs and disbursement' and ex
penses of sasl suit shall lie j lsirne
equally by the' said plaintiffs and de
fendants, except that the. said Ella
Walker ami Knife Herren shall not be
required to imy any cost or disburse
ment of sjild .stilt,; ,
You and each of you are hereby
further notified that the Mid plaintiff
will take, a doerve and judgment
against yon for the whole of the re
lief demanded In -said -complaint ami
for such other; further or different re
lief In the premises as .to tin 'court
sIhiII seem meet with equity and good
conscience. '
This summons Is served upon you
by publication thereof for six consec
utive and successive y week prior to
said fifteenth day of Septemlier. "A. D.
1 Jf 10. in tlje Weekl y Oregi m S ta t e ma n .
a. 'weekly newspaper, of general circu
lation thronghout said county sa ml
State of Oregon, printed and puhllshc 1
at the City of Salem. Marlon .C011.1t y,
Oregon, by order of lion. If.-P.- Boise,
Judge 'of said Circuit Court, which -said
order liears date of July 2h. A.
D. 111". and that the saUT Hon.HI. P.
IVilsep-Jmlge of said Cireuit Court, lit
said order for the publication of thi
sitramons uion yon has prewrilMl the
fifteenth day of September, A. 1). IJifs),
as the time on or. In-fore which you
shall apioar and answer the said com
plaint In said court. -The
date of the first publication of
this summons In said newspaper is
ti e twenty-seventh day of July, A. D.
: : W. M.' KAISER,
Attorneys for Plaintiffs.