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Ilcprs fcr Safety cf the Lcsatlsns
Arc Agala Very low.
But ffu Prevented frr-m Seeinr the
Foreign Ulaistfrs-Jlis Reports
Are Eneonriffiujr.
- LONDON. July 29. The hopes of
Europe for the safety of at least some
of the memtiers of tin legation at
IVk In. which earlier In the week hail
fomnnwl to revive, are nowf flick
ering ami at the point of extingulsii
incnt. There has been pointed out that
there has leeu ample time to get nu-
i ...... r . : . 1 .t.iAJj t.
the Ministers. . This- J - the roiwum
mat ion of the Chinese a.ssurnacog that
will Ik acceptable. Until such adviees
have leen received, or until the Min
isters have lHen handed over in tln
flesh, the general public ami the Gov
ernments Interested will not attach
any credence to further Chinese state
ments, or consent lo may the prepar
ations for the advance of the relief
force toward Pekin.
The latent Mtorjr originating in other
than Chinese sources, I a njwHal dis
patch from Che Foo. dated July 27th.
according to which M issJonary Wilder.
... i l f ... 1. 1 ..
ago. ha just returned and tejiorts that
he found the tuqierial Chinese forces
completely surrounding - the Tartar
city. He tr unable to deliver a mes
sage to the Legation, and in reply to
his entratie the Chinese aa-id they
. ..1.1 ..II . .. .. . .. . ... t .. I . ..
i-i'iam jjpl itiitpvv ftujr tfiir- tit far iott
foreigners. According to the report
-the attack on the legation ceased on
the afternoon of July lfth. Everything
wan quiet during tne remainder or aiw
finnary Wilder May; When he left
on July 1Mb a decree had leen issuel
commanding all person to protect for
eigner In China. f
Berlin. July 2S.Emperor Willtant's
. address to the Mo!iliTS coiu tiiilig the
China expedition fornix the subject of
general discussion today. The Enqier-
it-a It,.. I tti.l Iri t .nn.A tt- eMniw.i
and make n prisoner are condemned
by nearly everybody one meets, and
also by l ! pre. '-.,
The papers maintain that the "Em
peror's liehavior la. likely to upHtuji
the harmony of the Powers, as doubt
less some Power 'will not agree to the
Enicror' Inst met ions."
The feeling against the United State
N esiveelally bitter. Emperor Williain
having expected that the United Stated
would stead fa stly sih' with him iu le
niauding adequate redress.
ese Minister here, says he Is eonrine
ed the Legation in Pekln are safe aud
sound, although some buildings hare
leen destroyed. AVhile this eonr let Ion
Is not shared' by the orlieial and loli
tleal world here, adrk-es from the Par
Hast during the past week hare raised
a renewed boie that Dome. If not all.
members of the legation are still alive
Minister Yu Knng asks that China lie
jriven another five days credit to pro-,
duce authentic and satisfactory news'
of the I elation. ,
The foreign fJorernmenta Intend to
disregard 14 Hung Chang's recom
mendations whk-fi they beUere are
made In tiail tatth"-not to march on
rokin. On the tfrtitrary. 1 he Interna1
tlonal exielitioti will start aljout Ih
mlddle of next nrr, following as
closely as possibh the rail roarl. : j
Although the Japanese Minister hen
aeottts the Idea of an. aljianre lv
4 ween China and Japan, the possibility
of such development Is taken Into con
sideration by the foreign represtnt:i
Has Oi-dereil a . Quarantine Against
Cape Nome and Hutch Harlsr.
