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VOL. 40. NO. 22.-
Policy Adopted by the
Efforts to -Beach 'Minister
Will Be Made if an Army Has to Be
Sent After Bis Dead Body
WASHINGTON. July 1 12. -On': to
pekln" is the policy adopted bv our
Kovernment. It is said f that ra.r.i. I
ss of the issues raised! as to the au
- ... . . - .
tbentlclty of the last Chinese" note,
or the accuracy of its statement of
tact, or the question raised as to the
responsibility for the present! situa
tion, our Government at least ! Is de
termined not to relax Jits effort to
Teach Pekln. to get in touch with Mr.
Conger if he 1 alive, trt take the nec
essary stcit Tor the protection of
American interests and,' In fact, to do
all those things set out ui Swretary
Hay's note to the isjwers, including a
reckoning with the istsoii or persons
resismslblc-.for the outrageous events
of the past six weeks, j
Twenty-four hours' consideration of
the Chinese note leaves the officials
here convinces! that It marks the le
glnuing ,of a general jefTort on tlic
part of the Chinese' officials to relieve
the Chinese from responsibility for
the treatment of the foreign Ministers
and the fighting at Tien Tsiiu That,
ill tfc.lf la riHinUil ti si , tiriiief ill ut.rii
... ..-..., .0 " - - ... . - j -. - - . -
of an approaching collapse of the "Ilox-
r" .movement, and the termination of
the . state of insurrection that, exists
In IVkiu and Shan Tun.?. ;
The victors do not nisdogtee; hence
the excultory statement yesterday,
. Is believed tq be pregnant with mcau
Insr. -': . i !..'. :'.-'..:
to fi:ei tkoois. ;
Wasliiugum, July .12. The plans of
the War IH'iartment for feeding--tha
army in China are jIk-Iuj? ; gradually
promulgatel. All troops destlnetl for
Nagasaki, with prolibility of service
in China, shall carry j sixty days ra
tion which will Ie landed with them.
Manila will Ik; utilized as the base
for all supplls. and the eowmlssary
dejiart nieiit has enonsli material there
to meet all demands of too Chinese
contingent. j
Imdon. July 12. The Shanghai c r
reHiMtioieiit of the Daily Mail says,
the following story, regarding the ios-
Price Is Not the Only Thing
to consider when you buy a pair of shoes. You want the quality to
. ; j correspond with the price. '
gives you" extra good value ior every dollar you
epend with them: The,
- M i 7 1
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! 4 - - - 'I
10 per cent discount on all shoes. One year ago we inaugur
ated our annual shoe sale. Our customers will remember the
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- ; . : "'x'"; v.' : .y.:v;; y c o )'s""
itton in Pekliv emanates -from riMn.
ese official sources:
- "Two remaining legations, the Brit
ish and Russian, were attacks! In
force on the evening: of July ;th. Prince
roan being In command. The attack
ers were divided. Prince Tuan com
manded the center, the right wins
was led by Prince Tsal Yin, and the
left by Prmee ym Lin.: The reserves
were under Prince Tain Yu.
"The attack commenced with artil
lery fighting:, which was severe and
lasted until 7 o'clock in the moraine,
by which time both legation were
destroyed .and all the foreigners were
dead, while the streets around the
legations were full of the dead bodies
of Itoth foreigners and Chinese. .
"Upon hearing of the attack. Prince
Ching and General Wang Wen Sha
went with troops to the assistance of
the foreigners, but they were out
unmbered and defeated. Both Print
Ching and General Wang Wen : Sha
were killed. . .
"Several foreigners are said to have
escaped through, the gates."
Washington. July 12. It Is the un
derstanding of Hie Japanese : officials
here, that the Fifth aruir corns is
,1013l '"K I'"' aboard transports at
of the great naval statious near
Htroshina. It is expected that the
transports will go forward In groups
as fast s.s loaded, each group lieln'g
accompanied by a convoy of warships
to afford protection. - The Japanese
troop will go straight to Taku, the
trip taking about three and a half
days. -: . : . . ;
Fred Piper In the Far North Decora:
tioti Day in Dawson.
' - , , ' ? "
Mrs. Levi Balmer yesterday reiviv
d a. copy of "The Nome News." a
lKils-r published In Nome City. The
paper was sent by; Mr. Italmer, who
its-t'ntly went to that northern min
ing Camp.. The paper contains the fol
lowing local note, which will louht
less be of Interest to many of the
States mau readers: l
"Fred Piis-r. of Seattle, Is In town.
