Weekly Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1900-1924, July 20, 1900, Page 7, Image 7

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    ' FEED STORES. ; ;.-.'...v r ' " . . . - - . - ' V ' .
The lowest prices in tle state.
50 lbs. HALF GROUND..... 25cts
100 lbs. HALF GROUND.;... .4 set si
SO lbs. FINK DAIRY. ...... . .ts.
50 lbs. FrNK WELLINGTON 45fts.
100 lbs; FINE WELLINGTON 85cts.
No. 91 Court Street 'Phon 1781
, u r "The Feed Men 7
or -exhanged ,r flur and Iced at
branch office,; of I Aurora Roller Mills,
warehouse on Trade street, near High.
Salem, Oregon.
Bicycle Repairing
NewoJ Second. If md Wheels
Gas and Steam fifiinsar. Manufact
urer of I Ip and Fruit pipe.'
103 SUic5... Teli 151. Salem, Or.
Carriage arxl Wagonmaking, special
attention paid o interfering and lame
ness of horses. - - ,
185 Commercial St., Opp. Brewery
J. F. COOK, M. D.
Cures Consumption, Cancer, Tumors.
Gravel and Kidney ; Troubles. Asthma.
Skin and Bone Disease. wilwut knife,
plasters, posison-s orpain. Also Blind
sjs. j Salem, Oregon.
. Corner Center and Front streets., foot
of ' Steel Bridge, Salem .Oregon.
Proprietor of I ha
Best "Singe and Pouble:Rig" in the
city. Best care given to- boarding and
transient 1 stock. ! . Telephone 241.
Cor. Liberty , and Ferry; Sts.". Salem.
Hordes .wc!J fedj .good accomma
kions. Fine R-igs.. . Good- liigs , for
commercial , men a Specialty. ;. -Horse
boarded by da$. week or inomb.
Red From livot, Feed end Ming sionie
164 Commercial St., . Tel. 851. Salem
South Commercial St., Salem, Oregon
Having bought i r. J: Hufrmaai's
.7eed and Livery business, we have rc
rnoved it to the f WiUatnette Stahk-s.
onth of the bridge on Commercial
"treet, where we will bei fRiil prepar
ed to serve the public inr the hc.-H p?
siWe mariner. .V'j furms-h rig for driv
irrg. Gentle team4 for ladies and good
accomntodationft for tranent terju.
Board lvorses- by day or -week. A
blacksmith shfp will be run in connec
tion wkh the barn, where yu can get
,our horee slKxf aml all kimls of re
pairing done. All -work guaranteed
satisfactory. I A-
- ; .
.t ;
If You Want
a first-class I I.YRN ESS. Call on
, p . f . - - , -
J am making the best ever turned
out in Salcni- Call and see for yourscH
at the
to6 State jstreeti Sa'em.
" - .. . !
From SG1oSiu'i:;cit.
These lands are in Marion county
0. eiron. and arc " rtl tn easy term.
r.t" nnviiuntJ Thty . were tlknt nndci
fori-tcsre ' by . J ni-rctdtt: : benct
are ...livJ lor Us than .:-m-lar farm
1. eld by rrsHicnt wicts l;or full par
ticniai i il ds. ritu ; ca't '
.d.Jres Mkkiiioci i. Uitrrli, .1r
Wofcotcr b'. k. Po-tMud. i rejm.
imzoiuu: n u:-1ki:s
Pac:fcIIiiKce;!-.t 5-.n. :Or.; Best
farm, pacr." Is.-t tc ,yeMy.-.i a year.
Pacific llonufrf i'
Lrm MKr . I..ni
Of. P. est
$i a year.
Vine pr,nt.n1;.;SuuM... rjob Office.
for Infants and Children.
The Klrul You Ilave Always Bought Ws borne the sfgna
ture of Chas. IL. Fletcher, and has been made under libs
personal tiiipenlsion for orer 30 years.' Allow no one
to deceive yoxt in this. Counterfeits, Imitations and
JiLst-as-gool are hut Experiments, and endanger the
health of Children Experience asrainst Experiment.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
uears tne
In Use For Over 30 Years.
