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One of the Most Prominent Jurists of
Oregon Served Eighteeu Yearn
on the Beuch.
PORTLAND. July 2d. Judge-Era -niis
D. Shall tick, one of the 1est
Jnown juri.st.s of Oregon, died today,
aged 7t. lie .canto, to Orcgou iu l-So3,
from Vermont.
For three successive- terms, covering
eighfeeti years, he was elected state
circuit judge without . opposition.
Till: SOAP WORKS. Thef attach-,
im jit of tho Capital City Soap Works
was mads in favor of Mrs. Frederick
Muths, the mother of one of the pro
prietors. Clias. X.' Muths. She became
alarmed oil account of the reported
neglect )tf business oi fitts outer pari
ner. It Is to be hoissl that the busl
ui'nifi inay'lw adjusted and the factory
go on With. Its business sooit: Mr.
Muths hopes to le aide to accomplish
this very noon. He has always enjoy
ed a iTputatlou for fair and honest
'dealing, ami lie hoi.M?H to deserve such
a reputation here in Salem.
hates Ann increasing.-p ie
St. Olniey, .manager of .district 1, of
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Mrs. Flovrcr, the hair
drcssrj rilill at our store
for a special sale to
the Board of Fire Underwriters of the
Pacilie coast. was in the city yester
day. He reports that the insurance
companies hi tl Fast are raising 'the
rate on certain classes of ; proerty,
especially ou manufactures, for the
reason that alt; the companies, except
four, in the United States lost money
last year, t ltd no foreign companies,
operating lit; tin- United States made
a profit during ISyn. . I ;
GONE. Tt ; WA S 1 1 1 N GTO X . G enrge
G. Shirley and family have ftiiiic to
Pullman. Washington, where they will
hereafter reside. He shipped his mt
soitnl effects from this c ity yesterday,
having taken a car for his jroods. In
addition to Ids household - jroods '.the
car contained three tine Jersey nnvn,
two full-blooded' registered Jersey
Imll i-nlvi's' hint Hnvwiil illiT Vlllll:lll
auimaK Mr. Shirley owns a line largo'
i i . . . . ia..ii..... . .-1 i
wncai i.irm ; near i uitiiiaii, wiit-n.- in
will, hereafter, make hi lioiue.'
Mission. I'ottotn, brouscht a sample, of
his Crawfonl ioches to the States
man oliice yesterday. The one lrotigiit
njeastired nine inches in circumference
ami had it been left on the tree' until
i fully tna lured it would have pushed
! I lie world's record of thirteen inches
I pretty close. Mr. Jones will have a
! goodVrop of peaches this season.
Xew York. July 2t. Charles II. Hoyt
! the playwright a ud theatrical manager.
has lnn adjnugea iusitne ai naruoru.
t'oiin., and taken to, a retreat there.
Ills condition Is critical.
Second Atlantic Cable Was laid 34 Years
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faith of the Powers In Pekln Gov
ernment's Honesty
Admiral Kexnpff Reports to the Kary
Department Ills Seasons fur
flla Aetiona at Takn.-
WASHINGTON, July 2d. There
were no developments today lo war
rant the assumption that there was the
slightest improvement lu the Chinese
situation. Indeed, the general tenor
of such new as found the light, wan
to add to the steady growing doubt as
to the good faith of the Chinese Gov
ernment, as manifested in its acts.
Admiral KenipfTs letter, given publici
ty ; by the Navy Department today,
made the direct statement that the Im
perial authorities were in sympathy
with the'Hoxers, though he added that
the Government was afterwards para
lyzed and Incapable of controlling the
situation. This was the first official
declaration to reach our I Jovernuieut
contradictory of- the Chinese represent
ations that the Imperial Government
had steadfastly and front the first op
posed the Boxers movement and our
Government is Itouml to accept the
wurf of Its own officer until that Is
overcome by irrefutable evideuc.