Mr. IMpor will engajce In the freight
lug and transportation business." .
S-ott IJoKortlt yesterday received a
letter" from Mrs. J. O. Ilozorth. at
Dawson. Among, other-item of In-tcn-st
Mrs. llozorth writes of, the ol-RcrvaiM-e
by the American colony, of
Deiomtlon day. Mrs. : Itozorth. on
that K-easIon decorated the, grave of
Mr. Jory. of this city, who dhsl In the
far north, and Is burled near Dawson.
Chicago Man Was About to Give Up
in lespalr Wheu He Accidently,
Unearthed a Gold Mine.
Florence; Colo.. July 7. Frank An
derson, a Chicago man. has made one
of the luckiest mining strikes in the
history of Colorado bonanzas. Three
mouths ago Anderson could not have
raised the money to buy a square meal.
Today he Is wealthy and is making
preparations to marry into one of the
finest families In the state and spend
a Tortune on a wedding trip. !
Anderson arrived In Florence. Colo.,
just three months ago. He rode in on
a 1hx car, without money, ragged, dis
couraged, and hungry. ' lie struck out
with a party of green prospectors, and
for a month rambled over the mount
ains not far from Florence In search
of some place where they iruagim-d
that gold ought to be sticking out of
- Proprietor
the ground, ready to be. cut' off j in
chunks and sent to the United States
mint. They failed to find It and
most of them gave up and straggled
back .to town. Anderson and a few
others had more grit and kept tramp
ing and prospecting. ; ;
3 One day, when they stopiied to fry
I some trout and boil coffee for dinner.
Anderson had strolled, along a rock in
advance of the rest. A piece of rock
at the side of the road attracted his
attention, and he . stopped to pk-k it
up. It had a few specks of coppery -looking
staff In it. and Anderson, took
It to be Iron pyrites.
"I've struck it rich, be said, laugh
ing, as he passed the chunk around.
"Yes. fool's gold," laughed the boys.
Anderson put the rock In his pocket,
and occasionally, he took it out - and
turned it around in the sunshine to
make it glisten. He got to thinking
about the matter, and finally It oc
curred to him that he knew really
nothing either of iron pyrites or of
gold. He said nothing to the rest of
the party, but In a few days be came
back to Florence and began to inquire
about the veins of ore in the locality
where he had found the rock. He
was told that from time to time pieces
of rich "float" had been picked up in
the neighborhood. Practical miners
were of the opinion that there was a
vein somewhere near there that would
prove a good gold producer if dlseov
ered. Many prospectors had ma de,
search for it. but had finally come to
the conclusion that it was well up
near the top of the mountain spur- and
had been covered up by the accum-la-tious
of soli. , -
Anderson had no money, and had no
credit and knew practically nothing
of mining. He made up his mind to
find the vein or to starve' In the at
tempt, lie got hold of a pick and an
old shovel and Tstarted ont. For a
week he searched the top and siTes
of the hill with minute care, but to no
purpose. He lived on a little salt potis
that" he had got (n Florence, and once
of twice found a few potatoes In a
mountain patch, and caught a few
trout. lie decided at last to give up
the search.
As he walked along the road at the
foot of the hill close to where he had
'picked up the piece of float he stuck
his shovei into the dirt cariessly,
knocking up a bit of turf. - lie caught
a gleam of ore, and, stooping he saw
that he had struck the lost vein of
gold.? It was plain enough, even to the
eyes of a man who knew little, about
mining. Prospectors had undoubtedly
walked over the velu a thousand times,
as It was barely concealed In the grass
at the edge of a much traveled wagon
road. -:;"-'v. - ' --.'' : , '
Anderson was wildly excited. He
managed to get out a few samples of
the rock and hurried back to Florence.
He walked Into a grocery store where
he had a slicut acquaintance with the
owner and called him asld. . ,
"I have located a gold mine", said
Anderson, "and T haven't got money
enough to buy a grub box and tools."
"Where is it sald the storekeeper.
