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fciiV Ocean Steamers Barfied In
the New Ycrk Harbor.
scours or kl.mIn uvts lost
ntartrcndln? Scenes at Fira Widen
destroyed Jliles of?ier Sac
rifice of Ufa It Great.
NEW YORK, July LHSunday, 2:30
a. in.). A boost f lO.omi.Ouo wortlr- of
property was octroyed, 'maiiy lives
Mere lost, many ersous iri'rt -injured,
and at lua-t I'sio lives wre Imperilled
by a firji that started ainong the cot
ton bales ' under pier JNjp. , 3, of, the
North German Lloyd StehnisWp Com
pany, Holioken, X. J.,' at 4 o'clock
this afternoon. In lts than 15 mln -;
utes the flames covered a line of piers
a quarter-of a riile Jong, extending
outward from the actual shore Hue to
the bulkheads, from OOO to W) feet
away, and had caught four great ocean
liners no 1 a dozen or more smaller
harbor crafe Jn Its grasp. . V - i
' The stories In regard to the loss of
life are conflicting, the number 1 icing
varioasly estimated at from fifty to
a). Up to 2 o'clock this morning
tWenty-flve"bodles have leen recover
ed, but theywere all so badly burned
and blackened that Identification was
Impossible. " v ;
The .crowd upon the lank of tlie
river waa almost as great as that
which formed t witness the triiimp
aut return of Admiral Dewey. Look
ing up the river towards the - hurniug
ships and piers," the. scene was won
derful and tragle.and one of grandeur.
Along the Jersey shore small fires were
blazing, started by wreckage from the
great steamships. ..On'njus side, of tjie
river the tire caused the greatest ex
citement, a the drifting steamships
and lmrges , floated, all aflame, to -tie
New York shore and crashed against
tlie piers from Canal to Murray streets.
From what can -be learned tonight,
the .flames started among tlie la rge
pile of cotton bales on pier No. - of the
North German Lloyd Steamship Com
pany, and spread with such remark
able rapidity that in 13 minutes, the en
t j re property of. tin?, company,' taking
lu over a third of a mile of water front
and consisting, of three great piers,
was completely enveloped in the lire,
The flames started ho suddenly and
gaineji such nenuway tnat tlie people
on the piers and ou the numerous ves
sels doeked. were unable, to reach tiie
street. There were great gangs of
workmen on the piers, ami tbeye, to
gether with a numlter of people who
were at tlie docks ou business and vis
Itiug the ships, scattered in all dire
nous, 'am an means ox exit wer' cut
off by the flames, tbjr were foreinl t
jump overboard, and It is Itelieved
great uuhiImts of people were thtw
At the docks of the North German
IJoyd was the Saale, a single-screw
passnger steamship of 4iH& tons
gross; the Bremen, a twin-screw pass
euger and freight steamer of loi(J
tons, and the Maine, a twin-screw
freight and iassenger steamship 'of
K.rsM) gross tons They all caught fire
and were burned to the water's. eIge.
1 be Kaiser ilhelm Ur Grosse, which
had Just come In. wast the only one of
the four bla vessels at the docks that
" The fire was first discoverel! by a
watchman on the pier at 4 o'clock.
He saw a small stveaic of flame shoot
f roni a lale of cotton on pier No. 21: at
which was tlocked the steamer Saale.
He immediately sent in an alarm, i la
a few minutes the flames had extend
ed to the shim and were communicated
to the adjoltniug pier ou the north.
Here were docked the Kaiser Wllhelm
der Grosse and the Maine. Tups were
Immediately made fast to the big
Kaiser Wilheltn der Grosse, and sue
was gotten out to midstream in safety,
though Iwdly scorched: at the bows.