The exchanges that are in -itonstant
jrogr-ss lH-twe-n the Poweits irv tend
ing more and more to cast a suspicion
upon the genuineness of many com
tmiuicatioiis that have came from Pe
kin through Chinese Governmental
sources. If it' should le finally estab-'
Jlshed that there has lKen aa attempt
on their part to practice a gigantic
fraud uiKin the world, that fact may
call for a change of attitude on the
part of the United States Government
toward China, This would not affect
that military policy already under way
but merely the 'technical relations be
ttveen the two Joverninents which
probably would closely approximate a
st p of formal war. .
Washington, July -H!. The Xavy Ie
pa i t meat lias made public the follow
ing additional chapter in Admiral
Kempfl's reiMu t:
, "Taku, June Referring to' my rt-cH-iit
actions in declining to lake part
in Jhe taking of the Tskn forts, and in
afterward making common cause wU4i
tlie foreign fotces iu the protection of
foieimi life and proswrty, 1 v.onhl iii-siHH-tfti'iy
stale tliat the Chinese Gov
ernment is now paralyzed, and secret
edicts show that It is iu sympathy with
the Boxers.
"In the Ixnnbaiilmcnt of the forts
the Mouoeacy was fired uion and
struck, --without having recelvel pre
vious warning. :
"It Is necessary to join with. the oth
er foreign itower for a common din
fettse and preservation of J he foreign
people and the honor of our totintry.,;
! "I refused Id join In taking poss---siott
of the Imperial Chinese railway
stntiou, and also declined to join In
the demand .for, a temiorary occuiki
tion of the Taku' forts, for I thought it
Ago Today.
of Summer
1, for
Ribbons, Underwear,
S"e ottr 78-ceut
silks. l - !
would be against the policy and wish
es of our Government to Is entangled
with other foreign powers iu sndi a
step and. also because it endangered
the lives of the people In the Interior,
In advance of absolute necessity; for
np to the early morning of June 17th.
the Chinese Government had not com
mitted, so far as 1 am aware, acts of
open hostilities toward the foreign al
lied forces.:--' "' ."!-';;.
f In, my opinion,1 In firing without
warning, an act :of war was commit
ted. Uuder, these circumstances 1 re
garded the situation as one requiring
the protection of the National honor
and the preservation of our people, and
liaye acted accordingly."
I Lqmlon, July 27- All the Powers ap
pear to have received an Identical
appeal for mediation, but iu the ab
sence of definite news regarding the
fate of tlie Ministers, and of any reli
able indications of the real origin of
the appeal. It seems that-Lord: Siilis
bury cousldereil It was not even nec
essary to publish the fact that the ap
peal, had been received, or to do any
thing beyond formally acknowledging
It, with, perhaps, an intimation that
nothing could be done until the news
from Pekin had arrived.
It If could be ascertained beyond a
doubt that the reports of tlie massacre
at PekTn. were unfounded, and "there
is a disiositiou here to -beliere that
the Ministers may. after all. be held
as hostages. Lord Salisbury's jKillcy
would proliably t incline, more toward
tlie conciliation attributtnl to Waslilng:
ton. than to the revenge attributed to
Berlin. : But while there is no cessa
tion of the deluge, of rumors, it is
lieginnnlng to le liclieved at Shanghai,
Canton and other points, that the Vice
roys are as completely in the dark as
to the affairs in Pekin as the Euro
peans theraselves.
Meanwhile, the doings of LI Hung
Chang are regarded with. ever Increas
ing suspicion, while the situation In
the Southern provinces daily grows
worse. ' .; " '
With the; reiwrt that the allies will
begin to advance on Pekln fn a fort
night, and "in view of Admiral S'y
mour's visit of inspection - to" the
Ynngtse ICiang.' the feeling is that no
great time 'will flapso lief ore natters
assume a more detluite shaiie.
IxtMlon, July 20. The. Shanghai cor
respondent of the '-'Daily Telegraph
says: "LI 1 Hung Chang now state.
that some members of the legations
have already left Pekln, and may be
expected shortly."
Iondon. iJidy 2d. The Hong Kong
correspondent of tlie Ially Express
wrres as fliows;
"An Italian priest has just arrived
here from. Hen Sin Fu. Southern
I loan, where tlie Italian bishop and
three priests have lieeu massacred af
ter revolting tortures. This took place
on July . 4th. Six hundred converts
were massacred after tlie women bad
been subjected- to hideous brutalities.
