Weekly Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1900-1924, July 31, 1900, Page 3, Image 3

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    FPm empire y I " ..... i ii ,
J . I I ' """"UMllntvuiul.iii.,i i . ... I
The lowest prices in the state.
So lb. HALF GKOLKND..... 25cts
K-o lbs. 1 1 A LF J ROUND ..... .4Scts;
50 Ihs. FINE DAIRY. .. .... . ."Jsct-s.
50 lbs. FINK WELLINGTON 43cts.
100 lbs, FINE WELLINGTON 85cts.
Na. 9 Court Street 'Phone 1781
; "The Feet! Men"
or exhaled fnrj fWmr and feed at
ranch oflkc of Aurora Roller . Mills,
warehouse on Trade street, near High.
Sak-m, Oregon, j '
Bicycle Repairing
; New and Second-Hani Wheel
Gas ami S'eam fitting. Manufavt
orer of Hop and Fruit Pipe,
ioj States., tI s ilm. Or. '
Carriage ami Wagonuiakinjr. special
attention paid e itrtctlcring ami lame
ness of horses, j .
. 1H5 Conuncrciaj St., Opp. Brewery
Cures C;ji.MiiTipJ:n. Cairtr, Tumors
Gravel and Kdtirv Troubles. Asthma
Skin ami B-rre Diseases, without knife,
plasters, posisoti or pain. Also Biinl
oc. ' J Sa'ctn. Oregon
jratf STOCk 4SPCTCK....
Corner Center and Front streets, foo!
of Steel Bridge, Salem Oregon.
Proprietors bf th
Best Singe and Double 1Uk in the
city. - Jlest care given to hoarding and
transient stock; Tdevhonc 241
Cor. Liberty and Ferry Sts.", Sakm.
".' Horj. veil f fed, good accommoda
tions. Fine fogs. Good Rig -ioi
commercial tern a Specialty. IIonc
board d by day. week or nwmli
Red fool liven, Feed end eocrdino sigdis
164 Cotnnicrcial St., Tel. 851. Sc'em
South Commercial St , brtl ni, t'r- oi.
illtvina; hoK'U V. I. lltilTijiaii's
.Teed aixi Livery U'Ujh-j.Sv r h,-.ve re
OTrd tt to h? - Willamette' Sial.les;
oulh ol the, hn'i;e on -Onw:; r.-ial
treet, where wc wiil br i' hiw1 pr. p-r-ed
to serve the pnbiic in t4i !"t . f '.
siblc manner, t We fjunivh rir f'r d: iv-
Gen?le teaukv fr 1
lnl:.r-. ai:d !
accominodations for .tran-aTH
Board forr!! v a nr w-;k.-
blacksoi'th sbof wtI ! rn:i v. loruicr-
ton wh the rirn, rlfre y") cat .
our horees sli 1 and ki:Kt i -
pairing done, j All , v.oik .:i gii:ir;;nteel
satisfactory. " ,
II A R N F.SS ?.! A K I'.KS.
You Want
first-class I! ARNI.S5. Cdl on
ft w
I am mak
out in Salem.
ng the best ever . turned
Call ami see tor yoursc'X.
at the
too State street. Salem.
From SG to $25 per acic
These lands are in Marion county,
Oregon, anl are offered on easy terms
of payment.! They were taken under
foreclosure by non-resident s. hence
re' offered for less than similar farms
held by resident owners. For full par
ticulars ami description call on or
address Macmaster & BirrelL ' SU
Worcester block, l'ortland, Oregon, or
Pacific Homestead,' Salem, Or. Best
farm papcr Issued weekly. $t a year.
Tacific Homestead. Salens Or. Best
farm paper, Issued weekly. $i a year.
fine printing. Statesman Job Office.
S4L77 r-! 1
"Castoria Is a harmless ; substitute for Castor OEU Pare
goric, Irols and Soothing Syrups. It Is Pleasant. It '
- contains neither Opium. Morpluno nor other Narcotic "
Kubstanco. It destroys Worms and allays Feverishness.
It cures l)iarrliua aud AVind Colic. It relieves Teeth. ',
ins Troubles and cures Coustipation. It regulates the
Ktorxiaclt and liowels, givinc healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Use For
Lee's Lice Killer-
1 1 M
I'lh-c on-.' onnrt,
i'tSJv Oiiu tJaU Si.
