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VOL. 49. NO. 23.
-. ,. i I, i iii i H
Administration fails to Recog
. nlze Existence of War,
Troops Will Be Forwarded to China
as Fast as ij Possible Miles
Ursres Great Haste.
cision of the Administration, at the
end of a most eventful day, is that the
United State Government Js still not
at war with Chrha. The Mar Impell
ing at Tien Tsiu. coming on top of
the storh-s of the . List struggles at
Pekin, hare not alffeeted the attitude
f the- Administration on this toint
the United Stateaj anil f China are
technically at peaice. : But .this state
ment should not 1 e accepted as In
dicating a pune on the tart of the
United States Government to hold
its hand in the administration of swift
and adequate punishment upon the
Chinese.- ; j il I ', ,
It-means simply that the Government
or the United States feels that it can
best achieve that purpo by regard
ing the statu officially an oue of iieao.
To hold , other wise . would seriously
cripple the Gove
to obtain satisfaci
nment in its effort
i -
ion for the outrages
America us in China have suffered.
We should ;flnd
now oien to us,
I lie Mrts of China,
(closed. and all sorts
of ini's-dliuents would lie encountered
which are now missing. Therefore,
according, to the Administration's
view." a declaration of war would af
ford not even a technical gain, while
it would actually I a heavy draw
back. : Mp;1. . !--;.';
Chairman Cannon, of ihe House A p
prorfations ttMrtmlttee, Is authority
for th ftntenient that money in plen
ty Is at the disposal of the Ireshlent
. to meet ; the present eoierpencjv al
that there is no necessity for a. called
iM'ssion of Congress on that snre.
Ttslaywas the most exciting day
Washington has iknown lnee the tmt
tle of Santiago. ! At the cabinet meet
ing today.onVerSjW'V-t iklug over the
possibility of reinforcing the .trooiw In
China. There was no tlisiHisition
shown to withdraw those troops, the
ouly iuestion was as o tlie ntnouni
of the additional force available. The
only point" laid ! dovft was that the
Government would send forward all
trM(s that cou
time. I
1 be sparel at this
Washington. Jnly lfl. Oneral Miles
had an ex tendetl conference, this ai
temoon, with the Secretary of War,
-oncernlng the despatch of reinforce
ments to China. General Miles strong
ly urged that roops ls witlKlrawn
from the Philippines, so that a large
army could Imj thrown into China
within comparatively a few days. In
stead of waiting the slow processes of
assembling ant army' In this country
and Cuba, and getting it to China.
Tlie tHM.ps in tho Philippines could
make a trip to China In abont a week.
while the despatch of troop from this
country will take clearly more than
a month. ! f
Notwithstanding, General Miles re-comiiH-udatlon,
tlie ap'wrent Hlicy is
to forwanl troops to China front-thls
country and C'nla. as fast as they can
!. asseinbh-!.! With the ending of
Hum nr ItloO) men provision doubt
Jess will Iw made for an officer of
high rauk command this force.
General Mile l frequently feferreJ
to as likely ' to assume command m of
the American forces in the Orient.
Washington! July 1K-4V!tbout ex-
reidlou. tslay. tb foreign reiavsent
tlves in Washington accepted as
nrsctk-allv certain that il foreign
legations and Ministers at Pekln have
leen wIhh! fut. ,'.
" Canton, O.,
July ia lresldent Me
re this evening for Wash,
stated that certainly no
Kink y left 1m:
Ington. It 1st
extra session
of Congress has as yet
been determined npou, and that the
. lresldent hai not yet issue! orders for
additional troops for China. No effort
waa made to conceal the fact that the
Preshlcht was much exercised over the
reootts whicki came to him during the
Washington. July lC-General Mc
Arthur cablitI tin? ' War Department.
froni Manila tcslay as follows
"The transport Iudiana sailed yester
flay for China, with twenty-one officers,
the Fourteenth regiment. United States
ii-iaciry: one officer, thirty men, inth
United States inrantry; Win. Crosder,
ordinance officer, one ordnance ser
PTeant. one chaplain, and sixteen hos
pital corps men. The Flintshire sailed
with seven officers, 271 men, Rellly'a
Lattery; two medical officers, and five
hospital corps tnen. fully equipped.
t . i
Twenty -Thousand People Gat tiered at
World's Convention Yesterday.