The priest who escajd hid in a cotHn
on Irnard a river boat for se veuteen
A Company of Infantry 'Punished the
Miscreants by Killing Eighty
' nine of Them.
MANILA; July 2(1. At Oroquieta, In
XortlMfu Mindanao: two soldiers en
tered a native store for the puriose.of
buying foVnl. While there oiie of them
was killed by ia bolo, and his head sev
ered from his lHdy. The other escaped
and gave the alarm. '
A conipaui' of the Fortieth Infantry
repaired V to : Oroquieta and killed
elghtr-uiue . natiws, thirty-eight of
them lieiug In a single house, i
Military Convicts at Alcatraz Who
i Are Deserving of Clemency.
Sani Francisco. July 2d. Under In
structions front the War Department,
General Signer has apoiiited a board
of officers which Is onlertnl to meet on
Alcatraz 'Island today to examine all
general prisoners in confinement at
tiiat station and submit recommenda
tion looking to the. release of such
prisoners as deserve -lemency. The
board is instructed to makeVaref nl In
quiry Into -the merits of each case, so
far as can lie done with the light of
theTe-ords on file. When jiossible the
statements will be taken of any wit
nesses, lw they prisoners or others
' -ocniMut of the facts.
Tins reiKrt 01 the imam is to ie ren
deretl as soon as jsjssible and In the
recoumiendatlons sjiecJal consideration
is to te -given to the conduct of prisotn
ers sifw-e utitiucnicut. and to cases of
rouns men i convict el of purely mili
tary i offensis. There are about . 5W
military prisoners on the Island, many
of them, it is said, having been con
victel of trivial offenses.
Chicago. I July 21. The f nneral of
Charles Newbery, a prominent real
estate dealer, over whose tKsly Ids
widow stooI guard with a revolver to
prevent the hokllng of an inquest, has
taken place. Mrs- Newbury was fin
allv'Drevailed uton to permit the In
quest. ' The coroner had stated be
would not allow the funeral to pro
ceed nnles be was first permitted to
determine the cause of the death of
Nowbnrr. whose iKsJr was found In
lb? bith tab at the family, residency
Motioar. i "' liv "-' ' --''"
The eoroner'a Inqust showed that
death wascausd by locomotor ataxia.
occurring while Newbury wa bath
log. - ; .- '--", - -; '---- : :'-
Two beads may lie'lw-tter than one
over an important newspaper article.
Mobs of Whites and Negroes De
fied. MI Law and Order.
To Sai press Diot'pj In the Bnsiuere
Portion of the Citj Trade of ;
the City Paralyzed. s
NEW ORLEANS, T., , July 21-In
the rioting last night and today one
negro was beaten to death, six were
so badly woundetl that their lives are
despaired of., and about a score of peo
ple, white and black, male and female,
have been more or less seriously
Disorderly acts, following the dis
turbances of last night, were commit
ted throughout "the city today, and re
sulted In the swearing in, bj- the may
or, of 500 special poliecuien, and the
ordering out of ot)0 state militia uiou
the orders of .Governor Heard, who re
sponded promptly to the appeal j of
Mayor CaiHleville for useistanee In sup
pressing 4tlic existing lawlessness, ami
In preventing "t he-recurrence of the jvl
olence of last night. I Hiring t he (ay
at tat ks have Ikmmi made by im'siMUisl
ble whites upon the black clement, and
tlie negroes, ls'fore nightfall, had Wrn
completely cTiased front tlie streets.
rhe effect of the: disorders has put a
practical stop to business In the whole
sale districts and on the river front.
and this means a serious crippling of
the trade of the port. The business
elements rallied in force and -hundreds
of white men responded to the appeal
of the mayor for assistance in preserv-
ng order. ,
The police have been practically
helpless throughout the disturbance.
But aside from this was the indigna
tion among jue members of the depart
nfeut over the killing of Captain Hay
and Patrolman Lamb by' a negro, Rob
ert Charles. !
