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flX I I I I I VJF- I I y I 1 11
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S(SS Il wli
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Russia Has Proof ol
Pek in Massacre.
Horrible Details Given
by a Chinese,
Latest Jtpauese Report from th B
' ' leaered Legations Cavalry
" 6tarta for the Orient. '
LONDON, . July 20. "The Washing
ton Idea of sending CoimnUslouer
Rockhill to China. to inrestsato con
tlitioiM there, nays The. Standard h11
torlally this morning, 1 an excellent
one. ami nilgtit adrantaseouly Ik imU
ta ted ; hy th British ' a nd ot her Go r-
erunier4ts.' The , Chinese ' aMertlou!
that'lnembera of tht fprelgn legations
are atlll Bafe lMtvufj bep!,' o often re
peatixl, that' theyi are 'again befdnnlng
to raise hopes In some tjnarters. Ac
cording to the Dally Telegraph's" St.
Petersburg correspondent, however,
the Russian government Is already in
possesion of defiuite news that all for
eigners ia I'cklu were massacred Jnly
Uth. " ' :
M. Iel Casse's circular only goes to
prove that so far Powers have .failed
to arrive at any concerted plan of ac
tion. The Yokohama correspondent of
the Pally Mail nays: .
"The Japanese txrrespoiV(lents charge
the Russian soldiers with apfal'J? !
barity toward tlie Chinese. They de
clare that Pel -Ho Is full of corpw-s of
women and children; 'atwl tlmt the
Russians loaded 30UO boys' on a Junk
and burned them." '
HORllB&in41 5
Ixndon, July tX-tThtf SUanghal cor
respondent of the Daily Express says:
"Intense: Indignation Is felt here at
the honors ; in Hong Kong that have
been accorded to IA Hung Chang, who
is looked nion In , Shanghaiitis -tlui
originator of the whole fiendish, antl-
foreign plot.
"A Chinese nierclant, !wtio has Just
arrived from Pekin, gives horrible le
tails of the massacre. He Kays he saw
European woman hauled Into th
street by nhripklng. Boxers, who Btrip-
ped them and hackel t hem to pieces
Their dismemlereI limlw were tosse
to the crowd . and carriel off ' with
howls of triumph. Smim were alread;
dead, having leen shot by foreign
civilians. He says he saw Clilns
soldiers carrying bodies of white Chil
dren aloft on their spears, while their
companions shot at the bodies."
WnKhlnoion. Jnlr 10. The Jananese
loiratlnn here has made nubile the lat
est ; communication - recelvetl from
Baron NIssl. tlie Japanese minister to
itin Thi telerrram was received
trwlnr. nt i hi lcirnt Ion. from the JniMtn-
es -minister of foreign alTalrs. and is
imiiortant because of tne oate given.
Tlie telegram was tiateu J my urn
bv the nender. the Jatmnese consul at
Che Foo. anl Is as follows:
"I received on the lUlh, a IIsiiatcii
from NIssl, dated Pekln, June 21h.
The letter was brought by a special
messenger a Chlnestv who left Pekjn
Two Years Ago Today.
Wash Goods
lfrF'ne Imiorted Organdie worth
a yard.
Qp Cordwl Lva blue and white
JW worth 15c.
Navy Blue Organdie worth 23c
Fine Silk finished novelty worth
GO cents.
Plue Dimity with bow knot JU-
terns worth 20 cents.
A professions! tzlr
dresser and demon
strator Is atcsrstcre
July 1st .and managed to make the
Journey with difficulty,, Tire substance
of the letter is as follows:
The situation at IVkln Is extreme
ly crit lea L-The foreign legatkmx are
snrroundel on all sides ly - Cliineo
Hddiers. and bumtiotrtled day apd ntctit.
The Immediate disiatch f reinfon-e-ments
is ; necegsary for rescue from our
precarious condition,
St. Iaul. Mtnn July ltl. TwLiy the
War i; Departuieut ha Ihxmi in com
munication with CSeueral Wade, in
command or the- .Department of the
Dakotas,; to hurry the First cavalry
through to Seattle not later than July
2tlth, and to sail from that port not
later than July 28th. A Lirge shli
uient of horses for this regiment left
for Seattle today;.
While the First cavalry Is nnder or
tlers ostensibly for: Manila, but the
regiment will probably be diverted, to
China. , -
European; bickerincr.
