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VOL. 49. NO. 24.
i i i nr.
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King Humbert ol Italy
Is Assassinated.
Murderer ... f Came From
New j Jersey.
The Monarch Expired In a Few Vln
utea After the Death-Wonad
' Wm Inflicted oe Him.
MONZA. Italy.' July 30. King Hum
bert ha Iieen assassinated. He was
phot here last evening at 10:45 by a
man named Angelo Bressi, and died
at 11:30. ; . 1 !
The King had! been attending a dis
tribution ofjprlzes in connection Will
a gymnastic cbmietitioM atout 10
o'clock. He bad just entered his car
riage with hi aidile-camp. amid the
cheers, of the- crowd, when he was
struck by three; revolver shots fired In
quick succession. One pierced the
heart of HIm Majesty, who fell back
-and expired In .a few minutes.
The assassin was Immediately ar
rested and was with Home difficulty
saved front fbe fury of the iMipulace.
lie gave his name as Angelo Bressi,
describing himself as of Prato, In
Tuscany, lie cynically avowed his
guilt of the crime, i
that when Kiug Huuiliert was wound
ed he exclaimed: lt Is nothing.
The royal carriage covered the dis
tance between! the Gymnastic Society
clubhouse. where the crime was com
mitted, and the royal villa, at full
lecd niiiunng but three minutes.
The Kiug expired ou the way and.
although placed in ld, was dead
wheu the doctors arrived.
Bressi is young, tall and swarthy.
When Queen Margherita arrived at
the villa it was still hofied that th
King would survive. and wlien tho
truth was broken to tier, a uearireuo
Ing scene ensued. ;..;
New York. July 30. Angelo Bressi
lived In I'atrson. X. J.. for over a
year. He . a p ten red to lave hail var
ious names, tlie one he gave last night,
when taken Into custody for the mur
der of- the King of Italy, was one:
another was Angelus Bressi. and still
another, one by .which he was known
hi in In Paterson.
was Caetam! Bressi. He was em
ploved In Hamil & Booth's sdk mills.
His close friend them was Carilioiil
Sperandio. a man who a few weeks
ajro. shot down his foreman and then
killed himself, leaving liehind a let
ter telling how he had been selected
by hit to kill King Humbert, and hav
ing by choice, owing to his living so
far away from Italy, killed the fore
....... in 1 a few months ago a
rsu r-id to Im? Count Molebkl. head of
the Italian anarchists, was in - Pater-
son and durlag his stay Siieratmio ami
Kkhi vr his com oan ions, and they
showed bin about the city and intro
duced him toothers In the city who
were his mentors there. It would
seem that bis friend Bressi took up
his burden when peramno reiusi .
and went across the ocean to carry out
...... t r mluirt lw killel.
u....i ninniil the emlMOV Of liainll
. nt. iv.t,.lr 8. JJo worketl
steadily through to May 4. lpott. On
tliat day he left the mill and wastu
Patcrson. but sekiem ai'ri.
May 22d. last he sailed for Kurone.
I'aterson has long been a hotbed ol
anarchists. Men here, who were am
- iltar more or less with the wkbgs
of the organization, say that for years
Palerson. has contained more of he
s.Hletr thau any other city. .will the
possible except ion. of Chicago.
..;. iinl..iurt was Till rears of age.
At an early age he obtained aa ; n-
ih t into poiuicai and military life
nder the guidance of his father. The
youthrul ueir 10 we- imwiw V , -
lv Cimnecte.1 with the .tnoreuientj'or
the unifCHjUku of Italy which follow
ed the events of ISTsk He took an ac
.tlve iart la the war between rsaia
Anetrh iii 1S0S be married at
rrincess Marguerite,
daughter of the Lite Duke Fentinaml.
of tieiloa. He MuceeiU-il to tlte throne
on the death or, tus latuer tu iai
Secretary of State Caleb Powers took
tiio atm'd in his own behalf today.
but did not complete his testimony on
.nr-r Trtinluation. He will be on the
stand-all day tomorrow. His defense
Is an admission that he organized the
lsIy of mountaineers who went to
raiikiort on everal ; occasions last
winter, for influence with the State
Contest Board and the legislature,
but not to intimidate theui. He en
tered a denial of the damaging charg
esagain him by Witnesses Culton.
tjolden. Noakes and others.