322 and 324 Commercial Street, North P
onev 2Vll',. Jennie Mac ::!, Zombro 2:11. 1 You P.et 'J; 12. Hazel Kinney
2:121'.. MeZeus 2:i:i. Juliet It. 2:1.1, lr. ' Ihiefc 2:i:!4. Itaney Me
2:21$, tleo: W. McKinney 2:ll'S, tsito 2:114. and eight
. others in the list. '.:-"..'"
First dam-MIDDAY BELL. bytJOHSIPEU '2:1 IJ4. fclre of
2:11'.j. Miss Jes-sie 2:12 and ittbers.
Sectmd dam-BUlAU BELLE,
Alcrom sire of Riverside 2:I2' and
Third dam Bv Mainbrinb latchcn o.S, the greatest brool mare
in the world. j !
-Fourth dam By Almoiit 33. sire
- i : I i - 0 - .- . H i ' ;
Is ri bl rck .stallion foal-l hi 1Hir, sfau-ls 15 :, bauds higli, Weighs 1UK tounK
has M-rfect trttfing .netfotfamt promises to be Mc Kinney's lnst son. t'ome
and tun tin lsst bred ajel iim'st in livMiial ever seen !u Oregon. Captain
.lo::s'i5 will make tie season of I!!. j I 1
from Jiily 1
to Sfplember I, at
Terms, $25 Season
$K fiayabb at
of return.-
of wTviee ami .olanv end of season, "with
A Tiiint TE.
Yi",T .iv vot: f-o'.'id.-
Hie Filioinos
;., ri5. rn-iN?eis a shrewd, M'm-lbie.
;li ! o?;e d;ll: nt.
-1 ;
). (lllSH iTl l I !. .'! .
, ...,1 ,v !,:;. '
Ti-e ! f
-itrtinr;' .
u it h ' A liter
i tlt M v !r extremeiv
. ti'.t
Sdd;er.. into n ti.siit
. uwfal addition lo 1 diefry of in-
valhls in--E:giahii . fia.- jmii inajie in
ti. i-!w;m? of Siler.5)i pjsrirhlgos. Which
arc killed when in pHim eond-tion and
f oircjicd frozi'ii by , sliJgb. rati and
boat it Iffli'lo", They nn said to 1m
i-mikab!y tender si ud delicate eat-
ing. ' ' : ' y - 1 ' '
fill KKNCK POST, coatc-d with
..Carbolineum Avenarius..
wilt frtit mr CfMiir It Is nlso a Radical
i:nily Apamat C'likkea Uce. .
Its atjlioati'n to the tule wiiils or poul
try nousi'S W'li iifrni""-nu
, OTWinate ull LICI-
10U: Ilpalthy ChickMi Plenty B?s.
Write lor circulars and prices aua mea
tl'm thl pnpr. ,
K. U. WAUK.& CO.. Acent. - -SAUKAI.
KJitl &olto,H tMii'i.-.um
a r m m n m 0 T"I l1 I 35
F -
ii iJd K W,!W 1
fit Tia - - -L
iiiASY pain lnsiue oa OUT
Hotel Santiam
At-Detroit.- OreKn- N' 0Pn for
Summer Tourists. New Honsc. newly
f'irniihed hrst-class accommodations,
jiricc from $i.oo tc, $1.50 PerJ-
- , II. Jacoui. Proprietor.
Your Work Solicited.
GEORGE' t SLY, Sup't
Fine printing. SUUmaa Job Office.
Signature of
Ove r 3 O Years.
..The ust of this preparation has
lHM-ouie tut uui vor;!, ami results
nro S4 SMitisfaetory, that tuoKt
Itoultry-nisU-rs vould not 'know",
how to ktHp hoiiw without It.
It 1h ito longer ueeossary to dip or
dust iuhry to kill the licv. A
t-jin t Lien Killer, a I'MiinT-
brusb. an.1 a few minutes' work
in applying it - to the? i JriHwts,
imauH all tin? exiK'n-w and la I or
now yefssary to.kwp tlw fowl
frt from Iioth milei ami boily
Iit. A din f !t shouhl bo ia
every, poultry-houstv It kills and
'prevents mite ami, liee. !', nu-.l
ki-'pH the air in the poidtry-houM?
pure aud sweet, killlnjr disoase
jrernis and jireventins the oHier
enennes of the poultrymeii rouini
and cholera.
y 2:11 1-4 'c F
eight others.
' , s
of Altamont, the great Oregon sire,
State fair Grounds, Salem, Or.!
