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the mimm
Chinese Attacked Allied forces
with Great Vlgcr.
The Japanese Array Prepared to Do
Valiant Service A Long 'Jam- ,
paiffn Is in Prospeet.
-LONDON. July 11. No ajithentle
news from IVkdi, Is still the burden
of tbe dispatches from the East and.
although tbe disposition Is to lielieve
the optimistic reports from Chinese
Bounty, no real confidence Is HssIble
until the legations are permitted j to
communicate with their 'overnnionts.
According to a Che Foo dispatch,
tbe fighting around Tien Tsin on
July 3d and 4th. was the Everest j'et
experienced. The Chinese had 35,liOo
men attacking simultaneously from
the north, east and west, and made
excellent practice with over loo guns.
The defenders numliered 14.O0O. with
scant supplies, .and it was only the
presence of the newly arrived Jaimu
ese and Russian guns that prevented
a disaster. One Russian company1 of
Infautry. numlering 520 men. had 115
killed or wounded. Tbe German cou-i
tingent also Buffered heavily nnd the
British casualties were thirty. ' ' ; j
On July Oth, the Chinese-renewed
tbe attack ii'ion Tien Tsiu. with two
batter leu of 4-tncb guns, but tbe allien,
aided by two of Her Majesty's ship
Tcrrible'a puns, succeeded In silencing
the artillery after eight bourn of lights
lag. j I
Loudon. July II. The CJie Foo cor
respomlent of the Express, telegraph
ing yesterday tTucsdayl, says: "The
-Japanese force is equipped with tbirty
j lx heavy mortars and 120 field gnus,
-and has fiontoon and talIoon ; sec
tions. It is. eXieeted either Marshal
Nodzu or Marshal Oyaiua will take
command The plan of campaign 0011
template operations extending over
two or three yean. " 1
A further force of 13,f0 inen will
le landed at Taku a week bcuce,'and
lO.iMMi additional soon afterward.. Be
fore the rainy season is well advanced.
Japan exects to have "3.hio troops
in China. ' - , , . ; j
" "These formidable preparations are
Viewed with great distrust by Gr
tuauy, Russia and France." - j
. Wasbiugioii. Jury,. H. The fllw
lug otticial lisitteh was revived here
loiiiubt from China: f ;
-Che Fto, July lO. Secretary i of
Sta te .Washington: The . Sluui Tung
Governor -wires, .he has reports tlaitHl
July '4th that all legations in IVkin
"Iftife, exeept the
German. tSIgmtl.)
Fo wler, consul."
" Washington, July 10. -Secretary Ing
said touight. there was not a word f
news for the press from China, but
tluit he exieeted some tomorrow.,
- -- i
Oil Works Near That-City Destroyed
Resulting In leath to. Workmen J
., Employed There. !
ASTORIA. July 10.--The explosion
of a Imiler in Dt Force's oil works
near this city, this evening. resulte-I
In the death of Jack Shaw, an employe
and fatal Injuries to Eugineer Moore.
Cliris Reutz, another employe who
was In a loat alongside t!e factory;
Is missing and is Indfevetl to have
lnen blown from the lsiat by tlie tm
mrssioii and drwnM. The nt-idiit
is said to Ik due to a defective Inki
er. The factory is totally destrtjyetl.
Astoria. July 10. Engineer Moore
tiled at the hospital tonight.
AliiHKSt at the same hour of the ex
plosion at the DeForee oil factory,
M r. De Force's hamlsome residence,
oer thret miles distant on shore,
caught fire ami burued to the ground.
: ' I
. PHWkUfll.'VT U'K'IVI l"V t
Spanish and CuIkiu Conspirators Be-
trayeu by an-Accomplice-t.uaru-i
ed by Ietectlves.
NEW YORK, July 11. The World
today says: . !
A plot to assassinate Pnsideut Me
Kinley has been frustratetL It was
tncoctel by a group of Spanish and
Cuban conspirators, . who had , head
quarters In New York. ;
Oue of the plotters .weakeued and
rent "a warnlug letter to a menilier; of
the National Republican committee.
Detectives are now guarding the Ires-
New York, July lO. Two heavy
weight boxing matches, lietween first
iblass pugilists, were" arranged today
to take place lief ore the repeal of the
Horton boxing la wf which goes Into
effect the first day of Sept emlier. Tlie
first match will lie August loth." be
tween FltszJmnious and ius Rnhlin.
who recently tlefiited Sharkey, and
the second will lie between Fitszim
nions and Tom Sharkey about August
25th. ' - ; .