London, July 10 AlKwt 20,000 people
partlcifiated. today, jn the i World's
Christian Endeavor convention, on the
Alexandria mlace grounds. The
speakers Included lief. C. M- Sheldon,
of Topeka, Kansas. Mr. Slieidon spoke
on "commercial problems.! expound
ing bisj;. well-known views as to how
business ought to 1h conducted.
New York. July HI, MeOovern won
in the third round. Erne's ' seconds
threw tip the sponge. I
For An Editor to Itecommend Patent
- Medicines?' .
From Sylvan Valley News, ,' Brevrad,
i .". N. C.
It may le a qtiestkin whether the ed
Itor of a newspaperhas the right to
publicly recoinuieud aiiy of the various
prdprielary nediciues which flood the'
market, yet as a preventive, of suffer
ing we feel it a duty to say a good
word for Chamberlain's Cllc. Cholera
ami Diarrhoea Itemedy.. Wei have
known and usel this melicine in our
family for twenty, years and .have al
ways found it reliable.; In many cases
a dose of this reanedy would save hours
of suffering while, a physician is await
ed We do not 2eUcre in depending
impUc-Itly on any, medicine, for a cure.,
Imt w do lielieve that if a bottle of
:banfr?siains Diarrhoea Remely were
kept on hand and administered at tlie
nceplion of an attack much suffering
might le avoided and in very nany
cases the presence or a? onysJciau
woukl hot ls required. At least this
hus leen our, exiierienie during' the
fnt twenty years. For sale by F. G.
Haas, Salem, Oregon.
fttUlaesa of r. "It. Uullia St Co. Hm tncres'
d Vattl Mora ftpe for Goods
Jnly Is supiosed to see a decline in
MislnexM, but such is not tht case with
he ever-increasing .furniture- business
of F. V. Hollis & Co. So gr-atly has
leir busiuess leen Increasing.!; that
It has been necessary for them to rent
another large room for a store room
and work shop. , Tlndr present ward
room will then , be : used entirely
for show purposes and as a sales room.
They, yesterday received as, uue.A
line of ean't. mattings, and HM-tlerres
as has ever Is'en shown iu Salem.
They will cn vert their large balcony
Floor into a carpet room. ; where this
arge stock wui ih on uispiay. ,iney
have the finest patterns that tne
market affords, and are prepaml to
furnish them at prices that will make
Instant customers out of prospective
buyers. Their stock of portierres Is
equally fine, and shows gwsl taste in
their selection. Then line or lurnnure
etjuals any to Is' fouml In the city.
with or Ices equally as gosi. wneu
desiring furniture, wall paper, can1,
or decorations yon will do no better
than to se their line.
WsrcbooM-CspltAl Stock of 5000. Is At-
readjr Abont 'brl-Prs)-rt-
sent Orfnltlon. , ;
The' Willamette Valley Prune Asso
ciation, which filed article or incor-
nortatlon on Saturday, will prove a
factor In harvesting and marketing tue
. ..
prune-crop of this year and or snn-
sequent years. Nearly an oi tne as.no-
ciation's capital stocic i
n.r sliare has lsen submitted, which
insures the permanent organtzauon oi
the concern. - f i ?
The association proposes to build.
inln and one rate awareliouse ami
nrane Hacking establishment wiimu
r . . . . . i
tho Canltal City. ; The building in
contemplation will be at least 5xl0
feet three "stories find will cost aism
$400). It will be extensively eiuippel
with garden aud : all necessary ma
chinery and the capacity of the plant
will be aileouate o handle tne prune
crop of this locality. rThe pacting
house will lw establlshe.1 in ine ous,-
ness sect Ion of the city and win ; w
conveniently located f or, shipping eith
or hr boat or raiL
The promptness with wnicn me rap
ital stoct of the organlxatlon has been
-..i-iii is ovldence of the stability
of the organisation and he conlileuce
"he members have In it. The mem
bership of the assoelat Ion , represents
thrgreat majority of the prune acre-
. .i rklnitv of Ronedale and
IJberty. the principal prune growing
uwtion of the nnty - . .