Washington. July 2.8.-Tbe IYesident
bam promulgated an order, drafted by
the Marine Hospital Service, establish
ing a Natloual quarantine against Cap
Nome and Hutch Harlmr. Alaska, be
cause of. the epidemic of smallpox at
those rnfrts. This order gives a legal
status to the quarantine already in
Comparatlre Advantages of the Law,
Medicine aud tlie Clergy, s
-t, ... ". I
- . K ,
The law is probably the most profit?
able -of the so-called learned profess
Rions. say the Medical Record. There
afe more and larger prizes ,to he
gnlned by an acute nud ehxjuent dl.sci
pie of the legal art than are open to
the medical man or the minister. In
this country and (treat Britain the in
cines of the foremost advocates and
of attorneys In lucnitlre practice for
the most art overshadow the yearly
earnings f 4be lest-known-r physi
cians and surgeons, and to still
greater extent those of our spiritual
a I risers. Occasionally one bearsof
very large firtunes being left by
prominent, doctors tir William Oull,
Sir Andrew Clarke. Toctor. PepHr
nod Sir William Jeuner are cases Ja
HIut; but these re exceptions, and
sums accumulated , by meli al men
cannot be comparel either. in mralKr
oc magnitnde to tlie colossal amounts
amassed by tlie members of the legal
fraternity. - When, however, the aver
age Incomes of these three classes of
the community are considered, their
re hi rive position in tJreat Britain and
the United States will tie found to
differ. Viewed thus, in the Pnlted
Kingdom the 1ergynian Is at, the 4op
of the list, the" lawyer second and
the doctor last, while here the lawyer
or doctor gets a larger Kha re of the
'Kmres and fishes,' and the minister
lias to le content with the crumbs.'
The average income of a 'physician
tu large cities on thi cont iucnt may
l e i laHHl at $2.(k.. in the smaller
towus at $l.r4. and In the rural dis
trict at $l.isi. Two r tlin-e New
York physicians are said to - make
over f 100.WW a year, five or six alwnt
$.VUiO, but the average income, al
though rather higher than In Chicago
and in other American large cities,
doe not greatly exceed Jit! yearly.
Tlie minister averages la the city per-,
Imps $lit. and In the country cer
tainly not niori than yearly.
At regar1s living extenset. both the
lawyer and minister have an advan
tage over their professional brother.
In New -York, for example, ofliee ac
commodation suitable to a physician
1 very dear, in a good neighborhood
costing" not less than 70 or a
mooUi. which with board aud bulging
and other necessary disbursements
will represent a sum of f 120 month
ly, n ; sufficiently weighty tmrtlen for
a straggling youthful practitioner to
Uar . ' The roung minister has no
reut to pay. while the legal neophyte
can reguhite hi outlay In Ils reieci
aceording to the length of hi pnrs
j Nevertheless the lot of the medical
Iffeginner compared with that of a,
pastor in a like situation has its com
pensations. He is at least more or
less independent. The l minister, on
the contrary. I s.a mle iermitted
to exercise his own will but to a lim
it ed degree, and often 4s doomed to go
through a lifetime of toil subservient
to the caprices of censorious elders
and deacons. An excellent descrip
tion of : the trials of an American
country minister and the Tariou un
pleasantness : with which he has to
contend at the hands of his congrega
tion Is given In the Iauination of
Theron Ware." the best novel written
br the late Harold Frelerlc.
f.WlK'ii nil is ssiid that can le said.
e first few years of medical practice
are years of arduous effort, full of
disiliiifdoniuput anil dlsapinrfiitmeiit.
The life Sir Andrew Clarke told 1 Joe
tor -Osier: "Prom the vantage groumJ
of more -than forty yertrs of hard work"
I ean say that I luive striven ten
jea-s toy bread.. tn years for bread
and butter, and twenty years for cake
end ale. The truth undoubtedly is.
ed esHclHlly In the large centers of
jMipuhttkin in America, that tlie ojv
jsrtuniilcs for a physician to obtain
ndeuate contpi'usjttion for his Serv-I
jces ae yertrly Itecoming Ies. i
j This is not due to any deterioration
in the quality of the present-day prac
titioner or an evidence of falling off
In medical or surgical skill. .Tlie. fact'
is Irrefutable that the nieilleal profes
nion In this and in all civilized coun
tries stands on a higher plane In the
mutter of training and knowledge
J ban ever lief ore. TJie reason for the
decrease in medical Incomes is indu
bitably almost wholly owing to tlie
more eager onipet It ion among regu
lar practitioners, to Hospital and lis
lensary abuse and to. the lamentable,
increase lu quackery. The supply of
medical men Is grejiter than the de
niaml; the market Is floodid, and the
mpst isitcnt remedy we can suggest
blr this evil is that, as has lieen
uiany times ad visl In the. -Medical
itit-onl. a uniform lulgh standard of
medical-- elucatlon should be estab-f
llshed in every state.