Oa the Mand this afternoon he de
nied that Youtsey had keys to his of
fice on the day of the assassination,
but aid there were two kevs t. hi
office on the day of the assassination,
one of which was in Possession of
former Secretary of State Havidsnn
and another in the iossession of Ben
Itowe. Governor Taylor's colored por
ter. Powers said that neither of these
keys was ever in bis possession and
that he had bis own keV in his iwx-k-
et in IotiisvIIIe on the day of the as-
sassiuauon. ltavldsun Is In the far
West, supposed fo l in the state of
Washington, and Rowe. the colored
porter, is somewhere in Indiana, prob
ably at Anderson. ,
is it right
For An Editor to Recommend Patent
Medicines? .
From Sylvan Valley News, Brevrad,
N. C.
It may be a question whether the ed
itor of a newspaper has the right to
publicly recommend any f the various
proprietary medicines which flood the
market, yet as a preventive of suffer
ing we feel it a luty to say a good
word for Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera
and Diarrhoea Itemedy. We:4 have
known and used this medicine in our
family for twenty years and have al
ways found Jt reliable. In many cases
a dose of this remedy would save hours
of suffering while a physician U await
ed. We do not believe in depending
lmpuc-iiiy on any medicine for a cure,
but we do believe that if a bottle of
Chamberlain' Diarrhoea Itemedy were
Kept on hand and administered at the
inception of an attack much suffering
might be avoided and In very tnajjy
cases the presence of a physician
would not be required. At least this
has been our experience during the
past twenty years. For sale by F. G.
Haas, Salem, Oregon.
Conditions on the Gold Beach Are
Frightful Difficult ies in the Way
of Authorities.
WASHINGTON. July 30. The ofH-
cial reports of Captain Tuftle. of the
revenue cutter Bear, dated July tlth,
at Nome City, Alaska, and of, Captaiu
Robert, of the revenue cutter ? Man
ning, dated July 14th. at Dutch Har
bor, have been received at the Treas
ury Department. Captain Tuttle re
Iiorts an epidemic of measles and
pneumonia at Sineoek. Port Clarence,
Cape York ami Cape Prince of Wales.
In concluding Captain Tuttle ays:
"The situation along the whole-coasf
I regard as very serious. It Is esti
mated that at present there are. with
in a radius of ten miles, li'i.OiMl eople.
Most of them are living lit tents.
either on the beach or the tundra.
The.saultary condition of a portion of
the city where the huts have oeen
erected Is simply frightful. Typhoid
fever Is raging, ami smallpox are
steadily gainiug. All possible efforts
are being made to stamp out the
smallpox. but with so many thousands
of tents, scattered over mil of ter-
rltorv. It is impossible for the health
authorities to keep track of all cases.
As nearly as can be traced the disease
Was Introduced from the steamer Ore-
gon. I 1 ;
We give no rewards. An offer of this
kind Is the ineauest of deceptions.
Test the curative powers or fjy s
Cream l'.ahu for the cure of Catarrh.
Hay Fever and Cold In the Head ami
you are sure ; to continue the treat
ment. Keller is imraeuiaie anu a curt
folio ws. It Is not drying., does not
produce sneezing. It . soirthes aud
heals the membrane. Prhe "0 cents
at druzarlsts or by mall. Ely Broth
ers. 5t Warren Street. New York.
Senator Wellington, of Maryland, Has
His Back Up.
. CnmWrland. Md.. July 30. George
I Wellington. United States Senator,
i... . .iflnlt(4v announced his determin
ation to oppose the re-election of
President McKlnley. but has not mad.
up his mind in what manner he wjll
do It. In discussing bis position. Sen
ator Wellington said today: ;
"I am unalterably and forever op
posed to Imperialism, which 1 shall
!rht with all mr power. I am op
posed to' President McKlnley because
he has deceived In National affair,
notand I shall oppose his re-election.
t ..T. nnt nnwnrenarea to state wnai
part I shall take in the campaign, but
I wlli attenu. iossaui-.
ntrtr (VMiirress at Indianapolis. I
do not know whether I will snpport
Rrvsn or not. There are some iniugs
about him that I do not approve.
nnubllcan Primaries in Seattle Are
' CUlSCiy lUUirsiru.
stitle. Wash.. July SX The Repub
lican primaries, held in this county
tiuitr were tne rooi unicri rouirw
el In the history of local politics, the
contest being between Senator!. M.