Further, there Is a strong resentment
n the part of working people against
the steamship agents and contractors
because of the employment of nfgro
lalsir trf the exclusion of whiles! on
public works audon Ihc levee fronts.
New Orleans. July 'Jd. After Is-lng
in the hands of lawless mobs for sev
eral hours, with the isilice apparently
powerless to maintain order. New Or
leans, at tlaybrenk again assumed a
peaceful and orderly condition. : tlie
vloletn-e apparently finally ceased.;, I lie
disturbance occurred nlsmt 5 o clock.
when a white baker, h'w name Is
unknown, was shot In the leg, while
a crowd of rioters were chasing a; gang
of negroes.
The mayor and police are arranging
totlar to take precautions against
a recurrence of last night's scenes of
disorder. The mob was eomiosed of
bovs and hoodlums. 'and was without
a leader. The rioting grew out or the
Intense feeling engendered by tlie. mur
der of Captain Day and Patrolman
Iiinb and the wounding or omcer
Mom bv desoerado Charles.' The oc
currence of fast night are greatly de
plored by the liost elements of the
community. They represented. In no
sense, an uprising ot an ouirageu
community against wrong. One man
was killeil. thre others win di? and
15 were wounded. i
The dead: Unknown negro, clubbed
and shot to death.
Fatally injured: Louis Hughes, col
ontl. shot four times: Ilaptiste Fileau.
colored, ageil 75. stabbed; Oswald Mc-
Mahon, white, 10. shot: Frank Shep
herd, white, 42. shot; Alexander Rutr-
raan. Fullmnn car porter. . wiot; Joseph
Ieeds, white sliof. F. J. Davis, motor
man. shot: J. Clnny, conductor, clul-
leil: Joseph Iewls. i colore-l. ageti li,
dublied: korge Morris colonel, cut
and shot; Daniel White, colored shot;
Henry Daurin. white, shot; William
Armstrong, colore!, shot: unknown
baker, white, shot. j
A deleeatimi of citizens today went
to the city hall and the mayor,! either
to call ont a issse of citizens , or a
IsMtl to tlie Governor to order out the
militia. The mayor decidd to preimre
a proclamation calling foe 5fs"i volun
teer citizens to assist tue , iHiice m
preserving order. . ,
Wild report have reachel police
headquarters from various sections of
the city giving information of the
beating of negroes. Work on the levee
Where negro lalior is largely employed,
has lieen suspended. The big grocery
and produce houses are also practical
ly doing nothing, t wean we they cannot
get their negro drivers, to run meir
lives.' -
Leading Manufacturers Attempt to Se
cure a Temporary Shutdown.
New York. July 2). Discussing tbe
condition of the iron and steel Indus-
ttics at the meeting In Chicago today
tbe Iron Age, In Its weekly review
says that tlie gravity of the situation
Is Indicated by . the 'arrangements
which have te-o made for this confer
ence of the leading steel and IScssemer
ilg Iron Interests, which is to be held
in the office of the Federal Steel Com
lany, Chicago. .
The cstll Is signeil by E. II. Gary, of
the Federal Steel Company; t M.
Ki-hwab, of t lie Carjtegie tte-l Cotn
IKWiy. and Joseph trTltntler Jr., rtpre
seuting the ltossemer Furna-e Assih-I-atlon
aud states that at a former meet
ing of the presidents, of the leading
steel companies 1t was thought advis
able to call this, meeting to go over the
situation and see what tftruhl bo done
to Improve It. . ;
Tbe Iron Age says:
"The plan proposed Is to cut down
the prtHluctiouu as much as jHissible.
Every blast furnace controlled by
teese Interests Is to be closed under
acreemeut for one mouth, the Federal
Steel Coni'iauy, Carnegie Steel Com
pany and other large compauies agree
ins to do this if the others will. The
success of suck a plan will deiond up
on the" unanimity with which it is ac
cepted. The dissent of a single Import
ant luterest'would probably be fatal."
The Shrewd Chinese Plotter Takes Re
fuge in an Arsenal.