' tw CfTiu cow.awf. tt mvnmmr rtfT. iw rein err
Prhu one qiinrf, Half iaL,
Wtc Oiu; ;al.. $t. rivi- tJtaU. $t.
n Li Fn
tie J3
SAVAGE & REID, Seedmen
322 and 324 commercial Street North if r ti.
J H ' j " J 1 ri"Tr
-i-4;-fSt; S - 7i - 'r5 - fi
Salem Fence Works
WALTER M OR LEY, Proprietor
f - . - f . . . . -i
stRED BY McKINNEY 2:tl t-4 slop
f;;':'.;Vf:;-v i" v.;-; r -':,;;.:- ; .-..? ' 1
Coher 071 .Icnnie Mac 2-ie. ZoMibro 2:11. You Bet 2:1'21i. Ha l Kinney
2:I2K McXium 2:t:t. .lultet 1. 2:i:.JJr lr. It.-k 2:i:H, Harvey Me !
2.2V i. Je.: W. McKinucy 2 :l-t$;' li :2:Hj'. d. eight- ' i '
First d:Hn-MHHAT BHLI by;)SSIPER 2:H$. "sire of tlawlle
2:1 .I.'MMk Jessie 2:12 and otturs. I ,
Se-ond dam-BBIAK ! BKLI.K.by 1X WILKKS 2:21 (son of
Alcyone) Hire. of Riverside 2:124 and eight otlierg.
Third- dam-By Mambrino Patciieu ,S, the greatest brood mare sire
iu the wo-Id.
' Fourth dam -By Almont XX. sire of Altatnoiitr the great Oregon sire.
, ' ; .' ' . . , . ' ' .
is a black stallion foaled in .!. slant -IS .X hands high. trHgli,ll im1
bn iHrre, t troitin- uction and promise lo in- McKlnney s U st m
and v the lt bred and tiiut iii lividual ever se..r mMregm. Captain
Jones will make tic; season of lf;i - " f . .y
from Joly 1 to September I, at State faif Grounds, Salem, Of.
Terms, $25 Season
$1o mvablc at lime of servk-e and balance end of wason. with priiih'ge
of ret urn. '- ;:.'.'-'':'-,!
' l.uxurv 1s an enticing pleasure, a
bastani mirtli. 'which hath honey in
Ser tiMntli. gall in "her heart and a
sting in Immt t:ul. tiuaries. s
Fti: FKNCE I1ST. coaled with
..Carbolineum Avcnarius..
..mi .... - .w Cff.inp It Is also a liaJical
Kemedy Agajnst OMcken U , .
is riueati" 10 i-mw '"i"
try house will iMTMiitM-utiy ex--.terminate
all 1.1CK
n.ult: llralihy Chick. iiir-n'nty f
Wrtie tor etrcutaro and price and hieni
Uon this pnpr. f - -'
ti. M. VAt)K & CO.. Asrents,
rnidi f onmin rt'n'i vnu.
Hotel Santlam
f At Detroit. Oregon. Now o
4umhier Tourists. New House.
f;. :,ut firit-r!a.s accommod
Now open for
nrce from $100 to $1.50 Pr day.
: II. Jacobs. Proprietor.
Your Work Solicited, r
fiFnnfiF F. SLY. SUD't
lULUUUk r - , ,
, "Fine printinff. Statesman Job Office,
I o
1 re
- - - -v . ----- m.
signature of .
. .Thf us of t hi preparation has
le-ujt mt universal, ami resnlts
ar Kjitlifat-to,-y, f that, moxt
lMmltry-rasierH nouM. not know
liow lo k--p huusc without it.j
u is tut t'mi'r u "ct.:i ry i uip or
iluttt ..: poultry to kill the 1 Ui: A
-an f liee'M'-IJ- Killer, a painT
brtish. aud a few minutes" work
In applying it to the rmts,
iiH'auK all the esMMiS4 and labor
imw :uH-essji ry . t keep the fowl
Hi- from both miles anI IhhI.v
liee. A eau of it should lx iu
every ponltry-house. It kills aud
'prevent mite and li-e, aiifl
keeps the air ih the poult ry-hou?e
pure anl sweet, killing Iisase
jlprms niul preventing tle other
enemies of the iMHiitryiueu-rtiuii
and eholera.