Ietofore the facilities at thia point
-A and oretMiring the prune
Ior -Z. T,r nrkPt have been far
J" ik a7 oonsequci, In
anrca; before th- Oregon pro
duct could be properly curel and plac
ed tnion the market., the demand bad
t!L?niied from outside points
h the-result that the major part o
WIIU" ' has been sold at i
the growers. These conditions need
exLst no longer. The -Association, here j
referred to. will provide anmle faeil I
ltles tor handling all prunes jrrown in
this locality, whether iUdoiiging, to
members of the Asocaltioii bif ethers
Inasmuch as the capital stock has
been practically an sultscrlhed. It Is
very probable a meeting of the stock
holders win be lieki on uext Saturday,
t he requ Isite t h h-ty ; thiya r provided by
law being waived, when a permanent
organization of tne Association will be
effected by the election of officers aul
the arrangement of other details.
- Vesuvius Has Lost Its Cone. '
-This fiery -crater, now suddenly si
lent, was exported by scientific . men
who discovered that the cone had dis
apitearcd. Several theories are pro
IKtunded.as to why the eruption ceas
ed, also regarding t lte disappearance
of the cone. The general belief is that
it was due to subsidence, and which is
looked upon as providential. It was as
nuexpected as are the stomach disor
ders with which people suddenly find
themselves afflicted. Slight symptoms
are neglected, until dyspepsia is chron
ic. The remedy to take Is Hostetteer's
Stomach Bitters. This valuable medi
cine Is- unequalled In all ases of
constipation, indigestion, biliousness,
or malaria, fever and ague. It brings
attout a healthy condition of the bow
els, a nd J ra proves t he a piet 1 1 e.
sure to give It a trial.
Taken In Salem Four Iay8 Ago, It
Was Found In Albany.
Albany, Or.. July 10. A young ma u
from Salc-fn arrived here this after
noon, by wheel, and tried to dispose of
the machine to a bicycle dealer. Tlie
dealer .had received notice that the
wheel had been stolen from Salem,
and as he had a description, he easily
lent Hied It as the stolen wfieeU and
t once informed the young man that
the wheel had been stolen. -This
seared the young fellow and he at
tempted .to run away, but wasicai-
turcd after an Interesting chase. : The
wheel is the property of Ren Irvine, of
Saleuu The young fellow is altout IS
ears of age. good looking, and Rives
the name of John Phillips. He has
placetl in jail and the Salem of
i notified of his arrest.
Athletes at the Parla Ex"idsltion Are
; Very Successful. .
I'aris, : July . . KJ. Twenty-one cham
pionship contests, In. connection' with
the Exposition, have been decided dur
ing, the last three days, aud America
;m lmast of winning sixteen and of
securing thirteen second and. twelve
thirds. . ... - .-"..
Nlm events took plae today, in
which the Americans placed six tirst,
six seconds and seven thirds to their
credit. They captured the Ihm metre
nriue race.- and the standing high
mup, three standing, jumps, the long
ump. the hop, step and jump, tlie
hammer throwing and the standing
ong jump, and they did It easily. Ia
fact, the facility with wliich the Amer
ican athletes carried off the prizes
grew monotonous.
To accommodate those who are
partial to the use of atomizers In ai
plying liquids into tlie nasal passages
for; catarrhal troubles, the proprietors
wepare Ely's Liquid Cream Bain).
Price Including the spraying tulte .fs
cents. Druggists or by mail. Tlie
liquid emlxxlies tlie medicinal proper-
les of the solid preiiaration. Cream
Balm Is quickly alsorlel by the mem
brane mid does not dry CT? the wcre-
tions but changes them to n natural
and healthy character. Ely Brothers,
d Warren SL.N. Y.
Washington. July 10. Ir. Luis
Curvo Maniuez. charge d affairs , of
the Colombian legation, today receiv
ed a cablegram from the Colombian
onsul at Curacao, Informing him tluit
the shins of revolutionists had lieen
raptured by the Colombian govern
ment. In the opinion or ir. t'nrvo
Marque, this reverse destroys the
last hope of the revolutionary party.
Rt Lonls. JulyTr-r-Fredcrlck IL Leh-
mann. attorney ror ine rt. hi"
Transit Comimuy. states that the com-
iwny.wlll not submit to tne antira
tlon of . differences Istween It and Its
employes, as reqnesteil by the citizens
arbitration committee. ;
j H Cold Steci or Death.