Salem Oregon
to tlie Jury in
Missouri Murder
the Famous
London, Mo.. July 27. In the trial
for Aiexamier Ji-sirr. -cnargeu wim rn
lnnrui r or tnieri itaies. nimy itirs
sgo. Uhe court In t hargtiig the jury,
said: - . .' - - , ' -
"Where a ierson chargeft with a
crime breaks Jail and --Intentionally
escapes from the offieers to avoid trial,
such esrie in the abs-m-e of qualify
ln clrctnustam-es rais-s the prosniui
tion of puilt." - ' ' :
The defense had admlthil tiiat Jes
ler broke out of the Mexico, (Mo.
Jail" -' ". : J.'--
! tine of the Senate doorkeeiHrs sta
tionePIn the hJrtiy next 'to the inarbh
tornii had just warned a visitor, not
to smoke the cigar which he cjirfio.1
in his hand. At that moment, say
corresismdcnt of the New York Post,
lite electric lells sounded the call for
a vote, and Senator Lodge liastened
In from a near-by committee? room.
He was puffing vhdcntly on a long,
black cigar. . i :.
Why don't : yoq w-arn that man?'
asked the Tisitor. ,
- "Ih-jHise I kuow my bnsinessT ans
wertsl 1m cushwlian of tlwj door.
"That Is the man who made the role,
, In apiwn-nt fompiaiH- with a rule
of tho Indian Instltnte of Homeojwthy
that alt addresses before that lssly
slwll If lelivered from manusTipt.
Dr. G. W. Bowen appeared at a re-
cnt meeting with a pile of paper
which he turned over sheet by eneeu
Tlx srtiele was w Rood that the . in
stitute asked for the mannscripl only
ta timl that the doctor had biw KM
sheets of blank paper.
ttark Howell of the Atlanta ConstJ-
ut ion lias teen rHtminattHl by the
rfeniix-rat as a candidate for the
Stale Senate from the district
w hich he resides. -
1 Its fcrd lw Have ;ts izty.
ones -2966C
TUESDAY, 1ULY u,iooa '
um course 0. study
GmtlalcmlSkBwa br tb Teachers
' thCoal7 iMtltate UIU U
Marahfirld. .
fFioin Daily Slate?n:an, July .
'Prof. J. II.' Aekerman,Suierinteiident
of public Instnictloa. has returned
from a woekV trip to the Coos Tiay
country. lie spent several tlays at
Marsh Geld, where he assisted in coa
duetin a county Uachers : Institute.
The ius-titttic was conducted by Irof.
th A. arout, principal of the Park
$t hoot, of Portland, aud was well at
trifdcHl; over 'sixty teachers p:irtlcipat
ctl, aud evinced great interest in the
program. i
P& one evening Profesor Grout de
livered a lecture, and on the following
evening Professor Ackerma n lectured,
a large crowd being jreseut on both
occasions. ' ' -j - ;
The workj of the institute was luised
almost, entirely on the state course of
study recently doped and prescnlel
by the State Board of Education. This
pleased the assembled tesicher i very
much, as It made the purioe and me
thiuls of tile fctate course very inueu
clearer.. "
The teachers In that part of the state
are . very enthusiastic, ami tk an
nnosnal interest In the Institute, -j They
nro all highly pleased with the iadop
tion oirthc uniform "course-' of study,
and can readily see the value of this
In tho iiulilii- tti-hiMils of the state.
j ThiXwiL'i'k the county instiiutes will
Slx.-rlic!d at Eugene and ToIimIo. and
Stiierintemlent Ackermau will attend
Ioth of them, delivering hHrturvs nt
each place, explanatory of the ; state
course of study. .'
The.follbwing editoriel article from
the Oregoniau of- Thursday last pre-ralhi-r
a -ilark piciurc, and one
that is worthy of stmly from every
IHiiut of view: t
Crime iiicreasi-s in our .country be
jond the roportion of lucrea.se of ihi
iilation. There Can 1m no tpiestiou
atNHit It. f The "tendencies of modern
society seem strongly In the diret-tlou
of eucouragemnt of crime, not-repression'
of if. ..The - reason is not far to
seek. Tlie socialistic-tendency encour
ages the iden that it is the right of
the -ludiV'iduttl to live, and to have
what he vauts. without effort of his
own, mil of tlit social -orgauixathm.
One, side of the fhristian religion for
lie .Christ ia n religion on" one side
tends strongly towards the doctriuc
that the Worthless have a right to ls
'Piwrtil at tlie exiense of tlie indus
tt ionsi ami 'elllcient gives to. this view
imwcrfid impulse and Mippirt.