Pauq:iet In Manila Embarrassed the
American and Filipinos.
Manila. July 2S. -A banquet in -commemoration
of the amnesty prored a
failure owing to a misunderstanding
between the Filipinos tendering It aud
the American civil and military au
thorities regarding the speeches. ;
s After two hours' delay the banquet
was finally finished. Commissioners
Tart and Wright and General Mac
Arthur were In attendance.' No polite
cal speeches were -made. :
What Senator Clark Paid Into the
Democratic Campaign Fund, f
New York, July 28. W. A. Clark, of
Montana, left today on the Lucania
for a vacation in Euroiie. Before sail
ing Clark said to an Ereuing World
-Yes. I may hare given a check for
$l0.o lo the Deuiocratic campaign
fund. Perhais It was for more than
that amount. I sent & contribution."
California's Statute Prescribing Regis
j t rat ion for Primaries. Falls.
I San Francisco. July 2S. The Su
preme Court of California lias declar
ed that the Stratton law, which pro
rides for the registration for primary
elections. Is unconstitutional on 'the
ground that the Legislature cannot-ln-terfere
with tlie internal regulation of
a K)litical party.
- ; L".
- f -- ' .- .
Secretary of State Powers Will Testify
1 in, His Own Behalf.
Georgetown, Ky.. July 2-H. The pro
ecuWon in the trial of ex-Scretary of
State Powers, charged with lieing an
accessry to the murder of Win. Joe
lel, eonelnded its evidence iu chief this
afternoon. The defendant will take
the stand Monday, and. testify In his
own behalf.
Declared the Strike of Fishermen Off
In British Columbia.
. Vancouver. B. C, July 2H.-t-The Fish
ermen's Union of New Westminster,
after a prolonged session this after
noon, declared off the Frar.er river sal
mon strike, bnt the membership -of
that union Is not nearly so large as
that of the union at Rtereston. The
strike situation at Stereston remains
the same. -
Millions Given Away.
It is certainly gratifying to the pub
lic to know of one cencern in the land
who" are not. afraid to be generous to
the needy and suffering. The proprie
tors of Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Colds, have
given away over ten millian trial bot
tles of rhis great medicine? and have
the satisfaction of knowing it has sbso
lutely cured thousands of hopeless
cases. Asthma. -Bronchitis, Hoarse
ness and all diseases of the ? Throat,
Chest and Lungs are sureJy cured by
it Call on STONE, druggist and
get a free trial tottle. Regular size 50c
and $1. Every bottle guaranteed,or
price refunded. ' ' . f ; -
W. R. Brown. Who lire near Mil
ner, has a goose that Is nearly .TMJ
years old. This goose has laid yearly
for 40 years, and each year xlnee 1854
up to two year ago, she has hatched
and raWed goslings. The famous old
fowl was given to Brown bv her
mother In 1851.
m?mi vim
Jtz Stctc C:?:rtr.tnt Enccnrascd
to Expect Gcsi News.
To Communicate with the American
Eepresentatlre in Pek in Troops '
from Manila. !