Washington, July 10. In the ab
senee of direct news from China, this
morning, attention was directed main
ly to the more, orlen seculatlve stor
les emanating from European capltot.v
Indicative of discord among the .Pow
ers..' It Is realized that these little
ebulltlons of mufnal suspicion always
characterize allied inovements, and
are to be exiecteil in the present crisis
It can lie stated that, so far as the
official record discloses, there is abso
lutely no ground; for them. There is
not the -slightest diiosition on the
part of our Government to' follow the
example of certa in ; Europeau powers.
and restrict" In any uvea sure the liber
ty of the Chinese minister i here. Mr.
WU, In communicating jwlth the Chin
ese viceroy, ami whatever remains
or the titular Chinese t2overument. It
war should attualy and formally oinm
btween Russia 4nd China, that fact
might oblige the other Powers 1o du
one of two things either Join In the
declaration of war. or withdraw their
forces from Chinese soiL
The developments j In the military
situation were the formal designation
of Brigadier Oeneral Chaffee as , a
Major- Senera 1 of Volunteers, and the
maklug of other arrangements for a
prolonged campaign on a large scale
in China. .
Washington, July 10. The tlovern
ment authorities; are finding, the pre
eut'j Chinese agitation is having an
tiKiutl effect of stimulating cranks and
agitators, and many of the highest
officials are receiving a noy nonius let
ters containing threjits. The Cbinene.
otticials also are victims of foolish ef-
fnsinos. They are not onslderel ser
iously, however.' and the officials ljs
niltt. tlietu as from Ignorant persons.
Washington. July 10.-The State
DeiOTrtuietit s! toilay made public tho
text of the reciprocal commercial
agreement between the United States
and' Italy. ''..j-,?:v-:;. '.' ....':
who' lost his five fiiie Jersey cows, n
last "Monday, and who feared that his
fine animals bad !eeu stolen, yester.
day iH-overed the lost Jersejs, finding
them, near home, but somewhat the
worse, lor wear. Near Mr. Savage's
home a large amount of cordwood. le
loiiging to the insane asylum, had tecu
Btncsed up"u two pjimllel piles, eight
feet high, the fHice ltwe!ii the piles
varj:lng from four feet 1o six im-lies.
The cows lil jiassed in ls'tweeu thes
ricks of wonI, . presumably for shade,
and had wandennl In 13i feet, when,
arriving at' n narrow place, lieyond
which they (Willi not. pass. tlM-y stoj
stl. unable to pet out, and here they
had stood three days when accident
ally discovered; last evening by !. A.
Clark. Mr.U'Isrk hastily ii.MitJel Mr.
KavageV and help was'at .oii-secured
to extrhwte the -ows from tleir tm
eomfurtable' iKwItloti.- which was done
by lmcklng them oirt from Ix'tWi-cn the
piles of wood.- If the -ows bad tMft
Ken found soorn death would have rer
stilted -front Twant of ftssl and drink In
a short tlnw. . ;' - '-! "'-!
WflV TItK. I't'lVTIio rtitIlflWA
Indian" Itoys yisferday defeatel the
Oregon City uasetmii trim at (iiaa
utone Park, by a wore of 1H to 8. there
by winning the Chautauqua cup. tin?
,Au .r.r nitt mi lir hi AtuUM-iil tloll
i j-i . . -. - - - -
ror these events. ! nemawa,-,has an
unbroken rtMrd of victories won this
Mmn. every club: coming up against
tlet rindlawt having met defeat. This
makes four cups carried off by Che-
dLiinond. three from the
CliaiitaiKina Association In as many
years, ami one for defeating the Mult
nnmaht oft Jnlr 4th. On toDiorrdw
iKntnniDvl ' afternoon the Chemawaa
and the TorpeUeft of Portland will
play an exhibition; game at tiiaustone
I'ark. :t :
,- ei li t vrV ' KriATlR. T Is. re-
nnrtMt that tV-nil OHMCS of SlliallnoX.
In mild form, have appeaml at Imle-
iwndenee-. '; antl tnat tne resiaenis
that place are taking the .greatest
n-niitt.n a?atnfit - tike dlsense
T . ;
spreading. A man named Owen, a
saloonkeeper., who reeenuv reinrueu
rr.n. P.n. Vnrap It In nd id. lit tieliev-
ed to nave lironglit; the disease" with
him, while another story lays it at tne
door of another retnrnetl Nome gold
seeker. A numler, of icopI near Inde
pendence are said to liave teen exfios;
eok and. vaccination, as. a preventive
Is uemg resoneu io.
The thorns -remain long after the
...... M - J - : .
rose- oar nw.i
An outward laugh ofttlmes conceals
sin inward groan.
i oroe people seem to enjoy deprive
imr others f enjoyment. . . i
' There are evidently too many doc
tors or. not enough Invalid .