Spring Grain Makes a Bad Shewing
. ; In the Dakotas. G j - - '
Washington. July 10. The returns
to the department of Agriculture show
a further decline In the condition of
winter wheat during June, it being
S0.1 ou July 1st as compared with 82.7
June 1st, and a ten years average of
7!.ft The average condition of spring
wlieat 1 55.2. as compared with 87.3
on month ago. and a ten years aver
age of 4$JU. i The condition In Minne
sota baa fallen to 48; In South Dakota
to 44. and in North Dakota to 30. The
condition of spring and winter wheat,
combined. July 1st, was CU.8, against
7C.2 a year ago.
The amount of .wheat In the hand
of farmers July 1st la estimated at
51,o00,0t)0 bushels, or an equivalent of
0.3 per cent of the crop -of 1 SOO.
Martial Ijw Declared to Prevent law
lessness Disappointed Gold :
-Hunters Return.
' SAN FRANCISCO. July 10. Tbe
steamer St. Paul arrived tonight fron
St. Michaels. Alaska, with news that
martial law had been proclaimed -at
Caie Nome. The St. Paul brought
$1,500,000 In gold. consigned fo the
Alaska Commercial Company, and fifty
passengers. The necessity for mar
tial law arose out of the jumping of
mining claims, and other acts of law
lessness. . ; . ,
The SL Paul also reports a "great
many rases of smallpox and typhoid
fever at Nome. Among the jiasseu
gers from Cape Nome fhere wer
some who returned disappointed
These report about 30.000 men there,
many of whom are unable to find em
ployment. They say many Will re
turn by the next steamers.
Seattle. Wash.. July 10. The steam
er City of Seattle returned from Alas
ka this morning, with $000,000 gold.
Victoria, .11. C.July 10. The steam-
i.r ( Vittn ft f'lttr nrrirtxl tnihir liriilir-
Ing a number of Klondikers and $3oo, -
m Mi In gold.
Semi-Anuual Openlng'of Rid at the
- State I'eultentiary A wards" Will
Sion Made.
tFrom Daily Statesman. July 11.) :
At 3 o'ebs-k 3'esterday afternotn,
Suierintudeut J. I. Iee, of the state
eiiileutiary, tiened bids for furnish
ing that Institution with supplies for
the ensuing six months. The awards
are not made. In grtss eoutrnets, but
rather by item, according to sample
and figure submitted by t lie .wpeetive
I dders. For this reason the totals of
some of ilie bids was not giv?n. The
awards will be made within r few
days. ,
TIjc proposals submittetl were is Uh
lows: . ' .
Dry Gootls Meier & Frank 'Co., of
Portland. : . . : ' . t
.MeatSteuslon! Bros.. $7.13 per 200
pounds;! K. C. Cross. $7.10.
Flour Salem Flouring Mills. $MlS:
Itolwrtson Krs of Turner. f2.a: V.
K. McAllister, of Enger Mills, $2.7.
Plumbing Supplies Knox '& . Mur
phy. $:2VSO.
Woolen (;oods Thos. Kay Woolen
Mill CtC f 1.25 per yard for suiting; '.,2
cents for shirting. ' "r :;r : -
I' ish J. A. Taylor, salmon (not speci
fied O cents; halibut, G cents; G. Steln
er, chinook' salmon, 10 cents; steel
heads. 10 cents; silversides. 8. cents
and bluebacks. 7Vac; halibut. CM,c.
Drugs C. W. Putnam, $210: D. J.
Fry, f 21 7.24 ; F. G. Haas, $ 194.73. ;
bid not yet -omputed.
Ieather and Findings Bpeyman
leather Co.. of Portland.
Groceries Bids received from Ford
& St (Kikes, of Astoria; John Hughes.
Harritt & Lawrence and Weller Bros.,
of this city. These bids have not Ihh'U
canvassed or the samples examined. ;
The Isianfof trustees for the insane
asyntm yesterday afternoon opened the
bids for tlx supplies recently adver
tised for. There was a large mass of
bids, and a force of clerks were set at
work to segregate. the bids, but it will
lie se'veraF days lef ore the proposals
will lie tabulated, Hud the contracts
awarded. ' , x v
HAMiiMnUN. I. t'.. July Ji. i:n-
cle Sam has ordered nearly five billion
postage stamps for use during tlie fis
cal year which has just lieen begtin.