"Not so fast, partner," remarked An
derson. "Will you set up some crackers
and cheese on the strength of what
I've already told your
The grdt-erymau said that he would.
and the layout was spread on the top
of a sugar barrel. Anderson ate with
the apiwtlte of a man half starved,
and when he had finished be borrowed
some of the Storekeeper's tobacco, fill
ed his pipe, and was ready to talk bus
iness. : '. '
"I've found the gold vein there on
tlie hills," remarked Anderson. ZL?C
located it pat, and I want the money
to get the ore out. All I ask or you
now is to fix me up a grub box and
get me some tools. Give me enough to
eat for two weeks, and I'll let you in
on this deal on a good basis."
All right; grub's cheap," remarked
the storekeeper. Take your pick."
The two partners had the samples
that Anderson had brought over in hi
jKK-keta assayed. , and - the ore . was
found to net to the ton. r
Anderson began digging away and
shipping the ore to Pueblo. He is now
rk-b man awl -eoiniag money every
day. The shaft is down about v fifty
feet, and twenty men are working In
the mine and taking out from fifteen
to twenty tons a day. Anderson Is
looked upon here as a man who will
take care of his money; soler. shrewd.
Industrious and unpretentious. He Is
engaged to a pretty young woman at
Canyon City, and has employed an
architect to put up a handsome resi
dence for him there.
During the past year, the exports of
deer skins from British Columbia have
lsen 20.(t. much larcer than for
several vears oast, as owners had
lieen holding them for better prices.
The deer skins were of the average
weight of 223 pounds per 10O skins.
Iowa has an octogenarian associa
tion, about SO memlers of . which re-
wntlv attendel a picnic lii Vnion,
rark.Tes Moines. No man ,under HO
is eligible To membership tti jlls? soci
etv. Tle oldest member. Is X. A. Ita
can of Des'MoineSi Who hi bisltllsV.
vear. -- :
The sewage of the city of Paris Is
now Lieing used to Irrigate,; an tin
mense farm of nearly four wiaare
miles area. It has proved such a ben
efit tn the land that farmers In the
vicinity who opfosed It are now anx
kms to arrange to rHive sewage on
their own farms.
EnroiKi not- only produces more
than one-half of the world's wheat
erom but consumes almost the 'Btlre
world s surplus. ortn America, n
the other liaud. raises between one
fourth and oue-fifth of the world's
crop and is the world's greatest sur
plus exporter.
There are thirty-three Jute mills In
India, eiiinlovinc OAJiiO iersous. Tle
mills contain 13.371 looms anxl over
rrrroiifi frii miles. Nearly all of the
Et was mm
Wm.McKiniey Notified
by a Committee
His Noniination'by
Governor Roosevelt Was Also Official
ly NotiflVd Yesterday Demo-'
crats to Idett iu Indiana.
CANTON. O., July 12. Win. McKin
ley today was officially notified of his
second nomination for President, by
the Republican party; Td many of the
pointed utterances, ; of both Seuatcr
Lodge and the President I there was
heartj- and cordial approval bltown.
Oyster Pay,, Long 'island,' July 12.
Governor RmiKevelt tcslay was official
ly. notified of , his noniinatlou htr Viet
President J Senator "uleo(ti;ot. Ctilor
ado. cliainuaa of the notification com
mittee, delivered' a hert address. To
this Govei nor Ro.sejcIt resiKnd4il
Chocaeo. Jul v 12.4-Prvan and Stev-
cnsoii will Ik officially notlrtiHl of tMr
- -
nomination ' at India mirsilis, August Up f lho eijemy's strength. I des,
Stli if the plau,adopteil by the Demo-- patched reiufonemeiits . frmu here un
cratic maimers today ; holds' itihhI. "r Colon. I Godfrey of the King s Own
Mayor Thomas Taggart --of.' Indiana -
isilis, says t.,e DemKrats will be able
. , ,. ., :.
to carry Indiana if the imtUicat.on ce-
monies are ueiu in uie uoosier apt -
taL .
Sjttlle, Wash., July 12. At a 'meet
ing i of the state Republican central
committee, today it was ..decided, to
hold n no ninating convention 1 in Ta
coina, August l."th. : No other city was
an applicant for t lie hotior. The iwsis
of representation will be two dele-gates-at-large
from vachi county, and
one delegate-for each 1W votes or ma
jor iHirtion ther-of, cast in-each county
for W. L. Jou, for Congrismau, iu
Llm-oln, Neb., July 12,-prhe Nebras
ka Fuslonlsts, . In, their state con voli
tions iM'giuulug at 3 ocUx k yesterday
afternoon, couiplettxl their- work at
Silt o'chs-k this evening, after almost
continuous sessions. The ticket -named I
, !,.. .... .! -- I
tJovernor, Wm. A. 1'oynter, Ioiulit.t;
lkuteuaut-jvernor, E-iA. Gills-rt. Silver-
Retiublican; treasurer, S. It. How
ard, Populist; ;aUoruey-generaL Win.