No mas Is. able to see all the sides
of the simplest question. . w r
But few things that are worth ha v
lag are to be bad for the asking. .
Kentucky Democrats in
a Con Yen t ion
Fail to Perlect Tiieir Or
ganization. Kx-Senalor Dulwi Unable tu Control
the Ffislotilsta in Idsho-rWill
Try il ieatu.
I.EXINtiTON. Ky.. July t. A large
and disappointed.1 audleuee.-was IhUI
all night berv at the pavilion.; The
state Democratic convention had taken
a recess at till H:3tl p. m., exiRH-t-ing
the comnilttces to report In the;
evening, the cauveiitiou to conclude
under a btillutut lluui!u:itloii with the
nomination of tiovcruor lH-kham.
But, Use comiulttei-s on credentials
and '"resolutions were unable to agree
on their reports, and the large audi
eiwt wus kept waiting in vain ail
night for the c'rowniug event..
Pocatcllo, Idaho, July 11). The three
silver Conventions sis-nt all day walt
lug for their committees. The confer?
ence committees came to u dendltnk
on the Qiiesriou of uom illation of a
United States Senator. They tinally
ivfertcd the matter to their respective
conventions, the Silver Republicans
declaring there should le no apiH'ttlou
mcnt of offices until It was tlecldetl
that the Senator should 1h noiuinatctt,
aud tliat the olflct! should 1h appor
tioned iu the division of ollices. : Tlie
Populists and Silver Republicans at
once ; imissh1 resolutions favoring the
nomination of a Senator. .
The matter -a me into the Democrat
ic convention at 8 oVltiek this evening
and the project to nominate a Senator
was defeated by a vote of 123'to 121.
The Vote disposes of Dubois' eham-es.
according to the opinion of the iollti
al lerders. . - .
; The lustunt the vote was nnnonnced,
a demand was made from Bingham for
a recount, the claim being liuide that
the totals did not correspond with the
figures. Unanimous consent was lack
ing to grant a reeiftr. iye .Dulwls
eafs Hngfeg.tlo at he e SeuafVr
oohis. and plnus to defeat, the result
are being drawn. The fight will be
MHiied again In the morning and an
effort made to undo the work of to
night,, .-;::..t ...'' "--' '.-- - '-?:
tlrand Fork. N. Dak.. July Itl.-The
North Dakota state Democratic . anl
Independent Democratic iwirtles. in
Joint convention tislay. nominated M.
A. wIpiHTinan, for dovernor.
i ,r
Akron. O.. July 10. Hon. Sidney
Fdgerton. agel 82, died Iwre today.
He was first 'Just ten. of the Supreme
Court of Idaho, aud first Coyernorof
Montana, having ,lieeu appointed by
President Lincoln. He V was twice
elected Congressman from this dis
trict. , -. t ' , : .'
Americans at Paris Kxttosltioii Were
: ' IlandicapiNsl. " '
Paris, July 10. The manner In which
the: American athleb hatl been sweep,
Ing ttte field In the Internal lousl
games. In connection with the 1'uris
Kxposltlon, oiKnel the eyes of the or
ganization, and the result was shown
in the handicapping of the day, which
practically left the Americans out in
the cohL The effect uiiou the Ameri
cans was demonstratetl by the fact
that, whereas on the previous days
they had secured four-fifths of the
games, today, out of niue events, they
captured only, one first, with lfour
seconds and five thirds.
Thirty People Lose Their Lives In the
. Waters of 'the lukon.
Seattle. "Wanli., July 19. Thirty teo-
iIe are reorteil to lwve leen""drownl
in tlie Yukon, Iwtween Its mouth and
Anvlk, during the mouth of June. The
news was brought down by J. C.
Cham!ers. who arrlveil here today on
the Setinola frdin Nome. Cham Iters
learned tle names of only two of the
dead. -Tliey wer; Shorty Powell and a
man named Armstrong, both of Ml
nook. They were going down the river
In small boats when overtaken by a
storm. ...
Rains Break the Drought and the Feo-
pie Are Happy. :
Tboenlx. Artz.. July B. The great
est drought in the history of Arizona
was broken today by light showers
in the opper part of the Salt river val
ley. and tonight heavy storms are
gathering. Tlie drought has liwn' ex
cessively damaging to stock and busi
ness of all kinds.