Th ship Maine, however, was doomed,
as tjie flames had already become; so
fierce on the north side of the pier tliat
no tug could approach the vessel. t
Then, by a shift in the wind, the
flames were sent In the direction of
pier No. 1. To the north of nier No. 1
was the dock of the Hamburg-American
line, at which the steamship Phoe
nicia, a twln-serew passenger nfratner
of ts71 gross tons, was docked. Tlie
flames got a good bold on the Phoeni
cia, and she wns towed out Into mid
stream ablaze. j i
The fire had by this time become so
fierce that the officials of the Hamburg-American
line decided that the
only way to prevent a total destruction
of their great pier was to "blow-tip the
side of the dock at which the Phoeni
cia lay. and this was done, A nnmlier
of barges docked at the pier also took
fire, but In the effort to save, other
property, no attention waa paid to
It Is feared that the loss of life in
the holds of the vessels was frightful,
as It Is said that many of tlie crews,
who were asleep at the time, were jm
prisoned there. The worst tale will
come from the Maine, which was en
able to lie towed from the plef. f. k
The vessel had only 'arrived tlds
morning, and some of the imssengers
were still on board, and when the cry
of tire waa raised, most of them Juini
edoverlioard, and. save for a few,wbo
were picked up by tugs, not 02 has
letn Leant from. Although every ' hos
pital and hotel In the city of Hoboken
is crowded with the injured. Some
passengers of the Maine tiled iol es
cajK to the pierVand It was almost cer
ta.!i tlat they lcrished la the flames.1
rhore was a panic on each of the
Pipits. Many persons jumped over
lord, and tlie water, for some dis
tance along the docks, was lined with
leople. They were ellDging to the
piers and even to the rudders of the
liurning vessels. Some were picked
up. , others were drowned. Peter
Quinn. Justice of the peace In Ilobo
ken, tells the story of having seen at
least thirty ieople perish. i -.
i When the Are broke out Mich head
way was gained, by the. time the
Iloboken fire department arrived, that
they were lielpless to cope with the
flames. Calls were made to the New
York fire department for, assistance,
and fire ttijts were sent over. They,
however, had little effect on the great
- mountain of flame and smoke, By 7
o'clock the three piers of . the German
IJoyd' Steamship Corajiany had been
turned to the ground. '
The south end of .the: Campliell
Storage Co's. plant, consisting of live,
live-story structures,- caught fire; the
building, being filled mainly with
Jnte and whiskey, burned rapidly. In
the buildings a large loss will be sus
talncd. : . - ;' .'. '
1 The Snale &. Brenian, after being
pulled from the docks. " were towed
ablaze down the bay and benched oft
Liberty Island. On the Bremen, as
she , blamed out in mid-stream. sisJ
men eonki be seen with their heads
ont of the portholes waving handker
chiefs for assistance. Tug boats and
sail boat darted a ronud the big
Kteanishliia, making" every effort to
save the men. but, the terrible heat
and ; flames kept them away,
! Five minutes after the lire broke out
a woman jumped from one of the
ships In a vain effort to reach the
water. The flames drove her from
the ship, and she leaped Info aburn
liig lighter alongside the ship. and
when an officer on lioard the ship
fcopIinr to drff ber out of the burning
lighter Into the water.- i tot h .went
down Into the flames in the lighter,
and perished. . . -
;ai;i- : -
the M'heat lrMlucing; Section
i Kastern Washington.- ,
Sjiokane, Wash., June 30.--E.. Cardln,
of Seattltv, manager -for the J. Q.
Adams Co. system of warehouses along
tb 5-eat , Northern, estimates Wash
ington's wheat crop, barring, bad luck,
at .T Mum.' Ml bushels. , 0
i '"Never hn.ve I seen such astonishing
yields.', he said tonight..; Harvesting
has iH'gun nearly a iiionth earlier than
usvnl. ;
Famous .Naval. Officer. "Who Partici
pated in Campaign of Santiago.
.New York. Jnne 3k. Rear-Admiral
Philip, who died today, commanded
the battleship Texas, and partieijKited
in tlie destruction of Cervera's fleet as
well as in otlier important naval move
ments In the .West Indies during tlie
Spanisli war. ile It was wlu said,
when his sailors cheered at the time
of the destruction yf t'ervera's ships
"Don't . cheer, boys; the poor fellows
are dying. , ; ,
Tacoma Has a Blaze One, Fireman Is
t?.U .:.-.. Ihidly Injured. It,
Tacoma, Wash.. June 30. Fire today
distroyed the. warehouse of the Puget
Sound Lounge & Mattress Factory,! the
buildings of the- Union Stock Yards,
ami damagl the Northern Pacific
pNIerty in, the company's freight
yanls. J... 1
, t nptaln Carlson, a fireman, ; was
truck by falling .timber and knocked
out of, a thirtl-story window, breaking
an a rin and suffering severe Injurie
alsmt the head. There were dozen. if
narrow escnites from the flams, Miiokc
And falling walls. The total loss is
Frankfort, Ky.. June 3i. Roliert
Ntwks, suspected of being implicated
in the Cioelxd assassination, has been
arrested: at Big Stone, Va.