Tliese will le preparetl at tlie Bureau
o' Printing and Engraving and sup
pneu to tne I'ostomce iieimrtnieut as
they are neNiei. Aico:diiig to do
nomitrations, the stamps required are
as follows: , 1.07.lJSl,ooo one-cent
stamps;- 3,b!.S3l.tK twos; ; 34XsK.fH)0
threes. 35.5t'MM'MH: fours. tr2.2t.OOi)
fives, 0.SH0.0OO sixes, K.80tK00 eights
2.KHMKM tens, 3.5O0.00 fifteens. 7MsM)
fifties. 4t .00t ) oue-dollar stamiis, 3.x
two-tlollar stamps, and 4.0tiO five dot
lar stamps. Of the ten-cent special
delivery stamps. 7.850,000 were asked
for. The isistage due' stamiis tskel
for are ii.5oo.tKio ones, 14.150.(MM twos,
500.1M) threes, lMlO,0t)0 fives. 2.000,000
tens. 4.000 thirties and 2.000 fifty-cent
jsenaior woieott. wno nas tnst re
turned to this city, has lieen notified
of his apiMilntment to inform tlor.
Roostvelt of his nomination as Vee
1 rtident. and will perform that duty
on July 12th at Oyster Bay. The Colo
rado Senator will arrive at Nev "ork
City, on the evening of July 11th,
where be will meet tbe other memiiers
of the Notification Coniinit tee. The
next morning they wil go to Oyster
Bay and discharge the djty which
they have lieen designated to x rform.
As soon as the. necessary authori
zation can lie obtained from Spain, a
lioard of naval officers wll exam lie
the Ms floating dock taken over to
Havana just before the war and still
retained In.SpauIsu ownerl.ip. Com
mander Luden Young will ' lie presi
dent of the board. Tin comnuinlant
of the rensacola nary yard has askel
that the dock lie sent to that tstahlih
tnent. He points -out l he advanttges
of the station and the value of hating
the Havana dock transferred to that
place. It may lie senT to Km Joan.
Porto Rico, however. Tu board will
report upon the condition of the dock,
which may be-too badly orrred to
be useful. In which event It will not be
purchased by tbis govern trieut. v
Designs for the DuiTalo Pau-Anieri-can
exhibition exjiwif Ion , iosJage
stamps have leen subinl'.ej, to Assist
ant Secretary Vanderllp f be '"reas-ui-y
for bis approval. Tb.y are oblong
In shape, similar to the WrlJ Fair
and Omaha exiositin f-:aiups, cud
will lx irinteJ !u denomiiuttljus
and two colors at special ieiuet
of the exposition promoter. sH-.nded
by the Postofiice DepirTm.nt. ( On the
one-cent stamp will le an engraving
of a large: lake ytea;nsii!;x nn the
two-cent a railroad trap wiil apn-ar
coming ttearly head on. tno tlwe
nt will le a picture o1! jin jmcino
lile Alout a billion in all will !e
printed.', ? '?-.-.-". . '.;...',. -f-
Forty million dolLtrs worth of man
ufactures i were r exportwl from this
country last notith v ami V ?A" WtxotH)
worth of manufacturers material was
fiuportetl. This w a hlglMT record Iwlli
in exMH-tatioti and importation of
i:;tnt,'aetuj'ers uuitirial. ti-ti ;to
ever made in acj prewding month'. In
the history of onr fo-eign eemmerce.
This as!ims a , roI; oxporrat;o!i of
mancfacttires In t h ' lis4al year 000
of.fully 42Tm and an iiu na
tion of mauufaerureis ir'Hteriais of
The full effect of 1 no German antl
incat lw wiJi i t -f felt ry her'
ously for nb:iit: :u? udcss tun
derma n gvrtiti.:t cU-ci4Us to at.
tra ril v abrog 1 1 its i rr-i t Ics w't h s
number of -tb! E'trix-u eouMrHt1.
This can lx d ci of t.tii- but the
more u.-utal p-'i.lur is lo ter."i-nte
them lwUg."e e,-it aul tlt.s au-i,;
1h accomplisheil In some cases for
quite a while. Consul Worman writer
from Munich to the Stale Department
that Grmany lias n oiiiunrial
tresity with Italy jerm!ttiit4 me en
try "of Kiich goods, which cannot b
al rogatsl ttutil tpv end. when
the trade eomptet with AusUla-IIuu
gary, Ii'lgiuui, Swr.ze-lfiil, Kuss-a,
1 Komnanfa. Servia, anditaly wll Ur
minate. Tbe UnltM Mates-ii', ol
course, send its via on t'.t -an
other of these t-ouiitries. j , !