CbW-ago. July A piece of borse-
less artillery, otherwise a :lfs rapid
tire gun, tuouuted on an automobile of
special construction,, today started on
an experimental trip from Fort -Sheridan
to Washington. The vehicle Is
driven by gasoline. The endeavor la
made to deiiKnstratei that the Inven
tion Is practicable for use -In actual
Victoria. R. C July. 10. Won! was
icceivcl here today by the local agents
of the Niptoir Yuscn ' Kaishii line, eon
ucctinc With tlie mt Northern rall
road,' that two of their vessels, the
Tomi Marti and the Klnshiu Mam, li.id
Ihm'H lmpresml by the Japanese tlov
crenieut to carry tnsis to Taku. Only
one vessel Is left ill the service. .
The Willamette Claims a Young Man
at Portland. .
Iortland, Or.. July 10. Philip C.
Cox, collection teller. in IjkM & Til-
. . -. i . . I . . .i.i.. ..jr.....
lull n twilK, nun um (ini linn niii'i-
uoon while swimming in the Willam
ette river. He was pelxcd with craiups
(.'hh-ago. 111... July 10. (General Jo
seph Wheeler, commander' of the le
iNirtmrot of the Iakes, has nskeil the
War Dejartment to assign hlui to duly 1
in Claia.
Washington, July 'ID. President Mo-
Klnley left for Canton.- Ohio, toniglit.
Schooner la Cm Sadly In Meed of Bplr
Receipt from VeU Catered
and Uepitrted.
S. Farrell, K. W. Tallaiif and Martin
Foard.-the Pilot-Commissioners of Or
egon, yesterday Hhnl thir animal re
port for- the 'year.- ending June 3th.
The rctsirt says in iKtrt;
Imrlug the year the loard made the
regular seiu I annual tours of Inspec
tion, finding the 'pilot' service elliclent
and witlK?.ictory. The following pilots
now hold branches ismied by this
lioard: '.'..''' - - -
River pilot s-"iJ. Reed. W. If. IVpe.
W, IL' Smith, A. U Pense, V-' A. Belts,
IL- Kraklns, P. fi' FercneiiV W. II. Pat
terson. J. L. Turner, T. II. Cratig.
A-i-Balley. H T. Vroves, 13. Sulllvau.
f Bar piiotHk-iJ.'J.-Mc Vicar, M. D.
Staples, P. C. Cordlner, H. A. Math
ews, , K. Joliiison ' A. K. Cann, C 8.
The schooner, San Jose,'' belonging to
the ntate, and the schooner Joseph Pil
Iit.r.er, ' owned by. the bar pilots, have
Ihhmi outside 'the-bar pilotage grounds
constantly, affording as gool service
as iioHsihlc to tin commerce tf the
river; the San, Jose Is outside nt I ho
present time, but is not. In the condi
tion 'she ought to lie for winter weath
er, owing to the last legislature's fail
ure to make an appropriation for the
malnleriaiHe of her; at the same time
this lioard. In order to keep her sea
worthy, was obliged to e.MMid a little
money on her or tie her up. and tin
Marine Insurance had also to le paid.
all of which, the same ln-Iug a very
small amount, we trust to the nxt
Ieglslature to-provide-an approprla-"
tlon for; we" also wish to t all jour at-
lenton to tlie fact that, on acctiuiit,of
there lKIng no appropriation matle by
the last-lycgtslatnrc for the pnrpone,
the Kcliooticr has not Imh-ii kept in the
repair that she should have lx-eii. nnd
at the 'prewnt tliiw her sails are In tt
very bad condition, and the' pilots ar
ciiutluually notifying us of the same;
so. In order to keep her In cominlsMloii.
some money will have to be exis-udr-d
on her shortly.
(The pilot charges for the Ilwal t.ir
ending June as reported' by tho
pilots, are as follows: -
Inward bar pilotage. ..... . .f l'i.wr. 4.T
(lutward bar pilotage. ...... lZ.V.Ki 7
Total.. .. .. .. .. .. ..f-'Mil 13
Up river pilotage. ....... ....$1218 11
Down river pilotage. . a.sxi 'jr
Total.. i. .. ...$mVJ ai
I Total pilotage.. .. . .i ..TJ.7(M IH
! The report shows the total toiinagt;
enguged in foreign antl domestic trad it
as follows:
Vessel entered. No. Tonnage.
ioniestlc. 'Jtr'CJ
Foreign 4. ........ 1 19 r..;tr
Vessel cleared. No.. Tonnage,
tloiuestlc. ....... KFJ 17i.l;-'
porelgn ..l."K) 2i2,V,'j
Writ tor prliea r enqmlr at 91tttmtn
,. . office.
r. A. WtlCH, SLAiei. ORZhOX.
B " " ';'- -. '
Nfcx . '4f
fT 'cX