' Thrre U bnt one small chance to
s.i vp tour life ami that is through an
operation, was the awful prospcer set
before Mrs. 1. HlIUni.iO Lime imn.
Wis , by her doctor after vainly trying
to cure her of a frightful case of stom
ach, trouble and yellow jaundice. He
didn't count on the marvellous power
of lieetric Bitters to cure Stomach and
I ifr rfuh!ee but she heard OI tt.
took seven bottles, was wboUy cured,
avoided surgeon knife, now weighs
n. i f1 Kilter thin ever. Its
iipt i . . ...... .
positively guaranteed to cure Stomach,
Liver and Kidney trooiiles an.lr.rvrr
disappoints. Price 50c at UK. bTLTN fc. b
drug stores.
.-. : ...': , "
fwi'f.tn.1 Tniir i i-The longshore
n.n nn rprT cTain dock In Portland
are on a strike. Tlie men demand 4d
cents an hour, ami cents an Hour
overtime. They now receive cents
an hour. AlKut men are uuu
"Walking along the street this norn
tnrM romsrkeil the observing boarder;
i oin- a,howcase In front of a "misfit
parlor. with several garments inside
of it labeled. nncalled-for pants. ... j ,
-How accnrately, tlserrerthe enn
tetnplative boarder, that label would
fl nt.lv. ninety-nine times tn a hundred.
to tne-man woo iui "
The Garonae.iJf3C first of the
. -. - - - ,
. Treascrc Ships, Arrives. .
Steamer Oregon landed Parser grig,
- Afflicted wifli I)Upse, ou tlie j
; Beaeb atMlduiirht.
PORT TOWNSEND. Wash.. Jnly Id.
The steamship Garonne, arriviug to
dayj is - th first treasure ship from
Nome. having altout TT,tHM 'lu dust
from that place, and nine lioxcs from
Dawson, of 2.V iHunds each. ' Tlie
Garonne ltrtnight.3t.Kl passengers from
Noaie, most of whom have sjnt aliout
one. month on . the; 'beach: They re
port that the place Is j In great state of
excitement over the smallox epideml.
and that three -deaths have occurred.
The introduction of the disease is
charged to the" Captain of the steam
er .Oregon, aud great indignation n
exiressel. It I statel tliat on June
Itlth, the Oregon arrived at Nome,
with' two well :.-developed cases of
smallpox. ; and the -pas.sengers were
forced ashore At midnight and soon
scattered in the city. General Ran
dall has appealed to the citizens to
raise funds to build a hospital.
ITlHH) her arrival at Nome the Gar
onne was seized oy the customs au
thorities for violating the regulations,
in icarryliigilHi cases of liquor) from
Seattle without having the sanie ap
pear on her manifest. Special Agent
McBrlde was placed in charge of her,
and brought her here.
London Has No Confirmation of the
f Reported Massacres.
London. July 17.4-3:30 a. m Up to
$ his hour iio , i further cables 1 have
been reeelved Tegarillng' the reported
massacre at Peklni, fro.m anysoutTe.
In tlie House yfCoinnions, last even
ing. Iieyond ,sthe admission that-there
was ao ground forhoiIug that the re
port; was' not -.true, . William St. John
Broderlck,' I'arliamentary Secretary
for the Foreign Office, had nothing to
couiuiunk-ate. ..f-. j -
It was whispered, on the Ministerial
side of the Cinnmons, that the next
vote ion accHnt pi inilitary unih'rtak
ings In South Africa andChlna will b
startling In amount. Telegrams from
Shanghai and Che Foo Indicate an
Increasingly serious state of affairs
It Is alleged that the nreign consuls
at Shanghai have-'cabled their govern
ments that there Is urgent neel- for
warshipsto protect that city.
Town of Coletnan Swept Away by
Appry Waters.
i Coleman. Tex.. Jnly 10 Fifteen lives
are known to have twen lost In a cloud
burst here today; Ten Itodles have
bee recovered,, ; It Is feared many
biore live were lost In the talley lie
low i Coleman: The cloud-burst, which
followed' three days of unprecedented
raid, caused Ford's creek to burst Its
h.ifika and rush thronch Coleman, a
tillage of less than inluibitanls.
The bewildered citizens, roused from
their slnmbers, rushed Into the streets
and were swept war.