New. lork, June 30. Harvanl - won
the Irtseball game from Yale today by
a score or . to 3.
Jnnge u. l'. Terrell's last otticlal act
was the approval, last nisrht. of - a
stipulation, by which SI. Klincer and
Sirs. . Iteek settle their differences
In 1 the matter of the estate -of S.
Beck, deceased.' Mr. Kl inner xetains
me management or the partnership
misiness, while t;. F. Martin. iMrs
Beck's attorney, takes cliaree of thei
iKKtKs for four months, at the end of
which time, it is extected.an amicable
arrangement will lie made between the
parties. All objections to the final
account of Mr. Klinger, as admlnis
trator, are, by this stipulation, witli
drawn. ' i i
Standard Publishing Company of
Anaconda. Montana, through Its local
attorney, Carey F. Martin, last even
ing instituted In the Salem Justice
department an action for money suit
against Dr. N. T. Oliver and Dr. J.
I Berry, the Quaker Doetorx. to re
cover Judsment for $103.3T alletced to
be due for advertising. The patHrs
were served bnt no attachment was
made. The doctors concludeil their
wrk in this city last evening by giv
ing a farewell proformn nee at their
improvised stage on State street. '
Mrs. Henry Whlraayera Wall street
speculator In a small way, fainted in
her broker's . odiee recently. ieing.on
tfce short side of bull market nt tin1
time, a nd-while In a swoon tilings went
aKuinnt her to the tune f 7i. The
wcurrence recalled . to a veteran spec
ulator mere a coup whieh Addison ("am
mack oilce rouble in original fashion.
IIcv too. was on the short skle and the
l ulls were raiding merry bades. when
lie afrivtsl on Wall street from Tux
edo. At 10:30 be was k.-er to tlie ex
tent of nearly fl.mxi.000. Suddenly he
hal a fit. lie fell on the floor and
foamed at the moutlu Doctors i aud
things were Kent for and news got out
tlut Camniack was dying. It spread
like wild fire and was In every ohice
in the street. He was a bhr man then.
dealing with tte frwklest ainl strong
et oierators in the street, and the
rr;Krv-ct of fcls tfrath sent the market
H-eling. In the meantime tlie wily xI
fox lud out 40 broker stllins s1kH
everything in sight, and when thetlay
auu iue 111 were over luv nad not ohiy
tiLovereu his Josses, but was SI ikki
to the good. :
Help Will Be Sent Them by the
Civilized Powers.
To Utilize tbe Army and 5atf in Car
ryloflr Aid to Legations Will
Be Carried Oat.
I WASHINGTON, June 30. Altliough
no less than four accounts have come
to ' the State; and Navy Departments
resicctlngi the condition of the Min
isters at Pekln, no one of the messages
gives the slightest intimation of why
the Ministers failed to leave the Chin
ese capitol when given a. day's time
to do so. One assumption is that the
Ministers declined lieeause they would
have gone out of Pekln to certain
massacre by the hordes of ( Boxers
outside. Another is that they declin
ed to loavt until other the foreigners
were safely; removed, something be
yond the capacity or inclination of the
Tsung LA Yarnen to accomplish. But
lij the absence f . facts the govern-
Sjent tolay dctermlneil to'proceel up
u the lines laid down, uamely, the
Ministers t are in pekln, in need of
help. The Navy and War Departments
will continue the plans set afoot for
a despatch to Bekin of an' expedition
to bring away the Ministers.
London.' July L. A special dispatch
from Shanghai, dated June 30th (Sat
urday), saj-sii all 611 board the United
States battleship Oregon which went
ashore in gulf of Pe Chi Li. have lieen
saved. There Is some chance that
the vessel may be floated.