WASHINGTON, July 28. Today
brought forth the usual crop of edicts
and reports from various quarters, aud
the usual visit from Minister Wusto
the State Department, bearing direct
ly upon the welfare of the Ministers
in Pekin. This constantly growing
mass of assertion is beginning to have
a cumulative effect upon skeptics, anil
there la noticeably, a more hopeful
view taken of state affairs today. Be
yond the fact that It is scarcely con
ceivable that the Chinese authorities
should : persist In repeating and
strengthening these stories up to the
rapidly approaching moment when the
whole truth most lie disclosed by other
agencies, it a pieared,upon careful
consideration of the reports, that there
really, was a little more ground for
hope as to the safety of Mr. Conger
ami his colleagues at Pekin, today,
than yiere was yesterday. ; The de
pressing fact is always in mind that
the Chinese authorities, by their state
ments, are able to communicate with
the Legat loners, but for some myster
ious reason do not permit these tin
fori una tes to communicate with their
jjwn Government. Minister Wu's ex
planation, that the Chinese met ins is
are different from our own, is scarcely
sufficient for the official here.
The Minister. . however. 1 honestly;
trying to get further communications
through from Mr. Conger, and it may
be that success in this undertaking
will afford him a brilliant vindication.
While the positive statement Is made
that it is not tlie presint intention to
send any more troops from Manila to
China, at the same time It is known
that all contingencies have been cau
vasscd aud that If an emergency
should arise in China which made it
Imperative to have additional troops,
they will lie drawn from the Philip
pines for temjiorary duty,' at least.
: General Mat-Arthur has been advis
ed by Secretary of War Root to main
tain sufficient traniorts to carry sup
plies let ween Manila and Taku.
Washington. July 2S.-The War De
partment will. purchase several addi
tional batteries of mountain guns, for
service in China.
Has q Requisition for a Pendleton
Teacher, and Find Some Diffl
cluty in Securing His Man. .
PENDLETON, Or., July , 2. War
rants were Issued' today, at Weston,
for the arrest of 'George Reynolds, of
Weston: J. W. Dykes, of Milton, ami
G. C. Moore, one of the Kentucky of
ficers, charging assault with intent to
kill. The complaint was made by Mrs.
J. B. Rowlin, the wife of the man
whose attempted extradition caused
numerous exciting Incidents lately.
Reynolds ivas arrested, and a constable
started for Weston for Dykes, when
District Attorney llailey instructed
Justice Wood , to release Reynolds on
his own recogniiM-e. and delay the
arrest of the olhers tndihg a further
Investigation.; Bowlin. who hid In the
mountains two day and nights and ap
peared here last, night for a short time,
has again disappeared and Iris where
abouts is now unknown.
id. C. Moore, the Kent u.'ky officer,
recently secured a state warrant from
Gov, T. T. Geer, for J. B. Bowlin, upon
a requisition from the tJovemor of
Kentucky., charging Bowlin with ut
tering a forged deed.- It seems Bow
lin came to Oregon under an assumed
name, but was hnnteil down. and. af
ter leing 1 arrested tqon the. Kentucky
om-er's request, managed to secure hH
liberty, when, an attempt lteing made
to again arrest Win. he mode a sensa
tional escape and was shot at by the
arresting officers, and the arrests, re
ported aliove, followed).
Exists War Between tlie Two by the
Beginning of November. -
New York, July 28. A dispatch to
the Trlbuue, from IonJlon. says; The
sky! Is so heavily clouded with the
mystery or China, the interminable
guerilla warfare in South'. Africa and
the famine in India, that It is hardly
necessary for Earl Wemyss to Imrrow
trouble over tlie the eliaiicos of an in
vasion of England next NovenilxT and
the Insufficiency, of. the home defenses.
Lord Salsibnry has attempted to break
the force of these outcries of alarm
by a Jest aliout danger Xroni shooting
stars in that month, but Ixinl Uose
bery lias rebuked him for illtimed
optimism f - : 5
. Tlie curious dHtale in the Honse of
Ix)nls yesterday has reflected the omi
nous talk which" has lieen going on In
the city for ereral days aUmt tbe
chances of la sudden attack frrnu
France, when the home defenses are
the weakest ; . Proliably these alarms
indh-ale the excessive strain to which
Englishmen have been subjected dur
ing the last ten months.