Frlnk and Mayor 1 nomas j. nuiurs
rr endorsement for the gubernatorial
,inoiiAn Frink carried the city by
- mll nlnrality. and it Is ciainwMi
flllll 1UI B,ra- .
that he will comro me wuu ; in
... i . . . MA
vention. Theitumes iiir iw.iu
their strengtn ues in lufi-uuuuj,
that result is yei ia uou.
The Enlovable Occasion" Participated
i i,e the Children and -Grand
children of the Happy Couple.
The golden wedding of Mr. Chris
topher CL Patrick and Harriet Ann
Savage was celebrated at their resi
dence In the Spring Valley near Zena.
I'OiK county. Oregon, last Saturday.
and was the occasion of one of the
pleasantest gatherings In the meofory
of the numerous friends fortunate
enough to participate. "
Mr Patrick is a. native of Xew York,
born July US, 18255. He removed to
Michigan in 184!i. , Mrs. PatrU-k was
born In Ohio Xovember 27, 1831. com
ing to Michigan, when six years of
age. They both descended from
Seeh-Irlsb ancestry, which has con
tributed so large a share to the social
fabric during the formative stages of
the National life of the United States.
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick were married
In Michigan, where they made their
home till removing to Oregon in 1SSI.
Mr. Patrick served two years In the
Fourteenth Michigan battery during
the Civil War and Mrs. .Patrick had
four'brothers in the Union army, one
of whom was killed during one of
Morgan's raids.
Of the large family of fourteen chil
dren, six. are still living, Mrs. I .aura
Griswold. of this city; Mrs. - Kate
Coyle. Mrs. Edith Blxby, William.
Albert M., and Mrs. Hattie Gibson.
All were present at the golden wed
ding except Mrs. Bixby. Of the twenty-six
grand children, fourteen were
present among them Misses Cora, Neva
and : Maud Griswold. of Salem; and
Miss Jennie Coy le. There are seven
great graudchildren. " -
The golden wedding celebrated was
Indeed a bajmy occasion. An arlwr of
tlr botiglis shaded the dinner table
from the too direct rays of the noon
day sun. The repast was bountifully
provided by the children and partaken
of by with stest and heartiest! eujoy-
nient by more than sixty guests.
Don't borrow toolis froul private li
Don't lend books. No one will treat
your books as you yourself do if you
love tbem.
"Don't leave a book "face down," 1.
, open.-- .
Don't shut a !xofc up with anything
bigger tlian a narrow riblon In it.
Don't turn dmvn comei-s.
Don't mark a book la any way un
less It's your own.
Don t scorn cheap tkioks if you cau
not afford better publications.
Ikm't buy cheap books if you can
fford better ones.
Don't keep books on open shelves if
you can avoid it.
Don t forget that l4okcases with
dust-proof glass doors are lest.
Don t forget that good Isjoks are
the lest company In the world If read
understaudlngly and appreciatively.
Kansas City Times. . .1 -
Red Hot From the Gun
Was the ball that hit (. B. SteaJman
ol Newark, Mich., in the Civil War.
t caused horrible Ulcers that no treat
ment helped lor so years. Then Bu:k-
ens Arnica Jaive cured him. Cures
Cuts.. Bruise.. Burn. Boils. Felons,
Corns, Skin Eruptions. 'Best Pile cure
on earth. 25 cts. a box. Cure guaran
teed Sold by S. C. STONE, drug
gist' - -."' '-' : - i-
rranlMt portbtud l'opl Crs Cliunry
for th Cooleid Marlr r - Sm ,
Judges lr
Gov. T. T. fiwr yesterday received a
nnewnl of the application for the par-
don of George Morey, convicted in!T)e,ior fuit-es of Iioxeis oil the way
ortlaud. of the murder of Gns. Barry !
oil January 14, 1SSKJ, aud seoteiicetl to
..... . nr ti. ...n is
HIT I Uiit IJio " ----- 7
said to be a model prisoner and
mother Ls seriously 111. and anxious to
see him. ..The petition, while giving
few good reasons why clemeticf
should lie shown. Is tjie strongest that
has been presented In many years. Ie
Ing signed and endorsed by a number
f Influential wen. many of bom are
eminent as attorneys aud some now
serving on the circuit bench. Among
hose signing or endorsing the peti
tion are the following: ,
Municipal Judge Frank Hennessi-y,
Judge M. it. Muuley, K. v. Kiiwanis,
Frank McDermott. Juuge nenry. r4.