1 n XVovcn Wire Field Fencing. Net-
: t''"s ' for DeIgian hares- Poi,ltrr'- et r
- : Shingles and Screen doors.
59 State Street. Salem,
in the list.
;-4 t ' 'V f
Salem Oregon
A LAM CONTEST. Tlie State I-and
P-anl held a brief session at 1'" tipb
tol-vest en lav. when the reMrt f)ftli
ifeVee. Clias. K. ltunyoti. in tlie
test for the pos-sesslon of a tide is
land in tlie- Columbia river, near As
toria, letween Oeorge KaUU f n j
Nicholas Kerage, was neeired. and
arguments were heard. J. 1L Smith
appearing for Kalsdh ami C YV. Fnb
ton ft Kerage. The lard.. after
hearing arguments, gave IhhIi contest
ants five day to ttle. their briefs. The
rciHrt of I he nfen-e shows that Ker
age had fhe prior right to tlie Island.
vs. M- F. Colvin Is the title of an ac
tion for money suit instituted in IK
partment Nn I of the" Marlon county
eireuit cimrt yestenlay. Judgment is
asked for f-T5H. witli H per -ent inter
est from July 1". lti" atMl tlK costs
and disbursements of the suit. The
amount i allegefl to le due cm a
promissory mote for $1S7.ST. executed
on July IS. 1S!2 in favor of the hiln
t in.. Kelly & Curi. of Allwiny., are
attorneys for Mr. Wink. ,, .; -1
A flower known a the langhiog
plant, which grows In Arabia, b so
enlled lanse it seels .prlui-e ef
fect1 like those produced by laugh
ing gas. The flowers are r a. bright
vel Ww. wJh ile the seeds resemble
"small black lnans.
Some animals can live many year
without water. A paroquet lived fif-
. . t .1... r n,1iil w. -!t h-
1 tT-two rran iu iw-
'out taking a drM of water. .A num
IIht of reptiles live' and pnspr In
places where. there w water.
FRIDAY, JULY. 20, 1900.
PACT HF Till-" DniCfl'!!U"enyth ami m twn hliu employed.
QKabtkklt BEfORT of sin. J. D -
lee i-LAceu fi lk, ,
A ImM t f be Kmbr ef Cvavlcta
UotIbk thm rmt Thrc Months
Cottaf Kerpiac
' tFront Daily Statesman. July IS.)
Kti4., J, !. tt the Oregon ieni
teistlary, yesti-nlay,' filel.hist reitort in
tin ottiee of StH-ntary ;of Htate F. I.
lU'iiUir, for the tjuarter ending June
1st. The rt'port tihow a decrease f
tuetitjseveo during the' quarter- lu
the uuiulier f eoitvlets. The earnlugr4
of tle : prison" aggrt-jntte f 71f7.17, a aCl
the ' ' ixienlitmvs; during the. three
mouths, iiM'ltMlinghtbiries p;iid." were
ii7-S. Tin' foli4wing statistics are
taken from the report: : "
No. iuvi-tx else f quarter, . . . . .t7
No. eoii-ts etoKtf pn-tietling mar..'tll
1 e--r ato; during quarter. . .
Hit rh'Ldnriug tu.1rtelr. . . . .. 2si
I's-lag;-l during qu:rter..
Si ui t ifylum, .U.v, , f. . . .
ll-aiel"luriug quarter.
Unity average IP Pt25.
l'oa nl V. f. prisirtter. L . . .' . .
. .
... .$ rwii sr,
.... 312a
vk-t lalmr fouiMlry.
'ouviet IaUr Uforin m Ihk1..
t'ouviet lalmr JIut;s-hiiol. . . .
t'onviet Lilnir -'Blind -School. .,
'4iiivk-t l.iNr iullic nad.-. ..
VMivU-t hi lior brick yarls. . . .
Conrit-t laU.r t'iipit..! grounds
Team laloi lri-k yard. ,. .. ..
Te int lalxir public jroads. . , . . .
Making brick !..'. i. ... . . . , . . . .
-ti; 411
ji at
iMI (Ml
Total.. .. .. .-. .. . : .
i ItetVipls.