Enormous purchases of. Welsh coal
by the Paris government and well
authenticated reports that Hover and
other channel fortification hare been
secretly surreyed and ; charted by
trench naval experts aud reports
made npon the defenses of Llvernool
and other ports, are facts uon wliich
the alarmists lay stress, but the stock
marsets are not influenced by these
sinister speculations. ,
. Harry P. Perry, a New York mil
Iff. . .ic.y.,,, -.v" : -
irt . ft.-:.
1 Tl
? 'A
lionaire in hi own right, won a $.",00O
wager late tlie other night from Peter
Gerry, son of Elbridge T. Gerry, of
New York". Doth are Harvard stu
dents. i
Perry lwt that he veould run from
the Hotel Ton mine to ithe irncr of
Commouweiilth and LMassachusetts
aveuues. alniut - tliree-rtmrths of u
mile, inside of ! lulnutcs. This wager
was made a week agonndiueaulnue.
Without tlie knowledge1 of the two
young iih'U. circulars were di-ttriluted
among their classmates and social
friends In the aristocratic section -ad
vertising Perry as a wingeil wondei
aud inviting all to turn out and see
him sprint.
Perry slartiil olT. n-tiiipMju'd bv
t Jerry, the latter iu an automobile.
but Ix'fore he had run llireu minutes
there were 20 antomobiles. 1H car
riages and oO bicycle nrtlowing him.
Their oeeuants and rniers were of
the swell set and nil cheei'ed him on.
lie covered the distance in eight min
utes and 'two seconds and afterward
was wined uiitl dined.
when the noon train arrived . from
Portland a Lirge man. arrayed in n
Pilm-e AllxTt mat, ami liearliig-the
air of a minister of tii gospel. vnlight
it!. nccoini);iuk'l by a lady. Tim hrvt
thing the gentleman did was 'to en
quire how tar it was to the city, and
where tin- court house vv.is krt-atcd.
Receiving the desired information, he,
and his lair companion, boariltqf th.
striM't car and toltl tne conductor lo
"put tliem off at -the courM honse." It
was divined from tlie actions of the
couple that they were Keeking a ihiitt
riage license, and invest igi; ion proved
tins to 1m tlie case. . On arriving at- the
i-ourt house; the gentleman approai'lK'd
the connty clerk and askeil for a -marriage
liceiiw.- tlmmlj(-Clerk HiimiiiA
asked him for whom be wanted the
license, and the -gentleman! called "the
lady in tlie olih-e and said lit was for
himself and her.- Mr. llamuier :iid
he could not i.sue the license to
itt rangers without a witHcs. The. vis
itor lookiil duinlrounduil for ( a l!io
ment, then with evident cmliarras
meut trieil .fo c.Vil:iiti thati' lie was a
minister of t he gosisd. that he knew
of no one in Albany with whontlie was
acquainted, but said that Mr, l'ammer
nail certainly tiin ni or uini 1mm ore.
Mr. Hammer was forced to confess
hat he had not eveu had-the 'pleasure
of hearing of the gentleman, and the
stranger, with a look of hopeless -des
pair on his face, 'turned to his compan
ion and said he guessed they would
liave to "foot it." With deep regret
they tiled out of the court house with
out tlie much desired ; license,:':- leing
comielled to postione their nuptials
until a brother could lie suiuiiioikhI
from Hodarille to act as 'witness. Ver
ily theeourse of -truSe love runneth not
smoothly. Herald, (Alltauyj.
Plaintiff Asks $2H.fM Iamages Fron
Wealthy IllimMs Farmer.
