Weekly Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1900-1924, June 29, 1900, Page 3, Image 3

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Nine former - Filipino '- Generals
. Have Swcrn Allegiance
fav Ecaaurrd AH Formi of Revolatloi
1 hey Acknowledge A merles Sot- '
,erele;ntr In Laton.
1... Ji
I V i'1 I I I I "L
. . . '-.-- ,'- i i : . t
HANI LA, Jnne 27. NiiK insurgent
leader, Including General n del
I'ilar, Caiii pclon, Garcia and Alvarez,
were released todaj- upon takhig the
oath of AKgiance to the Government,
nifl renouncing air forms oT revolution
iu the Philippines, together with mak
ing a formal acknowledgment of iVn'r
lean ovcr'tsnty.". f j Thl oath fs niucb
stronger and more i binding than the
oath which General OtiS administered,
and was consequently distasteful to
the il'ilipSno, who ! ac-cepied it with
had grace, fully realizing the results
of any violation. It; U lnil that this
sp.tr ill? of the nine; leaders will inflit
uw their Mien io take ajjrantage uf
the amnesty,- which i. has thus far U-en
w it houtj result, other than those of to
day., . sf. ,.';.;, -.' i ,',, , -
, Chicago, June 27.HThrough ,a cab-
Knun he KKVivnl yesterday. James V
l'oru-r learm-d of the safe, arrival at
Chi Nau . Fu of the , Kev. , Henry D.
I orter and Miss Mary Jl, Porter, form
er, resident of this city, missionaries
of JJ Auifrka.it Hoard, .who were sta-
liuiK'd at Pang Chuang.. The. two were
uuabta to rviu-lt ,Tk?iv Tsid, 2i miles
nortlr f tlw.ii; iot f duty, and it hod
been , feared that i liar in would befall
tliein. The eal tlegraiu states that they
. were given military escort to Chi Nan
i u. - i , f
Yokohama, June 27. The Emperor
has anetknud an outlay of lojimusiu
en towards, the v-t f military oi-er-u
lions in China. It I rciortcd in tseoti!
that there - is Ineuusing hostility to
ward Christians in Chorea. -Corea, it i
said, rv-pitdiat, .tlic Maml contract
which gave Russia a sdte for a coal
d'it ami 'a naval Im-pital. a nus;.i
wislM'd to Apply towards ilie price tin1
aiuAm"'or the pending claims against
;r i. t ' '
.? ; . : v., 1
,.rf:Hi Tlnwfi: I m ' i r
, Asked -about Ur condition of 'ibe-Io-
.-it kimI .-ii'k-r t I krv:ilit denier .all
"TUf 1tttiueM Is lntnsinetl. ..Tu price
r.miln unclui'DcmL Hftiu reufs itein
olT-4il for tlie !Uet gradvM of wok.At
U nrieot unlr a few lots are Chang
dug .hands.' JrweM with lot of from
Kt tt t 1 . ptMind oeeasioually ma ke
mhw liut In im casos arc inere Hier
lngr of-larger amount.' How ?ng the
. tulitkMii4 will " iwevail. IO!
-il.-r fiu litiable to nroiliet. ;
. rriu-r is a nrohaJhillty that the ixtu
T.ni.,ii ,.r th. WlUaniette valley will, in
the u r far distant future, be increase!
Isv 11m arrival from. Holland or huhkt
. iw iniiii!riim. letters, writ'n l.v
'liark's Vau (!riN; t filendft r tliere
liave arm! the interest of the Hol
landers, until'lujor 12 families now
mUimI.ite tin journey ' to Oregon.
Air Vn CnM ha 4 written also to
i-iitvl- tn South Afriea. atnl it is not
IvyunU the limit; o I Virilities that
r.iitonta f th:i war-darketKMl ktml
mar rtn-k Ihhim's in waceful Ve4fot
ir s -K!itl that i tlKdamaire to the
growing wheat crop eh Felly affects the
autumn and early irnu; sowing.
tho fall Rowing the acreage 1 compara
tive! siiKill. A Corvallis man who has
uvn in .fral narts of -the county
llguifs it cut that not more than 2T
.nt t fiill-sown- til tne auij
aged sprtug there is only a nuill
amount. The latter own is tlififty In
.iiai-nrMMi. , ajid r i nrouiise & large
.1 A. VA. " " ' ' - ' ' ,
u.iHvnrin -Jit laiw auvwHri4 tvueriu
Uivkard w mwtu"i t"1'"
.t Ma .f Hi.wbfj Tliev were- ro .-thick
on. his twts that "they .ootiM U' wu .in
luter thirty feet awaj. -1 -
S. U Ilt'iukrwin has leen to the Bo
hernia mines. He was alsent ten days
,.... tintt.iv; --On. tin way to tin
.it,..s vr... Heitoierson - iiM t a imrty
l iinsiing out the proceeds of a thirty
. .i . ..... in iiui i i pns miutf.
way ititi ...
party had ftKUJUL j
ttriii of circuit court was quite lnex
l nslve. T1m coorf was in .session ,'ou
v Hi hty-. and tlh Jury only drew
two dav' pay, not . .jury
ring." Hiigcuei (Iane county) duam.