Grave iinju.stle Is lieiiig cone : to
I'erry Ilea tit. First Assistant J .-iraster-tjeneral.
by coutiuual temrts
that he jwlll '-sm' resig.i foni the
lMstofhe Iep:ii-tiu"nt 'on r.eoiut of
the Neelj' scainlnl. It is probable lhat
Mr. Heath will i-esig-i end res,uce bis
connection W'i Ii tlie itepnttiicau h:t
tioital committee tlie latter jiart of
July, not iM-a.ise of anything i'luit has
occurred in ; tnitfi,- b'tt i N-cause bis
servifs in 'lie auo ttgu f lnl -vcre
so valuable ihat ioey wa-ti l"m J'ain
He will serve as s-t-retarx of the
western branch of the national cwi-
mittee- ?' ;
The S':ir Dep t'tn ut is recetv'ng
every day dozens of letters from Indl
viueais ; ami trgimm!ons onermg
tneir services in ca-se of war with
China. It may l-e sjtid f-r getjen.l
Miiormaitou. inai tnere is only one
answer ' ixxssible. By the
ot March 2, IStK),
the I'resident was
authorized to raise a force of uot
more man i..iJKJ Volunteers, which
volunteer, force "shall continue In ser-1
vice only during the necessity there
for aud nor later than June fJO. PJOV
ana ,ry the act or April 22, lWiS , the
oluntet-r army of tb- Uuiie. SSates
can be malutaineil only duriug the
estenee of war. and shall le iisetl
and oriranizexl "ontv, nfttr Cniiff hm
has authoHzetl tlie President to raise
such a force or to calljnto ihe actual
service of the I nitetl States the mill-
tla of the st-yeral states. Thus there
ll ,T afi'tiior Tt J to;accnt any
such offers and there can lie no such
only If Congress so legislates.'
The stiri'IuK for the government" for
the, fiscal year just closed proves to
is ri?.i.n i. ine receipts were
?.sw.i,s.!4S and the expenditures
$4.S7.75!.171. The monthly statement
shows that total rctipts for June
were $.il.4.'15.832, and the exenlltures
.i:40.i;7;. leaving a surplus for tlie
montn of 17,N!.,1.!.
ror the fiscal year that has just
ended the coinage executed t the
l nitea Mates mints amounted fo
lS4.;2l.7!a pieces, valued at 141,301.
:a. a follows: (Jold. 7,52,7S phws
valuetl at $107,!7,11(; silver 75.350,-
2.1 pieces valued at -$31,121,833; mi
nor coins. 101.30l.753 pieces valued at
2,243.017. In MHi the total numlier
if piet-es coined was 122,270,045, and
the value ?13f.855,i75. .
tiirkt; times was enough.
Welister Did Not Propose to Square
ins Accomit a Fourth Time.
Daniel Webster
careless In business
not seem to .;now the ,-alue of mon-
ey and scattered it about with a lav
isn nand when he had it and Isir
rowed It when he con hi. An Incident
illustrating- tlie first mentioned trait
of his Is related. On one occasion a
man presented a bill to him for-ay-
UH'Ul. . i i
"Why. s:iil Welister, "I liave
that bill tK.fore."
ne neightsir asstiretl him that he
was mistaken.
ah right. then; call again in , the
morning ami f will settle with you."
As soon as the man was gone Weli
ster culled his mm Fletcher ami told
mm 10 iook over ins papers and see If
lie could not find a receipted bill. To
the surprise of both, two ro-oioti
bills were fouud. showing that fbeMhere." I '!"
bill had lieen paid twice. Welister put SOME PLAINT FACTS.
i ue reeeipis iu his K ket and sjild I
uoimug. i
Iu tlie morning the neighlior return-
ed lor the money. Welister took his
seat under the old elm and ordered I
trijfiif ut iinng out toe decanter. Fill-
Ing the glass to the brim, he hnndml
it io ine man and told him to drink,
-eiwer meu iiegan;
I lr- Uank. do you keep lxmksr
i ne man assuml him that iu it,iln
x .-ii i liuuiu no vise von to ii n "
saiti v cosier, and. uuninir nn .f n,a
! ,., . ' . -"
..-.,.H ui m iHHKei, uatuied u to I
hi in.