London, June , 30. A siecial from
Shangial says, I the railway ,lietwHn
Tien Tsin and Taku Is now In work
ing order, A telegram from Che Foo,
dated yesterday (Friday), reports tliat
a Japanese steamer has arrived with
a number of ladies and children from
New Chang, which Is now held by
Russians ; and Japanese. "
Shan Tung province is now np In
arms, according to special dispatches
f rora Shangha I, and the relels are
destrojing t!;t' missions. Tlie foreign
ers are Escaping by means of an es
cbrt of the Governor. -
, Bfixer placanls liave. lxen postel at
Kaidmg. a city one day s march from
Shanghai, fixing Sunday : as the day
for, the massacre of foreigners and
tbe burn Int; at missions. The Con
suls have detained a steamer, -which
will- take away the foreigners. Y'ouug
Mr. Denbj-, son of the late United
Minister to China, Col. Charles Denby,
has Ihnmi reported from Shanghai as
leing safe. ;
The city of Chin Chow, according
to advices received from China, has
been attacked by the Boxt'rs who are
now looting I it. Tlie missions have
been destroyed, the members barely
escaped with their lives. ;
Marseilles, France, June 30. The
French transport Cashard sails to
morrow from Ton Quln, with twenty
six officer, 700 soldiers, a battery of
eight guns, and 2.OO0 tons of provis
ions and ammunition.: The transort
Ernest Simons also sails tomorrow,
with some officers and 000 tons of war
material, for. China.
San Francisco,. June 30. Tlie first
overland passenger train to . reach
Point- Richmond overi the Sant Fe
road, a rri ved today wit h 230. marines
who are- to leave tomorrow on the
United States transport. Grant.
Uoa. A. M. Dewey, a Federal Labor Com
missioner, la Salem Consla (
: the Famous AdmiraL
(From Dally Statesman, July 1.)
Hon. Altiert M. Dewey, expert of the
tultel States Deimrtment of Labor, of
Washington, I. C is visiting Salem,
lielng on a tour of inquiry and Inspec
tion of this coast, , ;
Mr. Dewey Is a .distant relative of
Admiral Dewey, He is the author of
the recent published book, "Life and
Letters 5 of " Admiral Oeoree Dewer"
and also the large volume "History of
the Dewey Family for 300 ears In
America." This latter loolc contains
12Tt2 iuiges, and 22.i00 names of ier
sons in Ameri-a. lielonzinz to the four
branches of this famous fa-mily. There
Is scarci'ly a family of prominence In
America that Is not related by marri
age or consanguinity to the family to
which tlie Admiral belong.
.The Salem . visitor made himself
somewhat famous In the Pacific North
west, some months ago. by an address
delivered at Spokane, in which he de
clared himself a Socialist. He donned.
however, tlie kind of a Socialist he is.
which was not explained in the news
paper reorts that were sent out.
It Is one of Mr. Dewey's duties to in
quire concerning the causes ami re
sults of bibor strikes. Throuch bis
Investigations In the service of the
Government, and on account of studies
made before he became a servant of
he Department of Labor, he has con
lu.led that the strikes of labor organ
izations and. in fact, these associations
as at present constituted, are not dea-!
tlned to work put tire solution of the
labor problem. For Instance, lie does
not think one-fourth of the members
of a ersrt have the right to assume to
tlwrnsilves the authority to regulate
all the matters pertaining to their par- i
tienlar Hue of work, its- Is done, in
some: cases. The other- 75 ler cent of
the JalKjrers in that iiarjicular culling,
should, he thinks, have some rights In
this -respect, and 'they aro Itound to
have them in the end. Mr. Dewey will
remain jover In Salem tolay, going ou
to Portland tomorrow. - , ,
"At the Eastern Counties Dairy
Farmer', dinner Irofessor McOonnel
stated -tliat music, suitable Jn quality,
al adminlstertxl at the rigfit moment,
was a never failinjj nietins of increas
ing the supiy of s cream." Loudon
t-Enslandi T5ni,s-i i-'t" v 1
The meek and lowly Aklerney; ! ;
- ThetKayfd Jersey, too, t i . i:
The Hols tein with her stocky 4iapeV
Will musically "mdo.-P ? Ii
The other breeds jot ca itle, and ? : i
The ordinary? ttm. : . fl"'V
WM1 listen with attention, for "nTS
We'll milk to mnsic now. . "
We'll play old Schtilierfa "Serenade,"
Likewise the "Maiden's Dream,"
Aisl every cow In all the herd j i
WIU furnish us -lee cream. ' u
The band will strike up f Dixie Land,"
1-Jre that tnne is commenced u '
The cows will give us milk for war
And that will be condensed. :
Or. ff we play a lullaUy: , , i
Twill soon be understood.