Board I?. S. prisoners..;
..7i:7 17
.? ri4 2s
T.he1 expenditures during the quar
ter are given as (follows: : -. --"';'--".
Ottieers niid .employes. .$4471 il
Oetieral MijH'iiKe Fund.
Meat. . . t .. .. . .174! 4l
Flour ami fenl j . i . .. . .
t;nK-eiis. provisions, etc..
Iry giNnls, cloth, biaukets.
Stationery. iKt:ige, etc.,.
Paints, glass, lime.
LuiuImt . . .... i
Hardware, implement, etc,
Kxiieuse not claskiiied. . . . ,
817 10
41 .V
. 27 3.1
r.n r.si
7i 3")
12) CO
2!) :it
82 15
Total.. .. .i. i. ,i. ....
' Relief Flitnd.
Paid" discharged itrlsoiM-rs. ,
Rogues ttallcry.
Pliotogiapliing convicts .
..$3075 as
.? 43
, .f 35 f
j ; Electric Light Fund. ' .
Lights aud lamps. ... . j. ...... .$ . o5S 7)
j Puitlic Road! Fund.
Wagon;. . . - . . . .. .
' : i ' New j Wing jFuu.U, '
I lOtf. ; t - J ,aj. . a a
Cirt tt)
11 (N)
Plans ami siHK'iivaUois.. .
Advertising. .; ..... i
Cast big' for brick machine
; 3tW .
11) 40
. .i 4 ,3')
.'Total.. .. , J .. ..-:v. ,
Total disbursement
, .$ 343 to
.iif'VISi 30
II. Jones went; to Portland on yister
day at ternoon'H train; From there he
will go into Columbia county, to work
for the. Northwest loading farm, pa-IH-r.
tlie I'acitic Hon)csteaI, of tills
city." He will probsibly le goue' until
the first of Sepr,cinler. Fmink Mor
rison is. working for the Homestead
in the vicinity of Condon, fiiUiam coun-tj-.
t5. I.. Savagedn Lane countj", hav
ing Just canvassed the Sitislaw coun
try and C. Hughes in Clackamas coun
ty: Itcsides a r fcirge ! numlicr of cau
vassrs tliroughmit the .Northwest who
are not devoting their whole time to
tin work. Tint result is that just now
new: subscribers-'for : this farm iuer
are coming lit at flu rate of alxmt a
thousand a month, and for tlie Twice-a-Weeki?
Statesman, which is Iwing
pusiil In connection! therewith, near
ly ha'f as fast. : ; j -
Daly, administrdtor of the .'-estate- of
John Ilaye. dijeensed, j-esterday ctl
t foiled prribate onrt; for an orrler att
thorir.ing liim to; ; erect a tombstfme, to
cost $35, orer the grave of the do-
it asiii. t ..1 : ' - t : ,
Expcrlcacfl a Savera Ilemorrhaca or tb
Ubp-Wmii Eaplojra of tt. t ,
r T. Company.
(From Daily Statesman, July IS..). .
At 3:45 o'clock yesterday a afternoon.
Brace E. SkceLlan employe of the Sa
lem Eighth Traction; Company, wa
seil with a sever hemorrhage of
the lungs .whIUi at work in tlie com
Inys nice on Court street ami died
ten minutes later, liefore medk-al at
temhiwe could lN.uninion-l. '
The deceased youjng man wa aged
about 22 years ami wa the on of
Mr. and Mr. M. W. SkeeL of Mwl
forrL "He entenil tle employ of the
Sak-m Light Tiractioo Coniany
last Novtmlcr,'a inside trimmer. He
eont1nuel hi work nntlF alwut Jan
nary 15th ' when the inroad of that
dread disease, fconsamitrlon. o Jmirnir
ed hls lM'alth that he wa -obliged to
resign' hi jiosition land ret nrn to his
home -nt Ielfrd, but he faiicl to ret
gain hi blt3i. and -nlweiuently
wrote Superintendent ijmWrtk that
his condition remained- unchanged and
that lie would prefer to return and re
sume hi work. - 'He re-entered the
wmtiany' service last May ami was
oontinnonsdy emi4oyed since that date.
Young s keel was a competent and
faithful employe, of whom Stiit- J. I
lAmbirth speak In the highest terms.