The ; ram was coveriMl with nnfn.
d rrriL j v.,
- - w w "till I
oerter get a look keener who nruior. I
Htand double entry' at the sanhvat nas s X t,
I ma hn. n 1,! - . - I
"-. L,rptrIW .
to iy this bill Just onece more, but I I
' runiri . X H III frklTUT loll
t ' . ; '
"When yon see n man carrvlnir an
nmbrella," said PeeaL "It
dence. "Sometimes It means dishon
esty," . said Yegal. Pblladelnhia Itee-
onL ' ' " . - - : -
The story carries us ttack toi feudal
times and has been cleverly done Into
verse: ;"...' " - ; V ." ' j ' r ' ' I "-:'
"King John and the Abbesa Ana.
Walketl in the garden one day ,
When he cunningly sought to prove
.. her : - 'i ,i ..:
Anil all of her nuns In gray." 1 -
-Gootl Mother," said the king. You
are shut in here In solitude and peaet.
Bat tell me, do the waves of worldli
uess which break against the high con
vent wall send no dash of spray alsrve
It 8 top? Are there na dreams. of lave
or ambition that creepy past all your
convent guards and nest in these maid
en liearts?" ..:. i' .: , i .. I '
"Just then, high over tlie garden U
Tliere flew to the wide free land ; 1
A bird, and Cue Abliess Ana i f ; 1 1'
Followed Its flight with her hand.
: t . ''. '""' . ' i't.-' - . j -"We
cannot hinder the passing
Of the wild winged bird o'erheatl.
But well we can keep'lt from building
Its nest In the gardeni," she said. ;
A wise' woman was the Abbess Ana.
No walls can shut tliie human heart
away from thoughts which are. bom of
its very humanity. Bnt ho evil thought
can dwell ami breed In the human
heart unless Its presence Is tolerated
and encouraged. So inucli for the old
world story. Now for j f
When the germ tlieory tyis first
talked alwut iKHple lngan to live ' iuj
fear of these inlinitesjmal orgauismsj
land the publicwas imnuHliately offer-
n1 "germicides and j "germ , destroy-
line" metlieines as a nrotectlon. But it
Ih.ts hwh .nlmwn that utr vis tmnosMihla
lo evade the germ. ' It Is everywhere;
In the -air, the water, the soil. ; It is in
the food we eat, the; books we read.
the money with which . we buy, and
selL : "BacterIa exist s eterywhere.:
says a scientific writer, "Except where I
the temperature Is almve that of boil
i s t.... a .i ; , ,
ant in rich fertile soit in stagnant or
polluted water, and la tlie air of large
ritles. The more dangerous, disease-
producing specie, snch as those which
(,,1So cholera, tyihoid fever, inaiaria,
meningitis, etc., are tfhiefly spread bv
polluted water. Those species which
cause scarlet fever, diphtheria, tnber-
culosis, erj-slpelas, ti'are borne on
the air and In infected food material.f
"Bacterioljjy shows that the
average grade of milk distributed to
consumers in large cities often, con
tains as high as eighty million germ
to the cubic Inch." f M: :
What escape Is there from the ererm?
There's no mountain j top inaccessible
to it. A man "locked tin In steel"
would be unarmed against the germi.
No walls are high enough ri thick
enough; to shut it oht. We eat and
drink and breathe knowftig to a cer
tainty that we-are taking into tlie sys--teni
germs of foul and fatal diseases.
But Nature has safeguarded ns from
the germ by giving R no power over
those who do not invite its nieolir.u
by physical weakness. fVe can't keep
the gernt out. We can keen ft fmn.
making a breeding place of our liodies.
now? . . i i r j
By keeping tin the bhvsic.il strength-
was notoriously r'5" k'l,i ,4," Woiitl pure and leuti
matters. He did ' In a Iroractetl epidemic of dis-
east. nurses anil (liatnrti rn -..l r- rnTl
victims until the epidemic is neaJi its
close. Then, often, they are- stricken.
They luive weakened themselves with
work. I hey have t bail Irtsnfticient
sleep. TlK'y have ehten Irregnlarlv.
Anx4ety and excitement! have Inlui-I-
tuisly affectetl the digestive and nutri
tive process and col la use conies -i
It's the same In eV4'ry ordinary case
of disease as in thf epMlenric. : The
germ of tuberculosis, may be received
a thousand times and cast out bv the
vigonins Issly. Soimjt day when the!
failure of the digestive and nutritive
proeesses has hvwered the vitality of
the Is.tly and imiMiverished tlie IiUnkI
t?pplj, the germ finds a weak, sj nf
and. so to speak. Hiuilds. its iiesit
lliere are thousands ami -fens of
ttbousiinds of men
aiud women Y who
have lyen brought n
l from the lowest
physical coudition to the highest by
Dr. Pierce's Golden ledieal Discov-
ery. From weak, miserable sufferers.
emaciated, eoiiirhlm
with bleeding tif
the Jungs even.
they have Isn-n
brought up to vhrorius. healthr lift.
and thejr testify thatj they never knew
ht iir u-. m.tii
I , What . Is "Gnhlen I tMi:.w,i i
. '
ii ta a mflii:iiu. -
of the stomach and
organs of diges-
tion and nutrition.