D. Oldliam. DemiK-ntt; auditor, H. S.
Irless,' I'opulist; lajid commissioner,
II. R. Carey, lbpulist. ; -
One-half the ! Presidential lectors
welt? given to the" Populists arid tho
otter half to the Democrats and Silver
Republicans. lj
Ix)uis Transit' CompanyWill Have
to Apisuir in Court. ,; , ,;
St. . Louis. Mo., July 12. Attorney
tieneral Cnw, oii l'tehjilf of the minor
ity stockholders of the Southern Elee-
Today Is the Second Anniversary of the Arrlval of Cervera and
Went like hot cakes at
ere were alsjut six left last
'night, so we offer t lie in today
to 'nnis.li them up at the same
price. Regular SS.0O and fn.OO.
f for those
: :.15OT HOSE.. "
' - : ' -.. .-...:
'"' With a ten-ceilt pric-e fasteneil to each pair. Come early for they
will go like fun. A' genuine silver 'cent piece and a pair of fast Mack,
seamless and stainless hose for IScents. Step lively.
trie Railroad, TiUhI a suit in the St.
Ixuis circuit onrt this aftemoen. to
annul the purchase of the Southern
Electric ' Railway, by the St. Louis
Transit Comiiany. :
The case will be a test one, and If it
wins, will break up the entire deal by
which the St. lAuis Transit Company
was organized, f it is charged in the
pctitioM that the rights of the minority
stw khohlors liave not Ihx'U ctmshler d
and the suit is brought to restore them
to tlfclr rlshts.
Read and Telegraph Communication
P.etwiM Gneral Rolwrts and
Rustenbnrg Is Interrupted.
LONDON, July 12. Lord RoWHs
reMrts to the var otticr, under dute
of . Pretoria. July 12tl. as follows:
"The enemy, having faile.l In their
attack upon our right rear, as men -tinned
in my telegram ; of July 0th.
trad a ; determined attack tiinm otir
right flank yesterday, and I regret
to say. succeeded in capturing Nitrals
Nekv which ' Man garrisoned by a
squadron of the Scott's Greys with
two gun of a battery of the Royal
Artillery and fh. cjaipitile? of the
LlnrHdnshire regiment. ;
"The jeoemy attacked In sujterior
mtnibcis at lirtwn. anI seiztrig ! the
hUli clnmandiitg the Nek. brought a'
hoary gun fire to -boar una the small
garrison. . l i;
' "NHrnls Nek is about eighteen miles
from here, nen'r where the road cross
es t h i i Crocodile -river. It was hel A
j by us- In onlcr to maintain a. road- aol
j telegraphic cotii-municalion with lius-
j t cubing. '. ; . . - . ; .
-""The i fighting lasted.; more or less,
,lhm:,':1rVt If Ja J" ' nil ImmwlliilHy
mi riM-eivlii?? tin Iiiliil-lii lt lull, this eve-
- ! . '"','' . ''
, SvS" the gui" a u
t " 'I"'"1'-! ,,w '""""I
!gie:Uer portion of the sitiadro,, of
; 'Jt-. -" i"
th liorses heliii; s!iot; aiso alstut
j ninety men of 'the Lincoln regiment.
The list or casualties lias not heen re
cclrsl. but I think they are heavy.
..Simultaneously an attack was made)
i our outposts near. --Dunleissn-trV" .,n.. i..
north of town, in ' which the Seventh
tMgiaiUN w, r.- c. k:. - y -
' . ri... l S'
skill by Lieutenant-Colonel lxw. a nl
kept the enemy in cheek' until they
retired on their supports, and would
probably have suffered but slight loss
had not. our i troops mistaken some
Inters in the bushes for our own men.