And all the kine will let us have
The Jiest or baby fobL - j
Ami wh"n we play some drinking songs
, . In oue iiM'UxlIous bimcJi, . ..
We hope t-he con's will sec the point
And serve us with milk punch.
But we'll keep clear oil ras-tlme songs,
, And streets-of -Cairo airs.
Likewise. of Mklway Interludes,
, Aud similar affairs. ; . 1
We will not playr the anc-lent tunes,
, Nor others of that itlk y, -1 ,
For fear the cows will -lie confused :
. And all give Jmttermilk. . i . . .. .
v , Josh Wink in Baltimore American.
Efforts' of the Board to Secure Coun:
ty Exhibits Meet with Success
. , v Many Respond.
. . j- " : 'A 1 :
(From Daily Statesman, July 1.)
President W. II. Webrung apd Sec
retaryM. - D.' Wisdonii of the State
Fair Board, were in Ssliem j-estenlay.
for the purpose of arranging for coun
ty exhibits for the fair. The two
officers have already visited the coun
ties of Folk, Lane, Linn.- Washington.
Yamhill and Marion, all of ' which
counties ; will have exhibits, and to
morrow Clackamas will be visited for
the purpose of securing representa
tion from there. M 1
The exhibit from; Marlon county, it
is hoped will lie a good one, and this
is practically assured, ! since, IIouv J.
II. Settlemler, and Hon. Alex La
Follett' have- been secured to look . af
ter this matter in Marion county.
' Tfie board "has increastnT tbe j premi
ums for arm products. for ji wblch
$42T lias lieen appropriatel, and prizes
of,?2H $10O.$7.- and r will le paid
for, the lest exhibits jn their order.
Tills Js nearly double the amounts paid
last year( when the prjzes were Ho,
?". 0, and ?25. resiiectlvely' !
The memlnrs of theiboani say that
interest in the coming fair 3s ' far
gntter than ever In the past, and they
anticipate a splendid Attendance and
the best fair ever held In Oregon.
Ttfung II yaroen Tlie foreign office, j
TVow. Wong ul-r-Socjety for'il prf
tection of tlie ' emieror tbe j: reform
party. : . 'j . !t- .-. 1
Ye IIo Chuanr-So;iety commonly
known as the Ikixers-f-literallyi, right
eousness, harmony and fists, ij !
Kwang iti al Tlie young empf-
rors cmer aivuer ami the lender or tue
reform party.
Liuug Kai Cliu Second adviser of
the emieror and reform leader. Coin
ing to America.
: Kwang Sui The young emperor,
i-an Bwt foreign uevlL
Fu A perfecture. ;
Chihtai tSovernor general.
snierinteulins two provinces.
t'-hun thi -The general couincil
state. .-. v; " '
Chung Tang A grand wcrctary
tatc, of whean there are sJx. -l
' Iitai-lovernor of 1 province.!
-Hoi A dub or association. -!
Hsiang A village. - '
Ilskn A district. t
Nei ko Grand secretariat and Impe
rial chancery INew York Herald.
SIX j BINDERS. Six Ieerl0g self-
binders were loadeil in. farmers wn-
gons at R. M. Wade & Co'Ls sto-e
yesterday afternoon, renreseiitlac
sales made by that firm. When th
machines were loaded, each one being
duly placarded with the makers name,
ami a new broom elevated alxve It.' a
local phot ojrrapher secured a splendid
picture of the group; showing the six
teams" and wagons, with their loads
of machinery. . This, wholesale traffic
in binders would indicate the prob
ability of a good grain harvest. j
the First Methodist! Sunday School
will give a grand river excursion. (A
fine boat ride of. fifty milesi and a
pleasant picnic dinner In the woops.
Boat leaves O. C. T. Cos. dock at 7
a. - m.' and returns ! atiout . v, p. , pi.