Jos. Spath ami John Fulelsstine man
aged to mount their horses. They
dasiied Into the water ami swam their
horses to house where four little girls
were screaming for help. Each res
cned twoehildreh, whom they took uh
011 their horses. 1 L Tlie animals 4 were
swept away and all were drowned.
business or TBI TCHHte PMTOr
Cmtwm UrrMMla R-lftf tbaOl
First Oraa Tow wilt Rarl
':" il Delivery. :
O. Frank Roberston. postmaster at
Turner, Ulie opiy office In tlie Talley
that has had the Rural Mall system
during all of the past two years, ren
dered bin account to tne Posioffiee De
partment, at Washington, n Saturday
of last week, showing the receipts and
expenditures of the offie for the fiscal
year ending June a I, 11. The reiort
shows a most gratifying state of af
fairs, the increase in the volnroe of
business over that of tlie preceding
tw4ve months! being nearly SO per
cent-i Postmaster Robert son Is proud
of tbie record made by his office, esjie-
c Lilly since Turner waa the first post
orH.-e In Oregon to have the Rural Mail
established, which at that time was
looked upon as1 a risionary scbem and
much In the nature of an experiment,
the sncce-as of "which-was seriously
doubted. Happily, the results have
been such as to cause the extension of
the system. - ''
I'Ost master . Robertson's statement
for the last fiscal year shows the fol
low lag Items of Interest:
Postal Account ,
Rec'd from sab of stamps. .?6S7 -1
Re'cived from box rent 23 75
Total.. .V .. .. .. .. .. .'..,.$710 0tJ
Money Order Account
ll3 money orders Issued. . .-.$SHV1 JvS
Fe-s on same. .............. 7S
War tax t
' Total . .. . . $0(VI3 42
325 onlers paid. . . ,$1078 82
lie posit of funds, Salem office. -ia!l tt
S:Uary, iost master . . .t. 33
Balance on hand. 12 51
Tot :il receipt s of office., .... .$977 3S
1 he total uuiu.ler of pieces ,oT mail
coHe-ted and dellveretl during tlie j'ear
was !.7ti'i. "
"WV have noM many different cough
rt uie.!ks. but. none . has given. letler
satI.rctUu than Chaiulterlatu's. says-j
Mr. Charlea .Ho.zhauer. druggist, N
wark, N. 4. II Is iwrftt'tly safe anl
iaa I e relied uixn in all cases of
-ouglis. old. of lkxtr!'iw!s. Sld by
F. J. Haas. Salem. Oregon. r . v
MltlrVG Of COAT BB-IDrrtS.
Stoi-kholders of National Anirnra Goat
"Record AssK4idtlui Couvene and
Elect Officers.
The stockholders of the National
Aucora Goat Re-rd Assjwlation held
mi adjourned meeting in tills city at
I lie ollh-e of lletiry It. Thielsin yes
terday nfteriioou.. The principal lnisi
ness trausactid was the election of a
lioard of directors, consisting of: J.
B. Early. Macleay; J. B. Stump. Mon
mouth; Wm. Browm Salein: II. M.
Williamson. Purtland; aud ll-nry It.
Thlelseii. Salem.
The dlrei-tors "all qualified and suli-
seq'iieiitly held a meeting when the
following officers were elected: J. U.
Early, Macleay. president; J. B.
Stump. Monmouth, viee president; II.
B. Thlelsen, Salein, . secretary: II. M.
Williamsou. Portland, treasurer.
The association will hereafter hohl
Its annual meeting on the tirst AVe-l-neslay
of the session's of the Oregon
State Falr.-
Mrs. C. G. Fisher, of Monmouth, was
irought to Salem from Ttoncalla yes
terday afternoon and Immetliately con
veyed to her home in Polk -ounty.
Mrs. F'isher was rectMitlj' willed to
Yoncalla to attcul her father and her
brother; who were seriously Hi. lslli
of whom 4 .died, and she sustained a
stroke of paralysis, a ffeetlng' her en
tire left side. While Iter conditiod is
nt necessarily "critical, still it caoxes
serious apprehension among the mem
bers of the family. "' ""''.-;
A BROKEN RIB Frank Mayiiole
Brown, nn employe In" the Hansen &
Itndon tssh aud Ior Factory, yes
terday mornlhg met with a slight mis
hap ai tnat Institution by which he
suffered the fracture of a rib. "The
patient Is doing nicely, however, and
the accident will not deter him from
work for any length of ilnie.