McGinn, Judge John B. Cleland, Judge
A. F. Sears J-r, K. L. Cotweiu jaeou
Mayer. Herman Baumhare. Judge T.
C. Moreland. B. E. Habersham, J. S.
Seeii. J. P. O. Lownsdale. Edgar t oi
pleton. B. P. Card well. E. T. John
son. H. B. Brophy. R. A. Habersham,
Sheriff W. Fratler. John O. uaiey.
Wm. II. Barnhart. Au. C Kinney,
stdner Smith. J. C Carson. Senator
J. K. llaseltine. S. C. Spencer, Q. Voos.
Juror; H. II. Newuall. juror; jouu
Chauncey, Juror; II. W. Seott, It. I.
A tetition was also received for the
pardon of John Lavecy. wll w
rirtmi .-in iiarney couui j u
18fi. of the crime of assault with a
deadly weapon, and was sent to fhe
penitentiary Tor iff) years. iur -r-titlon
Is signed by 4oO of the best cltl
na r tinmpv conntv. a moil g them
being ten of the trial Jurors, and the
prosecuting witness, ixu u. -e u
dress, and It Is endorsed by the dis
trict attorney. The reason why clem
slionld be exerclsetl In bis case
as given by the petitioners. Is that no
barm resulted rrom tne auegeu t-riiue,
and that his mother, aged 8S years,
who Is now lying dangerously til with
a broken limb. Is grieving for her son
and anxious to see him once more.
London, Jnly 3X The House of
Commons today granted the Chancel
lor of the Exchequer power to borrow
British Minister Semis
News From Pekiu.
Surrounded by Chinese
; Troops.
The Legations (Jlosfcly Gaarded - Manj
Hare Been Killed Hope of
an Karly Eeseae.
LONDON. July 31. Sir Claude Mac-
Donald's welcome dispatch, dated Pe-
kin.Mnly.i1st. aud received la cipher.
Is accepted ou all sides aa dispelling
the doobts that might still have ex
istence regarding the genulneues,s of
tlw dispatch- Owing to an error In
transmission the message fails to show
the uumlter of wounded. David Oli-
phaut and Warren, two student Inter
preters,' were wounded. The rest of
the legation are well.
London. July 31. (Tuesday, l.-tCi a.
m.) The admiralty has made public
the following dispatch from Rear Ad
miral Bruce, at TIeu Tslo:
"Following message Is from Pekln:
" 'Brjjtishi legation, Pekln, June 2th
poJuly' 10th, repeatedly attacked by
Chluesey, troops ou all sides. uotn
ritie and artillery fire. Since July 10th
an sirmlstice, but the cordon Is strict
ly drawn on both sides of the posi
tion. Chinese barricades close to ours.
All Women and children in the Brit
ish , legation. The casualties to date
are :sxty-two killed. Including Cap
taiu Stronts. ; A nuluber wounded in
hospital. Including I Captain Halllday.'
Rest of legation a H well, except Da
vid OHphaut and Warren, killed July
21st. MacDoualdT
Washington. July 30.-fNow that the
London foreign otlHe has heard from
Slr Claude .Ma cDoua Id, the otBclals
here contideutly expect that within a
very short time .something will coutti
from Minister Conger, if he be still
alive. .- "1 ;
; Washlfigton ' July . The effect of
tlfci lays-uews from China was to
freshen the hope that the Government
can soon get in direct communication
with Minister Conger. The mass of
testimony! as to his being alive as .late
as the 'SA lust.. Is now so great as to
warrant the State lepartmfnt in re
Suming projects fur t tie future. With
all Its anxiety to get Mr. Conger aud
the Aiucri-aus! In J'eklu s:;fely away,
the Ih tuiciit Is proce-ding with
pioiHr piHautiou. and Is by no means
disMscd j to accept any proposition
that rvvoohl unduly Jeopjirdize their
lives.;- Such might be the result of
the offhand acceptam-e tit the proio
sitlon to have the Chinese Govern
ment deliver the foreign Ministers at
i 'Int.. t L.1 I t . 0. S .tin. . 1.