He wa very popular among bis eo
laborer wlo deplore bi untimely
ileath. It wa known for some time
that young Steel wa a consumptive,
ami. not ftowsewslng a strong vigorous
constitution; lit Lour of LiU.r were
ablrevlaledi so as not to overtax, his
The other employees of the. company.
among whom be ra n great favor
ite, .did all lit their iower to wake his
j surnmnuings pleasant aud asrtH'atK
wiiw f .the- ftv.afitly ivlw-vins
hiiu linni uu uuiirs wiipii ur wits
iujr porl.T.
. The Ixnly was - nrenarel for burial
last ermiug ami ar H o'clock was tak
en to the Southern Pacific iwstmger
iifxt in a spef-Ial ear, SnprinteiKl'nt
I.-tinHirl h and various of t he i m
pany's entployiei srring as an es
cort. The remains were fchiped to
tlranta- hiss On the California ex
press last night, thence to Metlfonl
where burial will take- place lolnnr
rw. The I tod y wan necoiiianiil liy
a sister who was en route to her
home after a visit with friend In
Port laud. .
- The Excitement Not Over.
.The rush at the drug store still con
tinues and daily scores of people call
tor a bottle oi kempts Balsam for the
Throat and Lungs for the cure of
Coughs. - Colds. Asthma. Bronchitis
and consumption. , Kemp's ' BiTsam,
the standard family remedy, is sold
- on a guarantee" and never fails to
give entire satisiact'on. "Price 25c.
and 50c. 2.
ChangcM Tliat Have lUn Made In
tlie S4ats of Covervyueut or
the Varioux state.. ;
Very few .fmerlj-au states have now
their original state capitals, a cirfum
stanct which is In-ing re-alld byi
the observaii-es in various iistcts of
42 4() , the fou ut ry of , annivTsarhs uf )1m.
2d ) establishment of the p resell I capitals, i
. 7 2)The original capital of Indiana was
1 ti jCorydon;: f Illinois. Vaudalia; aud
3!) t)f of Ohio. Cliilli-liie. Corydon aud i
Aand.ilia are small towns, but Chil
licjitlie has grown to lie a city ut
gome IuiioHancc. The original capi
tal of New York was this city, and
for a short time New York had two
capitals. New York city and Jamaica.
I. I. Afterward, tlie i-ourso of capi
tal moved northerly.- first to lNMiirh-fc-eisie.
then to Kingston, and finally
tn Alltnny. where it lias liceii situate I
lor more than a centnry. :
The original capital of Al:il:irn;i
was Tuscaloosa; and of ;Hrgla. Mil
Icdgeville. uiitil suiHrsileil by Atlan
ta after "tlie". close' of the civil war.
Iowa City was tlie original capital of
Iowa, now Ih'siiioines; and iu some
of the. new Northwestern stales, not
ably North Dakota, it lias Imhmi ue--ssary
to put the matter of capitai
sehH-tloii to the determination of the
voters on several occasions, and not
witliout considerable cintentiou aud
friction In the settlement of the dis
pute. New Orleans, for a time after
the civil war the capital of Ixuisiana,
has lieen superseded by Baton Rouge.
IVtroit. the largest city in Michigan,
was originally the capital, a position
now oct-uphil by Lansing. I-onip-ton-'
was the first capital, of Kansas;
TotH'ka Is tlie capital now.-
Omaha was the capital of Nebras
ka as a territory and remained such
for a1 short thne after' its1 a lnilssloii.
until Lincoln succeedel 1t." Whesl
Ina was the first capitnl of West Vir-J
ginia lefore the selection of Charles
ton, and Virginia City "was' the caji
Jtal of Nevada lief ore the selection 'of
Carson City, or Carsn. a it Is calletl
loea Ily. I lerrver has a I wa y s been t he
capital of Colorado, state or territory.