London, July iM. Telegrams from
ShRiighal report that Li Hung Chang
has taken up his alnsle at tlie arsenal,
as a men sun of precaution. It Is not
stated whether ho' feared.-'attack by
Chinese or attempts of tlie Fowers to
curtail his liberties. " Apparently the
foreign Consuls at Shanghai have In
formed the Viceroy that unless he ob
tained deilnite dispatches from l'ekin
within live days they would conclude
the Ministers -had been luurtlercd, and
act accordingly. "
Washington. July J Mr, Ye, the
(Torean Charge liens took to the State'
Department tills moritlng n ilisjialclt
from' his Government denying posi
tively the published stories that tlie
Roxer movement had extendml to Cor-
a. or -that, any Chinese Itoxcrs had
Tossed the Coreau ftxiuthTj-
London, July 2).-It. Is reHSrtel here
that Russia has borrowed dearly ill!.
imni.immi sterling .'from' tlie liuMrial-
I'.ank of. Russia since -the commence
meut of the troubles "In China. '
I.o Angeles, tal.. Jid.v -t. Edward
ischer. nf Whatcom. Wash., 'who with
his wife has 'been staying on Cntallua
Island for the. past six weeks. Ikm-hiim
nui-otisi-lotis while out fishing and died
wo. hours later. He was a sufferer.
from Hright's disease. He was l.irge-
y engaged . in mining and spent IS
earn In China and Janau. Ile'.was
Russian Consul at Kobe. Japan, for a
number of years; was with the Jardinc-
Mathesnb Company In the silk and tea
trade, doing business at Hotig KoUg
ami Shanghai, and later 'engaged1 in
the same business on his own account.
and had filled large contracts fin arms
for the governments of China and
Japan. -
Fire Swept the Tundra at Nome, De-
siroylng Many Homes.
Seattle, Wash., July 2Ll-Cape Nome
was- treated to a great contlagratloii
early this month. Miles and mile of
ti intra was bnrtiiMl over, and inauy
native homes destroying The fire be--gan
close fo the eastern suburbs of
Nome and swept the cou n try from Hie
outer edge of the sand ImvicJi to the
fool hills and far lielow t aM Nome, so
that the surface looks like a vat
prairie that has leeii burned over.
A N E X 1 "A N S I O X 1 ST.
Cardinal GIMmius 'Favors Holding -the
u Phulppluc Islands.
St, Paul. Minn., July 2d.--Cardinal
GiblNins, who has been visiting In tl(o
NorthwesL spout today in this city as
the .guest or J. J. Hill. Asked for his
views on expansion the Cardinal said:
"Of course, wc cannot abandon tho
Islands we have acquired, at least not
until a sufflcieiiiJy jsiwerful home gov
ernment Mis lsen established. In caclt
of our new possessions.")
New York. July A nfocting of the
regatta" committee of the -National As
sociation of Amateur Oarsmen will Im.
held at the New York Athletic Club
Honse. at whh lrlt Is exm-cttsl , that u
declsUin will Ik announced Iu the mat
ter of sending the AnierlcMu crews
which won the sts-clal trial races at
the recent regatta to Paris to compete
In the i international regatta n xt
month. liii
Physicians for the Army Are Needed
i in tue orient.
Washington. July '2d. Surgeon-Gen
eral Sternls-rg says that TO additional
medical officers are Mnnted by Suf-
grm General Fordiity In the Philip
pines aud China, lie says, only grad
uates of reputable medical coIIcks.
with some experience, and tinder forty,
tare of Mgv,, will lie accepted.
- 5iore RKrrixa.
Ixndon, July 2d. A'dlspatch has
tK-en received from missionary sources,
dated Shangliai, July 2tli, saying:
Rioting has broken out at Aiiuen
Fu, the capital of the provlm-e of Shan
SL There are no details. Rioting has
also tK-curreil at Hual Ih, south of
Chi Li. 11 the missions have been
destroyed. Our friends safely escaped
to tbe country, but are still in danger."
Old Orchard, Me.. July 2d Tbe Free
Baptist assembly bejran Its session
here today which will continue until
S1temler 1st. Prominent men of this
creed are In attendance from all sec
tion, and the meeting are of an in
teresting character. - Services are con
ducted forenoon, afternoon and even
ing of each day.