. 111(IWl.Hj i,v su-
to the sea. 'I lie State Department
j has come to the conclusion that Mr.
Conger himself Is the best person t
Judge of the conditions under which
bis delivt-rance shall le etlected and.
therefore. It Is agalu looking to the
1'P'uese ; Government to place It In
coimnunhatiou with Mr. Conger, Itf"
ortler tliat It may te advised by him.
That reulretiHut was the first of the
conditions : laid down by President
McKlnley, in ids answer to the appeal
of ; the Chinese emperor, so that the
situation - diplomatically cannot be
said to .have Heu materially changed
by the developments of today.
The State Department was Inclined
to regard Consul Fowlers communt-
cation a the most valuable piece of
confirmatory evidence yet i received
touching the safety of the Pekln dip
lomats, i
Washlnirton. July 30. The Secre
tarr of State received at midnight
a telecram from Mr. Fowler, Ameri
can consul at Che Foo, dated July 2D,
noon. Mr. Fowler sars:
"A letter from the German legation
dated 21st inst- received at Tien Tsin
says the German loss Is ten killed
ami twelve Injured. Chinese ceased
their attack on the 12th. - Baron von
Ketteler's body said to be safe. The
Austrian. Dutch and Spanish legations
destrored and the French partially.
A letter from the Japanese lega
tion, dated the 22d. arrived at Tien
Tsin on the 2Tth. Ten tiattalions of
Chinese shelled the legations conse
cutively from the 20tb ot June and
stopped on the 17th of July, but may
renew. . The enemy are decreasing.
The German, - Russian. ; American,
British and hair the Japanese ana
French legations still defended. ; The
Japanese say they have food for six
days, but little ammunition. The em
peror1 ami empress are reported at
St. Petersburg, July 30. The Rus
sian general staff has ; received dis
patches from various corn maimers, id
dicating a serious state of : affairs
thronghotlt Manchuria. The revolt In
the neighlrhood of Mukden and the
district northward has assumed such
proportions that the Russian column
had been compelled . to retreat from
Mukdeu southward. Fighting .contiu-uou.-dy.
the ; nUuiuu with dittk-ulty
reached the station at ,AJasaudxian.
Whr-te on July 8th t was surrounded
by Chinese troops. Reinforcements
wece seut and a withdrawal of the
column was effected to . Daschlzao,
with forty-eight casualties, killed,
wounded and luis&ing. ,
Will Hasten to the Relief of General
r a 1 ' .1
:. taueu-t oweu.
Indon. . July '.-ft. The Moruihg
leader assorts that Lord Kitcheuer
has lieeu, dispatched from Pretoria
to Krugemhtrp, to organize, a column
to relieve General Badcu-Powell. now
lesiegel by (Jfiwral lelarey at Rust
enburg, In Western Transvaal.
i New York, July SO. J. J. Corbet t ami
Kid McCoy have been matched to
Hsht twenty-five roxmds liefui"e the
Twentieth Century Club. In Madison
Spiare Garden, the' last week in Aug
Washington. July t The President
has tendered the apiointmeut of Am
bassador of Italy to former Governor"
Roger Wolcott,. of Massachusetts.
? Havana. July Ho. Estes G. Rafh
lione, formerly director of tost, now
under arrest on a charge of fraud,
furnished ball this evening. ,
New York, ''"July 30. McFaddeu wasjoughly human way: "If It had lieeu
declare! the wluuer over O'Brien in
the thirteenth round.
The British Soldier.