A Frightrul Blunder
Will often cause a horrible Burn,
Scald. Cut or Bruise. Bucklen's Arni
ca Salve, the best in the world, will
kill the pain and promptly heal it. Cures
Old Sores. Fever Sores, Ulcers, Bods,
relon. Corns, all Skin hruptions.
Best Pile cure on earth. Only 25 cts.
ar box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by Dr.
STONE, druggist. ...
jVdg G. II. IIarott Holds thst Hscb
Property Csa H Attaehod to St- '
Circuit Judge George II." ' Burnett
held a short session of department No.
1 of the State circuit cotirt for Marion
county, yesterday, and handed down
his decision In the case of Mrs. A. II.
ijiCrolx, plaintiff, vs. P. J. Sharbacl.
defendant, arguments in which wcr
had ou July 10th.
Tla plaintiff recently secured judg
ment against defendant, for $!II8..V).
and Interest at lo per cent, together
with ctAt and disbursements amount
ing to flo.OI, on an old note. The de
fendant had no ' real or is-rsnal
lroperty that could be attachel, ami
as a final effort the attempt was made,
lo attach' the defendants one-fourth
interest In a patent for a changeable
bicycle gear, held by him. The case
is known as aprts-eeding under attach
ment supplemental to execution, and
the argument wa bad last Tuesday,
on a motion to si rise out inu u
ashle the petition ami affidavit and to
dissolve tlie restraining order and also
a demurrer to the .petition ami affl
davit, Tlie whole case hinged on the
question as to whether or not a Unit
ed States -patent was uawe to execn
tion. Judge Burnett, after consider
Jng the ease-, hold that a -patent Is
liable to execution, the order entered
In the case yesterday being as follows
"A. II. La Croix, plaintiff, vs. P. J.
S-barlach. defendant.
This canse having been, on July 10.
1!X. heard on t lie motion of defen
dant ' for an order setting aside the
petition and affidavit on proceeding
supplemental to execot Ion herein- and
striking out tlie same 'and dissolving
the restraining order and Injunction
therein, as well ' as nin the defen
dant's demurrer to said jstltlon" and .
affidavit, the court reserved its decis
ion, and being now fully advised it
Is ordered aud adjudged by tlie court ',
that said motion ami said demurrer'.
Is and they are hereby overruled, and
in all things denied. .
"And now comes the plaintiff by L,
K. Adams, her attorney, and the de
teudaht apissirafin his own propr
tM-rskii as well as by W. M. Kaiser
aud W. T. plater, 'his attorneys, and
the defendant , is ex a mined on on Hi in
e.p4u court concerning his prHrty
liable to execution.' TIeivtqHn it ap
pears to the court. andfthe cimrt tiuds,
that the. defendant la the owuer of an
uiulividel one-fourth lolctvst aud right
In a nt t to I'nlted State patent No. -,
and that the same Is liable to execu
tion in this action.
,U is. thercfr ordcrtnl ami a 1
julgel ly the coiirt. that-the def en-"
datit ls aud be Is hereby required 1o
apjdy his said uudiidnl one-fourth
lutei-est and right. In and to said -Unit-,
ed States tatent No. r-r , in satisfai
t ton of the judgioeiit of tliis court,
heretofore rendered against him. and ;
In favor of th plaintiff In this act iou ;
(hat to that end the defendant be and j
he I hereby orderel and required tn j
execute and deliver. U tlie receiver,
hereinalter iimiimhI and poliiti-l.