But what has a
pnediciue for the
?. uuku lung, or
KT - I 1 E. i - - - .: -
a !., i,t . 3 " ;
- w"h ''uags,the i,rt, the liver and
. . . ..... ,M . . w
m, it t,.-. ,1 - :
Iia - hnH mr ) . - - t
Ioa f n organ which makes it posi-
ble for the germ to find a loilgment In
It. . :
The stomach has leverythlnir lo do
with diseases-of lungs. : heart, liver or
any other organ, and Dr. Pierce's Gol-
den tMlical Diseorery has everything
to do witlreures of di'asel hiugs ills
eased liver, diseasetl ' heart, ' diseased
kidneys, etc., because it cures through
the stomach diseases which have their
origin lh a diseased condition of the
stomach aud other organs of digestion
and nutrition-' . ..!-. "' , ' .'--.J.i'y
Every claim made for "Discovery" Is
capable of overwhelming proof. It is
never lalmel for this nttHlicine that It
will do anj-thiug which It has not al
ready done, thousands of times.
' "For over a year I was r troubletl
with such a cough and a pain. In my
chest that I could not rest at night."
writes Onier J. Sennet, llq., of . Fvauk
liu. St. Mary's Par., La., care of Mr,
j. w. Foster. 'l 'thought I had 'con
sumption. I tried cough mixtures ami
other patent medicines, but they did
me no good and t was falling away all
the time. until I. began taking Dr.
Pierce's Medical Discovery and' "Pleas
iiut I'cllcts. The first isittle made me
leel letter. so I tok eight Isittle's, and
now I feel like another man." ;
i There's a great deal of talk alont
?'blootl-making melicines. . No meli-
ciue can make a drop of blotsl. Blood
is made front fooil. Bhssl Is the; life
fluid, but that life fluid-depends on
food for tlie elements where wit ii tlie
vigor ami vitality of the Issly are sus
tained. : For this reason "Golden Med
ical Discovery" has a wonderful effect
in increasing the quantity and Improv
ing the quality of tbe bloodj-beeause It
stri'iijjthens the tligestitm and increases
tbe -nutritive and assimilative isiwers.
It Is only as food Is ierfeetly digest
ed ami properI.v assimilated that, It can
furnish -the elements neethti ; by tbe
blood to build up. tbe Issly. "r "Golden
Med leal Discovery" heals diseases of
tlw organs of digestion and nutrition
which prevent The proper digestion and
perfect assimilation of . food. When
the 'stomach and tllgestlve and nutri-tive'syst-eiii
is rstretl to health, . the
natural result Is an Increased supply of
rich, pure .-, blood.' - Some 'remarkable
ceres of . .blood' diseases have ; followed
the use of tlie "Discovery."
I feel it my Iuty to inform you of
my ' wtinderful cure from the use 5 of
jocr medlcitie.'Twrites Mrs. E. H...Mc--
1-nin. 'of Meretlosla. Morgan Co.. 111.
"In 1KS1 -a place alsiu't the sixe of a
silver dime broke out on my-scalp and
it kept spreading until it went nil over
my head.: It pained a great deal and
ran, and we tried a great many dw
tors -and all, kind of imtent medicine;
but none did ;auy good. So it went on
tjiitil 1800 and I was taken. sick and
lay alioqt ten weeks." I was in a very
weak condition ami I was recommend
ed to try Dtietor Pierce's Golden Med
ical Discovery. ; I took aliout six lst
tles. I think, bout tliree lsittles of
medicine I took for my weakness, not
tbiftking of it helping me hi any other
way. ami I feel so : thankful that I
don't know bow to express my thanks
for the cure -of my head.
. 'I am now In my tiSth year and am
very strong. ? , . ; - . ;
Dr. Pierce's theory is that disease of
the stomach and allied organs of diges
tion ami nutrition. Is the fruitful cause
of diseases of -heart. lungs, liver and
kidneys, ami these diseases originating
in the stomach are cured through the
stomach by the use of "Golden Medi
cal Discovery. Tin proof of the sound
ness of this theory lies iu the variety
and multiplicity of tlie. cures of "Gol
den Medical Discovery." and the fact
that the whole,' physical tone Is at
once elevated by Its healiug and
strengthening power.