It is wild that the British sohU r
wears such light clothing that his in
ternal organs are often seriously In
jured. Then when on the march his
chest Is compressed by the weight of
his knapsack, canteen, greatcoat and
heavy cartridge belt. Usually tne
stomach Is the first organ to suffer
from over-taxing of any nature. Over
work, abuse, neglect or lmproier food.'
is lsHiud to prodiK'e dystiepsia and ills
attendant evils. For any disorder of
the digestive organs Hosteller's Spin
ach Bitters should lie taken. This fa
mous 'medicine will cure all ailments
of the. stomach.- Try It for constipa
tion, indigestion, flatulency, dyspepsia,
nervousness or insomnia. ; It makes
the weak , strong, and an occasional
dose will keep the Ik) Wei regular, t
Mount, of Silverton. remrta that Two
of the best fields of wheat in that lo
cality were threshed last week, aad
yielded but from 4 to ! bushels ier
acre. He prcdlcts that oats in the Sil
rertou nelghlMrhoMl will not average
more than 15 or 'Jt) bushels per acre.
The following crop Items are taken
from the Eugene Ouard of last Satur
day: "The threshing crews which
started yesterday In the western part
of the county are having a hard time
of it, and cannot thresh enough at the
usual price ier bushel to pay oiierat,
Ing expenses. In fact they have giyeu
tin the task., so It Is reorteu . . , . . .
Thirty-five acres of summer-fallowed
wheat was threshed on the .Mai new
Wallis place, west of Eugene, yester
day. It averaged f bushels, machine
measure; 'M acres 01 oau niaue n hush-
Is per acre.
sup, hK-ai represenraiive ior uurw
Bros., the California hop growers ami
uyers. returned last eveuing from, a
usluevs trip to isiiuts in iiuamooK
county for the purjH.se of engaging
pickers to harvest his firm's extensive
field In Marlon ami 1'oik -county,
Horst Bros, will pay 4 cents er Imix
for picking again this year and Mr.
Jessup reiHirts pickers plentiful at that
price, but he espcts bands will lie
scarce before the crop uas ieeu nar-
Brave Men Fall
Victims to stomach. liver and, kid
ney troubles as well as women, and all
kel the results in loss ot appetite, pois-
. a I t
on in the iiiooo. uacKacne. nervous
ness, headache and tired, littlesi, run
down feeling. , But there's no need to
feel like that. Listen to J. W. tiani-
ner, Idaville. inA He say: "tlec-
tr c Bitters are tost the thing tor a man
when be is all run down, and don't care
Whether he .lives or dies. . It did more
to give me new strength and good .ap
petite than anything I could take.
can now eat anything and have a new
lae on life. Only 50 cents, at Dr.
STONES drug stores, tvery bottle
IS IMPROVING. Wm. England,
who has been undergoing treatment
at the Salem hospital. Is getting along
nicety, and Is In a fair way to early
recovery. Early yesterday morning
he left hi room, being very restless.
and proceeded to the front porch of
the building, where be met the bouse
physician, who,, finding the patient
suffering from the cool night air;
quickly returned him to his quarters.
We Lave sold many different conga
remedies, but none has given better
satisfaction than a'iamberialn'it.' aay
Mr. Char le Holzbauer, druggist, Ne
wark, N. J. "It Is fierfectly saf and
can lie relied upon in all cases of
coughs, cold - oe hoarseness. Sold
F. G. Haas. Salem. Oregon,
m ixouji school utvicr.
II. Cax Offered the Position of
Superintendent at the Pierre,
S. !., InstHutiou.
W. II. Cox. who came here from
Rosebud, South Dakota, last fall, at
the time of' the serious illness of his
brother-in-law. P. G. Maxon. since de
ceased, returned front a visit to New
port yesterday, after spending several
days on the beach. Mr. and Mrs. Cox
were for many years lu the Indian
servb-e. Mr. Coxhavlug held the ssl
tiou of Superintendent of a ho1uh1 in
Oklahoma for six years, and later held
a similar iKisitiou at the Kosebud
Agency South Dakota, Mrs. .Cox rill
ing the position of teacher. They re
signed ' their charges last year, to
hasten to the bedside of Mr. Maxon,
wheu that gentleman lecame. ill in
this city. Itst week Mr. Cox receiv
ed a telegram from the Indian Bureau,
tenderlug him the-positlou-of suiwriu
teudent of the Indian School at Pierre.
South Dakota, at ; a salary of l.srt
sir year, and be accepted the place
by wire, aud will soon return to the
work, as he Is now awaiting orders.