'. The iloetrine is virtually taught that
ijt Is hard, even wrong, to exiHt-t pet
p!e; to work for a living, so long as
others have plenty, or appear ..to have
plenty, that can 1h got by-;. 'hook or
crook. Our politics, under universal
suffrage., are organized on this basis.
Pusiuess Is beset by this spirit, which
is organized Into action, from every
side. --' - .' n
Si niiK'h Is mixlwn life under this
Influence that ; it ls,banl for employers
t hold employes, in iositious of trust,
r.p to the niuirrnients of honesty. The
Jnry; will tell you that the employe Is
poorand the employer can stand it.
In most cases the money has been
fqmindered In dissipation; but why
'shonhliit the Mr fellow have the in
dulgences he wants? He gets littl?
I nugh. ' anyliow. virtue and Imlus-
told this-.In plain terms; but it Is
what it; comes to. Yet it Is no kind
i'ss fo delinquents. On flK contrary,
it is the "flowery way that leads to
the broad gate and the great fire."
Onr economic writers are not mis
f:il:?ii. ! Tl.iey - snpftort. Iheir jKsltkn
with undeniable statistic. The late
David A. Wi'lls. in his classical work,
cntithnl "Hecent Economic Clianges."
showel that M'lthin recent years crime
1I preitly .lncreas-d. .Henry M.
p.oies in bis look. "rrisoners ami Pjih
iers," ile hires that thcr has taken
place of late an abnormal increase in
tin' numlHTS of the criminal class.
Willinm IWHKlas Morrison, tlie iiotefl
KOKlish t'i'imiiiolojrist, fefers fo in
crease or vrmie. pariicuiany m me
Foiled Slates, as a fact ricognir."d
and attesiel by every authority.
And whit is the ieasi? Helaxathm
of moral severity. Pity for the offend
er, instead of pnnishmcut. These fig-
t'ros are taken from tlie I niteu Mates
census of the past live decades:
Ier HnM"
:- ' c;i
::' k
. ii.7-57
lHTif ...
1S70 ..
18IW . .
It Is lelievsl that the census fign res
or tlie presenr year.viu nw .even inre
slartlinjr. It is de-ay of the Individual
moral liber, relaxation of the ,imral
forces of .society, that produces! these
results. 'It is held by large nniuliers
aud almost advocated as an axiom
by a isditicaf party, that the man who
has made accumulations by intelligent
ami painstains industry may Is des
Itoiicd; with or without form of law,
for support of Indolence, Inefficiency
or, nectly worthlessness. The doctrine
is iirofonndly -swlalistic. ami It Is the
source aud the sign of tlie conditions
that make so strongly for Increase of
crime. If not chocked through revival
and growth of Itetter morals, it will
land onr poll'"' anJ elal system In
terrible conclusions. Look at the fig
ures that prove the enornous Increase
of crime, and judge, ir you can, how
long this burden cart increase at soeli
ratio awl ret carried by the coun
try. The root of It all is tlmt men
want things , without working for
them; and the political trder, the so
cial organization. relicSon itself, -'not
oolr em-ourage the want, but sn
lr"t it as a uw or less rightful
claim. y
- O O
The Oresonian w riler touches, only
rriler .1
om of the t longs necessary to ls done
in order to decredse crime - and the
proportionate number of prisoners,
and only one phase of that, via: V re
formation of the public sentiment that
tends to excuse those who commit
crime. - There must le a reformation
of this kind, and there must Is? in ad
dition a change of public sentiment in
regard to the proinr treatment of
t hot e convict etl of crime. Four th.ings
must 1k doue. These are the four:
Public sen timet changed.
'Criminals reformetL
Environments of criminal classes
improved. ' .. -: - - "
Birth of criminals stopped.
The ... Oregouian writer has said
enough on one phase of the first re
iu!rementr But the other phase is in
regard to the treat incut of irisouers.
I think this point is; well illustranil
by a tight that s tiow going on In the
state, of New York. It is the fight of
the "yellow newsiKiier : press upon
Z. 1L Brockway, the super! nteudeut of
the Elmira Reformatory. That is the
model prison of the world. It was cre
ated by Brock way.'; First offenders In
the discretion of the committing mag
istrates, awd boys. for ment between
the ages of 1U tnd 3t years, are sent
to th? Elmira Reformatory, and thous
ands of young men have been turned
out to become useful "members of so
ciety, after being trained there. But
Mr. J'rockway has political enemies,
ami they have for years worked upon
the fceliups of the hysterical aud sen-linu-uial
through the "yellow" press,
charsins Mr. Brockway with luhu
leanily Iscause it has lscn necessary
for liiin to apply corporal punishment
to tlie young "toughs' cimiuit ttl to
his care from New York's Bowery dis
trict and elsewhere. This same fool
ish sentimentality has well nigh de
stroyed discipline In many Institutions
of the kind throughout the country.