Af :'Tor Van Wycfcof: New , York is
" coming in Tor a jfl deal f cri,k;T
Just now on account of his eonmHtion
with tlK ice nionoly- in lt city.
Tlio 4her day lie mot Joh" V
ayivor. w-owinwin w -
-You and T .uM
the iapew a gooa. m-a "vn
. . . aitniretn
vK iu;Jo a m-fffc, "
cr'tsuow-ssfuU effort to mile.
"Tho audlenc ju?t langhwl at my
. tragedy." wUl the, young dramatist.-
h. well. lou;t t- d.w'miragtHl. ro
tnriml tlK' man of experience. .
-I'm lv ret uracil the young dra
matist. Tin going to call It a "
and Kt It go at thaur-ChSo I ost.
"My goodm3r aM the society girl
who had Just Ixen accepted as aj"tm'
D.r nf tlie comic ixra chorus, bat
a littkvbit of a dresng-roomr.
Oh" ' akl the manager, ;tn t
Pnty enough for you to put on all
the clothes you'll bave to wear. Chi
cago Times-Herald. ;
rnraha! Yott have diolc.vel me.
" wilie-I trkd not to. It I't mj
fault.. , 5 , ' ; , ....
iarxi-Not your fault, eh? , ,
AVillie-No. sir. Yon ld: "Ion t let
me catch you i at that again. . and I
done my let not to let you.-rh.Lid 1
phia Tress.
We, Dakve im Insiniia! sn Hairs: ttoBHs. nf
I !
i - i-. , -. ! ' j ) 1 j . ; ;
mimmm Mm
.' ; i i i : . -.!; ; . ' - ... i , ,
. i ;' ' ' ' ' t-: . ., ... - -,
I : t ! ' i'i , ! . : - it s : .... , .... .. .
: jr.::- !- y.i 1 ' 5 ; ; : -
. m ii ii . m ii Mini -JauiJL, n'J ...':;' Jf IF. . i n iLi..iiJiJ'i lll.ltJ77r
o ) ru ru
f:;: oj lvJJJ lJri (Jf.
: ..; . , J i. ', j : ' :.- ' ". j , ,- , . " - j - - : ;. ' ' "; i t 1 ' i - ,.' - i-' . ''; .1 j '
, , . , .... v ; ! .,',' I . . ;:( w -!.' r "'. ' '
t .... i ':, ., I - , ' , .' ' 1 ; . ! -. ' :- ',:
. ; . - i :- (;'.;': . - -. ' - ,- ' i . - - :j '-.ii. ' --- j; i -i' t ' -' " , ' ' ; :
. , i , .V.... . i ..!.., . ; . ,- - -, 'ill-...- 1! -I'll S V , -''
' -?' - '? " ; ' ' ' '".If) 'l ! ' '"-' , " . - ' ' ': ":'".' ; ' . ' -' . '
! - t
' h
- It , ! I ' II i . 'I'I
AWM2n ' w sune s
'.., .! I-.;.'.; I:!'.
. .!- C
I 't 1 . 'T'l , If Ml..
i " '-" - 1 1 u
, ,.. ...,-
! f-' V ?' ' ti -" J
I . I .. i I .1
..iii :-.,)! In !
-t l.-l ..-.
'1 -,'.';?- .'-
'J :' j
JU. .:---: ,'.'V? -'-! a, i''" "'",v!:- "' ' V" ' '-'' ;: - ' :" -.' I-'- j ' ';'-'... I
ttMirs aiffio
II - - . i n ' -ij ' :'..""' ' - I- '':- i. . .: ' --' : '"' i ' ' . i '-'
. ' t . , . : ; .- . j .-...; . -' ' TT ; .- ; : ; :
IPllsii all suit
-I mmmm I fc
8 1
nicnry, I'm going to a k our c'-'I-pan
to oll tickets to hU nermoti.
"You aren't losing your mind, are
No: out l new ice mat
tlcket to anyth'ng thunder and digbt
tn won't keto you at home. ia-
dLinapo!'; Journal.
Tuo most difficult probUm of Lfe is
to erow-old gracefully.": " i.-r
I don't think o: it Is much
more of o problem to stay young gra-rully."-Chicago
Of all tbe fool things Ud the
f ,rur iriiy. tho advice o
Vhr. when the sun slime It "
bay" itself."-Chlcaso Tost. ,
"DM you ever try mud bath b
Tour rlKumatismr .rttcal or-
S3 a"tmd H-Slhi Time
TIerahL ...