within ten days after the qualiuVattoit
of such receiver, an Inxt ruiiu nt In writ
ing projier nnd effectual for the pnt
sse as required by tlie laws of the ,
United States, of AtnerK'a.icouveylnK
to sin h receiver tlie defendant's said
undivided olie-fourth interest and
iht tn and to said Uultetl States p.i
feiit No. ' ,lo ls .tHthl by said re
ceiver and the proceeds of such sal
applied in satisfaction of said judg
ment heretofore reudered herciu; that
W. II. Hohsoii Ih and he Is hereby at- ,
pointed a tiM-eiver In this .Mellon for'
the uses and purines - hereinafter
named; that the amount of the under
taking of said receiver Im and hereby
is llxjil at tlie sum of-$lM. and that
said ivceiver 1h and he Is hereby au
tioriz4Hl. itMpiinil and emitowered,
umii taking the oath and lllitig his
tiiidertakiug as niuirMl by law aud
this order f court, ,to receive from
the defendant ' the -convey am -e of de
fendant's undlvldtnl one-fourth Inter
cut and right in and to said Puited
Stats patent No., mid to sell the
same In the manner provided by law
for sales of personal prosrty on exe
cution, and aily tlui prKels if such
sale In satisfaction of said Judgment
heretoftwe renderinl In this net ion."
Judge Burnett, after making the
atovc .order, adjourned his department
of the cotirt for tlni - term.' '
ApM-al, July 14th: . ' , .
A new y'tt has aitNarM ink the clo
ver fields on Howell prairie. It Is a
worm. ' ,Tliey are, from one -half to, one
and one-half Inches in leiiptlV and have
apjsanl in great nnnilM'rM' In uome
fields They strip the lenvS fi-om the
clover steins and kill tlie plant. No one
seems to know anything a'suit the new
:'.,."-.' . . ,. -'
The Sllvcrtdti r-anierj' rys now run
ning'' with an average of hIniiiI rioo
pounds of cream fwr day. T wo bniuis
are t'oIlt-H'tlng cream. .The routes are"
IhroiiKh tlie following districts: Ml. '
Angel. Macleay, Scott's Mills and Sll-U
vertoii hills. Tlie buxiness is growing. 7.
but so far tlie faruicrs weiu to Is a
little . Iwickwnrd about furnishing
cream. Mr. Miller Is paying IKc ' mt
INMind for butter" fat.
Hop growers lu this- vicinity are.
engaging pickers. Hops gcnernily are
looking well In this locality. Lice have
apjicarcd but not In grint nunilwrs. At
this time growers do not., apprehend .
much damage tills season from ver
min. HoM are unusually early this
season. We understand that II Is tlie'
Intention to commence picking In some
yards on August i!5th. The price f
picking has not yet been agnn-d ujon.
In res-ponse to rcquesfs we give ft
synopsis of tls" game law of Oyegoju as
Is now exist: .. , , "
Ier. tiKHtse and mountain sheen
may 1e kUb'ft from July l.'.ih to' No-veiuls-r
1st. Prohibited for market
entirely. Spotted fawn not to be kill
ed at all. Deer huuling prohibited 1m-
tween one hour after sunset and half
nn hour Ix-lore sunriKc. ao uogs ui-
t5rous. iirairie" chickens, pheasants, ,
Chinese pheasants, quail and partridge
may lie kllhHl from October 1st to !-
cetnlier 1st. Market bunting prohibit
ed In Chinese pheasants for three
years from spring of ".r. other birds
from Noveiijlwr Kith to .Oclolwr l.fh.
Trap, netting and-snnrlng of birds pro
hibited. Jack snipe may Is killed from
Septcmls-r let to February 1st. Only
fifteen upland birds may be kflle1 111
a day. No shooting from public high
ways, nor on farms without permis
Trout may Is caught from April 1st
to November 1st. but never under five
Inches in length, and only with hook
and line. .Eastern brook trout Intro
duced protected for three years from
spring of 'if.K i
State Hoard of Horticulture Should
Look After Imported Fruit.
. Eugene Guard:
A nuraler of our local fruit men are
severely criticizing the State Board of
Horticulture for-. the way It enforces
the law. Tltey say they will enforce
the rules as to all shipments or fruit
to outside of state fsdnts. Why do they
not te a particular with California
fruit coming Into the state. A pToti
can go to any fruit stand and find In
fected California fruit. es-cial!y will
this be so with parasiti-s 011 the lem
ons. .
For saI11oats a rew nttachment al
lows' mast to be moved to cither side
of the boat as the wind shifts, a hori
zontal arm Isdng pivoted nt the for
ward eu'd of the hull, in foe outer end
of which the tnast H f"tt Wilh a lever
which allows thp tar to lw shifted to
adjust the masL Chicago 'News. '
Zeor renamed In tb minds of
Including two medical, and 817 men. of