Suit for $20.k damage for breach
of promise has tMen : lirought.it IHv
etitur. HI., by Ltwj' V. Sterrett against
Jacob HaiM'S, a wealthy retired, farm
er, prominent in twx-ial and ioiiticnl
circles. Attorneys for the- plaint iff
say she will claim that they had lieen
engaged six mont hs, ; wlnni -. he sur
prlsiil ler by ; marrying anotlier.;
Aliottt a month ago it was .reported
tliat Mrs. Sterrett awl Mr. ILim had
lieen married at Indhinapolis. . 'Neither
denieil it and the rumor was 'pul
lished In a local iaper. Then Hane
deniiil it and tlire days later was
secretly married to Mrs. Irk-e. a
wealthy widow of -Windsor.; 11L Itoth
Mr.Hanes ami hi bride made effort
to keep the marriage secret.
Cleveland.' O.. Jurr 28. Prin Alert
todar won the 2.-01 iwf In Ktrjiiirht
heats, "the second heat lieing male in
2.-frj flat, the world's record for pacers
in hobbles. : i '
! 1
' ' I - ' -
' 7 - ,
Chinese Troops Camped Near
;-"'l' '-" ''r
' ' ' 'I J"
Republican Candidate For Vice President '
It sftns to have ; been., tacitly ad
ndttil"; by tngimMrs in this country
t hat or tw. in cities the only form
of power for atltotnofiih's Vvorth -or,
sidetation'. Is electricity. Curiously
enough,.- the "vast advantages of elec
tricity a a motive power for snelr"
vehicles when used in cities are coui
led with such disadvantages and lim
itations as to make it practically use
less i for automobiles Jutendi'd for
general use. The storagi', lottery
whk-h Is the essential feature of .-the
electric carriage, l very heavy and
lu '-proportion to Its weight can pro
jm'1 tlie vehicle .only, a wry-: short, dis
tance. Furthermore Its weight menus
considerable1 jiower exjxndKl in its
own locomotion, and -necessitates a
hea vhr const riK-t Ion for elect ric v
hicles than U needed In crthei tyiies
of automobiles. Notwithstanding all
thise objections, tlie convenience,
cleauliucKs.ai'ety ami generally Rails
factory quaUties of ch-ctrlc isnvcr
hare made it the standard for vehi
cles of the urban type." It sns;
howevr. that for plea-sum Vehicles
pable of long-distance runs steam Is
the most popular iwer.. One mison
for this Is dnulitless- the com jeira live
ly low eot of steam .vHiicles a com-'
paml witli -electric carri;igf. Ia?o
leiie automoliiU'H have never attained
much popularity, in he Unltisl Suites,
though they are kcvu in great min
Imt on t he st m t4 of Pa tis. Tlicli
most- unfortunate isvuliarity I tiieir
odor: they fairly rik .with gasolene
atMl tho. V!ijKrs pnidmiHl by it incom
plete coiiilnjt4on." "Taking it all to
gether, too electrical typo of autonu--
- i 5
. . - . --
A r
bile bus every advantage save only
tu weight ami short radius of oMrn
tion. To Improve it in li-s' respects
rewires the inveuthm of a light tat
tery. At iircsent tlie only material
known from. which a-satisfactory stor-nge-
battery can Isv Hurftru-tl are
lend and its eouqioMids, which are -all
intrinsically heavy. J
Doctor (weary with uiistjecessfnt
efforts o i)re iiMent) Well, I ve
Just one more remedy to try In your
ca-se, and If this doosii t hclji you,
irol biiigr wiil. . ' i
I'aUent Whr didn't vou " frankly
X i ' . . it il . A, ... 1. I . , .H V
umi ii tii'ir lit i o iii hi m'li'i' iiin itri!
If nothing will help me. I could have
taken that at the start and saved" t lie
ctpi-nse of yonrv attentions. Boston
Transcript. " : 1
The sal. of the city dirifteries In
Chh-ago Ims bwn proliiliit(d this ye.ir
by: the publishers, it 'having becii.d
tcrmiueil to lease them so as to lie.-id
off .; certain .advertising schemes 'at h
cxiienA of the company. The bok
to lm returned at the cud of live
years.: ; ' -:
j 10 cotts aad S cr ats, at ell &txs stores.