"Your medicines have t'one so much
for me that I cannot thank you enough
for "advice a nd .'kindness shown me."
writes Mrs. Warren E. Parker, of
Orange St.. Nantucket. Mass; "Three
3 ears ago I was taken sick with what
the doctor 'called nervousness and indi
gestion. He gave me .medicine for the
trouble, but 1 could not even -.eat a lit
tle toast or oataneal without sufferim-
severely, i reft hungry but hardlv
. ......
da ml eat anything, in a few months
I Isgan to have distressim? hiii
tiKui in rue pu or my stomach. After
i ne uisiress passed .. a way .... It-would
- ii.v moiii;teu so s ire mat I was
oliligetl to lie in lied several days.' I
called, tlie doctor again and he r.: hi I
I .1 1. tr . . ,
n;m .11.11111 ti iMomacu; gave ine
medicine but it .did not do any good. I
iost - imhihos in three months. At
last I was so bsid tluit I thought I was
beyond help. One of my friends loan
ed me jn Pieu-e Common Sense
Medical Adviser-to read, and when I
read that many iicople had lieen curetl
by his iiitHliciiies I made up my mind
to write tti hi ni, nltluiugli 1 was so lwid
I diln"t think there .was any help ftir
tne. 1 wrote and Mated my case and re
ceived a prompt retrty. lie told me
had indigestion, associated with a tor
pid li-er, and he advised me to take
his 'Golden Medical Discovery and al
so ins -reliefs,' if const incited. I com
tueneed taking his medicines Immedi
ately, and stsitt lgan to fHl lietter. I
have taken six Uittles of 'Golden Med
ical Discovery, two - of 'Favorite lre-
scripf ion, ami six vials of Dr. Pierce's.
Pellets. I have gained ten iiounds,
Am at ile to do all my work and have
not had a distressing spell for five
mouths. Cau eat everything. I can
not express thanks enough, for the
good the' medicines have done me."
If you are sick do not consider your
case as hopeless until you have given
Dr, Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
a fair and faithful trial. It has cured
so many cases which have battled nhv-
siei'tns. It has cured so often when the
cnrt,Meui(Ml impossible. tIh, has cml
tens of th.iusaiids of 'hopfhl, hflpha
Ktple. Why should It not cure you?
.-.There Is ho alcohol lit "Goblon-Medl
eal Dis-.ivery and ir Is entirely " fr, J
from tiplum.
cocaine and
all other
Persons .sufTexUig froiu disease"" n
t-liroiile form an-riiivil"r to tinisult I r
Pierce by Uter alistilutely free of tW
or ciiarge. As older consulting i.UvKi
ciau to the Invalids Hotel ami su'Jr.
cal Institute. .Buffa-lo, N. Y'nnd hav
ing a sstxiateil with him a mtHlical
staff of nearly a score of phvsh i u.s,
every man. a srHK la!ist hi some f,,,
of tlisease, Dr. Pierce Is-able ofr "
five advh-e which is absolutely with
out prie, and ; : unattainable at ntiP"
price excipt in large cities,' au,i ,t
large Institutions ' conducted on li,,
similar to .that of the Invalids Ib.M
and Surgical Instilufe, of Buffalo
Y. Write to I r. Pierce then wlthoat
fear and without fee. All coi res,
ence strictly private and sacredlv eon
filentlal. Address Dr. R. ywx..'
Buffalo, N. Y. !
Accept no substitute fr Dr. Picr..
Golden Medic al Discoverv. The oi.lr
tt astm for sulwtitution Is the desire of
some dealers to make an exciiv..
fit. What profits such dealers is a los
to you. j "
"Of making many Nsiks 'there is tlo
end." But though the number of HH)
is legioiu only here au.l tliere Is a UH,,
round which is of iierinaiient value
Such a IsM.k is Dr. IWh Cm,
St ust. Medical Atlvlser. If '
ltitely Irw tin receipt of stainj.s to Zv
exiiense itf niiili..r o . . ... 1 ''
; . " cni .sioiie-
ccnt stamps for the cloth lM!!i.riN,k
or 21 stamps tor the sain.. HH,k iu '
KWm" ,,r: .,!'v: Vi
A bridegroom ouc eanie to "uie-
" ' mm to. iM-rf.i in t ...