T. II. Jacksou, of this city, was re
cently apiolnted carjtenter at the. Sa
lem Indian Trsiuing School, having
luissed the civil service .examination
for the place. Mr. Jackson is now at
work there, aud Mrs. Jackson Is mak
ing preparations to remove- to the
school, where she will join her hus
baud. ' '
Pritish Hospital Shh to Iok After
Ninth Iufantry Sufferers.
London. July 2S. The .hospital ship
Maine connnltti-e has recelveti a do
iiation of fTsMi from Mrs. .Alfred Corn
ing Clark, of New York, with the re
quest that It' lie 1 used for the relief of
the Ninth Uulted States infantry sick
and wounded lu China.
NAL, - i :
It is rHordeil that Pope Gregory
XVL offerel his snuffbox to a canll
nal. who declined It, saying. i"NH
jour holiness, I have not that vice," '
to which the pope replied In .a -t hoc-
a vice you would have had It."
Property Is Vslavd mt 7.SOO mmd Is J
qiiMlhfd to th If Bttr of tfa V
TMtator'a Fsnally.
The will of George Weller, deceased,
was yesterday admitted to probate by
County Judge John H. Seott, upon pe
tition of Charles .'Treller, one of the
heirs of the deceased. George Weller
died in Salem. January 11. .1; S! tit, aged
S3 years, lea V lug an estate valued at
$"", which he disjoined of by a will
tlated Novemlier 2, 1S1I5. wltiM'sscd by
Seth R. Hammer and Wm. Holcomb,
both of whom are now deceased. The
heirs to the estate are: - "j
Llinira P. Wellec widow, aged 77
years. Salem. f
Mrs. "Mary-E. Pat ton, daughter, W,
Salem. , .. .- '! . -, h -
Rose Chamberlln, daughter, 45, 8a-
cm. -
Charles S. AVeller, win. 42. Salem.
Edward Weller, son. 3J, Salem.
Eluia Weller, daughter, 31, Saletib
The court appeiuted the petitioner,
!liarles S. Weller, as eiceotor, ho te
ng named as such In the will, to scrva
without lsiuds, and. ordered that let-
ers testamentary Is lssueil to him.
The malii provisions of the Mill are
as follows: j
"First I direct that all my debts !
IKiid. . ' .
Secoiiil, I give and lM'nucatli b my
wife. Elmira F. Weller, one-fourth of
all my projierty, lsth real and person
al, that I may own and possess at my
"Third To my live children. Mrs.
Mary A. E. Pat ton. Mrs. Rose Cham
beilin. tMi.irleg H. Weller. Ddward Vel
ler and Lima Weller, I give and be-
iiuatli all the rest, residue and re
mainder of my tmiperty, loth real and
persona H share "and share alike!
'Fourth I hereby appoint Gharlt;
S. Weller executor of this, my last
will and testament ami direct that he
shall not be required, to give bonds."
Other orders made by the court lu
the matter of probate paiK-rs filed,
were: :
Upon the petition of Lydcll Baker,
administrator of the estate of Jose
phine Sullivan. deceased.Xoiiuly tHerk
W. W. Hall was ordered to pay to the
Mlltiouer 111.11. the amount of Jose
phine Sullivan iHH'tlon of the estate
of Mair Ann Evert, now in the hands
or the clerk.
N. V. Cook, S."H. Russell and James
Walker, appraisers of the estate of II.
D. Osterhoiidt. deceased, filed their
rejiort. showing the1 estate to; consist
of real and s'rinal property! valued
at fCt73.LtS. 11 J. Famham is the ad
ministrator of the estate. .
1 ltl I21J a Han Aiwm Bcul
Herbert Spencer, now tut years IJ,
is a sad sufferer from -insomnia and
resorts to all sorts of devices, in order
to obtain the amount if sleep that Is
obsolntely necessary. On a recent
night Journey to Scotland he bandaged
his eyes and stuffed his ears" with cot
ton, much to the astonishment of a
traveling companion, who was una
ware of bis affliction, but he failed to
find slumber.
Speaking generally, all the meat In
tended for extort undergoes five "sep
arate Inspections, four of them being
nnder direct government supervision,
and all meat Intended for home con
sumption undergoes at least three
Inspection. The Inspecting, begins at
the time of the sale of the swine or
cattle. .
Fine Job printing, Statesman OfJce.