I -conclude, public sentiment In these
two particulars must lw changed. It
most 1m? educated.
2. Criminals must be reforrmsl. The
old idea of vindictive or retributive
punishment must 1k relegated to the
dark past, from which it came. The
whole system must Ik made reforma
tory. '...-.'.
3. The environments of the criminal
classes must lo .Improved.; The brand
of cx-oon vict, must not bo ."burned into
the foreheads of accidental criminals.
This one fault of our society is worthy
of a chapter; of a Iwok. Worthy the
pen of a Victor Hugo lu his best days.
4. The birth of -criminals must lie
stopiKtL It must be' done as effect
ually as the birth of offspring from
Insane or Idiotic ihtsoiis is stopped,
and bv the same method tconriiiing
them for life), or a cheaiKT method.
I mean only the naturally criminal;
the morally Insane 011 ImliecUe. Not
accidental criminals. And stopping
the birth of the crlmiiurf) classes .will
help lo deerenBo the number of the oth
er 'deifcndeut classes; for the morally
and mentally sick, and the other de
pendent classes, are closely related.
Not always so. But lu a large proior
tiou of cases. . .
It is too oxitensive to raise -criminals
at the rate the Fuited Stales is raising
them. Too expensive to keep on re
producing, all the dependent classes.
And the expense is not all from u
purely ifuaucial jioiiit of view. It is
expensive lu detracting from the. lev
el of civilization.
Now doth the maid with towel-bound
head .
Reign quite supreme 'mid chaos dread
Of dustpans, brooms, dirt, rugless
lloors. , - -.
K 0011 is dust-bloWu, and wide open
doors. i
The erstwhile fswofnl air is rife
With sounds of the terrific silrifc; i
That's waged "with tlirt and dust and
grime "
From early morn till late bedtime. .
Anon the carehss man's Isdd feet
A pan of sMisuds black do meet.
Whennit the overturned contents flow
Where all was cleaned a while ago.
The air with measure! whacks re-
Kouml '
As some one rng or carpet pounds;
And Usk ing where the maid doth
The Jester murmurs, "Aye, there's
the rub!" '
At noon: all hmldletl In a bunch.
The household grain a sandwich
lnnch. ; ,
Nor stois for finger Itowls. and then '
iltnit at It earnestly -again.
At smh a time a man dofh find.
Full many business deals that bind
Him to hi office through the day, ;:
AltlsAigb, to lielp, he longs to stay,
The lawn hold an array immense
Of furniture, while on the fence
Aud porch rail scattered here and
- . there
Are rugs and draperies oat to air,
Within. he endless strife Is wragwl.
Kadi worker iM-Ing; so cntrajre
That none olwcrvc th ra;nf that fall
Till they're soaked furnitOre and all!
TJs ten to one that 'mid this dia
An nnexpt-etod gtiext drofts In,
I'nherahleil by post or wire.
And readetb consternation dire!
Wlmt brnsh can ample justice do
To this sweet springtime scene; or
- Who
Can adfjuatcly tell In rhyme ;
The Joys of glad housecleaning time!
.Colorado Springs tJazette.
John D. Rockefeller, tlie Standard
Oil magnate, usually travels ls-tween
Cleveland, his former home, and New
York in a private car, says the.Phil-
,i, ,it itnr.l.iv Eveiiins Post. On
a recent trip from the former city
one of Mr. Rockefeller s party .10mm ..
in i the sleeping car two bkii frotn
Clevehiud whom he knew very well.
After a few minutes' cliat he inviieu.
tbem Into the private car to meet
Mr. i:-ckefeller. TUey lonnu me uu
man ,l.,iilr iuterTste.l In. n game'
pkiyetl with colored cards, which be
was piling up Into stacks accomm
t.; their color, lie exidainel the pas
time to the young men, and then went
on with the game.
-IHd you ever play It?" sktsl Mr,
Rockefeller. 1
"A great many t!uMs. But piever
w ith -eoloml mnls. It is generally
nlaved with playing cards, aud it is
calicI solifalre."
Scditalrer repete.I the oil man.