Yankton. South Dakota, was the ap
ital of Dakota- territory liefon its ad
mission into the I'uion as two sepa
rate states, but the pri'sent capital
of South Dakota is the town of Pierre
and it was not established as such
unliiVaftcr (omJ Controversy
Py 'what may la'st, perhaps, Ih de
scrilel as a. paradox. Itluxle Island',
the smallest of the states in the coun
try. In had the" largest numlier of
capitals. It now ha two. Providence
aud Newport and originally had fire
simultaneous capitals, so to speak,
Providem-e. ; Newport. South Kings
ton, East Oreenwich and New Hav
en, and It is sometime found difil-i
cult, at pri'si'nt. why a small state
with a sparse population and having
little official -'business to transact
should have found if necessary to
maintain more than one- ca pi ml.- It Is
explained by the fact, however, that
In early time and for some years
after the revolutionary ieriod. hs-al
j4nlousi existed lietweeu the sever
al, town of the stat, an I it was to
app4ns these . jealousies that tlie
conesioti wa made of two'capltals.
Rhode Island, though nor the pioneer,
is. now tlie his survivor of this cus
tom and Itsj citizens are to .-vote in
Novenilier on the proposition to tlo
away with "'Newport a a capital and
;o establish Providence a tn only
one.. " ' -..
Another reason which ha had con
siderable -to do with the eslabllsli
tneut of capita hi iu early time In
country- district wa found in tlie
definite Ismndaries of the states. All
the original state had fixed lsum lar
ie wImmi .admitted, but most of the
Western and Southwestern ' tnt
were sulslivlsion of former tcrrllor
ics nnd the capital which vn appro
priate at one time would not serv
after the different Jsiundarie werii
chosen. The territory of Michigan,
for Instance. Including a part of
Northwestern Ohio inclndlng tin city
of Toledd. Ohio was admitted - Into
the knlon In 1S02 ami the Northwt
crn connth' were not annexed to it
until PO!4 This Change in thn state
lHHiniii.T.s justified the aelectbni or a
more northerly town for tlie capital
ami Columbu wa chosc-m
. The United State ha changeil Its
capital.: originally In New York and
afterward In' Philadelphia, like most
of. the separate tate.y
Polish women In Pennsylvania cel
ebrate the close of the I.enten riot
by switching their bnsljand and de
luging them with water. It I a en
torn 'imported from Poland..
The tiling In the world -I am most
5frald of I fear, ami with goisl rea
son; that pa union alone. In the trouble
of It.-exceding all other acdilent.
Montaigne.'; .
The reason why so few marriage
are happy l lea use young lailli
siK'ml their time in making nei. not
la making cage. Swift.
Sentiment I Intcllectnall7el emo
tion precipitated, a It wre. in pretty
crystal by the fancy. L well.
The wayto le safe i never to feel se
cu re. Burke.
My foot I on .my native ' heath and
my name IsrMatJn-gor! .
' iux r 1 Kins. -
Th Arm; Wofn
to. or a 8prlona f lt l
ilnirtU la-eel, la lUraclC
' th VaJU-jr.
- From Dally ..'"Statesman. Jul IS.)
' There has apieared. -in '.the clover
fields of t he - Willa met te va lly.- a
worm that' b I'aling ftL the leaves of
the plant and destroying the croji, at
least o far as a seed crop Is tu
cerned, for the prest'Tit year. Some
of tin farmers think they, are nl
killing the plaut, as tlHy are working
on the roots." -
The Pacitie Homestead of . thlt city
yesterday m'ivel 11 ampie of the
worm from a farmer In Tillamook
county, who says they have made their
IHearain-e there by the million. This
sample, together with diii' wviirtHi m
the farm ot tbnirge Savage, alout one
ami one-half miles from I be Fair
'rounds, was forwarded yesterday lo
Prot, A. It. Crdley. ' Entomologist at
the Oregon. State Agricultural t'ollege"
Eeriment Station- at 'Cor vail Is, for
his opinion cni-erniiig tin' Mst. ,
On the farm of Mr. Savage the
wonns have eaten off a large HeM of
clover. In" "IhUs it bsiks as If a tln
liad run through It so destructive has
Iteeii the vork. Mr. Savnge thinks
they have killed the plant on-his fie! 1.
II is ! neighliors are suffering iu tlie
same way, and the'tlatuage- has lceii
thousands of dollars even If iiothlug
but the" need "'to has ls-cu dcstroye-l.
Some farmers have ls-eti disNisl lit
fall it tlie ,"Army Worm." . but an
1 stern lady, who tw visiting at. Mr
Savage's place, says It , Is not tlie
Army Worm.