"Smith-Dorrien had a small. engage
ment with the enemy yesterday, '.near
Krugersdorp, and Inflicted a heavy
loss on them." . , .... , . t
Physldans OnlertHl Out to Stamp Out
j j the Smalljiox; Epidemic, . ;
Wasitlngtoti, Jtily 12. As a result of
tlMveiniference tioilay, lK-twHu Assist
ant Secretary Taylor and -'the officials
of the Marine Hospital service, two
additional surgeons have lKen ordeml
to"prK-"nl at once from San Francisco
to; Seattle, and iheiice to Cain; Nome,
to. assist in stamping out the smallpox
now epidemic at that place.
efeatel a Portland lis sel Kill Club at
Gladstone j I'ark, Yesterday.
Gladstone Park. July 12. The liase
liall game here this afternoon, ls
tween the Columbias, of Portland. anl
t be .CJiema wa I nd ia its. of t he Sa lent
Indian Training School, resulted In a
score of lt to 4 In favor of the Indian
bovs, who jdayed a splendid game of
bail. - . . . , :...'-
Charleston, S. CL, July .12. The Na
tional Educational Society today chose
their officers for j the coming season.
The selections are: President. J. M.
Green. Trenton. N. J.; first vice, presi
dent. O. T. Corson. Ohio; second vice
president, J- A. Foushay, Califortda;
treasurer. U O. i ttreeuleiv Colorado
Irving Shepsrd. the secretary, hhls
over. The slectlon f onventlon
-ity for lttol was .left to th executive
committee. I '
Ietroit, Mlcli July 12. The fast
est mile thus far made this seasou,
and the fastest ever gone In Canada,
was iKieed on -'Windsor tracks, this
afternoon by Joe! Patchcu. lie made
a quarter in seconds. The match
race between . Pateheu.'. and Gentry
was won by Patchcu In two straight
beats. Time, 2.tMU; 2.h)12.
Atlantic City. N. J.. July 12.-The
next meeting of tin Grand " Islge
luevleut and Prteetlve Onler of
Elks will 1h held In Milwaukee.
J. A. IHankenship. who has a
fjrty'aere Held of wheat In Polk coun
ty, a!Knt two miles frun this city,
brought Into the Statesman office a
gretn i worm alsmt throe-fourths of. nn
Inch long.- He says his wheat is liter
ally covered with the green aphis.
The first 'of the jweek this worm an
liearrd and on Tuesday he count eil ten
on. a patch of 'wheat four feet sonare,
Vfstetday tler appeare to ts one on
e cry other head of wheat. Thf.r seem
to Ih thickest near the Ilinier and are ;
feci easing very .Vapidly, it takes me
flU p.vd hours to clean all the aphis
from one head of wheat. One of the
worms has lseii sent to Prof. A. 1L
Cot illey, ' Corvallls, Oivgon., for ciam
IrtMion.1 The Stalesman awaits with
Interest his rciort umu It.
tines' hi Marion county; Diirimr the
agg.Ba,m $2721.ra were
ssttel. : That amount ineliahtl a check
from the Al Coolilg- (Company, of
Silverton. for over )210 tax money
on the extensive property! Interests of
4 1... ! ...iL-litpii lolrl a? tit..
lIMll - IU PUt'lIlt I 'III fill lOi -Fia
m March Wli. last and alridy H,-
i lJJB lnH.n ,hwI d turncl In-
to the county -.treasury. The county
court has. not yet Indicated when the
tax shall liocome delinquent.
Two" Ensrllshmoii in New lork In
spect! a certain firiMmglne' ' station.
Otic of them remarked to the'ehief en
giueerj "IH you, know, in btmitm we
use a y-iuch hose, not ft Ialtry 3-Inch,
such as j'ou have. . .
"Oh," was 1 he reply, "that's for wa
tering the station. Tills" holding Up
a l2duclt-suction tiose"is wnat.we
use at fires. Besides.-it. saves' the us
of fire-'S4aiH'S, for when we want . to
setid a man to the top of the building
we Just place him on the fop of the
hosi, turn on the, water, and he Is up
In no time!" ' ..
"Yes," said one of the visitors, "but
how does he come do'wu again?"
"Well." replied the eugluiMr. "he
simply places his arms, round the Jet
of water ami slides down." -u
'.The Englishmen htoked at each oili
er a moment and then walked away.
"How's dat, Rrudder Jackson: . Yon
says you , mighty glad .when Sunday
comes 'round, an' ylt I never sees
you Inside do church; do ?
"Do old woman goes, sah." Truth.
-f - '.''..'''
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