Tickets on sale by J. . Barnes tat
New York Racket store; Lyman ' ijee
a t T. ; I Iol verson s, a nd C. J. At wool
at Salem Woolen Mill store, j Tickets
."VI cents, children. 25 cent8,F. ... p.-r
r Rolicrt A. FrUdricb. United Sta f'eB
attorney-for one of tlie thre e new lis
trcts of Alaska, iuts' hitherto fceld tha-f
position ft -the whole territor.. He
Js a Ivrhtucklan; by lirth, and enlistied
in, tins Union army at thege of 13. in
18:12. though his parents - were , slave
ori-ner , and artleutf Democrats. In
1872 be moved to Ksnns ami soon pe
came prominent in Tbpeka. , I '
In a cemetery on the banks of the
Su IAwrence rivers inear 1'rescott.l Is
an epitaph saying that the; stone was
detected to the memory jof v Elizabeth
Richardson, who $ heroically defended
the life of her lover by sticking a pitch
fork In a ma i cow's noje." The heroic
Miss Richardson was 38,- years $Id
when she died. .: i-i.; :
Z- tlfneral Scott, contrary to th Im
t :-oJoa of many people, wa a not . a
gradua te of. the WestrInintPmIli tary
academy. He receivcxl ; nis::appoint
r. ; as an anny officer from civil Vte.
Il6 ditd at West Point, and according
to big wished was buried at that mili
tary post. i
To th Treasurer of Marlon County 1
linqacnt Taxes and Coat also
Collected. '
(From Daily Statesman; July 1.)
Sheriff F. W. Durbin yesterday made
bis . regular monthly tax turnover to
County Treasurer A. L Downing. The
total amount paid -over was l!i,U43.83,
of which )!l7,(!Mn wap Ilectel on
account of tlie 189D levy, ts'Ing pay
ment No. 4; f 1102.15 was collected ou
account of delinquent taxes for 18IJ;
$114.12, delinquent, 1S7, 'and ?7.'W.0T,
delinquent, 1)8. The amount for the
IS.! taxes thus far collect el by the
sheriff Is $SS,Gmi.78, transfernnl to the
treasury in four paj'nients. A'ester
day's turnover was apiortionel among
the various funds as follows:
State, county, state schoo , .f 14,0!)7 411
City' of Salem . ",
City of Woodburn . , . . . .
Sis?clal sheep tax. ....
Cieneral sluep tax
Polls.. .. .. .. .. .. ..
810 1)0
13 K
1 20 12
l.VJ 40
1!)1 00
12 27
3 51
:;s in
'7 03
21 IS
School district No;
S-hool district No.
School, district No.
School district No. .
School district No. '
3. .. .. .
SchoMd d i strfel NoJ i4 '.:;
School district No.2t, ..
School districfNOi 24;
f3 Tyl
School district No. -37
24 7lJ
11 ;i
. 3 37
33 ;
VA 4.1
. 7 2a
42 SO
17 07
41 113
14 7S
14 10
43 2S
School . district
Sc hool district No. H
School district No.
School district No.
r . ,
School district No. 7!). ;
School district No. 80.'.
School district No. 103. .
School district-No. UH.,
School district Nty 11..
Sc hool dist rlct No. 1 1 S . ,
School district No. 121. .
School district No. 123. .
Total.. .... .. . ...f 17.000 ill
The following are the detailed state
ments of the delinquent taxes turnel
over for the years as indicated:
-.'..., . - .. ,; ...,; 1800. '; '
State, county sta te school .
City of Salem............
City of iWpotlburu
Polls. -. -.W. -- -i ': .- ". . .- . . . .
School district No. . 4.....
School district NW 24:.': ..
Seliocl disUict No..lu3. ..
'School district No. 11H.:...
Costs..' 4. .. '.'. -.. .
. 817 31
132 34
- IO (Ml
t. 11 "12
' 12H-7T,
.....1 2JS
4 Iki
i .VJ 2.1
Total. . . . .. .. .. ..
7 : iso-. -:
State, county, state school.
City of Salem:..':..,
City of Woodburn. ....... .
City of Jefferson. .........
Polls.. .. .. .. .. ..
S1k1 district No. 4.....
Sc-1im1 district. No. ' "t. .. ..
S-liool district No. 11.....
School district No. 24
School district No, "4I. .. . .
Sliod dlsrrh-t No. KO....,
School district No. 120.....
rUhool district No. 122. .. ..
Costs. . .... .... .... ..
.? 1,102:15
r87 00
liS 23
2 !i
3 14
131 51
3 01
2 13
2 IO
51 15
Total.. ....SF 1)14 12
, 1 ' 1808.
State, couniy,-state school . .$
Poll..-,. .. .. .. ... i-
544 31
14 OO
20 75
C 03
3 45
, ti 85
3 23
51 20
1 O0
; on
1 sr,
t'itv of Kiilem. .