Made in New York to lb' Set lp In
the Woods and 011 the Mountains.
Ig cabin inisht sM-m nn old sort
of thing to Ih au article ot manufact
ure and ale. but such they are, nev
ertheless, and I hey are made right
here in New York City,. They are
one of many things produced in rustle
work manufacture, which Included
such articles a rustic chairs, set
tees, table, 'fence. gates, bin
houses, Mrd cages aud window lsxes.
The log cabin, arc .-made of. cedar
and they are built in different sizes
ami at ylc. ''The -cabin most common
ly sold Is 12x12 ftH't. and log -abiii
of tills kind are likely to; 1m found In
tock. Cabin of other size an
made to order. Iog cabin are sold
to hunters, who set them up. In the
wood or on the mountain for
hunting lodges or to fish-riiien who
set thein up by the: stream or by the'
seashore for fishing huts.' to Ik. nr
hap, taken down, ami storeil, at , the
cud of the season.
rThe log cabin I shipped khockd
down with, Instructions , for, suttlug
up. In caws where It. Is desired n
man I sent to, set thvui up. ,'J'hey
are veritable i,,g cabin - w , construc
tion and appearance, with slab, roof
and jstlck chimneys nnd nil that.
Some are sobl to In st up on estate
and country placcr iHrhap to Ik
put tp actual use for ,n wab-huian
or for olJicr.nrson employed on Iho
plac. ,-f On n , big place it might bo
that a cabin wpnld Is set up In n '
clearing on" a llside, or down in
In some glade 'where a settler would
naturally build his cabin. Taking
them altogether. there arc wild a good'
many log cabin. : They cost, 'accord.
Ing to size and style nnd equipment.
Another -odd sort.of Item In man-
ufactured , rustic work 1 the rusllc
bridge. Owner of country placet, of
large or of " small extent buy such
bridges, for various puntoses, to put
over a bnstk or larger stnam that
run through their property; -on large
estates, where It may Ik pond have
Ih-cii made and nriilficial strtims.
bridges are required. Rustic bridge
are made In large variety. They can
Is found In stock up to thirty . fct
in, length and larger . ones are bulIL'
to order. -Sun.
With the Hindoo of to-day ; tin
rnliy I etH.uiei: a a talisman which,
I "-never shown willingly to frleit !;.
and I . considered omiiiou of the
worst ' possible fortune If it should
bapiK-u to contain black spot. Tin
ancient aeeredlU'd It with the iKvcf
of retraining passion, rinl regard It
as a afe-guard against ligJitnlng.
In I'atagonia ostriches ijre not bred '
a at. tlie Cajs of. 0mm I1om. but
run wild and tiro I Hi tig gradually ex- -i'
tcniilnated. The Indian chase 'them
on lor-back Kid ct h thcin ' wit h
bola two heavy ball upon the end
of a ro woven of leather siring. ,
which they throw In such n iiiaimer
that the bird are ensnared.
Metal never rust in the water of
Lake Tltacaca. A chain or an anchor
can ! left In It two week and will
Ik a lcnn and bright a when It
came from the foundry, which is
probably owing to action of some of
the chemical salt; in the water.
' - -".'" ''
Man only rash, .'refined; prcauiupiu
ous Man v - .
Start from hi raukt and iiinr Crea
tion's plan! "
Born the free heir of nature' wide
domain. -
To art strict limit bound hi nar
rowctk reign;
Resign hi native right for tiinner
things. , - '
For Faith and Fetter,. La ws nnd Pri
est and King.
Poetry of the Ant l-Jacobln.
A R R H f ffJ BAU
II J 0 bICtuI UaiUi Jf -Ey"
nA vInt to P
m. Contains do
lurimts tint.
I' lsaut'kiy ahMtrttrd.
."rTXizxz:. COLD 'fi HEAD
Heel and Proteit lt &tembrane.
Iw.re the f-iie of Taste nn-J Smell
Iarr? Size if cunti at Drugg.'fta or",
by maiL Trial Fie, lo ent.by mail
EL.Y BItOTIIEIJS. U. Warren tr"t.
New Yoik. .