Korean-wives Lave a pretty! bard
home life in the hermit kingdom. Wo-m--n
arc Of very little a;-cimt I T, a
man linoet. Jii wife o lU streets In'
doco not recoanize lit-r, while if
not tecs licr li go tord in tinw
out. of Bight as a " possible, u ;.- r-
Iaw IU meiler, my ,Jy, to rtuch
faiiM you must cUuiTt ,
Htend H w aixni tin ixx? tlut
ju.ni o3! rroklyn fridge, pa wr-Cbi-cago
Ilccotd. . ,: C -':
Mrs. Iloorat-Tlie iMper sex tteBr;t
Ish bey captuml the last of tb J IJers
lA3ftiir '
CNfr. Rooral mphitlcaIly-Tbat et
tV the war; take a way a Dutchman
txeran' hi. ambition's gone.-dud-
- nnv - neoucsW- WUICJ
lre fa&n to the lot of "- Emsewr
Francis Joseph of Austria U a hotel at
T.rwnn. lert him by J??
t ral vear aco. says the St. Ixwrfs Po.t-DLnatch-
It was a valuaWe I roirty.
Tire Emperor acc( ptxl.the Ivut, al
thcush be dil not emisoy it lor Lt
own bemfit, but M it for an onor
4rou -uni, wblch b' gave( to a ch.Ms
iiopltaL. i' -'. - ,
rrxi. ; :
- In'IindMi tbe Mansion' bour? ha,
fTcntert evety-iccord thW year in rcsar-1
ib Its relief ruuds. f.iy. tb tJlo-133
Xw. ' Nearly 7,3M."'f nuktc?
Itfi'rect-ivfd-tli.?rpi witb!ii tiie bt six
masiths for tlM war MiffTcr, ?4jOO.
: te Itsdian famine. 1.1.V.c-i.bc
Trau-vaal refuge, '.H).fnK and tTi
4pry.;;:'- Irr-jicrWl -:-Tdlunteervl - w.MJf.
Now to tbes toMvi a fuml
f-r tbe ugerers ly the fire at Ottawa.
wh:th tarly ?2-',0fi'l fca txeu re
olvcd.; r"" i .-.i--- '-' . .- .-
I atth-sidp Masj-.nchiiM tl. . war witii
1.5 !rlpmat." at tlw InttSe of Santho
ntl canv out unstatbd. Ivitcr lie fell
aud t roke !ua leg; but tiie ship -surgeon
suer:d-d It wi skillfully that VJI
Haoi Is now am fr.ky an ever. A few
days .'o tle crew dreoratwl him with
a', wl-le" leather;- collar 1 stmlird V.ith
5 rs niil lipids. - On a silver .plate h
thi 4aor;ptl-ui J'ttil-J to .Itiato
- 0 .-.-mm I . V Im 4 TV - t
A I lrt J Jf rtv '-' ,
i Of the men wio won the Victoria
etna in f iMtt-at fiftk's ito f,wcr
dm m i tirlusr : toilav. so ; tar 01 1
gH tbt living men who are eniitd to
wiar tbe crow uxir than two out of
every fivej bnve IiveI to wear It f t
nvpre thani-to years. .Ev n of the 1 an !
of ti tTltwn heroes w h-wvre b e
rat d i r tb qnen la Hyde pArk oti
tie June, lii7, 21 are t.il
I'ring..; ,
1fYiIIiTerror iftJW
0 :
Tl. mctbol guiggestcd ly tbe Tt'irk
r grvernji:nt for taxing pUyiaiBR
iainseni.m one. ''The ofJk. iais Jpro
lsc o mak it compulsory for all ;iiiy
i bins to write tix ir prccriition tii
,n blank liearing a government .stamp
ainl also to have printed niKtr itj tlK
pjn'p.of tlv doctor and the number of
fi!s d:rknra. tb pari'1' ic!ng not on
ly t n Increase Um- goternment Sncoir,
Imt to regulate the practice of tjy.:di
tine so that none but regular iiyfl-
cians csin fo'kw the profession.
.According to-lbo rt-tit nvliis of
SiKiior De KmetH of Tir4a. --childr:-ii
1gin to dream " l-fioro thsir fourth
year, but are unable i to recall dnum
ts-forw tiie age of This Jise. be cimi
tlmU. Is that at? which cjilldtlrst
wnvx lristiii.Hiv'y '-oiti;;Uf f s-!f.
Agiil ix-ojik" dream less frcipicntly an-1
kin vividly thin tbe yiMiiig. Wen: -ri's
dreams aie more fremm-nt, more vivid
and Ixdter -rmenrix red than tho.4 of
men.'1' ' ' " "" 'I;'"- f -"; ' -i . ' .
Twice-a-wrck Sutc'smatf. $1 a year.
Fine printing. 5tatmaa rob OCnce.
''Tile Ele.'trotechiiislie liundbau J
I'.IO Will y rer-elvetl fit the: olfi
of the Kah-ni I.igbt r.n-1'-Traction Co.
rntil July 5th. 12 o'clock nt.. for Kkm
cord I of largo lody fir to lie
d livertd at tlve rompany'0 power
. bc-ue. j corner of LHw-rty and 'l'rad'.
rtri-ets. subject to the approval- of
the eomp.m' miWlntciident. Ile
Ferve iw right lo rejn-t any find all
liids. J. Ij. Lauilirtb, tsOpt-rlBteudeatg
" l-dwld, i i V '