I'ity of Wwslburn
City of Siiv.erton........
School district No. 4. . .
School district No. 5. . .
School district No. 15j . .
School district No. 18
School district No. 24...
School district No. 40. . . .
School district No. 71. . , ,
School district No. 73
School district No. 77...,
Shool distrtct N. 85....
School district No; 8S....
ScIkhiI district No. lf. .. .
School district No. 12(1....
Costs.. .. .. .. .
15 00
1 m
no t;-
Total. .
.? ' 738 5
IHm Will B Contrart-(l and Compmn'
Splendid WiiUr Poner Will Urn
.-Y . .': t'UUed.
(From Daily Statesman, July 1.)
The Salem Flouring Mills Company
will, tomorrow InaiiKurnte . repairing
work looking to the occupancy of . Its
property on North Front street ,c. F.
Royal & Son have Hie contract for the
work which will require about four
weeks and the company will ,ue com
fortably, installed in season to receive
this year wheat crop.
It will lie necessary to make some
extensive j Improvements to the com
pany's in 01 race. In order to convey a
water power to the milling, buildings.
A dam 121 feet long will have to lie
constructed that the supply of watar
niay be controlled and it will lie ne
cessary either to build ln'tween 300
and.400 feet of flume leading from the
hendgates.Iieyond the point where the
north bank gave away, or to replace,
the wall of the race at that point and
reinforce- it by an emlianknient of
atiout fifty feet in depth, strengthenetl
by pilyS and a gravel lied, all rendered,
stronger by concrete waifs. This dam
age to the company's race was done
ahont four years ago when, during the
winter season, . unknown persons de
liberately wrecked iKith the dam and
the north "bank of tbtvraeefc throwing
the water f pom the race ami tnusing
it to follow an unnatnral course back
to the main stream. - :
Thcpower will be utilized In the
operatiou of the elevator. , I jut there
will remain alsmt Too hors swer that
will not' lie employed., This 'Will 1h
ample to supply tower., for t lie pci a
tiou of almost any manufacthriiiK In
stitution and It is presutiKtl one f
Salem's ehn-lrh- llglit cotnpatiies will
avail itself of this power by hich the
plant ran le oH-nitHl fat a riihi -I
cost ovet tlie present system. t How
ever, then is notiiiug defiuiti- in .'this
regard, for tlie reason tlmt nothing
can be ascertalneil as to the prla
blllty of the mill company dls-iosing of
the property. Any 'negotiations in this
ltehalf that may be pending, lmve not
j et Ihhmi lrought to a Jocus. t . ; ;
Wben:tjie 'rjktor Is n-ajt or Hie
reception of grain, the 'company win
remove Its office from C-omiuercial
street to the cozylittle offie on Froat
street, near the brick mills.
"Eugene nnardr.'WT-Ttrr'AlU-n an,i
wife returned to, Newburg this after
noon. He informs us fhat during cl.
ry seasiin he has shipped ltween T."i -(HiO
ami MO.tKKl Krtimls to the SaV in
cannery. T"he lirm iiitenls to run tv
dryers to tlwir full caiKieity. 1eide ft'
is the intention to Milarge the plant in
many ways. - Next year tliey, 4rMvt to
put iip a regular line of caunel giK-ds
. The govTiiment is to lmId a rail
toad system of its own In the' Charted
ton navy yard, t'onsress having appro
priated 40.000 for the 'railif and ti,
and tlie '-labor of kiylng tluin. mnl
$10,I00 for a UK'omotive and ear.,
I-'our linndred tons of steel rails arf
now Uin$; di-lIvt-riHl at the yard to U
ust.d in layiug the tracks. '
Agncj had lxvn1 sllthfg for'ln'o'or
threo imlnntes In deep tlionght. aiipir
ently; at- last she looked up aiul nald:
"Mamma. I know, why ptspie gruw
old; It's tiecaue 1hey live jo loug.'
I,hil.ldelDlil.T.;me!. - i
t , - j f ;
T. Geer yesterday received ':a repiext.:
from the mllitarv nuthorities
Washington, for iieruiissioii lo Uw
militia company of Vancouver to pas
through Oregon, on their .way to Ta
coma, where the Washington cm-amp'
meut will lie, hehl July :tlf 4th. aiid
Sth. The iM'rniission was grauttsi.