WHhffng ceremony, and Iter ail 'Ifc
nai iMt-n thad
brhlcgrtiom-eleet said franklv
"I tell yiu rigio now! thai I eni t
pay all in one lump the I am pi; ,
mug to give you for' the1 !..i. i i ....
had a cut in iy wagesj and l wt
have the -3 to spare all' at one fil
I II giie you a tpiarter after the wel
ding, and then I'll t ome aiomi I to
your house ev'ry Satimlav night an 1
pay you a quarter until I :it,i Hiiuare
vith .yon. I -don't like this h. re Ket
g.m tiiarrhil on the Installnieut ohm
but if Is the Jiest I can tlo."
Said a Southern minister:
"One of the Ueerest fes I ever
received was from a young negro
bridegrtMim for whom i ,K.rforin,sl
the wedding ceremony at mv own
home At the close of. the ce'reti.onv,
and just as the bridal party of jive
or six were a 1 suit to depart, the
bridegroom said: Yo will liml de
lor yo kindness t.uf in a tti'nah td
tie fKi'ch. sail.' I ftillowetl tlie -nartv
out on the isircli and when tliev had
gone tm their way I looked in a cor
ner of the fMirch, . where I ToiukI a
imlr of fine fowls tieI
legs. They set up a lusty son.ni k .-is
I picked them tin. The bri.W room ..
had said as lie went down the steps
mav iney were oh his own raisin .
but I never-felt 'quite sure, of 'that."
For An. Editor -to Rcconmimd Patent
From Sylvan Valley News, Brevrad, .
N. C.
It may Is a (pH-sfjoti whether (lie ed
itor of a newspaH?r has the right! hi.
puMU'Iy reiHimiiM'iid any of the various
proprietary nuIieiites which tlixl the
market, yet as a preventive of sufh
ing we feel it a duty to say a gmnl
ami Diarrhoea Remedy. We have,
known ami used tliis iiledkine in .sir
family for twenty years and "have nl
ways found it reliable. In many caeii
a dose of this remedy woukl save hour
of suffering while a physician is await
ed. We tlo not aielieve in ilejH'iidiiij
implicitly on any medicine for a cure,
but te do lielleve that If a Iiott.e of
Chatmrki in's Diarrhoea - Remedy wer"
kept on ha ml ami administered at tlw
Inception or an attack much sutTering
tnlgOt 1h? avoided ami in verv tiianv
cases the presence of a physician
would not lie required. At "list this
has lieen our experience timing the
past twtnty years. For s:ile by ii.
Haas, Salem, Oregon. .
The numlier of practicing physi
cians In the German empire has iu
ereasod during the last 13 years from
15.824 to 21,725, or 50.25 iwr cent. Dur
ing the same period, the jMipulatioii
has only increased 14 'icr cent.. In
Pnissia. of Brjt military ami marine
physicians, only 31 out of every PK
now lieeomo practitioners. Korint-rlv.
57 out of every 100 left thelseiVM-e
and entered general - practice, demon
strating that the ranks of the general
practitioners of medicine are lieconi
Ing more ami more' crowded. The
nunibor of mid wives is not increasing
In comparison with the population.
...Germany had 11.013 suicides In 1SD7.
a rate of 21 to BiO.ooo inliabitants. Tin
rale for Prussia alone Is 20. that for
Jibe province of Saxony 32 and for
Nfulcskig-IIoIstein 33. while in Cath
olic ami Polish ptisen It Is only 8. For
Berlin the rate was 24.
Iler voice was ever soft,'
Gentle and low, an excellent thing in
woma n. !
.- I --King A-ar..
Tor Infants and Children.
The Kind Yea Haw Always BoijSf.
Bears the
Signature of
If f Dr. WllHamii' Indian Pfl"
Em Ointment wul cure Wind.
rwBleenn and Hcbm
KaPilea. It absortc the tumor,
ftilaya tbe itcbing at once, acw
a Rpultlce, givea instant re
lief. Dr. Will iaiM' Indl an File ""J
Binnt in nrfnarHl tr.r Piles and I tcB-
itH of the private parts. Every boJ
warranted, ltv lrucrriKtS- bv mail on re-
eflpt of prlr. M centa and f l.Ott. WILtM
MAKUFACTURIIIS CO., Prop-. Cleveland. oliM
, j.--, HiKes, ana treats of tlie 'nat
topics, biology., reproduction., physiol
ogy, hygiene-and inedieine, i ihe,i,ost
exhaustive manner. It I sl M(ok f;
the ,sH,p:e It teiis the plain truth I,,
plain English. This l.i- 1
For sale by all druggists. . i.