"I never played with playing cards in
my life. You must le mistaken"
As the visitors left the car- they
Raw -the -multi-millionaire deeii lu his
game in aplte of thp waruing.
There's a little lwnd of slngi-rs
Every ev en lug conies and lingers
'Ncnlh the window of my, cottage In
! the trees. ; . ' . -And
with dark they raise their
i " voices; - -.
Whih the gathering night rejoices.
And the leaves Joiu lu the chorus with
The breeze. ' ;
Then the twinkling stars come out
i To enjoy the merry rout.
Aud the squirrels -range themselves
mon a log:
I And "the iirctlles furnish light,
i That they read their notes -artjiht
The katydid, the crUket and the frog.
. All the night I hear them singing;
1 Through my head their tunes are
rimring -
Straitjs of music straight from Moth
er Nature's heart; vj
Now the katydid ami cricket.
T From the dH'p of yonder thirket.
Then the croaking frog off yonder
j drones his part,
i By and by the moon a pi tears, .
! As the midnight hour , nears.
And flwr smiles dispel the low'ring
' mist and fog;
I Then the inirlh Is at lis height.
And Jhey' gloriry the nljslit
The katydid, the cricket ami the frog.
Atlanta Constitution.
A hound was Itoiight In Missouri
and shlpis'd In a closed express car
to n ranch in Kansas. In a day or
two It was missing. Investigation
proved "that It had gone back to Its
Missouri home. over-M.dlstnnce of .MM
miles, on a road entirely uuknown to
the dog.
I11 England tbe'numlter of women
returning themselves as .2ti to 2o years
of age is always greater 'thaji . the
nuiiilsr of girls reimiied at the pit?
ceding census from lo to, l.i years old.
And yet. pople can't be Istrn 2
years old. Boston Journal.
Working Night and Day
Tlie busiest and mightiest little thing
th at ever was made is Dr. King's New
Lite Pills. I'.veTy pill is a sujjar-coat-ed
globule of health, that chanes weak
ness into strength,- listle.snes into en
ergy, brain-tfag into menial power.
They're -'wonderful in Imildjng up the
iirahh. Onlv 2c per box. Sold by
DR. STONE, druggist.
CATIONS. Military engineers are agreed that
no material for fort I Heat Ions Is su
perior. to oarlh. . .
The proosod. transpacific cable hn
idliiiulaled Interest In anolher project,
omv seriously considered and aban
doned becnuw the time was not rlt
for It. that, of biiiMiiiir a -able line
a lout the Alaskan const, thence loop
ing It In rhort lengths along the sfep-ping-ftone
Islands of fhe Aleutian
group, and over tlw Kurlle Islaml.4 to
the' Jannese archiis-lairo. -This would
give a transpacifle route that might
licjs' to do a reiniinerallve business at
Its Various stations. No stretch on
this line would be more than STdt
miles long, nor would any cnbV be
laid In more than l.roo fathoms of
water. . Its extreme northern point
would 1m lu the latitude of Alsrdeeii.
Scotland. .The only lje-tioii that
i-nii ln iirKl 'nearnst sn-Ii n rfiute Is
flint 4F dms' iiot fake In Hawaii and
fJiiam.' It Is to is hopeil thai fhe
itiussioii of tlie mailer which is now
lsing . warmly carried 011 f will result
in the layihsr of the iiorthfru cnblf nt
onee. It Is tirgctifly neele3l. and from
firesent Jndh-a lions a remunerative
businesM awn its It. .
ElfH-frle fire engins for New York
have been suggested. On a truck of
the weight. of the ordinary steam en
gine con Id In placed a Mwerful pump
with -an electric motor to drive It.
capable of throwing several timer. th
volume of waler furnlsbed by the
steam engine. The larger 'parts 'of
Itoth Manhatfan and Bnstklyn are so
wituated that no building hi them is
more than two or thm hundred ynrd-
from a trolley line, at any Kilnt of
whh-h one or fwo hundre1 horse pow
er of current Is Instantly available. A
-olI of cable would complete the mi
chlit.. Artivisl at the fire this cable
would !e aftached to fho nearest trol
ley line overhead or underground
or to the conductor of the eleraicd
railway, and Instantly a ower equal,
to Hist of many engines would lw
available. The suggestion Is so sim
ple (hat It might at least have ft trial.
Miss Issle Burton. u assistant at
the St., Elmo Jtestaurant. has gone to
Scotts Mills for a well-earned outing.
'visit DR. JORDAN'S crcatI
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