Moran Fell on His Knees and Wor
t : h!pcd I'h tures of the IeiiH- .
cratic IxiihT:
llenry S. Moran. forty years old. II v- -
ins at ao. i i-.ast 11 1111 stnt-t. wa a
prisoner in rlie Harlem police ,ourt
yesterday qiorninj;. cliarged by hi
wife, Elizaleth, with l:Uig Insane.
Mrs. Moran said tliat her busliand
had btvoine lns;UK thinking aUnit Wil
liam 4. 'Bryan. He had his ro-mi p! -intend
with; lithographs of Uie lKiiKi
cjratic kadvr. and would gvtiiy Ju il.e
middle of the niht and disturb the
nei.IjJfis 1y making -spi'O'hcs for" Bry
an and. talking-altout "Pi to 1." ,ir.
Moran .Aaid.,tha.t ffrqiu-nily lief, h"s
band'cVeatc! cxrt lenient, -by' falling-'
iown on hW km-es, as Though In wor
ship. In front-of - iMturo! of Kryaii on ,"
the fences and' wails.-.- ;, ,i
Policeman Allen, v1mi arresfel Mo- ,
ran, said' that tlie only way he could
get 3d m to -court , was 2y tejlin hhn
Ihol Ttrr-in -nt tn mite A siMMclt there
and then Morari started on a run for
the cotirt house. , Moran -wa nuMsy In
nrt and kept asking Tor Bryan. Mag
istrate Zeller ordered him to Ix taken
to Bellevue hosjiMal auu lien tiwre T-.r
olrvation . as to his snii-ty. Moran
would not go to IVllevue until several
IoliiHuiou as.surtI liiru that Bryan was
oing to appear there to make a
epoech. X. 1. Herald.
For An' Editor to Recommend Patent
MwlJcines? tf ; I
From Sylvan Valley News,
N. C. ; I
It may Isa question wln-Uier the ed -j
Itor of a newspaier lias tin right to
lulIIcly recommend any of the various'
proprietary medicines which thod .tin?'
market, yet as a preventive of surft'r-
Ing we feel It a duty to say a gooi
word for ChamlKr'aiR's Colic. CliohTa
Hint iruil 1 llM .1 lu-lliviii, z
known anP umI this medicine in ivnr
family for twenty years and .have al
way fouihl it reliable. In! many Cases
.1 dose of this re.nif'Iy would sate hours
of suffering-while- a phyyHcian is await
ed. We do not SK'lJeve in dtiM'iidin
implicitly .'on 'any., medicine for a cure.
Imt we do iwdive that If a Iwttb of
ChamlxTlaln's, Diarrhoea .Uemjijy. we're,
kept on; hand and adnilnisterel at the
Inception of an attack miiich suffering
int.: lit le avo;dd and lu very imiiiy.
cases the presence . of. . q physiclm
...,11 . . 4 . ; 1 4 . i'A.., . t . ! j
has leen our cxixTlemv dining the
past twenty" years. For sale by - I;V t.
lLia., Sak'in, Oregon. .... .
JSt. Louis. Mo July 2.4-The agree
ment which marks the end of the loud
strike of the street "railwav enillys
lof the Transit Company, tvas, reached
ronignt nnu r sfgniMi -oy 1 ne r11" ,
grievance ' eorunittteo,,, Chairman Va
wartls.and Irsldent '.Edward ;Wht
aker of , the . Transit Co. -Both side
make concessions. -, , , -. J :,
Hay ward, the professional cricke.ter
f)f tlio ;Sw-tfT!cltf- bas nccieded b
making ovcfliooo rtmi Hm Majv'th
first, inontltf iofi th0 f rf kTiijig n-soil.,
The feat has lien accomplished .but'--once
liefore, by Dr. W. . Grace, la
1S05. j Haywnrd's score js 1074 runs
in J3 dnnings. jan a wiHg pfj flltffc i.
"Is Belinda still crazy aliout whist T (
"No: since, he . Is marrlel she dm-s-nt
seem to eart whether ' men find
ont she is talkative orj not." Indian-
polls JournaL , : - ."-.'." -
visit CR. JORDAN'S jt!
World. WukKMI B" "
d.acaia HlMtHiriill1'1
TrBlt.llinnicMr erUrMK I
bom if aai wit bunt turn I.
I i'w.. i im. Iuwm'. ei!j I
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